View Full Version : Making a Ritual Sorcerer

2007-10-15, 08:28 PM
Alright, i'd like to say, that if your in my group and reading from this point on... Consequences... will... be... dire...
Alright now that those unpleasantrys are out of the way, lets get started. I'm attempting to create a sorcerer(not necesarily) whos bright, charming, and above all else incredably evil. He uses rituals and others to get his way, and inspite of all else sees no issue in death for progress of his own power. I'm curious on the rules of evil rituals (aside the bland boring ones in the BOVD) and a nice build to accomidate this dexterous (main weapon, rapier) large number of spell throwing, evil ritual doing, caster.

Sir Jason
2007-10-15, 09:09 PM
well, im not great at the whole build making thing, mostly cuz i dont have enough classes on the tip of my tongue, but as for the rituals: if it fits, maybe make him a kobold, and check out greater rite of the something-somthing on the wizard article for them. it builds off Races of the Dragon. It either gives +1 sor spell casting or more of their spell-like abilities. Check it out