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2007-10-22, 12:15 AM


Every year, Alchemists from all over the world come here to take the Alchemy Exam for the possibility of becoming a State Alchemist, an Alchemist of the greatest prestige. Out of hundreds and hundreds of applicants, only a selected few make it through the first part of the exam, let alone pass it.

But this year it’s different. Intelligence reports have reached us in the Academy that some of the applicants this year…… are not Human. It is not known what they want, or why they are here, but we know for a fact that it’s nothing good. In order to capture them, we have decided to stop the exam and trap everyone within the academy. No one shall be allowed to leave until that time.

Those of you who have what it takes to stop and capture the infiltrators will receive the title of State Alchemist!

State Alchemist Haruki-kun
Director of the Alchemic Academy of Central City

The Rules
Click here if you have never played a Werewolf Game before. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=55990)

The Main Roles:
Father (Alpha): The leader of the Homunculi. Although he is a Human, he counts as a Homunculus. Father is the only one who may recruit Chimeras (see recruitment). Scries as Human, unless scried by Sloth.

Pride: If anyone tries to scry him, kill him, or any other such ability, even if it is Lujor, he will be told about it. He will even be told who it was. Being protected by Armstrong or Hohenheim does not trigger this ability. Scries as Homunculus.

Lust: Has the ability to execute a personal kill every second night. The kill has a 50% success chance. Scries as Homunculus.

Sloth (Devil): Once per night, she has the ability to Scry another player. Scries as Homunculus.

Wrath: The only Homunculus with the power of Alchemy. He can recruit Alchemists by transforming them into Chimeras, but only if they agree. Greed, Hohenheim, Sheska, and Greed’s Chimeras cannot be recruited. Wrath may recruit 4 times throughout the game. After transforming a player into a Chimera, Wrath needs one night to recover before attempting it again. (See recruitment.) Scries as Homunculus.

Envy (Cat): Wins if, and only if, Hohenheim is killed. He may scry one person per night, but unless it’s Hohenheim, his results will always return as “Alchemist.” Similarly, if Hohenheim is scried by the anyone other than Envy, the results will be “Alchemist”. Scries as Homunculus

Gluttony (Beast): If Gluttony is killed, he selects one player and takes him down as well. Scries as Homunculus.

Chimera: They have Homunculi winning conditions, but they count as neither side. Scry as Chimeras. They only appear if Wrath successfully recruits an Alchemist.

Greed’s Chimera: There two of them. Unlike the regular Chimera, they count as Alchemists and have Alchemist winning conditions. They can only win if Greed survives. If someone tries to kill Greed at night and he’s not protected by the Baner, one of the Chimeras dies to protect Greed at random. Unlike the regular Chimera, these two know who each other are, as well as who Greed is. They each have one personal Scry. Scry as Chimera.

Alchemists (Villagers): They have no special powers. They win if all the Homunculi die. Scry as Alchemist.

Greed: Although he is a Homunculus, he wants nothing to do with them. He cares only about his own survival. He wins if he survives the game. He has the ability to execute a single personal kill. He counts as an Alchemist, but he Scries as a Chimera when Scried by the Homunculi, and as a Homunculus when Scried by the Alchemists. The Fool will always see him as an Alchemist.

Major Alex Louis Armstrong (Baner): The bodyguard. Every night, he selects another player to protect. That player cannot be killed that night.

Private Sheska (Seer): The Librarian. Using her extreme scientifical knowledge, she is able to see who people really are, being able to Scry once per night.

Coronel Roy Mustang: A high-ranking military official, his vote counts as two.

Lt. Colonel Maes Hughes: One of the best military officers there is. Hughes has an ability that protects him from being killed once.

Hikari no Hohenheim (Day Baner/Mouse): AKA Hohenheim of Light, or simply Hohenheim. Envy’s sworn enemy. Wins by surviving. He also has the ability to protect one person from being lynched by day. Scries as Alchemist.

Lujon (Fool): An Alchemist who had a relationship with Lust in the past. Though he is skilled, he is blinded by that past, and does not see anything as it is.

First Liutenant Riza Hawkeye (Sniper): Hawkeye, one of the top military officers. She may attempt to execute a personal kill once every second night with a 50% chance of success.

