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2007-10-16, 02:51 AM
I am starting a new campaign soon and was thinking of playing a psion. Just wanted to know if they were over or underpowered and whether there are any good feats out there for them. I want to be a telepath and be the face of the party eventually going into thrall herd and create a city.
Also, my friend was planning on playing a combat based cleric and was wondering if there were any good feats or prestige classes but not outright cheese

2007-10-16, 03:00 AM
Psions are generally considered well-balanced. As full casters they're quite powerful but not so crazily as a wizard or cleric. Remember that they're designed around the four-encounters-a-day rule, so if you have more you'll have to ration out your power points and contribute less to each battle, while if you have fewer you can afford to burn more power points per encounter and will seem more powerful. Also remember the all-important rule that you can only spend as many points on a power as you have manifester levels. Keep that in mind and you'll avoid the mixups that cause people to think them overpowered.

For a cleric, they're pretty good in combat anyway. Prepare the appropriate buffing spells to be more effective in melee. Perhaps take a deity with the War domain and a good weapon for it to grant (Kord and his greatsword, for example). If you don't expect to run in to many undead you can prioritize Strength over Charisma.

edit: Oh; I should also ask the important questions for any character build question: what books do you have access to, and are you playing with any relevant house rules?