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2007-10-27, 08:28 AM
Yes, I mean Cervantes from SoulCalibur trilogy. He's the pirate dude. Any ideas?

2007-10-27, 08:54 AM
And here I was wondering why and how someone would stat out the writer who created Don Quixote. :smallbiggrin:

2007-10-27, 09:25 AM
First of all, most of those characters in Soul Calibur fit only loosely into D&D, plus, most would be 10th level or higher considering some of the things they can do. With that said, here's what I think.

Although I don't have the time to actually fully stat him out (sorry, I'm not going to do all your work for you), I'll set you in the right direction.

He's a Human (or possibly Tiefling) Male Swashbuckler (CW)/Sorceror w/ dex. cha. and int. being his highest stats. and probably having the Arcane Strike feat (CW), Two Weapon Fighting, Two Weapon Defense, and the Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack feat progression.
He also fights in the Florentine style, which could/should be made into a Weapon Style feat.
Add in the minor artifact that he's carrying around and you basically have the build.


2007-10-27, 09:30 AM
And here I was wondering why and how someone would stat out the writer who created Don Quixote. :smallbiggrin:

I didn't even know there was another. :smallsmile:

2007-10-27, 09:34 AM
I'd say he's a Swordsage using Tiger Fang for jumping attacks and two weapon fighting, Desert Wind for adding fire to blows, and Setting Sun for throws.

2007-10-27, 10:04 AM
I believe there were times he was actually undead (or he may still be undead up to now). Not sure what template would represent this properly. Death Knight, perhaps?

2007-10-27, 10:05 AM
i'd say that voldo is a much better character than cervantes...but thats just me...

anyways, i think thrall has the best build thus far

2007-10-27, 10:17 AM
And here I was wondering why and how someone would stat out the writer who created Don Quixote. :smallbiggrin:

That's what I was wondering too.

2007-10-27, 10:31 AM
Since all Soul Calibur Characters often use throws and have flamy special attacks I think that they are all gestalt characters with some levels of Swordsage on one side of the build, for Desert Wind and Setting Sun maneuvers.

Of course, I think that there are also some feat chains for throwing and the flamy stuff could come from magic weapons.

But with swordsage levels is it all character-inherent and easy. I agree that they are quite high level, 12 +/-3 or so.

2007-10-27, 02:48 PM
What if we ignore the clearly-not-fully-compatible flames?

2007-10-28, 04:24 AM
If you wanted to stick with more conventional stuff, I would have him be a Swashbuckler/Fighter/Tempest with the Shield of Blades alternate class feature from PHBII. The only capability that's hard to represent (and pretty much impossible without magic) is his cannonball attack thing, where he flies across the screen uber-fast. Maybe some variant on Leap attack?

2007-10-28, 05:09 AM
What type of undead would he qualify as? There HAS to be something out there, I'm thinking perhaps a vampire represents his abilities, apart from, y'know, the whole bloodsucking deal they have going on there.

2007-10-28, 05:25 AM
He really doesn't demonstrate any special undead abilities, he just is one. I would just give him the Undead type and leave it at that (i.e. no specific template, just adjust him to the type using p. 317 in the MM).

Edit: actually, the Necropolitan from Libris Mortis works a bit better, they keep the ability to heal and gain some turn resistance and ability to resist control. Flavor wise it's a bit different than his story, but for crunch it works.

2007-10-28, 05:56 AM
I didn't even know there was another. :smallsmile:

If you're serious, that's sad...