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Darth Mario
2007-10-24, 12:13 PM

England: hamstard4ever
France: MeklorIlavator
Italy: The Squirrel
Germany: Stimpius
Austria-Hungary: Myone
Russia: Shishnarfne
Turkey: Sage of Laputa

Good luck to all, let the Diplomising begin!
Spring '01 moves are due by Saturday, October 27th at 10:00 PM EST. Submit your moves early if you can't then.

Note: This is a deviation from standard schedule to give you an extra day to negotiate first turn moves, since we're starting on Wednesday.

2007-10-24, 01:11 PM
Excellent, Russian foreign minister Shishnarfniev will now be accepting correspondence from the other great powers regarding the future of Europe.

Send all appropriate correspondence to the Kremlin (PM box), and we hope we will be able to visit your capitals to finalize negotiations. Please be considerate regarding our traditional Russian work schedule of relaxing on weekends.

Let the diplomacy begin!

2007-10-24, 04:50 PM
The French Consulate is similarly open for official business.

The Squirrel
2007-10-24, 05:25 PM
News flash:

In an bizarre twist of events, the Italian government was seized today by a one-eyed squirrel. Already amassing a sizable stash of half eaten bagels from local university campuses, the new leader pledged not to abuse his power too much. 'El Presidente', as he apparently prefers to be addressed, revealed an ambitious plan for the coming years of running about aimlessly at great speeds, sniffing things on the ground that might be food, and as time permits, conquering the world. With the bulk of his plan thus specified, the tree-dweller vowed not lose sight of the important issues, such as education, tax reform, and anything shiny.

Darth Mario
2007-10-25, 07:51 AM
For anyone who hasn't done so yet, please post that you are present and playing!

2007-10-25, 08:07 AM

Kaiser Wilhelm I has died unexpectantly in his sleep. No evidence of foul play was found, and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise. The German people are no longer under a controlling tight iron fist and have elected a new Kaiser, this is Kaiser Stimpius I and follows is his short statement.

"Welcome one and all, the new German government is under a new Regeime, if you wish to discuss foreign policy with me please make your way to our Consultante situated in your Capital City and send me a message electronically {PM}."

Sage of Laputa
2007-10-25, 01:04 PM
In a surprising move, the Turkish peoples enacted a coup, installing what appeared to be a homeless man as their leader. They thought with a "puppet" sultan, they could then become a free state, and be happy. They were wrong. The homeless man immediately jerked the power back to the throne and named himself the Sage of Laputa. The people realized that with such a strong leader, their future knew no bounds. With the people's support behind him, the Sage prepared for the future, and opened the embassies...

2007-10-25, 06:22 PM

In a bizzare state of affairs involving copious amounts of Captain Steve's Banana Salve, the country of Austria-Hungary has been seized by a 14-year old boy, who has completely overthrown the previous administration, renaming the country as "Connoria". He then immediately set about to the current threat of world war.

Connoria/Austria-Hungary is now open for diplomacy.

2007-10-25, 08:48 PM
London: With the government still mourning the death of Queen Victoria, communications within the British foreign services have been muted. Rumors are circulating that policy decisions are less and less frequently being made on Downing Street, but are being increasingly dictated by a strange figure operating on the fringes of British political circles, the elusive Sir John Hamstard-Forriver III, Esq. No one is certain where this enigmatic gentleman came by his influence, but talk has it that he has already begun taking over negotiations for the Foreign Office wholesale in spite of his lack of an official appointment.

Darth Mario
2007-10-26, 09:39 AM
Geneva Times, Spring '01

Hello to all readers! We at the Geneva times would like to remind all that due to our neutral position in whatever happens (motto: We'll take money from anyone!), we will be providing fair and balanced news coverage of the coming war.

Europe Mobilizes For Battle

Belgian Waffles Potentially Popular in 1902 -- Who Will Get Them?

Mass Evacuations Of Balkan States Begin

Darth Mario
2007-10-27, 11:16 AM
This is your 10-hour warning. Moves are due tonight at 10:00 PM EST.

I'll be flexible about it this time because I wasn't able to post a 24 hour warning, and most people are in anyways. But please have them in!

