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2019-10-27, 12:16 PM
I'm running a pretty brutal campaign that was originally designed for 3 players, I built in a unique system for planar hirelings so they could shore up their party and give them expendables in case they needed to leave someone behind as they ran. However, a friend's campaign fell through, and a few players joined mine. Now that it is a party of 6, hirelings would just slow the game down. Problem is, I already implememented the unique part that would have lead to it when they got higher level. So I need some ideas and fast.

Here's what I have

--Willpower-- is a resource that players can use. When it reaches 0 they can no longer be adventurers, (retire, open a tavern, wander into the sunset etc.) They start with 90 and only recover Willpower by completing quest lines. Being killed and revivified, being knocked unconscious more than once between long rests, or failing quests, can cause one to lose willpower. Willpower was used to manage the planar hirelings and the active abilities of "marks."

At the beginning of the campaign the party faced an overwhelming force and the decision they made marked their characters. Each mark has a passive benefit, a passive negative effect, and an active function that expends will to function. Those active functions can be upgraded later.

-The Heartless- (those who fought)
No heartbeat, massive scar that is easy to conceal under armor. Met with suspicion by those who don't know what it means, respect by those that do.
Passive benefit: advantage on saving throws vs the types of creatures that they met in the beginning (Plot Boss fights)
Passive negative: Tied up in the hireling summoning thing that got scrapped
Active: Scrapped

-The Scarred- (Those who fled)
Hard to hide burn scars that glow faintly when within 5 feet of fire. Varried reaction among people, the most common mark.
Passive benefit:Scrapped
Passive negative: vulnerability to plot based environmental hazard (hard to detect until it is too late. rare at first, more common later on, acts like a disease but is much more sinister)
Active: once per rest, can take Damage to Willpower instead of health (great for staying in the fight short term, catches up in the long run.)
Upgrades: take less Will damage, 1 Will per 3 health instead of 1 per 2. Can protect others. Unlimited uses.

-The unnamed- (those who surrendered or tried to bargain)
Invisible (to others) tattoo around one eye. Generally unknown, but those that do know will either hate you (traitor!) Or be interested in conspiring with you. Tattoo becomes visible when using active ability.
Passive Benefit: Scrapped
Passive Negative: Disadvantage on saving throws vs those same plot enemies the Heartless have advantage on.
Active: expend Will and be able to see the Marks of everyone within a certain radius no matter how well hidden, even through walls and invisibility. Also with the same "pulse" (as the party has dubbed it) be able to detect the same Plot environmental hazards that the Scarred are vulnerable to, and those under its effects.
upgrades: wider radius, longer duration, more information.

Many key NPCs are marked in similar manner, many less important NPCs as well, BBEGs in disguise will almost always be marked.

The party is currently still low level and havent figured out all the details, but there is a party member with each mark and if they follow a certain plot hook they will soon (couple of sessions) encounter a plot boss so I would like to get things lined up. Open to ideas and suggestions.

2019-10-27, 12:44 PM
What game system is this for?

2019-10-27, 12:50 PM
D&D 5e/next.
I thought i had tagged it. But i posted from my phone so it might not have. Will tag properly when I get a moment.