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2007-10-17, 02:51 PM
so what did everyone do? lets hear it.

My group finally destroyed the lichs soul hidey place. i swear it was like we were playing paranoia or something, first they shot it from far far away, then they detect magiced it twice to be sure. then they summoned a dire bear to smash it, deciding aginst it and dismissing the bear. So the druid dropped a comet fall on it. after they got it into bits and peices they shoved each piece into a vial of acid. they also took all the paper scrolls inside it and burnt them, scattering the ashes, all that jaz.

so lets hear it, who did what?

2007-10-17, 02:53 PM
I personaly threw three spears and missed, dodged a huge falling rock, helped our psion and ranger who didnt dodge the huge rocks, a case of mistaken identity where i nearly attacked a party member, then followed the party about town while one of them searched for a place to revive the dead teammate:smallbiggrin:

2007-10-17, 02:59 PM
My group traveled half way across a continent to meet with a wizard to discuss how to destroy two artifacts of Timat (I'm a dragonborn of Bahamut). While there the dragonborn had a dream of an ancient bronze dragon dying, its egg, and men on a ship from a country we fought against before. The country was notorious for slavery (and we had uncovered why previously!), so the dragonborn was compelled to go save the egg.

This was all well and good except that the rogue of the party argued against it because we had limited location information (An island...) and we were on a rather tight time table because there was an army bearing down on a city we had helped free from a tyrannical empire, a town belonging to the country the rogue was from.

The dragonborn flat out stated he was going (pointing out that to him, it was the same thing as saving the people of the town, the dragons were 'his people'). We left and were assaulted by a bounty hunter (from the slavery country) who was coming after the dragon. (We kind of had taken most of a barony's money, as well as a rather large pot of diamond dust... whoops). We traveled back south after defeating the bounty hunter to a pirate town we had a contact in (the mayor!) who not only knew of the dragon, but its location and was more than willing to sail us through the slaver country to the island!

And that's where we stopped it... right where it was getting exciting!

2007-10-17, 03:00 PM
I singly handedly killed the BBEG (with some minor help from the Warlock), got a the Unfettered Greatsword (ToB), bribed a Goliath, tried to loot the corpse of a PC's dead brother, got turned retarded for about half an hour, lost all my stuff except the sword, lost all my gold, helped lumber around a dead NPC, had an argument with House Cannith and then had some arm wrestling matches for money.

Generally I was the most useful though.

2007-10-17, 03:05 PM
Well, after leveling up and getting inproved two weapon fighting, I rolled one after one after one, often only comming out of each round with a single attack out of a possible 6. I managed to fall though a floor and get stabbed by an assassin. Then, failing my will save, I became dominated then proceded to beat the living crap out of the party Scout (poor girl. Seems like every other session I'm either accidently hitting her, or getting dominated), while pushing my snake to bite the crap out of the wizard.

Yes, it was one of those days where the dice just didn't seem to feel like co-operating, other then rolling to hit/damage the scout...

2007-10-17, 03:21 PM
While standing on the ceiling, thanks to an inconveniently cast reverse gravity spell, my half-orc rogue7/barbarian1/Temple Raider of Olidammara 5 pulls out a +2 dagger and throws it at the glabrezu standing outside the spell's area of effect, killing it instantly. The fact that the paladin, dwarf fighter, and the two wizards had been beating the crap out of it for several rounds while under a mass haste spell is just a minor point.

2007-10-17, 03:24 PM
Hmmm... highlights...

Last game my level 1 Kobold Swordsage-

1) Was used as a marionette
2) Kicked someone in the nuts
3) Burned a priceless painting because he could
4) Killed multiple undead with a shortsword (I don't need no bludgeoning weapon!)
5) Determined that unholy water was JUST as a good for consumption as regular water.

2007-10-17, 03:28 PM
I started running Red Hand of Doom, and nearly succeeded in killing a PC in the very first encounter (-9 hit points before he finally got some healing!).

Also, I had to let a hydra run away from my players (cursed Wizard/Fighter taking Improved Sunder, and the rogue having literally 12 flasks of either acid or Alchemist's Fire :smallyuk: ), and managed to get them all the way to Vrath Keep before we stopped for the night.

All in all, it was a good session, especially considering there were only two players (each playing two characters) and myself.

2007-10-17, 03:31 PM
We played 7th Sea last sunday. During the session we:

-Participated in a high society auction, and lost a bid to an important journal
-Intercepted and captured the ship of the person who won the item
-Used "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" to get the combination to the safe from the lady captain(we lost a few points of moral reputation there)
-Took out a group of smugglers after they had allready been ambushed by a group of inquisitors who where planning on killing us after the smugglers.

Rex Blunder
2007-10-17, 03:32 PM
I became dominated then proceded to beat the living crap out of the party Scout (poor girl.)

man, you shouldn't have beat up that girl scout. No cookie for you.

You'll have to be nice to earn brownie points.

2007-10-17, 03:34 PM
Level one campaign. I'm playing this evil bastard cleric in spiked armour with a big hammer. Every time he heals someone he either makes someone owe him a favour or pay him 2gp per hitpoint.

After finally pulling the stupid barbarian out of the pit he went hurlting down, we walked through this room with growling coming from this cupboard. I told the barbarian to open up the doors (as I was the only guy who made the listen check to hear to growling) out sprung two hyenas, who tried to attack me. I used the barbarian as a meat shield and the hyenas tore chunks out of the barbarian as I used him for cover.

Barby: Heal me.
Me: Mmmkay, *rolls* you get 6 health back.
Barby: Wahey, thanks.
Me: That'll be 12gp.
Barby: I don't have any money.
Me: Guess you'll owe me a favour or two then.
Barby: You absolute bastard...

(I was being a bastard, since it's my fault he's missing most of his chest anyway, but oh well.)

I get him to open a door for me as a favour and he steps back as this horrid stench bursts out of the room. An elven child lies there half dead. Everyone helps him, gives him clothes and food and such, while I sit back and laugh at this poor elven child, the barbarian even gave him a dagger and we used him to watch our back.

Later, we were walking:

Me: So, any valuables you want to give me?
Child: If I had anything other then the shirt off my back, I would give it to you...
Me: Alright...
(At this point I grabbed the back of the child's shirt and kicked him to the floor, ripping his shirt off.)

Everyone got pissed off (in character) and told me to give back the shirt.

Later, we went into this room and a player found the remains of a potion of invisibility. Suddenly, two druids spring out and attack the guy, putting the poor player down to -4. Me, being a warrior priest type guy, swung my warhammer at the guy nearest me, and broke his spine with the force of it.

Was a fun session, continuing it on friday.