Darth Mario
2007-10-27, 05:11 PM
Everyone's move are in early, I'll be posting them and the updated map within half an hour.



Results for Spring, 1901 (Movement)

Austria: A bud -> ser
Austria: F tri Holds
Austria: A vie Holds
England: F edi -> nwg
England: A lvp -> yor
England: F lon -> nth
France: F bre -> mao
France: A mar -> spa
France: A par Holds
Germany: A ber -> mun
Germany: F kie -> hol
Germany: A mun -> ruh
Italy: F nap -> ion
Italy: A rom -> apu
Italy: A ven -> tyr
Russia: A mos -> sev
Failed because Russia: F sev -> bla failed.
Russia: F sev -> bla
Bounced with ank (1 against 1).
Russia: F stp/sc -> bot
Russia: A war -> gal
Turkey: F ank -> bla
Bounced with sev (1 against 1).
Turkey: A con -> bul
Turkey: A smy -> con

Fall 1901 moves are due on Tuesday, October 30th at 10:00 EST

Darth Mario
2007-10-27, 09:43 PM
Geneva Times, Fall '01

Iberia falling to French Rule

Germany Invades the Low Countries

Italy, Russia invade Austria-Hungary

2007-10-27, 10:02 PM
Moscow Tribune

Geneva Times suspected of undue anti-Russian bias by Kremlin
A nameless Romanov noble suggested an ulterior motive may lie behind the Geneva Times' decision to label the movement of the Russian army from Warsaw into Galicia as an invasion of Austria-Hungary: "It's not even a supply center, and it lies on the flank of the historically Russian territory of Rumania! Most Russian Tsars would have ordered exactly the same without second thought! Where else would it go? The Ukraine? That's lousy country this time of year."

Confusion reigns as Moscow army prefers vodka to war
In a sight all too familiar in Russia, the Moscow army failed to depart from that region despite orders to the contrary. Many soldiers were seen imbibing in that grandest of Russian alcohols rather than marching towards the Crimea. "It's a scandal," remarked one Muscovite, "there are perfectly good territories in the Balkans they could have attempted to seize." He went on to suggest a miscommunication between generals might have been responsible. Foreign minister Shishnarfniev, nominally in charge of military operations, could not be reached for comment.

[OOC: How would you like to handle builds and retreats?]

Darth Mario
2007-10-27, 10:54 PM
If retreats are neccesary, they will be due 24 hours after I post moves. Same with builds.

Sage of Laputa
2007-10-28, 06:28 AM
Military News

Turkish Fleet Fails to Sail!
The Home Fleet of Turkey failed to depart home because of a previously unexpected problem. The Admiral Adher gets seasick. "Yes, I'm absolutely lousy at sea. In fact I've only been once, it was awful. How did I get this job? When the government was reforming and the Sage of Laputa came to lead us, I just kind of showed up one day, and have continued since. I thought it was a cushy job, no way did I expect to actually sail," responded the admiral to our inquires. He has since been replaced.

301st Brigade Tours Capital!
Yes, the 301st Brigade has come to see the history, culture, and wonder of our own country's capital. The Brigade arrived in Constantinople early in the season and expects to stay for quite a while. One soldier remarked "Oh yeah, this is great, every day I send my kids another postcard. Being here makes me proud to be a Turk."

201st Brigade Kicked Out of Capital!
Meanwhile, Turkey's other armed forces were banned from Constantinople for repeated reports of drunkenness and mischief. Bored and hung over, they conquered Bulgaria, yet can't quite explain why.

Darth Mario
2007-10-29, 11:02 AM
A note to all players: When you send in your moves, please label them SPE, (Season) (Year). This makes finding them when I put together the map much easier, especially because I'm playing in another PBPM game on these boards, and last time I almost got the moves mixed up.


Darth Mario
2007-10-29, 08:35 PM
This is your 24 hour warning: if you have not yet turned in your Fall '01 moves, please do so. Moves are due at 10:00 EST tomorrow night.

2007-10-30, 02:27 PM
Nearly time :D Can't wait to see how you guys plan on screwing me over.

