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2007-10-30, 11:27 PM
One day whilst Mordun is hiking up and down mountainside paths searching for some truth to a rumour he had heard about a tower being built in the next valley over to serve as a refuge for some reclusive unnatural. While he was making his way along a particularly trecherous portion of the cliff face his dwarven intuition was piqued by something unnatural in the rock he was clinging to.

Without any further notice the rock itself swelled around his hands and feet pinning him in place. The cold from the stone slowly numbing his hands and chilling his body and soul completely. No amount of struggling or cursing unnaturals and their ilk seemed to have any effect and he was eventually consumed by the earth itself. Consciousness faded into a hazy preternatural existence devoid of anything except the confining darkness and the weight of stone embracing him.

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2007-11-03, 11:09 AM
Lialei Heartblossom
Lialei had become accostomed to her forest paths and patrolling the borders of her land. She was always warry and vigilant of dangers to herself and others who might not be as watchful. Whenever she descovered a new hazard or trecherous plot of land she would do her best to ward others from the area with common trail markers warning of danger.
She was setting a marker on just such as occassion to ward travelers of a pit that had opened as a result of too much rain and the bank of the path eroding into a deep sinkhole. When she noticed the traces of smoke on the wind she was not alarmed at first. It was not all that uncommon for travelers and hunters to be about the paths and trails in the area. She dismissed the scent on the wind as nothing out of place and went back to placing markers and trying to fence in the sinkhole with briars.

It wasn't until late in the day when she was exhausted from her long hours of labour and had finally finished her task that she noted the pressence of smoke was still in the air. She had become accustomed to the scent and only noticed now the slight haze of smoke that was gathering about the hole she had been working to protect. Immediately alarmed she decided she had better check on the source of the fire in order to discover it's source. Perhaps there were some adventurers or a gathering of some sort... a feast perhaps? It was close to the harvest season and there were a few settlements of primative races nearby. Perhaps they were responsible for the smoke on the winds.

Without any further speculation or debate she set off. Wuickly settling into her practiced strides and devouring ground beneath her as she sprinted through the undergrowth towards the smoke. As she ran it became harder and harder for her to breathe, she noted with alarm that it was also becoming hotter the thicker the smoke was. She was almost running doubled over just to keep her head out of the clouds of smoke now billowing from between the trees. It stung her eyes and her lungs as she dragged in ragged breaths. She didn't bother wiping the tears from her eyes. Even if she were not crying from the smoke tears would flow freely. This was her forest and her home being destroyed. She knew every path and trail and every tree that was now being consumed by fire.

She no longer debated the source of the fire this much smoke could only mean that there were a great many trees on fire. She franticly searched her memory of her forest for a nearby water source and altered her course to bring her near it. Eventually splashing into the shallow water of the stream she used the cool water to clear the ashes from her face and began the grim task of hauling water and trying to stop the fire from spreading. She knew others would come. Her fellow scouts and wardens of the woods would soon discover the plight of their home as the animals brought them warnings and tales of the fire. She worked alone into dusk never stoping, she had cut a swath accross the fires path and was confident that she had made a difference. Her presence seemed to bolster the resolve of nature around her and the fire seemed held at bay. She trudged back to the stream for more water to continue her work. Barely able to stand she dropped to one knee... she had been working for hours and was now utterly exhausted. She felt herself being dragged down by the aches and soreness of her limbs. On all fours now she could imagine sleeping amidts the cool forest bed watching the limbs swaying above her head in the breeze.

She wasn't even alarmed when she felt herself sinking down towards the ground... no not towards... into the ground... but she was too tired to care. She gave into the urge to close her eyes and rest. Darkness came quickly and Lialei was unaware that the darkness was magical instead of natural.

...She slept.

2007-11-03, 11:17 AM
Habadur Turnous
Habadur having heard of a religous cult on his travels that were familiar with undead and rites revolving around them was intrigued to hear of others of his order. At first disbelieving that others could have the same ideals as he and his brothers could have so far from his home. Such was the mystery and power of his God he surmised. Quickly he set out to find them and rekindle his association with them. He wanted to show them all he had discovered and learned in his travels, his new found power and abilities. He was excited and relieved after having spent so many years studying and traveling with those who did not believe and who saw his faith as evil and who could never understand the truth. He would finally be among those who appreciated and understood his views as he did.

He made his way along the coast and towards the forested cliff that they supposedly had built a large monastary upon. Although the people he talked to among the outlying villages and towns spoke of cruel torture and unspeakable acts of depravity from those who lived high on the cliff surrounded by forest. They also claimed the woods were haunted at night and that devils and demons prowled after dark. Such were the tales and flights of fancy he had endured all his years as he travelled among the ignorant masses who understood little of his divine order and the quest for knowledge that they pursued dogmatically. How could they understand? They were ignorant of the ways of his order and their true intentions, of course anything outside the percieved normalacy would be shunned and reviled by those who were unlearned and unable to comprehend.

So Habadur travelled and encountered none of the supposed dangers of the forest. Seeing neither demon nor monster on the well-worn path bolstered his spirits. Those people must have enjoyed trying to torment visitors and passers-by with their tales of woe. He chuckled to himself thinking of the simpletons who must be scared by such obviously fradulant claims. There was nothing even remotely evil about this forest. The birds sang and the trees swayed merrily as he walked among them.

Finally after a full days travel and an afternoon of asscending the steep path that lazily wound its way up the steep cliff Habadur came at last to a very large and imposing gate set into a wall that stetched 30 feet high. He was impressed by the drawings and the friezes set into the face of the door. Now he understood the paranoia of the people a little better. The faces and bodies of the people carved into the door were wretched and withered looking. As though the life had been sucked from them, twisted as though in pain. Sneers and faces full of agony and pain stared back at him as he studied the door. Msterful he thought to himself. A true testament to their work, if a bit morbid for his taste.

He reached up for the large rope off to one side of the large door and gave it a steady pull. Behind the doors hes could clearly hear a bell toll, and feet as people stirred. He heard a slidding shutter open in the door and moved to stand in front of it. He announced himself and was met by a surly looking face in the small opening who asked about his business and then grudgingly allowed him entry into the monastary, through a small door set into one side of the larger doors. As Habadur stepped through the doorway he was startled to see that the open area of the monastary was crowded with people. He tried to stand a little straighter and pushed back the weariness of the days travel from his mind. As he did so something struck him as odd. There were people of all stations of life here, not just monks and clerics as he had expected to find. There were trades people and merchants and all sorts from all different avenues of life. The other thing struck him as odd was that they all dressed in styles and a manner that suggested nobility. However it was an older style that he had not seen in years.

Quickly dismissing these as unimportant issues he set about getting to know those who were gathered about the courtyard. He had yet to see any symbols of his order but assumed these people were simple followers come to pay homage and ask for services of his faith. He was just finishing his rounds when he saw the doors to the main building open out of the corner of his vision and saw three of the most beutiful women he had ever seen emerge from the building. He was imediately charmed by them, finding their alure irresistable he found himself staring at them as they came towards him through the crowd. They were dressed in fine gowns that shimmered in the now dull light of the moon. Was it so late? He wondered to himself. No matter soon he would have a room for the night and he could rest there and begin the task of discussing business with those of his order who resided here.

The three women walked towards him with a grace and fluidity that spoke of a sensuality and a certainty borne of self confidence. The woman on the right was garbed in a light green with cream coloured lace that danced along a bodice that was daringly cut to expose almost all of her femanine features for any who would look. Her eyes were dark and alluring and her face was angular and refined. Her dark hair was swept into a mass of curls and help in place by a miriad of jewelled pins that sparkled and danced in the moonlight as though they themselves were alive.
The woman on the left was dressed more plainly than the two beside her. Her hands clasped demurely in front of herself and the pale skin of her arms was contrasted dramatically by the dark satin black of her gown. Trimmed with silver thread and small diamonds as accents she was short and elfin where the others were tall and fit. She stood meeting his gaze occassionally but looking down and straightening her gown, as though nervous. Her dark hair mirrored the woman on the right but where her hair was full of curls and bounce this ones hair was cut short and straight held in place by a circlet covered in diamonds as perfect as her skin.
The third woman stood as though she commanded the attention of everyone within her gaze. That everything she saw she expected to obey her demands. Her attitude was further enhanced by the high nechline of her yellow and gold gown. Sparkling with golden thread and lace she seemed majestic and regal. Her face was set in a stern expression and she was clearly the eldest of the three and in charge. She radiated a confidence that was unsettling and the effect only increased as tenssion grew with the silence.

Finally she spoke and her powerful voice filled the still air of the night. "Who are you that dares to so boldly comes where none shall tread uninvited?" She demanded. At a loss for words at this exclamation Habadur searched for a suitable answer, finding none. He waited. "It has been years since one of your kind has dared to venture here." She continued unfazed by his silence. "Were i younger i would play with you and entertain myself into the long hours of the night. However such things are beneath me now and this matter will be settled by the council of three. Your fate will be brought to you in the morning, as we decide it this night." With that final proclimation she nodded to those around Habadur and the night filled with the sound of metal being unsheathed. With an inward groan Habadur cursed his ill fate and tried to reason with those around him telling them who he was and what his intentions were. That he was not from the village but atraveller and a follower of their ways.

The woman turned slowly and rested her gaze upon him. Habadur had the feeling that she was staring into him more than she was looking at him. He shuddered and tried to calm himself. "If you are a true follower of our ways then you will have nothing to fear. Surrender yourself into our care and we will decide your fate as your superiors." With the last sentance she seemed amused smirking with the last words. Reluctantly Habadur allowed them to take him into their custody and was brought to a chamber on the second floor. Not at all what he expected he was brought to a lavish room with all sorts of delicacies and extravagant ameneties within the room. Food was piled high on one of the tables as though a feast had been underway when he arived. There were even clean clothes and a hot bath awaiting him in the far corner behind a screen. This isn't half bad he though to himself as he imediately decided to take advantage of his good fortune.

After a bath and changing into clean clothes he ate his fill of the most splendid food he had ever tasted. Eating twice as much as he would normally have thought polite. He was lounging in a chair sipping the most splendid selection of cordials he had ever had when he heard a noise stir the tapestyr behind him and a gust of cool air waft towards him from the same direction. He turned and was alarmed and yet pleased to see the youngest of the three standing behind him with her back to the tapestry hurriedly smoothing it back in place. Her gaze met his and for an instant he though he saw sadness in here eyes and something else which he couldn't place before her expression changed to one of determination.

Standing before him she seemed more childish without the two other women. She couldn't be much older than 18 or so he guessed. Just entering into womanhood, her pale skin and large dark eyes felt as though they were drawing him in. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. "Where are my manners?" He said appologetically. "I am Ha..." She interupted him by reaching up and grabing the back of his head. Habadur sought to resist but she was far stronger than she had seemed. This whelp of a girl was able to bring her lips to his for just a moment and the sensation shocked Habadur as he felt magic stronger than any he had ever felt before course through him. Finally able to gather his senses he pulled the girl away and she allowed herself to be pushed away he realised. She smiled up at him with a playful smile. "They wanted to kill you. They can't now that you are mine." She said to him matter of factly. "However it still is not safe for you to remain here. You must flee and never return to these lands or they will find you and kill you as they sought to this night." Stunned Habadur was struggling to make sense of all the unknown and inexplicable things that were happinging to him and around him. He never wanted any of this, had never asked for any of this.

He looked up at the girl who felt his equal even though he towered over her. She was slight but strong, he knew that now. She half dragged him towards the wall where the tapestry she had stood in front of hung. Reaching up into the wall she twisted her hand in a small gensture and the wall behind the tapestry faded away. Staring into the space beyond Habadur recognised the woods he had walked through earlier that day. He began to step forward and stopped. Looking back at the girl feeling a large mixture of emotions and still unsure of what had happened and what was to happen. He stepped through the opening, turning as he passed through to catch one final glimpse of her face. She was nowhere to be seen. The opening had vanished without a trace and he was alone in the woods. For the first time in his life he was scared and felt more alone then all his years travelling and for all his time spent alone studying. Now was the first time it had ever bothered him or that he had though about it in a negative way.

He ran... his legs accustomed to walking he stumbled as he ran... His mind reeling with the events of the day. He ran... Thinking thoughts of this girl-turned saviour. He ran... Feeling the earth speed by beneath him. He ran... and ran until he could run no more. Colapsing exhausted at the edge of the woods he welcomed the darkness the crept over him. Secure in the fact that he was far from the events of tonight he slept... and dreamt... of her.

So exhausted from the night before he didn't even wake when the sun lit his face and when the morning came only a few hours after he had collapsed. He slept the sleep of the exhausted and did not even stir at the touch of the cold stone. As the grey cold grasp of the stone seeped around his limbs and covered him. He lay there prone and uncaring until the darkness consumed him completely.

2007-11-03, 01:40 PM
Fethen Talvarson

Having heard many rumours about creatures and adventurers disappearing lately all about the continent Fethen had decided to research and document whatever information he could find on the matter. Traveling to various locations where reported mysterious disappearances had occured. He set about identifying commonalities between them. Two that he knew of had transpired near temperate forests, and one of those and another had occured near rock formations caused by geo-syncratic events based off of techtonic activity. No corelation there, it would seem. He sat for months studying the factors and the relationships between the disappearances going over his notes and sketches again and again.

He had requested assistance from some of his collegues but they were each more busy than the last and just as interested in their own mysteries and unsolved riddles of magical occurances. It wasn't until one day that he had the idea of formulating a pattern based on the timing and the extrapolation of longitudinal corelation of the sites of apperature that he descovered he might actually be able to predict the next anomaly that was causing the disappearances. He was certain that there must be some sort of logical phenominon or explanation as to the existance of whatever was responsible.