2007-10-17, 03:38 PM
I almost TPKed my players in a poorly planned (well, well-planned from the goblins' perspective, poorly planned in the sense of a survivable yet challenging encounter) Goblin ambush. Note to self: Goblins with class levels kick a LOT more ass than regular goblins.

There was a lot of stuff involving a kidnapped sorceress that didn't even get touched on because of this.

2007-10-17, 03:39 PM
Speaking of children I used my full intimidate on a halfling 3 year because he said "I know something that you don't".

2007-10-17, 03:45 PM
In my last real life game, I caused a flying city state to crash to the ground killing roughly 90% of the population and pretty much destroying about a third of the civilized in the process (DM said something long the lines of 'Well they were the light in the darkness, not to mention that they were a major trade center, and without the city a good chunk of civilized land will wither away), which happened to be the birth place and home of the religious head (Something similar to the Pope, but only has power on the religious nature of the church) of a Church that has for the last month of game sessions been hunting our party. Granted they had a right to do so, we had managed to pretty much kill their messiah (he's now comatose trapped in a cursed Iron Maiden), destroy a kingdom that had only brought peace to the world, caused the gradual extinction of silver dragons, and let loose one of the major weapons of Chaos and Destruction and we're the good guys. Now granted we didn't mean to do those things when we did them, just like I didn't mean to send the flying city state crashing to the ground, but our DM has a habit of turning even the most kind hearted act against us...says it has something to do with the fact that we managed to personally insult the God of Spite who has turned our efforts to do well and stop the near inevitable destruction of the world into actually hasten said destruction.

2007-10-17, 03:54 PM
We went up to the house of the Mayor, planning on taking him out. Creeping through the house, I wandered into his daughters room, and being a changeling, had the brilliant idea of using her a cover. So I non-lethaled her into a coma while she was sleeping, with a sap. Shifted into her, and planned to lock her in a closet. At this point the rest of the party set off the alarm and come barreling into the room.

Handing the girl to the swordsage, he takes off out a window and books it with the rest of the party.

We ended with the girls mother bringing me a snack, while the rest of the party escaped from the guards. It's been an odd campaign so far.

Aramil Liadon
2007-10-17, 03:59 PM
Decided that I'm not a very good DM/no-one wanted to play, ditched the campaign.

Summarized, but that's about how it happened.

2007-10-17, 04:03 PM
escaped the Lady of pain, ran from 5 pit fiends and delayed them until planeshifted. Got magical weapons sold them all at the market at the bronze citidel, sold a curse ring of susstance as a famous torture item for 20000 gold and the item cost only 1000gp.

2007-10-17, 04:15 PM
We finished a subplot from the previous game, escorting the Duke's Champion to a secret rendez vouz between Hulean emissaries and Darokinian officers. As soon as we interrupted the meeting, needless to say, hilarity ensued (1)
and a back up force of Menscorpion charged. So, party members and the Duke's Champion (along with a bunch of brave knights) got the upper hand on the huleans, getting the chief corrupt officer and the Hulean leader's head (which was tough, and it's all to the Champion's credit). Deep beyond enemy lines it wasn't a walk in the park to go back to Darokin wounded, sleepless and with tired horses, chased by some of the best cavalrymen of hule. Well, they made it, honors and praises from the Chancellor (who happens NOT to be a sith, for a change) and so on.

Second half of the same game session they are summoned to the presence of their godfatherlike figure, the man behind all businesses, Jabb the Hutt's scheming tutor, the Arch-Inquisitor Nicodemus of Ierendi.

Yep, looks like Alphaks the Demon diverted a meteor, which is due to land on Darokin's municipality (levelling a couple of hundred miles around and pretty much extinguishing life on the northern emisphere while allowing bugs and rats to survive in the southern). So, I left them in the capable hands of Lord Rahab, Nicodemus' Librarian and right hand, potent wizard, who equipped them with nice vacuum and shatter-proof living armors that look like a genestealer's carapace, ready to teleport on the meteor with Rahab, in what looks like the fantasy version of Deep Impact+Armageddon with uncooperative native lifeforms.

Ah, I'm running the "Wrath of The Immortals" old D&D Campaign, in case you were wondering who wrote the funny and thrilling if a bit insane story...


(1) Line from Xykon

2007-10-17, 04:19 PM
My group (which I DM) managed to battle airship pirates away from their ship in an epic display of fighting prowess high above Eberron's thunder sea. The battle involved great leaps between ships, exploding fireballs casting both sides from the ships to fall towards the sea hundreds of metres below, and a rather comical scene as they realised that they couldn't carry the Frenzied Beserker and fly at the same time (which I eventually handwaved for the sake of the game). This week, they can expect a dramatic rooftop chase high above the streets of Stormreach, and from there, on to the lost continent of Xen'drik!

2007-10-17, 04:22 PM
Last game had our party exploring a cave system overrun by meaner-than-normal goblins. Being the brave crusader I am I glared and swore at them in a very angry fashion until they began to pummel me at which point I stopped. We then proceeded to fight back and the cleric impressed me by casting a few helpful spells (it should be noted that despite the cleric's enthusiasm at playing a cleric prior sessions had shown that he had barely perused the rulebook).

In the caverns we discovered someone who looked exactly like the person who had hired us to explore them in the first place and are now extremely confused. We then met a roper who forgot about many of its class abilities until the fourth round at which point we fled after two party members were incapacitated after some poor fortitude saves and a healthy amount of strength damage. We also found some nifty magic items which is a cause for debate as the good cleric of Heironeous seems to be hoarding more than his fair share of items.

Overall fun times

2007-10-17, 04:30 PM
Sent a bunch of battlefield control fighters at my players. Their builds were pretty decent at Lv 7, but due to consistently poor rolls they really weren't able to do much.

The fighters were part of a Zhentarim caravan that the PCs are chasing through Cormyr. Apparently the caravan was lead by -something- with an overwhelming aura of evil, and at least a few more powerful warriors. The fighters ambushed the PCs in an attempt to waylay them while the caravan escaped.

2007-10-17, 05:03 PM
Started the Expedition to the Demonweb Pits module. Kicked the players butts, caused them to retreat. They won the next battle, even though they made mistakes(The Wizard//Factotum cast Deep Slumber on the elves). Did I mention they're Gestalt at only 1 level below the suggested starting level. Yeah. This should be interesting.

2007-10-17, 06:48 PM
I pissed off a mummy and got the ranger infected with mummy rot, which ironically, i wont be able to cure until we defeat the mummy due to my cleric level.

2007-10-17, 06:56 PM
Had my entire party, except for me, slaughtered by a final boss with a CR about 7 points higher than the party level. Full story is here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3346769&postcount=1).

I escaped by about the narrowest margin possible, and I'm now trying to rebuild the party.

