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Proficiency Bonus

Beholder Traits, Adaptations

Antimagic Eye, Size Increase

Armored Chitin


Beholder Traits
As a Beholder, you have the following racial traits in addition to those of your normal race.

You gain +1 to your Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores.
You have Darkvision out to 120'
You have a fly speed of half your land speed, and can hover.
You have advantage on saves against being knocked prone.
You have three eyestalks, each of which has an associated effect listed below.

Also as a Beholder, you have a series of adaptations, as best befitting your environment and upbringing. Select one at level one from the list below, gaining another one at each tier.

Antimagic Eye
At level five, you gain an antimagic central eye, capable of shutting down all magic in a 60' cone in front of you. You may choose whether to leave this eye active or not without an action, but only on your turn. The cone increases to 90' at tier three and 120' at tier four.

Size Increase
At level five, you increase by one size category. This grants you increased reach as befitting your new size and +5' to your base land speed.

Armored Chitin
At level eleven, your chitin grows harder and armored. You gain an AC of 17+your Dexterity modifier (max 3).

At level seventeen, you may fire off an extra beam as a bonus action.


Resistant Body
You gain resistance to non-magical piercing, slashing, and bludgeoning damage.

You gain Truesight out to 120'.

Cavernous Jaws
You gain a bite attack. A bite attack deals 1d10 points of piercing damage per tier to anyone hit. Your bite is otherwise an ordinary natural weapon. Anyone already grappled by you, two sizes smaller than you, and successfully bitten is swallowed. While swallowed, they are blinded and restrained, and take 3d6 points of acid damage per tier at the start of each of your turns. At the end of each of your turns, you must make a Constitution save equal to half the damage dealt by any creatures swallowed by you since the end of your last turn. On a failure, you regurgitate all swallowed creatures.

Your base land speed increases by 10'.

Your HP increases by 2 per level.

You gain proficiency in a save you are not already proficient in.

Dreams Made Real
You may cast Dream once per long rest without expending a spell slot. Choose any one mental stat to be your spellcasting stat for this.

Note: All DCs are 8+a chosen mental stat modifier+your proficiency modifier, and all stalk attacks require line of sight.

Telekinesis Stalk
You may cast Mage Hand at-will. You may also violently thrust objects with your telekinetic stalk as an action, making a 120' ranged spell attack. This deals 1d12 points of bludgeoning damage per tier. Alternatively, you may reduce damage by one die (to a minimum of zero dice) to Shove the target, using your spellcasting stat in place of your Strength score. You may reduce by two dice to grapple instead-if doing so, you must spend a bonus action each round to maintain the grapple.

Draining Stalk
You may cast Chill Touch at-will. You may also target foes with a draining attack as an action, that has a range of 60', deals 1d8 necrotic damage per tier on a failed Constitution save, and grants you THP equal to the damage dealt.

Fire Stalk
You may cast Firebolt at-will. You may also use your fiery stalk to emit a cone of flame as an action, 5' long per tier, that deals 1d6 points of fire damage per tier on a failed Dexterity save.

Lightning Stalk
You may cast Shocking Grasp at-will. You may also fire off a ball of lightning as an action, dealing 2d6 points of lightning damage per tier to a target within 60' on a failed Dexterity save. In addition, all creatures within 5' per tier of the initial target must make a Dexterity save, taking 1d6 points of damage per tier on a failed save.

Prescient Stalk
You may cast True Strike and Guidance at-will.

Disintegration Stalk
Requires 5th Level
You may shoot a disintegrating beam as an action. This destroys up to 125' cubic feet of unattended, nonmagical matter per tier, or deals 3d6 points of force damage per tier to a target hit with an ranged attack roll. Either way, the range is 30'.

Death Beam
As an action, you cause death. Roll 4d4 per tier-a target within 30' that has HP equal to or less than the result of your roll dies outright.

Petrification Beam
Requires 11th Level
As an action, you may force a creature within 60' to make a Constitution save. On a failed save, they are Restrained, and must make another save at the end of their next turn. On a second failed save, they are Petrified. On a successful save, they are no longer restrained.

Slowing Beam
As an action, you may force a creature within 60' to make a Wisdom save. On a failed save, they can only take an action or bonus action on their next turn, not both; suffer a -2 penalty to AC; and have their move speed halved.