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After some subclass home brew that I’m proud of (and some I’m not) I put some serious work into this class. This is my first attempt at a full class so please let me know if it’s to high powered, or lack luster. Please be harsh

Edit: weakens the subclasses a bit and changed a few class features (got rid the of double jump and level 1 ability.

Dragoon Class
Hit Dice: 1d10 per Dragoon level

Hit Points at 1st Level: 1d10+ your Constitution Modifier

Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 + your Constitution modifier per Dragoon level after 1st
Saving Throw: Constitution and Charisma

Starting Proficiencies
You are proficient with the following items, in addition to any proficiencies provided by your race or background.
Armor: Light; and Medium armor
Skills that force a Save or check have DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma modifier
Weapons: Javelins, Melee Versatile, Heavy, and Two handed weapons.

Tools: Gaming Set

Skills: Choose two skills from Acrobatics, Arcana Athletics History Intimidation Investigation, Perception Persuasion

You start with the following items, plus anything provided by your background.
• (a) Scale Mail or (b)Studded leather, 2 Javelins; Any Initial Armor is dyed the Color of your Icon
• (a) any Versitile or two handed Martial Melee Weapon or (b) Spear and 2 Javelins
• 6 Javelins in a large Quiver
• (a) a Dungeoneer's Pack or (b) an Explorer's Pack
• (a) Dragon Chess or (b) Three Dragon Ante
Alternatively, you may start with 4d6 x 10 gp to buy your own Equipment.

Level 1: Great Weapon Fighting Style

Level 1: Pick a dragon from the following list this will be your Icon:
Copper/Green: Acid
Bronze/Blue: Lightning
Silver/White: Ice
Gold/Brass/Red: Fire

Rare dragons require the alignments as noted: (G)Song-lightening, (C)Fang-Physical, (LG)Sun -Radiant (E)Black: Necrotic .

Level 1: Dragon Body Your body is as tough as a dragon’s it’s strength is your strength.
When wearing Armor you may use your Constitution Score in place of strength for weapon proficiency damage.

LEVEL 2 Lunging Strike - By taking disadvantage on an Attack Roll you may add your standing jump distance to your Melee attack range at no cost to movement. (This ignores advantage)

Level 3: Draconian Path, Regardless of which path you take you gain a number of (1d4) Draconian Might Dice equal to your Proficiency modifier +2 more. You gain more with every other dragoon level increase (+1) and are regained per short or long rest. They increase in size at levels 7,10, and 14.

Level 4: ASI

Level 5: Extra Attack when using the attack action you may now attack twice.

Level 5: Boost Jump. Gain an extra 5 Draconian Dice While in the air you may spend a Reaction and Draconian Dice to jump up to double your Dragoon level (rounded down to nearest 5ft) in a direction of your choosing. Can be used twice per short or long rest

Level 6: ASI

Level 7: Draconic Way Feature; also ignoring advantage for Lunging Strike is removed.

Level 8 Boost Jump costs no movement

Level 9: Boost Strike. You may spend a D.Might Dice to add up to 1/2 of your Boost Jump to Lunging Strike Range plus a +2 on the damage roll. Twice per day

Level 10. Draconic Way Feature

Level 11: Legendary Resistance
Once per long rest when you fail a saving throw you may Reroll and add your Constitution modifier to the result.

Level 12: Boost Jump uses x3

Level 13 Aura Wings-
You have done your best to emulate Draconic warfare and you have created something to best suit that..a spell to create dragon wings of your very own. As an Action or Bonus action Spend 2 Draconian dice to manifest dragon wing’s made up of your Dragon’s Element, gaining a Hover speed equal to your Walking speed +20 feet (You hover 10ft in the air), and +5ft to Lunging Strike)

They stay the number of Rounds equal to your Proficiency modifier until dismissed by you or you fall unconscious. At level 20 they last until they are dismissed, or you fall unconscious. (If race already has wings they are cloaked in element and gain and additional 20ft to speed.)

—- Fang Dragon Inspiration have sharp scales growing over the armor to form Physical Wings. Cannot change armor while active. (If race already have wings they are covered in a thin layer of sharp scales.)

Level 14 Draconic Way Feature

Level 15: Lunging Strike no long imposes Disadvantage

Level 16: ASI

Level 17: Boost Jump is just a Reaction while Aura Wings active.