- Saph

2007-10-17, 07:02 PM
maim killed and destroyed. i recently got over my "killing PCs=less fun for players " phase when i offed one PC and he was back in the game in 25 minutes with very little complaining or crying.

so i have 9 PCs in my group, i offed 4 of them over the night. one guy i got twice. then had to rescue the party from themselves when they got in way over their heads. luckily a plot device already existed for this

2007-10-17, 07:06 PM
During a fight I was captured and held under some city library. I managed to free myself, while my party blasted a hole in the roof and commenced a rescue mission. I was unarmed, so they dealt with the guard chasing me. I then climbed up some bookshelves and hid, while my party fought incoming guards. I eventually grabbed a book and started to fight guards. We eventually killed the guards and found my equipment, except that the 2000 gp that I used to have went missing. We then met up with the very person who captured me in a fight, a really tough elf. We fought her and barely survived. We then proceeded to hide in the sewers. We plan to torture her this weekend for information.

2007-10-17, 07:26 PM
I uttered the phrase, "His Highest Imperial Majesty, ze All-Consuming Lord Gorefang Fleshrender, ze Dreaded Bone-Reaping Night-Terror of ze Most Unholy Depths of ZE BOTTOMLESS ABYSS!!!!!"

It was an introduction for my animal companion, a yellow Labrador Retriever riding-dog. Who thereafter sat, dropped open his mouth in a doggy grin, and panted happily while someone scratched his ears.

Oh, and I'm medium-sized. But the dog had a saddle on its back anyway.

I also singlehandedly failed three Concentration checks to manifest on the defensive, thus burning more than half my power points uselessly. Then I stabbed a zombie to death with a spear with an attack roll of +0 (1d8 + 0), and babbled Germanically-accented nonsense throughout the course of an entire four-hour battle. And uttered the phrase, "GOREFANG! START DOING ALL OF ZOSE VONDERFUL SINGS IT IS ZAT YOU DOOOOO! VAT VITH ZE REAPING UNDSOWEEEEIIIITEEEER!"

The big achievement in all of this is that I'm still alive. The party did not murder me.

2007-10-17, 07:47 PM
Well, as the DM, I'm the NPC's....

I abandoned the eight kobold minions I had on hand to their fate after I noticed the battle with the escaped prisoners wasn't going the way I wanted it to. I'd kill the guard that let them escape, but the escapee's did it for me, so it's too late. Now I know how they did it, though - looks like they did some off-shift digging and found what I had them digging for, claiming it for themselves. Ah well - at least now I know they're exhausted and cramped in my warren. Hmm... I wonder how long I have before they find their way out? It'll make for an interesting game to see how many surprises they can take before they die....

2007-10-17, 07:50 PM
We went to a formal ball and entered a dance competition.

2007-10-17, 08:02 PM
Uh, leap-attacked off the top of a church to smack a weird semi-demon guy with my halberd. Earlier I'd jumped up the front of said church to kill some Vrocks. My barbarian loves to jump.

It's not nearly as cool as what I was planning, though.... *grumble*

Dark Knight Renee
2007-10-17, 08:07 PM
What did I do last time we did more than discuss possible plot advances...

Ah yes. In yet another crossover, we placed a very angsty ex-Jedi vampire and a Harry Potter character into a medieval setting of my sister's invention called Deimos & Sorcerers. In this setting, Deimos are beings who can shift between human and wolf forms, are powerful sorcerers all, and are rare and poorly understood by humans. They are also responsible for werewolves.
The two seriously misplaced characters caught the attention of a suspicious local human sorceress, discovered that there are no dogs in D&S, and had a fascinating (if oft-repeated) discussion about the multiverse and “dimension skipping.”

Human Paragon 3
2007-10-17, 08:13 PM
Got trapped in an inescapable dungeon built to house a powerful demon, explored it, duked it out with the CR 13 Demon and his vrock buddies and lost (party of level 9 guys)! The demon teleporoted away laughing at us, and we're still stuck in that damn dungeon!

2007-10-17, 08:16 PM
I cut 3 Great Wyrm Black Dragons in half, and went toe-to-toe with an Abomination.

I also got charmed by a LeShay, but our party Wizard managed to kill it before I had a chance to do anything.

2007-10-17, 08:22 PM
Party was split in two. One half was in the dungeon, the mage having died LAST session, and had four elemental puzzle rooms. The warlock and druid made it, but the rogue died. Due to circumstances beyond his understanding, he woke up in the same room with amnesia and one level lower. :smallbiggrin: Now they are all at the top of the Earth puzzle mountain staring at a Collosal(sp?) sized Vargrinn, which ironically, the normal sized one killed the wizard!

The other half was in the second day of the Alabaster Cup. Jousting went badly for all PCs, then the boar hunt, where everyone hunted normal boars except the Monk and the Barbarian, who found a giant Dire White Dragon Boar and started fighting each other. Very fun, Barbarian almost died. Then the Dragon Boar's mate ran in ... and the Barbarian was fatigued! BBEG stole the kill for that one, pissing off the Monk. Impress me went well for all PCs but the dwarf barbarian again, who got drunk and accidently admitted they were partly respondsible for the death of Sir Darcy, a worldwide hero who has been missing for a fortnight and just started to get people worried, as he was supposed to be a judge at the Cup!


2007-10-17, 09:42 PM
from what i remember of my last game i played, the party got ambushed in the Friendly Arm Inn (the DM is a big fan of BG) by two vampires and a bunch of elven assassin types...the party consisted of an elven rogue wielding a tower shield and short spears, an arabian paladin, myself as a big intimidating fighter with a waraxe, a sorcerer, and a halfling bard...the vampires managed to fill the room with smoke before they attacked, but i luckily caught one by the throat when it ran past me...after it got loose, the paladin turned undead and ashed them all, at which point the elves made their appearance...the rogue and the halfling didn't do much, so basically it was up to the paladin and myself after the sorcerer cast enlarge person on the both of us...i managed to hit one guy with such force that i caused him to crash into the wall a good 20 feet away...by the end of the fight, most of the guys that were still alive were trying to either escape or kill themselves to prevent from being caught, one of which was trying to jump over the railing of the stairs...i asked the DM if i could make a reflex/grapple check to reach out and grab him before he did so...i made the check and proceeded to lift him up, smash him into the floor, and impale him through his mouth with the spike on the end of my axe (got an evil glare from the paladin on that one)...also managed to throw a guy over my back and break his spine

it was a good night

Tor the Fallen
2007-10-17, 09:59 PM
The party fighter found out his axe could talk, and was later sneak attacked in his sleep down to 7 hp by the BBEG. Actually just a little evil guy; a goblin with class levels.

The goblin had set up a bunch of nasties, and was ready about to hurt the party really bad. That's when the wizard turned around and stuck a hideous laughter on it. And that was that.

Now they're trying to figure out what to do with the 70k silver they found in an ogre den. They literally have a ton of valuables.

