View Full Version : bard fix [PEACH, discuss]

2007-10-19, 01:30 PM
I have experienced the problem that in some campaigns (for example return to the temple of elemental evil) bards have a really tough life. Often the out-of-combat skills just don't make it up when it comes to clear the lair of the evil overlord.

I think that bards are quite ok at lower levels, but even then their skill selection is second to rogues.

proposed fixes:


more: 8+INT (instead of 6+INT)
hobby: at level 5 the bard can select one cross class skills that becomes a class skill for her
training: at level 10 the bard gains the skill focus feat
mastery: at level 15 the bard selects one skill, from now on she can always take 10 instead of rolling for that skill

hitpoints: level 7 grants a bonus feat to the bard (improved toughness, or if already taken: toughness)

spells known: spell levels 0-3: increase spells known by 1

base class specializations
starting at level 11 a bard can choose either the caster branch or the spell-like ability branch. She cannot switch later and she cannot choose to advance normally in neither the Sublime Chord nor the Seeker of the Song prestige classes later in her career (see below).

caster: while the bard advances normally [BAB, HD, saves, spells...] through levels 11 to 20, she also in addition gets the abilities [special, seeker music] of the Sublime Chord PrC (complete Arcane, page:57). Her effective PrC level is her bard level -10.

spell-like ability: same as caster, except she gets the abilities [special, spells per day] of the Seeker of the Song PrC (complete Arcane, page:60).

too good, not good enough?