So he charted maps and astrological patterns and planned everything down to the most minute detail until finally he had uncovered a pattern that would lead him to the next random concentration of anomalies that seemed prevalent in the areas surrounding each occurance and which would give him the best opportunity to witness the anomaly himself and document it fully.

He made his preparations and set out to gather his most important research findings to ever be conducted in the name of magic. Imagine if he could harness the power or what arcane knowledge might be found simply through the study of one of these anomalous occurances. Either natural or constructed it stood to reason that a great amount of power was being expended. To what purpose he began to wonder over the weeks it took him to travel. Teleportation would have been faster he mused to himself,but would have left him with less time to prepare. There were also all the tools and measurement devices he wanted to bring with him. Which never would have survived the spell. He sat back in his seat and let the scenery scrolling by the window of the coach entertain his thoughts.

Finally they arrived where he had predicted the next occurance would take place. Inland some distance away from the shore which was unusual as the other occurances had all take place near the coast. He thought again about his theory about the magnetic pull of the earth influencing his readings and joted some quick notes to assure himself that his calculations were indeed acurate. Satisfied he began ordering the workmen to set up all the aparatus and magical measurement equipment he had brought with him. He settled down next to the artisans he had brought along on this expedition to sketch and map out the land where the phenomenon would take place.

With barely two days left until the actual convergence of events that would coalesce into the subject of his obsession of late. He was eager to see everything readied and put into place so that nothing would be missed.

The morning of the occurance he awoke early and feeling more cheerful than any other day he began to ready himself for his most prolific discovery. He re-checked everything to make sure everything all was ready to measure and record the magical and scientific information that would be needed to confirm his findings and explain what had been happening.

At around midday a few hours before the time when the event was to take place he noticed something out of place. He was watching the horizon and noticed a faint plume of dust rising off the road that they were near. The hill they had arrayed all manner of devices and contraptions upon was well defended by a few juniour apprentices he had brought and the workers they had paid well to help with the equipment and defend them during the journey as well. What he was worried about was that this possible intrusion of travellers could very well inferfere with his entire experiment. If any of the conditions were not perfect then everything would be ruined. With a single-minded determination Fethen set out to halt the interlopers and assure the success of his experiment.

Calling out to some of the hired hands he began to make his way down the hill towards the valley to intercept them on the road before they reached the bottom of the valley and the point which the experiment would focus upon. Arriving well ahead of whoever was travelling towards them Fethen decided to reherse what he would say. After running through several different approaches of possible vernacular he decided the best approach would be the most honest and forthright. Telling the travellers that they were endagering themselves to perils unknown and that if they waited but an hour they would be safe.

Soon the travellers came into view, a few men on horseback, and a wagon laden with goods. Upon seeing the men and Fethen gathered apparently awaiting their arrival the men on horseback seemed to grow anxious and slowed their pace discussing what they should do. Alarmed at their reaction Fethen at once realised his mistake and rode forward motioning his men to stay back. He called out to the men with the wagon telling them they were safe and that he and his men were not brigands but merely wished to talk and warn them of dangers ahead. The men relaxed at once and started joking with one another over who was most scared over the percieved threat.

Soon fethen was among them and explaining the dangers ahead and the men seemed most grateful for the warning and they thanked Fethen and offered him a place at their fire that night if he would like to share their repast as a way of thanking him for his considerate actions. He accepted delighted at being able to get away from the dredful cooking of the young apprentices he had brought along cared little for culinary persuits and had only passable skill with cooking outdoors. His spirits bolstered Fethen made his way back to his camp in time to prepare. Everything was in place and he was growing increasingly anxious.

...Two hours after his predicted time of the occurance nothing had happened and Fethen was so forlorn that noone could console him. How could he have been wrong? He had calculated everything so precisely so perfectly and yet somehow he had missed something. He looked over all his notes again and was reading them through when one of the hired hands came and spoke to him. He said that he and the others were heading down to the camp of the travellers who had offered them to join their fire earlier that day and asked if he would join them. Fethen was about to refuse caught up in his studies and self-deprication but instead decided perhaps some friendly company and good food could clear his mind and allow him to concentrate better. He gathered his pack and made his way down toward the other camp with the hired hand and was delighteed to hear music and merriment in the camp below.

They talked and danced and ate some of the best food Fethen had tasted in weeks. Late into the night they continued to enjoy the fire-side tales and refreshing company of other travellers. Until finally the night was pierced by a shrill scream. Everyone stopped at once and silence took over the camp. The only sounds came from nervous coughs and the snapping fire. Finally a man stood up accross the fire from Fethen and anounced that he would investigate the scream. He stalked off into the darkness surounding the camp seeming more angry than alarmed or afraid.

Fethen intrigued by the occurance and the mans response followed him hoping that perhaps he could lend a hand or magical aid if need be. So he ventured into the darkness to find the man. Without walking very far he soon heard voices coming from very close by. Something about how she shouldn't have come and he should have known better. Straining to hear Fethen decided he should anounce himself rather than evesdrop further, calling out he walked to where he thought the source of the discussion had come from. He nearly stumbled and decided that he had had enough of this stumbling about in darkness. A few moments later as though some diety had intervened the man he had seen leave the camp stood in front of him holding a torch.

He looked to be at his wits end. Huddled around his legs staring up at Fethen was a girl just starting her journey into adolescence. She stared back at him with accusation in her eyes as though he had interupted something important. With a mumbled appology Fethen was about to leave when the girl shrieked again. Both men turned to look down at her as she screamed and noticed with alarm that her feet had both turned grey. Fethen was elated. Finally something mystical was happening and he was a witness. As quickly as his excitment came it was replaced by the expression of the man in front of him. Anger and loathing danced accross his face as he grabbed Fethen and demanded that he release the child. Fethen with little idea of what he was talking about tried to explain that this was the danger he had predicted would befall them. The man seemed to hear his words but did not understand them completely. He let go of Fethen realising the sincerity and truth in his words and rushed to the little girl. Doing his best to comfort and console her Fethen noticed with alarm that the greyness was spreading up her body and clothing. He stood transfixed studying her skin as it was slowly and hungrily devoured by the greyness creeping up her entire body. Hey eyes fluttered as she tried to keep them open. By the time the grey entity or malady, whatever it was reached her torso her eyes were closed and the man in front of Fethen was crying holding her to his chest.

It wasn't until that moment that Fethen realised thatthe man was also being covered by the same greyness. It was almost fully up the mans legs at this point and was quickly covering him. Alot more quickly than it covered the girl Fethen realised. The mans shoulders slumped as though he was becoming weary. Remarkable Fethen thought to himself as he stifled a yawn. It must be getting quite late he thought to himself, as he brought his hand up to his mouth to stiffle a second yawn he noticed something odd in the light of the torch.

...his hand was grey!...and then the darkness overcame him.

Bariaus Kazaphran
After travelling for what seemed like months without Marietta travelling with this band of mercenaries guarding wagons and caravans he was starting to miss her. Bariaus knew it had only been a few weeks but those weeks were devoid of laughter and while he enjoyed his work and wanted to continue. He also felt lonely. The men he traveled with talked endlessly about their families and friends back home and that did little to help Bariaus' mood. He had decided that he would return to see her for the next festival which was only a few weeks away. That would make her happy. He thought to himself of how he would suprise her with a gift when he saw her again. He could afford such things now that he had a steady job and almost 4000 gold saved up. He thought of all the things he might buy for her or all the places they might travel together.

Sighing and bringing himself out of his reverie Bariaus glanced from side to side stretching in the saddle. It was almost midday and they would be stopping soon. They had started early in the day and were already weary. They were riding up a slight incline when he noticed the wagon slow and the other men he was travelling with begin to shift in their saddles and glance at eachother. Then he saw what was making them nervous. Up ahead on the road was a band of horsemen waiting in the middle of the road for them to approach. The men around Bariaus were discussing tactics and how they might turn this encounter in their favour. Bariaus was going to supply his own opinion reguarding tactics and advantages he could see when suddenly one of the horsemen began riding towards them. The men around him eased theeir weapons from their sheath and he did the same. The man rode perhaps ten feet away from his companions and began calling out to them.

He was yelling jiberish about magical influences and alot of things that Bariaus had never heard of before. Apparently the mad was trying to warn them. Bariaus told the others that this was his impression and soon they began joking about being scared by a mage and his servants. Bariaus chuckle good-naturedly, he knew that mages could be fearsome when necessary. Raining death and destruction to masses more quickly and in ways swordsmen never could. The man rode up and explained himself more clearly now that he was not nearly as excited. He said his name was Fethenand he was here to study some sort of anomaly and it would be dangerous for them to continue to travel today.

Not understanding the complexity of what he said but seeing the wisdom of his words the party called a halt and offered to share their fire with the mage and his men as a means of thanks. They had little to offer they told him except their company and the skill of their cook. The men all heartily endorsed the skill of the cook and Fethen himself seemed excited at the prospect so they agreed to meet later that night once the experiment had been concluded and the danger had passed.

Bariaus saw nothing spectacular happen throughout the day but didn't say anything. It was wise to steer clear of mages and their "experiments" noone ever knew what to expect from them. He was finished setting up camp and the food was almost ready when some of the mercenaries began unpacking their instruments and playing merry tunes. Some even began bawdy songs and dancing about the fire. Some pretending to be the wenches from the songs and the others to be the dashing hero from the songs they were re-enacting a particularly vulgar song about a prince and his sausage with magical abilities to charm any young maiden who happened to pass by. Bariausshook his head at a particularly vulgar stanza as the men errupted with laughter.

The mage from earlier that day walked into the firelight not much after the food was ready and began talking with the other men nearby. He was going on about how his experiment hadn't turned out as he had expected and the men were trying to cheer him up telling him tomorrow would be better and pushing food and drink into his empty hands. Bariaus was contemplating getting up from his bedroll and getting some food now that it was ready and a few of the others already had their bowls full of stew. When he heard a familiar shriek of terror. He immediately sat bolt upright. Marietta!? He thought he had heard it in his mind but then noticed that it was silent where moments before everyone had been laughing and joking and the noises of camp had filled the night.

Standing up Bariaus set his resolve and decided that he would go and see what had made the noise. The other men in the group knew he was as reliable if not more so than any of them acquiesed and he quickly made his way towards the edge of their small camp and down into the valley beyond. He had travelled for maybe ten minutes when he finally came upon her. She was lying on her stomach and crying into the dirt her small fists clenched angrily and covered in dirt from where he supposed she had tried to catch herself when she fell.

She looked up at him and his intention to scold her faded immediately instead he helped her onto her knees and gave her the biggest hug. He told her that he loved her and hat she shouldn't have follwed him. It was dangerous and he would have come back for her. She began to cry and he didn't understand fully but assumed it was because she was scared. He heard a noise behind him and stood turning to face the source of the noise. It sounded as though someone was stumbling about in the darkness. He brought his torch up and in a whisper spoke the words that brought it flaring to life. He backed up a pace when he saw the mage blinking away the brightness of the torch and takign in the scene in front of himself.

The mage was staring at Marietta for some reason he seemed completely unconcerned about Bariaus. Then he saw it too. The faint greyness climbing over Marietta's skin. Without thinking Bariaus grabbed the mage and dragged him closer demanding for him to undo the magic he had cast on her. The mage protested and nervously exclaimed that he had done nothing and this was more likely the same danger he had warned them of earlier in the day. Finally distraught Bariaus dropped to his knees and began trying to soothe and comfort Marietta as the greyness covered her completely. Bariaus lowered his head fealing helpless and unable to protect her. Completely overcome with guilt and remorse he bearly even noticed the grey tinge of his own flesh, the cold seeping into his bones, and cold darkness that quickly followed.

2007-11-03, 02:57 PM
Once Jael re-posts his background information i will write up an appropriate tie-in and put it here. Until then i am going to get things rolling with what is going on with the rest of the party.

Mordun Frostbeard
As your eyes try to make sense of all the darkness that swims about your head you have the feeling that you are in fact beneath the earth. Although you are dissoriented and cannot reliably determine the depth of how far underground you are. You begin to feel the stiffness fading from your body. Your vission begins to blur and gradually painfully your vission returns causing lancing pain to sear through your head. It is almost enough to render you unconcious [roll0].

As you regain control of your body and struggle to bring life back into attrophied muscles. The stiff and unresponsive clumsiness befins to fade replaced instead by flickers of pain and convulsions wrack your body intermittently. As you lie on your back gasping for breath recovering from the pain you notice that there are several figures nearby. They seem to be covered with the same grey stone that covered you. They are as still as statues and as you begin to move about the chamber that you are in you notice to your dismay that there are row after row of such statues. They stretch as far as you can see in the dim light, fading off into the darkness beyond your vission.

Closer inspection to the statues closest to where you lay reveals them to be in all fashion of dramatic poses. The one immediately next to you appears to be...

(go ahead and describe yourselves if you want. Those of you that are there should be posed similar to how i left you in my tie-in. Bariaus clutching the girl, Lialei on all fours, etc.)

2007-11-04, 01:12 AM
(OOC - Are the rest of us still stony? I'll assume we are.)

Off to your left you can see one of the statues looks like a young man caught in mid yawn. His right arm is extended out in front of him, he is looking at his hand in shock as the left hand is balled up infront of his mouth stifling the yawn. He is dressed in what looks like working or traveling clothes. A thick belt laden with pouches and knives and a heavy looking back pack. He is a healthy young man, of medium build. Whoever carved these statues had great skill.

2007-11-04, 05:04 PM

On the ground is a statue of a man, asleep. His clothes are wrinkled, as one might expect for someone sleeping in full dress, and fairly archaic. Otherwise disheveled and unkempt, it appears he has not had a comfortable sleep. Though frozen in stone, his face belies discomfort and a night of bad dreams.