They're going to be so pissed at me when I take it from them. Buahahaha!

2007-10-17, 10:14 PM
Last game?
Well, as a DM, a actually didn't have anything planned, but the group had gathered anyways, and was looking at me with expectant eyes. So I did what any self-respecting DM with a shred of digninty to save would do: I made it up.
I was going to put this particular crew through the Duvik's Pass Mines, complete with Burining Plague. Fuuun...

Anyway, they were about twenty miles from the mines, when all of a sudden: Random Homebrew Monster Attakck! Thinking quickly, while one of the players is rollong a listen check, I begin furiously Homebrewing something like a Dire Squirrel, with a nice beefy slam and some vicious amour-piercing fangs. Looking back at it, it was about as powerful as an attack from two or three hobgoblins at once. I actually am proud of that furry little guy for stalling them long enough for me to come up with a suitable way to narrate what would happen after that.

2007-10-17, 11:57 PM
I was tied to a tree, with no way to make an Escape Artist check, so I gave the rest of the party a +1 bonus with bard song- until an archet took a potshot at me to shut me up.

Critted, dead.

Magic Pancake
2007-10-18, 11:28 AM
I had probably the most overcomplicated setting up camp moment in history. We're playing a one-off whose name I do not know (nor particularly want to know), which basically involves us chasing after the Tarrasque (at level 7). So we reach a mountain pass which it will have to go through, when I, for some reason, become completely paranoid about a Tarrasque sneaking up on us while we sleep.

Me: Has the Tarrasque been hear yet? If it hasn't we set up camp.
DM: You see no footprints of enormous size, so probably no.
DM: You setting up camp? Where?
Me: I guess.
DM: I guess isn't a location.
Warblade: In the most obvious spot so that the truenamer can be killed by dire badgers.
DM: Ha. So you're setting up in the most obvious spot?
Me: NO!!! We look for something fairly secluded, but still with good sight range.
DM: The talus strewn slopes have a good number of hiding places.
Druid: Talus?
DM: Loose rocks.
Me: Like gravel?
DM: No, there a few inches long.
Me: So we can see perfectly, but it's not that comfortable.
DM: No, there are some flat places. You see one behind a large boulder, another near the top of one of the cliffs, and one long ledge along one slope.
Me: This begs for a map.
DM: ... I didn't prepare one [this is over IM, he can't just draw out a map in front of us]. I can summarize better: One spot, well-hidden, about halfway up the slope on the right side.
Me: Not there, we want to be able to see out.
DM: The top of the cliffs on the left side are wide and flat. Windy though, and a little exposed.
Me: That's good, no one can sneak up on us. [Everyone knows that tarrasqes are masters of stealth, after all]
DM: Okay, so that's good then.
Me: Any objections?
DM: Thats your spot?
Me: Well, unless it's to windy to sleep well, or hear clearly.
DM: You can't hear too great, but the view is excellent. The wind isn't enough to blow you off unless it reaches windstorm levels. Just don't fly around too much.
Me: How not great? More so than the crunchiness of the gravel?
DM: Oh god!

We finally set up camp, after another hour or so. And at the end of the night, there wasn't even a single encounter. Talk about wasting time on unimportant things!

2007-10-18, 11:39 AM
Mostly, I let the players in my Exalted campaign discuss what to do next. Then when they turned to the DMPC (a Sidereal, of course) and said, "We've narrowed it down to two things, what do _you_ want to do?" I went with the one everyone wanted to do out-of-character.

Then I had the DMPC steal something important, that the party doesn't know about yet, and when they started running (as in, non-stop jogging, on foot) from Greyfalls to Nexus through the Hundred Kingdoms, I had them run into a wilderness spirit being attacked by a pack of Omen Dogs, and later I had them save a small village from a minor spirit, only to have the party's spellcaster eventually discover the villages' elder to be an extremely potent (and magically immortal) thaumaturgist willing to teach if asked.

2007-10-18, 12:17 PM
Dark Sun: We battled a horde of undead minions only to be TPKOed by the BBEG (bastard has a item* that has unlimited Necomancy spells in it - Damm Ray of Enfeelblement, among others)

* actually 2, we have the 3rd - we were beneath his notice to kill and left us to go find our obsidian rod (yay for random lines by me "hey he's got one of those things")

2nd Ed: picked up a new Bard (PC), booted the old one off the ship (unliked NPC), played rearguard to a army of 14,000 troops.
Decided that rather than risk a full seige vs a Fortress Town and the massive loss of life that would entail, we would do a Surgical strike at the heart of the problem.

Massive battle vs 6 High level Evil Clerics, 4 Mages, 2 Exploding Golems and a Death Knight. early on we saw 2 cleric dispear off up the back and let it slide till it turned out they had summoned a Marilith - thankfully they failed to get in under control and it made a bee line for the Death Knight.
The Death Knight had a Vorpal Sword - he got 2 kills with it, 1 PC and 1 Demon

2 PCs went down, the Gnome Illusionist (was raised sadlly) and the Minoatur Gladiator (failed his Resurection roll !!!!!! - the bloody gnome is alive and our DPS machine is Perma Dead)

It may take 2 Rounds to cast but heck i love Dust Devil - d4 Auto Damage = no spell casting for that target

WHFRP: We went Shopping.
and boy was shopping good - my Shieldbreaker was the 1st party member to get plate (Helm & Breastplate - only owe the valet 20g :smallwink:), we killed some wolves, had dinner in the fanciest resturant in Middenhime with our employer, gained the favor of both the Knights Panther and the Dwarves of the Black Mountains. sampled one of my 3X3s (Boutique Halfling Beer)

2007-10-18, 12:39 PM
I walked up into a mountain as an earth elemental.
Grabbed a space ship.
Got over 5-6 miles into the air before i blew the ship up.
Survived but with only 3 HPs left
No i did not have feather fall

2007-10-18, 01:47 PM
In the WoDd20 game; I proved to be the master of stabbing blind people. Pulled this off three times. Went up to a gangster engaged in melee combat with one of my allies and pepper spray him. Then stab him after his miserable attack roll. Amazed me that I was able to contribute to melee combat, being the walking med kit. :smallbiggrin:
In the Eberron campaign; I shouted at a cloaked figure standing over a body on a skybridge and she jumped off. She clung onto the bottom, though, but it was still cool to be that intimidating. She was subdued by being pinned by the party monk and beat on by everyone else. Revived her with a splash of Repair Minor Damage Oil while I had her in a choke and handed her over to the town guard who conveniently just showed up. 2gp reward for each party member. :smallyuk:

2007-10-18, 01:51 PM
Me Swordsage died in glorious fashion to a battle axe weilding grimlock (no, not your mom). Swordsage = lots of jumping around, with not much result.

