View Full Version : How do we Want for D&D to work?

2007-10-18, 09:46 PM
As simple as the title says. How do you want magic to work in the new edition. We have seen some hints of how the game is going to further evolve. I personally don't have access to these articles (not a member and all) but I have herd some rumors and while some seem good others seem too restricting to me.

The idea of simplifying magic schools for example. I am all for simplification of magic. Six schools is well enough, but this idea of making these new orders and restricting certain schools to certain mystical tools seems ridiculous, almost... arbitrary perhaps? Why bother integrating the fluff and crunch even more if none of it even matches any of the preexisting settings.

This brings me to my next point ,what is up trying to make it harder to build our own monsters? I understand that we want to simplify the stat block but I rather enjoy the ability to plug and play all the feats and abilities into a stat block and have a decent idea of how powerful it will be. If anything I want a more streamlined yet more versatile system for designing my own enemies and customizing the standard ones. Seriously, we all know that many monster classes are simply tweaked class levels in disguise. Why not make it as simple to design a monster as it is to design a character? Why not, "Le Gasp!" make the design process one and the same?

Now to tell some things that show promise to me. Racial modifiers over time. I suppose the differences between us all do become clearer with age and these racial modifiers, feats, abilities whatever they call them may help race to matter more than just the fist level or so. It may also make nonstandard races more accessible by spreading out the goodness over several levels to alleviate level adjustment.

I also like the idea of wizards being giving some kind of low level abilities to spam at will and make the warlock realize that there is no hope. I do however hope that they limit these to low level spells and only once the caster has 'mastered' it and progressed beyond to harder challenges. Have you ever seen a wizard would couldn't at least throw a spark from his fingers before being killed from exhastion and attrition (outside of D&D stories of course).

I also fully approve of fighter maneuvers but only if they keep them within the mundane and reasonable. I mean I don't mind them splitting buildings with epic maneuvers (this is fantasy after all) but lets not have them overlapping with wizards and start channeling ancient techniques to throw fireballs.