View Full Version : Ideas of fleshing out Aliens of my game

2007-10-19, 11:31 PM
There is a war ranging between various space powers comparable to World War 2 if it was waged on a galactic war. The “aliens” are all humans or very near humans (like a mandolorian is considered to be near human but look very much human) and in a genetic standpoint everyone is the same specie. Every alien culture has a myth depicting a planet called Eden as the birth place of humanity with nearly every one describing Earth itself (and sometimes including the solar system), even prior to the discovery of hyperspace travel. Various alien culture believe to be descendants of various alien cultures of earth’s history (such as Egyptians, Hittites etc) and eventually were forced to evacuate by the gods or (god in some culture) on Admiral Noah’s ship called the Atlantis from the ancient empire called Atlantians or commonly referred to the ancients which was only dissolving due to an unknown reason and many cultures varies from plagues, divine vengeance or even alien attack. However what all cultures agree is that Eden was lost forever and if one managed to return to Eden divine retribution would be paid in the price of blood. However if one managed to control it may bring prosperity and control of the galaxy.

Star ships are only able to enter into hyperspace flight in certain areas and the ships must be near an area where a ship can enter hyperspace to be able to detect it. However a ship maybe able to detect ships moving through hyper space from a distance even though the universe has naturally occurring short hyperspace fluctuation at random times. During a battle a space cruiser was forced to make a blind jump into hyper space to escape a loosing battle. After several blind jumps to loose their pursuers the alien space cruiser just happened to find Earth’s solar system at first not knowing where there are which but they’re getting readings indicating the solar system makes it seem like the Middle East, Texas, Alaska and Gulf of Mexico compare to the rest of known galaxy.

As they approach Earth they begin to notice that it’s exactly like Eden even with orbiting satellites showing evidence of a civilization. However after zooming into details of the planet they discover evidence of one of their enemies (an Ancient Egyptian like culture) appeared to be settled on the planet but they really viewed was the Luxor hotel Las Vegas. So the aliens sent a couple of fighter planes to scout the planet and what ends up happening a fight breaks out between the alien fighter and American fighter planes and it is unsure who fired first but the American planes are slaughtered, that is until America deploys reversed engineered Atlantian fighters from Area 51.

How would the aliens react on the ship react, how would leaders of the alien countries react to the discovery especially with its wealth of natural resources?