2007-10-18, 02:01 PM
Well, the last time we actually had a chance to play, the party was working their way through a slightly customized version of "The Burning Plague". On the off chance someone might want to use that adventure (available from the WotC site), I'll spoiler it.

Having knocked off the kobolds in the mess-hall/kitchen/pantry, the party proceeded into the mines proper. The remaining kobolds had retreated to their elevated cave entrance, drawing the ropes up after them, and peppered the party with crossbow bolts as they tried to cross the room. With a little negotiation, the party convinced the kobolds to let them pass so they could destroy the "demon" causing the plague, as the kobolds were suffering as much as the miners had.

They reached the "breeding pit" of the plague, with its piles of bodies. The dwarf cleric went into to examine the bodies, upon which the body opened its eyes and attacked him. If I'd had presence of mind, I'd have had it grapple him, but I didn't think of that and it just slammed him rather unsuccessfully. If he'd had presence of mind, he'd have turned undead, but he didn't and the party fled from the zombie horde.

The kobolds (who were, incidentally, speaking with outrageous French accents -- I do get a bit silly at times) opened fire again on the party as they tried to flee the zombies. The cleric remembered he was a cleric and turned the zombies, allowing the party to deal with just the kobolds.

The cleric tried to climb the cliff to melee the kobolds while the ranger, bard, and NPC rogue took cover in some stalagmites and returned fire with bows and crossbows. The NPC rogue had only daggers, but the bard gave him her crossbow and started making some bardic music. Missile fire proved reasonably effective against the kobolds, especially compared to trying to climb the cliff face to melee them. The cleric got a face-ful of burning hands as he neared the top and fell back down for some extra damage.

Missile fire took out the kobold sorcerer, though, since he had to expose himself to burn the cleric. The other kobolds retreated. Badly hurt and showing symptoms of the Burning Plague, the party decided that they'd fulfilled their mission -- to determine why the mining company in town had lost contact with the mine itself -- and elected to head home to find treatment for the disease.

2007-10-21, 08:14 AM
WHFRP: Killed a Burgular. thats the simple over view

the complex one - tasked with finding a source to the recent spate of water poisonings inc a hushed up incident at the Temple of Ulric that have lead to people turning into Spawn. we set out to survey the various wells and locales in the "important" parts of the city and the part of the city that stiill has a Hellcannon shell embedded in it.

we intially all grouped up at the crater but when the Order of the Silver Flame inquistor arrived and briefed us on thier involvement we decided to split up.
They went north, our Sigmarite and Milltawoman went south and the Veteran & my Shieldbreaker stayed put at the crater.

as the night passed we spotted various nere-do-wells who were out breaking the curfew (imposed to help us monitor the city better) Kargun spotted a furtive figure descend on a rope down the side of a building further up the alley, pointing this out to the Veteran - we took aim, hindered a bit by the gloom.

1 Arrow to the body and 1 Bolt to the head (14 damage in total, Unarmoured T3) and a fairly long drop off a building we wandered of after a while and found that we had killed a young lady dressed up in the stealthy black of someone not wanting to be seen and bearing the hardware to break into buildings. Our defense when the others came back - we had been told to shoot first and ask questions after, tho that was more to the intent of being in the crater area. good thing we have a Rep in the Watch

The other pair pursued but didnt catch another thief, although he dropped his loot - stolen books (1 printed) and we have no idea what the Ordo got upto

2007-10-21, 08:18 AM
Dark Sun: We battled a horde of undead minions only to be TPKOed by the BBEG (bastard has a item* that has unlimited Necomancy spells in it - Damm Ray of Enfeelblement, among others)

* actually 2, we have the 3rd - we were beneath his notice to kill and left us to go find our obsidian rod (yay for random lines by me "hey he's got one of those things")

Aw man, what a disaster! Was that your Druid guy?

2007-10-21, 08:38 AM
Game of Dark Continent. My character got eaten by a T-Rex

2007-10-21, 09:10 AM
Aw man, what a disaster! Was that your Druid guy?

Yep, wer're not dead - just really really incapacitated

2007-10-21, 09:31 AM
1st level game, we beat up an animated cauldron, spend the night in the hut, killed a kolbold zombie and when we got to the lumber camp where we could find the npc we needed at night, the rogue and ranger decided to sneak into the camp and as you would expect the rogue rolls a 1 on his hide check, thus the rest of the session is spent trying to rescue him, leading to this situation, we have been hired as guards on the caravan taking the rogue in to town to be punished, and we need a distraction in order to break him out, this inevitabley lead to a plan so mind flayingly stupid that it has come to be the name we use to refer to the game, the plan involved me summoning an octopus on my head and running off in to the woods while the ranger shouted that he had seen a mind flayer, it could have worked it he hadn't rolled a 2 on his bluff check.

Lòkki Gallansbayne
2007-10-21, 10:35 AM
First session of a new campaign. Ze party line-up:

A Chaotic Neutral Halfling Beguiler 4 (myself)
A Neutral Evil Human Psychic Warrior 4
A Lawful Evil Human Monk 1/Ninja 1/Warlock 2* and
A Neutral inflicted Were-St. Bernard Human Psychic Warror 1 named Bernard
And no cleric.

*The monk level was to help qualify for the Fort save requirement to Ur-Priest quickly. The Ninja level was added as an afterthought, I'm not sure of the reasoning why.

The DM wasn't planning an evil campaign or anything like that, the party just turned out that way. Anywho, our valiant and noble party were tasked with delivering a shipment of supplies to a nearby hobgoblin outpost. On the way, we're attacked by an owlbear, a dozen kobolds and a dire wolf.

The owlbear fight was fairly uneventful, with perhaps the most interesting event occuring during post fight mopping up. As the party's UMD guy, I picked up a wand of cure light wounds to make up for our lack of a healbot. The very first time I try to use it I roll a natural one and can't use it for another 24 hours! :D

During the kobold attack, I managed to incapcitate three of the eight original attacking force in the first round of combat with a well-aimed Sleep spell. When four more appear as reinforcements, the Warlock intimidates three of them into fleeing with a little help from my illusion magic making him appear to transform into a towering firey demon. Fire and brimstone and all that malarkey. Fun fight. Sadly the Warlock is brutally savaged to death by the dire wolf the next day. A critical hit for 30+ damage is not fun when you're ECL 4 and most of your hit die are d6s. The warlock's body prompty bursts into flame and vanishes.

