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2007-10-29, 04:40 PM
The date is October 15, 2014, a Sunday. The time is 8:22AM, most of the world is just waking up, and getting ready for just another day filled with mundane concerns and problems, but ultimately just a normal day. But yesterday was the last normal day there was ever going to be; last night everything changed forever. Last night, a warehouse in the southern end of the city exploded and spraying chemicals all over the surrounding area. Hazmat teams were called in from all over to help in this disaster, expecting to have to help countless people harmed in the explosion and the chemicals, what greeted their eyes was far worse.

When they arrived at the scene, they did not see people, but rather they saw monsters, freaks and other perversions of nature. But as they looked closer, those that were further away from ground zero were generally less mutated, but at the same time, they were no longer human. Each and every one of the people affected the chemicals and gas all gained abilities, which were by pure definition, inhumanly possible.

A horrible realization came over the Hazmat teams, there could be countless people affected by the chemicals and bear no physical marks of their exposure, and yet they still posses inhuman abilities.

After coming to that realization, EVERYONE was notified, from the newspaper editor, to the mayor, and even the President himself. After all was said and done, the area was quarentined, guards posted all along the border.

Even as people are just waking up for the day, others are waking up a completely different being than they were the night before. Some use their abilities for good, others for ill, and others still for their own personal enjoyment. There is one thing however that is constant, everyone is hearing Melissa King’s voice all over the news:

“At approximately 11:43PM last night, Warehouse 112, which is owned and operated by Forthwind Shipping, exploded, spraying the surrounding area with chemicals and gases housed there. The area has been quarantined over the course of the night, and a clean up procedure has already started. However, the chemicals have had an unexpected effect on those close to ground zero. The people exposed have been mutated, and many of them are now exhibiting superhuman abilities. This may seem like something out of a sci-fi movie or comic book, but I assure you, this is no hoax, and there are people in our own very city that now have these amazing abilities. It is currently unclear if they are a threat to the public or not, as many of those affected may not even know they have these new abilities yet. The Mayor is urging the public to remain calm, and will hold a press conference later on this afternoon.

The Mayor is currently meeting with representatives from Forthwind Shipping, Balchem, as well as Dr. James T. Wilson of St. Paul's Medical Hospital to gain a clear picture of the situation. All parties have declined to comment on this issue as of yet. Those affected by the chemicals are urged to go to St. Paul’s to receive treatment, and many of the heavily mutated are there already. On a related note, Charles Forthwind, also donated $10 million of his own money to treating the people mutated by the explosion within hours of people being admitted to St. Paul’s. Those interested in donating to the hospital to aid in this time of crisis are to call: (555) 254 – 8326.

More on this story as it develops…”

================================================== ========================

DM’s Notes

Just because this takes place a few years in the future, don’t think that super technology is around every corner. Some “super tech” is around, but it is a VERY rare thing, which is only viewed behind locked doors with a lot of well armed guards.

I apologize if that came out darker than you thought it would, but I kind of hit a groove when I started writing and just kept going.

I now officially turn you loose on the world, good luck and enjoy.

2007-10-29, 04:53 PM
Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

Harold looks over the basement of his house, converted into his private lab. He ponders what has changed in his life as a result of this accident. Reaching for his clipboard, he is still startled when it flies to his hand. "Today, is going to be the first truly unusual day... but I have a feeling, things will get worse."

After throwing together some vintage clothing, til he has a look that is acceptable, he gathers up his pistols and ammunition. Then looks over the pieces of his glider. A bit of mental effort and the metal bends and folds, assembling itself to something like the image in his mind. He turns to his electronics table and assembles a rudimentary police scanner. He then turns it on and waits to hear what may be happening in the new world of mutations. While listening he looks over a small makeup kit he used in his last LARP, pulling out an oversized nose, he nods to himself. "That will do nicely under the scarf."

2007-10-29, 05:12 PM
Josh Snider AKA Legion

Being woken up at 8 A.M by a bump underneath the sheets which he presumed was his dog (Katie) was never a common occurrence for Josh. Since he didn’t have a “legal” job he could wait until 10 before starting to get his work done, but on this morning he felt very very awake “Well, now that I’m awake I can get on to doing nothing.” he mumbled while looking around for the remote. Unfortunately searching through the TV channels didn’t find much entertainment… Static Shock… Get-rich-quick…Han shoots first… before stopping at Eye Witness News “We’re standing here where a large explosion destroyed a chemical plant, right here in Rainsport more on the story as it develops… ” “ Eye witness News… he scoffed “ I was Eye witness News” leaving the TV on so that he can listen to it at his hearty breakfast of Magneto Metal-O’s with an extra portion of General Chowsa chicken after the reporters had finished some nonsense story his attention was immediately grabbed “Rainport Hospital is reporting that people exposed to the chemicals are developing, get this, Superpowers!! ” A smile spread across his face as he remembered where he was… “ Go web go! ” Nothing “ Form of Cthulhu! ” Nothing “ Flame on! ” Nothing, after continuing this for about 10 mins he finally gets around to super healing by making a small nick on his fingertip watching as the wounds close as fast as he move his knife, Sure it can heal a scratch but how about a… dog bite? quickly ripping off the blanket he was immediately startled by the presence of himself but it quickly faded into a giant ear-to-ear smile as he realized he had even more fantastic powers than healing “ WAKE UP CUTIE! ” shocking himself awake and then quickly calming himself down so he could explain to himself everything that had happened… After nicely fitting a plot recap into his monologue they began to wonder about how to resolve the originality issue “ Ok, I think I know how to find out who’s original, If our superpower is like that dude from X-Men 3 we should be able to absorb our clones and whoever isn’t absorbed is obviously the original… so touch.” After barely a millisecond of contact the clone disappeared, leaving behind only a slight electric tingle going up his arm bugging him slightly. So… time for some reinforcements… he thought as he stretched out his hand poofing into existence someone exactly like the earlier clone and a few seconds later a second one. “ So I trust we all know what we would do in this situation before hearing there thoughts on the matter Literally he would have been surprised by this if he hadn’t already found so much replying back in thought mode Ok here is our current plan
1. We all get in the car
2. You guys drop me off at the hospital in order to search for potential allies.
3. 3. You um… GORGES will be dropped off at Ceiling-Mart and look for anything that we could use to crack a safe and we’ll discuss which looks best..
4. You um… HOOVER will then go to that stereotypically average bank and take notes and make sketches of anything important.
Got it? Ok let’s go.

"Wait were being named after dams?" GORGES said as they got in there truck.
A smile slid across HOOVER face as the truck pulled out of the driveway "Dam straight." he said.

Me and my two clones GORGES and HOOVER are going respectively to the St. Paul's Medical, to Ceiling-Mart, and Middlebrooke bank.

2007-10-29, 06:06 PM
Andrew Sellars --alias-- Vox Populi

"What? No, ma'am...Kara? Can I call you Kara? Right. Kara, we're in the middle of switching over to a digital system," Andrew says into the phone, flicking through a Rolodex to find a publicity headshot of the reporter with her name and number listed,"and we're still trying to find Forthwind's records on what they were keeping in there." He listens for a moment and furrows his brow. "You bet your pretty little blonde head we've been trying to get to Forthwind and Balchem, but you know how these conglomerates are. I've got half a mind to go down there myself and yank Charlie Forthwind right out to Ground Zero to see what's going on here. You might recall this is what I warned everyone about--that City Hall hasn't been keeping up with the ti--Yes, that's exactly it! Oh, yes, the mayor and I are in close communication on the affair."

Andrew looks over to a massive stack of papers on his desk and thumbs through them. Battle plans, drafts of press releases, a few profanity-laced memorandi, and a few apologies for them. "Kara, I really don't know what to tell you about the people with...powers? Talents? There's been theories, of course--evolution catching up to humanity, that sort of thing. Right now, I'm trying to get the facts out, find out what effect this is going to have on Rainport, and keep fighting for the environment that makes this city so great. Of course I'd be willing to do an interview, but I don't know if I can do that before the press conference. Oh, afterwards, sure. Maybe dinner somewhere? The station's treat? Maybe fix me up with that cutie King. " Andrew laughs freely, although the expression on his face is more of a grimace as he looks out his office window to see St. Paul's on the horizon. "You too. I'll be in touch. Goodbye."

Sellars hangs up the phone and stands to walk to the window, feeling the weight of the gun--he'd brought it for the police raid on some wannabe mafiosos who'd been making a fortune handling illegal dumping for some chemical syndicate-- and the sleepless night he's spent at the office answering phones and letting "No comment." roll off his tongue. Something suddenly occurs to him, and he turns back towards his desk, pulling open a bottom drawer and removing a file folder marked Fleet Way Urban Renewal Project. I'd like to see them renew Fleet Way, he thinks, considering it was buried under one of Forthwind's expansions years ago.

Files flicker by as he leafs through the folder--blackmail material here, a skeleton buried there, notes on personality quirks and foibles dotting official, sanitized biographies. That's what I thought, he thinks, a smile already creasing his face.

Kara Valla-Roy
Story-hungry reporter willing to backstab anyone and everything to get a good yarn. Referred to as a 'leg-humping Pulitzer hound' in front of Mayor, several others at party in '11. Will probably never call, ever, after Mayor told her off publicly @ news conference re: south pen. reconstructions--too scared.

Andrew grins widely and drops the folder back into its drawer with a flourish. The reporter who hates my guts just ate right out of my hand, no strings attached, he thinks.

He opens his laptop screen, which he had closed just moments before the phone rang. A design for a campaign poster with a stylized picture of himself is there, above the words SELLARS IN '14. He smiles again, and types in MORE THAN WILLING TO TALK TO YOU.

"Send my calls to my phone," he tells the secretaries as he leaves the office a few moments later. "I'm going to the hospital, and then Forthwind."

Xerxes Shadow
2007-10-29, 06:20 PM
"I do NOT want to go to the hospital, dammit!" said Joe Kobayashi, kicking at the cops. "I was NOWHERE NEAR the site of the accident last night!" As the cops tried to get him in the car, he suddenly went limp, throwing them off balance. He jumped back out of the vehicle. "I don't want to kill them, just rough them up a little," he thought. He dropped into a fighting stance, drawing on his martial arts training...

Summary: I'munna fight them cops. What I did immediately after the accident is in my character sheet. (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/view.php?id=29062)

2007-10-29, 07:51 PM
“The Man”

As his body finally congealed into his sexy form he wondered what it was that had called him forth this time. He looked around and saw that his other self was surfing the Victoria’s Secret webpage. “Was I really such a looser until I woke up?” he wondered. But enough of that, he must make use of every second he was awake. The Dork could awaken at any moment. He needed to act fast. The last time he had awakened, he had barely made it back to the apartment from his visit with Angie his cousin. Fortunately she agreed to help him whole heartedly, and even went so far as to quit her job to work as his personal assistant. Thank goodness she was immune to his sexiness, since he could trust her to work for him without his powers being a distraction.
He quickly dialed her number humming along to his own theme music as he waited for her to answer. “Faunty is that you?” she answered.
“Don’t call me that! I am more than he ever was! Besides I cannot let it be known who I was. Please call me anything but that.”
“How ‘bout boss? I mean you do pay me to be your chauffer after all.”
“Fine, fine. Anyways this isn’t a social call. I need you to come pick me up in the limo and get me to City Hall. I’m going to try to appear at the press-conference, to let the world know of the true wonder of what has happened.”
“Ok boss. I’ll be there in a jiffy”
He quickly left his apartment by the back door, and snuck around the end of the chain link fence. He didn’t want anyone to associate him with Fauntleroy, so he had to be careful. He ran across the street to a small vacant lot where he paced about as he waited, hoping that he wouldn’t change back at an inopportune moment. EDIT:

If angie makes it through the quarantine, or if The Man's apartment is outside the quarantine line: As Angie pulled into the lot he heaved a sigh of relief. He seriously needed to get rid of his former self.

Otherwise: After a few minutes his cell phone rang.
“The roads are blocked. I can't get through what should I do?”
“Hmph. I guess I should've watched the news more carefully. Tell me where you are and I'll come to you”
“On the corner of Maple and 5th”
“Fine. Just stay in that general area. I'll come to you.”
He started moving towards Maple Street, hoping his form didn't change. He seriously needed to get rid of his former self.

The Man is trying to head over to City Hall to get into the Press-Conference.

2007-10-29, 09:21 PM

Judith awakens later than usual, as she can tell from the sunlight coming in through the cheap curtains over her bed. "Mmmmf..." She was hungry, too. And... urg, yes, she had a headache. She didn't think she'd drunk that much last night... Sleepily, she rolls over with her face into the pillow—and feels someone else there with her. There's an odd burst of wakefulness as she does.

"'The hell!?" she exclaims, rolling out of her bed and getting to her feet—rolling into the wall and sitting up—what? The figure sitting on the bed looked like her—she could see someone standing over her who looked like she could be her twin—

Jude grimaces, clasping her hands to her head and slumping her face into both hands. "What..." She hears it twice, as if there are two separate echoes. "Ugh..."

Still dressed in rumpled jeans and coat from last night, she stumbles out the door into her living room/kitchen, opening the fridge mechanically. She can still see the wall of her bedroom, but without the odd double vision of everything she can start to think more clearly. What the hell... I can see both rooms. I'm in two places at once? She walks to her couch, crossing her own field of vision through the doorway; involuntarily, she shivers. Seeing herself from two points of view was too bizarre to handle right now. Mind working furiously, she tries to figure out what could possibly be going on. Dream, maybe? She tries pinching herself sharply, and feels two separate pinches. So... either she was still asleep, or it wasn't a dream or hallucination.

Numbly, she flips on the remote to her tiny TV in hopes it can provide some sort of distraction while she tries to work this out, in time to hear King's report. Surprisingly, the TV actually helps, and she listens avidly—in the other room, she also strains her ears to listen, completely unnecessarily. "One-twelve..." she mutters to herself, "that's near here, isn't it?" She's surprised to hear the second part of the sentence coming from the other room rather than from this one.

Finally, she gets up and walks out of the bedroom again, glancing up at herself from the couch. It was... bizarre, but not the nausea-inducing feeling it had been before. Okay, so... telepathic link with a twin sister?

Hah, yes, I don't have any long-lost sisters.

Are we—am I—are we different people? I can't tell the difference. She shivers. How would we even know? One of us didn't exist until today, or at least I only had one body. She walks to the kitchen corner and begins to toast some bread, pausing and getting out twice as many slices as usual. She felt hungry—or both of them did. Another shiver, and this time she watched herself shiver. If we are two different people, we're very closely linked.

It's one of the oddest breakfasts she's ever had. Both of her are hungrier than normal, but it doesn't distract her from thinking furiously as she eats. So... a quarantine. Are they keeping people from leaving, or just from coming in?

The first one of her to finish heads back into the bedroom, putting on some less rumpled clothes, and leaves the small apartment, glancing about the street curiously. I wonder what happened to the other people? The news would've said if it was all the same... She strolls casually north, wondering where the quarantine line is—it was likely that her flat was within the quarantine line.

Back in her apartment, she continues watching the news, flipping to other channels to see if anyone else had anything to say about this.

Tar Palantir
2007-10-29, 09:33 PM
Simon Graves finished the renovations to his apartment shortly after 8. All of the electric lights had been broken, the bulbs smashed and the wires ripped out of the sockets. All of the windows had been sealed with several layers of duct tape to prevent even the slightest glimmer of sunlight from entering the darkened apartment. The light was his enemy now, far more so than ever before. Before it exposed him; now it murdered him.

He completed his work and turned on the news, carefully turning down the brightness on the television set so as not to harm his shadowy flesh. The news reports indicated that many of the more heavily mutated individuals were being taken to St. Paul's for treatment. A tempting target, but too dangerous so early on. He still had yet to fully explore all of his powers, and he had no idea of the capabilities of those within the hospital. They would have to wait.

Perhaps he should test his powers on those who had none, he considered. The mayor would undoubtedly be holding a conference at City Hall. One swipe of his deadly claws, and it would be over. But no, he scolded himself. It was broad daylight out and the mayor would likely be surrounded by the hated light.

He decided that he would do some scouting to try and discover any isolated individuals who had been mutated by the explosion. He exited through a window on the west side of the hallway, his body melding into the shadows as he stepped out of the window. He need not worry about being seen. Some of his first victims had been the entire population of his floor of the apartment building, giving him a small measure of privacy. There were only three, and none of them were social enough to be noticed for a few days at least. By then he would have plans for the future.

He traveled several blocks, disappearing into one shadow only to reappear across the street, his red eyes gleaming from the depths of the darkness. Few were out this early, and none noticed him. After a few minutes he came across something of interest. A black haired man wearing a trenchcoat and sporting a pair of japanese swords was fighting with a group of police. His stance showed that he was skilled in martial arts, and the obvious restraint of his actions showed that he was easily capable of defeating the cops. This merited investigation.

One of the cops had unluckily positioned himself just within the shadows of an alley coming off of the main street. As he jumped to the nearby shadows, the policeman shivered as he felt a chill pass down his spine. Concealing himself until the last second, the beastial creature that was once Simon Graves leapt from the shadows and drove his claws into the cop's back.

Summary: Sneak up behind one of the policemen and sneak attack from the shadows with claws.


2007-10-29, 10:02 PM
I'll do this in parts:

Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

As you listen to the police scanner, the sound of chaos fills your ears. From what you can gather, many of the big, important people are all meeting with the Mayor trying to piece this whole mess together. There has also been a small out-break of petty crimes throughout the city, mostly people robbing the local convenience store or the like the wake of confusion. There have also been quite a large number of sitings of people with powers, but none of them have done anything bad yet. Most of the sitings amount to someone flying the air going "WOO-HOO!" or leaping tall buildings in a single bound. The most dangerous example you hear of is some guy who is reportedly on fire, flying about the city, occasionally launching a fireball high into the sky, kind of like fire works. You get the feeling that a lot of these people are testing their limits before they decide what to do.

EDIT: This part was written before the rest, so you in fact hear the officer's panicked voice (see bottom of post) crying out for aid.

Josh Snider AKA Legion
(12 players wasn't enough, no! Some of them had to go ahead and give themselves the ability to be in multiple places at once! :smallamused: )

1) St. Paul's - After you shove your way past reporters who are being denied entry, the full view of what really happened during the explosion. You arrive at the conclusion that being a nurse or doctor at this very moment is the singularly worst occupation you could possibly have on the face of the earth. After looking at some of the others who were caught in the blast, you realize you were incredibly lucky. What has happened to some of the people is beyond nightmarish, it defies all explanation as to how people could stand that has happened to them, both physically and mentally. They have erected a mini sub ward (at the far end of the hospital) for many of the people who can't quite control their abilities yet, as to prevent damage to the hospital itself. You also note a few people who have been changed doing their best to aid the nurses and doctors. It seems like everyone who is able is being put through a collection of tests to determine what exactly happened to the people affected, MRI's, blood samples, etc. are all being administered.

You get the feeling that this probably isn't the best place to recruit allies, as many of the people are concentrating on trying to stay alive and/or are too freaked out to hold on a conversation for too long. However, you find a few diamonds in the rough:

It seems like one of the nurses was in the blast as well, and is now exhibiting super human speed, much to the relief of the other nurses. You see her basically being the go-to girl for most of the hospital. She reports to one of the main doctors, dashes off quicker than you can blink and is back in less than 5 minutes with the task already completed. Apparently however, she is still not quite used to moving so much, as she collapses (not literally) into one of the chairs by the main desk panting. When she finally stops you get a good look at her. She's only about 5'4" with brown hair in a bun, fair skin, and blue eyes. She looks to be about in her mid to late 20's. One of the nurses calls her "Jen".

The next one you see is a guy who has apparently blinking out of existence all morning and reappearing somewhere else. But now it appears that he's getting the hang of it, but he still occasionally disappears to another location. He appears to be in his low 20's, has blond hair, is wearing a blue polo, and tan khaki pants.

The final person you see now resembles a beacon of glowing blue light, in a human-esque form floating a few feet off the ground. Their eyes are glowing white with energy. This one is helping contain those who don't quite control their powers yet.

2) Ceiling Mart - You strike upon the outdoor aisle, which has a large number of multipurpose tools and swiss army knifes. If you believe that you could generate enough man power, there are a bunch of crowbars a few aisles down. At the other end of the store there is a section where you can order some guns and ammunition, but they keep none in stock as per store policy, there is quite a line at this section.

3) Middlebrooke bank -As you walk in, there are 4 teller booths opposite and parallel the door, all of which have a teller at the station. To you immediate right at the door, there is a slightly overweight guard siting next to the door, with a camera above his head on the wall, he does not have a gun on his person, but does have a night stick. There are 3, maybe 4 cameras in the area behind the tellers pointing towards the door and the waiting area, and another two pointing that the teller area itself. Off to the left and right are a collection of offices where people meet with bank officials to discuss loans the like. There is a door behind the teller booth marked "Authorized Personal Only" with a guard posted there as well, who is of similar build to the other one and armed in the same manner. When one of the tellers goes into the back room, you see a hallway with some more offices off to the left and right (presumably for bank executives), and a stair case going down at the end of the hall on the right, with a guard seated next to the door, apparently asleep. You cannot tell how well armed he is from this distance. The only way into the back room is from the teller booths.

Andrew Sellars --alias-- Vox Populi

When you arrive at the hospital, you see a scene quite similar to the one described above (mostly because I'm not writing out another one). Out of the crowd of doctors comes out a rather tired looking one. He's quite lean, has gray wispy hair where he hasn't already gone bald, he does however have an aura of respect and authority about him. When he reaches you he hold out his hand saying "Andrew Sellars I presume? You secretary phoned ahead to tell us you were coming. I'm Doctor Finneas Lyse, I'm in charge of this operation while Doctor Wilson is debriefing all the big wigs. I'm to give you a full tour and answer any questions you have." He pauses and then adds in an after though "...that we know the answer to anyway."

Joe Kobayashi

There is a total of 3 cops, when you go into a fighting stance, they also get ready and all place their hands on their guns instinctively. The one on the right draws his gun, but lowers it after a look from the center one, who appears to be in charge. The center one hold out his left hand and talks gently "Woah, woah there buddy. Calm down for a second and think. Please. Is this really what you want to be doing? We all just want to help you. You don't know what those chemicals did to you, nobody really knows what's going on, but the doctors down at the hospital are trying to figure it all out. If you're down at the hospital, you can get immediate treatment if anything goes wrong. Please, it's for your own safety, just come with us down to the hospital."

“The Man”

About half an hour goes by when City Hall appears outside you window. From what you can see, the press conference is going to be soon, as many of the microphones and cameras are already up, with many more still being set up. Even as you watch, more news stations and reporters start showing up. Just as you start wondering how long it'll be before the conference, some dorky intern gets up to the podium and says that the Mayor will be here in roughly 30 minutes.

*mumbles something about tired hands and large numbers of characters*

The double, or original, doesn't get too far on their walk. They only get about 2 blocks north before they reach the quarantine line. There are Police barricades across the road and 2 police squad cars blocking the road. A bit past them you can see the Hazmat teams dressed all in white, with gas masks that make them look a bit like aliens. There are 4 mobile unit vans that you see all plastered with the biological warning sign. Relief sweeps over you as you realize that you are just outside the quarantine area. As you approach the line, one of the cops says ""I'm sorry Miss, but you can't go any further, this is part of the quarantine area."

Simon Graves
*GAAHHHH* I had just hit the preview button thinking I was done, but I guess not *sigh*

As you creep out of the shadows, the officer and all gathered all oblivious to your presence. As your claw cuts into the officer's body, he lets out a pained gurgle as blood pours from his mouth. The two remaining officers turn and look in horror at what has befallen their friend. The one furtherest from you raises his gun and fires a few rounds into the alley way, all missing their mark, as the middle officer gets on his radio screaming "Some freak just got Larry, we need back up immediately! Send everyone you have! Officer Down! Repeat: Officer Down! Location: corner of 13th and 4th!" before firing some shots into the alley way as well, also missing their mark.

Xerxes Shadow
2007-10-29, 10:43 PM
Noting the claws sprouting from a policeman's back, Joe decided it was best to look away. He was still used to fighting with his hands and not used to the sight of blood. Oddly enough, he now knew a bit more about what had been damaged in the attack...

Shaking himself, Joe deftly attacked the central policeman, being careful to hit nothing but places that would give him a headache in the morning.

SUMMARY: I attacked the central policeman. Woot.
ROLLS: 1d20+7=21; 1d20+7=24. (http://invisiblecastle.com/rolldice.py?u=no+one&r=2&d=1d20%2B7&n=&a=Roll+the+dice) If hit, damage is 1d6+5=7; 1d6+5=6. (http://invisiblecastle.com/rolldice.py?u=no+one&r=2&d=1d6%2B5&n=&a=Roll+the+dice) Note that I chose to attack twice with a -4 penalty on each, kind of dual-wielding with my hands.

2007-10-29, 11:00 PM

Jude stops just short of the line, peering past it at the men in the suits. That was a lucky thing. Hate to be stuck in there... She wonders whether she ought to go to the hospital, if the cleanup crews were taking precautions like this. Probably just paranoia on their part, she decides.

"Is it really that dangerous?" she asks the cop, figuring he might know a little more than the news channels on the TV in her flat were saying right now. "I mean—what was the stuff in that warehouse? Does anyone know what happened?"

Raven T.
2007-10-29, 11:20 PM
(I've been busy all day; something short before bed to get the ball rolling.)

"Good morning, Rainport! It's 6:30am and another sunny day is on tap! Catching up on the headlines of the day, Forthwind Shipping has accepted responsibility for last night's excitement, citing improper storage and insufficient labeling. Their CEO is scheduled to meet with the Mayor today..."

A fleshy tentacle shut the alarm off. He wasn't sure if last night had really happened or not, but work waited for no man...least of all him. Many people in upper management feared his swift rise to his position of power, but times change. What took them years to achieve, he pulled off in months. Stretching, he meandered to the bathroom bleary eyed. It had felt like he hadn't gotten a wink of sleep. He closed the medicine chest, swinging the mirror back toward himself....


He began to hyperventilate. Was he hallucinating or...are those real? He ran his hands over the new additions to his body. Yes, they were real. Last night must have really happened. All right, what exactly happened to me? What can these things do? As if to answer his last question, the one on his left side reached over and fixed him a cup of coffee. I guess anything a normal hand can do. They must be functionally similar to the tails of New World monkeys. This should prove interesting, to say the least.

He decided to call off work sick. It wasn't hard; he had all his sick days left...and no one questioned it when someone in his position of power if they take a sick day. Let's go give this a try; who knows what else may have happened from that accident. The quarry should suffice; it's almost always abandoned. He showered quickly, finding it a sight bit more convenient to have two extra "hands" to juggle things.

Dressing posed a whole new set of problems. How would he keep people from seeing these...things?

As if on cue, the tentacles laid down against his back and down his leg some, blending in with the rest of him. Not bad...not bad at all. Looks like I should be able to keep a normal life with some care. Putting his martial robes on and gathering his weapons of choice, he headed for the subway terminal. Yes...not bad at all...

2007-10-29, 11:29 PM
“The Man”

After hearing the intern speak, “The Man” quickly made a slight change of plans. As he was 30 minutes early, he decided to try to use this to his advantage. He gracefully exited his limo as though he was some famous movie star, and swaggered up to the intern. He began to make inquiries with as much of an air of authority he could muster as his theme song changed with his mood.
“Young man, I need to talk to your superior. Where are they?” he asked. “How can they possibly think to have a press conference about mutants without including one! That is no different than taxation without representation I say! You seem to be a reasonable sort. Surely you agree do you not?”

Get intern to lead me to whoever might be able to get me into the spotlight.

Increase Intern's attitude
Dimplomacy: [roll0]
Assuming no skill synergies. If bluff and intimidate are both synergies add another +4.

2007-10-30, 12:46 AM
Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

Dr. Smith applied the fake nose and dressed up, nodding to himself, in the mirror. Despite his height, he couldn't imagine anyone putting him and this getup together. To be absolutely sure, he applied some hair-darkening gel.

He glanced at the police scanner, "Thank god, nothing so far... maybe it will be nothing..." He crossed his fingers, then pulled out a pad of paper. "I have to call a few people soon. But not too soon. People are going to be collecting information and evidence, but I need to wait long enough for them to gain a substantial amount, but not too long so some superior puts a gag order on them that will make them too afraid to talk to me." He starts to jot down a name when a call comes from the police scanner...

"Some freak just got Larry, we need back up immediately! Send everyone you have! Officer Down! Repeat: Officer Down! Location: corner of 13th and 4th!" Several shots punctuate the end of that sentence.

Dr. Smith throws down his pad and curses, grabbing his hat. "I can tell that I'm going to be very pissed, very often, about being right about everything!" He puts his feet into the glider's stirrups and rides the oddly shaped wing into the air. He lets the wings fold up as he goes up the stairs and into his garage. He hits the garage door button and rides out into his back yard, then keeping to the shadows of the tall trees which flank the park behind his house, he rises slowly into the air, keeping an eye, and a feel, out for any observers. Living at the end of a fairly lonely cul-de-sac has always appealed to his sense of privacy, now he truly appreciates his prior choices.

Once he rises above the trees he initiates a final gimmick and lights a long-burning smokestick in the "engine" of the glider. He takes off, as quickly as he may, leaving a plume of smoke as he rides toward his second encounter with destiny. Once he clears the park, he finally does hear one or two voices shouting, "What's that?!?" He keeps his mind on what may lie ahead, realizing it could literally be ANYTHING!

As he approaches from the air, he looks down at the shadowy, and somehow macabre scene, and spots police and a man with a pair of swords. He draws his own pistols, scanning for anything else that might be out of the ordinary.

spot check: 1d20+14

2007-10-30, 01:08 AM
Sorry for the second in a row post. I realized, that even though I added the spot check in an edit, the edit automatically made the roller go buggy. So, here's the roll.

spot check: [roll0]

2007-10-30, 07:52 AM
Gabriel Teske

Beep, beep went the alarm. Gabriel rolled over and treid to hit the snooze butten. His hand mearly hit the table.
"Urrgh, 5 more minutes. Where is the stupid alarm?". He took a few more attempts to hit the snooze butten but with no sucess. Gabriel opened his eyes and it soon became clear that the alarm clock was not on the table, rather it was floating in the air
"What the hell?". The alarm cloak dropped to the ground. Suddenly Gabriel had a crazy idea. He focused on the alarm cloak. It began levitating. "This is the greatest thing ever". As Gabriel stopped controling it, the alarm clock flew into the wall and smashed. "Hmm, I may need to work on controling this"

Gabriel went into the living room. Tim, his roomate, was in there watching a news report about a chemical spill or something. Gabriel left the appartment and headed to work. As he was late me decided to take the shortcut through the warehouse disctrict. However as Gabriel gets near he sees that a quarantine area has been set up. Gabriel strides up to whoever seems to be in charge.
"Let me past"

Raven T.
2007-10-30, 09:12 AM

Alex spent the better part of the morning in the quarry learning the extent of his new power. The stuff...whatever it really was...had made him more agile, more hearty, more able to learn, a better speaker, and, interestingly enough, more wise. Getting hit by mutating goop'll do that to ya. With the addition of the extra appendages, it lent to a more aggressive style of combat, each one of them able to hold a blade with the same strength as one of his normal hands. With practice, he became a whirling dervish of blades and chain links.

However, his mind always returned to the event. As nice as these abilities are, if it hadn't been for Forthwind's incompetence in handling the hazardous materials, he wouldn't be in this position. Thoughts of revenge bubbled up in the back of his head...taking over their company and dismantling it slowly...like flaying the skin off a child...

What the [expletive deleted]?! Where did that come from. But the thought didn't go away. All the people their foolishness destroyed...it made him sick. He spat on the ground, only to find that his spittle contained a more corrosive version of the self-same chemical that had cursed him as such.

There was more. With concentration, he could create both waves and walls of force, the latter completely impregnable. These tools...I must use them to exact vengeance on those who have put me in this position. As good as they are, I didn't want them. I didn't ask for them. I paid a hefty price to attain them. Woe betide anyone who stands in my way; I WILL have my revenge. Plans began formulating in his head. These schemes would take time, but they say revenge is a dish best served cold. He would have what he was owed...and he would do almost anything to get it.

Emperor Demonking
2007-10-30, 11:13 AM
Michael awoke from the pile of barrels he'd found himself sleeping in, after that explosion. He wiped himself down. Standing up and phoning his private assistant, he was gobsmacked about what she said.
"Super powers really, I find that hard to believe. I was in the zone, I still am and I don't have any powers."
Micheal looked aound for an officer . If he sees one he'll ask if he's meant to go, even with the lack of powers.

2007-10-30, 11:54 AM
Andrew/Vox Populi

"Right then, Doctor," Sellars says, shaking his hand. "Have you deduced what's causing these..."

Sellars trails off as the superfast nurse streaks by in a white blur. He keeps his expression neutral, but thinks Holy ! to himself, and continues.

[B]"Mutations? Changes? Are they reversible? And what about the warehouse...will there be any effects there? Some kind of fallout?" Sellars frowns. "I'm sorry to badger you, but I've got to get this information as soon as possible. I'm planning on visiting Forthwind sometime today, and the more information I have about all this, the better."

2007-10-30, 02:50 PM
Looks like our original plan isn't going to work.
Well then do you have a new plan

[No Eavesdropping]

Well I'l start with the equipment HOOVER can get the truck, and I think they're still some use to searching through St. Paul

"St. Paul"

I'll walk over to the teleporter's bed and making careful note to due it when the Super-nurse isn't nearby I'll steal those medical records that hospital's keep in a folder at the foot of the bed. If they don't have them there I'll walk out of the room and wander around the hospital until I see a map or a sign that tells me where Patient Records or Database or something similar is.


Casually waiting in line and going up to a teller I pull a handful of bills from my pocket made mostly of 1's and 5's I say "[COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]Hey can i get like a 20 for this?. While casually looking for small safes and those drawers that tellers take money out of. Then I'll leave and wait outside.

Edit: Do they have metal detectors?


Having his part least affected by the change in the plan, I'll go buy

1. 3 Identical wallets that look somewhat nice.
2. 3 Fake police badges that DON'Tsay fake in huge letters.
3. FBI esque glasses (think MIB)
4. 3 Pairs of Leather Gloves
5. Jason Mask
6. Black Paint
7. A 2*4
8. 50 ft of POLICE AREA DO NOT CROSS tape
9. Hispanic colored makeup
10. Pale colored makeup
11. 1 Gas mask

Then after paying for this I'll put it in the truck and go pick up the bank guy and we'll go drive around looking for a car that looks like This (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1f/United_States_Postal_Service_Truck.jpg)
except you know NOT a postal service one.

Tar Palantir
2007-10-30, 03:04 PM
Simon Graves tingles with pleasure as his claws pierce the yielding flesh of the police officer. The bullets of the other two go wild, causing him to almost smile. He hisses, in a voice born of a thousand primal fears ingrained in the human psyche, "Flee, mortals, flee for your lives! Flee before the fury of the Reaper!" He raises one clawed hand, and from his clawed fingers emerge what appear to be living shadows, which wrap themselves around the nearest policeman, filling him with the terror of the darkness.

Simon then calls to the young man resisting arrest. He hisses, "Praytell, mortal, what powers do you boast, if any? For if none, then you may be the next to feel the cold embrace of death."

Cause Fear on policeman, ranged touch attack, DC 18 Will save to resist.

2007-10-30, 04:14 PM

“Are you going to sleep all day?” a voice whispered in her ear.

Raine sat straight up in bed. “Who’s in my house?” she demanded but was met with silence.

‘It’s Sunday. I’m allowed to sleeeeep,” another voice replied to the first.

Raine whirled around toward the sound of the voice to find… nothing there. Shaking her head, she padded into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She stripped out of the clothes she had on from the previous night and stepped into the shower. ‘It must have been the remnants of a dream,’ she said to herself. She lathered the shampoo in her fingers and then started to wash her hair.

“Well, if you’re not going to get out of bed,” the first voice said. “You’ll just need to move over.”

“Right! That’s it!” Raine exclaimed as she jumped out of the shower, grabbed her robe and stalked back to the bedroom. “Wherever you are, you come out now!” she commanded. There was silence in the condo. She stood there a moment, hoping to catch some kind of movement but the only thing she caught was the shampoo running into her eyes. “Ow!” she exclaimed as she hurried to the sink to rinse her eyes and splashing them with cold water. She patted her face with a towel and was turning back to the bedroom when she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

“What the…” she ventured as she absently put her fingers to her face. Somehow she was different. Not a radical change, but definitely pleasantly different. She moved back to her bedroom and stood in front of the full length mirror, letting her robe drop. The difference wasn’t only in her face she noted and she turned around.

“Not bad,” a new voice said with a leer. “Not bad at all.”

Giving a shriek of embarrassed fury Raine snatched up her robe and ran to close the drapes.

“No, no leave them… aw darn” the voice finished with disappointment as the curtains closed.

Raine flung herself on her bed and grabbed her favorite beanie, rocking back and forth and talking to herself. “No, no no,” she almost sang. “I am not going through this again,” and immersed herself in memory.


The summer of Raine’s sixteenth year had been a difficult one. She and a friend had been to dinner in the city and while on the way from the restaurant to the movie theater they had been held up. The man had held a knife to Raine’s throat and had threatened to kill them both. When the girls had given him everything of value, the man took off. Raine had immediately called her father and the police had caught the man soon after, with most of their stuff still in his possession.

Following the incident, Raine withdrew into herself. Counseling sessions brought minimal results. She began to hear voices, many of them. Some of them warned her that she was in constant danger, others soothingly telling her she was safe. Still others were frivolous and some were just plain silly. Her previous feeling of isolation and loneliness evaporated as Raine had this new constant company.

Then one day, two weeks before the semester was to begin, Raine met the new Argentinean exchange student and they became very interested in each other. Raine could never pinpoint when the voices left, they just faded away, not to return.

In later years, Raine learned in psychology classes just how dangerous that episode could have potentially been. It’s been somewhere in the recesses of her memory ever since. Suddenly, it was front and center.


To try and take her mind off… well her mind, Raine picked up the remote to turn on the TV, catching Missy Kings report.

“Mutated,” she whispered in shock. With her own response cane dozens of voices echoing the word. “Mutated?!?”

“I was there when it happened,” she gasped referring to the explosion the previous night. "Does that mean I’m one of… them?"

As though her words let loose a floodgate, she began to hear a cacophony of voices. Most were strangers to her but she thought she recognized the voice of her neighbor among them. The voices all spoke at once, faster and faster until Raine tore at her pillow in frustration. “Shut up, Shut UP, SHUT UP!” she screeched and was more than a little surprised when the voices actually became silent; an uncomfortable silence that lasted almost a minute before the voices began to murmur again.

She buried her face in her pillow. “What is happening to me?” she sobbed.

((OOC: there's a decent amount of exposition that I'd like to do, hoepfully it'll fit in somehow))

2007-10-30, 04:36 PM
Joe Kobayashi/ The Reaper/ Pulse (eventually)

With the officer's attention understandably drawn by the monster that had just mauled one of his best friends, he doesn't see the man he was talking to peacefully a moment ago sneak attack him, and the blows land solidly. After giving you a look that plainly says "WTF!?" he collapses onto the ground with a thud. The third officer takes aim at you, but his hands are shaking so badly that he drops his gun. He backs away slowly and trips over the curb, he then puts more distance between the two "heroes" and himself sending in a description of the two of you over the radio as he flees.

Pulse can see some police cars off in the distance headed their way, but it looks like it could still be a minute or two before they arrive.


The officer that spoke to you earlier answers "We're honestly not quite sure how dangerous it is, but we'd rather be safe than sorry. As far as what happened, we haven't determined what caused the explosion yet. As for what the chemicals were, I couldn't tell you, but apparently, Balchem wasn't the only company to have stuff stored in the warehouse. I honestly don't know much more than that, it's just my job to keep people out. I probably wouldn't have even told you all this if I didn't see you come out of that building over there, I figure you got a right to know what happens in your own back yard. Ya know?"


As you dramatically exit your limo, a hush descends on the grounds as all gathered gape openly at you. You walk up to the podium where the intern is with no sound other than your theme song accompanying you. As you address the intern he seems really flustered, before squeaking "Follow me.". He leads you just inside City Hall where you vaguely recognize a few local politicians in the room, all conversing with one another, but a familiar hush descends upon the room when you enter with the intern.

The intern leads you to one particularly broad shouldered politician, who appears to be in his 70's with silvery hair and wrinkled skin. The intern says "Ummm... umm.. Mr. Secretary Sir ummm... Just now, umm this ... this... ummm... man pulled up in a limo. He says ... ummm he wants to talk... at the umm conference..." and he trails off even worse from there before the Vice Secretary Steps forward and extends his hand to you saying "I'm Secretary James Orwell. What can I do for you Mr...?"

Gabriel Teske

The police officer says "Sir no one expect the Hazmat teams are allowed through this area, even I can't go through there if I wanted to. To go around, go 3 blocks up, and then 6 blocks to the left." He points the directions he's talking about to better illustrate his point.

Michael Ross

As you stand up from the barrels you slept in and calmly pull out your phone and dial your assistant, you become vaguely aware of a few people in Hazmat suits standing dumbfounded looking at you. Even through their masks and uniforms, you can clearly see how confused they are. As you approach one of them to ask if you should go to the hospital, they kind of take an involuntary step backwards before weakly nodding and signaling you to follow them.

Andrew/Vox Populi

The Doctor smiles as the nurse goes whizzing by. "She's a real life saver that one. Well on to the matter at hand. We have simultaneous good and bad news on that regard. We have deduced that these mutations are not the result of any single chemical, but rather the mix of chemicals in the warehouse, and the effects of the explosion on those chemicals. We have also deduced that this new chemical, or mutagen actually decays at a very rapid rate. Within mere moments of being exposed to the atmosphere, it lost all of its mutagenic properties, and became as harmless as water. So the public at large is in no danger of a fallout.

However, because the mutagen decays so rapidly, it has been incredibly hard to obtain a sample of it. In each individual case, the mutagen bonds to the patient on a molecular level, but as the patient gets progressively further from the epicenter of the blast, they are affected by a slightly more decayed version of the mutagen. The only way we could obtain a "pure" sample was if someone was directly at the epicenter of the blast, but they would have surely been killed in the explosion.

Now, if all of that wasn't a problem, we've got corporate bureaucracy gumming up the works. You see, the chemicals that had been delivered to the warehouse, were delivered earlier on that day, so all the invoices were still on the warehouse, so to make sure everyone got what they payed for when they came to pick it up the following day, and invoices haven't even been logged into the system yet either. Forthwind's not to blame, they practically threw all their records at us in an effort to help us and nothing was there; either that or they covered their tracks very well. What's slowing us down is Balchem; they haven't released any information to us at all. They haven't even hinted as to what the chemicals could have been!" The doctor looks quite agitated when he starts mentioning Balchem.

Josh Snider AKA Legion

St. Paul's - You swipe the records quite easily. Most of the information is either illegible (rushed doctors have really bad handwriting) or is medical jargon that you don't understand. You do however gather that his name is Frank Viola, he lives in apartment 8C in a residential flat in the western section of the city, he has blood type AB+, he's covered under his Dad's insurance, is allergic to penecillian, has broken his left arm twice and finally up until about 7AM this morning, his skin was purple.

Bank - You see no small safes or metal detectors. There is draw underneath each station where the tellers put the money, but you can't get that great of a look how it works from your angle (an intentional design feature).

Ceiling Mart - Well, you can't find a fake police badge aisle in your local super store (who would have guessed?). You're not able to find a gas mask, a 2x4 and police tape in Ceiling Mart, but you've got an idea that you could find them at a Home Depo-esque store conveniently located right across the street.

Once your on the road, you drive around for a bit, and find a used car lot that has what you're looking for. It's black and one of the wheel wells is a little rusty, but it runs and it looks like it'll get the job done.

(((OOC: Looks good Zimmia. And as I side note, it took me 2 1/2 hours to write this mess. Yeesh. I need to learn to type faster.)))

2007-10-30, 04:55 PM
Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

Pulse dives toward the scene pulling up til he is about 30' from the Reaper, about 20' in the air. Noting the bloody claws and the dark villain's last statement, there is little doubt in Pulse's mind who is the one who needs to be subdued first here. "You like cold, Reaper? How about some cold steel!" He fires his pistols, at the shadowy terror beneath him.

Initiative (if needed): [roll0]
Ranged Attack (nonlethal projectile @point blank range): [roll1]
Ranged Attack (nonlethal projectile @pbr): [roll2]

Raven T.
2007-10-30, 05:07 PM
(OOC: We don't even have our powers for a full page worth of posts and the heroes and villains are already going at it? Impatient buggers, ain'tcha?)


Alex returned from the quarry in time to hear about this...press conference. Most everyone would be there, but he knew of a nice coffee shop he frequented that had free wi-fi. Ordering his usual (and placing a standing order to "keep it comin',") he sat down and opened his laptop, running searches through various databases and websites for background information on the chemical, the company that produced it, their business performance over the last three years, any OSHA or other violations, and, finally, tuning in for the live broadcast of the much vaulted press conference.

Patience. You got this far through perseverance and patience. It will take you the rest of the way. Sipping on his coffee, he continued to run searches, his screen cluttered with various open web pages.

I'm going to run a Computer Use, Knowledge (Business) and (Current Events) check to see what I can find out about the background of this event.
Computer Use: [roll0]
Knowledge (Business): [roll1]
Knowledge (Current Events): [roll2]

2007-10-30, 05:44 PM
Hey guys I swiped that guy's medical profile. So one of you should write this down.
On it.
His name's Frank Viola...
The New York Pitcher?
Doubt it but the rest of the profile says...

Original @ St. Paul:
Inventory: Nothing Important
I scribble Thanks for sharing :smalltongue: on a blank part of the medical record before carefully putting the records back using the same precautions as when I stole them, and then I buy some snacks from the Hospital gift shop and walk over to where the press conference is.

Edit: On the way over I realize how dumb leaving the hospital was and I create and send back one of my clones who simply walks up to Super-Nurse and says "Hi, my name's Josh any way I can help.

2CLones @ Car dealer
Inventory: 3 Identical wallets that look somewhat nice. FBI esque glasses (think MIB), 3 Pairs of Leather Gloves, Jason Mask, Black Paint, Hispanic colored makeup, Pale colored makeup
HOOVER walks up to the car checks the price tag and examines it while he waits for one of those Used Car Salesmen to come over. While Gorges tries to find where Voila's apartment is on a map in the glove compartment.

Summary: Original goes to conference, new clone volunteers at hospital, other clones check out black van.

2007-10-30, 06:31 PM

"Sheez, do I know it. You'd think they'd have some sort of safety regulations about storing things like this near a residential district," she agrees. "I mean, explosives and some sort of weird chemicals?" She shakes her head, both here and in the apartment. Pretty typical for this part of the city, really; she had a feeling this sort of storage would never have flown in another of the city's districts. "You got any idea what the fallout radius was, or anything like that? I mean, should I be getting myself checked out? The hospitals are probably crowded as hell right now."

Back in her apartment, she glanced up from the TV. Probably there weren't any explosives, she reflected; even corporate management wasn't that stupid. It was more likely to have been an unforseen explosive reaction between chemicals; it was still idiotic to allow two untested chemicals contact, but that could've been an accident. She wondered if she should take both of herself in to the hospital, if she did end up going. Probably safest that way. And if I'm going to take precautions at all, might as well take it all the way through, she decided.

2007-10-30, 06:38 PM
“The Man”

He takes the secretary’s hand and smiles as he says “I am simply, ‘The Man’.” He struck a dramatic Elvis like pose as he finished his sentence. As the music thundered in a crescendo he felt his body flare up in warmth; he could feel his sexiness radiate into the room. The people in the room began to stare at him in awe. His teeth perfect white teeth glisten in the light as he continues to smile, and continued slowly “Mr. Orwell, we are at the crossroads of humanity, and with this new mutant population comes new challenges and difficulties. I believe that the public is waiting for the Mayor’s speech with great anticipation. However do you not suppose that it is wise for a mutant to be chosen to speak to them? It is quiet likely that some, especially those with great powers, will perhaps look down up humans as being inferior, and they will be far more likely to listen to a fellow mutant. Especially at this crucial turning point in history, we need to take every precaution that mutant and humankind come together, and I believe that I can help you with this. I promise that if you give me time after the Mayor has spoken at the end of the press conference, that I will do everything in my awesome powers, to help us start out on the right foot.”

Use Tractability Pheromones power and try to convince Mr. Orwell to give me some time to address the city after the Mayor has spoken. If I cannot activate my powers, OR everyone makes their save, I guess people aren't staring in awe so much as they are staring at a strange guy making an elvis pose :smallbiggrin:

Use Tractability Pheromones power: 4PP
Perform (Acting): [roll0] (Just in case the activation DC is higher in this case. Otherwise I should make it automatically)
Diplomacy: [roll1]

2007-10-30, 07:17 PM
Andrew/Vox Populi

"Don't worry, Doctor. I'll take care of things."
Andrew whips out his phone, leaving the doctor to his work. "Office," he says clearly, letting the phone pick up his voice. "Yeah, it's me. Get me through to the mayor, please. The press conference is going to be soon. I'd like to touch base once more before we plunge into the breach."

Summary; Try and get in touch with the mayor, and head for the press conference.

Tar Palantir
2007-10-30, 09:13 PM
The Reaper's eyes narrow at the approach of the flying mutant. He hisses in delight. "You seek to slay me, foolish mortal? You cannot kill me. I am the Reaper, he that walks unseen, for whom walls and windows prove no barrier, he that the very darkness embrasses as a mother would a child! No mortal man can slay me! If you are resolved to this course, I will be forced to leave. But be warned, you will spend the rest of your days looking over your shoulder, wondering when sweet death will claim you at last."

He then turns to the man in the trenchcoat. "As for you, I will return for you, whether you be friend or foe. For your sake, I hope you choose wisely." The Reaper then leaps into the shadows of the ally, disappearing from sight. He does not move for the present, but remains, silent and invisible, to observe what may transpire next.

Summary: Talk a lot, then Shadow Meld as a free action (3PP).

2007-10-30, 10:34 PM
I'm going to do my best to do another post today, but I'm rather tired and I might not be able to get through all of the player's actions. I apologize if that is the case.

Joe Kobayashi/ The Reaper/ Pulse

Pulse opens fire on the shadowy man in the alley, but because of the obscuring darkness, misses. The shadow then disappears from sight after giving his cryptic threats.

Alex - Check you Inbox

Josh Snider

St. Paul's - The nurse looks at you puzzled, saying "Unless you have medical training, have super abilities, or know exactly what was in those chemicals, I'm afraid extra bodies would only get in the way at this point. It's nice that you want to help and all, but unless you know what you're doing...." She waits for your response, but you get the feeling that if you don't meet one of the criteria, she's about to zip off.

Car dealer - Your standard smarmy used car salesman walks up to you stretching out his hand saying "Why hello there gentlemen. My name's Chip. And I must say that you have good eyes to pick out that vehicle right there. If there's anything you need, I'm here to help."


The officer replies "Well because of the wind that comes in off the port, this section of the quarantine is actually the closest to the warehouse, because the wind diverted any of the gases from getting too far into this area. You probably don't need to go to the hospital, from what I've heard some of the symptoms are pretty obvious. But if you feel like going, I don't think anyone would stop you."

(yes I had to put it in all caps)

Orwell's brow contracts as he looks at you, considering your proposition for a moment, his hand on his chin as a gesture of contemplation. "Well, 'The Man' I believe you have a speech to prepare." he says finally smiling. "If you'll follow me this way, we can get you ready for the press conference."

Andrew/Vox Populi

After waiting on hold for a few moments, the familiar voice of the Mayor comes from the other line. "Ah, Sellars, I was hoping we could get in contact before the conference. I heard that you viewed the hospital and those affected. Give your honest opinion, and don't pull any punches."

Xerxes Shadow
2007-10-30, 11:04 PM
((OOC: Sorry I couldn't post today, my internetz were down))

"That was a close one," said Joe, shaking a little. He observed the newcomer across from him. "To put it in the words of creepy shadow-man, be you friend or foe? Do choose wisely... this is a chance for me to finally get some fame and I don't want it spoiled." He leaps into an alleyway, rebounding off two walls to get to the top of the building.

SUMMARY: Talk to Pulse, then jump. JUMP CHECKS: First roll was 65, then 49, then 66. (http://invisiblecastle.com/rolldice.py?u=no+one&r=3&d=1d20%2B47&n=&a=Roll+the+dice) I love Amazing Leap.

2007-10-31, 01:31 AM
Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

The guns only make slight chuffs of noise as they fire, and the projectiles strike the pavement, bouncing forcefully. The glider pulls up as the caped and masked man rides it, turning in a slow arc, his vehicle spewing a white smoke from it's otherwise silent engine. The rider turns to glance at the sword-wielder as he bounds between the buildings. "Well, it's hard for me to say foe definitely, for you seemed to be targeted by the Reaper, who seems less than friendly. Then again, it's hard to say friend as I just watched you take down one of Rainport's finest. Is that how you intend to gain your fame? Using your powers to beat up hard-working police officers?"

2007-10-31, 05:46 AM
OK so after we shoot up the bank?
Then we pretend to be the FBI.
And then we wait for superheroes to come over...
And then we cure cancer.

Clone #[email protected]
Inventory: Nothing Important

"Well with 4 of me I'll probably get around to finding out what those chemicals were pretty soon...."

Original walking to conference:
Continues walking...

[email protected]:

"Thanks we were thinking of getting this kind of van, so how much would you be willing to sell it for? Of course we still need to test drive it, and if you have any other of these kinds of vans that would be nice.

OOC: Geez3r since you didn't say anything about the original that I sent to the
press conference I'm going to assume he is still walking.

Also, I just realized everyone else has more developed characters than I do :( but fortunately I'm going to be sitting in a fake FBI van for about a day so I'll probably meet up with some of you guys and be able to fit in some character developy goodness.

2007-10-31, 10:42 AM
“The Man”

“I am at... your service.” he flourished a bow as he paused. While following the Vice Secretary, he called up Angie on his cell.
“Angie, park the Limo. I need you to help me finish my speech!”
“That’s great Fa-Boss. I’ve already parked, and was waiting in the conference room for you. I didn’t see where you went. Where’d you go?”
“Just tell one of the interns there that you work for ‘The Man’, who is giving a speech. They should be able to direct you to me”
“’k Boss.”
His mind was racing. Everything was beginning to fall into place. Now he no longer had to disrupt the conference, as he had originally planned. This was for the better, as now he would have the full support of the staff, instead of having to fight against it. All he had left to do was to complete the speech he had to make.

Follow secretary, and call for personal assistant.

OoC: Please check other thread.

Emperor Demonking
2007-10-31, 11:33 AM
Michael says. "Thank you." as he walks off to the hospital.
As he walked he started to focus at things near by, trying to destroy them, control them, lift them up. When it became clear he didn't have any powers like that he tried super speed. "i was definately in the blast zone, so where are the powers."

2007-10-31, 11:33 AM
Andrew/Vox Populi

((OOC: I'm trying to move this along to get to the press conference, so I'm just going to plug in some generic questions from the Mayor. If you don't like it, I'll alter it.))

"We're walking on eggshells here. People with powers are running all over the place. They're running everyone through the standard battery of tests, but I don't like this one bit."

Try and thin the herd while I still can. The idea pops into Sellars' mind. If I really do have one of these...powers...and I can persuade people. If I can wipe out anyone else who might realize it....

A smile flashes across his face, but he quickly returns to a serious expression. "What do I mean? There's a nurse here who's running so fast you can barely see her. What if she breaks the sound barrier? There's a guy who's blinking out of existence and reappearing somewhere else. What if he gets caught between floors and dies? What if the family sues? These are real concerns! Maybe not for right now, but we definitely need to consider this from a legislative viewpoint.

Sellars nods at the mayor's next question. "No, the mutagen appears to be fading out. We need not be concerned with people developing abilities living in the area now."

"They say Forthwind's been helping them. I think that most of this goes back to Balchem. My office will handle that facet of the investigation. No, that's all, Mayor. I assume I'll be able to sit in on the press conference? There's been so much communication flying back and forth lately, my secretaries are having a hard time keepign track of things."

((Goal: Get into the press conference, and perhaps on to Balchem.
Long-term goal: Cull the herd of people with powers through some kind of regulation.))

Raven T.
2007-10-31, 12:13 PM

So, that's the score. It stands to reason they wouldn't publish the best dirt online, anyway. Looks like I need to contract out some industrial espionage. After taking another long drink from his coffee cup, he plugs in his headphones and begins to fade into his own little world, watching the news as it unfolds. So, I think Balchem should be the first target. Their record isn't exactly exemplary, and this accident should pretty much ruin what credibility it had left. It will be interesting to see what unfolds; if I can get my hands on the documents related to the chemical, through corporate merger/takeover or more illicit means, I may be able to have an even greater controlling stake in the future of the world. After all, if there is some sort of "cure" that can be developed, I can imagine government officials wanting them. People with power tend to be destructive. As well, we can develop more of the chemical, creating an endless loop and seemingly limitless capital to advance a corporate empire, weaving our tentacles into every facet of life. The tips of his new appendages twitch in excitement at the thought. Let those fools who desire nothing but destruction have their fun; we will see who is more intelligent soon enough.

However, there is one wild card yet to account for; the hero. I'll bet my life that there are some people affected by this...incident...who will try to become a real live Superman. We must be cautious...ever cautious.

OOC: I said on my sheet he's big on internal monologue...

Xerxes Shadow
2007-10-31, 03:29 PM
"If the circumstances require," said Joe, continuing to leap. "I am not a fan of hospitals, due to... Never mind. Just make sure you don't give me a reason to dislike you..." He spared a glance at Pulse. "What are your powers, anyway? I mean, I realize you can fly, but other than that...?"

SUMMARY: Talk a lot and keep on jumping.

2007-10-31, 03:40 PM
Dr. Harold Smith, a.k.a. Pulse

The glider rider laughs behind his mask. "I can fly the way you can cut things in half with your bare hands." He sheathes his pistols and gestures to your swords. "I can also project bullets out of a gun by pulling a trigger." He glances down to the police, "So they were forcing you to the hospital against your will?" He parallels you, his glider eerily silent, but streaming a trail of exhaust.

2007-10-31, 03:53 PM

After the initial shock wore off, Raine dressed in sweatpants and a tank top. She went to the kitchen for some KrispeeO’s and sat at the table. She turned on the TV in the living room then muted it so she would know when anything new happened.

She was beginning to get used to all the people’s conversations in her head and found that with a bit of concentration she could isolate individual conversations in the sea of voices. Her eyes lit up at the inherent possibilities. She revisited the couple who had woke her but quickly let that one go as she blushed to her ears. About the only topic of conversation was the explosion and aftermath this morning. She even caught an initial reaction as one woman realized she’d been mutated after freezing her alarm clock into a block of solid ice. She giggled as the startled woman cried out and went in search of more fun. She was so preoccupied she completely ignored her cell phone when it rang.

Sometime later there was a knock at the door. “No thank you, I’m busy” Rain called. By this time she was sitting yoga style in the middle of the floor, the remote for the muted TV at her feet.

“Nice try Raine,” came Phoebe’s voice through the door. “Now let me in.”

“Aw Phoeebs, go back to bed will ‘ya?” Raine called, not moving from the floor. “I’ve got a horrible hangover.”

There was a click at the door and then Phoebe appeared, key in hand. “You don’t drink,” she said bluntly as she quietly closed the door.

Raine sprang up and ran for the bathroom. “Well maybe I picked yesterday to start.”

Phoebe followed her, “Or maybe you were some place you don’t want to admit last night,” she went on relentlessly. “You know, before the accident you’ve been watching on TV happened.”

Raine turned toward her, towel in hand. “How did you know that?”

“It was in your email.”

“You read my email? Wait a minute – that was in my private qmail account. You read that?”

“Of course. Why do you think you get so little junk mail?”

“You mean you…” Raine stammered. “Just how long as this been going on?”

“Pretty much forever,” Phoebe answered absently. “But that’s really beside the point. The fact is you were partying right near that warehouse when it blew. I’ve been following the news for a while now. When you didn’t answer the phone I figured I’d come over here and make sure you weren’t purple and slimy. I even brought a mop, just in case,” she finished with a smirk.

“Nope,” Raine said with a smile, holding out her arms and turning around. “As you can see, I’m perfectly fine.”

Phoebe had been watching her closely. She looked right into the convincing smile of her long time friend. “Bull,” she said.

“Akay, akay, maybe not ‘perfectly’,” Raine admitted with a grin. “But there’s no need to get all flustered.” There was a pause and finally Raine continued. “So maybe I can hear other people sometimes.”


“Akay, maybe like all the time. I can hear conversations and sometimes even hear what people are thinking. As a matter of a fact, I can’t get them to stop.”

“Huh,” Phoebe grunted. “I suppose that makes sense.” She smiled at the confused look on Raine’s face. “You’ve been empathic from the time I first met you sweetie. How do you think you get along with people so well? Like a chameleon you change to suit others and you’re not even aware of it. My guess is that whatever you got exposed to probably took that ability and expanded it. I wonder what else you can do.”

“I don’t want to be able to do anything else. I just want the voices to stop!”

“Then shut them off,” Pheobe answered sensibly.

“And I suppose you know how to do it, Ms Know-It-All?”

“Don’t be snide. Of course I don’t know but I can make a good guess. You know how to shield emotions from hurting you, you need to do the same thing with all the extra voices.”

“I wouldn’t know where to start,” Raine whined and threw herself into her chair.

“Shut your mouth, open your mind and just do it.”

Raine threw here friend a glare and then shut her eyes. She concentrated for several long moments and then a beatific smile came to her face. “Hey,” she gasped.

“Naturally,” smirked Phoebe.

“You were right,” Raine conceded. “Now don’t rub it in.” She grinned a few more seconds and then the smile fell from her face. “What’s going to happen when people realize what’s happened to me? What’s Daddy going to say?”

“You tell them the truth,” Phoebe answered seriously. "You tell them that you were at a party and was hit by this gunk. A lot of people were you know.” Raine looked unconvinced. “It’s not like you were doing anything illeg…” She paused and grimaced. “Whoever owns that warehouse didn’t know about that party, did they?”

“Well of course they didn’t,” Raine admitted. “That’s one of the things that make it exciting.” She jumped up and took Phoebe’s arm. “Please Phoeebs, this has to be our secret akay? We can’t let anyone else know.”

Phoebe didn’t answer and instead turned back to the TV. “Oh look here,” she said grabbing the remote. “They’re about to start.”

Tar Palantir
2007-10-31, 04:08 PM
The Reaper listened to the two for a while, then left, jumping from shadow to shadow when the way became impassable. As he crawled along the side of a building, he heard a television inside announcing a pending press conference. Thinking it potentially of interest, he strated towards city hall.

Making good time despite the advancing daylight, he managed to take up a position on the shaded side of a pillar in front of city hall, ornamental in nature but functional for his purposes. No doubt the mayor would be there, and possibly someone else of significance. A few high profile kills would put the fear of death into the people of Rainport. The Reaper clung to the shadows, careful to remain hidden from the hated sun, and ready to kill if the opportunity presented itself.

I'm assuming that city hall is one of those quasi Greek buildings with the columns, like the White House, and that the lights are focused mainly on the mayor and not the backs of the columns a couple 10-20 ft. behind him. I can't touch him while he hides in the light, but I can use my fear power on him, and cause him to flee in terror, hopefully into darkness eventually.

2007-10-31, 05:33 PM
Starting at 5:22pm, lets see how long this one takes...

Pulse and Joe

*witty banter, witty banter* The police cars that you saw off in the distance, are getting close enough for you to hear their sirens, but they're still a bit of a ways off.


Original heading towards press conference - A guard turns you away at the door for not having a press badge, but he welcomes you to stand around the perimeter to watch the conference anyway.

Car Dealer - "Well, the price is listed about $4000 right about now, but I think we could knock it down to $3500 because you're so interested. If memory serves, we have 3 vans of a similar make, but the one you're looking at is in the best condition, but also priced the highest. Would you like to see the others?"


The Secretary leads you to a side office where there are many of the tech people who get you mic-ed up for the conference, and the Secretary leads you to his office where you can have some peace and quite to think about your speech.

Andrew/Vox Populi

The Mayor says you should start heading over to the press conference, and you'll have a seat at the conference reserved for you if you wish to have one.

OOC: Okay, next time I'll do the Mayor's speech at the press conference. I'll give you this little grace period to do anything else you want to finish out before now and then, but sometime between 2-4pm tomorrow, I'll post what happens at the press conference. So before that time, make sure you've done everything you wanted to do in that time.

Oh and Happy Halloween. :smallbiggrin:

Xerxes Shadow
2007-10-31, 05:40 PM
"Pretty much, yeah," explained Joe. "I've been kinda busy putting together my 'costume' and such, so I don't really know what's going on down at the hospital. I might as well go check... and also change. I don't want to get arrested, here." He jumped across the street, landing in front of the hospital. He entered the place, ducking into the bathroom to change out of his "costume." As he exited, he approached reception and asked what was going on.

SUMMARY: Go to the hospital, ask reception a question. OOC: I'm assuming the sunglasses count as a domino mask for recognizing me?

2007-10-31, 05:48 PM
You get to the hospital in a few long bounds, and people there are too distracted by everything else that is going on to notice someone jumping really high. After changing, you head up to the reception desk, and one of the nurses, who looks a bit frazzled, asks you "Is there anything I can help you with sir?"

Raven T.
2007-10-31, 05:51 PM

A thought occurred to him as he waited; there was someone he could possibly tap for a bit of information gathering. Firing up his e-mail client, he sent this out to an old friend.

I must discuss some things with you at my apartment. Dinner is served promptly at six. I would appreciate it if you could come...for old time's sake.

2007-10-31, 06:33 PM
Andrew/Vox Populi

Andrew expresses his thanks to the Mayor, and heads out to his car to reach the press conference.

2007-10-31, 08:07 PM
How's the plan going?
If it keeps going this smoothly we won't need the van.
Then what would we do with it?
Sneak into wherever the government keeps its best nanotech.

Orig @ Press Conference

"Fine. I say before heading off to stand around in a relatively quiet place near the conference so that I can direct the preparations peacefully.

Clone # 1&2 @ Car Dealer
How would you feel about $1,000 now and $100 a month for 2 years? Assuming of course it works well but my brother can take it for a test drive while we work out a contract.

Clone 2 does whatever bureacracy stuff is necessary to test drive the van, and then starts heading off towards that Home Depo-esque place.


Clone #3 @ Hospital

I head over to Frank Viola's bed and say"So you can teleport right? So where have you been popping off to while I was here? Because if you could control it perfectly it would be really powerful"

I'm not sure what kind of roll this would be so here's a few guesses. [roll1] [roll2] [roll3]

2007-10-31, 08:10 PM
I wrote bluff instead of diplomacy on the second roll for my hospital one so here's another one


2007-10-31, 08:39 PM

car dealership - The salesman ponders for a moment; your direct approach kind of took him by surprise. After a moment's consideration he says "If you make it $1500 up front, and paying the remaining $2000 in $100 monthly increments, you can drive it off the lot before lunch if you so wish." If you agree to the offer, he takes you inside and breezes right through all the paper work.

Hospital - Frank looks at your curiously for a moment, before saying "I've been going to different parts of the hospital, or at least trying, for most of the morning. The farthest I think I've gone it to the top of the roof..." He pauses for a moment and looks at you for a moment before saying "Haven't I seen you around here before? You look familiar."

2007-10-31, 09:35 PM
“The Man”
He sat down in the leather-backed chair and began spinning a pen between his fingers, while he pressed the cell phone to his ear.

“Hello Mr. Schwartz, … Who am I? I am ‘The Man’, and … yes that’s the one. Did you read the email Fauntleroy sent you? Right, in today’s press conference. Yes well, he wanted me to make sure that you would cover my upcoming speech very thoroughly, and in a positive light. Sounds Great! Thanks, I’ll be in touch.”

As he hung up his cell, an intern opened the door and squeaked “Um… Sir? Um… Do you have um… a secretary named Angie?”
“Yes, let her in.”
“I’m sorry for holding you up.” He mumbled a quick apology towards Angie, and left as quickly as he could as Angie stepped in and closed the door.
“Angie, finally you’re here. Let’s get to work.”

Call Mr. Schwartz, Editor of major newspaper (Ally) for a possible bonus on my talk when read. :smallwink:
Start working on speech with Angie if she indeed makes it in as I have indicated. I'm assuming that secretaries are allowed inside (Maybe they need a security badge?). If not, then well, I'll have to work on it myself :smallfrown:

2007-10-31, 10:26 PM

She's passed out. She was probably up all night drinking. I thought she had a research paper due.

These were the first words Tasha heard as she woke up. Last night had been a bitch and a half. After spending two hours driving around looking for the Peter Faulk gallery to write a pointless report for her art appreciation course, she had finally gotten herself hoplessly lost. Finally finding a place to stop, she had headed for a local crap-hole of a deli that was still open... when there was a sound like a bomb went off. It had not sounded too far off, and Tasha immediately abandoned her quest for directions to run like hell for her car and speed out of there. She couldn't stop coughing at first... and grew a bit dizzy as she drove... but the blaring of sirens and flashing police lights kept her focused enough to make it back to her dorm... Though by then she had a hellish migrane. She took a handful of advil, and passed out... briefly musing over whether the school health office had the supplies to treat anthrax.

Now it was morning, and her roomate Heather was awake and typing away at her computer. Probably trying to last-minute some project or another. Tasha's head still stung a bit... but she wasn't dead. That probably ruled out anthrax.

I wish I could lie around like that and still pull passing marks. Stupid smart people. She heard from Heather again.

"I can hear you, you know." Tasha said groggily and rolled over onto her back.

"Huh? Hear what?" Heather remarked confused, looking at her oddly. Oh god. Is she STILL drunk?

"I'm not drunk!" Tasha protested, sitting up in her bed. "I didn't have anything to drink at all last night. I spent all night trying to find the stupid gallery!"

"I... didn't say you were." Heather replied... now even more confused. That was weird. I was just thinking that.

Tasha rubbed her eyes a bit and looked at Heather quizzically.

"Riiight. Well... my paper is shot now, so I'm just going to go and get something to eat." She said, and got up to get dressed... at least her headache had mostly gone away.


The halls were uncommonly noisy for so early... and they only grew worse at the school commons. When she arrived, all of the students and faculty alike were crowded around looking up at the televisions that hung above the tables. Usually, they played bad music videos and showed school news. Today, they were all tuned to the same channel.

"...This may seem like something out of a sci-fi movie or comic book, but I assure you, this is no hoax, and there are people in our own very city that now have these amazing abilities. It is currently unclear if they are a threat to the public or not, as many of those affected may not even know they have these new abilities yet. The Mayor is urging the public to remain calm, and will hold a press conference later on this afternoon." The reporter on the screen spoke. From his tone, you would think that the president had just been shot.

"What's going on?" She asked over the din of voices.

A boy she knew from her english class looked up.

"There was some chemical spill or something out by the shipping warehouses. They say people are mutating!" He said, oddly excited about the idea of a toxic chemical spill.

Tasha sat down and watched the rest of the report in rapt facination.

Holy @#$%! She thought to herself, I was only a block from where that happened. I could have cancer or something!

She didn't feel strange. "Superhuman abilities"? That was the most insane thing she ever heard. Still, she sat with the others and watched every minute of it. She didn't tell a soul that she had been near the blast. Who knew what might happen then? In shock, she wandered back to her room... but the voices of the commons seemed to follow her. She heard them long after they were out of earshot. Her head pounded as she tried to silence the voices. She closed her eyes and curled up on her bed, and tried to focus...


She all but jumped at the noise, and looked up to see Heather standing over her.

"Are you alright?" Heather asked in concern.

Tasha was still for a moment. For a second, it was quiet.

"I'm... fine." She said in relief. "Just... a headache."

"Alright..." Heather said, "You really shouldn't drink so much."

"I di..." She began to protest... until she realized how good an excuse that made for her whereabouts last night. "I... didn't mean to. You know me when I get going."

Heather smiled. "I wish I could manage to do that and still pull a 3.7."

"Yeah... I know." Tasha replied with a smile.


The next few hours were spent with the news on in the background as she researched "telepathy" online. After that, she began practicing her new trick... unwilling to believe that it was really, truly happening until she could feel Heather's thoughts in her head again. Not just her surface musings. She could delve deeper... What she had eaten that morning... The boy in her PE class that she liked... And deeper still... Memories from her childhood. Her school play when she was 12. Her parent's divorce. She could flip through everything. Thoughts... emotions... Even the deep dark repressed things that she wouldn't dare admit to.

At that point, her conscience kicked in. Heather was a friend of hers... It didn't seem right to sift through her mind like that. Besides... she wanted to practice other things. Tasha grabbed her purse and made an excuse about going out to do her research... hopped in her car, and drove. Someplace far from the school, where no one would recognize her. She didn't know what cosmic force had decided to grant her this power... but she was going to make the most of it...

(OOC: I could have ranted some more... but as it turns out, I have to sleep! The continuation of Tasha's development tomorrow)

2007-10-31, 10:32 PM

She shrugged. "I feel okay, I think." Just... seriously weirded out. She continued to stand near the quarantine for a bit, watching the cleanup personnel go about their work, before turning around and starting back the way she came.

As she did, she turned off the TV in her house, having gotten out of a brief news update the time that the press conference would be on. Until then, she figured nobody would really know anything, not on TV, at least. Jude realized she was hungry. Funny, that; she'd just eaten a little bit ago. Well, she'd have to wait. She'd already eaten twice as much as usual, she thought with a tinge of amusement. It came a little too close to thinking about what had happened to her again, and she realized she'd been trying to avoid that. "Well, avoiding it won't do anything," she muttered. Still, her other self stopped in at a local dingy coffee shop, delaying her arrival back here.

After a few minutes, she headed over and sits down cross-legged in front of the old cabinet that had her elderly computer on it, turning it on and humming to herself as the thing slowly started up. She'd had the thing all the way through college, and while it was pretty slow, at least it didn't break down on her. A new one would strain her pockets quite a bit right now. About to see what she could find on the various news sites, she realized she has mail.

Alex? Hmmm. Now there was someone she hadn't seen for a while. Not since she graduated, really. Still the same Alex, I see. She took a moment to chuckle over his slightly formal wording, typing out a reply.

Sure, I'd love to. It's been a while since I've seen you. Be nice to get caught up again.

It would be nice, she realized. A lot of her friends had been criminally involved with her the past couple years, and her decision to go straight had made things awkward with most of them, on both sides. Her attempt to go into business as an investigator hadn't helped, although she'd told herself she'd try to stay away from cases involving them. As a result, she didn't have many friends she kept in touch with at the moment, and none of them were all that close. She did wonder what it was Alex had called to discuss, though... and why he'd done it now. She grimaced. Figures; even when I get an invitation to dinner, I still have to fix myself something.

2007-11-01, 06:34 AM
Gabriel Teske

"Fine" Gabriel scowls at the police office and walks off. I'll never get to work on time now. He phoned up and made an excuse. And now I've got a whole day to do what I want. Gabriel knew what he wanted. To master this new power. He decided to head to somewhere abandoned, where he could test the limits of his abilities.

2007-11-01, 09:30 AM
Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

After quickly establishing that the sword-dude is no immediate threat, he turns his glider and heads back to the scene as Katana leaps from building top to building top toward the hospital. He dives down, keeping an eye to the shadows, just in case the Reaper is still around. Landing the glider, he climbs off and goes over to the mauled police officer. He looks him over and does what he can to stabilize the man.

Treat Wounds: [roll0]

Edit: Whoops, I spazzed on the roll and only added my ranks without wisdom bonus. Add another +6 to that, if you can.

Emperor Demonking
2007-11-01, 11:06 AM
Michael continues running to the hospital. If he gets thier he'll look for a docter and ask what he's meant to do.

2007-11-01, 01:09 PM
“The Man”

Your secretary is allowed in

Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

You do a fairly good job of patching the officer up, or at least bought him a little extra time for proper medical treatment to be administered. When you finish patching up the wounds, you notice the 3rd officer who was panicking a momebt ago edging closer to you, but he's still about 10 feet away. When you look up he says "I... I'll take it from h-h-here... Th-Thank you." and assuming you allow him, he goes over and patches Larry's wounds, making no effort to stop you from leaving if you so wish.

Emperor Demonking

Once you get to the hospital, the doctors say that they need to run a few tests to see if you've been affected or not, which are mostly blood tests and MRI's. Once they're all done, they say you should talk to Jen, a nurse who was affected by the gas herself, to see if she can help you manifest your powers, if any. They also say that you're not the only one who hasn't exhibited any powers, or changed, but was still in the blast radius. Those that weren't took it as a blessing and went home.

If you go in search of Jen, you find her in a waiting room, breathing a little heavily, looking at the television with other people. The TV is set to the press conference that is about to start.


As it gets closer and closer to the starting time of the conference, more and more people start showing up. Among those people are some of those who have been affected, and they take their spots atop nearby buildings or hovering in midair to watch the speech. A few of them even stand amongst the crowd, but none of them do anything to interrupt the procession; they all just watch and wait.

Finally, the Mayor steps out of City Hall, flanked by several members of his cabinet, and even more body guards. He notes the presence of the Supers dotting the lawn, but he looks like he was already expecting some of them to show anyways. As he approaches the podium, all whispering and chatter die out almost immediately, and then he begins his speech.

My beloved Rainport; I am here to address you during the crisis that has arisen just this past evening. What we have before us is a challenge unlike any other in the history of humankind. However, if there is just one single thing that I have learned in my life, it is that when you meet a challenge head on, and over come it, you become stronger because of it. This is just one more challenge that we, as a united people, need to overcome. Our nation has been beset through its turbulent history with difficulties associated with racism. As a people, we have fought against the inner demons that look at the color of another person’s skin, or the shape of their bodies, and caused us to make assumptions that in our eyes made them less of a human being. Today, we are not faced with such trivial differences, but truly amazing distortions of the human form. I have walked through these hospital wards and seen people who are not merely of another race, but seem to be an entirely new species in one individual. What we face here is the opportunity to truly define the nature of a human being… what is in their mind and in their soul. Another man might have walked through this hospital and seen monsters. What I saw was my fellow citizens of Rainport, people who through no fault of their own have suffered a change that may well be beyond our ability to undo, but they are all still people. Furthermore, those people in the hospital right now, put their faith in me, just as you did, when I was elected, and I shall NOT turn my back on them.

But our challenge goes beyond a mere change in some people’s looks. Also the people who have changed have developed some amazing abilities, things that seem to defy our conventions of what we thought to be possible. We are on the cusp of a paradigm shift, and we have the opportunity to look beyond the assumptions that made up our old world, and see into a new world that presents what seem to be infinite possibilities. Individuals have been gifted with powers that might seem to be magical in nature, something out of fantasy or mythology. More appropriately, perhaps, many of these gifts resemble what we might see in the modern fantasy of comic book superheroes. As a youth, I was a fan of Captain Amazing, Dr. Destiny, the Green Ghost, and countless other fictional heroes… and yet, there are people in this building who have powers that exceed those of even the most powerful fictional superhero imagined. Naturally, this raises a concern in everyone’s mind. For in a world of super heroes, there are also the super villains. It might be everyone’s wish that those who received these powers would be benign in their nature, but it is an old axiom that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I do not mean to put down the moral character of the people affected by this accident, and I truly hope that most will not use their abilities in a selfish manner, but the potential for abuse of these powers can cause the unchanged to be fearful, so I caution all who have such abilities be judicious in their use. Those those affected I say this: You have all been given great gift, and for the good of all humanity, I ask that you do not squander them.

Since our fair city is in such a state of unrest, I have communicated with the governor of our fair state, and together we have decided that, for the time being, a state of emergency shall be declared in the city of Rainport. It is my hope that our situation will stabilize soon, and the National Guard, which has been mobilized, can return to their civilian lives. Until that time, and until the state senate makes legislation on what is to be done regarding those mutated by the chemical agents, it is the declaration of both myself and the governor that any use of these supernatural powers on another citizen against their will shall be considered an act of assault at the very least. Any forceful violation of the sanctity of another citizen’s mind made to their detriment shall be treated as an act of rape. And any harm to another citizen using these powers shall be considered assault with a deadly weapon. We do not condone vigilantism, and if anyone wishes to use their gifts to assist the law enforcement authorities, we ask that they voluntarily register themselves at the Police Headquarters, where we are gathering a database of information in order to assist those affected by this accident. Those who wish to protect their “real” identies, may register under an alais if they so wish.

I urge all citizens, both those affected and those not, to remain calm, and for the present time, continue about your daily affairs. I have been informed there is no danger of lingering contamination from the accident. If you were within range of the accident and no changes have manifested, then it is likely that you have not been affected. If such manifestations occur at a later point, then it will have been because of previous contamination. There is strong evidence to show that those who have been affected are not ‘carriers’ of a condition that can be passed on. I urge all citizens to react to these affected individuals with sympathy and concern, and I urge all affected citizens, particularly those showing no outward sign of change, step forward, inform us, and assist the city government in helping all of you.

I have been informed that one individual among the affected wishes to address the city, and so, I would like to present the individual who calls himself, “The Man.”

At the last part, he stands aside from the podium and gestures towards City Hall, where "The Man" emerges. The Mayor claps appreciatively as he approaches the podium, and shakes his hand when they draw even.

2007-11-01, 02:18 PM

"What the heck is this now?" Tasha yelled over the music blaring on her ipod at the traffic jam in front of her.

It was as if there was some sort of mass riot or protest that just HAD to be right on her way home. An hour or so of reading people's minds at the city park had been more than enough... especially after she found out that the nice older man who was sitting nearby reading a book was imagining her sitting in his lap and calling him daddy. *Shudder*

"Come on! Move!" She yelled to no avail, smacking her hands down on the steering wheel.

She dipped into the mind of several people crossing the streets with hastily written signs saying things like "Human rights are for humans!" and the like. Their thoughts told her that they were going to some press conference nearby to protest what had happened. In their heads she could feel fear. Fear of people who could do things that couldn't... Fear of people who were not like them... and how that fear had turned into anger and hate. She crept out of their heads and parked her car hastily (As if anyone cared about her being in front of a fire-zone at the moment) so she could follow. She had no intention of joining the anti-mutant outcry... but the men had heard that among the speakers at the conference was at least one honest-to-god mutant. This she HAD to see.

Tasha slipped along after the men, who ended up joining the rather large crowd that was gathered around City hall to witness the historic event. As she pushed attempted to push towards the front with her impressive 5' 1" frame, making little progress, she heard the mayor speak... his voice broadcast over the crowd.

Every man and woman there listened to his words. Tempted though she was to listen in on their thoughts, Natasha held herself in check... Doubly so when he mentioned the part about violating minds.

How could they know? Has someone else already showed up who can read minds? Are they just taking guesses and covering all their bases? If there is someone else here who can read thoughts... can he tell that I can do the same? Damn it! This is going to ruin everything!

As her train of thought dragged on, the mayor finished his little speech. He spoke kindly enough, and Tasha did not feel confident enough to try to read his thoughts to see if his words were the truth. With that, the mayor called out who she had really come to see... The mutant who was to speak. She looked him over cynically as he walked up to the podium.

This is him? He doesn't look dangerous. He looks like some guy from an underwear ad. She thought to herself with a muted laugh, Is that music? Why the hell did they give him theme music? This has to be a joke.

2007-11-01, 02:26 PM
Andrew/Vox Populi

Wishy washy, Andrew thinks. I'll have to check into things, see if there are any hard-liners in City Hall that disagree--there must be.

He coughs once at the announcement of The Man to hide his surprise. What?! Is he one of the supers? How?!

He scowls at this thought, and leans back a little in his chair to watch what happens.

2007-11-01, 02:45 PM
Hey guys I'm starting to get headaches so were going to have to stop using all this power.
Well I have to do what I have to do...

Orig @ Conference

Orig. walks a few blocks away to a secluded area and waits for #2 so they can reform.

Clone #1&2

After pondering the recent developments for a few seconds #1 answers "Sure, sounds okay. Josh I won't be needing a ride anymore so you can go home.". At this dismissal #2 heads back to the conference and walks over to where Orig. is. "It was fun while it lasted." "I know... hug."
shortly after touching a familiar electric charge grew up his arms, which he still had wrapped around an invisible person for almost a minute before sitting down in the truck and watching the rest of the speeches.

Clone #3

"Yeah I've been here for about 20 minutes seeing if there was anything I could do to help. you probably recognize me from when I was reading the hospital's records nearby. But then again you could remember me from when I was driving here."

2007-11-01, 02:46 PM
Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

Pulse nods, "You take over, officer, I'm sorry I couldn't subdue the Reaper this time..." He glances at the officer, "The Reaper seemed to think himself death personified, and seems to have powers to fade into shadow. If he learns the officer is still alive, he may want to finish the job. You may want to alert the hospital to keep your friend in a room with diffuse lighting..." He pauses, pondering, "Also you might want to tell your sergeant to make sure all your men have magnesium flares on hand." He hops onto the glider and takes off silently into the sky, leaving a trail of smoke.

Tar Palantir
2007-11-01, 02:59 PM
Listening to the mayor's speech, the Reaper smolders with anger. This presumptuous mortal would pay for his arrogance. Shifting to find a clear line of sight, he shifted out of the shadows, his glowing red eyes causing gasps among the crowd. He turned to the mayor and raised his hand. "Your terms are denied," he hissed, and sent tendrils of fear wraping around the politician. He then remerged with the shadows and became invisible once more.

Summary: Emerge from the shadows (free action), fire fear beam as standard action, then reenter the shadows (also free action). 6PP total.


Raven T.
2007-11-01, 03:06 PM

Political bull, just like always. All he did was try to save his own position. Did he say anything about prosecuting those who caused the incident? No; he treats this accident as if it's the next best thing since sliced bread. I bet he wouldn't be saying that if HIS life were changed by the chemicals.

Shutting the broadcast off before this..."The Man" creature wandered into the spotlight, he sat back and relaxed some. More's the pity. This just means that there will be minimal interference from the government during this time of transition. With the right leadership... he smirked some, they could return to the public light as a defender of the common man...as I see fit.

Paying for his last coffee, he began making his way toward Bob's Sammiches. After all, they have an ox roast number to DIE for. Picking his order up, he heads home, munching the whole way.

Something happens, though. He begins to feel sick. His skin is on fire and his organs feel like they are boiling alive. On top of that, he has a sudden craving for scotch. Keeping his composure, he makes it to The Tomato, a bar two blocks from his apartment famous for having a giant ketchup bottle with their logo on it out front.

Two drinks later and he feels normal again. This chemical...it must degrade in the body and start dissolving tissues. Ethanol must be a stabilizing agent. Good to know; last thing I need is ANOTHER problem.

2007-11-01, 03:28 PM
Orig @ Conference

Edit: i edited this to much just read geez3r's post.

Clone#1 @ Car dealer

Once he owns the car #1 will head back to Ceiling-Mart pick out the most powerful portable screwdriver/drill and then check if the Gun section has silencers.

Clone#3 @ Hospital

Still talking with Frank...

OOC: 64, 64, 64 Zoo Lane. :)

2007-11-01, 05:11 PM

"Oh my gawd," Raine gasped as a pile of mutants formed around the mayor, watching for whatever-it-was who had tried to attack. The TV didn't give a good picture but you could tell that there had been some kind of scrabble followed by more mutants joining on the stage. There was a brief pause and then someone else stood to give another speech.

When it was over, Phoebe muted the TV once more then tossed the remote on the table. She shook her head but said nothing.

“What a load of crap,” Raine voiced for the pair. “I mean, sure it was sort of required for him to say something and anything he says is going to be uninformed at this point, but really! Where are the answers? Long term effects? How about an indication of what was in that goop in the first place?”

“Be at least a little reasonable Raine. Even if he had those answers they’re hardly going to let him tell the world. After all, information…”

“…is power,” Raine finished. “I remember. I suppose he did what was necessary to try and keep some kind of legal integrity,” she added, "not that it was enough to prevent some idiot from trying to attack him at the press conference. Although, I suppose that if he'd been able to assassinate someone so quickly it would make for total chaos and anarchy in the city. Just what we need," she finished, walking into the bedroom and opening the closet door.

“Indeed. As we've already seen, this is going to bring out the best and the worst in people,” Phoebe replied as she moved to the kitchen and grabbed a yogurt out of the fridge. "I don't know about you but I don't feel particularly safe right now. Who's to say what nutjobs got mutated," she added. She peeled off and licked the lid before hunting in the drawer for a spoon. ‘I wish she would learn to put utensils away properly, ’ she thought.

“Some people are just generally messy,” Raine called from the other room.

‘This new ability of hers is going to take some time to get used to – for both of us,’ she thought. “So what do you make of this ‘man’ dude?”

Raine made an indelicate noise. "I’m surprised that he can pull himself away from a mirror in the morning,” she replied. “He looks sort of familiar though. Maybe my brother knows who he is. One thing is for sure,” she said reappearing in the kitchen, “he’s right that this is going to need leadership and research, preferably from someone who has more than their own personal interest at stake.” With this she picked up the phone.

As Raine dialed, Phoebe watched her friend closely. Raine had changed and was now wearing a pair of grey linen trousers and a creamy white silk blouse. She noted that her friend had changed physically as well as this telepathy; her hair was glossier and her complexion spotless. She had been no small beauty before but now that was somehow refined, almost etherealized. Phoebe leaned against the kitchen counter to listen to Raine’s half of her conversation with her brother.

“Hi Eric, it’s me… I guess you’ve heard… I agree it’s awful… Already attacking... I don't know about you, but... dangerous... need to try and… my thoughts exactly. Got to find what research they were actually… exactly. I also don’t think that… genuine, exactly! So what are… you’ve got to be kidding me Eric… mere flash in the pan… C’mon Mr Scrooge, this is important… I’m sure we can find… well I dunno, maybe five million sounds good… No, I don’t think… Erick, C’mon, you know it’s the right thing to do… All I’m saying is we have a responsibility to our community and you know I’m right… Outstanding Eric… I knew you’d see it my way… I’m sure we can do it quietly… right, not create more of a media circus… Great… Are we still on for brunch next Sunday? Excellent. Love you big brother, bye.”

Raine hung up the phone. “That went pretty well,” she announced triumphantly.

“Oh yes I agree,” Phoebe answered in an odd tone. “You certainly were wonderful.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?” demanded Raine, narrowing her eyes to look at the woman.

“Why nothing,” Phoebe replied in that same oddly passive voice. “Just complimenting you on handling your brother.”

Raine’s eyes went wide as she stared at Phoebe for several long minutes. Then Phoebe’s expression returned to normal and almost immediately to irritation. “I don’t know what you just did,” she seethed, “but you had better not do it again.”

Raine was shocked. “Phoeebs I don’t even know what I did, if I did anything at all. What happened?”

“What happened is I was standing here listening to you sweet-talk your brother and then I found that everything you were saying was fascinating and intriguing,” she shuddered theatrically.

“So what if you agreed with me?” Raine asked. “It’s not like I was saying we should jump out the window you know.”

“Yah but don’t you see how potentially dangerous this is,” warned Phoebe seriously. “You didn’t intend to include me in your persuasion efforts but you did anyway. In that way you're more dangerous than these idiots who want to take over the world or some such crap! If you’re serious about not announcing to the world you have some of this ‘power,’ you better be prepared to be on guard at all times.”

“Gawd Phoeebs, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize… are you akay now? You don’t feel… weird or anything?”

“I seem to have recovered,” Phoebe answered wryly. “But let’s try not to let that happen again. The gods themselves only know how big your ego’d be if I were to agree with you constantly.”

Raine made a face. “You sure sound normal to me,” she said with a grin as she grabbed her hairbrush and faced herself in the mirror. In a surprisingly small space of time her hair was done. “Well, what are you waiting for, let’s go!”

”And where are we going?”

“To crash Eric’s barbeque of course,” she answered with a grin. “You don’t think I have the bank balance to just write a check for five big ones do you? But I know someone who does. And after that I want to stop by and see Professor Horton at RIT and give him the good news.”

“All right Raine,” Phoebe responded as she gathered her stuff. “But so help me if you do that thing to me again you are going to be a very lonely, disorganized woman.”

Raine was already through the door to the condo by this time but she turned to smile and wink at Phoebe.

“Trust me.”

2007-11-01, 06:52 PM
Okay, I got a bit of catching up to do.


#3 - Frank looks at you as if you should be saying something, but realizing you're not, he asks "So are you going to tell me your name or what?"

Ceiling Mart - They've got quite a selection of power tools, but no silencers.

Trigga please - They do have silencers, but it's not something they just hand out over the counter. It'll take probably about 1-2 weeks to go through the whole rigmarole of getting one.

The Press Conference

Just as the Mayor finishes his speech, the Reaper attacks, but the fiend's attack misses its mark. The Mayor's body guards start to spring into action, but before they can, there is an explosion between the Mayor and City Hall. As it becomes apparent, the explosion was not an attack, but a mutant, who is composed of fire from head to toe, teleporting to that spot. It is facing City Hall and turns towards the Mayor who is still at the podium and says "Mr. Mayor, you said you had our backs, but this time I say I have yours. That shadow shall not attack you again without first going through me."

After a moment's pause, a white blur streaks next to the fire-man and standing to the right of him, still in her nurse's outfit, stands Jen "And me. she adds.

Out of the crowd comes a man in a black costume with a blue half mask on and a blue T emblazoned on his chest, and he draws even with the other two, this time on the left of the fire-man. He cracks his knuckles before saying "And me."

Next, what appears to be a giant wolf, and a blue mote of energy (the same one from the hospital) come onto the scene, behind the first 3 but still looking at where the Shadow disappeared. They similarly show their support for the Mayor.

The Mayor nods in appreciation, and signals for The Man to deliver his speech.

Raven T.
2007-11-01, 07:08 PM

After picking up some wine and other fine alcohol, he makes his way back to his place. It was decorated fairly sparsely, a stylish couch, chair, and entertainment system in the living room, the den consisting of a large desk, powerful computer, and a huge window that overlooks the western skyline and out into suburbia. His bedroom was just a bed and a nightstand; all his clothes hung in his closet.

He spent the rest of the afternoon fixing dinner. It was going to be simple fare...buttered pasta, a lovely meat sauce, garlic bread, a light salad, wine, and some fresh cookies for desert. Setting up a table in the den (which had a lot of room in it even with the desk,) he waited for his distinguished guest to arrive.

Hopefully, she would be prompt. It was considered bad form to arrive to a meal late...but even worse to throttle someone because of it.

2007-11-01, 07:59 PM

Judith watched the press conference with a sort of bored interest. The Mayor didn't actually say much. She'd been hoping there would be more information about the actual mutations and what they should do about them; most of it was the polite political rambling that happened even to good politicians.

The attack startled her, as it doubtless did everyone; once it becomes clear it was more of a symbolic gesture than anything else, she slumped back. Just what we need. Some crackpot to make people paranoid. Hope they don't expect everyone to join the force. I'm still just an ordinary person... or, two ordinary people, anyway. Once again, actually thinking of herself as being more than one person made her shudder slightly. Both of her.

Glancing at her watch (the one at the cafe was wearing it), she realized it was getting close to 6. Better get going. She was surprised to realize she still felt hungry. Well, she couldn't very well eat before dinner... did eating feed both of her, she wondered? Maybe that has something to do with it.

Lacking a car, she takes the bus to Alex's address, and is a couple minutes late as a result by the time she finds his apartment and knocks on the door. She is dressed a little more nicely than usual, although not formally, in a gray shirt, knee-length black skirt, and coat.

2007-11-01, 08:04 PM
Orig @ Trigga Please:smalltongue: Gun-Store

2 weeks? I probably should have gotten one a while ago but now is an acceptable time. I then search through the store and buy 2 Laser sight thingies, 1 Rifle Scope that can fit on an Ak-47, and then ask the gun dude "Hey I was wondering how I would go about getting silencers, I need one for a beretta 92F and if you have any in stock I also have a rifle I'd want one for?"

Clone #1 @ Ceiling-Mart

After having no luck in finding silencers #1 walks over to the tool section and asks one of those mildly disgruntled "associates" Hey I'm entering this competition where people build replica catapults and see who can shoot the farthest, and I was looking for a portable drill so that I can make holes for all the little axles that are part of the mechanics, but it needs to be strong enough to pierce maybe an inch of steel, do you guys have anything like that?

Clone #3 @ Hospital

"Oh, my name is Josh... my powers are super fast healing and I can create copies of myself. So do you want me to get you some coffee or soda? It's probably safer for me to walk than for you to try and teleport.

2007-11-01, 08:06 PM
Screwed up a roll [roll0]

Tar Palantir
2007-11-01, 08:32 PM
The Reaper snarls at the costumed do gooders that decided to interfere with his will. He emerges from the shadows farther in under the shade of city hall. He sneers at the heroes, "Come and face me if you dare! I am the Reaper! Death follows in my footsteps, and already the streets of this city lay stained with the blood of the innocent! Stop me if you can, fools!" He then sends his tendrils of fear to strike at the flaming hero.


2007-11-01, 08:49 PM

"Holy...." Was all Tasha could mutter as a horde of mutants burst upon the scene. She was glad now more than ever that she had chosen to be liberal with her powers. Despite the shock, she stayed relatively calm, instead pondering something fairly irrelevant and absurd at the moment.

Where the hell did that one get a lame costume so quickly? Did he just have one sitting in his closet from last halloween.

The mayor's would-be attacker seemed determined to get himself killed or arrested. Declaring that he was an evil murderer AND crazy? She did her best to get clear of the lunatic and the other mutants. Death did not sound like a fun proposition.

Raven T.
2007-11-01, 09:10 PM
OOC: It's not necessarily this late for everyone else; The_Snark and I are moving on to a later time, mostly because this is going to take a while.


"It's open." Like someone would be foolish enough to rob him now...

Alex stood in the den, just off the doorway. The setting sun cast an eerie glow over the room. Only his outline is recognizable, but it is obvious he is standing with his back toward her. "Although you are late, I can forgive a little tardiness. Public transit is never as reliable as we would like. I also hope you like what I have prepared for dinner...I could not remember if you had any food allergies.

"As you well know, the entire face of Rainport has been changed. These...mutations that have been manifesting as a result of poor business practices and shoddy safety records have been all over the news. We stand on the edge of a new epoch, for good or for ill. I imagine that you have at least a passing knowledge from that joke of a press conference earlier today.

"What you don't know, though, could kill you. Forthwind Shipping, the company that was storing the chemical, is going to wind up taking the fall for this, but they are not necessarily at fault. I have my theories as to the nature of the event, but they will stay with me because I would be telling tales out of school.

But I would like to hear your take on the situation." Alex had always talked with his hands and every so often, to punctuate what he said, she could see his arms and hands making various expressions.

2007-11-01, 10:40 PM

Jude begins to remove her coat as Alex speaks. A half-grin adorns her face at his first words. Haven't changed much, have you, Alex? Almost like you invited me here to hear a lecture on Current Events. The coat is left hanging half-on when he mentions the day's events, and the smile fades. Well, of course he would mention it. No doubt everyone was thinking about it. Nothing to do with her in particular... except, why had he invited her tonight, it occurred to her to wonder? He must have closer friends than she.

Her uneasiness not really appeased, she stops again with the coat dangling from one hand. Not that it isn't a common metaphor, but... he's not talking as though it's a metaphor. Finally, she hangs the coat by the door, walking a little further into the apartment. "Not even a hello for an old friend, Alex?" she asks, her light tone falling a little flat on its face. Alex tended to be focused, driven, and somber, yes, but this was a little strange.

"My take? I don't know. I don't know much more than what's been on the news." She grimaces. Alex had hinted he knew more than most about the explosion. "All I could really tell you that they didn't mention at the conference or on the news is that there were other companies with chemicals in the warehouse. Probably some sort of reaction between two of them caused the explosion, but that's just a guess." She could go on, about how it was likely that the chemicals involved had probably belonged to different companies—hence the lack of knowledge about what would happen when they came into contact—but it was still just speculation. Besides, she was curious, too.

"Why? What have you heard about it?"

2007-11-01, 10:54 PM
“The Man”
Didn't Happen :smallfrown:

“I too will join you brethren!” he exclaimed, and he rushed forward as a second dark beam seemed to streak out from the shadow. “Men and women of Rainport come to our aid! We cannot target this fiend so long as he is concealed in darkness, shine your lights, flash your cameras, and show him the true power of the Limelight!” he exclaimed as he approached the dark figure.

Talk (free action), Move or double move (depending on distance) towards the shadow. Stop when 25 feet from him if I can get that close.

Question, how dark are the shadows, and how much concealment does he have?


Initiative: [roll0]

Raven T.
2007-11-01, 11:09 PM

"I do apologize, old friend. Yes, it has been some time, but the pressures of the business world have kept me from keeping in contact. Of course, you are more than welcome here. If you are thirsty, feel free to raid the fridge.

"I have, quite possibly, heard more than you can fathom about the moment itself, but the surrounding circumstances remain in a fog. You wouldn't expect these people to PUBLISH records involving disaster-like events, especially not online. Any information than what I can give you is, as far as I know, is either trade secrets or mere conjecture.

"The parent company who developed this chemical is called Balchem. In their 32 years of existence, they have been taken to court eight separate times, though only the most recent, an incident seven years ago involving malfunctioning ventilation systems, has ever been ruled on. The payout is a matter of their records and not published, but this seems to have fallen under the radar of most people.

"An interesting side note is Balchem's profits have been slipping of late. They've been grabbing up other assets, sometimes taking huge losses. There's something big going on here, but it is impossible to pin down without being able to access the sealed records within Balchem's offices.

"I wonder...do you happen to be among the affected by this event?" Alex stepped forward some, smiling friendly...but there is an undertone of creepiness within it. There has been no malice in his voice, though it has dropped into the calculating tone he often spoke in when the subject matter was business. You didn't get to his position without playing hardball.

2007-11-01, 11:32 PM

Jude shifted uneasily. Now there was a topic she would rather have avoided even if she'd been with a close relative. Not that she was particularly close to her remaining family. She wasn't used to the idea that this—what had Alex called it; an epoch-altering event?—was going to personally change her life. She didn't want to be regarded as out of the ordinary. And moreover, Alex's manner was beginning to disturb her. He had to loosen up sometime; she knew he used to be more casual some of the time. But not when it was business.

"I... don't know, Alex. I live pretty close to the warehouse district, so maybe... hell, I don't know. How do you tell? I haven't started breathing fire yet or anything." She looks as if she was going to try to laugh at that last, but didn't quite manage it.

To try to distract herself (and maybe him) from that line of inquiry, she took him up on his earlier offer, turning away and looking into the fridge. "Sounds like Balchem was up to something," she says back over her shoulder. "This, maybe—if they'd been able to sell it, they could have made a fortune. Wonder what they'll do now that it's out and about?"

Raven T.
2007-11-01, 11:53 PM

"'How do you tell?!' Maybe this will help you find out!" Alex steps forward some so she can see him clearly. Two fleshy tentacles with black tips whip out from behind him, writhing some. "I get the feeling you are leaving some things out of this; personally, if you did manifest something, WHAT your abilities are would be none of my business. However, if you DID become affected, would you want it? Would you consider it a blessing, a curse...or something different?"

Alex smiles some, his tone becoming level again. "Come, let us eat. I did not ask you here to intimidate you; I invited you for dinner.

"As to Balchem's next step, it is blatantly obvious: coverup. They will bury all information they have on this and pretend they knew nothing. If you caught the mayor's speech today, you would have noticed he said nothing about sanctions or justice for the afflicted." One of his new additions pours the wine, a lovely Pino Noir, while the other dishes up the food. His hands become occupied with buttering a slice of bread. "I would like to offer you...a job. With my work schedule, I am not active on the street or able to find out much of the 'common' man's thoughts. This is where I'd like you to come in. All I ask is that you be my eyes and ears on the outside and I will pay you well, based on both your need and the value of what you bring me.

"What say you, Judy? Are you willing to aid an old friend in exchange for his aid?"

2007-11-02, 01:02 AM

Jude steps back in alarm at Alex's sudden step forward, both at his tone and at his revelation; she can't help but stare at the appendages as they whip about, slightly revulsed. Immediately, she wished she hadn't. How would she have felt if someone reacted that way to her affliction? She's also worried, though; aside from the physical change, this has obviously affected Alex deeply.

She exhales, sitting down, and is silent as Alex returns to his calm, urbane voice, watching him a little warily and trying not to pay too much attention to the limbs serving her. She sits a few moments after he finishes, then gives her answer. "I... don't know, Alex. I can't say I wouldn't like to know more about this, and I know you do..."

She looks down for a few moments, then back up, holdng her already half-empty wineglass. "I don't know what I'd feel about it if I were affected. I mean... hell, I don't know. How can you know how something will change your life until you've actually seen it happen?" She takes a sip—no, more of a drink—out of the glass.

"I guess I could give it a shot, but why? I mean, what is it you're planning on doing about this?" She didn't think Balchem ought to get away with having another corporation taking the blame, and she wanted to know more about whatever the chemical had been, but at the same time, Alex was starting to worry her. She starts to eat the pasta; it's good, but it doesn't really take her mind off Alex.

Raven T.
2007-11-02, 08:14 AM

"Justice. Justice for those affected. I will find a way to make Balchem pay for what it has done. Regardless of how useful extra appendages are, this was forced on me and countless others out there. Balchem is no better than some sleazeball in a back alley raping unsuspecting women." He ate slowly, savoring every bite of food or sip of wine. The villain is always undone in the exposition.

Bluff Check, just in case. I'm telling the truth, but not the whole truth.

2007-11-02, 09:45 AM
Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

Harold lets the glider "engine" smokestick burn out, and lands in a secluded spot. Then keeping a feel out for anyone he changes out of his heavier outer garments and walks back to his house, providing some additional magnetic levitation to his glider which is folded into a briefcase shape. He arrives at home and immediately turns up the thermostat and puts a meal into the microwave to heat up. Going to the bathroom he steps on the scale and shakes his head, "The superhero diet... I've got to watch out for the calories my brain is burning..." As he lays out his costume, he stuffs a couple of high protein energy bars in the pockets and turns on the television just in time to get a replay of the mayor's speech. At the Reaper's appearance he just shakes his head, "That man needs some serious psychotherapy." He ponders what the mayor talked about. "I suppose I should speak to the police if I'm going to help... we'll see how anonymous they let me be."

He fortifies himself with a large dinner, then goes into his garage and picks up some magnesium road flares. Testing his magnetic grip on them, he realizes he can't pick them up because their metal content is too low. He secures some metal bandings around two of the road flares, and replaces their striker caps with metal caps that he can manipulate. He pauses, smiling, "People believe what they see... and magnetism is fortunately invisible to most of them." Harold cobbles together a small device to put around the base of each flare, something that has a flashing red light and makes an occasional beeping noise. "There, that's what's holding it up... not some mysterious power we can't see..." He wipes down the flares and slides them into a small compartment on his glider, then goes to eat his lunch. After that, he checks his makeup again... fake nose, bushy eyebrows, darkened hair; reloads two ballbearings in his guns, making sure to wipe off any fingerprints first; and puts on his costume and once again sets out, taking his usual precautions.

Airborne over the city, Pulse takes a deep breath through his scarf and smiles underneath it. Seeing the city as a panorama below him, flying above it, there is an incredible sense of peace. Up in the air, away from magnetic anomalies, he senses for the first time that in addition to manipulating magnetic fields he seems to be generating one at a skintight level. "I wonder what that does... perhaps I can actually grab hold of that and fly without simply lifting the metal objects I'm wearing..." Seeing police headquarters below him, he dismisses the question for now, and spirals down in a slow lazy way, waving to those who look up startled below him. Timing things perfectly so his smokestick burns out as he lands, he folds the glider up and carries it (again with a magnetic assist) as he walks up to the doors of police headquarters. He addresses the first officer or detective he encounters, "I've come to register to assist the police... you may call me Pulse."

Emperor Demonking
2007-11-02, 11:44 AM
Michael was just about to say something when she ran off. He looked at the television "That thing needs to face justice." He said as he continued watching.

2007-11-02, 12:51 PM
(This is a place holder for what happens at the press conference and any interaction I need to post with the other players. Oh and I apologize to you Emperor Demonking, it seems like every time you get ready to do something, someone else interrupts. You can get some character development in soon. The real thing will be posted in the near future, how near the future is depends on how fast I type. Don't be alarmed if I log out, I write this stuff in word first.)

The Press Conference

As soon as The Reaper issues his challenge, the fire-man cries "No more hiding coward!" and from his outstretched hands bursts a torrent of flame, twisting and writhing in the air. The Reaper reflexively puts his hands over his head to shield them from the flames, but they don't come. Looking around him, the Reaper notes what the true intent was. The flames are surrounding him, hovering in the air in a ring of fire, trapping him to that spot. Even worse for the shadowy figure is that the ambient light from the flames are keeping all the shadows from the building at bay.

Once the Reaper is trapped in the flames, the glowing blue mote of energy move into attack saying "Don't worry, this won't kill you." A line of blue energy streaks from the creature straight at the Reaper.

7d6 lethal electricity damage , Ref DC 24 for half damage

1d20+7 This is your reflex save

oops, I forgot that the forum roller doesn't work with edits, off to invisible castle:

First, damage: energy attack damage (7d6=24) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1349774)

Reaper Ref Save (1d20+7=22) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1349776)

The shock of suddenly being exposed must have thrown off your concentration as you are unable to dodge the blow.

Just as the Reaper is recovering, he looks up and sees the costumed man (the one with a T on his chest) increase his size until he appears to be in excess of 30ft tall. He runs over to where the Reaper is, and drops a boot onto the Reaper. Giant Stomp attack roll (1d20+16=33) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1349807) quite solidly in fact
Giant Stomp damage roll (2d6+11=19) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1349817) and that hit is powerful enough to start a knock back, and with the collection of knockback feats this guy has, that would knock you back 20 feet into the ground and deal another 20 damage, but he's a nice guy and spends an AP to not kill you out right, and you are instead at -1 HP and stabilized.

After a resounding thud that shakes the ground, the giant lifts his boot to reveal the Reaper. Jen dashes over to the Reaper's side and announces to everyone after examining him for a moment"He's alive, just unconscious, I'll go take him to the hospital and then return here to await my punishment." Jen lifts up the Shadow and then dashes off to the hospital (she moves fast enough that you don't take damage from the sun).

The giant shrinks down to normal size, and the mutants turn to the Mayor, ready to accept their punishment for attacking someone else with their powers.

The Mayor looks at them for a moment before turning to the microphone and saying "Why don't we decided this with a vote? Because of the declared state of emergency, we are allowed to speed up the legal process a bit, and because so many people are here, I think this qualifies as a jury of your peers. All those in favor of pardoning these 5 of all criminal charges say "I". A resounding "I" issues forth from the crowd. "All those opposed?" A few Nays can be heard throughout the crowd. "Motion passed. You may retake your seats if you so wish. Before we were interrupted, I believe someone else had a speech prepared, and it would be a shame to not let it be heard."


Trigga Please - Not even blinking at the slightly odd request, the old guy behind the counter bends down for a moment and returns holding a few forms. "What you have to do is fill out all of these forms, and bring them completed down to this office at City Hall." He scribbles 'office 527' on a scrap piece of paper and hands that to you with the forms. "After they do a background check on you, and pay for a license or two, they'll put a bunch of fancy stamps on those forms. Hand those completed forms back into me, and I can hook you up with nearly anything you want."

Ceiling Mart - The oblivious employee shows you to heavy power tools section, where he shows you this behemoth of a drill, which must weigh 30lbs that could drill right through iron of that thickness; price tag of $672.99

Hospital - Umm coffee would be nice... You can sense that Frank's a little uncomfortable talking to people.


[You're a bit ahead of the current time, so that is why you see certain people here]

When you walk into HQ, you get a few weird looks, but you get the feeling that you're not the weirdest thing they've seen today. The officer you ask points down a hall way saying "Third door on your left leads to a stair case, take that 1 level up, and the room directly across the hall is where they're registering people." You follow the officer's instructions, and come into a room with 3 officers sitting at a table, 2 of them are currently talking to whom you can guess are mutants (one of the two being the costumed man from the conference).

You walk up to the free officer, who has 2 stacks of forms in front of her, you can see one says "Civilian" and the other says "New Alias".

She looks up at you and says"I'm sure you'd rather be off doing something else, so I'll make this quick. Answer these questions honestly. Ready, here we go.

Will you be using your powers while costumed or in a civilian identity?

What is your name and/or alias?

What are your powers?

What do you plan on doing with your powers?

Do you have any police, military and/or medical training?

Do you have a criminal record?

Are you interested in receiving Police training?

2007-11-02, 02:00 PM
“The Man”
This didn't happen either. What a shame :smalltongue:

As he stood facing the creature of darkness he stretched out his arms, and yelled “You… Shall… Not… Pass!” each word being punctuated with a thrust of his hips.

Already rolled for initiative in prior post.
Cause Blindness: Ranged Touch Attack- [roll0]

2007-11-02, 02:48 PM
Excerpt from the research journal of Dr. Harold Smith...

In studying the life sciences - one universal principal stands out in regard to the Balchem incident. Myriad studies have uncovered that any random change to a complex system is almost universally to the detriment of that system. This has been shown in complex ecosystems as well as in individual organisms. Specifically, a random mutation to the DNA of a complex organism is like taking the blueprints of a 747 and randomly changing one aspect of the blueprint. There could be an extra seat, there could be a lack of windowglass in one passenger window... but the chance that the change will improve the aircraft is ludicrously small. Some changes (like the extra seat) may be more-or-less irrelevant, but it is always the greatest chance that such a random change will be to the serious detriment of the aircraft. So it is with DNA, and this has been proved time and again.

So, how does this relate to the Balchem incident? Very simply... just looking at the basic facts, there seems to have been no deaths associated with the mutations. Those closer to the active mutagen suffered the greatest physical alterations, but none, as far as I can tell have died from it. All, however, whether physically changed or not have gained a great deal of power which, for the most part, is focused by mental ability. Therefore, only one conclusion only can stand out from this hypothesis... The changes wroght by the Balchem incident were not random! What factors actually did influence the changes is still, at present, a matter of speculation.
Therefore, if this conclusion is accurate, then we know that this was no accident.

Tar Palantir
2007-11-02, 02:57 PM
The Reaper laughs, then raises his hands above his head. "Take away your cursed light!" he cries, his eyes veiled to protect them, however little, from the glow of the flames. "I seek only to keep the balance! There can be no good without evil, no light without shadow, no life without death. How many lives will you save, heroes! How many more must Death then take, and who else shall take them if not me? Kill me now, and a greater shall come in my place, one who you cannot best! You must either kill me or free me, for the light shall slay me, and the shadows release me! I must maintain the balance between life and death, whichever side is stronger! For now it is you, but when you are weak, I shall be your ally. Mistress Death has given me my powers to stop the reign of chaos which fast approaches! Do not slay a current foe and deny a future ally! I beseech you, let me go!" He then curls up on the ground, whimpering in agony from the burning of his eyes by the hated light.

2007-11-02, 03:43 PM
It's pretty expensive but it will get the job done easily.Then tell the man these exact words... Orig began to narrate a sentence with #1 speaking it in almost the exact moment he hears it "Well it looks nice but I am not going to buy it unless it comes with a warranty or some kind of return policy." Then Orig changes topics and starts telling #3 Ok, some weird guy tried to attack the Mayor but he got his but kicked, and Jen took him to the hospital so try to end your conversation kindly and go search for him I don't think he'll ever be our friend but it would still be informative to study him.On it. #3 replies before heading off and getting a coffee and a Dr. Pepper heading back to Frank and saying "Here's your coffee, I'm sorry about this but something came up and I have to go but it was nice talking with you." before waiting a few seconds for a response. Similtaneously Orig. was heading off to the parking lot of City Hall where he stops to fill out all the annoying junk in the forms.

Xerxes Shadow
2007-11-02, 03:47 PM
((Sorry for not posting, my internet was down. Should be fixed for good now, but I've said that before.))

"Yes, ma'am. I'd like to know if there are any ill effects from the powers, because my brother was given some and I want to know what's going on. Is it fatal?" asks Joe, hoping she doesn't call his bluff.

SUMMARY: Try to bluff the nurse. ROLL: 1d20+11=15. (http://invisiblecastle.com/rolldice.py?u=no+one&r=1&d=1d20%2B11&n=&a=Roll+the+dice)

2007-11-02, 04:01 PM
While he was a bit disappointed at not being able to show off his sexiness on national TV, he nonetheless was thrilled that his speech was finally to be heard. As he shook the Mayor’s hand, his music blared in a triumphant tone. This was the moment he had been waiting for. As he turned to address the crowd, he ran his hand through his perfect hair, blew on his nails, polished them on his chest, took a closer look at them, then smiled a dashingly and began, “Ayyyyyyy!” As glow around his body flared, he felt his awesomeness and sexiness multiply and radiate outward. He could feel the audience’s stares locked on his divine form, as he began his speech.

“Friends, mutants, countrymen lend me your ears, your minds, and other hearing organs. It is with great anxiety and also great pleasure that I am able to join with you today in what will go down in history as the dawning of the greatest age in both human and mutant-kind. The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to transform all forms of human life. With the dawning of this new day, a new form of life has evolved. Rather than millions of years, it has taken mere moments to transform humanity forever. This is a breathtaking pace, and such a pace cannot help but create new ills as it dispels old, new ignorance, new problems, new dangers, as today’s events have surely shown. However it is my firm belief that the opening vistas of new relations between mutant and humankind promise high costs and hardships, as well as an even higher reward.”
“So it is not surprising that some would have us stay where we are a little longer to rest, to wait. But this city of Rainport, this country of the United States was not built by those who waited and rested and wished to look behind them. This country was forged by those who moved forward--and so will the future of human and mutant kind be forged. William Bradford, speaking in 1630 of the founding of the Plymouth Bay Colony, said that all great and honorable actions are accompanied with great difficulties, and both must be enterprised and overcome with answerable courage. If this capsule history of our progress teaches us anything, it is that man, in his quest for knowledge and progress, is determined and cannot be deterred. The march of evolution and will go ahead, whether we join in it or not, and it is one of the great adventures of all time, and no nation which expects to be the leader of other nations can expect to stay behind in this inexorable march forward in the progress of humanity. The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what will be done here. Thus it is for us to be dedicated to the great task remaining before us – the formation of the foundation of mutant-human relations for generations to come.”
“First to my fellow mutants I now say that in the process of forging our rightful place in society we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Today’s events may have had a detrimental effect on Mutant Human relations for years to come! Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for power by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative powers to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting malevolent forces with our own powers. We have all witnessed from the events that occurred here just moments ago, that those that use their powers for personal pleasure and gain only serve to hinder our cause. Their blindness and selfishness, their small-mindedness and arrogance, not only put others lives in peril, but our very liberty is at stake! Their actions will be used to sow seeds of contempt and dischord and be used to deny our freedoms and our liberty! But today we have seen a victory over the long shadow that creeps over us. Let this be an example of what happens to those that abuse their powers and attempt to deny us of our rights and our liberty.”
“I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the chaos and confusion of the moment, In spite of the violence we have just witnessed, I still have a dream. I have a dream that one day the docks of Rainport will become a safe place for the rich and the poor alike to walk forward without fear of crime or violence. I have a dream that one day mutant kind will be praised for its sacrifice and nobility, to free the oppressed and bring justice to the wronged. I have a dream where little human boys and human girls will be able to join hands and tentacles with little mutant boys and mutant girls and walk together as sisters and brothers. I have a dream today.”
“This is our hope. This is the faith with which we must struggle forward. With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of confusion a stone of hope. With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our city into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. Let us pledge ourselves to this path.”
“And to the humans of this generation offer not a pledge but a request: that both sides begin the quest for peace, before the dark powers of destruction unleashed by science engulf all humanity in planned or accidental self-destruction.”
“For I am a Mutant. Hath not a Mutant a heart? Hath not a Mutant happiness, joy, sorrow, anger, fear, passions? Rejoicing in the same joys, hurt with the same words, subject to the same pangs of sorrow, our hearts healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same passions and desires, as a Human is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison our hearts, do we not suffer? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? For while our bodies may differ, at heart we are the same, and we will resemble you in that.”
“Let us not hurt or persecute one another, starting down that path of mutual destruction, but let us set off on the right foot, the right appendage - remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness, and sincerity is always subject to proof. Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate. Let both sides explore what problems will unite us instead of belabouring those problems which may divide us. Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors. Together let us explore the stars, conquer the deserts, eradicate disease, tap the ocean depths, and encourage peace and harmony.”
“And if a beachhead of cooperation may push back the jungle of suspicion, let both sides join in creating a new endeavour, not a new balance of power, but a new world of law, where the strong are just and the weak secure and the peace preserved. All this will not be finished in the first 100 days. Nor will it be finished in the first 1,000 days, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us begin.”
“In your hands, my fellow citizens, more than in mine, will rest the final success or failure of our course. And so, my fellow mutants: ask not what humanity can do for you - ask what you can do for humanity. My fellow citizens of humanity: ask not what the Mutants will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of all sentient life.”
“Thus it is that I have a request for the scientific community. The question before us is one of a significant hazard to both human and mutant kind. For my own part I consider it as nothing less than a question of life and death; and in proportion to the magnitude of the subject ought to be the freedom of the debate. It is only in this way that we can hope to arrive at truth, and fulfill the great responsibility which we hold to mankind. Should I keep back my opinions at such a time, through fear of giving offense, I should consider myself as guilty of treason towards this city, and of an act of disloyalty towards the fundamental truths of life, which I revere above all political powers.”
“Ladies and Gentlemen, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren, till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for life? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation?”
“For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth -- to know the worst and to provide for it. I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided; and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by careful study and research. Thus I beseech the scientific community, we must contribute funds to answer the following dire questions: Can Mutants reproduce amongst themselves? Are mutants a subspecies of human or an entirely new species? If so, are humans and mutants sexual compatible? Is the future of mutant-kind itself in jeopardy? What is the gestation period of mutants? Are mutant-human hybrids mutants themselves or do they inherit more human traits? What can we do to ensure that neither side is overwhelmed? Can we look forward to a single future as a joint species? There is so little we know, and so little time before the consequences of these unanswered questions start to affect us. Unless we have clear answers, we cannot prepare for the future. The relations between humans and mutants demand answers to these questions.”
“To further mutant-human relations I propose to put forth a scientific experiment that may provide the means whereby the answers we seek may be brought to light. Indeed I am willing to donate not only my time and talents, but even my body to answering these questions. I am willing to sacrifice on my part, and sire offspring with the single women of this fair city. So too should the human and mutant women of come forth to donate their bodies to science and research. Now I do not suggest that I sleep with all of the women of this city” an audible “Awwww” is heard from some of the women in the audience. He places two fingers on his lips and points in there general direction while slightly leaning back. A sexy smile covering his face he wags his eyebrows and continues. “though it is not entirely out of the question.” Sighs and giggles are heard in the background.
He resumes a face of determination and continues “In the majority of cases an in-vitro fertilization program will be used, so that the fertilization process can be monitored in the lab. For mutant couples that join the program, that may not be necessary. Now some may wonder why is it that I am so keen to start such a program; and to that I have only one answer, for the future of all mutant and humankind! If mutants and humans are indeed compatible, then our future is one! If, on the other hand we are not, we must realize that we are truly different species, and recognize that we must be even more careful of our future together. Am I making an unfair request of you? Never mind the manner, which may or may not be good; but think only of the truth of my words, and give heed to that: let the speaker speak truly and the judge decide justly.”
“Finally I now invite the City Council to form a resolution to record its approval of the steps that will be taken and declare its confidence in the new forthcoming order. The resolution: that a Mutant-Human Relations Coalition be formed. This coalition should undertake to monitor all mutant related activity in the greater Rainport area, and should any activity be harmful to human-mutant relations, to take the appropriate action to quell any violence or crime. Further it is proposed that both humans and mutants be included on the committee, to best serve the interests of both parties. This party should be in direct contact with the Mayor, and work in coordination with the police at all times.
To form an administration of this scale and complexity is a serious undertaking in itself. But we are in the preliminary phase of one of the greatest moments in history. The air battle is here this very day, and many preparations have to be made here, to stem the tide of violence and persecution that will surely come. The one known as Reaver has proved by his actions and made it abundantly clear that this coalition is not only a want but a necessity. As our first order of business we must quell such violence, and put forth the clarion call to band together and prevent more such tragedies.”
Yet despite all setbacks, I take up my task in buoyancy and hope. I feel sure that our cause will not be suffered to fail among men. I feel entitled at this juncture, at this time, to claim the aid of all and to say, ‘Come then, let us go forward together with our united strength.’”

He gives a final wink towards the women that were previously sighing, and struts down from the podium.

Summary: Mostly the same speech. Updated for the Reaper's attack. Can’t we all just get along? Mutant Brothers, let us all use our powers responsibly. Humans, let us work together toward peace. Call for scientific research concerning mutant-human compatibility. Form MHRC (Mutant Human Relations Coalition)

Activate Aura of Charm (Attraction)
Perform (Act): [roll0]
Will DC 27
PP expended 4pp + 2pp/round

Perform (Oratory): [roll1]
Use super style!
Used Swaggering Bravado to reroll in Recruitment Thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=60095&page=8)
Roll Result: 25

2007-11-02, 04:25 PM

She nods slowly. "I guess you're right." Not quite the same, because they didn't try to do it... they wouldn't have wasted whatever chemical they were working on, would they? She hadn't considered that someone might have caused the explosion intentionally, whether Balchem or something else. It would make sense... allowing two unknown chemicals contact, or storing explosives in the warehouse, would have been more corporate stupidity than she expected. Worth looking into, perhaps. "I'll see what I can find out. You have more business contacts than I do, mind, so if I hear something, it's probably going to have leaked from Balchem already." It'd mean contacting some of her less-than-legal old acquaintances, of course; the legal authorities probably wouldn't know anything that wasn't public, and wouldn't look kindly on her looking into this on her own.

2007-11-02, 04:28 PM
Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

Pulse listens to the officers questions and answers them in the same order. "I will be using my powers in the costumed identity of Pulse. I am still assessing my abilities, but I seem to be a great deal more intelligent than I was, and between you and me, that is saying something. I've devised some non-lethal weapons and a one-man glider to get me around the city. I also seem to have a nonvisual sense of what is going on around me. I plan to help people, primarily those who are having difficulties with others who have been changed, like myself. I have no formal police or military training, though I am a student of tactics and strategy. I have no formal medical training beyond first aid and CPR. Pretty much, though, I remember almost everything I've ever learned in fairly precise detail. I have no criminal record in my civilian identity, though I did drive the villain named Reaper away from some police officers he was assaulting earlier. Technically at that point, I suppose I was acting as a vigilante... though that was before the Mayor's speech. By the way, I saw that the Reaper was captured, I hope you are keeping him in a cell with diffuse lighting. I don't really think I need police training at this point, but if there is a handbook of procedures you would like me to follow, just loan me a copy, I should have it memorized by tomorrow."

2007-11-02, 05:42 PM

Place where they're buying the drill - The salesman informs points to the logo on the drill then to a sign with the same logo, which says that all products made by that company have a life time warranty, if it ever breaks, you can get a new one for free.

City Hall - After pushing past people leaving the conference, you make it to City Hall, and find the office you're supposed to go to. After jumping through a few bureaucratic hoops (which I am not evil enough to describe here), you manage to file all the necessary paper work, and they'll let you know if you've been approved in the coming days after they've finished the background check.

Hospital - Frank mutters a combination thanks and goodbye as you give him the coffee. If you go looking for the Reaper, it doesn't take too long to guess where he is. His room is the only one with guards both in the room and outside. If you try to get in you're denied admitance, but as you walk past you notice a man on fire, and a mote of blue energy in the room watching the shadow and you also notice something that looks remarkably like a giant foot print is covering the Reaper, who is also hand cuffed to the bed. It appears that Jen was the one attending to him, because he was treated so quickly, and she's the one filling out the chart. You've got a feeling that he's (the Reaper) going to be out for a while.


She informs you that it's not fatal, and asks for your brother's name so you can go see him (she assumes that your brother is here in the hospital).


The officer writes down everything you say without too much expression on her face, but when you mention the incident with Reaper earlier on today, she sits bolt upright. "OhmyGod! That was you!?" She practically flings herself across the table as she gives you a hug. "Thank you so much! If it hadn't been for you... well let's not think about it." She then retakes he sit a little sheepishly noticing how everyone was looking at her and she continues taking down the rest of your statements. When she's all finished the other officers get up, and come over to shake your hand, thanking you for saving their comrade.

2007-11-02, 06:52 PM
Andrew/Vox Populi

Sellars sits back and watches everything very careful, trying his best to blend with the crowd's expressions as he rapidly calculates.

Great. So now everyone's our friend, unless they're trying to kill us. And the Mayor's more or less untouchable as long as we have Super-Nurse and...whoever those others were...around.

Andrew lets out a heaving sigh after all the cameras are off, and nods briskly at the mayor, trying to convey that he has to get to Balchem before they lock up for the night.

Balchem, then to check with the police. Then we'll see if we need a change of plans.

Now: Head for Balchem before they lock up.
((OOC: I get the feeling it's afternoonish right now, and I don't think I've got the skills to sneak around there.))

2007-11-02, 07:41 PM
“The Man”

After his speech, he quickly walked up to the Mayor, and handed him a piece of paper with his Limo’s car phone number on it. “Mr. Mayor, it was a privilege to talk here today, and I hope that today’s success can continue on into the future. I would like the opportunity to talk further about the MHRC that I spoke of earlier. Hopefully we’ll be able to schedule a meeting soon.”

Summary: Get appointment for later on in the week.

2007-11-02, 07:44 PM
Ok were almost done with preparations for the plan so get ready to go back home if you can find anything useful to the plan tell me.
Okay, the "reaper" is too well guarded for us to get to him.I understand. Orig. goes back to the main floor and asks information "Hey I heard there was some registristation for mutants... Is that true, and where is it?" presumably it would take a really bad government to not start some record thing but it would take a really good government (which governments rarely are) to keep the records safe from persistence. In a much less dramatic moment #1 agrees to buy the drill and then heads over to the home-depo esque place. At the hospital #3 likewise goes to information and asks them for... information. "Hey I want to donate blood, where should I go for that?
Even if a mutant's blood in a transfusion won't create another mutant it would still save someone's life.

Orig: Asks about a mutant registration program
#1: Buys drill goes to Home depo-esque.
#3: Inquires about donating blood.

2007-11-02, 07:53 PM

Where the hell did these lunatics come from?! Tasha thought to herself.

These men weren't joking around. She witnessed the short and ill-fated attempt to harm the mayor being put down by what seemed to her like navy seals with superpowers. Suddenly reading minds didn't seem quite so impressive. As she stared in shock at these unknown mutants... all seeming strangely adept with their powers... she could not believe that they had just changed when she had. There had to be another solution...

Maybe there were already mutants. This stuff can't be new. It can't have been an accident. It can't be new. Her mind raced... and she ignored the better part of the man's speech. The chemicals aren't new... They were just released accidentally. Now they have no choice but to acknowledge what they have made... and divert our attention from the cause to the symptoms. This is messed up.

She finally shook off her conspiracy theory as the speaker said something that dragged her to attention. In the middle of an incredibly important speech that could change the fate of the world and would forever affect how mutants were percieved by people... The mutant speaking had just advocated mutants and humans screwing like rabbits... and had even hinted that he would have sex with every woman in the city. She was utterly stunned by the sheer, blind, screaming stupidity of it.

This... is the man... who is speaking for mutants? She thought in shock, He's the horrid bastard child of the Fonz and Jhonny Bravo! This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Why the hell are people buying this? The man is an idiot!

For some reason she could not figure, the crowd responded well to the "man" and his rediculous speech... Whatever strange power he was using to sway them was potent, though it did not seem to affect her. Maybe he wasn't that bright, but at least he could sway people. She briefly wondered if it worked over television, or if the people watching him at home would see the speech for the ludacris thing it really was. The woman next to her all but swooned as the man finished his speech, and Tasha decided that she'd had enough.

Tasha began sifting her way out of the crowd to return to her car. If the conference had proved anything to her it was that this was no accident... and that this was going to get much, much worse. Give people powers like this... and there are going to be nutjobs like this "Reaper". Or self-absorbed glory-hounds seeking to be famous and important like the jerk at the podium. She felt it might be be best if she hide what she was now... Too much was going on. Too much that she couldn't figure out. And if men like the ones she'd seen ruined the image of mutants... she would rather not be known as one.

(Note to self... make posts shorter. People seem to post while I'm writing them up. Everyone please assume that this rant takes place during the speech and before the crowd departs... if that were not obvious. thank you! :smalltongue: )

Raven T.
2007-11-02, 09:27 PM

"You might be surprised what gets leaked as rumors, but never make it to business journals." Alex finished up and bussed the table when Judy finished. "Make no mistake, I doubt that they intended to have this happen, but that does not excuse them from liability...especially if they think they are not responsible."

2007-11-02, 09:42 PM
Andrew/Vox Populi

You make it to Balchem Corporate Offices in less than 20 minutes, traffic being much lighter than normal, you guess because of the events at the conference. The receptionist tries to feed you some story, but you see right through it, and use your credentials to basically destroy the bureaucratic obstacle course they set up for you. So now you have some dorky intern that has to bring you to where ever you wish to go for fear of political retribution. As you walk around you feel as if everyone at Balchem is severely on edge, and it is unnaturally quiet in the office, but occasionally you hear someone scream as a phone rings.

Press Conference - The Man

The Mayor has a free hour on the 18th at 3:30PM.


Orig - You are told that mutant registration is being held at the Police HQ, 2nd floor somewhere.

#3 - You can donate blood at the 3rd door on your right, after making a right at the end of the hallway to your left.

2007-11-02, 09:49 PM
Andrew/Vox Populi

Andrew looks around Balchem Corporate, hearing the yells and people hammering away at keyboards. He whirls to face the intern, tired and angry. "I need to see whoever's in charge here. If you even dare tell me I need an appointment, I'll deep-fry this place in lawsuits."

Now: Find whoever's in charge, assuming they haven't skipped the country yet, and get some answers on what's happening.

Xerxes Shadow
2007-11-02, 10:08 PM
"He's staying at a different hospital, nurse. Thanks for the update." As he spun on his heel to walk out of the hospital, he noticed a TV in the corner spewing footage of the press conference. "Oh, my god!" thought Joe. "That's the thing I saw earlier! I have to find him and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid!" He changed, rushed out of the hospital, and began bounding over the buildings looking for the Reaper. He searched for two hours, finding...

Summary: Bluff the nurse again and look for the Reaper. ROLLS: Bluff=30, Search=8. (http://invisiblecastle.com/rolldice.py?u=no+one&r=1&d=1d20%2B11%3B+1d20%2B5&n=&a=Roll+the+dice)

Tar Palantir
2007-11-02, 10:15 PM
A dim flicker of consciousness awakens within the Reaper's mind, a memory of a time almost forgotten. He had been a killer for so long that he had almost forgotten what it was like to be innocent and pure. As his mind wandered in a haze between consciousness and unconsciousness, memories drifted at him from out of the darkness. He remembered being a child, laughing and playing with his parents at the park, traveling to the beach and smiling at the sun. He would never smile at the sun again, not now. But perhaps it was not too late to redeem himself. He tried to remember what had happened to his parents to make the fun times go away. A door opened in his mind, and he remembered. He had killed them in their sleep. At last a coherent thought broke through the haze, and he thought, "What have I become?"

His life flashed before his eyes, and he saw with clear eyes the horrors he had committed. And now, with his terrible powers, he sought to commit even more. His thoughts became more lucid, less crippled in the grip of madness, and he thought, and muttered in his slumber, "No more death. No more." He felt the veil of his madness lifting, slowly at first, then faster, until the voice that cried for death was only a whisper in the farthest reaches of his mind. It was then that he awoke.

2007-11-02, 10:29 PM
Andrew/Vox Populi

The intern takes you to the top floor. He says that the CEO and a few other high ranking members are in a meeting right now, but a member of the board elected to stay behind just in case someone from the government came looking for answers. The intern leads you to a door marked "Dr. David Nerros - Director of Internal Affairs". Inside you see a man probably in his late 30's - early 40's, with black hair which would probably look quite good, but now is a frizzled mess. He has dark brown eyes, but his eyes also hint at a lack of sleep, having dark circles under them, as well as a bit of red eye. He has fairly pale skin, incredibly lean, and his hands are shaking a little.

He is hunched over his desk working furiously on an almost comically large stack of papers. There are many crumpled papers crumbled up on the floor behind his desk, as well as several empty cups of coffee, and unless your eyes deceive you, an empty bottle of expensive Russian vodka.

The office is quite dark and moody, and it is finished with many dark wood pieces, and the walls are painted a deep rust red. Many of the pieces look like as if they were selected for comfort and not style. Any compotent interior designer wouldn't be caught dead in this room. There is an old record player in the corner playing some classical music which heavily focuses on pipe organs and violins. The music is too calm for the hectic appearance of Nerros.

When the intern states who you are, Nerros gets up so quickly he practically falls over himself. As he crosses the office to shake you hand, he tries to straighten his appearance a bit, redoing his tie and fixing the cuffs on his sleeves. When he shakes your hand, the hairs on the back of your head stand up. His bony, pale and shaking hand is so cold and so dry, that you have to make a conscious effort not to back up in disgust.

After these "pleasantries" are finished, he asks you to have a seat opposite his desk. As you sit down, he shifts a huge stack of papers off of his desk onto the floor. When he sits down at his desk, he heaves a heavy sigh and interlocks his fingers under his chin and he looks over them into your eyes. He talks in an incredibly dry and monotone voice, almost like a dead echo "I hate small talk, so let's get to the point. I assume you came here because you have questions, ask away."


As your eyes flicker open, your eyes sense light and you reflexively try to shield you eyes, you hear a clink of metal as your arms stop moving. It takes you a moment to realize that the light isn't hurting you. As you look about your surroundings, you note that you are in a hospital bed, chained to it with a few handcuffs. You also note two police officers with shot guns posted inside the room, and 2 more just outside. You also note that there are several flash lights and lanterns on the ground shedding light, and preventing shadows from being cast from the lights on the ceiling. On the opposite wall, looking at you are the fire mutant and the glowy mutant from the conference staring at you. "It awakens..." says the firey one, "So it does..." answers the glowy one.

2007-11-02, 10:48 PM
Orig @ City Hall ->PoliceHQ:

Orig follows the directions and comes to a hallway on the second floor where he asks a nearby cop "Is there a line for registration or can I just go in?" before heading into the room/ to the line.

#1 @ Home-Depo Esque:

Quickly attempting to get everything necessary #1 rushes to pick up: A ladder that can extend to 5 feet higher than the bank's roof, 5 of the cheapest bricks or otherwise really heavy objects (concrete blocks, paperweights etc.), a gas mask, a small amount of wood, & police tape.

#3 @ Hospital:

Isn't it just wonderful to do your civic duty? #3 thought with a hint of optimism and a hint of sarcasm, Boy I can't wait to see the looks on their faces as they are healed with my super-blood. While thinking this #3 went to the blood donor area and repeated his wonderful desire to donate blood to the secretary.

2007-11-02, 10:53 PM

"You'd know better than I would," Jude comments. "I think you're right about that, for what it's worth." And... well, she had to admit it didn't seem as if too many charges were going to be levelled against Balchem. She takes her own plate over to the sink as she finishes, partly out of helpfulness and partly out of sheer habit.

"Well... thanks for dinner, Alex. It was good." She hesitates a moment longer, glancing slightly behind Alex; at the tentacles, it looks like. "Sorry about reacting like that, you know. You just... it startled me." The appendages, and the speed with which Alex had gotten used to them, had made her uneasy and still did. "You haven't been to the hospital, have you?" she asked, expecting him to say no. She hadn't either, after all.

2007-11-02, 11:40 PM

The mutant shakes his head. "I'm not the hero here... true, I did what I could, but I jumped into the fray when I found myself gifted with these abilities. The real heroes are you and your fellow police officers. People who try to make a difference every day, with only those gifts that we all start with. Larry is a hero, for what he faced and suffered. That is where the real credit should go. Not to the anonymous flashy costumes."

Emperor Demonking
2007-11-03, 04:08 AM
"Oh come on. That's not a proper pardon, it'll be bought up later." Said Michael. "Oh come on, Jury's have to be chosen more random than that and it has to be close to a total descision. Does he even want them pardoned? Does he?"

Michael looked out of the room, waiting for a nurse to come, when one does, michael walks out saying. "I need a list of these mutants, with powers now."

2007-11-03, 05:46 AM
Andrew/Vox Populi

"I need to know how this happened," Andrew says, cracking a knuckle. "I also need to know just what we're going to see coming out of this. Is there any limit to these...abilities? Or are we just getting started here?"

Raven T.
2007-11-03, 08:18 AM

"I'm honestly not sure why ANYONE is still going to the hospital. With an event like this, they're just going to treat us as guinea pigs, running tests that they have no way of knowing if the outcome is hazardous to the health of those affected. It's all guesswork for them. As far as I'm concerned, I have suffered no major health affects, save these new appendages, and it will not interfere with my daily routine.

"As well, going to the hospital basically gives everyone free reign to label you as a mutant and a freak." His appendages slid down his back again into their disguised position as he walked over and gave Judy a friendly hug. "Do not be a stranger. If they bother you, I can keep them hidden while you are around. Having two extra hands is just convenient for me."

2007-11-03, 09:48 AM
“The Man”

Thanking the mayor, he got into his limo, and drove to the hospital. Once there he spoke to the receptionist with an air of authority “I am ‘The Man’. Please direct me to whoever is in charge of mutant research. Tell him that I have a proposal to make.”

Summary: Try to meet Dr. James T. Wilson if possible. If not set up appointment.

Diplomacy roll (if necessary): [roll0]

Tar Palantir
2007-11-03, 11:45 AM
The Reaper opens his eyes, blinking in the light for a moment. He looks over to see the flaming man and the glowing dot. He asks, almost pleading with them, "What do you see when you look at me? What monster from children's stories lies before you now? What kind of a fiend have I become. Even the sun knows it. Her searing light blinds me and burns me, punishing me for my crimes. What god would let one such as me live? What righteous god would not strike me down with the fury of a thousand suns, until even the memory of me is gone? Why don't I die?" He cries in fury, his muscles straining against the bonds that hold him. His eyes are blinded in his madness. He screams into the air, "Why won't I die? Kill me! Kill me, like I killed them! Send me to the cruel torment I deserve! Kill me!" Just as suddenly as it began, the madness leaves him, and he lies still, silent but for a quiet sobbing, and a murmer. "Why won't I die?"

2007-11-03, 12:35 PM

The new report of the press conference was playing everywhere she went. Most people's reactions were a mix of shock and fear. On campus, there were more than a few who thought it was awesome. Mostly from younger guys who liked comic books and superheroes. Tasha slipped past the crowd around the television in the lobby, and headed for her room. Heather was gone... so she set up a quick mix of music on her computer, turned up the speakers and helped herself to a long shower as she thought about what was happening.

Going to the hospital is out of the question... I feel fine. Better than before, in fact. If anyone finds out about this... I'll probably end up in some lab... or at least under watch all the time. Maybe in some secret service program. I mean... I could find out all kinds of crazy secrets from people... Who wouldn't try to take advantage of that? Her mind went a mile a minute as she washed her long, dark hair. I might even be able to do more. Who knows? Those mutants at the conference all seemed to be able to do things I can't. but that idiot on stage.... He was influencing those people some how. That was pretty obvious. And no one called him on it or tried to arrest him for "raping people's minds" or whatnot. From the speech, it sounded like it wouldn't just be their minds he would screw if given the chance... Maybe I can pull this off. No one will need to know what I can do. It's hardly as blatant as setting people on fire or growing 6 stories tall.

Natasha smiled as she turned off the water and grabbed a towel from the rack. It was time to go and practice... and see what else she could do.

Rather that wander far this time... she drove only a few blocks to the local movie theater, and grabbed a ticket to some vampire movie that was just starting. Picking a seat in the back, and the dark... she looked over the people there to pick her guinea pig. She decided on some teenager sitting just a few isles in front of her with two of his friends. Mostly because they wouldn't shut up.

First, she rifled through his mind a bit, which never failed to be amusing.

Afraid of heights... Two brothers... Homophobic... That will do!

Tasha tried to reach father into the kid's mind... and affect it. It was harder than she thought... She pushed deep... past old memories from childhood and even the unconscious urges that drove him... and then, like suddenly walking from a dark room into the light... it washed over her.

"Dude... I think I saw a porn with that chick in it!" Someone said an nudged her arm.

"What?" She replied... only to hear an unfamiliar voice come from her lips.

As her patsy's friend sat beside her, rambling about porn, she looked down at herself. A slayer shirt? She was him! For a brief moment she panicked, looking around frantically for her own body! Turning, she saw it still up in her seat in the back... slumped over like she was asleep. This was incredible! Still, she was concerned about herself. She began getting up from her seat, and started heading back to check on... herself.

"Dude... Aaron." The kid's friend said, "Where are you going?"

"Uh... I think I know that chick." She made him reply. His friend looked back at her body and snickered.

"If you don't... I'd like to." He said with a smirk... and an image that was nothing short of pornographic flashed through his mind.

Tasha... er... Aaron... felt a little ill. Damned perverted teenagers. At least I can still read thoughts.

She moved into the back and sat down by her body... and looked at herself to make sure she wasn't dead or something. Relief washed over her. She was breathing and still had a pulse. She was out like a light though. This wasn't quite what she was trying to do... but it worked none-the-less. She was controlling the kid entirely. She was only trying to make him say something he wouldn't normally... Like confessing that he was gay or something. This was even better! But also, kind of worse. She felt pretty vulnerable just lying there. This wasn't something she could just do in the middle of the streets. Still... she was satisfied to know that she could, in fact... do more than just hear thoughts, feelings and memories. She couldn't seem to read the kid's mind while she was in his body though. Still... she remembered enough from when she had.

May as well have a little fun with this. She though, as "Aaron" got back up and headed down to sit by his friends again.

"What happened dude? Do you know that chick?" His friend asked almost the second she sat down. "She's hot. I didn't know you liked them small and gothy."

"Yeah... I know her. I met her at my therapist's office." Aaron replied in the most deadpan voice she could manage.

"I didn't know you went to a therapist."

"Yeah. For 10 years now." She said... trying not to laugh and give herself away.

"Damn! What the hell for?"

"I don't want to talk about it." She said insistantly.

"Come on man! That's such bull! What happened?"

"My uncle molested me, alright! I don't want to talk about it!" She said in mock outrage... trying not to laugh.

"Wait... what?" His friend said in shock. "You're full of it."

"You can't tell anyone. I'm only supposed to talk about it with my therapist and my parents." She said as seriously as she could... just to put the icing on the cake. "Ever since then, I've been having all these urges and stuff that aren't normal..."

"Holy crap... um... I didn't know dude." His friend said, as his mind tried to grasp exactly what those "urges" might be.

In her mind, Tasha smiled to herself and forced herself back. Leaving was easier than entering, it seemed... and in a moment, she felt herself back in her own body. After a few seconds making sure her limbs were working properly and all that... she chuckled to herself and watched the rest of the show. Watching a kid try to explain something he didn't remember doing to a friend who was now convinced that he was gay because he was molested as a kid was way more interesting than watching some lousy actress get maimed by vampires...

2007-11-03, 07:38 PM
Well I'm finally back, time to get cracking.


City Hall - The officer informs you that it's a really quick survey, which is done in less than like 5 minutes, so if there is a line, it's a short one. As you enter the room, you see a few other mutants in the room who are presumably registering as well. In the room you see Pulse (though you don't know who that is), Titan (giant from the press conference, whose name I am mentioning now so I can stop referring to him as "giant from the press conference" but your character doesn't know the name yet), and some guy in a gray cloak and cowl.

As you take in your surroundings, the officer on the far right finishes registering the cowled mutant, and calls "Next."

Assuming you head there and ask to be registered, the officer asks you the following questions:

"Will you be using your powers while costumed or in a civilian identity?

What is your name and/or alias?

What are your powers?

What do you plan on doing with your powers?

Do you have any police, military and/or medical training?

Do you have a criminal record?

Are you interested in receiving Police training?"

Home Depo place - You find what you're looking for eventually, and you expect the total to be around $200-$300. The gas mask looks a little dorky because it's meant for painters, but it'll do the job. The heavy object you find are bricks.

Hospital - Through DM magic, the event gets spend up and you've given blood and in return you get a cookie and some juice.


"But you're not exactly annonymous any more are you Mr. Pulse? So please take compliments when you're given them." Says the officer who was doing your interview. You see/sense another (presumed) mutant entering the room.

Emperor Demonking

As you stand yelling at the TV for the lack of due process in the waiting room for the hospital, it becomes apparent that most people agreed with the Mayor's proposal, but apparently not enough to contradict you on it. The nurse tells you that a registration process is being performed down at the Police HQ, so if you wanted a copy of the list, then you should head down there.

Andrew/Vox Populi

As you ask your question, Nerros heaves a heavy sigh. After you finish, he opens his mouth to start talking, but then closes it. He opens his mouth again, but yet again thinks better of it. He finally decides to look into your eyes for a moment, almost as if he's measuring you up. He gives one more sigh, and reaches under his desk and pulls out his brief case, opening it facing you. Inside there is what appears to be a piece of shrapnel. Nerros says "This is a piece from one of the barrels that was stored in Warehouse 112. This piece of the barrel has the label on it, telling us what chemical is inside. Most of the label has been charred beyond recognition, but the part that is legible reads 'C46O16N6Pb6..." the rest is illegible. Mr. Sellars, Balchem is one of this largest chemical distribution corporations in the world... We don't know what this is. Ever since this piece was handed over to us, every last technician and scientist we have on our payroll has been working around the clock to figure out what this is. Not a damn one of them has made any progress.

We've spent the last 4 years building up our technology and research and development departments, in the hopes that we could create something completely unlike anything the world has ever seen." At this point, Nerros rises from his desk and starts pacing about the room, punctuating his sentences with exaggerated motions of his arms. You get a sense of rising anger and maybe even disgust in Nerros' voice and language. And then, when we have exactly what we've been searching for literally appear on our doorstep, all of THIS happens! People here aren't just afraid for their jobs, or their retirement funds; they're literally afraid for their lives! All it takes is 1 FREAK; Just ONE! To think that we're responsible, and Everything we've tried so hard to create will be destroyed! You saw what happened at the conference! Not only are they incredibly dangerous, but the Mayor literally lets them get away with it BEHIND HIS F****** BACK!" At the last word, Nerros punches a window in his office, and the glass shatters, but is apparently shatter-proof glass because it's still in the frame.

Nerros leaves his fist on the window for a moment, panting from his out burst. As he pulls his fist away, you can see some blood on the window. Nerros regains his composure, straightening his tie a little. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have lost myself there." Nerros returns to his desk, opposite you, but it becomes apparent that he doesn't really know how to start up after his outburst.


The receptionist doesn't look at all surprised to see you, in fact she pulls out a yellow piece of paper folded in half with 'The Man' scrawled across it in rather poor handwriting. Inside it reads:
'Dear 'The Man',
I have a strong feeling that you would like to meet with me in the coming future. However, much the research I am doing would require too much of my time at the moment to meet with you. However, I am able to meet with you for roughly 30 minutes between 3:00-3:30pm on the 16th if you so wish to come. Give you answer to the receptionist, and it will find its way to me.
- Dr. James T. Wilson.'

The Reaper

You notice that just about everyone in the room exchanges looks that clearly state "Yep, he's a wacko." One of the guards outside the door mutters to the other "Maybe the giant hit him a little too hard..."

The blue glowy guy (Bolt, which I shall now refer to him as, because "glowy guy" is getting old) approaches about another foot closer to your bed, and speaks in a far off, echo-y voice ""Well 'Mr. Reaper', I have two questions for you. Firstly, why do you suddenly wish to die. And secondly, and more importantly, why don't you speak friggin' English!?" The second question earns a few chuckles from the peanut gallery.


I have nothing to say, but that was pretty entertaining :smallbiggrin:.

2007-11-03, 08:04 PM
Andrew/Vox Populi

Sellars keeps his eyes on the window for a moment, and turns back to Nerros. "Alright. Well, I think we're going to deal with the more...immediate consequences--I assume you've been watching the news. Questions of culpability will have to wait for the time being."

Sellars stands, and shakes hands with the doctor. "I can only wish you the best of luck, and advise you not to leave Rainport any time soon. I'm going to have my hands full as it is."

2007-11-03, 08:30 PM
“The Man”

He poses dramatically and declares “I Shall be there, or my pseudonym isn’t ‘The Man’” He winks at the receptionist, twirls around, and exits the hospital. As he entered his limo he mutters to himself “I need a cape for dramatic moments like that”, then tells Angie, “To Police HQ, on the double! On to the registration of my awesomeness! A new cape must wait!”

Accept appointment, go to registration.

2007-11-03, 08:47 PM
So how much did we spend today?
About 2 Grand plus we agreed to pay another 2 on the car plus maybe a few hundred on what were looking for now.
Is that gonna hurt our credit rating?
Not as much as an entire bank vault will help it.

Orig @ City Hall:

1. It's always active and I don't intend to be a superhero .
2. Anonymous
3. I heal really fast... if you got some painkillers and a knife I'd be glad to show you.
4. Nothing unusual.
5.[Loud Dramatic Yell] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO![/Drama]
6. Same as #6
7. Depends what you mean by training.

#1 @ Home Depo-esque

#1 takes the stuff to the cashier, and while waiting in line pockets some of that cheap candy stores always have at the register area in protest, and while buying the stuff fakes absentmindedness.

#3 @ Hospital

#3 heads back to the mutant section and checks if there is any new patients.

[roll=Sleightofhand] 1d20+2
If neccesary disguise myself as absentminded [roll1]

2007-11-03, 09:02 PM
Botched roll [roll0]

@V: Great work on going for the insanity plea!

@XerxesV: Reaper is at the hospital not in some jail. He's also gaurded by 5 mutants and a bunch of cops.

Tar Palantir
2007-11-03, 09:18 PM
The Reaper shakes with a mixture of rage and grief. He asks the blue glow, in a quiet voice, "Do you know how many men I've killed? Do you know how much blood is on my hands? Hundreds of lives. Hundreds. And that was before this terrible curse. Last night I killed forty two innocent people. The ground I walk upon is stained with the blood of the innocent. And so I ask what god would let me live to bring torment and death to so many?" He pauses, his voice only a whisper as he says, "What cruel god would let me see the horrors I have done with open eyes and force me to live with so much blood upon my hands? I can hear their screams when I close my eyes. Men. Women. Children. So many lives cut short by these two hands." He falls silent for a moment, then closes his eyes, trying to shut out the light but allowing the memories to return. "That is why I wish to die." He falls silent, his mind filled with the screams of dying children.

Xerxes Shadow
2007-11-03, 09:55 PM
((I'll assume I bluffed the nurse...))

After his search, Joe decided to head home and check the news for any new reports. As he turned on the TV, he heard Melissa King say, "For those of you just tuning in, the mass murderer known as the Reaper is in custody. He is being held in the hospital under heavy guard. We repeat-" Before he heard the end of the sentence, Joe ran towards the open window and jumped out of it in a flash, his trenchcoat flapping in the wind. "He saved me from a life in prison," thought Joe. "It's time to return the favor."

A few minutes of jumping later, Joe dropped in front of the library and entered. He went over to the computers and Googled the hospital blueprints. After a minute of looking through the results, he found a website popular among criminals with the layout of the building. He began to plan his assault...

Summary: Get blueprints to the hospital. I need a PM with the description (an MSPaint blueprint would be sweet, but you don't have to).

2007-11-03, 10:04 PM

Smiling under his mask, Pulse nods, "Whatever you say..." He shrugs, "So, did you require anything else?"

2007-11-04, 12:52 AM

The movie was fun... and the ride home gave her a chance to think about what she could do with her new ability. She didn't like the idea of leaving her body just lying around just anywhere... but as she sat waiting at a red light, she got an idea.

Returning to the dorms, Tasha wandered into her room and set about her story.

"Hey Heather." She said as non-chalantly as she could manage.

Heather was watching some kind of news broadcast. The man on screen looked like a priest, and he seemed to be trying to convince people that the sudden appearance of people who can burst into flames was NOT a sign of the end of world.

"Hey Tash... Where have you been?"

"I just wanted to get out... Things were getting pretty crazy. So I went to see a movie." She said, mostly honestly.

"That's cool. I called my mom about it. She didn't believe me at first, until she saw the news."

"Yeah... it's nuts." Tasha said, looking to the television for a second. "Do you... really think the world is going to end or something?"

"No... no!" Heather snapped a bit too quickly. Her mind shot back over the conversation with her mother.

"Your mom must be freaking out."

"Er... yeah. A bit. She's kinda scared." Heather admitted.

"Well why don't you visit home?" Tasha said, knowing full well that her mother had asked her just that, not more than an hour ago on the phone. "It will make her feel better, and you won't miss much. Half the teachers cancelled their classes for the next few days. And all anyone is going to be talking about in the ones that are left is what happened."

She gave Heather's mind a little push... It didn't take much.

"You think I should?"

"Yeah... Why not? I mean... what's more important? Your family, or your creative writing class?" Tasha said with a friendly smile.

That all but sealed it. Heather called her mother and let her know that she would be there in about two hours... and packed up some clothes for a few days. She said her goodbyes and headed out. Now, she had the place to herself for a day or two... Which was exactly what she wanted. Besides... it might not be such a bad idea to be out of the city right now.

Once that was done... It was just a matter of being patient. Tasha sat at her desk and left the door to the hall open... listening to some music and idly looking through the host of mutant-related sites that had sprung up almost overnight. Several people from her floor wandered by... but they were people she knew, and she wanted to at least snag someone she didn't like for her next little experiment.

Her answer was a Junior named Ethan. She knew him only vaguely... and only because she knew that a girl she knew named Kim had dated him for a while, only to find out that he already had another girlfriend back home. She didn't know why he was around here... and she didn't really have the time to search his mind and find out. All she caught was that he was looking for a girl named Tamara that she didn't know. She only let him get to the edge of the hall before she pushed into his mind and took over.

The sensation was just as odd as before... but it worked. She was in Ethan's body. After briefly musing the oddity of having a goatee for the first time in her life (Along with other things)... she walked down to her room to find her body. She grimaced a bit at the sight. She had fallen off of her chair and was probably going to wake up with a bruise somewhere. She put herself on her bed, and shut the door. With no one coming by, she was free to go out and do some digging around without giving herself away. And if she should happen to get Ethan in trouble... well... the guy was a jerk. Besides... to the best of her knowledge, Ethan wasn't a mutant. So they shouldn't harm him.

With a smirk, Ethan headed down the hall and out to catch a cab. His first stop... This hospital that the news mentioned. She figured there was something going on there that she wanted to see.

(Thus does "Ethan" join the madness. Dun dun dun! Just let me know what's up when I get to the hospital... This is the part where I'm gonna stop ad-libbing since there are imporant PC's and NPC's alike there. Just doing a little investigation "in disguise"... as it were.)

Emperor Demonking
2007-11-04, 04:37 AM
Michael walks out of the hospital, without his mind being filled with thoughts about what sort of powers he had, when everything seemed more noticable and he was smarter. He sweared he was and his prescance he was more charismatic.
Michael walked into the police station.

2007-11-04, 06:29 AM

"No, it's all right. I'll get used to it. Just not as fast as you, I guess." Jude returns the hug one-armed. "Be careful, though. I can't say I'm planning on going in to the hospital either, but it's not like we know any more about what's happening to us than they do. If you do feel like... well, I don't know. Never hurts to watch out, though, right?" She gives him a grin. It was good to see him again, even with everything that had been happening lately. Hell, maybe because of it. It was reassuring to know that she wasn't alone in having been mutated. Well, she'd known she wasn't alone, naturally; but it didn't mean much when the others were only faces on the TV.

2007-11-04, 09:09 PM
Sorry for the lack of posting, but time kind of slipped away from me there, it seems to do that a lot lately :smalleek:

Andrew/Vox Populi

Nerros gives you a firm handshake, nodding in approvement of your statements. He reaches into his desk and pulls out a business card, and on the reverse side he writes another number. He hands it saying to you "This is my personal cell phone, call me if you need anything."

The Man, Pulse, Titan, and Legion (original) - Police HQ: Registration Office

As Pulse and Legion are finishing up their interviews, Titan and the cloaked man both shake hands, but as their hands are clasped, they both turn into a smokey mist and vanish from sight.

The officer taking down Legion's answers gives him a weird look when he does the whole dramatic "NO" thing, but shrugs his shoulders and keeps writing. Apparently, this isn't the first person to take the interview less than seriously. When you ask what police training entails, he informs you it means learning all the standard procedure things of how to react to certain situations and the like. Also the proper way to detain crimials, and a bit a knowledge about the legal system.

The officer talking to Pulse says that you're all done.

Just as this is all wrapping up, a rather familiar theme song starts echoing in from the halls. It builds and builds into a rising cresendo, breaking just as The Man enters the room.


Home Depo - You get a candy bar about halfway into your pocket when the cashier notices you and yells "Hey! Either put that back, or pay for it!"

Hospital - Thing have settled down a little at the hospital, but you really don't see any more noteworthy candidates.


Bolt looks at you for a long while, his alien featues are hard to discern, but you get a feeling of great disgust is coming from him. He slowly raises his right arm, so his palm is facing you. A low hum fills the room, and a light or two flickers, you can smell the ozone in the air, you even hear cracks of electricity around Bolt's arm, but nothing, absolutely nothing, is more ominous than the pure hatred and loathing that is just rolling off of Bolt. The guards and fire mutant look like they want to stop him, but at the same time want to see you fry.

Finally Bolt speaks, but his voice is no longer an echo; it is strong, it is powerful and it seems to be barely controlled. "Last night... My sister... my beautiful, loving sister... was killed... I was the one who found her... her body... had been torn to shreds... but she still had... that innocent look in her eyes... her cold, dead eyes... that would never again... light up when she saw me... she was only 8.......... I swore I would avenger her... I would kill... whatever... dog.. dared harm her.... and here I stand.... the dog before me... and I have the power.... to kill you... to end it all... But yet... I do not... As I stand here... you show remorse.... no.... horror... for what you have done... and what you now are.... For that........

You will.... not.... die.... this day.... I am not showing.... mercy to you... I believe... that your own body.... will make a far better... prison... than any I could image... So remain... in your mortal coil.... and await... a death that will not come...." Bolt lowers his arm, and the build up of energy slowly dies away. He takes a step back from you, as if he wishes to take in the entirety of the scene in front of him.


(you need to roll a Research check to see if you can turn up any blue prints, and how good of quality you can find, which will also take time. Unless of course, unbeknownst to me there is a blueprints.com)


"You" get down to the hospital after a kind of short ride. You are greeted by a scene much like all the hospital scenes I've described, but it is rather calm. Most of the reporters have finally given up and gone home. It appears that at this time, most of the mutants have settled into their own rooms and accommodations, and a sense of normalcy has returned. It is still pretty hectic, but it's around the same as a hospital on a busy day. From the far end of the hospital, you hear quite a bit of hubbub echoing down the halls.
One of the nurses at the reception desk says "How may I help you sir?" as you get your bearings.

Emperor Demonking

One of the officer's at the main desks asks what business you have at the police station.

2007-11-04, 10:24 PM
Orig @ City Hall

"Meh, if you guys have like a book on this I'll take it but I'm going to be pretty busy." While he was starting to leave Orig. notices that weird guy that did the speech and his blatantly obvious theme music he stops for a short chat "Hey I heard your speech it was great!" at making you look like an arrogant loser "by the way there's this hot chick named Jen at the hospital who has super speed so she can come really fast." he said with a wink "I'd be glad to buy you an escort, but only for explicitly research purposes. Also I'm probably going to come into money soon so can I have your phone number to help coordinate funding that project." If he falls for this he's the dumbest person ever.

#1 @ Home Depo

"Fine, I'll put it back..." #1 says before continuing to checkout.

#3 @ Hospital

#3 since he doesn't have any way to go anywhere else heads back to Reaper's cell thing and says "Hey serial killer dude great job on tact and subtlety."

2007-11-04, 10:26 PM
Forgot to make a bluff check I seem to be screwing up a lot of rolls lately.


If you fail your sense motive even with your +12 to sense motive I'm going to laugh.

Raven T.
2007-11-04, 10:31 PM

"I thank you for coming over tonight, Judy. You're welcome to stay as long as you like, but I have some things I need to take care of online, so I'll be busy for a while."

Alex opened up his laptop again and headed directly toward Balchem's website. Once there, he pokes around until he finds a way to access the mainframe and extract any new information. (He will do this again "Tomorrow" morning if he doesn't find what he's looking for.)

Computer Use:[roll0]
Knowledge (Business):[roll1]

Xerxes Shadow
2007-11-04, 10:31 PM
((Meh, crap. I haven't played Modern in way too long...))

ROLL: 1d20+5=23. (http://invisiblecastle.com/rolldice.py?u=no+one&r=1&d=1d20%2B5&n=&a=Roll+the+dice)

2007-11-04, 10:58 PM
“The Man”

“Escort? No need friend. Why would I need one if women worship the ground that I walk on? Anyways, don’t try to butter me up, you should know that I’m telepathic. Don’t try that crap on me, or you’ll regret it. Hah, just joshing you. Or am I?” He raises his right eyebrow and strokes his chin mysteriously, lets out a laugh, then strides off towards an open registration desk.

Summary: Try to bluff legion, then go to answer questions.

Bluff: [roll0]

2007-11-04, 11:02 PM
Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

Pulse departs the police with polite cordiality and flies off toward his home. His glider is smoking away as he flies low over the city and gets the feel for looking for trouble on the way.

2007-11-04, 11:26 PM
OOC: I can't beat that even with a Nat 20 on my Sense Motive.

Did he just admit to a felony?
Sure as heck sounds like it.

"Well since your a telepath you saw this coming..." He says pausing for a second to breathe in as much as he can before screaming "MENTAL RAPE!!! This idiot just admitted to reading my thoughts come arrest his butt now!!!

2007-11-05, 12:01 AM
“The Man”

The man turned around and snorted in contempt “Believe me, your mind is not worth raping. Besides which where is your proof may I ask? If that’s the way you want to play it, fine. Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please. This man attempted to deceive me, which I detected through his obvious body language. Indeed only a true nitwit would not see through his obvious lies. Then out of jest I told this man that I was a telepath, and that he should not try such things. Afterwards I even told him that it was a jest. Is there any crime in this? Now I ask you my fine police officers, if I volunteer my mind to be read by a telepath, and they said that I was not one, would not that provide prove to you that I am indeed not one myself, and that no crime has indeed been committed? And what of this, man I ask you. What are his motives. If his motives are indeed pure, he should have no fear of having his surface thoughts read by one as well. He has indeed had some plan of deception laid to ensnare me, but I was about to let him go. Then this pathetic excuse for a mutant screams Mental Rape, after I told him that I was not one? Who in his right mind not see through my jest I tell you? This man is suspect I say, thus I ask the police to provide us with a telepath, and we shall see who the guilty party is indeed. If he is not willing to have his mind read, you know who is the guilty party. Now obviously if refuses, there may not be evidence to convict him, but a night in jail might give him time to cool off, do you not agree?” He smirks, then turns to other man and says, “Your turn my good sir, do you have some sort of rebuttal? I am, all ears.” He turns his nose up, and looks down at the man.

Summary: Diplomacy to police. Convince them of his innocence, and try to convince them to jail Legion if he doesn’t cooperate, even if it is for the night.

Diplomacy Check: [roll0]

2007-11-05, 07:25 AM
"My only motive was to screw around which hardly counts as attempting to deceive someone, all of these people were witness to me doing nothing but screwing around when I took that test, and then this weird guy claims he can read my thoughts and I was rightfully paranoid because odds are there is a guy who can do that. Also even if he isn't a telepath I hardly think its legal to say you commited a felony in front of a bunch of cops. And then he wants to make it needlessly complex by bringing in someone that could have been a crack addict 2 days ago and expecting us to trust them."

[roll0] [roll1]

2007-11-05, 08:41 AM
Gabriel Teske

After spending most of the day perfecting the use of his telekinisis, Gabriel returned to the appartment. Tim was watching a news report...still.
"And you claim I'm the one who wastes my life watching TV" said Gabriel.
"Dude, you really should watch this. There's some crazy stuff going on". Gabriel glanced over at the TV. It appeared to be footage of the mayor giving a speech.
"I'll pass"
"But there's-"
"I don't care" says Gabriel, walking off into his room.
Hmm, what can I do now? One thing is clear. I've been thinking too small. I could be the most powerful person on the planet and I squander my abilities on cheap palour tricks like tossing rocks about and levitating my alarm clock. I must put these powers to a better use. One more befiting of my newfound greatness. The world will soon know the name of Gabriel Teske

Emperor Demonking
2007-11-05, 11:14 AM
"Hello. I want the list of mutants, care to give it to me. And while I'm here where do I sign up." Asks Michael.

2007-11-05, 12:33 PM
Andrew/Vox Populi

Andrew leaves Balchem, and heads back towards City Hall in case there's anything that needs doing--if not, he's had enough for the day and is going to go home.

"It's me," he says, calling up the mayor's secretary. "I'd like to get onboard with whatever registration efforts we're making for the...supers," he says, tasting the word. "If all that's square with the mayor, I'd like a report on everyone who's registered so far on my desk for tomorrow. And if we're going to go...beyond registration, I want to know."

2007-11-05, 03:36 PM

(OOC: First off.... remind me never to let Legion know if I read his mind! Watching those two try to out-charisma each other IS kind of funny though.)

"Er... yeah. Hi." The false Ethan will say, looking about nervously. "This is the place that the... uh... the mayor said everyone who was near that... bomb... chemical... thing... should be.... isn't it?"

"Ethan" shifted his weight nervously, his hands jammed into the pockets of his black hoodie.

"So... uh... I wasn't real close but... I wanted to come down here and check... and see if I'm a... mutant.... thing... or whatever. I haven't been able to do anything, but... What happens.... if I am?"

(No mind-reading just yet. Soon.... :smallamused:)

2007-11-05, 03:47 PM
Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

As he flies over the city, keeping an eye out for trouble, headed roughly toward his house with a few zigs and zags as if he's on patrol. Pulse reaches into his coat and pulls out an untraceable cell phone. He punches in a phone number that very few people are privy to.

Hello.... yes, hello Uncle... yes... I'm outside, sorry about the noise. Could you spare some time for your favorite nephew this evening? Yes, I know things are very busy... yes, I know I'm your only nephew. Okay... La Maison Blanc... yes, the first round of martinis is on me. I'll see you then. I was wondering... yes, a small favor. No, actually I don't want a list of the people who have registered... yes, I'm sure everyone wants it... you're keeping that under wraps? Good! I agree... no, but if you could bring a list of everyone who has requested the list of people who've registered... yes, and their superiors... Yes... I'll tell you when I see you.

He breaks off the call and nods thoughtfully, It's useful when the Police Commissioner is your mother's brother.

2007-11-05, 06:01 PM

"No, I'll be heading off." The moment when she felt like she could have told him she'd been affected too had passed. Perhaps next time she visited, both of her would come; at least that way she'd know how to start. And given how quickly he'd gotten used to having tentacles, Alex wasn't likely to be fazed for long.

At her flat, she got up and went out, headed for a bar a few streets away. Ronnie's was a hangout for some of the local small-time criminals—those who hadn't gotten themselves involved with any of the gangs. It had been a fairly safe gathering place back when she frequented it, as the police forays into the areas near the docks tended to be aimed at the gangs, but things might have changed; she'd only been there once in the last year or so. Hopefully it wasn't in the quarantine zone. Maybe that's over with now that they've said it isn't dangerous anymore, but I woudn't count on that... She began planning, trying to ignore the slightly surreal feeling she was getting from walking and riding a bus at the same time.

Fortunately, Ronnie's seemed to have been outside the zone, but the little bar wasn't crowded tonight nonetheless. She pulled out a stool and nodded to the owner and bartender who gave the place its name. "Heya, Ronnie. Double." She paid for the drink, surreptitiously eyeing the few other patrons to see if she recognized any. "Crazy day, yeah? Did you get stuck with the quarantine earlier?"

"Nope. Bad for business, though." It was about as much as the big bartender ever said at one time, which she interpreted as a sign that Ronnie wasn't going to hold her long absence against her. Of course, getting information out of him might be difficult; he never turned in one of his patrons.

"They must've had some weird stuff in there. Shouldn't be legal to keep it in a residential district, you know?" He gave a grunt that was probably agreement. "'Course, maybe it wasn't. The place exploded, so how can you tell what it was now?" She shrugs, and leans forward, lowering her voice. "Listen, Ronnie—you hear a lot around here. You heard anything about this yet? Anybody mention they might know something?"

Taking 10 on Gather Information for a 20, probing to see if the bartender knows anyone who might know something about the chemical or the shipping company.

2007-11-05, 06:59 PM
Here we go again.

Legion, The Man, and assembled officers of the law - Registration Office

After the accompanied officers do a collective *facepalm* the officer who was interviewing Pulse gets up and speaks.

*"Okay, just to make sure everyone here is on the same page, let me just sum up what occurred here. You {Legion} made several crude remarks to someone who was deemed good enough to speak on national television, a fact I personally don't agree with. And in that bit of dialog, you mentioned running an escort service in the presence of police officers, while making more crude comments about a woman who has given all of her time today to help those who were mutated.

Then this doofus here {The Man}, threatens him with abilities he may or may not have. At which point this perv {Legion}, over reacts and screams rape at the top of his lungs, in the middle of a Police station. Then the other mook {The Man} takes roughly 10 minutes to day "Hey chill out, it was just a joke." and suggests that the police have him "mentally raped" by a person who just received their powers not even 24 hours ago to prove his innocence. Then finally this idiot {Legion} realizes that he very well could be in real danger here, so he finally starts taking Police proceedings seriously and defends his position.

Now if it were up to me, I would take this night stick here and crack the pair of you over your empty heads and be done with it. But I won't because up until now, I've been having a good day. Now if both of you dunder heads feel like continuing this arguement, you will do so in a jail cell, and I really don't think you want to do that, because you {the Man} are "too cute for prison" and if you {Legion} heal as fast as you say, then you cell mates won't have to worry about leaving any marks.

So I suggest that the two of you quit acting childish, pick you broken egos off the floor, and apologize to each other for going to far, and then to us for wasting out time."

*DM's Note: Things said in these: { } . Are not actually said, it just makes my job easier to convey messages.


It appears that you are not the only one with this in mind because Balchem's site is running incredibly slowly, and if prone to frequent crashes. Even when you stumble upon a stable connection, you have Balchem's security system to deal with, which is (unfortunately for you) top-notch.


The closest thing that you're able to pull up is blueprints for the hospital before it underwent a massive renovation about 12 years ago, and you've got a feeling that you could make a better blueprint from memory and crayons than this one.

Emperor Demonking

"Since we've only starting making the list within the past few hours, only a handful of people have signed up so it is not even remotely complete. It you want to register, go up those stairs over there, and it's the room across the landing. They could probably rattle off an unofficial list from memory if you're truly interested."

Andrew/Vox Populi

The secretary answers back saying "The list is currently being complied and a "first edition list" will be made available to the public around noon tomorrow; members of the government and police will have it on their desk first thing tomorrow. The Mayor would actually like you to attend a meeting tomorrow at 8am to discuss our "next step" after the registration."


The nurse puts on a very motherly smile and touches you gently on the shoulder "Nothing really "happens" deary. At this point, we can just run a few simple tests to see whether or not you have been affected or not. If it turns out that you've been affected, there's a ward down at that end of the hospital where we help people like you try to get their powers, if any, under control. Once we do that, you can go register down at the Police HQ and that'll be that. But of course, no one is forcing you to do anything, all of that is optional deary. We want to help you, but we don't have a right to meddle when we're not wanted."


You eventually go to the meeting place at the designated time, and see quite a familiar face at the bar. When he sees you he goes up to you and shakes your hand "Long time no see. How are you holding up?"

(If you would rather just use DM magic to speed through this scene, I'll allow it)


Ronnie lowered his voice a bit and answered, while cleaning a glass "Like I said, bad for business. Not just mine." He gives a significant gesture with his eyes at the last word. "Then again some people drink to forget their troubles." His eyes flicker meaningfully to a guy in the corner who looks like he's about 30% booze right about now.

2007-11-05, 07:02 PM
Andrew/Vox Populi

Andrew thanks the secretary and heads home to rest and contemplate a course of action for the next day.

Tar Palantir
2007-11-05, 07:31 PM
The Reaper thinks, slowly sifting through the horrors of the past night for relevant information. "A girl...a girl...I did not kill many girls that age last night. No more than two. One I know died almost bloodlessly, neck snapped. The other, I think I slit her throat with my claws. I'm not sure, there were several with the second girl, but i don't think she was greatly mauled. This is...disturbing, to say the least. There may be something else prowling the nights..." He pauses, deep in thought. He then asks the glowing being, "Describe her face, in as much detail as you can bear. If I did not kill her, then something else did, and it must be stopped. I know that you have no reason to trust me, and every reason not to, but I cannot rest until I know if there is another abomination like me stalking the streets of Rainport." His eyes show genuine concern, and just a tinge of the previous grief and guilt.

2007-11-05, 08:23 PM
“The Man”

“Officer, you sting me with your words, I must … No. You’re right, old chap. I have acted unworthily of someone of my position. You must be tired after a long hard day of honest work, and have probably had to put up with much today. I understand, and I salute your hard work and effort you put into preserving the peace. I apologize and humbly ask for your forgiveness for my earlier rudeness.” He bowed with a flourish. “I must admit that I too am tired for the day has drained me. Yet I should not have let my tiredness give way to rashness. I shall endeavor to act with more cordiality and patience in the future. I do hope that you realize however, that I have never put forward the idea that a telepath would mentally rape us. I was under the impression, that if it was consensual, that telepathy would not be an illegal act. Imagine the possibilities in psychotherapy! I merely wished that we would both consent to have our minds read so that this issue could be cleared up easily. Anyways, I digress. I will waste no more of your time.” He salutes the officers, and then turns to Legion, with a look of arrogant condescension. “And as for you, my dear good fellow, I must apologize for not realizing that some people simply cannot take a joke. I should not have jested with you in a manner that you would not be able to perceive. I shall endeavor to be more mindful of that in the future. I do suggest however, that you do not try to deceive me in the future, or I may be forced to take legal action.” He looks at the other man with as much menace he can muster.

Apologize, and try to improve officer’s disposition (diplomacy). Apologize to legion (well not a real apology, heh. But really I think this is best that “The Man” can do, at least in character. Fauntleroy on the other hand would probably be gibbering out an apology.) Then intimidate legion, to not try to bluff him again.

Diplomacy roll (officers): [roll0]
Intimidate roll (Legion): [roll1]

Xerxes Shadow
2007-11-05, 08:30 PM
"Damn. Well, it's not much, but it's something." The other library patrons looked at him strangely as he printed it out. Looking over it, he realized it was completely useless. Feeling sorry for the paper he wasted, he tossed the map in the recycling and deletes the internet history on the computer. After cycling through a few pages to fill it up again (paranoia abounds!), he left the building and made his way to a seedy gun shop in the South Side owned by one of his usual fences. "I'm going to need guns. Lots of guns," he said in the best Keanu Reeves voice he could manage, handing over I.D. and his gun license.

"Very funny," said the shopkeeper. "Whaddaya want?"

"I'll take... hmm... what're the prices on these? I don't seem to be able to find tags..."

SUMMARY: Cover the internet trail, leave the library, and go to the gun shop. Ask the dude what the prices are on his stock.

2007-11-05, 08:40 PM

"Thanks." She glances over at the man, deciding she probably ought to wait before buying the guy another drink; she doesn't want him to pass out, after all.

She slides into the booth across the table from him. "Rough day, huh?"

2007-11-05, 09:25 PM

"Really? No labs or anything? What is the registration thing for? Do you guys... like... track them? I don't wanna be like some moose on the discovery channel."

2007-11-05, 10:40 PM
"I'm sorry for not planning this out well enough..." Orig. says before jumping towards the window, then realizing its closed, stopping to open it, walking back to 'the man', and jumping out the window while saying "WOOT... Stage Dive!".

Raven T.
2007-11-05, 11:40 PM

Hmm...so there are more people than I interested in this, which is to be expected. This means I need to move fast if I intend to make my move. The problem is that I do not have the funds currently to do much. Gah, this is a total Catch 22. Bloody *&^%$#!%, they're going to block me off! Alex pounded the chair firmly. If the company didn't lock it all down and sweep it under the rug, the government would shut them down and lock away all the secrets.

NO! Patience. Move up into a greater position of power in your own company. If the government DOES take all the information...well, a little money goes a long way... He smiled some, satisfied he had a contingency plan. Not everything required the direct approach.

Emperor Demonking
2007-11-06, 10:59 AM
Michael walked uped to the room where he's meant to sign up. "Where do I register? Any telepaths?"

2007-11-06, 01:57 PM
Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

ooc: If you wish, we can speed through the scene, I know you've got a lot going right now with all these players. Personally, I think we need to kill anyone who has multiple forms right now, just to give geez3r a rest ;)

Basically, I wanted to use this scene to establish:

Letting my uncle know (as the only one who knows), the true identity of Pulse.

Establishing that he can call on me for police-related needs (including forensic/detective work).

Have an amusing realiziation of how Pulse's metabolism works... get drunk very fast... get sober very fast.

Get the list of people initially trying to get the list of supers early.

Being told that the list will be released (hopefully sans the name of anyone who isn't necessarily helping the police, but just wanted their powers registered, and who have no costumed identity - releasing their names would seem like a breach of privacy).

Getting an update on anything my uncle might know about the accident, and establish that he will give me updates as more is discovered.

Raven T.
2007-11-06, 04:21 PM

Relaxing some, he turns on one of the news channels to see what he has missed so far. They're registering these mutants? I guess people took the mayor's statement about vigilantism to heart. All the more reason not to register. Who needs a secret identity if you keep your mutanthood secret in the first place? He smirks some. Registration is only the first step. Sanctions will follow, then possible outright persecution. This actually sets me up better than I could have ever planned. Those who wish to avoid this persecution will clamor for an antidote, while small-time criminals will be looking to become mutants. A win-win situation for someone with the right position. All I have to do is some...unseemly acts to keep people from moving on this before me. Who can stop me; these other freaks? Laughable. No, there will be no foul-ups, no mistakes. He sees, for the first time, the clip of this...Reaper creature and the heroes who stepped to the mayor's aid. This...this is a good example of what NOT to do.

2007-11-06, 06:22 PM
The Reaper

After your little speech, for the first time, Bolt turns his back to you. He crosses his arms, as if in deep concentration. No one says a word for over a minute until Bolt makes a odd noise in his throat... he's crying. After another moment of silence Bolt speaks in a hoarser voice "Thank you. For telling me that. I will look into the matter."

The Man, Legion, Emperor Demonking - Registration office

The officer mutters something involving "idiots" and "dropped on their head". But other than that, don't really do anything, other than getting up and closing the window Legion jumped out of, without making sure he's alright or not.

Just after the window just gets closed, another person enters the room asking if this is the place to register and if there are any telepaths. The middle officer replies that this is indeed the place to register, and so far no telepath's have come forward.


"Well we've got a pretty good selection here. That wall has our shotguns, the opposite wall has rifles, the remaining walls have our hunting accessories like targets and the like, and this counter here has the ammo and hand guns. I personally like the pump shotguns, which will run your roughly $250 -$400 a pop, though if you have money to burn, the semi-auto's will run you just over $1000 a pop. The rifle's are about the same price as the shot guns. Handguns run you $200-$300 a pop. Ammo is roughly $8 per 50 rounds for nearly everything." replies the store owner.


After taking about 20 seconds to get his eyes to focus on you, the boozer replies with a heavy slur "Yeeeah... yeah... Itshs... itshs been.... real badsh turday. Buts... itsh not jrust meh ish it? Badsh tings growin on turday."


"Well at this point, the registration is just to collect data. If we can find a theme or something with how people are affected, it may help us in treating them. It would also help under disaster situations. For example, if someone could manipulate fire, they might be called on if the fire department was having trouble containing a fire."


OOC: I was just asking if you wanted to DM magic the scene if you didn't want to do any real character development, you know just like get the information and get on with your day. Seeing as how you had that in mind, it seems like we should go and roleplay the scene.

You and your uncle make your way to a private room where you may discuss matters more openly. A waitress takes your orders for the first round with a moment or two, before closing the door to let the pair of you have some privacy.

Xerxes Shadow
2007-11-06, 06:32 PM
"I'd like a sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun and 100 extra rounds of ammo, please." After getting his gun and leaving the store, Joe moved to the top of the hospital as fast as he possibly could and began scouring the outside of the building, looking for the Reaper's room, realizing it would be the darkest one with the blinds drawn.

SUMMARY: Get the shotgun and 100 rounds, look for the Reaper's window. SEARCH ROLL: 1d20+5=13. (http://invisiblecastle.com/rolldice.py?u=no+one&r=1&d=1d20%2B5&n=&a=Roll+the+dice) Also, I can't find the stats for shotguns, what are they?

2007-11-06, 07:56 PM
Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a Pulse

Harold smiles, "So Uncle Bob. Remember how you always thought I was wasting my brains in applied sciences, that I should apply to the force as a detective, or even a forensic scientist?" He quirks his smile, "It seems that fate may be taking me that direction in any case..." He leans forward, "I've had a situation occur which has highlighted my abilities in this regard and the need for them." He picks up his martini and takes a rather large sip from it.

2007-11-06, 08:09 PM
OOC: Xerxes you need a license for guns and stuff. Also Reaper is super powerful in the dark so his will be pretty bright to prevent shadows. For weapons stats use the msrd (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=d20/article/msrd) specifically its section on weapons & Armor (http://www.wizards.com/d20/files/msrd/msrdequipmentweaponsandarmor.rtf) which by the way is in some weird format called ".rtf"

Also geez3r I'm assuming some stuf about my guys if anything's wrong just tell me.

Orig & Outside City Hall

Orig. waits for a minute for his wounds to heal so that blood doesn't get on his new car, does a bow for everyone who saw his jump, drives to the hospital picks up #3, fuses with him and then parks his truck in his garage
and shuts the garage door and after everyone is fused gets to work on the preparations listed below.

#1 & Home Depo

#1 puts all his new stuff in the van and drives back to his neighborhood keeping his head down and trying not to be recognized and when noone is watching my house parks it inside and fuses back together.

#3 & Hospital

As noted above #3 waits for Orig and then fuses back with him.


Feeds his dog :smallsmile: .
Gets a dufflebag.
Gets weapons (Ak-47, Pistol, Knife) and also: Those tire chains used for traction in the snow, a handheld mirror, wirecutters, electric tape, duct tape, & Red spray paint.
Puts all the stuff he bought today in the van.
Ties the tire chains into an 8-12 foot long chain.
Plays with & takes dog for a walk.:smallsmile:
Practices speech on utilitarianism.
Sets alarm clock for middle of the night. Approx 2 AM
Goes to sleep.

Xerxes Shadow
2007-11-06, 08:16 PM
OOC to PlasticSoldier: I stated in my post about going there that it was owned by a fence he knows... I doubt someone involved in the illegal buying and selling of goods will care about licenses. I suppose this should have had some real game content... ah well.
EDIT: Come to think of it, a sawn-off is illegal anyway...

Raven T.
2007-11-06, 08:19 PM
(OOC: .rtf stands for Rich Text Format...the same format as Wordpad defaults to.

I'm just going to conk out and do misc. little things until bed. Someone kick me when we get to Monday so I can go to work on time.:smalltongue: )

Tar Palantir
2007-11-06, 10:16 PM
The Reaper nods respectfully, and says, "I thank you for listening to me. If her killer still walks free, then his life will be counted in hours if I am free to hunt him. I do not expect freedom, but if given I know how I will use it. I shall send mistress Death her own servants to join her in hell. Perhaps then when I die, there will be someone who mourns my passing." He falls silent, trying to remember any relevant details he might have forgotten about the past night.

2007-11-07, 04:40 PM

Mid afternoon found Raine and Phoebe frustrated. They had stopped by her brothers and picked up the donation check but the professor at RIT had flatly refused to have anything to do with them and rather abruptly ended their interview. Irritated, and with the rather large check still in her purse, they had stopped at a coffee shop to consider their option.

"I don't just want to hand it over to the mayor," Raine mused. "He might be a nice enough guy and all, but the government just isn't going to be the group that's going to get us all answers. If they did find anything they'd probably keep it to themselves and cultivate us like lab rats."

"The hospital?" Pheobe asked.

"Maybe..." she hesisted. "I'd really like to see them in action before we decide."

"Then what are we waiting for?"

"They'll ask why we're there. Not great if you're trying to keep what happened to you a secret."

"You tell them we're there to see if you can help out. It's a half truth." Phoebe's gaze hardened a bit, "I know you know enough about those."

Raine flushed and then quickly swallowed the rest of her coffee. "What are we waiting for then?"

The two women left the coffee shop and drove to the hosptial. "What's the plan?" Phoebe asked.

"Well, Phoeebs, we watch from the sidelines as long as we can and then we ask to talk to whoever's in charge."

Summary: Figure out who to donate research funds to.

2007-11-07, 05:20 PM

"No kidding," Judy replies. "Crazy for everyone, I bet. You look like you've had it worse than usual, though, huh?" she asks, trying to prompt him subtly to elaborate and hoping he wasn't so out of it he completely missed the tone. If she were too obvious, he might clam up even with alcohol loosening his tongue. Would've been better if she'd caught him mostly sober, so that she could give him just enough to loosen that tongue without making him incoherent. Even if it would have meant paying for the drinks.

2007-11-07, 08:00 PM

"Can I, like... talk to one of the other mutant guys?" Ethan will ask awkwardly. "About... the tests and stuff? Or is that... not cool?"

(Long story short... Ethan is going to do whatever it takes... including submit to the tests if he has to... to get put into a room with at least one other mutant.)

2007-11-07, 08:23 PM
“The Man”

OoC: I’m going to assume that the questions asked by the registration officer are the same as before. Sorry for the long post. Didn’t have time yesterday, so I’m doing two days worth.

As he strides up to the next open registration desk, the waiting officer looks up and starts to question him.
"Will you be using your powers while costumed or in a civilian identity?
“My dear chap, can you possibly imagine one such as I having a civilian identity?”
“Right. And what is your name and/or alias?”
He flourishes a bow, “I am simply, ‘The Man’, and I am at, your service”
“Ehem, okay… What are your powers?”
“I’ll be honest, I’m not altogether sure what my powers may be. I just do what comes naturally. There is only one power that I do know of. That is my absolute indisputable sexiness. There are times, that I can feel my awesomeness and sexiness radiate outwards, so that may be a possible power. Other than that I am not sure. I suppose I’ll find out by trial and error. If I do find anything else I’ll be sure to let the police know.”
“What do you plan on doing with your powers?”
“I plan to use my powers for the benefit of mutant and humankind. The initial use of my powers would be to strengthen human-mutant relations. After that, I will go to where my powers are needed most.”
“Do you have any police, military and/or medical training?”
“Unfortunately I do not, though I do not think that that will be necessary. I’m a lover, not a fighter”
"Do you have a criminal record?"
“Moi? A criminal record? How preposterous! Of course not. I cannot imagine…”
The officer interrupts him “Are you interested in receiving Police training?”
“Eh? What did you say? Police training? No, though I do thank your offer. As I said before I’m a …”
The officer sighs, “lover, not a fighter, right right. Ok you’re free to go.”
“The Man” strides out of the police headquarters, with his music blaring, and enters his Limo.
“Well then let us be off. I am in dire need of rest, and I’m afraid that I may change back at any moment. Back to my apartment!”
After they pull into the abandoned lot behind his apartment he swiftly runs back inside his apartment, as Angie follows him. Everything went far better than planned today. But there was still much to be done. “First Angie, I need you to buy a bottle of chloroform. I know the stuff is restricted, but if I change into Fauntleroy on one of my excursions outside, I need you to knock me out, and bring me back to the apartment. I must not be associated with him at all costs. Second, I want you to research and write up a list of possible financial backers for a bar that I’m planning on building. It’ll be a private club for the new mutant population, where they can go to relax. Somewhere they know they can go without being persecuted. Don’t worry about trying to convince them, just bring me a list, and I’ll personally visit the most promising ones. And before you go, I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I seriously need to give you a bonus”
“Thanks.” She replies, and quickly leaves, after which he slumps down on his couch, and drifts asleep.

Summary: Register, then go home. Have Angie buy Chloroform. Due to restrictions, probably won't get it immediately. Have her write up list of potential backers for a Mutant Bar. Then deactivate super form.

Angie does checks
Knowledge(Business): [roll0]
Research: [roll1]

Emperor Demonking
2007-11-08, 11:25 AM
Michael goes to register. What's my power again. Hieghtened mental functions. You have to say it larger thabn that.

2007-11-08, 12:45 PM
Andrew/Vox Populi

Andrew returns home and puts down his things, and then pauses to wonder.

"So let's say I really can make people like me more. I wonder if that's the limit, or if I can do other things with my mind?"

He concentrates on opening the fridge to get the TV dinner inside, and the door quivers a little.

Andrew grins to himself, and then begins to contemplate things.

"Alright. Alright. Apparently that "Man" character has a similar power to mine...the persuasion ability. That's important to remember...he ought to be one of the first against the wall when...

Is it really worth it, though? Tricking everyone into voting for me? With enough time and the right machinations, I suppose I could do whatever I wanted to. But that'd take all the fun out of it.

For now, I'll play along with the Mutant-Human Coalition, I suppose. I don't know if informing the Mayor of my...abilities...is the best idea."

2007-11-08, 03:50 PM
Time for a mega post.


OOC: For future refernce, Search is used to search for something in your immediate vicinity, like for a certain document in a filing cabinet.

Shotguns do 2d8 damage, can hold 8 rounds before needing to be reloaded as a full round action, and have a range increment of 40 feet.

The store manager informs you that sawed off shotguns are illegal, and is therefor harder to get his hands on, but gives you a standard 12 gauge shot gun (to maintain some level of legitimacy) and the desired amount of ammunition, which you are able to hide in your trench coat. You find where they are holding the Reaper without too much difficulty. There are two guards posted outside the door, two inside the door, and there are 2 mutants in the room with Reaper (Bolt and Inferno), who appears to be conversing with them, but you can't hear the details clearly. After a moment, Inferno comes out of the room, floating about 2 feet of the ground, and he goes flying down the corridor leaving a warm breeze and a light smell of smoke in his wake (see below).

Your uncle looks at you for a moment with a puzzled expression on his face, but then a dawning of realization spreads over his face, and he pales a little. " 'Highlighted my abilities'? Do you mean to say that you were in the blast? What can you do? Did you tell anyone else? Are you feeling alright?" He looks like he's going to explode from an urge to ask questions, but he calms down and sips his martini, waiting on the edge of his seat for you to answer.


OOC: AK-47's R' Us is sold out for the time being :smallwink: so pick another weapon.

Everything else goes as planned.


For the first time in a while, the fire mutant (Inferno) speaks up, his voice sounds a bit like a hissing a crackling fire, but something about it is off, but you can't quite place it. "It's not on our authority that you are being kept here. We were just considered the best men for the job. I'll let the big wigs know of what was said here. I'll be back in a moment. If you're not here when I get back, there will be hell to pay." At his last words, the flames licking Inferno's body turn a deep blood red before returning to their normal orange hue, before he flies out of the room and down the hall.


You head down the hospital, arriving 20-30 minutes later. You loiter about the waiting area for a while, taking in your surroundings. What finally draws your attention is 1 particular doctor that you see fairly regularly giving out orders to the other staff, which also report to him fairly regularly. The main doctor is now talking to 2 or 3 other doctors and a handful of nurses, who all seem to be trying to convince a certain nurse to do something. You can't quite make out what they're saying from this distance though.


The boozer takes another swig, but somehow seems a little more sober because of it. His slurring turns into a bit of an accent as well, he's made being plastered an art form. "Oh yah. Dat eksplosion vas partilarry my frault. A ceemrical in de varehouse vasn' 'upposed to be dere. Hy em gunna go to jail." He suddenly puts his arms on the table, and his head promptly falls onto them with a thud. He starts sobbing the last sentence over and over muffled into his arms.


"Oh sure deary, I've got just the one for you. Let's see what room were they in....." the receptionist works on her computer for a moment "Ah here we go. She's in room 422. The far end of that hall, 2 floors up. She'll know you're on your way by now. Don't worry, she said she wanted to talk with anyone if they had questions."

You find you way to the room quite alright. It looks like your standard hospital room with 2 beds. One is unoccupied, and in the other bed there is a neon green rabbit sitting on the pillow watching you.

The Man

Angie's preliminary search basically brings up a list of the people in Rainport that would have the resources to finance such a venture, and have financed similar ventures in the past. She doesn't have any real evidence for who would willingly fund a mutant bar, because no such evidence exists yet. Angie's list consists of about 25 people.

Emperor Demonking

You get asked the standard questions that everyone else has gotten asked:

Will you be using your powers while costumed or in a civilian identity?

What is your name and/or alias?

What are your powers?

What do you plan on doing with your powers?

Do you have any police, military and/or medical training?

Do you have a criminal record?

Are you interested in receiving Police training?

Tar Palantir
2007-11-08, 04:03 PM
The Reaper nods as the flaming man leaves, slightly less uncomfortable, but still irritated by the flourescent lights. Flames reminded him too much of the sun for him to be comfortable around them. He speaks, partly to the glowing orb, and partly to himself, "What monster of a man will die and have not a single soul mourn his passing? I have never feared death before, but I fear death now. Not because of what I will find; I know death as well as any living man can. I fear to die with not a single tear to be shed over my lifeless corpse. I have decided now that I don't want to die now, alone and unloved. I want to live a life worth living, and die a death worth dying, when my time has come. Still I fear that it will never be." He paused, brooding for a few moments before speaking directly to the blue orb. "I don't believe I've asked you your name. You know mine, of course, or the only one that still belongs to me at any rate."

2007-11-08, 04:14 PM

In that case can i have a bolt action .22?

Neon Green Rabbit :smalltongue: I can just imagine it as the one from Monty Python jumping up and ripping Ethan's head off, that would be so cool...

And just tell me when everyone is around the same time as me incase they want to interfere with my bank robbery.

2007-11-08, 04:33 PM
Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

Harold doesn't bother to look around, he could easily sense if there was anyone else in the room and there isn't, but he lowers his voice nonetheless. "Yes, I was caught in the blast, but despite being close by I wasn't affected... obviously... I think because the material that might otherwise have hit me was vaporized first. I'm the mutate who registered himself as Pulse... with the guns and the flying machine." He pauses, fishing an olive out of the martini and eating it. "I didn't give a full disclosure, even to the police, but my powers are largely magnetic, and the devices I'm using are actually that ability. I don't trust anyone fully, Uncle Bob, except you, so I'm keeping some things to myself. A side effect of the magnetic powers seems to be an increase in mental abilities... and a shide effect of that seems to be an increased metabolism... I need more food and I get cold fathter." He drinks the other half of the martini, and pauses, shaking his head. "Are they making these sthronger here?"

2007-11-08, 04:44 PM

Raine's eyes opeped a little wider at the doctor and others talking with the semeingly reluctant nurse. 'Enquiring minds want to know,' she thought as her brow furrowed in concentration.

Use 'listen in' to tap into their conversation. 2pp to activate 2pp to sustain. Will DC18 would save

Xerxes Shadow
2007-11-08, 05:00 PM
((Yeah, I know what search is supposed to do, but I couldn't think of another skill that, you know, searches.))

After inspecting the room from the hospital and the outside, Joe ascertained that he would need to take out the guards quietly. Using his new intellect to its full extent, a plan began to hatch in his mind. He began preparing for his mission.

First, he went to the local super-mega-conglamerate-discount-department store and bought the most toxic cleaning things he could find. He went home and mixed it all together in a container, then fed it to a mouse he bought at the pet store. He felt kind of bad when it got horribly sick, but he knew his mix was working right. I can atone for the death of this mouse later, he thought, in an unusual burst of goodwill. After he disposed of the animal's body, he made some posters and pasted them to telephone poles all over town: MUTANT WANTED. SUBSTANTIAL BUT TEMPORARY CHANGE IN SLIGHTLY HUMAN BODY NEEDED. FOR DETAILS SEND EMAIL TO [email protected]

After setting up the fake email address, there was not much he could do but wait. He went about his normal day for a while, waiting for contact.

SUMMARY: Incredibly awesome preparations for my mission. Broken down, I made and tested poison and put posters up for a mutant to change my shape. This is a devious plan indeed... [/foreshadowing]

2007-11-08, 05:27 PM
Excerpt from the research journal of Dr. Harold Smith...

It has always been a particular annoyance of mine when people use exact scientific terminology incorrectly. Scientists invent these words for a reason. The purpose of the jargon is to exactly name something; but science is plagued eternally by those who think they know what something means. For example, I am constantly frustrated with those who could not distinguish between venomous and poisonous. Sometimes an organism is both... but just because a rattlesnake injects a venom with it's bite, does not make its flesh poisonous to eat. And eating a puffer fish is inadvisable, however it cannot envenom someone with it’s body’s poison. Another word that I can tell will be a problem with me is mutant...

A mutant is an organism that has undergone genetic alteration at the prenatal level, and which can pass this change on to its own offspring because the mutation affects the gamete-producing cells of the body as well as the somatic cells. The cells of those affected by the Balchem Incident have been genetically altered, but they are not mutants. There is no proof, firstly, that they can pass on these changes... that the mutations will breed true. It could well be that this genetic change has affected only the somatic cells of the body, and not the gamete-producing cells. Furthermore, unless a mother was exposed to the chemical while carrying a child, none of the so-called mutants had their genetic change prenatally. A more appropriate term for those affected by the Balchem Incident would be mutate... an organism that has been changed genetically at a post-natal stage of development.

It is interesting that this chemical which caused these supposedly "random" changes caused a body-wide alteration to all the affected person’s cells simultaneously. Were this genetic-changing chemical truly a random thing, each cell of the body would be genetically altered in a different way... yet another piece of evidence for the "nonrandomicity" argument.

2007-11-08, 05:42 PM

"You HAVE to be kidding me." Ethan will blurt out the moment he sees the thing.

On the upside... if the rabbit is a telepath, unless it's doing a deep probe into memory... the thoughts it's picking up are mostly confusion and mild irritation at how utterly, mind-bogglingly absurd this mutant thing is. She was expecting something more X-men. This officially tops "the man" for the most absurd mutant power ever.

"Uh... You're... a mutant?" Ethan will finally manage to say... a good minute after "he" sees the rabbit. "What are you? Like... beast boy?"

(Congrats geez3r... you just broke my brain. :smalltongue: )

2007-11-08, 07:20 PM

The blue orb answers "You may call me Bolt."


Congrats, you now have a .22, it does 2d6 damage, has a range increment of 80ft, hold one shot, and can be loaded as a move action.


Your uncle sits in silence concentration for a few moments, thinking about what you have said, mulling it over. As an almost absent minded gesture, he downs the rest of his martini as well. After mulling the taste around in his mouth for a moment, he answers in a low voice "Nah, they're just about the same strength as always, why? Ah that doesn't matter now. It seems you seriously put some thought into this, coming up with your disguise and all that, so I doubt I can talk you out of it, but I urge you to be careful. That being said, do know the limits of your power? How much can you lift with your mind, or do you know how high your IQ has gotten?"


You can't quite listen in to all of the minds, but you gather that they are trying to get the nurse named Jen to go home and get some rest because she's been working there for the past 18 hours and they think she needs some serious rest. Jen doesn't want to go because "she's not tired" and there is still so much to do.


Make a Craft Chemical check to see how well you do it, and/or how well you don't kill/poison yourself. You normally can't do this untrained, but I'll allow it because you technically have a beyond genius IQ. However, I will still impose a -2 penalty to you because you shouldn't be doing thing untrained, which stacks with the -4 penalty for not having a chemical kit.

Also, a Gather Information check would have been useful to, you know, gather the information of Reaper's whereabouts.


You look at the rabbit, and it looks back at you, and then... it giggles. Just as your mind starts going deaf from it shouting "WTF!?" so loudly, the rabbit's nose twitches and it sneezes. Then, the fur starts disappearing, and the rabbit starts growing and changing until there is a girl sitting before you, or at least it was a girl. She was obviously one of the people close to the explosion and was heavily mutated. She looks quite similar to a dryad. She guess she is roughly 5'6" and her skin is very bark-like, but still smooth. She has an exorbitantly large amount of thick, wavy, green hair that goes about halfway down her thighs. She looks to be quite physically fit, and has some curves to her frame. She also smells like a combination of evergreen trees and flowers. She wears a cheery smile, and appears to be full of life. If you had to guess, you would says she's in her low 20's or late teens. Overall, she looks quite out of place indoors in a hospital gown.

After reverting to her "normal form" she says "Oh poopie. I thought I had it that time." She notices you puzzled expression and explains "I can't stay in whatever form I'm in if I loose concentration... or sneeze."

She repositions herself and brings the sheets up over her legs and sits up in bed. She motions to a seat next to her bed saying "Have a seat 'deary'" smiling.

2007-11-08, 07:43 PM

Judith conceals her surprise. Jackpot. And right away, too... There's some satisfaction, too; she'd been right. "Whoah, that sounds bad," she agrees, slurring her speech a little too. "I mean, like, arrest you? They can't do that if it was an accident, right?" She puts a hand on his shoulder, patting it comfortingly.

Xerxes Shadow
2007-11-08, 08:02 PM
I got a 16. (http://invisiblecastle.com/rolldice.py?u=no+one&r=1&d=1d20-1&n=&a=Roll+the+dice)

2007-11-08, 09:25 PM


Ethan will look at her in roughly as much confusion as before... Before finally just sitting down.

Well... This makes slightly more sense than the rabbit, I suppose. Tasha will think to herself. She seems nice... if a bit odd, at least.

"Uh... Yeah. Thanks." Ethan will stammer, unable to take his eyes off of, ironically enough, her hair. "I'm... uh... Ethan. I was gonna ask if you're a mutant... but that's kinda obvious, so... um... What's up? I've never met a mutant before. What's it like? How are the tests? Are they... like... forcing us to do stuff?"

Tar Palantir
2007-11-08, 09:31 PM
The Reaper nodded, commiting the name to memory. He then spoke, "If it is decided that I will be allowed to go free to hunt for your sister's killer, would you be opposed to fighting alongside me? I have seen for myself that you are rather powerful, and together we stand a better chance than either of us alone. If you would be uncomfortable working with me, I can't say I'd blame you. Either way, her killer will be found and held accountable for his crimes."

2007-11-08, 11:11 PM

He woke up with a splitting headache. He was going to have to do something about these blackouts, but his online tournament was only days away, so he needed to focus on re-mastering and practicing his hotkey combinations. He only hoped that he wouldn’t black out during the tournament. He got up and opened the fridge, while cleaning his ears. He flicked a bit of earwax somewhere, and got out a bottle of “Champagne? What the… When the heck did I buy this crap? And who took my shoes out of the fridge? Where is all my stuff! My garlic spread? The curry leftover from two weeks ago? Yesterday’s Onion, Limburger and Bratwurst sandwich? My homemade Kim Chee?! My entire supply of Natto!? Even yesterday’s asparagus stir-fry? That wasn’t even moldy! All of my favorite smelly stinky foods! All gone! Who the hell has been through my fridge!”
He stormed about his apartment when suddenly he noticed, that his underwear and sock pile was gone. He frantically searched under his bed and couch, all over the apartment, but to no avail. Who in their right mind would want to steal his underwear? It hadn’t been washed for over a month, so it couldn’t be all that valuable. I mean he’d heard of guys stealing women’s underwear, but month old dirty underwear from a guy’s apartment? He suddenly noticed that his drawers were closed and there wasn’t any bits of shirt and pants sticking out so he took a quick look, and lo and behold, his underwear, in his underwear drawer of all places. He was shocked. He didn’t know what to think. He couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to fold and clean all of his month old laundry. Even he wouldn’t do such a thing, even in his sleep.
As he looked on at his clean and ordered clothing drawers, he couldn’t help but wonder what sort of lunatic would go to that much trouble. Obviously it couldn’t be him, he liked the dirty laundry, and besides, he hated washing. He only showered once a week for crying out loud, why the heck would he do his laundry before its time. So if not him, then who? Why would they get rid of anything and everything that was most aromatic? It no longer smelled like home in here. What? He glanced around and saw several scented candles around, as well as huge can of air freshener. He tore at his hair is frustration, and threw the airspray in the trash. There was something more to these blackouts of his. Something very suspicious, and even sinister. He was going to get to this bottom of this.
At that moment Angie ran into his apartment. When she saw Fauntleroy her face froze in a look of surprise, and then horror.
“Crap!” She started toward the door again.
“Angie? What the hell are you here for? I thought you hated me. Especially after I … well never mind that. Why are you here. Do you know anything about what’s going on in this place?” His eyes widened in surprise. “Oho ho! It’s YOU isn’t it! This is your payback for all the pranks I pulled on you while we were in high school together! But why all this? Why now?”
Angie with eyes wide open in surprise, opened her mouth, but didn’t say anything for a few moments. Then she mumbled incoherently “Um, umm, ummm. Can’t talk, gotta run. Bye” and hastily threw a piece of paper on his desk, then ran out.
Hmmm. That was very, very suspicious, and her running away just seemed to confirm his suspicions. But why? He couldn’t comprehend what was going through her mind. He did kindof feel bad for being so mean to her during high school, but he had figured that she would have gotten over it by now. No matter, he’ll figure something out. He took a look at the paper, and saw that it was a list of names and phone numbers. Maybe he could get to the bottom of this. Or maybe it was part of an even more elaborate prank. He knew that he had to look into this further.

Fauntleroy wakes to find his apartment cleaned, and suspects Angie. He's thinking of finding out what's going on.

2007-11-09, 12:56 AM
Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

Harold blinks, looking at his glass, then he raises a finger. "Ahhh... fathter metabolism... I'm abthorbing it rather fath... faster. I'll... have... to... be... carful... about... that..." He takes a deep breath, "Ith's difficult to measure how much smarter a person is, though I have a strong feeling it is quite above normal. As far as the limits of my abilities, I can lift several hundred pounds of metal, but I usually throw small ball bearings at my enemies, from my guns of course." He chuckles and then shakes his head. "Interesting... I get drunk very fast, and sober very fast." He looks at his uncle, "So, since you know who I am, I thought you could call on me if you needed me, including for examining evidence. My detective abilities should also be improved by my increased intelligence. Perhaps if there is a case you're having a problem with, it could illuminate for us both how much smarter I've become."

Emperor Demonking
2007-11-09, 12:30 PM
Will you be using your powers while costumed or in a civilian identity?
In a civilian identity
What is your name and/or alias?
Michael Ross
What are your powers?
Advanced mental functions
What do you plan on doing with your powers?
Live my life, solve crimes.
Do you have any police, military and/or medical training?
Do you have a criminal record?
Are you interested in receiving Police training?
Not really.

"Can you tell me who has signed up already."

2007-11-09, 09:12 PM

The guy stops sobbing when you touch his shoulder and looks at your with red tear stained eyes "Hy don' know. Hy really chust don' know hennymore." He takes another swig, and then looks at you strangely for a moment before yelling quite loudly "Hold me!" and then pulling you into a hug. He semi-whispers into your ear the following "Hyu're de only friend Hy hef, Hy kan trust hyu. Hy vant to schow hyu zumddink." Assuming you pull away enough to look him in the eyes at this point, his eyes are full of meaning... the parts that aren't full of booze anyways.


You input the link wrong, so every time I click the link, it re-rolls the die. So try to avoid that in the future, but I'll take it as a 16. Meaning that you poison is indeed effective enough to kill rats.


The girl looks at your for a moment, while wearing an impish smile as you stammer on for a bit. She curls up and puts her chin on her knees saying "It's actually really cool to be one, once you figure everything out. It was really weird for me personally because I was kind of high at the time of the blast, so when I started changing forms, you can imagine how freaked out I was. I couldn't really control it at the begining, which is partially why I'm here. Imagine being a squirrel one minute, then a bear the next, but of them being brilliant neon colors, while on a trip." She lets out a whistle while shaking her head. "I'll you this much, I'll never touch the stuff again. So I decided to come here for a bit, until I came off my trip, and got my powers under control, which I can pretty much do now, except control the color, I can't get that right yet...

Anyways, on to the tests. The receptionist has you talking to me because I think they had like the most difficulty with me. Oh, my senses are like really good now and stuff, so I could like hear what you said to her, I hope you're not mad or anything for me eavesdropping. Oh yeah, introductions and stuff, I'm Erica, sorry about that. Back to the tests, they really don't force you to do anything, there were a few people that declined the tests as well. A few people where given alternative tests if their skin was too tough to breach to get blood or something. They nearly had to do that we me, it freaked the doctors and stuff out for a bit, because the needles wouldn't really work on my skin..." she flicks her forearm at this, and it makes a dull thunk, very much like knocking on wood "They eventually figured something out, and were able to get some of my blood; but it wasn't really blood, it was like sap and blood combined. They said I was like some "fleshy tree" or something... I didn't really pay much attention, I was too busy doing this..." the girl changes into a violently purple deer curled up on the bed and looks you dead in the eye for roughly 15 seconds without doing a damn thing..... Before it crosses its eyes, sticks out its tongue, and starts licking its nose.

She holds that goofy pose for about 5 seconds before transforming back into herself in a fit of giggles.


Bolt turns back to facing you and says "Even if you are not my sister's killer, you are still a killer, and I will NEVER work with something as disgusting as that, no matter the cost."


You uncle chuckles a bit at your slurring your words then getting sober quickly. "Nice talent there, no more hang overs. Now as for your help on police investigation, I can't give my official word yet. You see, tomorrow morning, all of the big influencial people involved in the government and police agendas are having a meeting. We are all going over the data each of our subgroups have collected today. I'll keep you out of it, you can be sure of that. You'll notice that the Mayor really didn't announce a formal policy or plan of action at the conference; that was because there isn't one, at least not yet. We're going to be deciding that tomorrow, depending on what happened today. However, nothing extraordinarily bad happened today, thankfully. We expected to have buildings demolished at the very least. But then again, this may be a calm before the storm.

Anyways, long story short: I want your help on the investigations, but whether we can do it in the open or not depends on how the meeting goes tomorrow.... I need another drink."

Emperor Demonking

The officer takes down your responses without batting an eye, but when you ask to see who registered, he hesitates for a moment before shrugging his shoulders, and starts flipping through the completed forms.

"Well, we got the 7 from the conference: Reaper, Titan, Inferno, Bolt, Hound, The Man and Jen. Then we got Pulse, he got wicked smart and made a bunch of toys. Some Anonymous dork, who heals fast and has no common sense. Some unconfirmed mutant that got in a scuffle with police earlier on, possibly enhanced fighting prowess. Haze, some guy who can turn into smoke or something, walk through walls and teleport, he knows Titan I think. 1337, some nerd that can talk to computers or something. Cannon, uhh, he makes things go boom. That's about it. We didn't much more useful answers than that."

2007-11-09, 10:39 PM

Jude tries to draw back a little as he draws her into a hug—the last thing she needed was this guy mistaking her sympathy for a different kind of interest!—but stops as he whispers something. She does pull back a little, to appraise him, and is surprised. Maybe he's not quite as hosed as he looks. "Okay," she says slowly in a low voice, studying him. "Sure. What is it?"

Xerxes Shadow
2007-11-09, 11:08 PM
((All right, I can slay the mice! Now on to more pressing matters. What happens with the posters?))

2007-11-09, 11:22 PM
Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

Harold nods, "Interesting... do let me know what the overall decision is. Oh, and see if you can get them to call us mutates, not mutants..." He looks at his empty martini glass and shakes his head, "I'd better not... I might find out I can have accellerated hangovers too." He pauses his conversation as the dinner is delivered, smiling up at the waitress, then looks back to Uncle Bob after she leaves, "By the way, did you get a list of anyone requesting information on the mutates... from the hospital, the police, and so on?"

Tar Palantir
2007-11-09, 11:26 PM
The Reaper nods respectfully, saying, "I can't say that I'm surprised. No matter how much it abhores me, no matter how haunted I am by the screams of the innocent, I will always be a killer. What makes the difference is who I kill. No longer will my hands be stained with the blood of the innocent. I do not ask you to like me, to tolerate me, or to do feel anything but hatred towards me. I only wish for the chance to redeem myself. When I bring you the severed head of your sister's killer, his face locked in an expression of pure agony and torment, then you will know what I have truly become."

2007-11-10, 12:32 AM
Earlier that Morning

Dressed in a pair of running shorts and a tank-top, Davan finishes the last of a set of quick pushups, and moves on to the end of his morning regimen...meditation and a mental exercise taught to him by one of his teachers.
Re-tying his dark hair back into a ponytail and settling into a properly relaxed position, Davan closes his eyes and begins focusing slowly on his immediate surroundings...namely the space around his body. As a couple long moments go by, he feels a very peculiar sensation all around him, and opens his eyes, perplexed. Greeting his vision is a strange and shifting mass of energy surrounding his body, barely visible to the eye-namely in being slightly blurry parts shifting around. Startled and shocked, he tries to reach out past the apparition, to find it follows the shape of his body and extends outwards...a sort of aura, one that almost looks as though it were a semi-stationary shockwave. Feeling fairly freaked out at this, he mentally shouts out stop.

The feeling immediately disappears, along with the aura surrounding his body. After a few moments, Davan's curiosity gets the better of him, and tries to mentally bring back the wall of force, thinking to himself what in the world is going on here? I didn't think I hit my head that badly in that odd blast last night... The flickering aura almost cheerfully reappears, and disappears as quickly as Davan commands it to. Thinking out loud, he says

"Well, either you've suddenly learned to send your chi outside your body, your dreaming, or you've gone crazy, Davan. Talking to yourself probably adds weight to the latter, by the way.

As he finishes saying that, a broadcast on the news begins talking about an explosion. Davan begins halfway listening to it, until right around the time he hears the words "Super Powers," and realizes he was in the vicinity of the blast.
"Well now, that's interesting. Super powers...it's like right out of a comic book... I wouldn't believe it had I not seen that...thing...Iwonder what else I can do?

Present Time
Davan, now dressed in a fighting outfit, exits his studio-style apartment, and looks over the various bits and pieces of what was evidently junk strewn about the room, as if they had each exploded.
I'll have to clean that all up later.
Evidently preparing to leave, he frowns slightly and picks up what looks to be a quiver of arrows, a bow, and a couple of pouches/sacks.
People have been doing crazy things today...I might be needing this stuff if I do get in a fight with some of these other...mutants, i think we've been labeled? Some of these people have gone seriously bonkers.

Shrugging and putting on the small amount of equipment he picked up, Davan walks out the door, and locks it behind him. Turning towards the stairs, he suddenly has a flash of inspiration, and a gleeful grin crosses his face. Simply facing the alleyway below, he looks both ways for any onlookers, and leaps down as easily as if he stepped down a level.

Okay, that is still so cool. Right then, where to now? There isn't any tournament or fight going on tonight, and I'm not sure there would still be one after the explosion. Wouldn't be much of a challenge, either...sure, it'd pay, but it'd be boring. Maybe one of these other "supers" is running around spoiling for a fight...how else am I going to learn better how to use what I've got, eh?

Davan sets off towards the center of the city, strolling along and looking for all the world a blissfully unaware, albeit strangely garbed, citizen. Stopping at the corner, he thinks back to the previous night's events, and the sudden wooziness that caused him to lose the match.

Maybe I should go visit the hospital...it cleared up real quick, but I'd better make sure. Besides, they probably know better what's going on with everyone getting super powers and whatnot.

He turns the other direction, and walks towards the hospital.

2007-11-10, 12:34 AM

He pondered his options for a while. Either he could try to get Angie back by playing some pranks on her, heh that brings back memories… or he could basically try to stop her from pulling any new pranks. As he sat there pondering, he decided that finding out what she was planning was probably fruitless, as she was far more intelligent than he. Rather the best course of action was revenge. Sweet revenged would be his. She had gotten him really good though, he had to give her that much credit. But the tables would be turned soon enough. If she got him back by cleaning up his apartment, he would get his revenge by doing the opposite! He feverishly began working on a stink bomb. Normally he would have most of the stuff he needed on hand, but since Angie had been on a cleaning spree in his apartment, he had to go looking. It had taken a few hours to root through his and his neighbor’s garbage to find all the stuff he needed, but now he was ready. “One week old mackerel defrosted, one cup soured milk, a half dozen rotten eggs, and to top it off, a whole bulb of garlic. Puree until a fine paste, leave in a hidden place for a few days, and Bingo! Heh. This’ll teach her not to mess with me!”
He snuck out, and started toward her apartment. It was already getting very dark, so he hurried toward her pad. As he approached, he noticed a limo in her parking space. What the heck was she doing with a limo? He figured it was part of another prank she had in store for him, so decided to ignore it. Then he hit upon a brilliant idea. Angie couldn’t afford a limo, so it was probably a rental. Of course as he didn’t have the keys to the limo, he couldn’t just plop it inside. He would have to come up with something else. He looked at all the doors and windows of her apartment, but they were all closed and locked.
Just when he thought his luck had run out he remembered that Angie had the habit of leaving a spare key to her house underneath one of her potted plants that she kept outside. Then he spotted it, a single dead plant, among plenty that were in bloom. That had to be it! He ran over and indeed as he had suspected, the keys were there. To his luck it also had the limo keys as well; she had been quite careless. He quietly unlocked the door to the trunk of the limo, put the jar in place, then crept back and returned the key to its previous resting place, so none would be the wiser.
Laughing all the way he skipped home knowing that Angie would have a serious problem on her hands. As he entered his apartment the clean smell again disgusted him. He needed to do something about that, but it could wait till the morning. He changed into his pajamas, which were now clean for the first time in months, and climbed into his bed and had a restful nights sleep.

Summary: Fauntleroy the jerk plants a stink bomb in “The Man’s” limo. Signing off for the day for Fauntleroy and “The Man”.

OoC: Strange, but I think my character is the only one that's actively sabotaging his other self. And just for the sake of clarity, "The Man" is actually the one that cleaned his own apartment, and then fell asleep on the couch in exhaustion from all that work. Dang it I knew I missed something in one of my posts. Ah well, this should clear up any confusion.

2007-11-10, 06:43 AM
((Sorry about the length of this post - I promise to keep them much shorter in the future))

Professor Lachlan Dark aka Paragon

Doctor... no, it wasn't Doctor anymore... Professor Lachlan Dark was awoken at 6AM by the beeping of an electronic alarm clock. The credit for inventing the first mechanical alarm clock generally went to a man called Levi Hutchins of Concord New Hampshire, though Levi never patented his particular design and household clocks which sounded bells had of course been in existence for several hundred years before that.

...Why that thought had occurred to him so clearly at 6AM he had no idea.

He heard a helicopter pass in the street above his hotel room. Presuming that the helicopter had maintained a constant speed, the change in frequency of the sound as observed by him meant that it was travelling at about 90 knots. Unless he was mistaken it was a Robinson R22HP - the best selling two-seater helicopter of its day. The model was maybe 30 or 40 years old now and most likely in commercial use at this time as a traffic copter. It had a book speed of 102 knots maximum when new.

...Given its age, it was really gunning it.

And he had no idea how he knew that at all. He hadn't even thought about it. Aviation engineering wasn't even his specialty. And he was pretty sure it was impossible to calculate speed based on the Doppler effect in your head.

He sat up in bed and looked around the plush room - almost a suite in that it had a writing desk and a coffee table. Something wasn't right. Or at least something was very different.

He grabbed his glasses from the night stand and put them on. He took the glasses off and looked around again. And put them back on again. Then took them off. He repeated this process just be sure, cleaned his glasses on a tissue from the same night stand and tried again.

While spontaneous cures did result in several diseases, he had suffered retinal scarring more than 20 years ago as a result of infection and in the intervening period there had been no medical advances which could treat his condition and no record of positive change - it was progressive and degenerative. Eventually, in about 10 years, he was supposed to go blind. He was definitely not supposed to wake up one morning with 20-20 vision.

"Woah!" he said - and immediately decided that a department head at the Randolph Institute of Technology should never, under any circumstances however pressing, say that. This once he forgave himself.

The hands he had been using to put his glasses on and off were not the ones he had gone to bed with.

Calmly he took one his new black moleskine notebooks - square paper - from his briefcase and began to take notes. If nothing else they would help a psychiatrist in diagnosing his particular hallucinations - if that was what they turned out to be.

1. Vision is restored. Able to read a magazine headline from across the room, but not the small text, indicating that the level of vision would be considered average to good.
2. Physical body is entirely altered. Although I do not have previous precise measurements, I appear to have grown 8" and am now approximately 6'4" tall. My chest, biceps, and legs have all increased both in size and in density. The sensation of high density is curious, though it does not appear to have any observable component. Curious.
3. My clothes no longer fit. The new tweed jacket with the leather patches I found so ironic will have to remain a private joke.
4. Cosmetically I have gone from being olive skinned and dark-haired to pale and blonde.
5. I appear to be a physically excellent specimen.
6. The physical changes are accompanied by a disproportionate increase in strength. I was quite capable of lifting the king size bed in my room over my head. This was not especially taxing and as I have nothing larger to test with, determining the limit of my strength is currently impossible.
7. My mental faculties are massively improved. I had a newspaper from yesterday with a Suduko puzzle in it. I was immediately able to visualise all the answers without completing any of the grid. Looking through some of my papers I realised quickly that many of my carefully considered calculations were just wrong. After only a few minutes of studying my old notes, I believe annotations I made constitute a greater contribution to my area of study than my previous 10 years of work.
8. Point 7 is both exciting and depressing.
9. As with strength it is impossible to assess my intelligence given the materials at hand. I suspect there are no existing intelligence tests which would prove adequate.
10. I sense other "abilities". In much the same way as you would be able to feel your tongue even if you didn't know how to speak - I feel that there are untapped capacities within me. It is like acquiring new limbs; invisible hands and feet - though I suspect their manipulation must be learned over time - and what the effect might be I have not the faintest conception.

He called down to reception as the new concierge was coming on duty and asked for clothes to be sent up. This was a nice hotel - the Institute had spared no expense for the one night before he moved into his house - and the request wasn't a problem. He checked out quickly afterwards and was certain that as he had arrived late yesterday the fresh morning staff had never seen him before.

One man had checked in, another had checked out and was already in a taxi speeding through the Sunday morning streets.

"D'ya here about the warehouse explosion?" the driver asked, conversationally.

"No," Professor Dark replied. The lie was on his lips instantly. Of course he knew about the explosion. He'd seen it happen.

The driver explained in as much detail and with as much accuracy as cab drivers everywhere about the chemical explosion, the mutations and that the mayor was making an announcement that morning. He took particular pleasure in mentioning his own sighting of "some dude just flying around".

"It's like some freakin comic book," the driver exhorted. "I keep expecting to see Spider Man swing by or the news to say Doc Oc has robbed a bank".

"Banks don't open on a Sunday," Professor Dark replied. "And they don't hold a lot of money on Monday".

"You sayin give it til the end of the week?"

"No," he replied with a wry smile and left it at that. He caught the reflection of his new face in the driver's mirror. Smiling wryly looked good on him and he decided he would do it more often.

As the taxi continued its journey the streets became quieter and the driver turned his radio up to hear the speech.

Professor Dark listened intently to the live broadcast, especially the point where at least six of these super heroes - and given the nature of the speech he suspected a number more - were present and involved in some sort of fracas.

The description given by the radio from on-site was not clear on exactly what had happened. But he knew from personal experience what it was like to go from weakness to sudden power. The knowledge that he could reach through the plexiglass divider of the cab and crush the driver's skull with one hand was almost like a prompt telling him he should do it. Temptation was the hardest thing to resist: he was sure many others would give in without thought, as quickly as he had lied to this anonymous man.

"I wonder where that guy with the T got his costume so fast," the driver pondered.

"Indeed," Professor Dark replied.

The knowledge that others had also been gifted - similarly or differently - left him unmoved. The actions of these others would determine how he was perceived. Their choices would limit his own. These others were no better than the children of the wealthy families who bought their way into any field their whim took them.

Their existence was uninteresting to him - but their actions might distinguish them as more than random incidents of chance. Until he saw what way the wind was blowing he had no intention of registering his powers... whatever they were... with anyone.

The cab drew up to the main building of the Randolph Institute where he was due to meet with the Vice Chancellor in precisely 3 minutes. The Institute had said the Vice Chancellor had been at a conference the day before, but had deigned to come in for an hour on Sunday to show the newest faculty member around.

Being on time would probably not be regarded favourably. He should have been there conspicuously early. He was, after all, a minor and far from brilliant professor who had been elevated to a prestigious position.

He had been so elevated by the same largesse - the same plutocratic gift - he so despised and was now utterly indebted to and intertwined with. Such arrangements were not simply silence for advancement; once advancement was accepted, the balance of power shifted entirely the other way. But those were thoughts for another day.

The Vice Chancellor took an almost immediate dislike to him, but it didn't matter. His position had been secured by a higher power and he was, as of this morning, a tenured professor. Technically he could lecture twice a week, publish drivel every six months and retire in 30 years to a huge pension, having earned a six figure income all his life. It was a brilliant kind of scam which could only exist in the upper echelons of academia, where the real world was regarded with - at best - curious disdain.

However Professor Dark had recently acquired considerably more ambition.

*** 1 hour time loss

"The house was left to us by your predecessor along with its contents - he had no family," the Vice Chancellor explained, giving Professor Dark a set of keys. "It doesn't have a number, since it isn't on a street. Professor Mulroy renamed the house Apollo when he was recruited in the 1970s".

"He was that Dr John Mulroy? From NASA?"

"Yes, the chief mechanical engineer for the project that put men on the moon. So you understand that the man who previously held this post was a giant".

Professor Dark looked around the hallway and thought, a worthy predecessor.

The house was old, mostly wood-built with an old stone cellar. It had a musty, though not unpleasant, old person smell to it and would need to be aired before he could call it home. Other than that, it suited him very well. It was definitely a professorial residence, crammed with books and antiquities and filing cabinets jammed with papers.

The house was as old as the Institute and had been surrounded by expanding university buildings as time had gone on - so that it stood equidistant from the main building and his own department. The Vice Chancellor had already given him a cursory tour of those facilities.

"With the new academic year starting we haven't had the chance to look around. You would be doing us a favour if you could catalogue the contents. I'm sure much of his personal collection was of museum quality and would need to be adequately preserved. That said the house is part of your terms of employment and it is yours as long as you are with the university," he said, with a tone that suggested he hoped that would not be long.

"Of course," Professor Dark said. By the time he had spoken the words he had already decided to keep anything that was remotely valuable.

"Classes begin tomorrow," the Vice Chancellor continued. "You'll have to meet with your staff as soon as possible, since the lesson plans for the semester were not finished by the late Professor Mulroy".


*** 1 hour time loss

Professor Dark closed and locked the door of the otherwise empty house. He wandered through the rooms looking at a lifetime's worth of collection and clutter and death-forced abandonment. Man does not go back to dust, but fractures and vanishes in more mundane ways. This man, who died; this great man, was now a collection of books, old curiosities, medieval weapons and...

A complete set of darkly glistening plate armour, bristling with spikes, behind glass in a dusty walnut cabinet. It's lustrous shimmer spoke to him like a prophecy.

"Yes," he said involuntarily, already pulling open the cabinet doors. "That's absolutely right".

*** 12 hour time loss

From Mulroy's collection he was soon able to assemble something that felt as if it had been made for him. He stood in front of a tall mirror dressed in that night-black armour covered by an old hurricane cloak. In one hand he bore a shield and in the other Mulroy's razor sharp ancient Japanese katana, which he flash backwards and forwards as if it were a toy. The helmet covered his head entirely, his eyes hidden in the shadow of his cowl.

A utilitarian, he had taken the opportunity to hide some useful items around the armour and the cloak, including a loaded magnum secured behind the heavy steel shield.

This was not Professor Lachlan Dark. This was something yet more exceptional still. A dark knight. A perfect archetype.

This was Paragon.

He felt some urgent need. Having spent the full day going through the house, familairising himself with its every secret, it was now night and he wanted to be a part of that night.

The house was not on a pathway used by the Institute's students at night, and as it was set away from the street there were no lights that shone on it. He left through the back door and was hidden in almost total darkness in the small and slightly overgrown vegtable garden.

"Some dude just flying around... I keep expecting to see Spider Man swing by..."

His instinct, which was somehow even sharper than his conscious mind, told him to run. He had gone no more than a few yards before, with a leap into the air, he found himself aloft. Sustained in flight. Soaring under what he could only imagine was somehow his own power.

He quickly gained altitude. Surveying the city streets from on high, he felt he was unlikely to be spotted as a black mass against the black sky.

A memory came to him there in that dark, colourless world between the stars and the streets. A memory of a girl murdered and the boy who would never face justice. And his part in that.

Guilt was an unacceptable complication and would have to be dealt with.


((Paragon is looking for some sort of criminal activity that he can intercede in. "On Patrol". Anything he can get is fine, though anything involving one of the new "supers" would be ideal. He'll spend 2 hours looking and then head home if he doesn't find anything)).

2007-11-10, 12:16 PM

"Wow... That's... uh... wow." Ethan will say, with the same expression one might bear if someone on the subway stood up and declared that they were the king of the ducks.

When she finally returns to being a person (or close)... He will finally speak up.

"So... No labs and stuff? I was worried that we were going to end up in someplace getting... like... poked with needles and stuff. Maybe I just watch too much X-files... but like... a whole bunch of people who can do stuff like... walk through walls and shoot fire and fly and stuff. I mean... I was afraid we'd all end up in cages and stuff until they make some mind-control chip to make us do whatever they... like... want to. I mean... america is the only place that has mutants now, right? We could... like... end up forced into some military thing. Like, the first national mutant brigade!" Ethan will ramble , "My dad reads all these goverment conspiracy books... It's crazy. It could like... totally happen!"

For the DM AAAAND telepathy! Over the course of the conversation, Tasha is finally going to get bold enough to try to read her thoughts. Starting with just surface thoughts, as always... but if it works, she'll get brazen and try to pick through the girl's memories... short, then long-term... I have to test it on a mutant sooner or later... PP is spent. I believe the DC is 23 (Charisma mod + 1/2 level + my two focusing feats... yes?)

Regardless, she'll see if the girl is telling the truth, and if any tests or secrety stuff has been done on her. Plus, just generally learn how her powers work and voyeur a bit through her memories and feelings. It's quite fun. Is she actually as scatterbrained as she seems?

2007-11-10, 06:40 PM
Keys… check, dog… check, guns… check, First act of supervillainy… priceless.
As he pulls out of his driveway in his van, Josh notices a paper taped to a signpost which he stops to get out and read. Huh, I think this gives me an idea he’ll think to himself before getting back in his car and continuing the non-eventful drive towards the bank. He’ll stop in a neighboring building’s parking lot, turn his lights and engines off, and observe the bank.

Geez3r I need answers to the following questions plus anything you think is important.

Any lights on inside the bank?
Any lights that cast a glow on the bank?
Any cops, guards, PC's nearby?

2007-11-10, 08:43 PM
Sorry it took me so long to get this all together, but I kept getting distracted when trying to type this all out.


"It's a secret. Hyu hef to promise me dat hyu'll keep it a secret. My boss vould kill me if he found out Hy schowed hennyone. It's near de varehouse, so ve hef to be schneaky. Lets go!" He starts tugging on your arm to get you to come with him so he can show you whatever it is.


Nothing happens with the posters quite yet. It's been maybe like 3-4 hours since you had the idea to go hang them up all over town. Besides, the message "MUTANT WANTED. SUBSTANTIAL BUT TEMPORARY CHANGE IN SLIGHTLY HUMAN BODY NEEDED. FOR DETAILS SEND EMAIL TO {email}" could mean any number of things. For all people know this could be a sting operation designed to catch mutants who want to use their (illegal) powers on people. The only way a mutant would know that they could change the way someone else looked at this point would be if they had tried it out.

Long story short: patience grasshopper


Your uncle orders another martini and doesn't respond until he gets his new one, at which point he says "Well, many people who could get their hands on the list could also do it discreetly and without raising attention. So for sake of argument, we'll assume that every officer ranked Lieutenant or above and about 40% of the Sergeants of the police force all have the list of names. So that's only about 14 people there. Then we'll say that head of every major department of the government has it as well, so that's another 8, plus the Mayor and his cabinet for another 8. The top doctors at St. Paul's probably have the most complete list there is, but I trust those guys.

So that's everyone we would expect to have easy access to the list. We left data collection to only those officers who have shown great loyalty to the force, so we can say that the media hasn't got a copy of the list.

So that brings us to the real matter at hand, and that would be those outside of the government and police who got their hands on the list. I assume it to be natural curiosity that nearly everyone on the list asked who else was on it, and the officers would have probably given them a shorthand list if asked, but nothing very official. Members of the board for both Balchem and Forthwind have also requested to have a copy of the list, but have been denied. There has also been several civilian attempts to get the list, mostly from just fanatics throughout the city. We have their names here: James Turner, Kyle Bebber, Damien Neech, Leslie Rew, Mary Book, and Harold Selic. That's just about it."


Bolt just glares at you "You really don't get it, do you? I will never accept aid from you, no matter what it is, on shere principal. You are not even human; you are nothing more than a mistake, now stop talking and wait for Inferno to get back."


You eventually get to the hospital and the receptionist asks you "Is there anything I can do for you deary?"

Professor Lachlan Dark aka Paragon

You fly about for roughly 20-30 minutes before you spot something moving about on the ground. A van had just pulled up in front of a jewelry store, and 2 men had just gotten out of the back, wearing ski masks and holding bats. They probably plan on doing some "late-night shopping".

Roll initiative, and you get to act in a surprise round.


Erica starts laughing when you start opening up on the paranoid rant. "Well, they like kinda put you in a lab, because like all the good stuff they have is like in a lab, out of the way of the normal things. But you're not like strapped down or nothing. In fact, they like have to ask you if they can treat you after they explain what they're going to do and stuff. One of the doc's said it was because this is like privately owned and stuff, so they like don't have to treat you or nothing. But I was kinda still a little dopey, so maybe I got it all wrong and stuff.

But I like don't have worry about the military and stuff. Like could you imagine me like being all at attention and sir yes sir stuff!?" At this point, Erica turns into a small little kitten (which is bright red) and tries to do a little salute with her paws, but fails miserably, yet still looks really adorable. She returns to her normal for giggling.

"Behind the scenes" - You worm her way into her surface thoughts with great ease and you realize that she isn't nearly as scatter brained as you thought she was (but still scattered brained). You find out that her senses have been extraordinarily enhanced: she can hear the heart beat of a fly in the room, count the number of little lenses on the fly's eye, and by smell alone tell what Ethan had for breakfast 2 days ago (3 grade A eggs, with melted swiss cheese). So all of these images and sensations are flooding into her, and she's processing them quite quickly. Besides that, you also learn that she has been telling you the entire truth, and has not intentionally lied at any point.

You also get into her short term memory, with a bit of difficulty. You learn that she was tripping on E and acid when she got her powers, but they were nearly out of her system by then so she wasn't that messed up, she just really thought she was because she kept changing form. Other than that, it's mostly just random, everyday things.

When you try getting into her long term memories, you basically run into a mental wall. No entry.

Also note: when you use these reading powers, you need to "ask" 4 questions which I answer honestly. So if you want to "ask" specific questions, then I'll tell you what you want to know.


The lights in the bank are off as far as you can tell. You can also see 1 guard inside from your angle, with a flash light. There may or may not be a second guard inside, but you're not sure. I had written Paragon's part before you posted this, so he's off battling other bad guys.

2007-11-10, 09:15 PM
{At this point blueprints would be really helpful}

Josh will take his knife & pistol, conceal them (obviously), wander over to some convenience/liquor store buy a 40, rub a quarter of it on his face and shirt, wander over to the bank in his best drunk stagger holding the bottle, lean on the door while keeping his face looking away from any obvious cameras, and say "" 'Ey gaurs can I like use your resroom full a secon?. At the same time he'll look around for other guards and anything else of note.


2007-11-10, 09:26 PM

this was probably a stupid idea. Oh well, it'll look strange if you just leave now.

Trying to look nonchalant, Davan say to the receptionist
"Hi there...I know I probably should have just called instead of walking over here, but it was such a nice night out, and...anyways, last night I sorta hit my head a little, and got really woozy an hour or two later...I was a little worried that it might be a minor concussion. That's really sort of a minor issue at the moment, I'm feeling pretty good right now. I was more curious about this big "mutant scare" that's going around the city. Can I get any details? Is anyone in danger from mutating or anything? I think I got hit in the blast-where I hit my head-and I didn't know if I needed to be checked out or anything.

He looks around the room, looking for anything or anyone looking out of the ordinary.

2007-11-10, 09:31 PM

"Hey, I'm not the kind of person to turn a guy in. I'll keep quiet," she promises. Well, she wasn't going to turn him in to his boss, that was for certain... Boy, he must have screwed up pretty badly. She gets up. "Keep it quiet, then, got it. Right behind ya."

Bluff [roll0], with a possible circumstance modifier for a half-truth rather than an outright lie.
Hide [roll1], Move Silently [roll2] if needed. Spot and Listen checks are +10 each.

Tar Palantir
2007-11-10, 10:21 PM
The Reaper sighs. "So be it." As he falls silent, the faces return, hundreds of innocent lives he had taken. Such was his punishment, and he hoped that it would be penance enough.

Xerxes Shadow
2007-11-11, 12:40 AM
After pacing around in his apartment for hours, Joe finally realized he was being too impatient. He decided that a little practice with his swords would do him good, as he was expecting a fight coming up. He was itching for action anyway, and he was still feeling bad about the cop from earlier, so he wanted to take out a couple criminals to even the score.

He left his apartment and jumped building to building until he got to the South Side of Rainport. He attempted to conceal the shotgun from under his trenchcoat with little luck and walked around the back alleys, waiting for some idiot from a gang to show up.

SUMMARY: Bait the gangs, while trying lamely to conceal the shotgun. ROLL: I couldn't think of any concealing skill but Bluff, which came out as 28. Also I found out how to link properly. (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1366589)

2007-11-11, 01:02 AM
Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

Harold nods, "That's about what I expected. I don't expect to get anything from this list at present, but we'll see what names keep showing up as other matters arise." He begins to attack his dinner with some gusto, "Thanks for that, Uncle Bob... and don't forget to call on me if you think you'll need me." Harold will continue with polite family chitchat, unless there are some other matters his Uncle wishes to discuss.

2007-11-11, 07:47 AM
Professor Lachlan Dark aka Paragon

Paragon descends from the sky like a raven, his cloak spreading out around him like wings. He lands heavily on the asphalt behind the thugs with their baseball bats.

His sword remains in its sheath over his shoulder. He pummels the first with a mighty downward stoke and uppercuts the other on the return sweep, this armour ringing with the sound of combat and his fist shimmering as the blows land.

The black knight himself does not make a sound.

Roll for Init = 18+1 = 19
Surprise round attack hit 26 and damage 12
First combat round attack hit 15 and damage 16

Using 2 power points for the attacks.

I'm not using action points to pull punches.

2007-11-11, 12:29 PM
Heh... sorry. I forgot about the "questions" part.

QUESTIONS What does she know about the "Private" company which is tending to all the mutants?
What tests does she remember them doing to her?
(for my own sake if I ever need to possess her) How does she use her powers? If there is a trick to it, I need to know it, or I can't use them.... er... not that I'm planning to steal her body... break into the testing lab... and run amok. :smallamused:
and lastly... since she's probably been aware of all the goings on here since she arrived... has she seen/heard/anything about a mutant with mind-reading or mental powers ANYTHING like the ones I have?

Ethan will look relieved... though in the back of his head, Tasha is a bit confused. She's never had trouble reading someone before... Maybe other mutants were resistant? She was a bit afraid of that.

"So... People aren't freaking out? Because a lot of the people I know were. That's why I didn't want anyone to know I came here. I heard that there's hate-groups already. I don't know if I can deal with this..." He will say, looking around. The attempts of the cute kitten to amuse him JUST enough to make him crack a smile.

"That's such a weird power... Can you... like... turn into anything, or just small, cute stuff?

Emperor Demonking
2007-11-11, 12:47 PM
"Thank yoy for that." Said Michael as he left for his house, maybe there'd be a case or he'd be able to think about how to use the information he had.

2007-11-11, 09:36 PM

Place holder for the map. I'll upload it in a moment.

http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/2650/battlemap1wi4.th.jpg (http://img220.imageshack.us/my.php?image=battlemap1wi4.jpg)

Red is you, blue is guards, those are offices on the left and right. The two short perpendicular lines indicate a door, but they're all locked. the squares with the large number of lines are stairs down.

You drunkenly stagger up to the door and successfully draw the guard's attention. From your new angle, and from the time elapsed since you when and boozed yourself up, you can now see 2 addition guards. The one on the left looks like as if he was just making his rounds in the side offices, and the guard in the far back looks like he just got out of the john himself as you can see him adjusting his fly. When you ask to be let in, the guard at the door, looks to the other guard at the front, who merely shrugs. He says something to the guard in the back, that you can't hear, and the proceeds to dig around in his pockets for a moment before digging in his pockets for a coin, which he then flips and catches. After looking at the result, he takes a key ring off his belt, and unlocks the door, letting you in saying "Any funny stuff and we thump ya one, kapeesh? It's down the stairs back there."


"There is some unknown mutagen in warehouse that exploded, which causes people to change. We're not exactly sure what the chemical is yet, but we've been working on it all day. Well basically deary, if you were in the blast radius, there is a really good chance that you'll develop some sort of mutation, truth be told. However, there have been several cases where people in the midst of the blast have not been affected at all. We can determine if you have the mutagen in you with a blood sample if you want us to. You could spend the night for observation if you so wish, or you could quite literally walk right out that door and never return, deary. It's Dr. Wilson's strict policy that we don't force any treatment on anyone, especially those affected by this new incident. So what'll it be deary?"

OOC: I am really starting to enjoy being this receptionist character :smallbiggrin:


He gives a drunken "yay" and heads out the door with you in tail. You make relatively slow progress because of all of the boozer's staggering, but it appears he pretty much knows which way to go. You also notice that he seems to be leading you in the direction of the blast, which isn't all that surprising. After about 15-20 minutes of drunken stumbling, 3 scared cats, and a poorly placed trashcan, you arrive at your destination.

The building in front of you is basically entirely non-descript, except for 2 defining features. Firstly, it has a really old rusted sign on the wall that reads "Balchem" and secondly, the quarantine line runs right through the middle of the building. The boozer pull out a set of keys and unlocks the door... after about a minute of fumbling with the lock. He holds open the door saying "After hyu."

For some reason, something feels a bit off.

The Reaper

After several moments of silence between you and Bolt, you see a familiar light coming down the hallway. A moment later, Inferno reappears in the doorway, with a doctor in toe. The female doctor has blond hair, round glasses, is professionally dressed and appears to be in her late 30's early 40's. Inferno says "I've talked to the Police, and they say before we consider anything, they first want Doctor Fritz here to give Reaper a bit of a psychological analysis and get inside his head a little." Bolt nods in understanding.

The doctor sits down in one of the chairs and looks like she's about to start, when she hesitates and looks back at the others gathered and says "The matters of the mind are a personal matter, could you please give us some privacy?" The Supers exchange glances, and then nod, and start heading out the door. Inferno asks Bolt "Do you think you can hold down the fort while I get some shut eye?" Bolt nods, and then Inferno starts flying off to get some sleep.

After the door closes, you hear the guards muttering to one another, and a few of them walk away, something about a bathroom break and coffee. Bolt's light is still visible under the door, but he appears to be a little down the hall.

Doctor Fritz settles in and takes out a clip board, and looks at you. "Well, why don't we start things off with you telling me a little about your self?"


You hang around the South side for roughly 20-something minutes before you see a group of 3 guys wearing blue starting to approach you. Their "leader" in the middle says "Hey man! You must be pretty brave to be all alone out here by yourself. Tell ya what, if you give us all the money i your wallet right now, I can guarantee that you won't get yo head busted open right about now."

The guy on your right is a heavier build than the other 2, and he's got on brass knuckles. The middle guy pulls out a switch blade, and the left has baseball bat.

Roll initiative.


*family chitchat*

Professor Lachlan Dark aka Paragon

Your first shot clunks the guy solidly on the head and he is really hurting, but still standing. Your uppercut however, sends the poor mook flying up after a sickening crunch is heard as your fist makes contact, and he lands with a solid thud on the roof of the van; he does not move after that. The guy you clocked earlier takes up his bat and tries to take off your head with it, failing miserably. Then the driver gets out of the van, while cocking a shotgun, but you seemingly dodge the shot before the trigger is even pulled.

New round.

{Note to self: Make mooks more powerful}


"Well yeah, there's like always going to be idiots out there and stuff and they'll like always be a pain, just ignore them. Some people like just don't get it, but I like to think that they will in time. Like there are even some people that were in the blast, they really think mutants like us are like horrible monsters. But I think there may be like an upside to all this is that we can like stand out easier. Like if we do good and stuff, it'll be easier for like everyone else to seperate us from the bad feelings they have for like all the others. Like that Jen nurse who helped out the Mayor and around the hospital, people like totally love her.

Yeah, my power's pretty weird. I can like change into all of the.... ummm... uhhh... what was that word again?.... Started with an M... uhh.. mongrel?.... marsupial... ma... ma.... ma...... MAMMAL! That's it. Yeah so like all the mammals and stuff. At least that's what the doc said. I really don't believe him cause I was like a rhino for a bit, and that isn't like a kitten at all. I can't control the color though, which is really weird."

"Behind the scenes" -
The Private company is Dr. James T. Wilson, he owns the whole place, and pays everyone's salary. Erica met him briefly and thinks highly of him.

tests- She remembers them trying to take a blood sample with a standard needle and failing, they eventually got a blood sample with a mini-drill thing. They got a throat swab sample, and a strand of her hair to run tests on. She also got an MRI, but the test came back totally useless due to her different physiology.

Powers- She can't really explain how her powers work, they just do. It's like moving your arm or something, you just do it, but not necessarily know how. A certain degree of concentration is necessary to stay in a chosen form, the average person could do it, but Erica has trouble because she's a scatter brain. Color is beyond her control.

other mentalists - There are 2 people that she heard about. One is a little 8 year old girl, up on the 6th floor who's got weird powers, and a guy on the 3rd floor that can basically pick up people's base emotions and not much else, but can move a lot of stuff with his mind, but not with much finesse. He's about 32.

Xerxes Shadow
2007-11-11, 10:08 PM
Initiative- 23. (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1368147)
If I go first, here's what happens:

Without saying a word, Joe menacingly drew his shotgun and raised it high, aiming at the thug with the switchblade. Here we go, he thought. My first public debut! He fires at the man, rolling a 15. (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1368152) If he hits, damage is 14. (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1368156)

If I go second, here's what happens:

Without saying a word, Joe drew his swords and struck at the thug with the switchblade. Here we go, he thought. My first public debut! He brings the sword down, rolling a 29, (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1368169) and steadies himself for their coming attacks. If he hits, damage is 13. (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1368177)

Tar Palantir
2007-11-11, 10:24 PM
The Reaper sighs and thinks for a moment, trying to decide how to begin. He then says, "Well, I won't tell you my real name, as too many people would seek my death if it was known who I am. I remember little of my early childhood. I was happy enough, I suppose. I had two parents who loved me. Then one night, it all changed. I was sleeping, when I awoke with a pain in my chest. I now believe that I had some form of heart attack, but at the time all I knew was pain. I passed out, and nearly died. I could feel my life failing me, a feeling no child should ever have to feel. I struggled against it. I fought and scratched and clawed against it and I didn't die. I awoke, and I was alive. But death would not be denied. I slept and I awoke and my parents were dead. With my own two hands I killed them, and my heart died with them. I left my home, and I lived on the streets, stealing to survive and killing to keep death at bay. Each life I took, I caught a glimpse of death, and I feared it.

Eventually, my talents for murder led me to become an assassin, and I found my way off the streets and into a trade which would keep death from catching up to me. I was an assassin for several years, until the accident. I was near the warehouse when it exploded, and I gained my powers. Now I had the power to kill with impunity, to slaughter so many that I would leave death far behind. And so I thought that I could never die.

Then, after the events at the mayor's speech, where I was defeated by Bolt and the others, I realized that no matter how far or fast I ran, death was always there, and would not be appeased. How gladly she would take me, despite the hundreds I had sent her. Then I realized what I had done, truly realized. So many dead, and all for nothing. I could practically see death laughing at me. Worse, I could see the faces of all those who I had killed. I am lucky that I no longer sleep, for my dreams would be haunted by the screams of dying children. Death will have no more from me. I have paid my debt, paid it many times over, and with blood that was not mine to give. No more shall she feast on the blood of the innocent. None shall she have from my hand save those who feed her, like this one who killed Bolt's sister. If I was just, I would give her my own life, but I have bought my time, and now I will make her regret she gave it to me. I cannot undo what I have done, but I can atone for my crimes. I ask only for that chance. So, Doctor, do you have any specific questions you wish to ask me now, or have I pretty much covered it?"

2007-11-11, 10:30 PM

"Ke... Kapeez... K-K-Kapeesh." Legion then follows the mans directions (drunken swagger included) while reading the signs on the bank doors and continuing to search for cameras.
Once he gets to the bathroom he'll search around for hiding spots, create a clone and send #1 to the van where he will take some duct tape and cover the license plates, drive around the bank where the guards can't see, turn the lights off and park behind the bank in its parking lot. Behind the bank #1 will use some of the Tan makeup to change his skin's color and check the drill for workingness.

Note: Orig still has pistol, knife, and beer.

Take 20 on Search for 25

2007-11-11, 11:05 PM

"That sounds like a good idea... Maybe I'll go and talk to some of them. I'm still not sure about this whole "going public" thing.

Ethan will bid the... very strange girl... farewell. And head into the hall to look for these other mutants that are about... and in doing so, will run into a confused-looking Davan.

(A brief description... not that this body is permanent. Ethan is a tall, athletic looking kid in his early 20's or late teens. He has short, tossled brown hair and is wearing a faded AC-DC shirt and jeans.)

Hey. You... uh... here because of the mutant thing too? He will say to the new guy, You don't look 32.

2007-11-11, 11:39 PM
The room was dark. The small amount of light was all that had illuminated the small student apartment throughout the night. With daybreak though, patches of light began to break through the old blinds. With these new shafts of light, a careful observer could discern many things about the room. It was small. It was cluttered. Snack food wrappers littered the floor, breaking the bleak scenery of open RPG books and forgotten laundry left on the ground. Aside from the desk holding the inert computer screen, the only piece of furniture was a dark bed, covered in dark sheets. In its centre, a form could be discerned. An unmoving figure, sheltered by sheets and a hardback book with Vampire written on it in silver, above the image of a rose on a green background.

The room is completely silent. Even the oft forgotten sound of breathing is absent.

The spot of sunlight crawls lazily across the floor as the hours pass by. Eventually, the light falls upon the flesh of an unnaturally pale hand. Within seconds, the skin begins to darken…

With a sudden reaction, the figure lurches into sitting position. Without the cover of the sheets, it can be seen that the figure is somewhere in his twenties. His clothes are black and baggy, and his skin is pale. His face lacks the lines that dictate extreme stress or anxiety, and instead the viewers attention is draw to the scruffy but full beard that seems to have sprouted from his chin. He stands up, and lets a long yawn escape his maw. But when he closes his mouth, two sharp pains meet his lips.

“What the hell?” says Robert Wright to no-one in particular.

Raising his hand to his mouth, he probes for but a second until discovering a pair of long fangs framing his teeth. With a burst of energy, Robert rushes to the bathroom, and stares into the mirror. Indeed, two fangs are sticking from his mouth, in the traditional vampire style.

“No way…”

A dull hunger permeates his being, but he shakes it off. Thinking back, Robert considers the past evening. Noticing a distinct lack of results, he flicks on the TV. A constant loop of information about the local explosion is looped on several stations.


His eyes glance slowly around the room. Despite the dark, he can see clearly than he has any right to. The hunger returns, although it also feels like an intense thirst. He ignores it. There is a slight pause as his gaze sweeps over the book entitled Vampire. His brow furrows for a moment in contemplation. His casual interest, Robert reaches to the door frame. With a seconds pause, he squeezes the wooden frame tightly. The various materials splinter in his grasp. Large splinters seem unable to find purchase in his flesh.

“Really strong. Tough flesh…and what is with my voice? Its all…brooding.”

Encouraged by earlier success, Robert tightens his grip. A sharp pain shoots through his hand. The end of a nail has forced its way through to the back of his hand. Slowly, Robert pulls his hand off the nail. By all accounts, that should hurt much more. While staring at his hand, the wound quickly closes up. The hunger/ thirst forces its way into his consciousness once again. He forces it down.

“Really fast healing…?”

Robert sits in quiet contemplation for a minute, before flexing his limbs. It is obvious by the expression on his face that he feels stronger than ever before..

“The fangs, the pale skin. The healing and strength. Could I really have become a vampire?”Robert stares at the shaft of light striking a column through the edge of the room. He steps slowly towards it.

“One way to find out I guess… Umm… Aww man, this is going to hurt like hell if I am right”.

Slowly, he leans towards the light, hand outstretched. He pauses, and jerk back. Mustering his courage once again, he leans forward, hand dipping into the light.

He is struck by an intense sense of… nourishment. His skin darkened to a deep blackish green, and he feels the energy seeping up his arm, and into the rest of his body. Various diagrams from Biology classes spin through his mind.

“Photosynthesis… but how… Oh yeah, crazy chemical explosion”

With a bit of effort, Robert manages to force the chlorophyll infused cells back deeper in the surface of his skin, so he appears pale again.

“So…plant powers, that appear to be vampire related powers. I think I will run with the vampire theme. Besides, it will be funny if some villain tries to kill me with sunlight-”

Robert pauses in his monologue. He suddenly realises that he has assumed he will become a super hero. He pauses to think about it. After a few minutes, he pushes the thoughts aside. Hero or villain, he will need some kind of outfit so he can go use his powers.

A few minutes are spent rooting through the piles of junk sitting around. Eventually he finds what he is looking for. An old convention t shirt with NOS-4-A-2 written beneath a line drawing of a grinning digital vampire. He pulls it on then adds an open black shirt over the top to cover the bare arms.

“Nosferatu… that could do as the ‘super-name’ for now. Promotes the whole ‘vampire’ image.”

With a flash of memory, Robert goes through his stuff once more. He eventually finds what he was looking for: Several pieces of riot armour from ‘a friend of a friend’. With such bulky clothes, he can conceal the stuff under the dark fabrics. He also fetches an apparently authentic sword which had been used up to then as ‘part ornament, part home security system’. He is glad he took the time how to use it correctly. After a while he goes to the mirror and looks into his reflection. His a bit of effort, its shape changes into kind of ‘battle form’. He looks more feral, his eyes have turned a dark green, and his brow changes to a series of ridged plates. With a moments effort, he finds he can switch it back.

“That’s kind of cool. Sort of like a leaf folding up. Man, and I thought those Bio lessons were a waste. Still, it couldn’t hurt to have a little extra.”

Reaching into the piles of clothes again, he pulls out a black Buff, and pulls the material over his heard until it covers his throat, mouth and nose.

“Hehe, soul reaver style. Well, I better soak up some sun and practice these powers a bit before heading off…”

2007-11-11, 11:47 PM

hmm, might be worth doing. On the other hand, I really don't want to be held up here all night. I can always come back.

"I'm gonna have to take a rain-check on that if it's that involved, I have a few things I need to take care of. Thanks for your help.

As he turns to leave, he encounters Ethan, and replies
"No, I can't say that I'm quite that old, why do you ask? And yeah, I'm sorta here for that...just kinda wandered in, to tell the truth. I was about to leave. What can I do for you?

OoC: Description is basically this...slightly shorter than average, mid 20's, fair skin with long dark hair pulled into a ponytail. Currently wearing an unbuttoned chinese-style fighting coat with sleeves rolled up and a plain white tee underneath, with matching-style pants and a pair of sneakers.

2007-11-12, 12:18 AM

The now officially named ‘Nosferatu’ spends several hours in his room, adjusting his armour, sharpening his blade, learning to use his powers. His major discovery was that by focusing the energy downward, he could fly. With a fair bit of trial and error, he learns to direct the energy more accurately, and steer with a fair degree of success. By the look of it, the energy is stored pretty well, and a little sunlight should last up to a few days.

----------- [Using 3rd person for narrative purposes, but I should slip back to 1st person for actions, right?]

“Well, I better go see what kind of state the city is on. See if there is anywhere I can lend a hand and test these powers a bit”.

I check I have everything (armour, half mask, sword in black scabbard, clothes, sturdy shoes, wallet with some cash but with all ID and stuff removed, mobile phone but with fresh SIM card and all other stuff deleted), and hop out the window. I will fly around the city to try and spot anyone either
a) Also flying around
b) In distress

Spot check: roll of 11, + 4 = Total of 15

2007-11-12, 01:08 AM
Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

After an enjoyable dinner with his uncle, Harold returns to his home and begins to go over his "super" equipment. He plans out a better glider with a noise/smoke producing "engine" that he can switch on or off. He also adds a few cosmetic touches to his pistols that make them seem a bit more science-fictionish. And builds a couple of devices that are nothing more than light/noise makers which he might ascribe some of his other powers to. After working late into the night, keeping the thermostat way up, he polishes off a second dinner before climbing into bed.

Flyer/"engine" - Craft: Electronics - [roll0] (it smokes and makes a low-pitched whining noise)
Sonic screwdriver - Craft: Electronics [roll1] (it blinks and flashes)
Magnetic "starfish" - Craft: Electronics [roll2] (it magnetically sticks to metal things, and blinks and flashes)

In the future, unless I'm trying for something specific/spectacular - I should probably just take 10 for rolls like these... 25 should cover blinking lights and noisemakers. :)

When he wakes up it's on the early side, though he tossed a bit before finally falling asleep, his brain buzzing away all the time, he still feels refreshed. He takes a hot shower, then turns on his police scanner as he prepares breakfast. After eating he goes to his computer, the scanner still buzzing away on minor crimes that he feels the police can easily handle. He boots up and then frowns as the hard disk whines and then crashes. He shakes his head, realizing that his magnetic signature has thrown the disk off kilter.

2007-11-12, 02:01 AM

Jude hesitates before going in, giving one quick glance around before sliding soundlessly through the door, keeping near the wall and away from the light coming in through the open doorway. Something about the place is getting at her, as if she missed something obvious, and it makes her nervous. Inside her flat, she gets up and starts pacing around the room before making herself a cup of coffee simply to busy her hands.

She gives a slight grin when she realizes what she's doing. Normally, she'd be fidgety, which would make it harder to keep hidden; now, she just fidgets somewhere else. Whatever else this whole business was, it was convenient just at the moment. She glances back towards the guy, waiting for him to come on in before she does anything; she doesn't know whether it's safe to turn on the lights. Or, on a less paranoid note, where the switch is. Hope this guy isn't too boozed to know what's safe... It's not a reassuring thought.

2007-11-12, 02:36 AM

Ethan will shrug and slip his hands into his pockets.

"Nothing, I guess. Someone said there was a guy that age here who could read minds. Freaky stuff. So... what do you do? Fly? Spit fire? Turn into multicolored lizards? After all the crap I've seen, I'd believe it.

2007-11-12, 05:57 PM

Paragon turns his armoured head towards the shotgun blast. The driver might have some conception of what is about to happen to him as the dark knight gives an off-hand cuff to the baseball bat wielding thug that knocks him flying.

With very deliberate steps he advances on the driver and lands a blow that could have punched through sheet steel.

I've rolled 3 rounds just to speed this up.

Unless the mook with the shotgun is super human then he's toast, so I've just moved on from the scene - presuming there aren't any unexpected incidents.

2pp for attacks.


Paragon briefly surveys the scene before dipping the tip of his mailed finger in blood and carefully tracing a small, stylised P on the side of the van.

Paragon is soon aloft again and heading back through the night sky to the Institute, where he circles, making sure nobody is nearby, before landing at the back of the Apollo house.


Professor Dark sits through the long solitary night in a high-backed armchair in front of a roaring fire. He flicks through recent journals, feeling powerful and content, until the sun rises and he prepares for class.

2007-11-12, 06:28 PM

"No, I can't do anything nearly as...interesting as that. The best thing I can do is jump kinda high. What about you?

2007-11-12, 09:12 PM

"You... jump high? That's not much of a power really. Unless you want to play in the NBA. Ethan will mutter with a smirk, "It beats me though. I don't think I can do anything. I mean... everyone else has had stuff happen so quickly. There's those guys on TV, and a girl down the hall can turn into neon chipmunks... but like... I guess I didn't inhale enough of it... or something.

Ethan will shrug and pause for a second, before continuing.

Now that I think of it... I think it might have given me a cold sore. It blows. There's a guy that can throw fire... or lighting... or whatever... and I got nothin'. Freaking lame.

Xerxes Shadow
2007-11-12, 09:32 PM
((You forgot your OOC things. And I think there's an interrogate skill, masterminds get a bonus to it... it's charisma based.))

2007-11-12, 09:52 PM
(I never really liked the "skill roll as a subtitute for roleplaying... but then, I'm used to DMing. One of the things that really needs to go in 4th ed, I think, is the sense motive "super lie-detector" skill.

Rant aside... It is the rules, and I shall abide. Just assume that Tasha is taking 10 on any bluff checks she makes while she is acting "in character", unless I say otherwise. That will save some time. That would give her a bluff of 24. And who needs interrogation when you can read minds? :smallamused: )

2007-11-12, 11:00 PM
ooc: I actually did intend to put in a bluff roll, sorry 'bout that. My character doesn't really want to give away any of his big secrets, so he's a little leery about just volunteering what all he can do (so far). so, for the sake of argument, here is what is sure to be a poor bluff result-[roll0]

2007-11-13, 12:04 AM
(In all likelyhood, Tasha is going to guess that you might be leaving some things out... regardless of bluff rolls... or regardless of if you were lying or not. Mostly because she always assumes that people have ulterior motives. She just figures that you, like her... Just don't want to announce the crazy stuff you can do. But then... when you can read people's minds, it's not that hard to find out the truth, eh? Anyways... let's put the rolls aside unless it becomes important, and just keep going.)

2007-11-13, 12:55 AM

"Ah, it might have it's uses, I'm pretty sure I can come up with something. And you might have powers yourself, just might not know how to use them. Anyways, I need to be going, have a good evening.

Davan leaves the hospital, and walks up the street.

Throwing fire, eh? Interesting. Well, it's starting to get late, and you know what they say-the freaks come out at night. I'd bet that some of the people affected by the explosion aren't all the wholesome law-abiding variety, and I'd doubt the cops can really take on most of them. Maybe I should try a stint as a vigilante-type...might come across someone challenging. I'd better be careful about telling people about my abilities...the wrong type knowing too much would make things difficult, and it is better to appear weak when strong.

OoC:going to wander around for a bit until I run into an encounter of some sort.

2007-11-13, 01:23 AM
Draven Knight
5:50 PM

Draven rolled over and sat up quickly, his breathing and heartbeat rapid as he shook off the last clinging vestiges of sleep and dream and slowly regained his bearings. The words I don't want to jump seemed to echo hollowly in his mind, then slowly fade, although he could not recall to what those words refered. He felt claustrophobic, and cold, but couldn't place the exact reason why.

What a horrible nightmare he thought as he rubbed a hand over his face, his usual calm quickly remerging and taking charge. All he could recall was seeing an explosion from the vantage of his jobs rooftop, then nothing.

Running a hand through his unbound hair, he felt around in the dark, when the realization of where he was hit him like a sledgehammer.

That's why it feels stuffy in here. I'm sleeping in my clothes, on bare concrete, he thought, the chill of realization sinking in.

He was in the basement of "The Unsung Edition", the bookstore in which he worked. How he knew that he wasn't sure, but he could "feel" the walls around him, even in the dark. A feeling that went beyond smell, beyond touch, a feeling he could only describe in a singular expression.

I am One.

Yesterday I was a dabbler, but I have awoke a master...but how? The certainty that he felt as these thoughts flowed through his mind was staggering.

He quickly got to his feet, and was amazed by how incredibly balanced and powerful he felt, despite the manner in which he had just slept for hours. Looking down at his watch for the time, he made note that, in the dark, he could not in fact see the numerals on the face, even as he depressed the illumination button and read the current time.

He moved rapidly across the room, avoiding all the unseen obstacles and climing the stairs to the first floor two at a time without even thinking about it, his thoughts a roiling maelstrome of questions and speculation, as a growing feeling of unquantifiable wrongness slithered out from the recesses of his consciousness.

What the hell happened last night? What could possibly have changed so drastically that I am now master of myself?

The light in the store was muted, the dark and reflective tinting of the shops westward facing front windows diffusing the glare of the early autumnal twighlight to the point that Draven's eyes adjusted without trouble.

He went behind the counter, noting his reflection in it's glass surface as he pulled his shoulderbag out from behind the counter. He looked much the same, despite his newfound hyper awareness of his surroundings I can feel the grain of the glass and the slowly burgeoning feeling of unease that continued to encroach upon his conscious thoughts.

He looked closer, searching for something, anything. He thought he saw his brooding storm gray eyes shift somehow, the color changing, his pupils expanding, the whites darkening...he recoiled in disbelief, then quickly stepped forward, looking again but seeing nothing unusual.

After taking a calming breath, filing what he thought he saw away for later consideration, he decided he needed to leave, the shop hours normally started around this time in the evening on Sunday, but, at this juncture, he desparately needed some time to himself.

Well at least my complection seems to be looking particularly good today he thought, a wry smile twisting the corner of his mouth, trying to stay calm despite the uncertainty the inhumanity that continued to fill his mind.

He stepped lightly and rapidly out of the store, not neglecting to use the keys on his belt to quickly lock the shops back door behind him.

I just need to get back to my place and figure things out. I'm sure there's some kind of explanation.

But his thoughts seemed vain and hollow, even to himself.

That's how I feel though. Hollow. Not just mentally or emotionally, but now I literally feel it physically. He shivered and he gritted his teeth at that thought, crossing the stores small back lot to his vehicle.

Using keyless entry, he entered his small dark coup and drove quickly to his small dark basement apartment.

He thought he heard sirens a few blocks away as he made his way through the morning traffic.
He tried and failed to not wonder what the hell was going on.

...7:50 PM

Entering the apartment with a rapid turn of a key and a faster locking of the door behind himself, he looked about the well apointed room distractedly as if he expected something to be out of place. The realization that all he saw was darkness, and that he had not hit a lightswitch yet struck him for the second time that morning, an unusual pain stabbing through his mind as he walked to the fridge to prepare his breakfast.

But as he prepared the rather extravegant meal, stirring the batter for the waffles, breaking the eggs for his omlet and frying the bacon, he felt nothing. No anticipation, no appetite, not even disgust, only the slithering feeling that seemed to be relentlessly consuming him from within the core of his being...and it was spreading.

Maybe I caught some new bug he thought darkly as he finished his task distractedly and put all of it away for later.

Suddenly, a stabbing pain ripped through his body, as a memory emerged of the night before, the view from the dark windswept rooftop of the shop, the sight of the fireball that blossomed from out of nowhere in the distance among the nightime city landscape. The feeling of onrushing air as he tumbled over the edge of the building. The scent...of what? He couldn't place the smell. But he was smelling it now, as if it was being forced out of his lungs.

I'm not sick...but I'm not well either.

He staggered over to his inviting leather recliner, his breathing unsteady. An unexplainable twisting feeling coiling it's way from somewhere within his chest, out through his limbs, clawing into his skull, the pain driving him to his knees in agony.

Gritting his teeth and grimacing in agony as he held his head with both hands, his eyes tightly shut, the pain intensified, turning into razor wire raked across his brain.
Unable to bear the pain any longer, Draven screamed out in his torment, opening his eyes, and seeing his apartment anew, the pain forgotten in his amazement.

So this is what the world looks like through the eyes of the Great Spirit he marveled as the pain slowly subsided, his tensed muscles slowly relaxing.

The details and shapes were precise, but only lacked color, everything seen in shades of black white and gray. Then he realized for the first time that he felt everything in the room in all directions. He watched his pet python slither languidly through his enclosure across the room, but simultanously felt the lock of his front door in precise detail.
His head swam with the realization.

What have I become? What was that explosion? A terrorist attack? No, there would have been soldiers in the streets. Although he did recall now that people he had seen on the street near his store had been acting somewhat edgy. As if a parade was about to start...or an unexpected event had occured.

"Like an explosion that wiped out half a city block" he growled to himself, his dark hair hanging in his eyes as he lowered his head and leaned on his knees.

Picking up the slim dark universal controller off of the glass top of his coffee table, he activated the stereo, changing the station to a 24 hour news channel, as he walked into his bathroom and, after taking a calming breath, turned on it's light.

He looked at his visage in a mixture of horror and amazement as the news relayed the bizzar story of what had happened the night before, and what the authorities were doing about the situation.

His face looked the same, save two exceptions. His eyes were reflectionless black orbs, and what appeared to be a latticework of veins twisted underneath the surface of his flesh.

A monster, they've made me a monster he thought hollowly, forcing his mind to accept that what he saw was real.


Focusing his will, he bore down upon his eyes, and watched as they slowly returned to normal, the raised twisting shapes sinking out of sight beneath his skin.

"I am the master of my destiny" he said grimly, staring darkly at his austere angular reflection in the mirror, his straight glossy black hair hanging in disorganized locks before his eyes.

He readied himself to depart, determined to know the truth.

...9:29 PM

Driving around aimlessly, he continued to listen to the news, his disbelief growing in equal measure to his rage. He noted more than once a form flitting between and over buildings, and streaking through the sky as he looked about warily.

"The Reaper", "The Man", and how many more megolomaniacs and madmen have been granted the power of gods? How many minds have snapped under the strain of this newfound reality?

He marveled to himself that no outright rioting or destruction had occured yet. He suspected that the shock of the event was probably still being assimilated by those changed...as well as those unaffected.
As he considered the staggering implications of what had and hadn't occured he parked his car downtown, and after crossing the street to a club he bounces for part time, his black leather duster flapping in the cool evening air, he entered, wordlessly passing the bouncer on duty with a nod.

Bellying up to the bar, he looked around at the sparse turnout, and brooded silently as he waited for the bartenders attention.

2007-11-13, 02:42 AM

Nosferatu glides above the city for a while, looking for people in trouble, or at least some of the other 'supers' that were meant to be around.

Well, it was getting kind of late, and surely most people would want any kind of mutation hushed up until they knew what kind of reaction would occur.

Mind drifting for a few minutes, it seems time to test this flight ability a bit more. With a sharp of intake of breath, he soars into the sky. While the speed is not too intense, Nosferatu finds he can manoveur pretty well.

Breaking through the low cloud cover, the moon seems to be out. While not nearly as strong as from the sun directly, the reflected moonlight still feels good. And the freedom of flying is truly fantastic...

With a burst of enthusiasm, Nosferatu does some spirals and loop-the-loops, until something glimmers as it falls out of his pocket. Without a moments thought, he plunges after the object. He catches up with it slowly, and snatches it before it hits the ground. With an effort to reduce speed, Nosferatu does a small flip and lands feet first on the ground. With a wide smile at the display of power, he opens his hand to view the prize that required so much effort.

Sitting in the palm of his hand, is a single metal d10, with an icon of a grinning vampire in place of the '0'.

"Hehe. Figures"

Taking stock of his surroundings, he notices the electronics store beside him has a TV running, discussing todays events. The keeper himself seems temporarily absent. After a few minutes of watching, Nosferatu steps out of the store and starts walking up the street.

"Hmm.. They want mutants to register... That kind of screws my whole 'Spiderman-esque' lovable vigilante idea to the wall. Nothing says 'thanks for the help' like being arrested by the officials. But i dont want all the paperwork... Gah! I guess I can just go sign up with the Nosferatu ID, stay kind of loosely connected. Couldnt hurt, right? Well, better grab something less lethal than a katana en route..."

Nosferatu first heads to the nearest supermarket/ sports store and purchases a baseball bat and a strap to affix it to his back. He then starts heading to the police station, keeping a lookout for trouble and other 'supers' on the way.

Summary: Nosferatu realises he should register with the police, and heads that way after buying a baseball bat, all the while looking out for people in trouble and other supers.

Emperor Demonking
2007-11-13, 12:20 PM
Michael tried to remember where abouts the blast originated was. When he remembered Michael started to walk as glose to it as he could get.

2007-11-13, 08:40 PM

Aren't you here for... Ethan will begin, as Davan just walks out abruptly. ...tests?

It was too late... He was out the door. Maybe something she said had struck a nerve.

Well... there goes that... I think I scared him off She thought to herself. This is getting nowhere. If I'm going to find out what's going on... I need to find someone who knows. These people are just as in the dark as me. I need to get close to the mayor... Or that idiot on television. The "Man" or whatever. The mayor is probably easier to find... but he's going to have men at his side... like fire-boy and... giant... guy?

Deciding she might need a bit more time to plan... And getting a bit concerned about the state of her body... Tasha decided it was time to leave Ethan and get back into a body that didn't smell like boy. But she just had one last thing to do before then.

*A breif timelapse for the sake of everyone's sanity*

"Ethan" emerged from the hospital bathroom with a bemused smirk... zipping his fly.

So that's what that's like... Interesting. He said to himself with a chuckle.

Then just to give Ethan a VERY confused wake-up... And, not knowing what he will remember... She will drive back to the dorms in his car, and pick up a bottle of Jack Daniels. Not knowing where his dorm room is... or even if he lives on campus... she will make the poor bastard down as much of the drink as she can tolerate out in the parking lot... and then... as her vision starts to get blurry... she will snap back... and bolt up in her bed.

OW! Ah, son of a @#$%&! She will yell in pain.

Note to self... While outside my body... my limbs tend to fall asleep. She thought... painfully shaking several hours of pins and needles from her arms... and cursing up a storm.

Once that was all over. She sat down to finish up a english lit paper she had due... and make plans to "Get in touch" with someone who might just know what the hell is going on. Like the mayor...

(Tasha is done for the day, and can skip ahead whenever you're ready to move on, oh mighty GM. I have plans....)

2007-11-14, 12:32 AM
Sorry for the lateness, I was having computer trouble, by which I mean my cat pulled one of the wires out of my computer when he was messing around behind my desk.


You see the look of fright flash across the would be mugger's eyes as he jumps aside from what have would been a fatal shot, but a few pellets from the gun penetrate his shoulder and he bleeds a little. "GET HIM!" he shouts.

The guy with the knuckles pulls back and tries to slug you in the face, but misses by a pretty wide margin, but it looks like it would have really hurt otherwise.

Baseball bat guy tries to hit a home run, using your head as the ball. But he again misses.

Finally the guy who you previously shot tries to shank you, and manages to find a nice home for the blade in your arm, cutting it pretty deep. (10 damage)

attack and damage rolls (1d20+7=10, 1d6+6=12) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1372288)
attack and damage rolls (1d20+7=11, 1d6+6=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1372293)
attack and damage rolls (1d20+8=25, 1d4+6=10) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1372296)


Dr. Fritz listens to your speech with a blank face, her hand silently moving about the paper. Her eyes look directly into yours, never looking away, never judging, never blinking... never looking altogether human.

She suddenly stops writing. She clicks her pen and places it on a desk. She matter-of-factly places her clip board next to her pen on the desk. There isn't a word anywhere on the page. She closes her eyes and takes off her glasses in a slow deliberate motion, placing them next to the other items on the desk, and looks back at you with eyes you know all to well. These are the eyes you saw reflected in the eyes of every victim you've every slain; the eyes of a killer.
"No. I don't think questions are important at this point, do you?" says the doctor as a sinister smirk curls on her lips.
You do not know if there was ever any warmth in your heart, but if there ever was, her cold, harsh, desolate voice just forcibly removed it from every fiber of your being.


You follow the hall down, most of these are offices, and one of them is a copying room. One of the guards is following you to make sure you keep to your word. You spot a camera at the top of the stair well, looking at toward the front of the back down the hall you just came through. When you reach the bottom of the stairwell, you enter onto a small landing. To the right of the stairs are the bathroom, opposite the stairs is a blank wall, and to the left is a jackpot. There is wall that looks much like a jail cell, with a solid looking lock on it, built into the wall. Beyond it, all of the wall are lined with what you assume are security deposit boxes, but you don't know the entire layout, because it appears to be a hallway that goes underneath the bank, and you can't see the rest from you angle. There is a camera in each of the 4 corners of this small room, along with at least 2 more in the block off area.

You enter the bathroom, and the guard waits outside to give you some privacy, there are no camera in the bath room, and there are 3 stalls, 3 urinals and 3 sinks.

The stuff in the van goes as planned.


You start flying towards the police station, after buying a weapon before you see something that catches your eye. Off in the distance, you see a glowing orange light, moving pretty quickly across the sky. Intrigued you get closer, and note that the light appears to be a man, on fire. There's a jet of flame behind him propelling him, though he doesn't appear to be that maneuverable, though that's not stopping him from doing stupid stuff, like flying upwards for a bit, before stopping the jet of flame keeping him afloat and free falling for a bit, before starting to fly again. He notices you coming up to him, and he points to the top of a nearby sky scraper, which he flies over to and lands on.


You make the noise makers. It might not be all together pretty given your materials, but it looks like it works and that's what counts.


The boozer follows you in, closing the door behind him, cloaking the place in darkness. You would normally be freaked out being alone with this creepy guy in this warehouse, but he's making enough noise that you know where he is. He sounds like he's fumbling on the wall for something, and you here a click; the boozer found a flashlight, and hands a second one to you. He signals you to follow him. He leads you past rows and rows of old rusty containers, and machines that haven't been used in a good long while.

You follow this guy for 20 seconds before something catches you eye. Through all the dust and cobwebs, you see a few other pairs of foot prints, not more than a day old. The boozer seems to be sobering up a bit, and doesn't stagger nearly as much, and he has actually said a single word since he entered this building. Do you still follow him?


Congratulations, you have 3 counts of murder.

Interrogation- You can treat this 1 of 3 ways, I accept any of them.
1) It's its own skill used for getting information out of some prisoner you have confined through a process of cross examination or the like.
2) Good cop. You use diplomacy skill (with behind the curtain ad hoc penalties and bonuses done by your truly) to get the subject to willingly cooperate.
3) Bad cop. Variation of intimidation (with behind the curtain ad hoc penalties and bonuses done by your truly) where you scare the guy into giving you info, whether it is through mental or physical threats.

The PC's can use bluff, intimidate, diplomacy, etc. with each other, it will not however be as effective as it would normally be against some guy if you're trying to get PC's to act a certain way. Otherwise, "The Man" for example, could just go up to every PC and say "be my buddy" and get like a 50-something on a diplomacy check, and everyone is his buddy.

If you would rather roleplay it out, then by all means forget the dice and roleplay. If it becomes like a major, life altering deal, then the dice will come into play. For idle chit chat, you can safely leave the dice at home.



You wander the streets for a bit, kind of forgetting what you're out there for. You eventually come up on a mostly empty street, the only other person on the street is a woman, looks to be about mid 40's and probably has kids; she's just got that mom look in her eyes. When you get about 15 feet away from her, she smilies at you, when suddenly a guy darts out of the alley way, and grabs her purse, after struggling with it for a moment. He starts darting to the other side of the street.

OOC: Not cliche at all.


The bartender swaggers on over to you, cleaning a mug. "Evening Draven. Slow night. People are afraid to go out. Even more afraid to start fights. Makes your job easy. ...You feeling alright? You look a little... off."

Emperor Demonking

You keep walking until you reach the quarantine line, there are a few people standing about looking at the clean up area. A few of them appear to be reporters. There are a few police officers keeping them on that side of the area, though most of them don't really look like they're trying to push through the line.

GENERAL NOTICE: When I post on Friday, it will ding midnight on the current day, and unless you say otherwise, I assume that after that time, you do nothing else noteworthy and head off to bed somewhere, meaning I will time-skip to the morning. So, when you do your next posts, try to include some plans for your immediate future. Basically, say: "after I do the above, I plan on trying to accomplish X before going to bed". How you actually accomplish X can be taken care of in a later post. But put that little bit in so unless it's overly complicated or the like I can just hand wave it. I'll try to post more often so people can finish up whatever story line they're on for today. This basically makes sure people just don't suddenly say "Oh but I totally did X last night" after I move the day. So try to get your stuff in order, and what you plan on doing in the near future.

2007-11-14, 01:11 AM

“Huh. Someone out testing the powers of their flight. I can’t criticize him for that. I should see what he is up to. But if he is calling himself the Human Torch…”

Nosferatu shakes his head and lifts into the air, and heads towards the flaming skydiver.

“I can…almost see him..”

Straining to see the figure in better detail, the dark green substance raises to the surface of his skin again. After a moment, Nosferatu realises he can ‘taste’ something on his skin. It seems to be coming from the figure, and dips in and out from perception as the fire guy moves around 60ft away. It seems to taste like burnt food, or stale smoke.

Letting the strange new sense settle back into the subconscious (and returning the skin to normal), Nosferatu soars up to the top of the sky scraper. After raising his arm in greeting, he says:

“Greetings. I can see I am not the only one who is testing that phrase ’as the crow flies’. I am Nosferatu. If I may ask, who are you? And what brings you to the top of this skyscraper?”

(Plans before morning: Register as a mutant with the police as Nosferatu. Secret ID kept secret. Willing to help, and receive training at a later date. Gives them my cell phone number, ’in case of emergency’. Of course, I have to see what this flying guy wants first…)

Used Detect Power for 1PP

2007-11-14, 02:04 AM

So slow...I might have to rethink doing this. Maybe try and set up a patrol system or something, otherwise this Vigilante thing'll go bust. I don't want to have to go through the police for everything unless I have to...that's gonna make things difficult.

As a thief suddenly steals the purse of a passing woman, Davan quickly thinks to himself as he begins pursuit
Well, it's a start. Stupid bugger, that's for sure.

OoC:List of planned actions:
Going to close in on and try to grapple the thief

initiative (1d20+7=21) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1372644)
touch attack (1d20+10=30) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1372650)
grapple check (1d20+10=15) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1372653)
And from there on out going to try to "convince" said malefactor to drop the purse, trying not to kill him though...mostly why I'm not just shooting him or something. Whether by disarming, intimidating, or beating into submission/unconsciousness (though I'd prefer to not do the last option.), gonna get the purse, I'll give the lady her purse back, and be off.

If I fail:I'll try and pursue him as long as I can, regardless at the end of the encounter, I'm going to go to the bar and ask about any other vigilante inclined supers...probably try to look into getting a group together for stuff...mostly patrolling. eventually going home to sleep.

Tar Palantir
2007-11-14, 07:35 AM
"What fiend are you?" the Reaper cries, loudly enough to attract some attention. "You are a killer. I smell the stench of death on you. Begone from my presence, or I will remove you." He musters his strength, preparing to call on the one power left to him.

Ready a Cause Fear on the doctor if he does anything hostile or appears to use some power on me.

2007-11-14, 11:21 AM
Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

Harold spraypaints everything flat black and then replaces the bulbs with new ones to make sure everything looks kosher, and of the same technological origin. He tests his various devices, the flyer, the flare grips, the sonic screwdriver, the magnetic starfish, and the guns.

He fishes out his untraceable cell and punches in another number. "Lewis? Yes... it's me, can we talk on this line? Okay... yes, I do actually have a request, and it will be a difficult one. I want to know everything Balchem knows about the accident... and I mean everything. Yes, I know it's a really bad time, but do you remember when I helped someone else with a really bad time... good, I thought you might. No... magnetic media might be bad... I've had a computer meltdown myself... a new invention I'm working on. A Photon Disk would be best. I'll call for updates once a week... I know your investigation will be ongoing. What's that... no... Nice try, but you and I know that you can get them to funnel everything through legal... they are going to want to cover their asses every which way. No, I promise, the data is for my own use, nothing will be released before Balchem releases it themselves. Okay, thanks, Lewis."

Harold grabs a quick meal, then sits down in front of the mirror and dons his familiar makeup for Pulse, then puts on his costume, holster, and stows various pieces of equipment about his person. He turns off his police scanner, since nothing significant seems to be happening about the city and takes his usual precautions before departing his home and making a visible show of his patrol. As he soars over the city, keeping his senses active for crime, he also watches for other heroes. "Can't hurt to get to know some of my fellow crimefighters... someone might even want to start a group effort, those four who covered the mayor and took down The Reaper showed good teamwork.

2007-11-14, 11:26 AM

When you decidedly remain airborne, the guys makes a face a lot like this one: :smallannoyed: before taking to the air again, so he's not shouting. Now that you're up close to him, you realize that he's not really flying, so much as just throwing himself through the air, he's really not all that graceful. "They call me Inferno; I didn't particularly like the name, but it stuck. I'm heading back home, I'm tired, man. I need SLEEP. Though apparently some of us are night owls. What are you doing out so late?"

OOC: The guy just stopped for some idle chit chat with a fellow Super, it's easy enough to read him that you don't need to make any rolls. The power you detect from him is minor.


You catch up to the thief easily and grab him, but he manages to worm your way out of your grasp, and he tries to hit you, failing miserably, so miserably in fact, that he throws himself off balance. The poor thief has to waste a few precious seconds regaining his balance. Next round.


The doctor lets out a cold little laugh. "Until we meet again, my prey." The doctor becomes more and more insubstantial until she disappears into nothingness. Just as she vanishes, several of the lights in the room emit a popping sound, and extinguish, casting shadows about the room. You hear foot steps thudding down the hall, getting closer to your room.

{You can shadow meld if you so wish}

Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

{I'm going to hold off on this, because you're a day ahead of the pack, and the events of tonight, might make you want to pursue a different course of action}

After working late into the night, keeping the thermostat way up, he polishes off a second dinner before climbing into bed.

2007-11-14, 01:46 PM
"With a name like Nosferatu, I assumed the reason I am up during the night would be self evident. Before you freak out, no, I don't drink blood. Anyway, I decided to fly around for a bit, see who else was out here. You are the first other Super I have met. So, what is your power exactly? Did you get it from his chemical explosion stuff? By the way, if you are tired or heading somewhere, we can talk as we fly."

If flying, keeping an eye on him in case fatigue sets in and he drops from the sky. Making sure to get his cell phone number before parting ways if possible.

At some point in the conversation:

"You mentioned 'they' call you Inferno. Who are 'they'?"

2007-11-14, 01:55 PM

Liking this less and less, Judith follows slowly and warily, flicking her flashlight over the crates and machines to see if she can tell what the place was for. She's still brimming with nervous energy; back in her flat, she gets up from the couch, pacing about the smallish room. They're definitely not supposed to be here, and the abandoned warehouse is starting to creep her out... as is the guy, who was a lot more manageable when he was too drunk to walk in a straight line. Finally it gets to her enough to speak up. "Hey... where are we going, anyway?" she whispers, the small noise sounding louder in the quiet warehouse and making her glance about yet again.

2007-11-14, 03:07 PM

Orig will take out his gun and knife ready them, turn off the lights and sit in a toilet stall with his legs up so there not visible from the outside, and just wait for a guard to go to the bathroom.

Note: The stall is unlocked but the door is still shut.


#1 will sit in the van and contemplate the meaning of life.

Hiding behind the stall should grant total concealment which doesn't need a hide check but if it doesn't
And just because, [Roll=Knowledge(Philosophy)]1d20+5 I'm using it untrained.

2007-11-14, 04:09 PM
(Hey Nos... don't forget... they can trace your cell phone to your secret ID, unless it's a pre-paid one, and those eventually die. I'd suggest you get a phone under a fake name if you plan on having a "hotline".)

Tasha hasn't got much else planned for the night, unless something comes up. Since she got Heather to go visit her mom, she'll likely have the night to herself. She'll finish an english lit paper... with the news on in the background... and loud music blaring in her iPod. Unless something comes on the news that's incredibly awesome... (and it had better be a picture, because she's not going to hear) she's going to stay settled in for the night.

Xerxes Shadow
2007-11-14, 04:18 PM
"Ngh! Dammit, that hurt!" Without knowing why, Joe touched the wound, his hand beginning to glow a little. The wound stopped bleeding and sealed (mostly).

SUMMARY: Use Healing Touch for 8 hp; invisible castle is down and I don't know how to use the forum roller, so I took the d6 average.

Tar Palantir
2007-11-14, 04:29 PM
The Reaper, finally freed of the hated light, decides to prove his repentence rather than just talk about it. Calling upon the powers which have grown all too familiar to him, he vanishes into the shadows and jumps to a darkened alley across the street from the sole window of the room. The sun has crawled beyond the horizon, and night has come. Tireless and well rested from his stay in the hospital, he decides to scour the city for any trace of the girl's killer. A suspicion has already begun to grow in his mind, that perhaps the doctor was somehow involved. Her eyes were the eyes of a killer, eyes the Reaper knew all too well. He had had those same eyes, back when he was an ordinary assassin named...named...what was his name before? He couldn't recall. The more he tried to grasp his memories, the more they began to fade. Soon all that was left was what had happened after the accident, and the faces, the faces of all those he had killed. He knew that he had killed them, but beyond that, he could remember nothing.

He did, however, remember his promise to Bolt. He began to patrol the city, looking for any sign of her killer. Eventually he detects some activity down a dark alley, and moves in to investigate. Three thugs are surrounding a skinny, young teenager, who is backed up against a wall, looking extremely frightened. One of the thugs says, "We know you're one of them. Don't bother lying about it. Well, we'll show you what we do to freaks." He is holding a lead pipe, and the thugs on his left and right are wielding a switchblade and pair of brass knuckles, respectively. They begin to close in.

Deciding to end this before it got out of hand, the Reaper emerges from the shadows immediately behind the apparent leader, putting his claw through the thug's back. He then says, "I prefer freaks to criminals."


2007-11-14, 06:19 PM

"Why would I think you drink blood? What's a Nosfortytwo anyways? Oh wait, a vampire? Dude, that's cool. And dude, like why are you asking me what my powers are? My name is Inferno, I'm shooting jets of flame to fly, and oh yeah, I"M ON FIRE! And unlike everyone else, I got my powers from box of Cracker Jack's. Geez, man. I could draw you a picture but that would just complicate things. Yeesh.

'They' is basically the other costumed guys that stopped the Reaper. We were talking with the Mayor after words, and they got tired of calling me 'you' or 'fire guy' because I hadn't come up with a name yet, and I wasn't going to give them my real one; so one of them called me Inferno, and it stuck.

Umm, nothing personal dude, but I'm like heading home, and I want to keep it like secret, and having a vampire follow me home is just kinda weird. So unless there's anything else..."


When you speak up, the boozer immediately stops. He stands straight up, and turns around to look at you, and unless your eyes deceive you, steam starting rising from his body. As his eyes lock onto yours he says "This is far enough. So missy.... are you going to explain why you're snooping around Balchem? Oh and try not to lie." You are honestly not entirely sure if this guy is threatening you or not.


{Too many clones. Okay, just to double check. You went into the stall, created a Dupe, waiting a moment, sent the dupe out to the van, and did some preparations, while the original waiting in the stall with the lights off, correct? If that's not the case, ignore the below}

After about 20 minutes, you hear the door open, followed by someone saying "Fricken boozer." before flipping on the lights. You hear a few footsteps, the unzipping of a fly, and the sound of someone relieving themselves at the urinal opposite the stalls.

In the van, you don't figure out the meaning of life, I'm sorry.



Joe/ The Reaper?

Okay, you heal 8 damage.

{I'm not sure if this is the same group that The Reaper goes after, but I'm pretty sure it is, so...

The initiative order is:
Mook 3
Mook 2
Mook 1}

After Joe does his whole glowy hand trick, a dark and sinister, and also familiar voice comes from the darkness. The gang jumps with fright, and it's a good thing too, otherwise the Reaper would have harvested a few organs, now he only got 1. The leader lets out a scream of pain, from his fresh wound. "Kill the freaks! Both of them!"

The guy with the bat tries to clock the Reaper, but the Reaper is a little too quick for him, and evades the blow.
The guy with brass knuckles considers for a moment before deciding to pop the more visible target of Joe, and knocks Joe's teeth in (12 damage).
Finally, the guy with the switchblade tries to gank Reaper for revenge, but misses his mark.

attack and damage rolls (1d20+7=24, 1d6+6=9) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1373802)
attack and damage rolls (1d20+7=27, 1d6+6=12) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1373794)
crit confirmation (1d20+7=13) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1373796) fail to confirm
attack and damage rolls (1d20+8=20, 1d4+6=7) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1373810)

Tar Palantir
2007-11-14, 06:39 PM
The Reaper

His blood beginning to boil, the Reaper begins to feel a presence rise up within him, the killer instinct which had guided his hand to commit the murders of his past. With a mental effort, he drove it back, shouting at it in his mind, "I am not an animal!" Forcing his attention back to the scene at hand, he slashed at the thug attacking Joe, filling his mind with whispers of unspeakable fear. He then says to Joe, "Still can't handle things by yourself, I see. This time, I'm more of a man than I was before, and less of an animal."

I have my fear power as a touch activated power, so I assume it activates when I attack with my claws, as it activates automatically whenever I touch anyone. 3PP if I hit, then. DC18 Will save.


2007-11-14, 06:54 PM

Judith returns his look warily; the bad feeling isn't just her own paranoia anymore. "Why I'm snooping around? You're the one who brought me here, mister; I went along with it because I was curious." She notes the accent has vanished completely, along with the symptoms of drunkenness. Well, d*mn... was he ever really drunk? And... steam? This could be bad. "So... while we're asking questions, you mind telling me what's going on here?"

2007-11-14, 07:25 PM
(Yep the original is in the bathroom and my only dupe is sitting in the van.)
(Also, I'm assuming that I get a surprise round.)

Orig. slowly gets down, slowly opens the stalldoor, and slowly walks up to a urinal next to the man, Quickly bringing his gun up to the man's head and saying "If you perform any actions I do not explicitly tell you you will die. That includes looking at me or talking. If at any point the other guards become aware of me you will die. If you make any attempt to notify the guards you will die. Continue peeing and breathing. Excluding what I just said do not perform any actions until I have finished instructing you. Remove one hand from yourself. Unfasten the holster strap on your gun. Holding the gun by the barrel hold it up. Hand me your gun. List all identification necessary for your job. Hand me all identification necessary for your job. Hand me the keys that open the Safety deposit door and if neccessary any keys necessary for the Deposit boxes themselves. If you have any other keys list them and hand me them as well. When you are finished with all of these actions flush the toilet and put your hands against the wall. You may ask me one question. You may now begin." When the guards hands Orig the keys, and ID he pockets them. When he is handed the gun he sets it on the top of a urinal the guard isn't using.

If necessary [roll2]

2007-11-14, 07:33 PM

After a heavy night out on the town, Talia didn’t wake up until late afternoon, sitting straight up in bed and running into the bathroom. She drank a glass of water and furrowed her brow in concentration before realizing that in fact she didn’t have a headache. ‘It’s a miracle considering how much I drank,’ she thought as she made her way to the kitchen rubbing her eyes paying no attention to the booby-trap of a laundry pile one of her roommates had left in the hall.

She grabbed a pot and shoveled a number of cheese and mushroom ravioli into it and covered it with a jar of spaghetti sauce and shredded cheese, covering it and throwing it in the oven. Switching the oven on to a medium high heat, Talia sighed. “Now I have to wait an hour. I wish I didn’t have to.” The kitchen blurred slightly and as she was wondering about a delayed hangover reaction it came back into focus. The timer on the stove dinged and she stared at the oven. “It can’t be,” she said confusedly and then reached for the oven door and was greeted by a wave of heat and wafting aroma. 'What the...' she thought as she used a towel to take the food out of the oven.

After dumping it in a large bowl with “Talia’s Pasta” in bold lettering on the rim she took a large fork and plopped down in front of the TV. Coverage of the days events was still in full swing as she took it all in with a certain amount of disbelief. In the dim haze of her alcoholic stupor she seemed to remember a huge crash but by that time she had been trying to hail a taxi to take home and hadn’t bothered to investigate. “You’ve got to be kidding me, mutation? Super powers? Oh no… Oh wow!” she said in a rush before setting down the bowl of pasta again. ‘Lessee it’s 5pm now – what if I wanted it to be 8pm?’ she thought. The living room began to blur the same as the kitchen had and when everything became focused again the clock on the cable box read 8:03pm.

“No freakin’ way,” she said with a giggle. “I wonder if it works the other way too – if it does I’ll never be late again!” Try as she might however she could ‘skip’ backwards. “Knew it couldn’t be the answer to ALL my problems,” she said with a grin.

Just then her roommate came around the corner carrying the towering basket of what must have been at least 10 days’ laundry. ‘It’d be pretty funny if she were to lose her balance,’ she thought as she watched her. No sooner had the thought crossed her mind then the roommate’s foot caught on the edge of the rug and she stumbled forward, her arms swinging out to her sides to catch her fall and the laundry became a snowfall as it went everywhere. Val hit the floor with a solid ‘thump’ and to add insult to injury the plastic laundry tub landed on her ankle.

“Oh my gosh are you okay,” Talia said as she rushed to her aid while her mind spun with the possibility she might have contributed to her fall but brushing it off as coincidence. Her roommate grumbled and stood, wincing when she took a step. “You’ve twisted your ankle,” Talia observed with the confidence of a professional. “Get over to the sofa and I’ll grab an ice pack.”

Handing Val the ice pack wrapped in a towel Talia then picked up all the dirty laundry and piled it in the tub again. ‘It’s almost like watching a video of myself,’ she thought regarding her roommate and her accident although the unacknowledged thought that she had caused the accident was still roaming her brain.

As a test, Talia opened the front door. Her pesky neighbor, Mr King was out walking his little yappy rat-dog. With a little smirk her brow furrowed in concentration. The little rat-dog got excited about something and ran around and around his master until Mr King was quite tangled up in the leash. He wobbled and was about to fall when Talia muttered “No, don’t hurt yourself on our sidewalk you old codger.”. Mr King managed to regain his balance and scolded the rat-dog while he untangled himself, then they walked back to his house.

Talia’s roommate had hobbled back to her room by the time Talia closed the door. She sat down and listened to the news highlights from the day including the press conference with the attack on the mayor, the arrival of other ‘supers’ and the speech by that ‘man’ dude, not being sure what to make of it all. Certainly it would be necessary to try and organize those who had been effected but she had reservations about a public registry by a government agency. “I think this thing is going to need grass roots movement,” she decided. “I also think that anominity will be a very good thing here.” She stood and went to her room, rummaging through her closet for some time, picking out black leggings, a black long sleeve shirt and a hunter green and white flared skirt that used to be a part of a cheerleaders Halloween costume. She put all of these on and looked at herself in the mirror, adding a pair of large ‘diva’ sunglasses and finally wound a green and white striped muffler around her neck. ‘It’ll do until I can get something better,’ she thought with a grin and then stripped off those clothes and hid them in her backpack.

She made her way back to the living room where her neglected bowl of pasta was congealing nicely. She picked it up in order to carry it to the microwave then thought ‘I wonder?’ Concentrate as she might however, she couldn’t make the bowl heat up. After she slopped it in the microwave and was waiting for it to finish she thought that it was just as well that she couldn’t heat stuff since it would have probably burned her fingers off anyway.

Mindful of the whole heat thing, she carried the bowl back to the sofa where she picked up her mega fork and ate the ravioli all the while staying glued to the news. “This is bound to get interesting,” she thought.

Rest of the night: Watch TV, maybe go online to see what I can find. Oh and come up with a 'cover' name slightly mangling a musical term to arrive at "Tempa Caesura" or 'time stop'. She's not planning to leave the house until morning.

Powers used:
Temport 1 hr (cost 1pp)
Temport 2 hrs (cost 2pp)
Cause 1d6 accident (roommate) Damage: 3 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3520488#post3520488), Reflex DC18 for no damange (cost 1pp)
Raise probability as many points as needed to fail her save if necessary (cost 1pp per 5%)
Cause 1d6 accident (Mr Winters) Reflex DC18 for no damage
Raise probability as many points as needed to make his save (cost 1pp per 5%)

2007-11-14, 10:29 PM
Reaper/ Joe

Your claws tear into his flesh, and a look of terror crosses his flesh, but he does not fall.


He continues staring you down for a moment, before cracking a smile. "Good, you've got guts. We can continue now. Sorry for all of the sneakiness and dragging you all the way out here. But we can talk freely here.

My name is Dr. David Nerros, and up until last night I was the Director of Internal Affairs at Balchem. However, last night I was caught in the explosion I was trying to prevent. Now, however, Balchem is trying to cover everything up, including my disappearance. I was only recently hired to that position when I was hired outside the company, and I have yet to make a public appearance, so only a handful of people even know what I look like, and they have most likely been replaced as well.

So at this point you may be wondering why I brought you, of all people, here. It is because you, like me, were in that blast night, and I need help. I can't step out in the sun anymore because of what the blast did to me. The bar you found me in was the first building I could get into once I made that little discovery. I had to keep drinking otherwise it would look suspicious for being in there all day.

So I basically need you to dig up dirt on Balchem for me because I can't step outside in the sunlight. Will you help me?"


{Congrats, you literally caught a man with his pants down.}
After letting out a gasp of surprise, the guy remains deadly silent as you administer your instructions. He hands you his gun in the manner you request. He says "My name is Jeffery Rose Demains, 3rd Sergeant of Troop E of the Rainport PD, a subdivision of the Police department responsible for private security. My badge number is 3524." He hands you his wallet with all of his identification in it (and $52.31) and his badge. "I do not have the key for the safety deposit area, only the bank president does, there are no other copies. I do however have a key to every other door in the bank, including all offices, and the key to the security room. However, the only way to access the security room is from the Safety Deposit area. Here are all the keys I have." He hands you a ring of like 12-18 keys. He flushes the toilet and places his hands on the wall "Can I at least zip my fly?"


{I thought you were going to have the dog run into the road or something :smallsmile: }

2007-11-14, 10:39 PM

The bartender swaggers on over to you, cleaning a mug. "Evening Draven. Slow night. People are afraid to go out. Even more afraid to start fights. Makes your job easy. ...You feeling alright? You look a little... off."

"Club Umbral"
9:08 PM

Draven nods grimly for a moment, before replying, then becoming statuesque as he replies without making eye contact his gaze cast down at the black marble bartop. Leaning heavily on it, his hair concealing most of his features, he starts to speak in low tones, just audible over the music.

"In general, I'd say a little fear is justified wouldn't you? With guys running around the city that seem to be made of pure shadow, I'm honestly suprised that anyone is out tonight.
Running his gloved hands through his jet colored locks with a sigh,

Glancing up, Draven says "I'm a little suprised you're even here, when you could be home catching the game" saying the last part with the slightest of smirks. "You better believe I'm glad I got the night off".

He pauses momentarily, appearing to mull things over before continuing in calm amiable tones, but highlighted with a sharp edge of frustration.

"I'm still trying to wrap my mind around how much this is going to change everything for everyone," he says, slowly shaking his head as he speaks, then looking up and giving Andy a level look "So, to answer your question, no Andy, it's definitely not going to make my job easier, and no, I'm not feeling alright. I'd say I'm feeling super off today actually. So, do me a big favor and get me a shot of Jager...and make it a double."
He'll pull out a $50 while he says the last part and slides it across, his eyes returing to contemplation of the depthless black bartop.

OOC: Anderson (Andy for short) has been aquainted with Draven since he was eighteen, and has known him well since he started working as a part time bouncer for the Club about a year ago.

*Remaining nights plans: He'll have a few more shots, tell the door man to let in a chick that fits Tasha's description if he sees her, then go back to the bar and nurse a mixed drink (Liquid Cocain is wonderful) while he waits (I'd like to RP this whether or not she decided to show).

If she doesn't show after an hour, (the time continuity's kind of hard to keep track of but I mean by around 10PM), he'll check out the second floor just to see who would actually be up there, if anyone, on this particular night, but probably not participate, although that could end up being a power discovery type moment, then, after thanking Andy for the excellent drinks and conversation, head out and do a little roaming of his own in the down town district, feeling strangely...disatisfied.

Xerxes Shadow
2007-11-14, 11:02 PM
"Unff! Fummfafafitch!" swears Joe, swiping at the one with the knuckles. "Jmf die!"

ROLLS: 21 and 16 to hit; (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1374195) if a hit, 6 and 13 for damage. (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1374198)

2007-11-14, 11:25 PM

Why am I the go-to girl for all the people who want to look into Balchem? is the thought that echoes through her mind as she processes what the man (Nerros?) has said.

"If by dig up dirt you mean find out more about what was going on, sure," she says after a few moments. "They probably deserve it, but I'm not about to go digging up anything that doesn't exist. And in return, you can answer some of my questions." She gives him a level look, which then disappears into a look of commiseration.

"Can't go out in sunlight at all? That's..." She grimaces. "That's a change, all right, and not something I'd want... So to start with, how did the explosion happen, anyway? Some idiot knock over the wrong vat, or was there something else behind it?" If he was who he said he was—not that she could see any reson why he'd be impersonating a scientist nobody had heard of—he ought to be one of the few people who could tell her that for certain.

Something else occurs to her. "And how the hell did you know whether I was in the blast?"

2007-11-14, 11:55 PM
(On second thought... Tasha does have more to do tonight, due to a hastily made impromptu roleplaying idea. Thus...)

"Holy @#$%! I forgot!" Tasha said, loud enough to hear herself over the music blaring in her earphones. "I had a date tonight! Son of a... he's going to think I stood him up!"

Tasha had gotten a bit too distracted with all the madness to remember that she had made plans with a guy from her Modern Philosophy class. Draven.... or David... or... No. Definately Draven. She remembered because it was like Eric Draven... the Crow.

Tasha gave up on her report, saving it and leaving the last page unfinished. She got quickly dressed to head out, and grabbed her keys. Heading out to get her car, she headed off to the club that Draven had chosen as the meeting place. Not her kind of place really... but she knew where it was at least. Plus it had a bar, and she had a fake ID. That would do!

Tasha will arrive at the club almost an hour late... due to a combination of forgetting about the date in the first place... and traffic. She will show up and get inside... looking about to see if Draven is even still there.

Tasha is dressed up as well as she could be in 20 minutes... Wearing a simple black t-shirt, a matching skirt, and knee-high black boots with a needless amount of metal buckles.

2007-11-14, 11:58 PM
"Drop the purse, and I'll let you go. If you don't, I'll try not to hurt you, but I'm not promising anything."

OoC:Lather, rinse, and repeat.

Still trying not to kill him, and I don't want to beat him to a pulp either.
That being said, I think now I'll try snatching the purse back from him instead.
attack roll for disarm (1d20+10=20). (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1374290) Not sure if I get the +4 bonus for it being easy to snatch or cut away, so I didn't add that in.

I'll end up doing the same actions as before afterwards.

2007-11-15, 01:28 AM

"Why would I think you drink blood? What's a Nosfortytwo anyways? Oh wait, a vampire? Dude, that's cool. And dude, like why are you asking me what my powers are? My name is Inferno, I'm shooting jets of flame to fly, and oh yeah, I"M ON FIRE! And unlike everyone else, I got my powers from box of Cracker Jack's. Geez, man. I could draw you a picture but that would just complicate things. Yeesh.

'They' is basically the other costumed guys that stopped the Reaper. We were talking with the Mayor after words, and they got tired of calling me 'you' or 'fire guy' because I hadn't come up with a name yet, and I wasn't going to give them my real one; so one of them called me Inferno, and it stuck.

Umm, nothing personal dude, but I'm like heading home, and I want to keep it like secret, and having a vampire follow me home is just kinda weird. So unless there's anything else..."


"Ah, you are the one who fought against that shadow character. Well done. And I thought it would be worth asking about the power. If I were you, I would be calling myself 'Ice Master' or something odd. Admittedly, your power (or at least one of them) is pretty obvious, but it would be worth it when a villian stocks his lair with extra heating fans instead of walling the place with flame retardant sheets. But no, there is nothing else. I bid you goodnight" *small bow, flies away if no reply*

Nosferatu will continue heading to the police station, keeping an eye peeled all the way.

OOC: Yeah, I was going with a prepaid phone. Its what I use in real life (no signatures, just cash, hurrah for less admin), and forgot a subscription would have details. But no, this phone should be 'clean'.

2007-11-15, 02:39 PM

"Fine zip your fly. Now back to the interrogation. Is there anything besides the guards that can alert the cops. If so, how can I prevent it from alerting the cops. "

2007-11-15, 02:47 PM
Oblivion/ Tasha(eventually

Andy puts the glass he was cleaning away, and takes the money you put down on the table. He comes back a moment later with your drink and change.
"You make a few good points Andy. I don't think I looked at this too far down the road. But if I keep looking a long ways off, then I can't see what's in the here and now. Try not to think too far man. What will come will come, and we'll deal with it when it gets here."
Time passes, and just as you are getting ready to leave, Tasha walks into the bar.

Joe/ Reaper

Joe takes his revenge on the brass knuckles guy, cutting him pretty deeply, but he's still willing to fight.
The thug with the bat tries to hit the Reaper again, but again fails to hit home.
The thug with the knuckles decides that he needs to get some payback on the Reaper and attacks him, but again finds nothing but shadow.
Finally the guy with the switchblade attacks the Reaper, trying to injure him, but fails to make contact.

attack and damage rolls (1d20+7=22, 1d6+6=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1375181)
attack and damage rolls (1d20+5=8, 1d6+6=9) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1375249)
attack and damage rolls (1d20+8=19, 1d4+6=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1375250)


Nerros looks relieved when you say you'll help him. "Well, there wasn't any quite as sinister behind the cause of the blast as you might suspect. Over the past few years, Balchem has been trying to get on the cutting edge of the field, and then surpass that mark. That being said they've basically been pouring more and more money into R&D, and have been rounding up all of the new tech other companies come up with. Normally there wouldn't be anything wrong with that, except that they've basically been stealing other people's creations and smuggling them in with our regular shipments.

I was doing some digging when I discovered a document revealing their practices. Now normally I would have just reported this to the officials, but one of the new "acquisitions" needed to be stored at a temperature that Warehouse 112 couldn't maintain. Because the practices were illegal, very few people knew about the existence of the chemical, and those that did would not want its existence going public, so I had to rush down there myself... I was, regrettably, too late.

Now as for how I knew you were in the explosion, I could kind of, I don't know... see it I guess. There's like some weird energy coming off of you, and off of me, so I put 2 and 2 together."


You successfully steal the purse back from the theif, who decides to cut his loses and bolts.


You and Inferno part ways, and you head off in the direction of the Police HQ. You don't spot anything too noteworthy on your way, but there are a few instances of people closing their blinds when they see you flying. You eventually arrive at the Police HQ, where you receive directions to where you should go to register and get asked the standard questions for registration.

"Will you be using your powers while costumed or in a civilian identity?

What is your name and/or alias?

What are your powers?

What do you plan on doing with your powers?

Do you have any police, military and/or medical training?

Do you have a criminal record?

Are you interested in receiving Police training?"


"There are silent alarm buttons underneath the teller counter. If no one presses the button that you're golden. The buttons can be deactivated from the security room."

2007-11-15, 03:09 PM
"Ok, I'm assuming that can also deactivate the cameras as well. Now... where is it."

2007-11-15, 03:33 PM
Tasha (No really, it actually is this time...)

Tasha will look around the place a bit... letting her eyes adjust to the dim lights, until she spies Draven sitting by the bar like he's some old-time detective with a chip on his shoulder. The club itself wasn't really her kind of place. Everyone always assumed from how she dressed that she was into the entire goth scene... but really... she just liked the look. She'd take her angry, mosh pit inducing rock and metal any day. Still... at least it was a place that didn't place nothing but hip-hop dance remixes.

I'm not that late... or he'd have left. What's it... quarter-til? Wow... I must have been speeding. She will think to herself as she heads to him across the club. I think I'll give the telepathy thing a rest though. It's giving me a headache. Besides, I might not want to hang out with him if I see some of the stuff in his head. I know I'll never be able to look at Heather the same again, and she's so quiet and nice!

"Hey!" Tasha will say, loud enough to be heard over the music, as she sits down next to Draven at the bar, Sorry I'm late. It's been a pretty crazy day! To be honest, I almost forgot we had plans... What with all the supermen on the news. It's insane! I didn't believe it until some lunatic attacked the mayor.