2007-10-30, 02:43 PM
Nearly time :D Can't wait to see how you guys plan on screwing me over.

Who? Us? What makes you think we'd try something like that?

[/feigned innocence]

Sage of Laputa
2007-10-30, 02:49 PM
Nearly time :D Can't wait to see how you guys plan on screwing me over.

SOLDIER: "Captain! Captain! Germany knows! They know of our patented/Acme Army Launcher, capable of throwing our brave men across Europe!"

CAPTAIN: "What are you talking about? You're wasting my time! What are you doing they're bluffing you buffoon!"

CAPTAIN: "Now there's nothing wrong, correct?"

SOLDIER: "No sir"

Darth Mario
2007-10-30, 09:26 PM
Note: It's 30 minutes after deadline as I'm posting this, and I have yet to recieve French orders. As I gave ample reminder of the move due date, barring some miracle PM I get as I type this, France is in Civil Disorder. If this persists into next turn, I will find a new player for France.

The board:


Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 1.
Austria: A ser Holds
Austria: F tri Holds
Austria: A vie -> tyr
Failed because Italy: A tyr -> ven failed.
Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 2.
England: F nth Convoys A yor -> den
England: F nwg -> nwy
England: A yor -> den
Convoy path taken: yor->nth->den.
Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 1.
No order for unit at Mid-Atlantic Ocean. Hold order assigned.
No order for unit at Paris. Hold order assigned.
No order for unit at Spain. Hold order assigned.

France: F mao Holds
France: A par Holds
France: A spa Holds
Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 2.
Germany: F hol Supports A ruh -> bel
Germany: A mun Holds
Germany: A ruh -> bel
Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 1.
Italy: A apu -> ven
Bounced with tyr (1 against 1).
Italy: F ion -> tun
Italy: A tyr -> ven
Bounced with apu (1 against 1).
Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 2.
Russia: A gal Supports F sev -> rum
Russia: F bot -> swe
Russia: A mos -> ukr
Russia: F sev -> rum
Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 2.
Turkey: F ank -> bla
Turkey: A bul -> gre
Turkey: A con -> bul

Since tomorrow is Halloween, and I intend to spend the evening playing Resident Evil 4, builds are not due until Thursday, November 1st at 10:00 PM EST.

2007-10-31, 09:10 AM
Moscow Tribune: Fall 1901 Edition

Russia grows by securing Traditionally Russian Territories of Sweden, Rumania
The Tsar was heard to congratulate his foreign minister on the bloodless liberation of two traditional Russian provinces. Foreign diplomats were observed to wince at the Tsar's lack of command of geography.

Russian nobles to attend mandatory geography lessons
After an anonymous Romanov was quoted as saying, "Border, I didn't see any border," with regards to the Spring occupation of Galicia, the Foreign Minister has prevailed upon the Tsar to require his nobles to learn the boundaries of the respective nations of Europe, that future confusion might not occur. The Tsar of course exempted himself on grounds he already knew enough. This causes our reporter to worry about the Tsar's recent declaration that he intends to "liberate" the traditionally Russian Switzerland.

France in Disarray
France apparently cannot get an order in on time, leading to some Russian citizens to gloat about their own government's promptness. Others suggest that Foreign Minister Shishnarfniev is merely lazy enough that he can't be bothered to stay late to write orders after the end of business hours.

The Squirrel
2007-10-31, 09:37 AM
squirrel: *chases tail*
General I. Zation: El Presidente!
squirrel: *continues to chase tail*
General I. Zation: Sir!!!
squirrel: *pauses, glares* what? this better be important
General I. Zation: Your Squirreliness, the Connorian fleet has not moved. By remaining, they could just sail into Venice at thier whim.
squirrel: what? they wouldn't do that, King Connor's a friend. Besides, it's only Venice
General I. Zation: If they invaded, we couldn't support expanding the army
squirrel: so?
General I. Zation: our forces would pale in comparison to our enemies
squirrel: so?
General I. Zation: we couldn't defend our lands effectively
squirrel: so?
General I. Zation: ...
squirrel: are we done? I was in the middle of something
General I. Zation: Um... all our... um... bagel... production facilities... are in Venice
squirrel: What!?!
General I. Zation: Yes! Definetly! If we were to lose Venice, there might be no bagels for... months, years even.
squirrel: All forces in the area march to Venice!
General I. Zation: El Presidente, we should only order one, becau-
squirrel: ALL FORCES!
General I. Zation: but sir,
squirrel: Are you the squirrel in charge here?!?
General I. Zation: I am not a squirrel, sir.
squirrel: Exactly! I am! All forces! Else I'll send you to work in the Venetian bagel mines you seem so eager to leave defenseless.
General I. Zation: *sigh* Yes, sir.
squirrel: excellent *resumes chasing tail*

