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2007-10-21, 02:37 AM
In an effort to incorporate martial arts into my campaign setting in such a way that any class can take them if they really want to, I've made these Style feats. They're supposed to work kind of like Legacy Weapons (only obviously feats). I'm still fine-tuning the basics like prerequisites and such. I want them to be available at an early level, but not be too abusable. I already know these will be much more powerful than any normal feat, so I'm also looking for some kind of restrictions or prerequisites that don't limit level, such as maybe being limited to one martial arts style or something.

Here's one that I've completed so far: a Snake style. I hope to get at least one style for all the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, plus styles for most modern forms of martial arts.

Serpent's Fang (Snake Style)

1st|Striking Cobra Technique, Poison Use

2nd|Serpentine Grace

3rd|Improved Feint

4th|Improved Poison Use

5th|Penetrating Strike


7th|Immune to Poisons

8th|Armor Penetrating Strike

9th|Snake Strikes the Heel

10th|Venom Strike[/table]

Striking Cobra Technique: When the user successfully hits a flat-footed opponent with an unarmed attack, the opponent must make a Fortitude save (DC10+the number of levels the user has in this style), or take d6 Con damage. For every d6 the user has in Sneak Attack or Sudden Strike from other classes, add 1 to this DC.

Poison Use: As the ninja ability.

Serpentine Grace: The Serpent's Fang user gains a +2 dodge bonus to AC. If the user loses his Dexterity bonus to AC, he also loses this dodge bonus.

Improved Feint: At 3rd level, a Serpent's Fang user gains Improved Feint as a bonus feat, regardless of whether or not he meets the requirements for the feat.

Improved Poison Use: As the ninja class feature.

Penetrating Strike: A 5th level Serpent's Fang user ignored the first 5 DR/- of his opponent when he successfully strikes him flat-footed with an unarmed attack.

Poison Immunity: At 7th level, the Serpent's Fang user becomes immune to all poisons.

Armor Penetrating Strike: At 8th level, the Serpent's Fang user ignores all damage reduction when he strikes his opponent with an unarmed strike while he's flat-footed.

Snake Strikes the Heel: At 9th level, whenever someone successfully hits the Serpent's Fang user in melee combat, after damage for the attack is resolved, the user can make an attack of opportunity against the attacker.

Venom Strike: At 10th level, whenever the Serpent's Fang user hits with an unarmed strike, his opponent must make a Fort save (DC equal to the Striking Cobra Technique class feature) or take damage equal to 10+the number of d6's gained from Sneak Attack or Sudden Strike per round for d6 rounds.

Supreme Geasser
2007-10-30, 07:38 AM
Try to base the abilities by using this guide

Rat - You are imaginative, charming, and truly generous to the person you love. However, you have a tendency to be quick-tempered and overly critical. You are also inclined to be somewhat of an opportunist. Born under this sign, you should be happy in sales or as a writer, critic, or publicist.

Ox - A born leader, you inspire confidence from all around you. You are conservative methodical, and good with your hands. Guard against being chauvinistic and always demanding your own way. The Buffalo would be successful as a skilled surgeon, general, or hairdresser.

Tiger - You are sensitive, emotional, and capable of great love. However, you have a tendency to get carried away and be stubborn about what you think is right; often seen as a "Hothead" or rebel. Your sign shows you would be excellent as a boss, explorer, racecar driver, or matador.

Rabbit - You are the kind of person that people like to be around affectionate, obliging, always pleasant. You have a tendency, though, to get too sentimental and seem superficial. Being cautious and conservative, you are successful in business but would also make a good lawyer, diplomat, or actor.

Dragon - Full of vitality and enthusiasm, the Dragon is a popular individual even with the reputation of being foolhardy and a "big mouth" at times. You are intelligent, gifted, and a perfectionist but these qualities make you unduly demanding on others. You would be well suited to be an artist, priest, or politician.

Snake - Rich in wisdom and charm, you are romantic and deep thinking and your intuition guides you strongly. Avoid procrastination and your stingy attitude towards money. Keep your sense of humor about life. The Snake would be most content as a teacher, philosopher, writer, psychiatrist, and fortuneteller.

Horse - Your capacity for hard work is amazing. Your are your own person-very independent. While intelligent and friendly, you have a strong streak of selfishness and sharp cunning and should guard against being egotistical. Your sign suggests success as an adventurer, scientist, poet, or politician.

Goat - Except for the knack of always getting off on the wrong foot with people, the Goat can be charming company. Your are elegant and artistic but the first to complain about things. Put aside your pessimism and worry and try to be less dependent on material comforts. You would be best as an actor, gardener, or beachcomber.

Monkey - You are a vary intelligent and a very clever wit. Because of your extraordinary nature and magnetic personality, you are always well liked. The Monkey, however, must guard against being an opportunist and distrustful of other people. Your sign promises success in any field you try.

Rooster - The Rooster is a hard worker; shrewd and definite in decision making often speaking his mind. Because of this, you tend to seem boastful to others. You are a dreamer, flashy dresser, and extravagant to an extreme. Born under this sign you should be happy as a restaurant owner, publicist, soldier or world traveler.

Dog - The Dog will never let you down. Born under this sign you are honest, and faithful to those you love. You are plagued by constant worry, a sharp tongue, and a tendency to be a faultfinder, however. You would make an excellent businessman, activist, teacher, or secret agent.

Pig - You are a splendid companion, an intellectual with a very strong need to set difficult goals and carry them out. You are sincere, tolerant, and honest but by expecting the same from others, you are incredibly naive. Your quest for material goods could be your downfall. The Pig would be best in the arts as an entertainer, or possible a lawyer.

Be careful about the dog -----

2007-10-30, 08:42 AM
how do you plan to implement this? Is this a single feat that you take?

I personally am not all that fond of putting a times/day limit on abilities like these, since these are things that martial artists supposedly can do all day and all night if the situation calls for it. However, if you really have to, you might want to examine who you want to have this feat and assign resource expenditure appropriately. i.e. maybe each usage of these abilities expends one use of stunning fists or turn undead if you want it to be a divine combat ability.

Personally I'm still not all that enthusiastic about it. Another thing you can do is require that each power requiring a more specific "input", which limits when it can and cannot be used. i.e. making any of these strikes a standard action pretty much means the user will get to use only one of these each round.