Barry the Chopper (Vengative Spirit): His spirit returns to kill one person after being Lynched. This does not work if he is killed at night.

The Samurai Brothers: Two body-less brothers who simply want to protect each other. They Scry as Alchemists and have Alchemist winning conditions. If one of them is killed and the other one is still alive, the one who is killed is considered to be still alive and can still vote. If both are killed, both of them die and are removed from the game.

Scar (Transmuter): The only Ishbalian left. He hates Alchemists and has sworn to destroy them, yet he knows the Homunculi to be a greater evil. He is willing to work with the Alchemists, but he cannot promise not to ever harm them. Once per night, Scar may select another player and have a random effect happen on that player. Effects will vary.

General Rules
On Recruiting:
If Father is alive, he can recruit Chimeras to fill in the position of dead Homunculi. Dead Homunculi are replaced automatically as long as there are Chimeras available. He is informed of a successful recruitment, but he does not know who was recruited. He cannot select WHICH dead Homunculus he will replace. Homunculi are listed in order of importance. That is, if Sloth, Lust, and Gluttony are dead, Lust will be the resurrected Homunculus, as she takes priority over Sloth and Gluttony. If Pride were dead, however, Pride would be the first resurrected Homunculus, since he is higher on the list than Lust.

If Father is dead, Homunculi can no longer be replaced. Greed’s Chimeras can only be recruited if Greed is dead. If Greed dies, he cannot be replaced either.

On Night Killings:
Homunculi Night Killing Procedure: Homunculi send in a killing vote. The target with the most votes is killed. In case of a tie, the highest in rank decides it.

Homunculus Team:
With the exception of Envy’s Cat rule, Homunculi have the same winning conditions. They all count for the same team, that is, they all win together or lose together. However, the issue at hand is that they do not know who all the other Homunculi are. It is their job to find each other in order to work as a team.

On voting, lynching, and Auto-lynching:
When a player does not vote for lynching another player for two days in a row, the player is auto-lynched. That is, killed. Please, save us any confusion and write your votes in red text. Also, please avoid using Red Text for anything other than voting.

Please, for Sanity’s sake, do not point at yourself or at the Narrators. Such actions will not save you from being auto-lynched. You may point at anyone as a joke if you want to, but please, do not do so in red text. Red text is for the real votes, joke votes may be done in normal ink (whatever color of ink you want). And please, don’t openly state “I’m pointing at X to avoid auto-lynch.” (To be fair, we don’t even need to know the reasons why you’re pointing at X if you don’t want to share them. It’s your own vote, after all.)

If for some reason you cannot vote, if you have computer problems or too much work or if you’re going away for the weekend or get grounded with no computer-time, try to PM radikalskippy or me. I’m sure we can arrange something.

Helgraf's Scry Interference Rule
If two people with the scry ability, Lujor included, attempt to scry the same person on the same night, the scry will result in a failure, as the scries interfere with each other. All parties are informed of the failure and told why they failed, they’re not told who the other parties were.

Winning Conditions:
Homunculi win if: Alchemist number equals their own.
Chimera win if: Homunculi win.
Alchemists win if: Six Homunculi (Greed doesn't count) and Father are dead.

Recruitment starts now and ends October 28 at Midnight (when Friday becomes Saturday) OR when the list fills up. We have a Max of 50 players.

Current Players (45/50):
Zar Peter
Emperor Demonking
Keris Rain
Rogue 7
Goblin Music
Dr. Bath
Malpik Azhurer
Vespe Ratavo
Atreyu the Masked Llama
Khaldan (PM'd recruitment)
Malmagor Andrigal
Em Blackleaf
Face of Evil
Lord Iames Osari
Fleeing Coward

OOTS-style Homunculi by Dr. Bath! Thanks a lot, Dr!

2007-10-22, 12:31 AM
Sign me up.

2007-10-22, 01:51 AM
*Signs up*

Raiser Blade
2007-10-22, 01:51 AM
Im in like a... pin?

2007-10-22, 01:58 AM
This is cool, I always liked Alchemy.

EDIT: I'm in.:smallamused:

2007-10-22, 02:18 AM
Sign me up, matilda.

2007-10-22, 02:53 AM
Sign me up please.