Eventually we make it to the hobbos' fort without being set upon by absolutely every creature in the vicinity, where we are promptly whisked away to the leader's office. He's pretty peeved as apparently there were supposed to be three wagons of goods and we only delivered two. I try to convince him that maybe he was mistaken, all the Bluff in the world is nothing in the face of hard evidence (unless maybe I could have insinuated that his records were forgeries, but oh well), so - after the PsyWar calms down - I switch tactic and apply a bit of the ol' Teflon factor to shift the blame away from the party. The hobgoblin leader agrees to put us up until a messenger can be dispatched to our employer and we're led away to a small, spartan four person bedchamber. But wait, you cry, there are only three of us! Funny that. The moment we arrive, one of the beds bursts into flames that die away to reveal the Warlock, alive and well (and with his level of Ninja replaced by another level of Warlock). Seems whatever dark forces granted him his warlock powers allowed him to return provided he sacrifices an amount of equipment equivalent to the cost of a raise dead spell (which, for an ECL4 character at standard WBL is a hefty price).

Eventually, morning comes around. Turns out hobbos aren't known for their hospitality, as the hours pass and there's no sign of breakfast. I trick the PsyWar with a Silent Image of a bowl of porridge, which he takes an immediate distrust of (though he fails his disbelief save), becoming convinced it is demon porridge. So I have it attack him. It was kind of a you had to be there moment, but pretty much everyone at the table cracked up at the mental image. Frivolous interludes aside, the party decides to investigate. And promptly run into a brick wall. Literally. There's now a wall blocking the only corridor leading away from our room. A quick casting of Detect Secret Doors reveals the wall is in fact a secret door, though the opening mechanism is on the other side. Hooray for the Knock spell.

Once free, we set off in search of some food. On the way we pass a locked door from which the sounds of clashing metal can be heard. I knock on the door and ask, in my best goblin (yay bonus languages) which way the mess hall is. Apparently my Beguiler's accent wasn't quite convincing enough and the door opens to reveal an angry looking Hobgoblin sergeant, who promptly sets the group of soldiers he'd been drilling on us. I panic and fill the room with a Fog Cloud, which turns out to be something of a mistake as it screws up our two Psychic Warriors as much as it does the hobgoblin. Later I make amends when I knock out about three of the 2HD hobbos with a well-aimed colour spray. Once everyone's done mopping up the remnants, the session ends with us trying to figure out how we're planning to escape this place undetected.

2007-10-21, 10:57 AM
I got a tattoo from a party member who used his in-town time at the start of the evening's adventure to set up a tattoo booth at the city bazaar. He rolled a 20 on his Profession skill, so I now have a masterpiece ram's head tattoo on my right forearm. :smallbiggrin:

I also bought a spiked chain, but failed to find a shop selling ones with enchantments. Probably well enough, I have little cash money but a Masterwork light flail and a +1 small shield as trade items.

We continued heading into the area where caravans had been being attacked by brigands, and we had good cause to suspect that two of our recurring foes (Goblins and evil Monks) were either joining forces or already had, and were involved in the brigandry.

We surprised a camp full of 20 sets of gear but with only 2 Goblins present. The Rogue overheard some chatter between the Goblins that suggested that an attack was being planned or carried out on a farm stead nearby. Slew those Goblins in the surprise round and tracked the rest of the group to the farm. Too late to save the farm folk, unfortunately. I plugged the front door with my Barbarian 2 / Fighter 1 and proceeded to cuisinart Goblins and evil Monks with my shiny new spiked chain. Some of them (including the human leader) boiled out of the back door and were engaged by the Druid and his wolf companion, while the Rogue and Priest killed those who had been outside the front door. The leader's front line was cut down in rapid order and he took the better part of valor, fleeing. We mopped up the rest in another round and that's where we called it on time. Next adventure we'll learn if we missed any living farm folk, and will be able to interrogate the sole Goblin who was merely rendered unconscious. Other than spells expended, damage was minimal, primarily myself and the wold companion. But this is very likely not going to be the last encounter of the day, and the GM had a bit of an awakening at how well we all could fight compared to the Goblins and Monks, and sole Orc. Most of the Goblins and Monks died in a single hit, giving me a Cleave, and the ones which did not died in two. The Orc was probably meant to give us a bit of pause with its high damage output, but it got only a single hit on me before my first return blow scored a critical and slew it.

Despite our depleted spells and some depleted HP, I expect that we'll face at least one other encounter before we're able to rest and recover.

2007-10-21, 11:03 AM
sampled one of my 3X3s (Boutique Halfling Beer)
I'll bite. I homebrew, in the sense of actually making my own beer rather than churning out house rules for D&D. So I'm curious, what's a 3X3? As a Halfling Beer, my first impression is a stout little Halfling saying "You may be 3 feet tall, but a few of these and you'll be 3 feet long!" i.e. passed out, thus 3X3. But that's just my over-active imagination at work. So, do tell?

2007-10-21, 11:24 AM
I managed to kill off three players with level 3 NPC's.

2007-10-21, 09:23 PM
I'll bite. I homebrew, in the sense of actually making my own beer rather than churning out house rules for D&D. So I'm curious, what's a 3X3? As a Halfling Beer, my first impression is a stout little Halfling saying "You may be 3 feet tall, but a few of these and you'll be 3 feet long!" i.e. passed out, thus 3X3. But that's just my over-active imagination at work. So, do tell?

Its a way our GM has of fleshing the world out a bit more in regard to our PCs - we write up 3 events, 3 Friends and 3 enemies that had a factor in our background and and could reappear at an any time to make the game more interesting (or complex)

My wording is a bit funny - had the beer at a resturant and then met the brewer on the road out of the city the next day and caught up, took him to the new village that our friends were buliding, where he has negotiated a contract to supply them with beer

2007-10-21, 09:40 PM
Had my half-orc monk kick so much ass vs. a camp of bandits that I almost wanted the DM to tone down his descriptions of the damage I was doing to them, because I felt sorry for 'em.

Hunter Noventa
2007-10-21, 09:49 PM
In a low-magic campaign, my ranger single-handedly saved the new party member from an orcish battle party (of about 300) by sneaking up to where they had tied up their five dozen horses and encouraging them to stampede through the camp, causing enough of a distraction to bust the druid's cage open and get the heck out of there.

At level 3.

2007-10-21, 11:00 PM
Was one shotted in a suprise round within the first 20 minuites of play, and the first combat of the campaign (3rd session)... Spent the battle amongst the corpses of an entire procession of human warriors and their mounts, gore, intestines, limbs splayed everywhere watching goblins set themselves on fire and run headfirst into a giant barrier, the ones that were not doing this of course were launching themselves at it from a trebuchet. My teammates were busy failing to hit the (presumed) BBEG from range, a rather vicious fighter/bard proclaiming himself to be king of the westlands, and generally being roughed up something fierce. Our wizard has disguised himself as a gobbo and is 'innocently' heading towards the trebuchet. Our 'sneaky-bugger' after failing to get the BBEG to drink a flask of alchemist's fire.. Is now flailing about with a crossbow, at range.... quite a bit at range in fact....

