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clockwork warrior
2007-10-20, 08:27 AM
im making a character for a game today, whos entire point is that he is just one lucky guy

he is a 3rd level sorcerer, and if the game goes long enough i plan to go into the fate spinner and luck stealer prest. classes.

i was thinking of giving him some luck feats from complete scoundrel, but i didnt think they were very good. what else can i take? also, i think there is a feat that lets you nab a cleric domain, if so what be it?

2007-10-20, 08:36 AM
A few of the luck feats are decent. Dumb Luck, Lucky Start, Survivor's Luck, and Unbelievable Luck, however, how do you want him "lucky"? Survives incredible events?
Also, how many caster levels are you willing to forgo? - if any?
And how optimized?

clockwork warrior
2007-10-20, 08:38 AM
im not to worried about losing caster levels for the prestige classes, cause the dm does not have a good recorded for making lasting games, so i dont actually expect to get much higher than 6th level

as far as optimization goes, pretty much none at all....

2007-10-20, 08:38 AM
Luck of Heroes. Take at 1st lvl, +1 luck bonus to all saves.

clockwork warrior
2007-10-20, 08:40 AM
what book?

2007-10-20, 08:41 AM
Last I saw it was in Player's Guide to Faerun (I think). I'm not sure if it is in any other books.

2007-10-20, 08:44 AM
Well, in all honesty as a sorcerer to only care about till level 6? I don't recommend you sway from the path much and I highly don't recommend you lose any caster levels.

And Domain Access (Complete Champion, page 52) gives the domain powers. But at a hefty cost of spells known.

Kurald Galain
2007-10-20, 09:05 AM
I think the best way to emphasize luckiness is in backstory, because none of those feats are really going to make all that visible an impression on actual gameplay.

2007-10-20, 11:01 AM
See if your DM will let your PC and the other party PCs use ECS Action Points as they will do pretty much what you want without losing any caster levels.

2007-10-20, 04:57 PM
With fatespinner, luckstealer and luck feats, I think you've pretty much got all the bases covered in terms of mechanical luckiness. Beyond that, it's basically all fluff.

There's an attribute you can choose in GURPS called "weirdness magnet." The description given for it is:

"Strange and bizarre things happen to you with alarming frequency. You are the one demons stop and chat with. Magic items with disturbing properties find their way to you. The only talking dog on 21st century earth comes to you with his problems. Dimensional gates sealed for centuries crack open just so that you can be bathed in the energies released... or perhaps the entities on the other side invite you to teat.

With your DM's cooperation, you can arrange for your character to have something like that - luck doesn't always have to be 100% positive, after all. Whenever weird things happen to the party, or random plot hooks get dropped on one of you, your character is inevitably the recipient.

Josh the Aspie
2007-10-20, 05:03 PM
Take save bosting feats. And when you make a save, have it come from things like dumb luck.

"Everyone make reflex save 15." "I accidentally trip over a broken tree branch and fall in time to avoid the blast!"