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2007-10-20, 09:07 AM
In the Knight entry for the Shield Block ability, the wording states "Your shield bonus to AC increases by 1, as you move your shield to deflect an incoming blow..."

The questions here:

a)Do you have to wear a shield to use this?

b)Could you use a different ability that provides a shield bonus(Shield spell, Inertial armor) to make use of this ability?

c)If you wear no shield and have no ability that grants a shield bonus, are you considered as having a shield bonus of +0 or simply no shield bonus slot at all?

Appreciate any help,


2007-10-20, 09:25 AM
I think it's fairly clear that this ability requires the use of a Shield. That said, if your DM rules that a Shield Spell is sufficient, that's up to him.

Kurald Galain
2007-10-20, 09:43 AM
It seems obvious that you can't "shield block" without an actual shield... you're a knight, for crying out loud.

2007-10-20, 09:49 AM
I think you need to have an actual shield bonus for it to work. No shield shouldn't be equivalent of +0 shield.

However, note that not all shield bonuses come from shields. You could gain one from Two-Weapon Defense for example, which opens all sorts of opportunities and themes for dual-wielding knights...