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2019-09-11, 05:34 PM
I just finished getting some of my crafting system parts up to date. It's a lot of moving parts, so I think an introduction is needed.
This is probably among the simplest crafting systems I've seen floating around, although due to how interconnected it is with my other houserules I don't think it'll be too much use for anyone else. But, you never know.

- I use the Sane Magic Item Prices, for better or for worse.
- I give VERY little gold to my players. Maybe around 1 level-appropriate treasure hoard per session, but without the coins (only gems and artwork).
- We have 30 day periods of custom downtimes at the end of every or every other session, at the start of which each PC pays 30gp for monthly expenses.
- We don't use tools. Instead I have created tool-like skills (detailed below). I was able to do this because I trimmed the 5e skill list to compensate.
- I have a Market handout to show my players which items are commercially available.
- Alchemist's Kit is in a pretty weird place right now. I'll fix it when I have to (as in, when a player shows interest in using it)

EDIT: OOPSIE, i forgot to include my design goals!

Design Goals:
- Simple crafting. All downtimes are 30 days, which helps.
- Limit available crafting to the game's current power-level
- Have crafting improve over time.
- Reward and encourage players who study the game in their free time by giving them the chance of going after their ideal magic items.
- Allow players to work towards a specific magic item in their downtime, this means the group doesn't have to go on quests that are beneficial only to one or two players (such as questing for a magic item).
- Integrate crafting seamlessly with the set of houserules currently in play

Let's start from the top with my replacement for Tools; the Non-Expertise Skills. In addition to those listed we have the (sorta) Alchemist's Supplies, Trapmaker's Kit and Healer's Kit.

Non-Expertise Skills
Tools are a bit different from other proficiencies, mainly due to a character not being able to gain expertise with them. They are not as diverse as skills, but grant access to actions that are impossible without them.

Smith’s Tools
As a part of a long rest, with access to your tools you can repair metal objects, or create any small mundane metal or wood object.
Proficiency with Smith’s Tools makes you eligible for crafting permanent items as per the Crafting downtime, although some magical items might require the spellcasting class feature or the relevant spell scroll.

Herbalism Tools
As a part of a long rest, you can use your Herbalism Tools to create antitoxin and healing potions at half their market price, as well as mundane salves.
Proficiency with Herbalism Kit makes you eligible for crafting beneficial consumable items as per the Crafting downtime, although some magical items might require the spellcasting class feature or the relevant spell scroll.

Poisoner’s Kit
As a part of a long rest, you can use your Poisoner’s Kit to create a Basic Poison at full market value and partake in the Experiment downtime.
Proficiency with Poisoner’s Kit makes you eligible for crafting harmful consumable items as per the Crafting downtime, although some magical items might require the spellcasting class feature or the relevant spell scroll.


Now there's the crafting bit, which includes the kits described above and spell scrolls. These downtimes (30 days, every or every other session) reference the Market Lists A-D, which are added at the bottom of the post.

You can use your downtime to craft an item (consumable, permanent, magic or non-magic) using the relevant proficiency. A character is also limited be the market value of the item he desires to craft, as per the tables below. Items found on market lists A-D can be crafted at half their market prices.
Consumable Items:

Level - Maximum Value

1st - 90gp

3rd - 180gp

5th - 300gp

7th - 500gp
Permanent Items:

Level - Maximum Value

3rd - 1500gp

5th - 3000gp

7th - 5000gp

Spell Scrolls
If you are a spellcaster, you can spend your downtime scribing spell scrolls. The number of spell scrolls you can scribe in a single downtime is determined by the number of spell slots are available to you in a 30-day period.
Spell Level - Cost

Cantrip - 5gp

1st - 30gp

2nd - 60gp

3rd - 100gp

4th - 160gp


aaaaaaaaaand here are the markets.

Markets come offer all sorts of goods and services. All markets provide mundane everyday items such as soap and street food, but can include more useful items based on its size and scale. Remember, coins don’t save your life, but a purchased item might.
Spell Scrolls available on the market are all non-damaging.

Market List A
1gp: Rope

1gp: Bag of Caltrops

1gp: Oil (5 flasks)

2gp: Grappling Hook

2gp: Manacles

5gp: Healer's Kit (5 charges)

5gp: Hunting Trap

5gp: Buckler

5gp: Chain

8gp: Mule

10gp: Lock (DC 15)

10gp: Shield

10gp: Spell Scroll (cantrip)

15gp: Lockbox (DC 15)

Market List B
25gp: Holy Water

25gp: Acid

25gp: +1 Ammunition

30gp: Hire a spellcaster

Alarm (Wizard)
Goodberry (Druid)

Identify (Wizard)

Mage Armor (Wizard)

45gp: Studded Leather

Market List C
50gp: Potion of Healing

50gp: Antitoxin

50gp: Alchemist's Fire

60gp: Hire a spellcaster

Aid (Cleric)
Animal Messenger (Druid)

Arcane Lock (Wizard)
Augury (Cleric)

Continual Flame (Cleric, Wizard)

Darkvision (Druid, Wizard)
Enhance Ability (Cleric, Druid)
Knock (Wizard)
Lesser Restoration (Cleric, Druid)
Locate Animals or Plants (Druid)
Locate Object (Cleric, Druid, Wizard)

Gentle Repose (Cleric, Wizard)
Protection from Poison (Cleric, Druid)
See Invisibility (Wizard)
Spider Climb (Wizard)
Zone of Truth (Cleric)

60gp: Spell Scroll (level 1)

75gp: Riding Horse

Market List D

100gp: +2 Ammunition

100gp: Lock (DC 20)
100gp: Hire a spellcaster

Create Food and Water (Cleric)
Dispel Magic (Cleric, Druid, Wizard)
Magic Circle (Cleric, Wizard)
Plant Growth (Druid)
Protection from Energy (Cleric, Druid, Wizard)
Remove Curse (Cleric, Wizard)
Speak with Dead (Cleric)
Speak with Plants (Druid)
Water Breathing (Druid, Wizard)

120gp: Elixir of Health

120gp: Spell Scroll (Level 2)

150gp: Potion of Greater Healing

180gp: Potion of Heroism

200gp: Splint Armor

200gp: Spell Scroll (level 3)

320gp: Spell Scroll (level 4)

350gp: Vicious Weapon (+150gp weapon tax in Waterdeep)

400gp: Warhorse

400gp: Breastplate