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2007-10-19, 08:06 PM
So, I'm starting a new solo campaign with my friend. We've been doing this for like 4 years now, whenever we can't meet with a larger group.

My character is going to be gestalt, and starting level is negotiable. Right now I'm working with this:



Rgr 1/ftr 2//sor 3

Then, he experiences some manner of disaster that causes him to 'mutate' into a form of vampire, with changes inspired by the Wraith (Stargate: Atlantis). Imagine the 3.0 vampire template, with the following alterations:

Children of the night, Alternate form (bat, rat, etc), sensitivity to mirrors & garlic, restrictions on entering, coffin regenerating (die and your dead), DR 15/+1, blood drain, vulnerbility to stakes, Cold and Elect. resistance, Dominate Person

100ft telepathy (as fiend's), +10ft movespeed, Detect Thoughts at will, +2 str, dex, Change Self (human-looking version of self only), Alternate Form (dragon wings: average manuverbility, 80ft (x2 base speed)), Acid, Cold and Elect. Resistance 10, DR 10/Silver, +8 to jump, intimidate and seduction checks, Dominate Humanoid.

LA: +6 (instead of 8)

Now, to 'feed' you must make a grapple check and you deal 2 negative levels and gain 16 "life points".

Life points are spent as follows:
(if more then one apply at once, then apply normally. For instance, you burn 1 per day of doing anything, in addition to anything you do that's uses some in a day)

1 per day of normal activity
1 per round of combat
1 per minute of running/similarly strenous activity
1 per hour of hustling/similarly strenous activity
1 per round of fast healing in effect
1 per year of hibernation
5 per use of Dominate Humaniod
3 per use of Change Self (and per hour of effect)
6 per use of Alternate Form (and per 10 minutes of effect)
2 per use of Detect thoughts
6 per use of gaseous form (and per 1 minute of effect)

up to 20 (based on total exposure) per round exposed to sunlight (in addition to any damage, but no auto-destroy vulnerbility)
25 per round submerged in running water (instead of damage)
1 per 10 minutes awake during the day (cumulative; 2 lost in 2nd 10 minute interval, etc)

24 Restore Life (receptiant heals 10 hp, 2 negative levels removed)
10 per hp <0, per round

If <10 life points, -4 str, dex, -10ft movespeed, and no passive abilities (fast healing, spider climb, etc)
If <1 LP, considered staggered but can't fall 'unconcious'. Destroyed (not gassed) if -20 LP.


After that incident, he will be taking 3 more levels of sorceror, and then 3 of eldritch knight.

So it will look like: rgr 1/ftr 2/vamp LA 6//sorc 6/Eld 3

Power attack, spell penetration, track, Improved crit (greatsword), Leap Attack, Ability Focus (domination gaze), Silent Spell.
Need 1 more. This isn't including free vampire feats.

What I'm looking for here are some spell suggestions, build suggestions if you have any, and feedback on my custom vampire variant. Both on how well made/built it is, and whether it's balanced for LA 6.

2007-10-19, 08:36 PM
I suggest you put the vampire variant on the homebrew boards it seems fine to me though, the need to feed just to move in combat seems a little harsh.

2007-10-19, 08:44 PM
I suggest you put the vampire variant on the homebrew boards it seems fine to me though, the need to feed just to move in combat seems a little harsh.

Good idea. I will do so shortly.

2007-10-20, 02:08 AM
So, how about that feedback?