Zar Peter
2007-10-22, 03:01 AM
I'm in! And filling text, too!

2007-10-22, 03:40 AM
Red Five standing by.

2007-10-22, 07:00 AM
Sign me up as well. I'll read the rules when i get home from school.:smallwink:

2007-10-22, 07:18 AM
Pingcode is being in!

2007-10-22, 07:31 AM
Oh, sign me up for this one!

Emperor Demonking
2007-10-22, 07:39 AM
Sign me up.

2007-10-22, 07:58 AM
After finding out what a Werewolf Game is, I have to say:
Sign me up.

2007-10-22, 08:22 AM
Welcome to the WW games, Keris!!

Also, could a mod please move this to structured please? Thanks a lot!

2007-10-22, 09:15 AM
I think I'm in.

2007-10-22, 10:56 AM
Banjo looks at the pretty sig banners and interesting roles...

We want's in
But we're running a game and in about 8 others already!
But you still wants in don't you...

Blue won. I'm in :smallbiggrin:

Rogue 7
2007-10-22, 11:15 AM
So completely in. Will learn the rules later.

Goblin Music
2007-10-22, 11:17 AM
Can i join, it sounds really cool.

2007-10-22, 11:29 AM
It is like a cool mafia game, i'm in

2007-10-22, 12:15 PM
Sure, I'm game.

2007-10-22, 12:26 PM
Aight! I'm in!

2007-10-22, 12:27 PM
Uh, so in! With filler text and no idea what the basis of the game is.

Dr. Bath
2007-10-22, 01:49 PM
Ooooh! Me! *waves hand in the air* I want to turn stuff into.......other stuff.

2007-10-22, 03:08 PM

Sign me in!

2007-10-22, 03:40 PM
Haha... This sounds fun, call me in.

Let's test your skill in narration Haruki.

Inhuman Bot
2007-10-22, 04:16 PM
Sounds good. Iam in!

2007-10-22, 05:22 PM
Let's test your skill in narration Haruki.


EDIT: Thanks for the Move!

The Valiant Turtle
2007-10-22, 05:51 PM
Well, I really like FMA, but I'm going to be too busy here soon to try this, and may be lacking internet access for some time, so I'm going to sit this one out, but I might turn up as a spectator. I'd dearly love to come up with an alchemist title for myself though.

2007-10-22, 06:51 PM
I'm in too

Malpik Azhurer
2007-10-22, 08:33 PM
Count me in

2007-10-23, 02:50 PM
I got an invitation to join this.

How can I refuse? :smallsmile:


2007-10-23, 02:55 PM
Sign me up, my first werewolf ever :smallsmile:

Vespe Ratavo
2007-10-23, 08:57 PM
Well, it was a very nice invitation.
*signs up*

2007-10-24, 06:25 AM
Indeed. It would be rude to refuse.

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2007-10-24, 06:31 AM
Let me in! Let me in! I wanna play!!

2007-10-24, 10:16 AM

Hello? Excuse me, good sirs, is this the Grande Academie de Alcheme?
Ahem, sorry for the bad French.

Yes, yes, one: I'd like to sign up--- the energy-matter manipulatory matrix is quite interesting. Do applicants need to bring their own flux capacitors?

Oh, and yes, yes I was invited and it would be most churlish of me to refuse.

2007-10-24, 01:26 PM
Got an invitation, and it would be rude to refuse. I'm in, hopefully, i'll be less busy by Friday.

Zar Peter
2007-10-24, 03:03 PM
Why don't I get ever an invitation?

Because you sign up 5 minutes after the thread has opened.

That could be a reason, yes.

Em Blackleaf
2007-10-24, 05:12 PM
Hmmm... I'm in.
I got a nice invitation!
There's room, right?

2007-10-24, 05:33 PM
Of course! Come on in!

2007-10-24, 05:45 PM
I probably shouldn't play, seeing as I believe that Alchemy is a perversion against God and you dogs in the military destroyed my homeland, but what the hell, I'm in if there's room. :smallamused:

Lord Iames Osari
2007-10-24, 09:53 PM
Count me in, too.

2007-10-24, 11:21 PM
Discussing it with Skippy, we've made the decision to increase the Max number of players to 50. This will not affect the game schedule in any way, we're still running in the same schedule. The rules will not be affected either.

