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Mark Hall
2019-10-19, 05:07 PM
So, I'm updating my Savage Worlds conversion of Mass Effect to Adventure edition, and found myself stuck a bit on the Krogan. Can someone check my math on these guys? Make sure they fit with lore and mechanics?


Advantages: Krogan are obscenely resistant to environmental hazards, and recover quickly from injuries. They have a skill, Krogan Resilience, which keys off of Vigor, and 15 power points with which to use the powers of Environmental Protection and Healing. Both powers affect only the Krogan; Environmental Protection cannot protect against drowning or vacuum. Power points from Krogan Resilience can only power those two abilities, and return at a rate of 5 per hour of rest.

Krogan also begin at Size +1 (adding +1 to Toughness, and making their Strength maximum d12+1), and have an initial d6 in Vigor (and a maximum of d12+1). Additionally, they have the Berserk edge, and do not take a Wound when they suffer a second Shaken result in combat.

Disadvantages: Krogan are big creatures, and oddly shaped, and find many devices used by other races difficult to manage; they must have explicitly Krogan armors, and some weapons will require adjustment to fit in krogan hands, or they will suffer a -2 penalty to their use. Additionally, Krogan are somewhat alienated from the galaxy at large, and suffer a -2 penalty to Persuasion with non-Krogan, and a -2 to Smarts rolls (which compounds with their Berserk Edge). The existence of the genophage, and their continued subjugation to it, is a sore point for all krogan, functioning as a Major Shamed hindrance.

Here's my math, from SWADE p. 18-20
Powers advantage, with two powers: 3 points (Healing and Environmental protection; similar to the Gifted/Focus, but keyed of Vigor, since it's natural processes)
Size +1: 1 point
d6 Vigor: 2 points
Berserk Edge: 2 Points
Hardy: 2 points.

Total advantages are 10 points.

Big -2 points
Minor Outsider Flaw -1 points
-2 Smarts rolls -3 points
Major Shamed Hindrance -2 Points.

Total disadvantages are -8 points. Net is +2 points.

Seem reasonable? Workable?