Level 18 ASI

Level 19: True Dragon Body -Total for strength checks/strength saves cannot be less than your Constitution score.

Level 20: Great Wyrm Strike.You can channel the strength of an Ancient Dragon into a massive Strike.
Once per long rest you may double the damage of Descending Dragon or Dragon Breath, whichever your subclass uses.

Draconic Way
——-Dragon Warrior ——
Level 3: You gain +2 to melee attack and damage rolls.

Level 3. Raging Dragon

•Descending/Charging Dragon: As an Action Bonus Action you may spend a dice to select a Target up to 20ft away to make a Dex save Fails. take a weapon attack with the Dragon dice rolled to determine Fall damage {each number rolled equals 5ft of fall,(treat 1’s as a 2)} if used in areas smaller than 20ft this skill becomes a forward charge.
Fall damage increases by one size at levels 7(1d8) and 14(1d10). Can use three times per long rest

•Rushing Dragon: As an Action or Bonus Action you may spend a dice to select a target and leap 20ft forward and force a Dex save Fails deal a melee Weapon attack with your Charisma modifier added to the Damage Roll. Success is dealt Half damage. Creatures one size larger than you or smaller suffer a 15ft knock back regardless of save.

* These skills costs Half movement and reach weapons do not enhance range.

Level 7. Body Empowerment. You may add your Constitution modifier to any Strength or Dexterity Save or check you make twice per long rest.

Level 10: Energy Blade: A piercing Spear-light, a slashing blade wave, or crushing force; you can send your weapons energy to attack your foes.
As an Action spend a Dragon Dice to send out a blast of energy from your weapon. A Target within 15ft must make a Dexterity Saving throw. Fails take damage equal to your Dragoon level plus your Charisma bonus. Saves take Half Damage. Can be used three times per long rest

Level 14 Your Aura Wings now grant Fly speed equal to your movement speed +20ft, With Aura Wings Active Descending/Rushing Dragon can become elemental damage instead. Fang Dragon would be Piercing dmg.


Level 3 You gain natural AC of 13.

Level 3 Elemental Combat You are one of the few beings freely allowed into your Lords hoard and have even received transfusions of their Blood and Learning the secret Blood Arts.

• Dragon’s Breath As an Action or Bonus Action you wield a Breath weapon of the same element as your Lord with a 20ft Cone. All targets within must make a Dexterity Saving throw. Fails take elemental damage equal to your D.Might Dice plus your Charisma modifier then your Charisma modifier in elemental damage at the start of their next two turns. Saves take Half Damage
Fang Dragon’s have no breath weapon, but their mimicry of voice changing allows you to emit a thunderous roar. Dealing magical bludgeoning damage.
( Thought this was better than Thunder damage think normal person getting hit with Godzilla’s roar at point blank range.)
You add another Die of damage at levels 7, 10, & 14 Can use three times per long rest

• Dragon Strike - as an Action or Bonus Action Spend a D.Might Dice to select up to two targets 20 feet away that you can see to make a Dex Saving throw Fails are hit with a magical Psuedodragon dealing your D.Might Dice plus your Charisma modifier in elemental dam. Saves take Half Damage. (Single Target takes both attacks.)
Increase the number of targets to 3 at level 10 (single target still only does 2 attacks)

Level 7.Dragon Wise
You’ve lived with your Lord Blood for quite some time and his wisdom and blood have stimulated your mind. You may spend a D.might to add your Charisma bonus to Intelligence and Perception checks.

Level 10. Draconic Aura You’ve been blessed with your Lord’s Blood and your body has started to emit a Similar Aura, causing those around you to become Frightened.

As an action you can spend a Draconian Dice to emit an Aura of Fear to a distance equal to your Charisma Score (rounded down to nearest 5ft) until the end of the next round. Each hostile creature that starts its turn in this aura (or was within 10ft upon activating) must succeed on a Charisma saving throw or be Frightened of your Aura until one round after it disappears or 1 round after they move 40ft away from you.
If the creature succeeds on its saving throw, you can’t use this feature on that creature again unless attacked by you first. Can use Once per short or long rest

Level 14 Your Aura Wings now grant Fly speed equal to your movement speed +20ft, and when Wings are activated so is Draconic Aura.

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At work right now, but at first glance, this seems pretty OP.