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2019-10-10, 12:45 AM
The Howling Conclave of The grinning Moon

These Lycanthropes are unique in their devotion to Erevan Ilesere, The clan was started by Bidderdoo Harpell in 1371 DR. Blood family members to the elves and Harpells, and creator of the Werewolf transformation spell. Since that day, his family members have bore the curse or privilege of the Werewolf. Trevorskal is undefeated in combat and unequalled in savage spalls. A bright, wise leader, wholly ready for mayhem and disorder, he waits for a moment to slaughter in the name of his elven god of Mischief.

The Harpells forego and forgive the Werewolf clan as a whole. But the family always watches over the Lord Werewolf out of respect and fear. To hear Trevorskal howl is to listen to the songs of true horror. No Dragon on earth could make a warrior or wizard quake in their boots quite like The Lord of The Howl.

The Longsaddle Guild

Trevorskal "Trickster-Talon" Harpell: CN Werewolf Lord Half-Moon elf male of Longsaddle. CR 30; Sorcerer 15/ Barbarian 10/ Divine Champion 2 of Erevan Ilesere. Grandmaster of The Hunt. Lord-Beast of The Silverwood. Terror of the Troll Moors. Alpha Werewolf of The North. Omega beast of The Silvermarches. King of the Savage Spell. Lord of The Howl.

Shellyandra Longwillow: CE Wererat Lord Half-wood elf female of Waterdeep. CR 26; Rogue 6/ Assassin 10/ Temple Raider 8 of Erevan Ilesere. Devoted follower of the Trickster. Queen of the Moors. Lady beast of stealth.

Sarancell Sombresword: CG Werewolf Lord Half-wild elf male of The Misty Forest. CR 20; Ranger 15/ Combat Trickster 2. Lord of savage Pranks. Master of melee and rage in the guild.

Sonorathen "Coyote" Feralblade: CN Wererat Star elf female of Waterdeep. CR 20; Rogue 5/ Fighter 10/ Divine Seeker 5 of Erevan Ilesere. Street master of death and chaos. Lady of The Unseen.

Weshishath "Phantom" Quickstrike: CE Werewolf Copper elf male of The High Forest. CR 20; Druid 15/ High-Hierophant 5 of Erevan Ilesere. High-Priest of natures chaos. Master-Trickster of the wood.