View Full Version : That silver-tongued scoundrel...

2007-10-21, 07:30 PM
Ahoy again, folks. My current character I'm making is a Jack Sparrow ripoff dude with a lot of trinkets and doohockeys (I love Chronocharms, I love them to bits), but I can't find any magical items that boost social skills all that much. I'm trying to get as many boosts to Diplomacy, Bluff and Sense Motive as I can, since I'm the party Face.

Any ideas?

2007-10-21, 08:02 PM
Circlet of Persuasion.

Nowhere Girl
2007-10-21, 08:12 PM
Choker of Eloquence (source: Complete Adventurer) - the lesser version offers +5 competence to Diplomacy, Bluff and Perform (sing), while the greater version ups the bonus to +10, which is just madness

Crystal Mask of Discernment (Expanded Psionics Handbook) - offers +10 insight to Sense Motive