Our mounted Favoured Soul manages to distract the King long enough for our druid to get a quick CLW cast on me, and there we ended.

So... I'm back on my feet and groggy, we are ridiculously outnumbered (even if most of the goblins do seem to be commiting suicide at a prodigious rate) and staring at the bard who just one shotted the Barb.

2007-10-22, 12:03 PM
Let's see...we've only had one session this month so far, as my players are developing a bad habit of not actually showing up to the game.

Last session, though, the party realized they had been betrayed by their NPC friend, who turned out to be a tiefling cleric in disguise. Despite the fact the party members were all down to 10 HP or lower, that it was raining heavily, and that the cleric was level 10 (the party is level 6), they managed to take her out without anyone dying (by using their brains for once, instead of their normal strategy of "I hit it until it dies").

2007-10-22, 12:43 PM
Ok, first, here are my players:

A 5th level Anima Mage (he and I know the most about DnD, at least more thant he other players)
A 5th level Barbarian who has specialized in Torture (for fun, she says, *sigh*)
A 5th level halfling rogue (who is more like kender than not)
A 5th level Cleric of Fharlanghn (the most normal of the group)
A 5th level Barbarian/Fighter (who's going for frenzied berzerker soon)

None of them are of good alignment. None of them are anywhere NEAR lawful.

Anyway, the game is loosly based on Salvatores 10,000 orcs series. The PC's have moved from a seaside town to a small town that's grown up around an elf mage's tower. They found out that the elf is a ghost, but she helps them anyway, and they learn from her that they need to go north to a small town (called Hume) where a they will be able to bypass the orc hordes in order to get into a dwarven stronghold.

Before they leave the tower town, they start scaring innkeepers and kicking in doors. I had the elf ghost float down (she protected the town, it was her schtick) and she cast lesser geas on two of the worst offenders. The anima mage saved, but the barb/ftr did not. Now he can't yell or intimidate anyone until the lesser geas is removed (it got removed by the cleric the next day).

They travel through the wilderness to the small town, fighting four random encounters (the scariest was a wraith, until they realized that the cleric could turn). They kept the carcass of the displacer beast and tried to sell it as "Deekin's Special Steaks."

They ripped apart the drow wizard and his 3rd level orc fighter escorts and got into the city. Now I expect them to burn down the city before the orcs can.

Fun times. I have no idea what the new players characters are going to be.

2007-10-22, 01:22 PM
Last game i did 3113 damage in a single combat round.

Man, I love epic.

2007-10-22, 02:42 PM
Finally caught up with the damned Fiend of Blasphemy we've been trying to find and eliminate. It's been diverting divine power from Zaras (whom we also hate, but lesser of two evils, y'know), to Pyremius. Party is:

Human Fighter 12
Half-Elf Bard 8/Rogue 4
Human Rogue 3/Fighter 4/Dervish 5
Human Cleric of Pelor 7/Hospitaler 5
Dwarf Wizard 5/Fighter 2/Runesmith 5
Human Druid 5/Warshaper 2/Master of Many Forms 4 (me)
NPC - Some rogue/cleric of Nerul, who had knowledge of the fiend's location, so we put up with him (group is mostly good)

Disguised, the fiend charmed a couple of our members (Dwarf, Nerullian, Dervish), and acted like they were in trouble. Then, it kept teleporting to closed off areas to attack us seperately, without breaking the charms.

We finally all grouped in a large room, so it appeared in the air and started attacking. I was a cave troll, but turned into a Dire Eagle and cast Nature's Favor to get in some good attacks. Fiend ended up being a Erinyes with Bard/Evangelist/Fiend of Blasphemy levels. Kept using her damned inspire dread ability, followed by Tasha's Hideous laughter to incapacitate our fighter the whole fight, as well as Unholy Blight to sicken us.

After finally finishing her off, the Nerulian moves off to the door, removes a bracelt (bracelet of friends) and now he's got 4 demon-dog type thingees with him, and states that now he can place his own fiend of Blasphemy in. So now we have to face him, and I'm sure while we spent all our spells and such fighting, he kept all his good stuff for this fight. Jerk! =)

2007-11-07, 12:57 AM
Had my half-orc monk kick so much ass vs. a camp of bandits that I almost wanted the DM to tone down his descriptions of the damage I was doing to them, because I felt sorry for 'em. Steel Pipe (http://www.cn-SteelPipe.net) stainless steel pipe (http://www.cn-SteelPipe.net)

2007-11-07, 01:31 AM
Last session:

My players all want a taste of high level play before 4th Ed, as we've never stuck to a single campagin long enough to reach 10th level. We have

10th level Human Anima Mage (Loves the black teeth and raven)
10th level Human Cleric of Fharlangn
10th level Half-Orc Barbarian/Bard (Still loves to torture)
10th level Halfling rogue/assasin (has toned down his Kender a bit)
10th level Human Swordsage (formerly the Freznied Zerker)

I tell them that it's five years since their miraculous escape from the orc hordes (happened off stage) and to advance their ages by five. They all meet at the begining of Return to Castle Ravenloft. Yes, I know it's for level six to level ten, but as you'll see if you read below, my players often have ECLs lower than what they should. Only three of us have played DnD for more than a few months (myself, the Anima Mage, and the Swordsage).

*note* Contains spoilers for Return to Castle Ravenloft, so stop reading if you want to not...um...be spoiled?

After spending a good thirty minutes roleplaying in the tavern and getting the letter to go to Barovia, my players sit outside of the gates to said Barovia listening to horrible things in the woods. At 10th level, I have them afraid of the gates.

They enter the town, which if you've played or read is infested with nasty zombies. I've ramped up the amount of zombies in the first few encounters, and given them the Hard to Kill attribute (HP damage done to kill, roll d20, on 11 or better they have 1hp left). They take no less than two hours REAL TIME (mostly because of the cleric and barbarian) to take down a few CR2 and CR3 monsters.

Luckly, after that time two players had to leave (the cleric and the barb). The other people still wanted to play, so I bring in my cloistered cleric of Boccob as a DMPC. He doesn't say much, but does provide a Commune spell when asked, which dovetailed nicely with my aims as a DM. I tell them to go visit Madam Eva and get their fortune told. Now the remaining players (I'm crossing my fingers about the Cleric and Barb moving away) have to quell the Zombie Epidemic, all while Strahd watches from his castle, hoping to make the PCs into daywalker vamps and continue his dynasty.

We continue the game on Sunday. Hopefully we'll get a little more done than last time.