2007-10-26, 10:17 AM
Might as well give it a try

2007-10-26, 12:42 PM
May I join?

(I have cookies!! :smallbiggrin: )

2007-10-26, 12:48 PM
Sure, come in, welcome!!

Current players: 41
That means we need nine more players to finish our recruitment. Any other volunteer?

2007-10-26, 06:16 PM
I'm in, & looking forward to it!

2007-10-26, 06:55 PM
I'll join

Somebody invited me.

2007-10-27, 12:08 AM
Those are some interesting roles. I'll join.

Fleeing Coward
2007-10-27, 08:09 AM
I'm in, I don't think there's been a ww game that I havn't signed up to yet.

2007-10-27, 09:23 AM
While I'd love to continue recruiting, I was supposed to have closed recruitment already. If you still want to join PM me and I might let you if I haven't handed out roles yet.

Recruitment is SEMI-closed.

Actually, this pretty much means you've still got the rest of the day before I actually close so..... there's still time if anyone wants to join........

2007-10-27, 05:33 PM
I'm in! (Just in time!!!)
Wow i really feel lucky... the last one!
well this is my firt WW game, I CAN'T WAIT!

2007-10-27, 11:43 PM
Yup, just in time.

Skippy and I are handing out roles.

Recruitment is now officially closed.

2007-10-28, 01:02 AM
PMs with the roles are being sent right now. Remember to PM both Haruki and I if you don't get one before Monday.

2007-10-28, 02:06 AM
Game thread isn't up yet, right?

2007-10-28, 02:58 AM
well, i dunno about Haruki. but Skippy it's around my time zone..and it's pretty much the next day already.

maybe in around 4-5 hours. when the morning comes.:smalltongue:

2007-10-28, 08:58 AM
No, the thread isn't up yet, I messed a bit of things and we need to work out a few things... Maybe we'll start tonight or tomorrow night. Sorry

2007-10-28, 09:36 AM
No worries, just making sure I wasn't missing out on something.

2007-10-28, 06:24 PM
hey in which time zone are we going to play

2007-10-28, 07:55 PM
no worries, each one in his/her time zone

Goblin Music
2007-10-28, 10:00 PM
in WW games the day lasts 2 RL days ((48 hours)) and night lasts one RL day ((24 hours))

2007-10-28, 10:42 PM
yeah yeah but when, at which hour (exactly) it will start and end it will be by post or there is an especific hour

2007-10-28, 10:51 PM
Usually from 10-12 Central Time (Mexico City), but these things vary with the days (and how busy the narrators are.....) You don't have to concern yourself with it, though. You have a full 48 hours to check.

By the way, we've had as light mix-up wth the role shuffling, so we're currently working on fixing it. The game, however, will start tomorrow, as scheduled.

2007-10-28, 10:51 PM
I think its supposed to be in forum hour (look at the bottom of the page)

2007-10-28, 11:22 PM
thanks for that Haruki

2007-10-28, 11:58 PM
To all those playing Alchemists, thank you for your patience.

Skippy and I have been having some.......... let's say difficulties. Apperently some of the PM's got sent out to more than one player, some got sent out to the wrong people, and some didn't get set out at all.

Skippy and I are going to send out confirmation messages to let everyone know their "real" roles. As soon as we're done, we're putting up the Game Thread.

Apologies for any inconveniences. Feel free to stab us to your hearts' content.

2007-10-29, 12:06 AM
*stabs skippy and haruki*

2007-10-29, 12:22 AM
Apologies for any inconveniences. Feel free to stab us to your hearts' content.

* looks at role *
* stabs *

2007-10-29, 12:25 AM
*Makes mental note: Kill Gez and Freshmeat as soon as possible...*

2007-10-29, 12:27 AM
*takes skippy's mental note, erased Gez and writes down Dizpozition, then gives mental note back*

2007-10-29, 12:30 AM
*Makes another mental note: Remember to start writing mental posts in Post-its!*

Lord Iames Osari
2007-10-29, 12:42 AM
*makes mental note, PMs to self*

2007-10-29, 12:49 AM
@^: Brilliant.

OK, we're all set, and the Thread is here! (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61524)