Darth Mario
2007-11-01, 11:03 AM
Post - '01 Rankings

1. Russia (6 sc). Russia managed to pick up two empty supply centers this turn, making the most powerful nation on the board.

2. England, Turkey, Germany (5 sc). England has made unexpected gains in Scandinavia, in provences that often go to Russia or Germany. Germany has conquered the lowlands with no French or English opposition, and Turkey now controls half of the Balkan states, with very little opposition from Austria-Hungary.

3. Austira, Italy, France (4 sc). Austria and Italy appear to be at each other's throats, with Italy taking Tyrolia in Spring '01. France would have been ranked with the second-tier countries, but a mixup with communication to it's generals caused their units to not move. With Germany bearing down on them in the east, can they recover?

2007-11-01, 08:48 PM
Hey, Italy, that wasn't me trying to screw you over, man, I forgot to make my fleet move and wrote the wrong move for vienna. >< Sorry.

Darth Mario
2007-11-01, 10:20 PM
I'm too tired to post the new map, so I'll do it tomorrow morning. Deadline is moved to Sunday at 10 due to my lazyassness.

Darth Mario
2007-11-02, 05:12 PM
And the new map and builds:


Order Results:

Austria: Builds A bud
England: Builds A edi
England: Builds F lon
France: Builds A mar
Germany: Builds F ber
Germany: Builds A kie
Italy: Builds F Ven
Russia: Builds F sev
Russia: Builds F stp/nc
Turkey: Builds F con
Turkey: Builds F smy

Spring '02 moves are due Sunday at 10, EST.

2007-11-03, 06:24 AM
((I dont see the new map :smalleek: ))

Darth Mario
2007-11-03, 07:23 AM
Yeah, I've been wresling with Photobucket for the past night. Accurate moves are posted, map as soon as I can get the host to work.

2007-11-05, 06:11 PM
((Is there a deadline extension on account of technical difficulties?))

Darth Mario
2007-11-07, 08:33 AM
There is. Hopefully I'll have the map up by tonight, so the deadline's extended until Friday, even though most people (good people!) have already sent in their moves.

2007-11-07, 11:34 AM
*looks Guilty*

i cant figure out whats where without the map to make moves =[ im sorry

I did send the builds in on time though :D

2007-11-30, 12:30 PM
Is it dead, Jim?

2007-12-12, 11:54 PM
Revolution in Switzerland Leaves Europe in the Lurch
The recent revolution in Switzerland has left Europe alarmed at the security of its source of fine timepieces, confections, and slush funds. However, President Max Kampfmaster has restored order to all of die Schweiz's cantons. It appears things can once again get back to normal in war-torn Europe.

OoC: As it appears darthmario is no longer willing or able to run this game, I have decided to step in. If you are all still interested, please post at let me know. It's only S1902, so it wouldn't be hard to find some new guys if needed.

The Spring 1902 map is below:


The Squirrel
2007-12-14, 02:59 AM
*pokes head out of a nearby tree*
Spring! Finally! Feels like I've been hibernating for ages.
*looks around, slightly confused*
What's with all the Christmas lights? Shouldn't you have taken them down, like, three months ago?

2007-12-14, 03:25 PM
Alright! Let's see if we can get it all back together!

2007-12-15, 06:33 PM
I'm still in. What kind of timetable are we potentially looking at here? France's players had already stopped posting at the time the game broke up, so at least one replacement will probably be needed, and Christmas is only 10 days away so that may cause some difficulties.

2008-02-05, 03:22 AM
i'll volunteer to replace whoever