It's hard to judge his height and weight with him on the floor, but the man appears roughly average. Normal height, normal weight; two arms, two legs. Peeking out from under his clothes is a well crafted holy symbol of some god, denoting him as a holy man. He is obviously a man used to fighting, he has some fairly obvious scars on his visible skin, and large sword strapped to his back.

Josh the Aspie
2007-11-05, 01:34 AM
Lialei Heartblossom

One of the nearby statues is of a beautiful elven women, who seems to have fallen forward onto all fours. One of her lithe hands rests on a small mound of stone which is somehow expertly rendered into the lichen like flower of silvia that often grows on sandy lake and river sides. Her hair rests across her back and falls from her head in thin, heavy strands. As it hangs past two pointed ears, it frames a face with prominent features that look as at home on a statue as they might a woman. The expression is incredibly subtle, a look of peace and serenity on the face of the woman with closed eyes, expertly rednering the difference between trance and sleep in a way only an Elven artist, intimately familiar with the condition, could hope to render. And yet, for some reason, across the face of the elf is a thin scarf, holding tight to her face, hiding it's lower features.

The hood of her cloak seems to be lined with some kind of fur, though more easy to sculpt due to it's being matted by some kind of liquid. The cloak of the elf maiden trails across the wider than normal pedestal, and lays all bunched together, as if weighted by something, causing it to drag. From her body hangs an incredibly smooth rendering of cloth, polished in a way no granite could ever be polished. Leaf like in design, it again speaks of the elven crafted clothing that such a woman would undoubtedly wear, yet there is bulk added to her form by it that does not fully mirror the lithe nature shown in her face and hands, that cannot be fully explained by clothing. As well, the clothing does not match the curve of the back that would be evident there, instead it seems to drape more over a strait back... yet with the other wet clothing there, and her lithe nature, one would think it would cleave to a cleft in her back along her spine... and yet it does not.

Across this clothing, and from her apparently ample chest hangs a sash on which rest several small hooks. Any artisan able to keep such stone hooks from breaking must be an expert, and yet how could one become such an expert at rendering the face without giving heed to what the body would look like under such clothes?

Further down past her leaf like tunic are a matching pair of trousers which extend most of the way down the leg, but in her position... ah, here is where it makes sense. Expertly rendered armor peeks it's way out from under her trousers, near her boots.

On her back, in addition to her cloak are a bow case and quiver, as well as a haversack. On her belt are a pouch and sheathed dagger.

2007-11-05, 01:43 AM

Walking hesitantly from statue to statue, Mordun gazes into the eyes of each figure, wondering if they are simply stone carvings or "some bloody unnatural's trick." Judging by his most recent experience and his current location, he figured the latter.

Keeping an an eye and an ear out for movement, Mordun approaches the nearest statue, a young man with traveler's clothes and a large pack.

Blast, there's some witchcraft in these stones, I wonder if I've escaped from some torment this poor soul has not...

While speaking Mordun runs his hands over the outstretched arm of the figure, feeling for any irregularities or strange properties.

If possible, rolling a Spot and Listen check on the general environment and a Search check on Fethen's form. If I can only have one, I'll take the Search check.
Spot: [roll0]
Listen: [roll1]
Search: [roll2]

Azerian Kelimon
2007-11-05, 08:22 AM
Lieing on the ground, a statue draws attention. It shows a young man and an adolescent girl in the middle of what seems to be a hug. While the girl has a look of fear in her face, the man is shifting between an expression of anger and joy, a look of confusion in his eyes. He seems to be some kind of warrior knave, a sword at his left, a chain shirt worn over his outfit, and a few sacks on his belt and back, which are covered by a heavy woolen cloak. It seems as though they share a connection, and that some mishap has occurred, for the girl seems to have fainted, her long hair falling limply behind her back, and the man clutching her as if to stop her from falling.

2007-11-05, 09:28 AM
You have time for all those checks. Also seeing as there are several hundred statues around you i shall asume that you are gazing into the eyes of the ones closest to you.

The stonework of the statues standing in front of you is masterful, even the irregularities of life and subtle flaws of humanity are conveyed precisely. There is no sign of natural flaw in the stonework or any variation in colouring of the stone except where it might be expected to contrast skin, hair, and clothing. You almost expect a breeze to ruffle their hair and clothing so still and lifelike they appear. Even in all the dwarven lands there has never been such splendid masonry as what lays before you. The hands that carved it must be masterful in their precision and dexterity to lovingly carve such supple creations. If it were natural.

SPOT: As you gaze about the room you notice that there are row upon row of statues in a dizzying array of poses and from all the races you have seen, even some you have not. The statues nearest you seem pristine and unaged although there are others within the room that have been affected by time or other unfortunate circumstances. Missing limbs and even shattered remains of some statues liter the floor of the enormous cavern.

LISTEN: Although unnoticable at first in the silence of the chamber over the sound of your own rapid breathing. Soon you become accustomed to your own sounds and the rhythm of your heart and are able to notice other similar sounds nearby. Faint rhythms that are almost undetectable.

SEARCH: As you run your hand over the statue of Fethen you notice it is not quite cool as you had expected of a statue. Upon closer inspection you can also feel the faint traces of a lifebeat pulsing from beneath the stone. However there is still something wrong and unnatural feeling about this place, even if you cannot discern what that might be.

Standing alone and uncertain in the darkness you feel your hand growing cold where you touched the statue. Then you notice with fascination as the statue's arm regains some of it's lost colour. The grey slowly fading from where it was touched, as you remove your hand the colour slowly fades leaving stone in it's place once again. At the same time your own hand turns pale and grey leaving a terrible pain in it's place.
[roll0] (sucessful willsave halves damage)

As the statue returns to its grey colourless state you feel a slight tingle at your neck followed by an itching sensation you had not felt until now.

2007-11-05, 10:45 AM

As Rudiger touches that statue, the face of the statue slowly animates. A slight color flushes across his and disjointed words escape breathlessly from his lips What... is. As you move your hand away the color fades.

2007-11-05, 11:17 AM
Roll for Will Save:

Mordun stares in horror as the statue speaks. These figures are truly men!

Wracking his brain for any knowledge of how to reverse such wizardry, Mordun regards his hand. Now grey like the statue beside him, the pain at the base of his skull warns him not to be so foolish around magic yet again.

The more he considers his plight, the more a dark anger rises up inside him.

I must find a way to rescue these souls, I know the trickeries of magic all too well. Whatever terrible force drew them here did not intend for my escape, so I must use that to my advantage. It seems my lifeforce itself could bring them back, though would I survive? I must explore further.

Rolling a Knowledge: Arcana and Spellcraft check regarding the statues, any reversal, and the effects of Mordun's contact.
Knowledge: Arcana- [roll1]
Spellcraft- [roll2]

2007-11-05, 11:42 AM
As he studies his hand Mordun realises that the affect of his contact with the stone was not permanent. Although painful he may be able to counter whatever is holding these people prisoner. How much of himself is he willing to sacrifice of himself to save those he doesn't even know is another matter.
You can surmise this with the related checks you made. Also take 3 Damage

2007-11-05, 12:43 PM
Realizing grimly what must be done, Mordun surveys the figures closest to him. A fallen elf, a sleeping man, a couple embracing, and an adventurer, all frozen in torment. Farther beyond them Mordun sees the petrified shapes of other, less familiar beasts, still in their poses of anger, confusion, and sleep.

Turning around and dropping his pack to the floor, Mordun digs inside for a moment before coming out with four vials, each containing liquids brewed to fight off sickess and injury. Opening them all, he sets three at his feet and clutches the fourth in his right hand. Kneeling to make sure he is still within arm's reach of the other potions, he takes a deep breath and clamps his left hand around the outstretched arm of the adventurer who had previously showed a glimpse of life.

Mordun is attempting to fully revive Greyen's character. When he feels he has slipped to half-health he will drink the potion he is holding, and will continue to drink the remaining potions whenever he again feels he is in danger. If he has drunk all of the potions and doesn't think he will survive the process he will release his grip on the statue and rethink his options.

2007-11-05, 04:47 PM
As he takes hold of the living-statue Mordun experiences pain as he has only experienced at the hands of unnaturals. It sears him with an intensity the belies it's bone chilling effect. He can feel his own life force flow out of his hand and into the statue where he has placed it.

As he feels his life flow into the statue he can also feel a warm sensation begining to flood through himself eminating from his neck. As though a piece of warm metal was being pressed against his flesh. Althought it is only uncomfortable at first it steadily gains intensity the longer he rests his hand upon the statue.

After a minute at most the statue has regained all colouration and seems able to sustain itself mordun colapses in exhaustion.

If the damage was too much for you then you may be unconscious before you could have drank the first potion. It is not a gradual effect but something that you notice once you break the bond between yourself and the statue. (so in other words the damage happens at once instead of 1d6 every round.)

2007-11-05, 05:03 PM
the roll messed up so here it is.
[roll0] (DC 20 Will save Halves)

2007-11-05, 11:40 PM
OOC - Rolls only work in the first post - not edits


The young man's color comes back his words come more easily as life floods into him. ...going on here? He staggers a lttle as full life and realization dawn upon him. He looks around the darkness (is there any light?) What is going on...here?

-if there is no light Fethen first pulls out his everburning torch-

Seeing the dwarf in pain he quickly grasps his belt and touches the dwarf on the shoulder. Golden light flows from the belt through Fethen's arm into the dwarf.

1 charge from healing belt [roll0]

I think I have you to thank for saving me from being a stone for the rest of time. That was a magnificent variation of a transmutation effect, but not really something I treally want to experience. As he rambles on Fethen turns around and for the first time sees the other statues Oh, my. For the love of all that is magical. What is going on here?

2007-11-06, 12:08 AM
Will Save: [roll0]

"Bah." Mordun muttered simply as he pulled himself to his feet. Love of all that is magical... It's magic that got you into this, boy. He began re-corking his potions and placing them back in his pack, then turned to face his new companion.

If you're wondering where you are, you're asking the wrong guy. Last I knew I was climbing some mountains, hunting down an unnatural I had heard stories about. Perhaps we've fallen into one of his traps, it wouldn't be the first time...

Regardless, you're probably wondering how we were freed. Well, I simply awoke here and, after some unplanned experimentation, found that physical contact pulled you back into reality. *cough* At no small expense to my own health...

2007-11-06, 12:20 AM

A myriad of emotions play across the young man's face as the dwarf explains where and why they are here.
Seeing the dwarf's health problems he offers his hand while holding onto his wide brown leather belt that has 3 moonstones set into it. Do you need some healing? I can help you a little here.
-If the dwarf accepts-

Healing belt - 1 more charge [roll0] healed

You have my undying gratitude. I am Fethen Talvorson, Conjuror of the third circle, graduate of the Univerity Arcana at Wizard's Point. Fethen stands tall, obviously proud of his (meaningless) title. He looks around at the other staues and sees the statue of Bariaus and rushes over to it. So you are here too. He reaches out to touch the statue to see if there is anything he can figure out about it.

2007-11-06, 11:07 AM
[roll0] (Will halves)

As Fethen reaches out and gingerly touches the statue of Bariaus trying to figure out the extent of magics affecting him. To his suprise even the slightest touch sends shards or pain lancing through his arm. How could the dwarf have managed to hold onto him for any length at all?

There is no noticeable change in the statue form of Bariaus at his touch.

Perhaps the collar he wears has something to do with lessening the effect of the stone?

(Dun dun dun!)

2007-11-06, 02:22 PM

Fethen recoils from the statue with a yelp. He turns sucking on his fingers Mrmrmmmrph... Pulling his fingers out of his mouth he then says sheepishly where is my head? Talking with a mouth full of fingers, the magics here must have confuddled me a bit. The words seem to tumble from his mouth in a torrent.

he sighs deeply and the continues at a more measured pace It seems that the collar you wear is what makes you able to break the magics. I will try my own magics to counter it but I do not know if it will do any good. I do not know how you had the fortitude to hold onto me for so long as it must have taken to wake me.

Fethen looks around at the statues, thinking. Chin in hand and the other scratching his head he Hrmmm.... he selects one with a visible holy symbol that he recognizes as one to a good god or beneficial neutral god. He then walks over and to it and speaking in a harsh toungue makes a breaking motion toward it.

2007-11-06, 02:57 PM

The spell seems insufficient to disrupt the magic already in place.

2007-11-06, 03:12 PM

Well, that just gave me a shiver. Best not try that again. One more thing to try my friend dwarf. Fethen reaches down and once again touches his belt attempting to channel the healing powers of his belt into the statue.

Last charge for the day. [roll0]

2007-11-06, 03:49 PM
As the spell is chanelled into Fethen's hand he places it to the statue. The magic of the spell is repulsed by the statue. The magical aura surrounding Fethen's hand makes a slight popping noise and vanishes suddenly.

The charge from the belt is returned and the spell does not manifest.

2007-11-06, 06:45 PM

While Fethen attempts to duplicate Mordun's success, the dwarf watches with simmering discontent.

You'd be well advised to cease that hocus-pocus of yours. You seem... harmless enough, but you're playing with a powerful thing not meant for our hands to distend or our words to corrupt. Mordun's hands grasp the collar clenched tightly around his neck. If it's the collar that sets these people free, then I'm the only one to do it, so step back boy!

The last few words come out as a shout as Mordun grasps the statue Fethen was focusing on.

2007-11-06, 07:02 PM

Fethen looks at the dwarf confused at first then jumps out of the way as he reaches for the statue.

2007-11-07, 07:35 AM
As Mordun erupts in anger and Fethen shrinks back caught off guard by the display and his own lack of success. The echoes of his outburst slowly fade from the enormous cavern they must surely be in.

As Mordun's hand comes into contact with the statue the familiar yet still unimaginable pain lances through him yet again. [roll0] (Will dc 20. save for half) The pain albeit brief this time seemed more severe than the last he experienced. (There seems to be a direct corelation between the hardiness of the person-turned-statue and the life required to fully rejuvinate them.)

With the contact of hand to stone the collar seems to remain cool this time around suggesting less of a link between the statue and itself. His head throbbing with the painful experience he has just put himself through Mordun is staggered by the impact. (dc 20 Fort Save or go unconcious after next strenuous action.) Mordun who had seemed healthy and hale before his most recent encounter now seems haggard and as threadbare as a traveller's clothes after 3 months on the road.

(Wis check by either of you or Heal check to ascertain just how many times someone might survive such an encounter.)

2007-11-07, 12:21 PM

Fethen watches in a mixture of shock and awe as the dwarf wracks his body for another's life. Speachless he touches his belt and channels the golden energy into the dwarf again.

Last charge [roll0]

Heal check [roll1]

2007-11-07, 02:10 PM
As Mordun once again sacrifices his own body enduring pain for those he doesn't know the statue-form of begins to move. Returning to life Habadur shudders as the dreams fail to fade from his subconcious immediately. He can remember the girls face all too clearly. It's as though she has imprinted herself onto his mind.

Fethen would be able to surmise from his heal check that expending so much life without allowing his body to recuperate is suicidal at best. Even with the support of magical aid the requirements and strain placed on the dwarven body would be fatal if continued further without natural rest.

2007-11-07, 02:23 PM

Noble Dwarf, you need to stop this. At least for now. You are killing yourself. You need to rest. Fethen raises his hand to touch the dwarf on the shoulder but pulls it back, not knowing how the dwarf might react to being touched.

2007-11-07, 06:07 PM

Looking around, Habadur is is visibly surprised, this is no forest he's ever seen. Rubbing his eyes to work out the grogginess, and to make sure he wasn't seeing things, he asks What's going on here? What's killing who now?

2007-11-07, 06:14 PM

Will Save: [roll0]
Fort Save: [roll1]
Wis Check: [roll2]

Mordun sags to his knees as the once-gray figure before him begins to stir. He has experienced such soul-wracking pain only once before, and the scarred hands that cradle his aching skull are glaring reminders of that horrible time. Without moving, the dwarf begins speaking, though perhaps only to himself.

This collar gives me the power to give life in this cold place, yet in doing so I risk death myself. Is this some cruel unnatural's joke? A test of life's value? Am I a simple experiment yet again? Damn them...

Mordun lifts his head to stare up at the newly revived figure before him, then rises and turns towards Fethen.

Have I done right in rescuing this one? What about the others? Am I cursed to save them all, or do I play as one of the Gods, judging their worth compared to all the others trapped here?

2007-11-07, 11:32 PM

Head snapping between the two men he says to Habadur First you, We Fethen waves his arm at the surrounding statues Have all been petrified and brought here or the other way around, either way same results. This dwarf here, what is you name anyway good sir? Fethen popints to the dwarf with the collar Seems to be able to revive Fethen points at the two of them by touching a person and channeling his life force through into it. I think that the collar on his neck allows him to do so. But I am not sure I will have to look into this further when we havea moment. I have tried touching the statues and they only cause me pain, pain like being touched by some life sucking undead. So I thought a priest might be good to awaken next, and here you are, trapped undergrond lost with us two and them. I'm Fethen by the way

Fethen then turns with out waiting for a response and pulls from his pack a waterskin and some rations and sits by the dwarf At least you should eat. I do not know the answers to your questions. That is why I tried to awaken a priest, those are questions for one such as that.

2007-11-08, 07:38 AM

Well, Fethen, I'm afraid this isn't quite my... specialty. You said it seemed like an undead, negative energy? Habadur looks around fully for the first time.

If you need it:
Spot check: [roll0]

2007-11-08, 08:11 AM

When I touched that statue over there Fethen points to the statue of a man standing over a girl it felt like I had touched cold death, or something like being touched by a powerful undead. Well at least the text book description of what that is supposed to feel like. This dwarf Fethen points to Mordun clearly shows classic symptoms of negative energy poisoning. If he tries to revive any more of these statues with out natural rest it will probably kill him.

2007-11-08, 08:58 AM
(OOC) Habadur sees what has been described before.

As Fethen moves towards Mordun the collar around his neck pulses with light briefly and then subsides to its normal colour and sheen.

The cavernous room seems too quiet and too still. There are no natural noises except for the group now huddled within the feeble light of the torch trying to concieve a strategy to free the other souls trapped within statues. The light flickers and pulses throwing shadows on the statues at the edge of it's illumination causing darkness to play along the features of the many trapped souls.

2007-11-08, 10:27 AM

"This dwarf" speaks Mordun as the two men converse between him is named Mordun Frostbread.
He looks at the priest gazing around the cavern.
Well, holy man? Did you bring with you from death some answers?

2007-11-08, 10:39 AM

Fethen says to Mordun, I am sorry good sir, I did not know what to call you, as you had not introduced yourself. Did you feel something from your collar a moment ago? It flashed when I moved toward you.

2007-11-08, 12:29 PM

No, no answers. Just more questions, unfortunately. Maybe some ideas. Habadur turns and starts walking toward some of the older, more damaged statues. I am Habadur, by the way, he calls over his shoulder. Drawing his blade, he begins experimentaly probing one of the statues with its tip.

2007-11-08, 02:50 PM

Fethen looks around the arae and watches Habadur for a moment before asking him What kind of questions if I may ask? And what are you doing?

As Fethen is looking around he is thoughtful, you can alost see the wheels turning in his head. He Sits down a nd pulls out a sketch book from his pack and begins to quickly sketch the statues in the area.

2007-11-08, 04:33 PM

Approaching the elf statue, Habadur answers Fethen's question Why are we here? More importantly, why is anyone here? What brought us here? How can we get out? Habadur's questions come faster and faster Who is responsible for this? What possible connection could we all have to warrant us all being here? Stepping forward to face the elf, Habadur whispers, more asking the statue than anyone else And who are you?

Stepping back, Habadur looks at the statues again These people look like they were expecting someone. Weapons drawn and casting a spell? I was not aware of my coming here, I just woke up and was here. Perhaps they have some answers...

Spellcraft to tell what elf is casting: [roll0]

2007-11-08, 11:03 PM

As Mordun heads over to where Habadur is studing the three statues, he runs his hand along the collar on his neck and calls out to Fethen.
You better keep back boy. Nothing personal, but this collar doesn't seem to like you, and it's sure as Hell letting me know whenever you get near it.
Now alongside Habadur, Mordun circles around the statues, gauging their worthiness.
Bah, this one seems worthy. He jabs his thumb towards the man with the sword. Don't know why you're bothering with that elf though, what we need down here are some stone races!
Realization floods Mordun's face as he spins towards Habadur.
The last thing I remember before waking up here is sinking into some strange stonework. How did you arrive here? If this unnatural truly has powers as vast as this spread all over the world he must be stopped!

2007-11-09, 08:38 AM

Fethen stands after sitting and sketching for a few minutes.

This has been occurring all over the world as far as my research can tell me. These two indicating the man hovering over the young woman and myself we covered by a 'grayness' a sleepy effect that when I awoke I was here. I have been trying to find the source of these dissappearances for some time now. I had predicted that there was going to be an anomaly on the day and location that we were taken. Perhaps it was foolish of me to think that I was not going to be caught up in it. He says thoughtfully.

I apologize if my closeness has caused you any discomfort Mordun. I will do my best to keep a safe distance.

He then turns around and begins to study some of the closer statues, as he does so he quietly rattles off something in a harsh tounge. His eyes glow for a moment and he seems intent on the statues of the man and girl.

Cast Detect Magic
Spellcraft [roll0]
K:Arcana for effects [roll1]
Let me know if I need other or more knowledge checks to figure something out.

2007-11-09, 09:36 AM
As Habadur probes one of the statues with his weapon bits and pieces flake away like dry skin. (assuming it is not one of the party if he meant to poke a party member it will only make small scratches possibly damaging clothing.)

The magical auras eminating from the statues are complex to say the least they seem to snarl and catch on each other at various points. At others they seem to run in a paralell fashion accross the bodies of those affected merging and conecting at random junctures.

The auras while more powerful than most also seem to be shielded or dampened in some way as though you are viewing them through iced glass or an opaque window. You have the impression that the true strength of the magic surrounding and coursing through the statues is being limeted by the very spells that are giving off the auras you see. As though some sort of inversion affect is causing them to turn in on themselves and distort and weaken the magical auras they give off.

You sense all the schools of magic from within the statues and while they are not bright by contrast to some of the equipment your party members are carrying they are of mid-level quality and strength. The most alarming magical aura comes from nearby not in the direction you had intended your search but from the collar Mordun is wearing and the Sword strapped to his back. You can see a clear conection of energy passing from the sword to the collar and back again as though they are feeding eachother magical energies. If they were people and possible of comunication you might assume that they were talking to each other.

There seems to be several spells layered ontop and weaved into each other forming a cohesive covering over the petrified couple. The first layer seems similar to a flesh to stone spell, the second, some form of energy drain spell, which is feeding their own energy back into the spells, hold person, sleep, perminancy, and about 10-15 other spells that you can't quite seem to figure out the use for and obviousness of tying into the spell-array laid out before you.

The problem is that in order for someone to do something like this they would need all the spells to start and stop at the same time in order to cohesively weave them together. Not to mention that most spell casters can only cast one at most 2 spells simultaneously. Which means this is either a group of versy skilled and well practiced casters who can predict each others spell timing flawlessly. OR worse someone with the ability, intelligence, and timing to cast 20 spells congruously without missing a beat. The sheer magnitude of such ability is staggering to contemplate. If only you had been able to study victims before becoming one your self, instead of just the traces of this... anomaly or whatever it is.

2007-11-09, 10:54 AM

Interesting, ever so interesting. Fethen quickly takes out his notebook again and begins making notes about the interplay of forces in the area, including a section on Mordun's collar.

Fethen notices himself staring at Mordun and shakes himself for a moment.Ser Mordun, how long have you had that collar? Did you know its magics were tied to those of your sword?

Maintain concentration on Detect Magic as I jot notes.

2007-11-09, 11:48 AM

Mordun's head snaps up and he wheels around to face Fethen.
You mean to tell me this blasted thing has spread to my sword?! He immediately unsheathes the weapon and slices a few practice swings through the air. I've had this blade for years, though this collar is new to me since my awakening. How could they have formed a bond so quickly? The one who crafted this Mordun stares at the scars on his face reflected in the blade was slain long ago...

2007-11-09, 12:05 PM

Before I awoke here, I was running from... some people. When I thought I could go no farther, I collapsed in the forest, and here I am. Habadur looks around at the newer statues, near where he was revived, the statues he is standing next to, and those farther out, more destroyed. What did you do to revive to two of us? He asks the dwarf, and continues I have some ideas, but I'd rather not try them on people who might be harmed.

2007-11-09, 12:20 PM

Well, I cannot say for what he did to recue myself butfor you he touched you. He seemed to be wracked by pain during the process. I assume the sme goes when he touched me when I was petrified. There seems to be a negative energy, life draining effect in place that keeps the myriad of magics tied up in these statues. I cannot fathom the expertise and power it would have taken to do this. Either a host of casters or a single exceptionally powerful and skilled individual did this to us.

When he touched you maybe it disrupted the life draining magics, draining him instead of you breaking the power of the web of spells. I am not sure. Your life returned slowly, draining Mordun as it did so. I have tried but I do not think I have the constitution to do this like alone.

2007-11-10, 02:55 PM

Hopefully this does not kill me

Fethen walks to the statue of Bariaus and grabs the statues outstretched hand with both of his trying to awaken the statue as Mordun had done.

2007-11-10, 03:15 PM
As Fethen bravely marches forward and takes hold of Bariaus' lifeless hands of stone he is subjected once again to the feeling of negative energy coursing through his limbs.
[roll0] (Will save halves as usual)

2007-11-10, 04:02 PM

As Fethen grasps the staues hand with determination, the pain is writen across his face. After a few moments he bursts out in a howl of pain that only lasts for a moment before he falls unconscious to the floor.

2007-11-10, 04:15 PM
As Fethen falls in a heap at Barilaus' feet the statuesque stiffness fades and colour returns to his form. He moves slowly at first and seems disoriented by the ordeal he has gone through. Still standing hunched over the statue of the girl craddling her in his arms his contact with her seems to have no ill-effect upon him. Her face is still twisted in a grimace of pain and she is still being half supported by him as he regains mobility.

2007-11-10, 04:38 PM

Seeing Fethen fall to the ground, Habadur rushes over to heal him.

Cure Moderate Wounds: [roll0]

As he's healing Fethen, Habadur has a chance to look at the awakened man, and wonders Why is he not affected by touching the statue? Hey! Who are you? Fethen seemed awfully determined to... free you.

2007-11-10, 04:45 PM

Seeing Fethen fall, Mordun quickly sheathes his sword and reaches into his pack, grabbing a vial.
Quick! Give this to him! he shouts as he rolls the container down the stone floor to Habadur.

Azerian Kelimon
2007-11-10, 04:53 PM
...ope she'll be okay. As Bariaus' life slowly returned to him, his mind finished his last thought, as sensations returned to him. Opening his eyes, he saw Marietta still held by him, still unconscious. Seeing her like that woke him up fully. 'Etta? 'Etta? Wake up, 'Etta! He said, as he shook her, trying to wake her up. He would have continued with it until she had woken up, but his eye caught a glimpse, a body lying on the floor, the body of someone he had met not two days ago, as far as he could tell. It was the wizard who had spoken of some kind of anomaly. He seemed very weak, his withered body lying limp on the floor, and in need of assistance. Carrying 'Etta on his back, drawing his sword in case any foe could be near, he rushed to him, previously lowering 'Etta to the floor right next to the wizard. He then motioned for his sack to get a potion to try to heal him. Just after he managed to make the wizard gulp the potion, he looked up, trying to assess the situation, and any possible threats, and noticed a pair of men, a human, and a dwarf, who had a greatsword in his hand...and the statues that surrounded all of them, reaching far, far away, as far as he could see. Cautiosly standing up, Bariaus assumed a combat stance. Who are you two? Friend or foe? And what has happened to this wizard?, he asked, as he stepped in front of the wizard and 'Etta, to protect them from possible attack.

Actions taken:

Made Fethen gulp a potion of Cure Moderate Wounds.

Preparing an action for fighting defensively, in case combat breaks out.

2007-11-10, 05:02 PM

I guess you could call me a friend of Fethen's. I woke up down here, with him and the dwarf, Mordun, already awake. Habadur frowns. I'm not sure what happened to him. He touched you, seemed wracked with pain, and you woke up.

2007-11-10, 05:12 PM

The dwarf saunters over to his healing potion lying on the floor and places it back in his pack. Turning towards the edgy newcomer, Mordun scoffs.
Bah, no one here is in any condition to fight, so I suggest you focus your intentions on that pretty statue you have with you, rather than pick a fight with your fellow prisoners.

Azerian Kelimon
2007-11-10, 05:16 PM
Is that so? I owe him two lives then, and one is not mine. I'll have to thank him later. But for now, if you have friendly intentions, please back off, and allow me to watch over him. Hmm, so his name is Fethen... Bariaus said, murmuring the last part for himself. What's YOUR name, by the way? I am Bariaus Kazaphran. I would say I'm pleased to meet you, if it weren't for this circumstances, he said, as he sheathed his weapon and resumed watching over Fethen and 'Etta.

Actions taken:

Attempt a Sense Motive check on Habadur, to see if he tells the truth.

2007-11-10, 05:31 PM

I am Habadur, Bariaus, Habadur Turnous. I agree with you on the situation here. We are certainly not the only ones in this predicament either, there are untold number of other statues, but we, as the most recent, seem to be the best... preserved, for lack of a better way to say it. All the others seem to be in worse and worse disrepair.

2007-11-10, 06:05 PM

With groan Fethen rolls onto his side and slowly awakens. He painfully sits up and looks at Baraius. His eyes light up a bit as he sees that he is successful. *cough* I am sorry that you and her got caught up in this oddi mess He looks around at the other two and says *cough* Well that disproves one theory and proves another. *cough* Thank you for bringing me back, I haven't been that close to death in a while.

Clutching his chest he sits there for a moment before reaching into his pack and getiing his waterskin and sketchbook. After takiing a drink he begins to make notes.

The scratching of his quill is loud in th caverous silence. *skritch skritch skritch*

Azerian Kelimon
2007-11-11, 11:07 AM
Hmm....so, you got caught too? And how did you manage to come back to life? Bariaus said, as he slowly relaxed and entered a meditative state. In any case, I think we should devise a plan about what we are going to do. Personally, I think we should try to awaken as many people as possible, and once we have a sizeable group, start looking for an exit. Speaking of which, you DID say Fethen touched me to wake me up. Does that need to be prolonged contact, or a simple touch will wake people up? Bariaus inquired, as he bent down to check how 'Etta was faring.

Seeing as I made Fethen gulp a pot, I guess I should roll how much he is healed, so that Greyen is not left in the dark about it:


Azerian Kelimon
2007-11-12, 10:18 AM
Hmmm.... Bariaus muttered to himself. Why didn't you come back with me, 'Etta? And how can I bring you back? Why haven't you reacted like the rest of us, he said, as he placed his hand on 'Etta's forehead. But rest easy, sister. I'm bringing you back, no matter what I have to do for that.

2007-11-12, 11:30 AM

Hm, this is only me speaking aloud, but perhaps it can only be the sacrifice of a stranger that breaks the enchantments binding these statues. I knew neither of the men I freed, and unless I am mistaken Fethen knew nothing of you when he broke the spells caging your body. You hold in your arms your sister, trapped in a state that should by all means be pulling the life from you, and yet you feel nothing.
It sounds like fairytale nonsense, but old and powerful enchantments are frequently surmounted in unexpected ways.

2007-11-12, 01:02 PM
After his years of service and what some called a tragedy Entirinon has been doing his best to rebuild his life and overcome his past. Taking on whatever quests and odd jobs he can find that he feels will improve society and the lives of others. Tired and sore after days of menial tasks and helping a village that has suffered through a recent drought and is facing imminent famine. Entirinon is bolstered by the good hard work he has been able to do lately. It has felt good to be needed and to do hard work for a valiant cause and he almost regrets that he will be leaving soon to find some others that can benefit from his help.
Time passes too quickly and soon Entirinon stands down the path amidst the trees thinking of the small village he has left behind. Setting his shoulders and hefting his pack with a sigh he turns and considers the path ahead of him. After a few moments he turns and begins down the path into the woods leaves crunching beneath his feet and spinning through the air whenever a gust blew accross his path.
Making good time travelling through the woods Enterinon was caught off guard as the day slipped away while he traveled beneath the trees. Finally realising the lateness of the hour after being lost in thought and the stillness of the forest Entirinon is walking through. The smell of smoke and ash brings him abruptly out of his reverie. Startled and imidietely alarmed as his senses pick up other signs of forest fire Entirinon bolts in the direction he knows the fire lies in. Running as fast as his legs will carry him speeding through the forest in the direction of the fire hoping he will be in time...

As Mordun muses aloud and his musings carry through out the chamber echoing faintly off of boundaries unseen a slight shudder can be felt passing through the floor under-foot. (You all get to fail reflex saves! DC: 18 followed by DC:25 balance. If you fail the first you auto-fail the second.) As the shaking of the floor increases in intensity you can see dust and small debris falling about you ranging from the size of a halfling sling bullet to a gnome's fist. You can see now what might have caused the damage to the statues further out as there seem to be larger pieces of debris hitting the floor the size of a human's head. The stones could easily crush any of you if you were in their path, luckily the larger stones seem localised to the area outside of your torch light for whatever reason.

As the shaking subsides and those of you who have fallen prone right your selves you notice that the space directly in the centre of where you had been gathering that was completely empty previously is now occupied by yet another statue. The statue is...

(Enter Entirinon stage left.)

2007-11-12, 01:24 PM

Entirinon is a tall thin elf, wearing what appear to be robes. A staff is held loosely in one hand, the other one is raised, appearing to be mid gesture. His expression holds a mixture of suprise and determination.

...And he makes a great paperweight currently.

2007-11-12, 04:29 PM

What in the Hells?! Mordun stands up hastily and brushes rock flakes and powdered stone off his clothes and beard. Well at this rate we'll always know when we have a new visitor...
The dwarf walks forward and examines the newest arrival. Ugh, another magic-slingin' pointy-ear. This truly is Hell.

2007-11-12, 04:45 PM
As you approach the statue you begin to feel your neck becoming warmer where the collar rests against your skin. It would seem that the collar is not fond of unnaturals, something you both have in common.

As Mordun approaches the statue you can all see a glow similar to the one the collar last emitted when Fethen neared him. The collar glows dully and fades to its origional coloration as the trembling subsides within the chamber.

Dust still filtering down from above and rocks clattering further off within the darkness as silence slowly returns to claim it's tentative hold on the chamber. Questions rear their head as yet another statue appears none of which can be easily answered. Where did he come from, how did he arrive here, and is he the last, are only some of the questions you consider as you look about at your companions righting them selves and considering the 'new arrival'.

2007-11-12, 06:01 PM

Might as well try the rolls. Always a chance for 2 nat 20's, right?
Dex- [roll0]
Balance- [roll1]

I'm going to go ahead and act under the assumption that I failed...

Picking himself up and dusting himself off, Habadur sees that there a new statue in their midst. By Rose and Skull! Where did he come from? Habadur approaches the statue after Mordun. I wonder if you were right, about the magics used to encase us. I have never seen this Elf before in my life. He stretches his hand out toward the statue. And I sure hope I live to.

Hope you don't mind my making up an expletive there

2007-11-13, 08:44 AM

Just to see
Ref Save [roll0]
Balance - Fail

Fethen is caught completely off guard by the rumblings and falls square on his ass. Oomph! What is going here? Scrambling to his feet he looks around the area and sees the new statue. Oh. my. Fethen looks at the new staue with awe, he then begins to examine it careful not to touch it.

Azerian Kelimon
2007-11-14, 06:01 AM
WAIT! Bariaus shouted, as he jumped to Habadur. Stop! You'll get drained! He said, as he took another potion out of his sack.

2007-11-19, 04:10 AM

When Fethen is done examining and sketching the statue he turns around to the open area where everyone first awoke. There he says to anyone listening Either we can try to break him free now or we can wait till we have rested. Either way he isn't going anywhere.

With that said he sits down and begins to rummage through his pack. Taking out a pot and some rations he looks around for a moment before shaking his head. Genarally speaking to himself he mutters as he pulls thing out and then places them back into his bag.What good is a cook pot with out a fire? Hmm, I will have to devise something for making a warm dinner soon. Putting the pot back he pulls out his bedroll and unrolls it. He sits propped on his bag on his bedroll and while eating dry tack begins to sketch and make notes.

-------------Journal Entry ------------
3 Grune 874 (?)
Somehow I have ended up entrapped by the very anomaly that I was studying. In some ways it is ironic that this would happen. The dissappearances led me here and now I am trapped. The anomaly manifests as a grayness which I will term "The Gray Mist" or the GM for my own notes. This envelopes the body bringing a drowsy sensation siliar to a common first circle enchantment effect. This apparently, upon unconsciousness, transmutes the victim into stone and relocates them to a subterrean location. The purpose of this is yet to be determined.

The spells that keep this effect permanent, are a mix of many schools. Transmutation effect is obvious, a necromatic effect that drains the subjects life force to fuel the spell, are the two most powerfull effects in the mix. For someone to enact this powerful mix of spells as often as this means that there are several people working in conjunction or a single extremely powerful entity causing this....

2007-11-19, 09:21 AM
As Habadur reaches out and touches the statue his hand imediately begins to feel pain causing his fingers and joints in his arm to stiffen and spasm the pain races through his entire body. He can feel it raging inside of him tearing at the fabric of his soul. He can feel dark tendrils of magic slipping through cracks and seems of his faith and trying to wedge and pry their way into his most private fears, and memories.

[roll0] Sucessful will save halves the damage and prevents entry into the private recesses of your mind and soul.

Feeling life returning to his body his lungs still burning with the acrid smoke from the forest he grew up in Entirinon stumbles forward on legs stiff and unresponsive.

2007-11-19, 10:34 PM

Entirinon falls to his knees coughing. Eyes tearing, he looks up at the people around him. Noticing that none have weapons readied, he chooses to trust.

"*cough* What... *cough* who are you?"

He starts getting to his feet while he talks. He unconsciously adopts a military posture, with a spine as rigid and straight as something wrought on Mechanus. Though his eyes currently run with tears from the acrid smoke he recently ejected, they take in his surroundings calmly.

2007-11-20, 02:44 AM

Fethen looks up from his writing. Seeing that the newcomer is "awakened" he stands as well. Well, nice to meet you sir. I am Fethen Talvorsson. Here is a quick run down of what has happened. You have been caught in some sort of advanced magical anomaly. I cannot tell if it is either a purposeful spell or something else yet, but give me time on that. This magic petrified you and transported you here. Fethen motions around the cavern with the end of his pen. We all have just been recently awakened by the efforts of the others you see before you. The spell effect is broken by a living person grasping the statue breaking a negative energy recursive loop that drains life force to empower the transmutation effect. Fethen points to Habadur This gentle man is the one who broke the loop in you. The cost to a person for doing this is great.

You have just arrived moments ago. We are all now underground and without anyone else but our selves to rely on. These others Fethen points to the other statues around I think may be too advanced in their state to revive but I do not know for sure. This is Habadur, Mordun, Baraius, and again I am Fethen. Fethen points to everyone in turn. With that he moves to shake hands with Entirinon, and after wards returns to his spot where he sits down. I apologize, it has been a long day. I suggest we all rest before we try to do too much more in here.

2007-11-20, 07:40 PM

Entirinon listens carefully and with complete attention. His handshake is dry and steady. You notice that even for an elf, he is quite thin.

"Then it seems I am in your debt. My thanks, Habadur."

He turns and puts his fist to his chest, bowing towards Habadur.

"I am Entirinon. What skills I have, I will put to use for the good of us all. In the meantime, let us relax and recoup our strength."

He looks around at the surrounding area.

Knowledge : Arcane [roll0]
Knowledge : Dungeoneering [roll1]
Knowledge : Architecture [roll2]

2007-11-21, 03:36 PM

Ack, I say we rest fer a bit says the dwarf, by now unfazed by the arrival of yet another sentient being. There's enough of us now that we can keep watch if need be, but fer the moment I think some recuperation is in order...

2007-11-22, 02:27 PM
As Entirinon looks around at the surrounding area he notices that a few aspects of their suroundings seem out of place. They have arived unscathed except for the wounds they have inflicted upon themselves and any they had suffered previously. This might suggest a benevolent hand having brought them here, or at least someone who wants them alive...

The architecture and statues surrounding him seem of dwarven design but of an ancient variety he has not seen before. He has hear tales of large vaults the size of cities and nations unto themselves holding vast hordes of treasure and with any number of dwarven precautions put into place... However such tales are usually fanciful at best and no elf in their right mind would venture so far underground as such vaults may have been burried so long ago.

The stonework underfoot is another matter, it seems to have been worked with detail where commonly dwarven practicality would not employ a sense for the ascetic on all levels such as to carve the floor so intricately. The markings which seem to be sprawling and give the false impression of being natural markings seem more in line with elven craft then dwarven. Perhaps a joint effort between the two races? However nothing in the histories or long memories of the two races have indicated any extended dealings of such a magnitude as a vault might entail. At least not in the last millenia or so...

2007-11-23, 03:07 PM
As introductions are made and camp is prepared by some, others of you stiffle yawns and try to keep a vigilant watch over your newly befriended comrades. As the timelessness of the cavern takes it's toll on even the most stallwart and fortuitous members of the group soon the soft sounds of slumbering heroes can be heard echoing faintly throughout the cavern. The noise is quiet enough that it does not disturb the others of your party or rouse them from their sleep. Most of the party too exhausted or too overwhelmed by the days events to stay awake.

As the hours slip past and the cavern remains untouched and as it has been for many years before the arrival of this band of unlikely adventurers. Silent as a shadow they gather... watching and waiting each one vying for the best vantage points from among the shadows. Suddenly and without warning they are gone. Startled by something unseen they disperse as a wisp of smoke on the wind. No traces remain, no path, or trail, or sound, a faint smell of mustiness the only tangible sing of their fleeting pressence.

She stirs within her prison... her thoughts and movements addled by suffocationg horrors, both imagined and real. She can see a faint light - hope - it glimers out of reach and she stretches. She can feel her muscles protest and the strain on her body (or is it her soul?) is too great. She screams in frustration and agony but no sound issues forth in this accursed darkness... she is choking on the darkness that imprissons her. Panicking she begins to claw at the darkness itself, trying to loosen it's grip and break free. She can feel the flesh tearing from her fingers and her nails snapping against something hard... something substantial! Then she could feel herself falling followed by a jaring impact and the return of breath to her lungs as they seared with pain. Gulping in breath after breath her face on something cold and solid... stone...

she struggled to remain concious.
Fort save to remain concious dc 22. Damage for clawing against stone [roll0], and finally falling damage [roll1]

(OOC: welcome to the game Josh.)

Josh the Aspie
2007-11-24, 03:13 PM
As she lays gasping on the stone, her eyes focus and re-focus, blurring out as she gasps, trying to force herself to stay conscious, she sees light spilling over her bloodied hand, and beyond, figures... some grey... some the color of flesh.


2007-11-24, 09:48 PM

After sleeping his required 4 hours, and quietly sitting watch for another 4, Entirinon begins to efficiently prepare a small meal for everyone. His culinary skills arent much, but over the years he learned that hardtack rations are vastly improved by a little time soaked in water (so that chewing on them no longer hurt the teeth as badly). Moving as quietly as possible, he waits for his new companions to rise, hoping that he has estimated time accurately, and they are in fact, about to get up.

Josh the Aspie
2007-11-24, 10:34 PM
Off to one side of the circle, there is a soft moan, as someone begins to stir. A soft moan, which sounds female, and a bit of a whimper, as Lialei Heartblossom stirs, and begins to pull herself up. She winces and takes her weight off of her mangled hands, before using her elbows to slowly pick herself up. She blinks up, and looks over into the light, seeing several humans, and a dwarf, as well as...

"En... Entirinon? Is that you?" She asks, incredulous at the possibility of finding an ally here.

2007-11-24, 10:57 PM

Entirinon stops mid-step.

"Lirael? What... How?"

He looks over and sees her, and her injured state. Rushing over, he helps her to rise.

"There, now... Easy does it..."

Josh the Aspie
2007-11-24, 11:41 PM
She shudders. "I... I'm not sure. The last I remember, I was in a forest, above ground. There was a forest fire starting. I managed to keep it back from me for hours... using a small lake. I collapsed afterwards... then I was... in some kind of darkness... there was a light... but... no one came for me." She says, shivering at the remembrance of the horrible feeling of darkness and loneliness, and the nightmares that had swirled around her. "I managed to find stone... claw my way past it... then I collapsed again... I could see the torch light more clearly... and... when I woke, I was here."

2007-11-25, 12:28 AM

"My experience was much the same as yours. Wish i had found a lake, however. I collapsed in possibly the same forest fire... and woke to be informed that I had been a statue only moments before. These are the people that returned me to my ordinary state."

He looks at Lirael's bloody hands. "Hopefully one of them can heal your wounds."
Entirinon moves through the makeshift camp, shaking people awake.

Josh the Aspie
2007-11-25, 12:57 AM
She nods, and in the mean time, looks over her soot and smoke filled clothes, still dripping with dark water, and sighs. "I should hopefully have some dry cloth in my pack. If you can dig that out, I can hopefully bind it." She winces a bit. "I'd rather not dig around in it myself. Just think of traveling clothes while reaching for it. It's a copy of one of Hewards works."

2007-11-25, 01:24 AM

The human mage rolls over in his bedroll and groans grumpily. He sits up and rubs his face yawning. His hair is a mess from sleeping as he looks around bleary eyed. He reaches into his pack and take a drink from the water skin he pulls out. After splashing a little water on his face he notices the newcomer. Well, good morning Entirinon. Who is your friend? He climbs out of his bed roll and retrieves a book from inside his shirt. Sitting down on his pack he begins to read from the little book. As he does so, his free hand is moving in strange ways and his lips move as he memorizes his spells.

Josh the Aspie
2007-11-25, 03:58 AM
"Lialei Heartblossom" She says, nodding to him in introduction. "Do you know... how we came here?" She glances at her bloodied hands. "Or have any healing spells?"

2007-11-25, 05:11 AM

Fethen looks up from his book for a moment. Umm, yes come over here. A littel color rises in his cheaks as he touches both his belt and Lialei. Golden light flows form the belt across Fethen arms into her hands healing her.

1 charge from the belt [roll0] healing

As for how we got here it is very complex. I am Fethen Talvorsson. We all have been caught in some sort of advanced magical anomaly. I cannot tell if it is either a purposeful spell or something else yet, I am still trying to figure it out. This effect petrified us individually and transported all of us here at different times. Fethen motions around the cavern with the end of his free hand. We all have just been recently awakened by the efforts of the others you see before you. The spell effect is broken by a living person grasping the statue breaking a negative energy recursive loop that drains life force to empower the transmutation effect. I do not know how you awoke without the aid of another. Only Mordun Fethen motions to the sleeping dwarf has done that before as far as I know. But I think that is tied to the collar he wears.

Not to be rude but if you will excuse me I must prepare my spells. With that he returns to reading and motioning quietly.

Josh the Aspie
2007-11-25, 06:14 AM
She nods, and backs away a bit. "Of course. And thank you for the information, and the healing."

She nods, working her hands which are now mostly just bused and lacerated, the flesh she tore away is back at least. Taking several slow breaths, she manages to get a smile on her face, as she waits for the others to wake. Since they've apparently seen Entrinon before, she lets him do the waking, and just looks around the cavern, studying it.

Azerian Kelimon
2007-11-25, 11:23 AM
A newcomer to the party, I take? Well, Greetings to you, miss...Lialei, if I didn't mishear. It seems as if none of us woke you up, else, I'd be seeing someone in pain. May I ask how did you manage to come back? Bariaus says as he pulls out his everburning torch to see if someone else has managed to escape from the stone. As he focuses on looking around for any other awakened people, he starts thinking. Well, seems like there's been a pause on the arrivals. If someone new had been caught, we would have woken up. In any case, I should start preparing. No use being half asleep when in a disadvantegous position, he muses to himself, as he swaps his torch to his left hand, unsheathes his sword, and begins practicing basic maneuvers.

Josh the Aspie
2007-11-26, 12:52 AM
Lialei blinks over to the person who just addressed her. "Lialei Heartblossom, with my last name in the common tongue. I'm afraid I don't have the full details on how I was able to 'wake' myself, if that's even what occurred, and as it seems to be of interest to most, I'd rather wait to tell the full tail again until everyone is awake, if you don't mind. May I know your name?"

2007-11-26, 02:53 AM

Fethen looks up after a short while from his studies and puts his book back inside of his shirt. He breathes in deeply clearing his lungs and looks around now more awake and clear. He reaches into his pack and pulls out a straight razor, a rag and a piece of soap. Spitting on the soap he quickly rubs up a small lather which he applies to his face. Oblivious to anyone watching he shaves carefully, wiping the razor between passes with the rag. After he is finished he wets the rag slightly with a small bit of water from his water skin and washes his face and hands. He runs his wet hands through his messy hair roughly combing it down to something less wild. Packing his shaving gear away in a small pouch he looks around the group and begins to much on some dry tack from his pack.

Someone non-magically inclined may want to wake the dwarf. He had a rough day yesterday and may sleep long if we let him. When he is awake we should take stock and see if there is anyone else we can rouse and then figure out how we are leaving this place.

2007-11-26, 04:37 PM

Too late for that, but I give thanks for considering my condition. Fethen feels a hand come down on his shoulder and a gravelly voice behind him. I should be alright though, just a few bruises and some cold bones, nothing I haven't tussled with before.
Turning to Lialei, Mordun addresses her.
I heard your story as I woke, seems I'm not the only one here with the self determination to pull myself out of whatever magicks this unnatural had planned for us. He nods at Entirion You're lucky to know someone as strong as she.

2007-11-26, 09:26 PM

Entirinon smiles.

"I hope you all slept well."

He turns and looks at Lirael.

"Lirael, how do you feel? Are you feeling up to some moving around If so, I would like to do some exploring today. We have far too little information as to our predicament."

Stopping for a moment, he looks at her with concern..

"However, if you need some time to rest, that of course will take precedent. I don't think it a good idea that any of us split up at this point... The unknown always has the potential to be dangerous."

Josh the Aspie
2007-11-27, 12:16 AM
Lialei looks up to Fethen as he speaks, mentioning the dwarf walking up behind him, and thinks to herself.

Fethen said he was memorizing spells. He's most likely a wizard, or similar caster. He also spoke like one, and used a magical item for the healing he so kindly bestowed on me, which also indicates a caster is likely arcane. He asked for someone non-magical wake him.

She looks up to Mordun only after he's made himself known, and is distracted from her own worries by his stoic nature.

Well, he does seem to dislike some mages, but he seems to be alright with our Wizardly friend. I'll need to find out a bit more about... him. Her thoughts trail off as the Dwarf extols her virtues, at the same time he derides something he calls an unnatural.

Lialei bows to Moridun, a soft smile on her face. "Thank you for your kind words sir dwarf. I hope you'll be willing to tell me more about this un-natural you speak of."

She straitens and nods to Entirinon. "I'll be alright. Just let me take double rest out of the three watches on our next rest, instead of taking double shifts, and I should be alright. Trust me. If anyone knows the value of exploring to scout out some information, I do." She says, with a soft smirk, fairly certain her intelligent friend will get her meaning.

She looks around to the others present. "So how far have you explored thus far? Any sounds or smells or air currents in any particular direction so far?" She looks around, asking, then glances to the statues. "And... how many of our fellow prisoners have you tried to free so far? Are those of us currently flesh and blood the only ones that have been touched?"

2007-11-27, 02:23 AM

Fethen packs away his breakfast and stands shouldering his pack. As far as I know, I was the second to be awake. Mordun here, saved me first.

Though I do not know why, seeing his dislike for "unnaturals" like my self. Fethen says this with a half hearted grin. As for how far we have explored, not far at all. We are the only living things that we know of here. The only other people who look likely to be rescued are these three over here. Fethen indicates three statues one of which is an elf. All of them look weathered. These look to be the most recent victims other than our selves of course.

Suddenly remembering Baraius he turns to him and says Is there any change in the petrified girl? I cannot understand why your touch does not break the cycle necromatic drain and petrification in her. Perhaps if someone else touched it.

Fethen retrieves his everburning torch and holds it in his off hand. Let us look around a little and try to find a way out of here, or a wall to follow at a very minimum.

Azerian Kelimon
2007-11-27, 07:51 AM
No...Bariaus says, with a grimace of pain.

'Etta is still petrified. If one of you could try to wake her, I'd owe you a service for life, but meanwhile, I'll be looking for an exit. If you want to try your luck, she's in my tent.

'Etta...Why were you brought here? Why can't I wake you up? Were will this all end? I can't stand being unable to bring you back. I'm supposed to make sure you were safe, like every big brother does for his little sister, but I failed. And now, we're trapped under the ground, I escaped a stony fate by freak chance, and I'm forced to team up with people unknown t me. How did this all happen? Who used magic to bring us here? But it's no use crying now. I'll go on, 'Etta, but rest assured, I'm bringing you back.

Concentrating again on the task at hand, Bariaus shouts:

Fethen, come here! We'll go together 'till we reach a wall, then we'll split up to take right and left. If we do it, we're bound to come across an exit soon enough.

2007-11-27, 01:09 PM

The dwarf's eyes, previously bright with the promise of adventure underway, turn as dark and cold as a subterranean ice floe as they turn towards the elfen lass.
An... Unnatural is any who dare toy with powers too vast and malignant for the mortal mind to fathom. To rain fiery death from the sky, to bring back the dead as slaves, to make dangerous pacts with wily demons, these are the machinations of the unnatural, who views these atrocities as his birthright. Though some pursue the path for innocent purposes and treat others with benevolence With this Mordun glances towards Fethen, currently conversing with Bariaus, But the thirst for power is a strong one, and no unnatural can resist its lure for long. And when they finally do succumb to the dark gifts promised to them, their malice is unmeasurable. With this last statement Mordun runs his hands along his neck, feeling the cold metal pressing against the scars on his throat. Lowering his voice, he speaks only to Lialei.
I tell you this because you seem to be the only other natural in this strange party of ours. These spellweavers all seem to be on our side, but if anything happens, if one of them is in league with our captor or forsakes us for his gain... Know that my sword is not sharpened for you.

2007-11-27, 01:59 PM

Well, Baraius, are you taking her with you? I do not mind but I think that if we run into trouble she may get damaged. I am still weakened from yesterday, other wise I would offer my self to try and bring her around. He pauses a moment looking at the assembled motley crew of adventurers. Do we want to try and break the magical effect on some of the others first or try to find out what is going on first? I do not know if we can save any of these others. I think many if not most of them are far too damaged to save. I would like to try to save these three but I do not believe I am strong enough. He reaches out and touches one of the three "newer" statues quickly with a finger tip.

2007-11-27, 02:19 PM
As Fethen's fingertip briefly touches the statue the magic surrounding it briefly waiver, a slight shimering affect passes over the surface of the statue. With an audible crackle similar to paper being crumpled... the statue of the elven caster seems to regain some colour and his body quickly becomes more pliable. In the split second it takes for his once statue-like body to become pliable he also begins to topple forward, caught of guard the only one close enough to react is Fethen.
As the statue topples forward it seems even he is distracted and unprepared for the statue to fall. Barely getting himself clear of the toppling statue he thinks a moment to late about what it might mean to let it hit the floor. With a jaring impact and an echoing crash the statue hits the floor and shatters. Not like something made of stone would shatter but instead like something made of the most delicate porcelain, sending pieces spinning and rolling about the floor around the party. In the centre of the mound that used to be a statue of an elven sorcerer lie a few items seemingly untouched.

you find;
A waterskin that looks to be made from the hide of a lizard or toad. It is moist to the touch as if the skin were alive.
A one foot long tube of mithral, an amethyst carved in the shape of a human skull, and a single scroll.

Josh the Aspie
2007-11-28, 02:33 AM
She nods, slowly, then smiles softly. "I've known casters before, and while many of them can be arrogant, most of the wizards, clerics, and druids I've known have been good people through out their lives... at least from among my own people. It is rare that an elf falls to the ways of evil."

She looks up to Baraius. "I'll be willing to give waking her a try. I hope you don't mind if I change into some dry clothes in your tent first though." she says, seeking a touch of privacy to change in. "I have my own, but I'd have to set it up to use it."

2007-11-28, 01:30 PM

Mordun was about to respond to Lialei's naivety with a story about a twisted elven druid who he had battled in the Western Glades, when the sound of shattered pottery made him spin around in surprise.

By Mordun's Hammer! Ye've shattered him!

Running over to the remains he investigates what's left of the caster, leaning in close but careful not to touch anything.

Rolling all applicable means of identification.
Appraise: [roll0] +2 for the tube and amethyst
Decipher Script: [roll1]
Knowledge Arcana: [roll2]
Knowledge Dungeoneering: [roll3]
Knowledge Geography: [roll4]
Knowledge Nature: [roll5]
Knowledge Religion: [roll6]
Knowledge The Planes: [roll7]
Search: [roll8] +2 for the tube and amethyst
Spellcraft: [roll9]

2007-11-28, 02:08 PM

Fethen stands there holding one finger out embarrassedly.

Oh, my.

Umm. Sorry?

His cheeks color as he stands there, obviously ashamed of his accidental shattereing of a trapped soul. He looks to the others one by one, shock and shame washing across his features.

He stands like that for a moment before dropping his hands and stepping carefully away from the wreckage with his head hung low. Saying quietly to no one. I didn't mean to.

I should have been more careful.


I'm sorry.

2007-11-28, 05:40 PM

The dwarf rises up from the remains and turns to the first of his companions.
Wasn't yer fault boy. No one knows any more than ye do about what's goin' on here, so no one can blame ye for not anticipatin' somethin' like that. Mordun gives the pieces on the ground another solemn look. What we need to do now is figure out these clues the elf left us...

2007-11-29, 01:24 AM

Moving forward, Entirinon kneels, fingering a piece of the shattered statue in quiet contemplation. Then, as Mordun speaks, he nods "You speak rightly, Mordun." He purses his lips. "Fethren." He puts his hand on Fethren's shoulder. "Your intent was not to harm. When one puts out a hand to help, unfortunately, sometimes harm occurs instead." He pats Fethren's shoulder in a man-comfort sort of way. "The key is to come away from this with something learned. Not to spend your time in guilt." He gives the shoulder a squeeze. "And certainly, never stop trying to help."

Entirinon stops, and looks once more at the shattered statue. "It seems... wrong... to just leave him here in pieces."

2007-11-29, 06:31 AM

Fethen takes a moment and regains control, the words of the others strengthening him. He rubs his face and stands straight again. That you gentlemen, err gentlefolk, err...Just thank you. If you dont mind I can looks at these items and mybe tell what they are. Fethen bends down and looks at the items that remain.

For each item
waterskin first
Know: Arcana [roll0]
Know: Religion [roll1]
Spellcraft [roll2]

A one foot long tube of mithral,
Know: Arcana [roll3]
Know: Religion [roll4]
Spellcraft [roll5]

an amethyst carved in the shape of a human skull
Know: Arcana [roll6]
Know: Religion [roll7]
Spellcraft [roll8]

and a single scroll.
Know: Arcana [roll9]
Know: Religion [roll10]
Spellcraft [roll11]
Decipher Script [roll12]

Azerian Kelimon
2007-11-29, 10:11 AM
Hmm... Bariaus says as he approaches the items.

I'll leave that scroll for both of you wizards to take a look at it, and the same with that waterskin, though I'll get back to it later. I can possibly shed some light on the matter of the amethyst, though. Most likely, it's some kind of component or focus for the spell that kept us and that poor soul as statues. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was what kept the necromantic part of the spell working. This also means we're dealing with someone of great power, since, if every statue requires an amethyst, great wealth would be needed, and what comes along with wealth? As for the waterskin...we should see if there's something inside. Now that I think of it, all the items we've found could be material components. It would make sense, since this spell uses magic of many schools.

And on another subject, Miss Lialei...feel free to use what humble commodities I can provide.

Now, lesse... he mutters as he grabs the mithril tube and hits the ground with it. Better see if it's hollow inside.

Only one roll, the rest was deduction:

The waterskin:

Use Cunning Knowledge ability:

Konwledge: Nature [roll0]

2007-11-29, 10:49 AM

Actually, no. The tube you are playing with is a Chime of Opening, used for opeing locked items. It has limited charges and will not fuction in an area that has been magically silenced. The waterskin apparently produces water that most likely has a healing effect. And the skull is one form of what is generally known as an Augment Crystal. There are 2 major types, one type used with armor the other used with weapons. This one seems to be of the weapon type, of lowest quality and will provide some minor assitance in combat when applied to a weapon like so. Fethen pulls out one of the daggers on his belt and clicks the skull to it, where it adheres like a magnet. He then pulls it off easily offering it to Mordun, if he refuses then he offers it to the group at large.
As for the scroll, if you give me a moment. He mutters something passing his hand over the scroll, then reading it.

Cast Read Magic since my spellcraft failed me. :smallbiggrin:

Azerian Kelimon
2007-11-29, 11:06 AM
Wait...did you say an augmentation crystal? That changes everything. Hmm...I have a feeling I KNOW what this crystal does, Bariaus says as he takes a closer look, trying to recall what types of crystals exist.

Cunning knowledge again. That crissie is a least or lesser truedeath, surely, but better know it IC.

Knowledge: Arcane [roll0]

2007-11-29, 12:59 PM

Mordun accepts Fethen's offering and turns the object over in his hands.
Any tool of power is welcome in such dire situations, though its relation to these stony prisons makes me wary of putting to use before we know it won't cause us harm when we need blades the most.
With these words he passes it to Bariaus, who seems eager to inspect it further, though as he does so the look in his eyes reveals he expects the crystal back.

2007-11-29, 08:10 PM

Quietly, Entirinon busies himself. First, he gathers together the shattered pieces of the elf, then he builds a cairn out of natural rocks (of about fist to double fist size). He piles these until the shattered body is completely covered, then intones some words over the grave. May you rest well, friend, and seek out the spot reserved for you in the afterlife. Having finished in this world, free thyself, and roam the path onwards.
He gives a small salute to the grave, and stands for a moment in quiet contemplation. Then he turns, and seems to rejoin the group.

2007-11-30, 02:17 PM

Well it seems like we may save these, if we can catch them from falling before they shatter. Do we want to try? Or do we want to move on and try to find the way out, or why this is happening?

2007-11-30, 06:40 PM

I say we move on. It isn't right rousing these souls unless we have some answers for them. Plus, we shouldn't drain our energy until we know what we're up against. Who knows, Mordun glances around the cavern They may be better off like this...

2007-11-30, 07:00 PM

Agreed. Lirael, I remember that you were trained as a scout... Would you like to get a bit ahead of the group and check our trail? Up to you how far you range, if you chose to. Also, we should decide on some basic tactical strategies.

in the interest of moving things along, if you want to just get going, put up a spoiler saying so, mkay :) also, lets pop "discussed common combat reactions" in the spoiler too, just so when we discuss possible options in the OOC thread its not metagaming, but also so we dont have to RP discussion of every strategic nuance. Also, casting mage armor, using metamagic wand to extend it, casting it through the weave to affect 5 people max other than me. now, if you want, you have +4 ac from magic if it is better than your ordinary armor. lasts 10 hours. :)

While others reply, Entirinon waves around a small piece of cured leather while muttering some words under his breath. As he does this, he also walks around, lightly touching each of you on the shoulder.

Azerian Kelimon
2007-11-30, 08:35 PM
This is a crystal of Truedeath, one of the lesser variety at that. It should enhance your combat prowess when fighting undead, Mordun. Here, have it back, Bariaus says as he hands the crystal back to Mordun.

I also agree with both of you. It's no use experimenting like this, and we could do more harm than good. We should push forward, after miss Lialei is ready.

On the subject of tactics, I think we have a slight problem. Our personnel is composed of you and Fethen as our magical power, Lialei and Mordun as our melee might, Habadur as our link to the gods, and me...well, I do a bit of everything. This means we roughly have a one on one basis of magic and might. In my opinion, we should let you and Fethen attempt to disable the enemy in most combat situations. Then, Lialei and Mordun will finish off anything that survives your attack, and I'll join as soon as I pull a pair of cantrips myself, while Habadur makes us tougher and throws a few spells to hinder our enemies. D'you think that'd be a good idea?

In short, that means:

Jael and Greyen blast everyone with save or dies/sucks, I pull off a Grease, Web, or something of the like, and then wade into melee along with Rudiger, hacking everythin' to bits, while Josh peppers it with arrows. Meanwhile, I'll be doing a few SA's or inspiration empowered attacks, and Don, meanwhile, throws his own save or X's and buffs.

2007-11-30, 10:15 PM

Aye. Mordun takes the crystal back from Bariaus and attaches it to his now unsheathed blade, giving the newly enhanced weapon a few practice swings. Let's move. I'll advance guard for the main party as Lialei scouts ahead. I say north's a good direction as any to head, unless any of you object?

If no-one says otherwise then Mordun's gonna start blazing trail northward. As for combat, Rage against single potent opponents or casters, otherwise just some good ole hack'n'slash.

2007-12-01, 01:24 AM

Sounds alright by me.

Know that I am a conjuror and don't expect too many blasty effects from me. I also did not have my book of summons with me when I fell so thore are right out, mildly distasteful too. Using some random creature from another dimension to fight for you, How cruel. They are not in control and yet they must die over and over again. Sad really.

And thank you for the mage armor. Are you a studied caster or a natural caster Entririon?

Fethen says this all as he moves out behind Mordun following the stout dwarf's lead.

2007-12-01, 02:58 AM

A conjurer... Interesting. As to me? I was taught magic quite a while ago... Entirinon smiles, ah, bittersweet memories.... and I picked up a few things along the way, as well. Entirinon looks around at the surroundings, both looking at the surroundings themselves, and looking for things hiding, etc. He walks as he talks.
just for your convenience dm, if u need them for random encounters or whatnot, heres my spot +6 and listen +3. also, got that groovy lowlight vision of elves, and heres a search +8 if you run us past any hidden doors for mah elf senses to notice. :)

2007-12-01, 10:05 AM
After travelling for less than a minute lialei comes across a wall that stretches up into the darkness. At first glance the wall appears to be pocked and full of handholds and crevices. On closer inspection it is revealed that there are veins of the blackest rock you have ever encountered. It seems to draw the light of the torches into itself and gives the impression of depth even though in most cases it is as smooth as the rest of the wall's surface, which isn't very smooth at all.

The group is confronted with yet another question. Which way will they go? Left which would lead them along the wall to the west and hopefully towards some answers. To the right, where a slight decline can be seen in the floors surface. Almost undetectable to the naked eye, but noticeable enough once a few pebbles are scuffed underfoot and they continue to roll freely after they would normally have stopped on a more level surface. Or will the group decide to return back the way they have come? Weaving once again through the frozen and imobile statues that haunt that path, locked in a magical embrace the group knows is all too fragile.

IF you want additional information post your checks. I however have already given some information assuming class skills and taking 10+modifiers on relevant skill checks.

2007-12-01, 04:22 PM

Well, at least there are walls. Left ot right?

2007-12-01, 04:47 PM
RIGHT, go riiiiiiiiiiight! lol i don't really care either way. I think it would be best if half of you went left and the other half went right.

2007-12-02, 05:06 PM

Hmm, we seem to be on a slight angle... The dwarf runs his hand along the stone floor. Left slopes up and likely leads to escape, while right slopes down... which likely means answers lie that way.
I want to find the one who did this to us, so I say we head right. Though we could perhaps split up and scout in both directions. I can lead the party going downward.

2007-12-02, 10:43 PM

Right is as good a direction as any. Entirinon frowns. But our force is too small to split. No telling what we could face down here. Entirinon considers for a moment then nods. Lets head out.

