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2019-09-24, 10:43 AM
Inspired by the Kraken Gestalt thread elsewhere on this forum, I’m thinking of crafting subclasses that add monstrous features of different races.

Here’s an incredibly rough idea:

Monstrous traits are tied to tier, with gross physical or iconic abilities granting nerfed version’s right away that expand as they level.

Recharge or problematic features will be replaced with Charges and use delay (like d4 rounds) from previous editions so you’re sure to have multiple uses but you won’t be able to spam them. Some might be reworked.

They’ll always require a “Monster among men” Background feature that lets them function as tolerated in civilization (at the cost of a different feature).

Edit: I am also considering a higher Points buy (maybe 35) but also breaking this out to replace ASIs instead or as well, with the option of dumping features for feats... or making feats that improve features (like granting additional uses).

Since Illithids are favorite of mine:

This race’s traits replace subclass features acquired during the listed tier of play.
+2 Int
+1 Cha
Speed 30
Darkvision 60
Aberrant Mind: you have Advantage on saving throws against effects that Charm.
Telepathy: you can speak telepathically to any creature that understands a language within 30 feet.

Brain Dependent: you must consume the brain of a living creature that understands a language each month or suffer a level of exhaustion. All These levels of exhaustion are only removed when an appropriate brain is consumed.

Tier 1:
Tentacle Attacks: As an action you can make a Dex based unarmed attack that deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage. On a hit the target is grappled.

Mind Blast: As an action you can generate a 15 ft cone of 2d4 Psychic energy that Blasts the minds of other creatures. Beginning at 11th level creatures that fail the save are stunned. The save is intelligence based. This damage increases to 3d6 at 5th, 30ft 4d8 at 11th, and 6d10 and 60ft at 17th. You must complete a short or long rest before using this ability again.

Devour Brain: When you are grappling a creature that is incapacitated you can attampt to devour their brain as an action. Make a tentacle Attack against the target on a hit the target suffers 1d6 Necrotic damage and must make a con save, the save dc is intelligence based. On a fail they suffer Intelligence damage equal to the Necrotic damage dealt, if this damage reduces their Int to 0 they die and you gain temp hp equal to the damage dealt. This damage increases to 2d6 at 5th level, 3d6 at 11th, and 4d6 at 17th.

At Tier 2 you can use your Mind Blast feature twice between tests but must wait at least 1d4 rounds after the first before doing so again. Additionally you gain innate magic. You may cast Levitate or Detect Thoughts as an action without components. You may cast each spell once or one spell twice. You regain all uses of this feature after a short rest.

At tier 3 your innate magic expands, you may cast Detect Thoughts and Levitate twice each. Additionally you can cast Dominate Person 1/day.

At Tier 4 your innate magic expands again, you can cast Plane Shift 1/day, Dominate Person is replaced with Dominate Monster. You may now use your Mind Blast 4 times between rests. Detect Thoughts and Levitate can now be cast at will and your Aberrant Mind feature grants Magic Resistance.

2019-09-24, 05:16 PM
Thinking about a Dragon

Unarmored AC calculation as 13+Dex adds 2 per tier.
Claws d4, Bite d6
+1 HP/level
Energy Resistance, Immunity at 17th.
Fly speed equal to walk but Poor Flier trait till tier 2.
Breathweapon better than Dragonborn but with more uses per tier.
Size increase at 11th, increase to claw and bite damage, add tail attack. Can attack with tail as bonus action with attack action but not the same target.

Beast Body trait (quadruple costs for armor) no shields, no TWF or two handed weapons.