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2007-10-22, 05:51 PM
I've recently been looking up about China Miaville's Bas-Lag world lately, and as usual my interest strayed to how one would make a D&D game based around the concept and how certain things would help. One particular magazine helped greatly but then I came to something of a...stopping point.

Magic. Now artificers can fill in the role of alchemists rather nicely, but how does one replicate thaumaturges and Biothaumaturges? For the second I'm guessing that the Fleshwarper PrC is a must considering that the Bio's are the ones responsible for creating the Remade, but all I can figure out is that thaumaturges are similiar to sorcerers.

Heres the crux of it, I haven't actually read China Miaville's work myself (yet, I'm working on it now) so I don't know what they can or can't do. Otherwise I'd be busy making my own adjustments to the sorcerer so it'd fit the bill, but I'm SOL on this regard. So I turn to the GiTP community for some aid. Surely some of you have read the Bas-Lag books...what spells fit a thaumaturge and which don't? Do they have a specific ability that regular sorcerers can't replicate?