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2019-09-28, 11:52 AM
Hey playgrounders,

I'm currently building a 5e fiend warlock that has the flavor of a stringy haired ghost ghost girl. Think Samara from The Ring or Alma from the Fear Series. My DM has given me cart blanche to design some feats for her. The idea is to design a few to give her a scary phantom alternate form for her. The time frame here is that the form can last as many rounds are equal to her level, per short rest.

I'm thinking proficiency in Intimidation, maybe some resistances. Possibly a levitation thing later on. Does anyone have any ideas or building blocks to add in?

2019-09-28, 12:12 PM
Iíd look at the source material and the MM Ghost statblock.

Sadako from the Ring could transmit herself via magic recordings. That has tons of potential.

The Ghost monster shows the Incorporeal trait, clinging to the world rather than leaving for heaven or hell, and a Frightening Visage. Those can be used as inspiration too.

So here goes:
Spell List:
1- Fog Cloud, Grease (Blood)
2- Magic Mouth, Phantasmal Force
3- Gust of Wind, Blink
4- Phantasmal Killer, Halluconatory Terrain
5- Animate Objects, Insect Plague

1: Terrifying Visage- beginning at 1st level you can scare a living creature as an action. The target must succeed on a wisdom save or be frightened for one minute. While frightened in this way the target must use its movement to move away from you. Targets that fail their save by 5 or more age 1d4 years and any hair they have turns white. The target can repeat the save when they can no longer see or hear you. You must complete a short rest before using this feature again.

(Powerful, cause fear with a control effect and no concentration, but all or nothing and target limits for balance)

6- Cursed Memory: beginning at 6th level you can leave a vision within an object or location. As an action you can store the Phantasmal Force spell in an object or location as if you had cast a Glyph of Warding. Additionally, you can expend the use of your Terrifying Visage to have the illusion evoke its effect on the triggering creature. You must complete a short rest before using this feature again. At 10th level you can store a Phantasmal Killer Spell instead.

(Highly circumstantial but ridiculously potent. Set up is a challenge)

10- Ghost Step: at 10th level and beyond you can assume an ethereal quality when moving. you can move through spaces occupied by hostile creatures or objects as if they were rough terrain. Additionally you can move across walls and ceilings as if under the effects of spiderclimb. You have resistance to nonmagical slashing, piercing, or bludgeoning damage dealt by attacks triggered by this movement. If you end your turn in a solid object you take 1d10 Force damage per warlock level and are shunted to the nearest empty space.

14- The Door is Ajar: if you die the spell Simulacrum is immediately cast on you with no components with the following changes: your Simulacrumís type is undead, it has Darkvision 60 if you donít already, and the Incorporeal trait. If your Simulacrum is destroyed your soul is annihilated and you can only be restored to life with a Wish.


14- Invitation to Destruction: when you use your Cursed Memory Feature you can instead store a Simulacrum of yourself in the object or location. When the Simulacrum appears it has a horrid twisted version of your appearance and concerns itself only with the destruction of the triggering creature. You must complete a long rest before using the feature again in this way.

Hope that gives you some inspiration. Also, Iíll probably put it up on the DMsguild.

2019-09-28, 05:08 PM
This is great! Thanks so much!