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2007-10-21, 03:00 AM
We could use some help building Korcha from ChronoCross. If you have never played ChronoCross he is this by who has a boat who is basically a plot device so you can g from island t island. You get to chose between him or his mom. Lolz. anyway, unless you want a fat woman in your party whose moves involve folding clothes and spanking opponents then Korcha is your man.

Anyway he can dive into the air and head but you or throw you around with hs fshng rod. Also he can swim from one continent to another universe, lolz(no he can't). Other wise he just hits you with the butt end of his rod, slap you with the rod or kick you.

If you have played the game, we can just assume that DND Korcha is not a spellcaster even if CC elements used elements (albeit badly).

So far we think he will be a Piscator Fighting style Ranger (from Dragon 326) with some setting sun maneuvers for the throws, a modified guisarme perhaps fr the rod, short haft and improved unarmed strike? f you can think f how to put this together that would truly be appreciated.

Korcha will not be optimized, he s actually mediocre, but still lovable.

Race is possbly human or a human subtype that has a swim speed. The roll is 15, 14, 13, 12, 12, 9. Sucks eh? Lolz, uhm you can subtract two from any stat to add one to another stat. Oh he's starting out level four, since Krcha doesn't throw until much later in his career the setting sun stuff can come later.

(Just a side note, Korcha might as well be that kid n the setting sun Umbral awn story, lolz.)