2007-11-07, 02:13 AM
our most recent session consists of:

6th level half-elf fighter, specializing in ranged combat
6th level human fighter, trying to be a spartan
6th level human druid, our sneaky guy
and myself a 6th level warforged artificer

we are sent to metrol (capitol of former cyre in case anyone didnt know) to find the lord of blades...i manage to dispel a living spell (not sure if it can be done, but it was awesome regardless), the half-elf manages to make a pin-cushion out of another one later on, and somewhere in-between we fight a bunch of mourners that got really annoying...and apparently while i was at work, the DM and the rest of the party were trying to kill off my homonculi with a living vampiric touch spell...which, of course, was no bueno, so i corrected them that vampiric touch doesnt work on constructs...so i got to keep my metal doggies!!

2007-11-07, 02:18 AM
Oh goodness. Ok, so last session:

Everyone is gathered in the King's throne room, where he has been murdered. His daughter cries in his dead arms and the Prince Regent from another country stands in awe, his own weapon tossed away with the King's blood on it. The Prince Regent has no recollection of what happened (the session before this lots of crazy stuff happened and it ended with the murder) since he left the banquet.

Split into groups. The Druid, Barbarian, and Rogue all go following a red herring down into a cockatrice pit. The Druid also has a Gypsy Quest put on him to restore him his Charisma, which was drained by being transformed into a Chaos Beast and restored. The Rogue is petrified, taken to the Barbarian's church (which doubles for a tavern) and is then healed, after the rogue pays fealty to the Blood God.

Warlock and Monk go into an art studio as the Charlatan goes Information Gathering. Warlock is dominated and told to wait for his orders. He eventually gets the whole party sucked into a magical painting ... more to come!

Monk, Charlatan (think Divine con-man), and Warlock all follow a man they met in the last town into a private garden. They find his dead body, burst open as if something had spawned from his chest, killing him. Then comes Tendriculous. Monk is eaten in round one, barely survives the acid. Warlock barely escapes being eaten. Charlatan runs away, grabs an NPC - with a very nice Diplomacy check to get him to come along post-haste - and then is Tendriculous' dessert. NPC fighter gets the killing blow with magic crossbow bolts found on the dead body.

All reconvene at their rooms, no new information. Sleep. In the morning, they find out about the trial for the Regent Prince at Noon. They all enter the art studio (at the dominated Warlock's request) and the two nude statues awaken to be Clay Golems and attack! Charlatan falls for a Sepia Snake Sigil, Barbarian and Monk beat on a clay golem. Both almost die. All enter through a magic painting in the paint themed dungeon.

Clay from Clay Golems become globs of magic paint. Four random magic items are created: Greater Ring of Energy Resistance Fire, Potion of Bull's Strength (+6), Defending Axiomatic Flaming Short Sword of Sublety, and Boots of Leaping and Striding.

Man that was a great session.

Dairun Cates
2007-11-07, 03:05 AM
Jumped into the arms of a teammate who was riding two Giant Spiders, swirled around, and used the momentum to jump kick an enemy, using their back as a spring board to jump off of and knocking them unconscious, just before the man riding the spiders skewered it alive, and then a teammate came in riding a spear and disintegrated the remains of the enemy spider.

Yeah. That was fun.

2007-11-07, 04:54 AM
My players just finished off an annoying grappling monk/fighter (who was a Zhentarim caravan warden). She grapple-stabbed the Wizard into the negatives twice (she has the Knifefighter feat), but thankfully, healing touch makes everything so much easier.

Exhausted after so many fights in the space of an hour, the party sets up camp for the afternoon. They chat, talk a little about their past, and rib each other a bit. The wizard acts all weird as he tries to apply magic to his cooking, much to the chagrin of the paladin.

They break camp the next morning and continue pursuing the caravan that got away. It was misty morning, and it was hard to see far in the forest.

Session ends with them hearing the click and whiz of crossbows firing at them from down the road.

2007-11-07, 08:08 AM
Walked into the room after two weeks out of state.

Player: "Make a new character, we all died last week."
Myself: "What happened?"
Players: "You don't want to know." "It was a cluster-snark."

So an hour later we have a paladin (CG-freedom aligned) mounted charge build, a warblade (LG aligned) mounted charge build, and a ranger (NG aligned) (animal companion = horse) charge build. Rounded out with an NPC mounted cleric (LG aligned) and a gnome druid (NG aligned).

During some shuffling around in my bag I came up with a list of quotes from an old Dr.Who episode (The Pirate Planet). The gnome immedately changed alignment to chaotic neutral in oder to use the quotes.

Having finished it's last commission to escort some pilgrims the party chose to investigate the massacre of a party of pilgrims. After several days of travel we find the site of the attack, busted wagons, blood stained road, a trail of smashed undergrowth where the survivors were led off or taken away. We follow. Several hours later we encounter a small campsite with seven warforged. Since we're not playing in Ebberon and the warforged population on this continent is less than five thousand (known) this is an unusually high number of forgies in a group. The gnome circles the camp looking for trails out of it, the mounties (as I've started calling the rest of the group) head into the camp to ask questions.

Since suspicion alone isn't enough for good guys to just start bashing heads (we're trying this time, we're trying really hard to be good) they get into a situation where everyone is very polite, very civilized, and lying through thier teeth. By now any of our old parties would have drawn swords and started frying things with spells, I'm very proud of these guys. I decided to have the gnome intervene by getting into the face of the leading warforged and calling him what he was, a liar. After a "Your demeanor appeals only to the homicidal side of my nature!" and "While I have many fine qualities, my infinite capacity for patience is not among them!" the warforged punched the gnome.

We're looking foreward to a good fight next session. If I'm lucky I'll get to use "You dare to lay the rotting fruits of your incompetence at my doorstep?!"

That alignment shift was so worth it.

2007-11-07, 08:56 AM
Well, I took out a neutonium-armored flying fire-breathing tarrasque with one spell, but then, so did the other wizard. Then we stood staring as the Rogue used his autocannon/antimatter-grenade-launcher to take out a huge number of multi-headed tarrasques and the fighter used a castle tower to beat one of them to death.

Then we had to kill a Mind Flayer Sorcerer riding a neutronium-plated tarrasque with Beholder eye stalks and Eye Rays that was also trying to kill us. That battle took a while, because its telekinesis was scaled up to the "several hundred tons" level and the Eye rays were insanely powerful and us wizards didn't have any more "send you to an antimatter plane" spells readied. Luckily the Fighter's newest sword was a +9 quantum monomolecular naniotic tarrasquebane oblivionblade (quantum=guaranteed hit, monomolecular=auto-crit, naniotic=3d4 damage every turn after getting hit, damage stacks until migically healed, tarrasquebane=when fighting tarrasques of any sort, +50 damage, injuries inflicted cannot be healed, whether through regen/fast healing, magic, or natural healing, and oblivionblades deal 2d% damage per hit)
Sure, there's now an area of roughly 10 square miles that's uninhabitable, but we'll fix that next session.

We've got an awesome DM.:smallcool: