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2007-10-15, 02:56 PM
Divine Radiance
Using your deep connection with your patron deity you channel the force of their divine power through your holy symbol, terrifying and even banishing or destroying the enemies of your god.

Divine Radiance is a supernatural ability that a character can perform as a standard action. It does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Radiance supplants Turn/Rebuke undead as a Cleric and Paladin Class feature. Any spells, effects, or feats that increase the number of turning attempts a character with this alternate class feature would have instead increase the number of times they can use their Divine Radiance.

You must present your holy symbol to use your Divine Radiance. Using your Divine Radiance is considered an attack.

Times per Day
You may your Divine Radiance a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.


Undead and outsiders of an alignment opposite to that of your deity on the good/evil axis are affected by your divine radiance. Hence, if you are a good cleric your radiance would effect those of an evil alignment, and vice versa. If you are a cleric of a strictly neutral deity (no component of their alignment is good or evil) then whichever type of energy you have chosen to channel (positive/negative) determines what alignment of creatures your radiance effects. Thus, if you are a neutral cleric who channels positive energy your radiance would effect evil creatures, and vice versa.

You radiance effects the closest legitimate target first (regardless of if they are friend or foe) up to a range of 60 ft. away. Your radiance does not effect creatures that have total cover relative to you. You donít need line of sight to a target, but you do need line of effect. You can only effect at total HD of undead or outsiders equal to your Cleric Level plus your Charisma modifier starting with the nearest one and moving outward from a point centered on you. If one or more targets are equidistant from you, you may choose which one is effected first.

Legitimate targets of your divine radiance must pass a will save equal to your cleric level plus your charisma modifier or be effected according to the amount of their failure as indicated in the table below. These effects stack. For example, a creature who failed by more than 7 would be effected by both the first and second rows of effects:

{table]Failed by|Effect
Less than 5|Panicked for 1d4 rounds
Five or more|Panicked for 1d4 Minutes
10 or more|Destroyed or Banished to their home plane[/table]

These effects take place regardless of any normal immunities the targets might have. Creatures that possess turn resistance instead add that bonus to their will saves against this effect.

2007-10-17, 04:37 AM
Y'know, it does fit the image of a holy exorcist quite nicely.