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2019-11-05, 12:46 PM
This is mostly an alternative to full divine casters, adding rare but memorable miracles to non-caster classes.

Regardless of how they gain favor, PCs can spend no more than their level on a single activation of a favor.

Deed-Based Favor
The PC receives one Favor every week they pay homeage to their chosen deity regularly. This Basic Favor Pool has a limit of five points.

A follower of the deity of lore and knowledge has to discover new lore.

The PC receives a number of Favor points when achieving something for their deity. This Deed Favor Pool has no limit on the number of points, but neither does it replenish. New points are only gained via new meaningful deeds.

The party manages to find a scroll with hidden lore and they deposit it at a temple, for safekeeping. The PC of a deity of order protects their liege and so preserves the rightful official.

This is only balanced between PCs if they follow the same deity and thus gain favor together.

Level-Based Favor
At every level, each PC gains a number of favor points (Level/2 + 5?). Only a few (5?) of these can be carried over levels.

This is balanced between PCs regardless of what deity they follow and how successful individually they are in advancing their deity's cause. Still, it only works if all PCs follow a deity and gain favor at all.

Common Favors

Loremaster: Spend 1 Favor point to understand one language for 1 hour / level. You can both read and understand the spoken form of that language, but can neither write or speak it.
Of the Flock: Spend 1 Favor point and one action to change into a raven, optionally including any equipment on you. Equipment you don't choose falls down to the ground. While in raven form, you keep all your attack stats. You can stay in raven form for 10 minutes / level. You can spend more points while in raven form to increase the duration. When you change back to your native form, you cannot use this favor for 10 minutes.
Divine Guidance: Spend 1 Favor point and one minute envisioning a location you've been to. When you are done, a raven will appear in the sky to guide you to that location. The raven is not real, it is only a phantasm in your head, so it cannot be affected in any way. It will stay for 1 day / level or when you arrive at the location.
Winter is my Friend: Spend 1 Favor point to become immune to cold weather consequences for one week or until you find a warm place.

Advanced Favors
At level 3, choose your path: Eye of the Raven Queen, Voice of the Raven Queen, or Talon of the Raven Queen. Also from now on, Of the Flock lasts for up to 1 hour / level.

Eye of the Raven Queen Favors
While in raven form, you can see supernatural phenomena, the range depending on the strength of the supernatural effect (from a few meters to a few miles).

An Eye for Detail: Spend 1 favor point to gain a +10 for an Investigation check, after the roll.
Voices on the Wind: Spend 1 favor point to hear a conversation you can see.
No Escape: Spend 5 favor points to scry on someone for 1 hour / level, if you have a personal item from them. Choose one sense.

Voice of the Raven Queen Favors
While in raven form, you can communicate clearly with any other follower of the Queen also in raven form up to a mile away.

Emissary: Spend 1 Favor point to be able to speak and understand the spoken form of one language for 1 day / level.
???: Spend 5 favor points to learn the spoken form of a language.

Talon of the Raven Queen Favors
When you transform back from raven form and you had a one-handed blade when you had changed, you can immediately make an attack with it as a reaction. This attack is a surprise attack, the target is considered flat-footed. A Dex save against a DC of 10 + your level cancels the surprise. If you are flying when you transform back, you gain a damage bonus, which is (level / 3)d6, rounded up.

The Grip of Winter: Spend 1 favor point when you make a successful melee attack. You freeze your target: they gain disadvantage on attack rolls until the end of the encounter, as inner cold makes their muscles slow and rigid.
Protector of Lore: Spend X favor points to gain a damage and attack bonus of X against opponents who are trying to destroy knowledge (books, scrolls, killing learned people, etc.), until the end of the encounter.
Enchanted Blade: Spend X (up to 5) favor points to make a one-handed blade you're holding a +X magical weapon until the end of the encounter. It also inflicts +Xd6 cold damage.

Saltmarsh Ad

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Ability scores: 27 point-buy, Hp: roll then average with max.
No CN or CE.
Multiclassing up to 2 classes.
Perceptive rolls by the GM, all other rolls are by the players. In OOC.
Gritty realism: short rest is 8 hours, long rest is 7 days. Ability damage: I will use it liberally. Fasten your seatbelts.
A few paragraphs of character background, including motivations, goals, personality traits. I'd like to understand the PCs.
The game will consist of investigation, socializing, exploration and combat. The last is going to be tough, keep retreating in mind as an option.
Use this site (http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/) and UA material for (sub)classes, but I might have objections to certain things.