2007-12-02, 11:04 PM

Answer are more important to me than escape. I would like to travel down.

Azerian Kelimon
2007-12-03, 08:48 AM
What a dilemma. Down or out. I think I have the answer to it, gentlemen, and the answer is neither. We should go back to the camp, pick Habadur up, and THEN decide what to do. Splitting the party in 3 groups is an even worse idea than splitting into two, Bariaus says, as he turns towards the direction of the camp.

Wasn't Lialei still in the camp? How did she come with us?

Josh the Aspie
2007-12-04, 12:42 AM
When the statue shattered, Lialei quickly turned her back on it, closed her eyes, and clenched them tight for a long moment. Another life lost... and this one lost to the careless touch of a curious mage... one who wanted to help, yes, but who seemed to be going about it as an academic project, rather than gathering the help of those best able to use existing methods to help.

At the same time, she couldn't blame the mage for what happened... nor could she join in to the congratulations. What if it had been me, or any of the others here that he had bumped into. If I hadn't been on my hands and knees... I might not be here right now.

One of the reasons she had left the field of war to warden and explore the wilds was the fleeting and fickle nature of life, something that she saw far to often in her reveries. Over time, slowly, the magesty of life, and nature... huge mountains with their cascading falls, the open searing heat of the desert... the simple swaying of trees in the forest began to replace the horror of war she saw each night in her reverie... yet she knew she would never escape the endless cycle of experiencing the wars of yester-year... over... and over.

When Barius spoke directly to her it shook her half out of her reverie, and she rubbed her quivering arms, which ostensibly shook due to the dripping cold of her clothing, combined with the stone of the chamber, and her long rest on the stone floor. She nods he thanks, silently, and doesn't look at the others in the group, before ducking into the tent with the only other female of the group... one still frozen in stone.

Remembering the recent episode with the other statue, she is careful not to touch Barius's sister carelessly as she undresses, a sound of clanking comming from the tent as she does so. As she undresses, she takes the cloth and leather items, and squeezes the sooty water from them clothes into her mouth, before setting them quietly outside the tent, keeping her armor with her.

Lialei doesn't know how long it will take them to find a natural environment where she will be able to find food and water for the group, or how much of it she will be able to find. Shivering, the elven lass with raven hair and emerald eyes lets the water on her skin evaporate into the dry, almost musty air.

She sighs, then carefully dressing, once again a few small clanks sounding, before she looks over, and examines her companion. She debates for a while on whether to awake her or not... she deserves to at least have a fighting chance for her life... but not at the cost of the rest of the group having to protect her, feed her, give her their water... at least not until they've found a reasonable amount. Otherwise, she might be waking the girl just to doom her.

The only way that I can potentially save the girl's life is to make sure the rest of us will survive. Taking a few slow, deep breaths, she moves out of the tent, and gathers her semi-dried clothes into her pack including the armor-covering of use only in the forests She is just in time to hear the discussion of the augment crystal, and it's particular power... but she manages to refrain from requesting it for the moment. She loathes the un-dead with perhaps the same intensity that the Barbarian loathes the 'un-naturals'.

On the other hand I'm the newest member of the group, all I have done is consume the group's resources... where as from what the others have said, Modun's actions brought every person here back to life except, perhaps, me... even then, the light that called me back... it may have come from this group. I may owe him my life just as much as the others do.

He's also obviously a physical combatant. It's only natural the others want him to have it. Still... if I prove myself to the group, and there is some greater treasure he can use that I can't... maybe he'd let me have the crystal.

She thinks to herself, reticent about their situation, until Entriton mentions her scouting background, and asks her to take point. She nods, and begins preparing. She removes her everburning torch from her pack, and ties it to her pack before raising the hood of her cloak over her still sooted and bedraggled hair, and moves to the north, drawing her longsword.

Unfortunately for Lialei, her favored form of combat isn't the most viable when exploring the underground. The furthest away she can see clearly is 40 feet, and after 80 feet even the dimmest of the light from her torch fades away. She moves only 40 feet ahead of the group. She knows that dwarves in general are not the fastest in the world, and wants to make sure that if a cavern dweller ambushes her, the rest of the group, especially the one in the group most suited to melee, will manage to reach her... she also wants a solid area of light connecting herself to the group in the sight of the humans.

Her ears perk as she moves, quietly, not wanting to cause even the most minor sound that might spoil her chance for surprise, alert any potential adversaries, or foul her own hearing of the world around them. Her hands, fully healed after the combination of rest and healing clench more firmly on her sword, as she occasionally glances up above, for any enemies that might cling to the ceiling.

As she moves toward the rock wall at the end, she pauses, and lets the group catch up as she moves her torch slowly over the surface, examining the blck rock as she peers into it's surface.

My spot and listen are both +8, my search is +13. If anything seems the least bit suspicious about floor, wall, or statue (other than the obvious that they are -here-, I search for traps.

If I are ambushed, I will attack the enemy, and tumble towards the rest of the group. Next will be to sheath my sword and move into a better position. Then move while drawing bow, and fire, focusing on favored enemies... assuming I can get the room.

Lialei lowers her hood as the others discuss, and runs her fingers through it, using the last of the moisture there to wet her hand, before she moves slightly in either direction, feeling for a breeze. Assuming none is found (due to this being a chamber rather than a corridor), she finally speaks.

"Either way, we might wind up finding our way right back to where we stand if we circle the walls and do not take passages. Still, water runs down hill, and even if it is stagnant, the thing we most need to survive is water. This hall is ancient, and no matter where we were, if it was near the entrance and easy to find, we'd be more likely to know about it."

2007-12-04, 03:41 AM

As strange as it is for me to say this in a possible hostile environment, would you lead the way? I think concensus says we head to the right and follow the wall. I really do not think we should split the group at all. Did anyone leave anything behind that we need bafore we move on?

Azerian Kelimon
2007-12-04, 11:11 AM
Water is no concern in any case. I can guarantee that we won't be lacking water, as long as we remain together. I'm more concerned what can happen to our minds from isolation, than what'll happen to our bodies, as we have a way to guarantee food and drink.

As the others debate, Bariaus turns around, and starts heading for camp. There, he proceeds to fold his tent, and with a stab of pain to the heart, he stuffs Etta into his pack. Then, with all his gear ready, he remembers something. But of course! How could I forget it? MORDUN! COME HERE AND GIVE ME A HAND! He shouts, as he proceeds to enter Habadur's tent. He then drags the cleric out of his tent, and stuffs it into his pack. As he waits for Mordun to approach, he proceeds to grab Habadur by his hands, and prepares to lift him once the dwarf comes.

2007-12-05, 12:42 AM

Fethen waits for Bariaus to return to the group before pointing off to the right. Off we go then.

Azerian Kelimon
2007-12-06, 02:02 PM
Now we're all ready, let's get going, Bariaus says as he returns. I propose we go down, but watch out. A slippery floor could be awaiting us.

2007-12-06, 06:50 PM
Following the wall as it slightly slopes and then levels off and slopes gradually again a few feet further off it quickly becomes apparent that it would take quite some times traveling at this rate of decent to get deeper into the rocky ground.

As the group shines their light about the black minerals in the wall and the slight ground slope seem to account for a perfect habitat for many different types of fungi. The floor and the base of the walls are lined with all forms of lichen and mushrooms. At the sudden exposure of the torch-light many of the more rare and photo-sensative fungi seem to die quickly or fade into a dormant state closing themselves off as a flower might bloom in reverse. There seems to be a natural depression in the floor at this point where moisture must pool and allow forthe fungus to gain nutrients and the minerals provide an even darker than normal environment as well. This corner of the cave seems quite unnaturally perfectly suited to the growth of mushrooms...

2007-12-06, 09:21 PM

Mordun raises his hand, halting the party's progress. He then bends down and runs his hand along one of the depressions, studying the stonework and fungi.
Hmm... this seems strange...

Knowledge: Dungeoneering [roll0]
Knowledge: Geography [roll1]
Knowledge: Nature [roll2]

2007-12-06, 11:18 PM

Hmm, this is a striated red push top.

I think.

I haven't seen one of these except in drawings. Fethen says indicating a crumpled looking reddish fungi. He quickly whips out his sketchbook and sketches it when they stop for a moment. When the group begins moving again he quickly puts it away and picks up his crossbow which you notice is tied to his vest with a string, probably so he remembers it bring it.

Know:Nature to identify species of fungi [roll0]
Sketch [roll1]

Josh the Aspie
2007-12-07, 01:06 AM
Lialei mmms, kneeling down, but does not pick the mushrooms as she studies them. She draws her dagger, and uses it to examine some of them, while covering her mouth with a scarf.

"Hopefully some of these are edible... especially if this is a cultivation location. Unfortunately, with as deep as we are, that might indicate Drow, Sverfneiblin, or other deep dwellers that are not on the best of terms with we surface dwellers. That could also... potentially... provide an explanation for a large number of powerful casters... but would enough of them work together? Still, we shouldn't jump to conclusions."

Trying to tell if the mushrooms are edible, if any of them require rotting matter to grow as many do (thus meaning there is more 'feeding' going on here than just by the water), if the stone formation is natural, and if there are any races left off the list above that this location might indicate the presence of.

2007-12-07, 08:55 AM
Although you all clearly recognise some of the fungi as edible and some as useful for alchemical purposes, and still yet others for various potions, salves, and poisons none of you are able to clearly remember which is which. However given that you know that 97% of all mushrooms are poisonous it would be better not to test fate and your lack of certainty.

Mordun ...does know that none of these particular mushrooms would be fatal if ingested but many would make you very sick. However the stonework as some of the others may have already guessed is not natural. It would have taken much time and even more patience to cause water to flow into this unnatural depression, even more time still to tend to these fungi and produce such a crop.

Fethen ...is able to identify the fungi he is sketching but is unable to remember much detail about it... perhaps if he consulted his books or had time to study it in earnest he would remember... it's unfortunate that there are more pressing concerns. He quickly makes a rough sketch of the notable characteristics of the mushroom even adding in some of the rock formation that seems to exude darkness for dramatic effect. Not some of his best work, but serviceable to say the least.

Lialei ...thinks for a moment about what races might dwell in such conditions and have the presence of mind to cultivate such a patch of mushrooms. She quickly takes mental not of all the subteranean races she can think of discarding those that lack the patience and intelligence to perform horticultural acts such as this. Mentally ticking off goblins, skulks, troglodytes, kobolds, and deep gnomes from her mental tally. Leaving the drow, duergar, and a select few other races who might undertake such an operation. Also the fungi do require more 'feeding' than just water.

The fungi patch seems to extend for at least 30 feet possibly farther clinging to the walls as much as to the floor.

As you all stand studying the mushrooms, sketching, and pondering what might be, something occurs to you.


2007-12-07, 09:10 AM

Initiative [roll0]

2007-12-07, 09:51 AM

Initiative: [roll0]

2007-12-07, 10:10 AM
http://my1.photodump.com/Timaoh/BattlemapE1_R1-T.jpg (http://www.photodump.com/Timaoh/BattlemapE1_R1.html)

I think im going to attack Lialei first...
Attack - (1d20+8)[28] Lialei flat footed target AC = 15 i believe.
Damage - (2d6+8)[15]
Lialei feels something bite her on the shoulder, hard. The teeth tear into her flesh rending her wet clothing and snaping shut on the armor beneath tearing through it as though it were parchment.

As long as noone gets a nat 20 i get my suprise round. I will edit in that eventuality. My initiative is and will always be 10+modifier. For this combat it is 10.

Listen checks all around.

2007-12-07, 10:29 AM


2007-12-07, 10:31 AM

Listen: [roll0]

Azerian Kelimon
2007-12-07, 04:06 PM

Initiative: (Question: My Brains Over BRawn allows to add my INT modifier to all STR or DEX based checks. Does Init count as a DEX based only check? I'm assuming yes. Else, substract 5 from the check.) [roll0]
Listen: [roll1]

Josh the Aspie
2007-12-08, 01:51 AM

Josh the Aspie
2007-12-08, 03:27 PM
I missed the call for the listen checks.

2007-12-08, 06:35 PM

Raising his arms, Entirinon holds a piece of parchment covered in runes. In a deep powerful voice, he chants. Light forms between his hands, and shoots to each member of the party.
shield of faith, +2 deflection bonus for everyone.

2007-12-08, 06:50 PM
ugh doublepost. ninja'd.

Azerian Kelimon
2007-12-08, 10:22 PM
YOU THREE! GET BEHIND ME! Bariaus shouts, as he opens his bag of components. Taking out some mica, he rapidly chants a spell, as a cloud of sparkling dust appears above Lialei. Then, he proceeds to unsheathe his sword.

Swift action: Speak a phrase.
Standard action: Cast a Glitterdust 10' above Lialei. Since it has a spread range of 10', it should hit the creature, but not her.
Move action: Draw his sword.
OOC comment: Either we're facing an invisible critter, an ethereal, or someone with a dang good Hide check. This should clear it up anyway.

2007-12-08, 10:31 PM
As Bariaus tosses the dust into the air and speaks the arcane phrases bringing the spell to life. The air charges with power above Lailei's head the dust glitters brightly and falls to the floor without effect.

2007-12-08, 11:41 PM

Moving his arms, he chants. Suddenly, your vision blurs, then sharpens to a ridiculous degree. "Everyone, look for a distortion... anything."
eyes of the avoral (BoED) on everyone in the party. +8 to spot checks. also, spot [roll0]

2007-12-09, 02:36 AM

Fethen moves south a bit and chants some harsh sounding words and points to Lailei. A nearly invisible bead of power shoots from his finger tip before bursting in a wave of intangible power at the elven hunter's feet.

Spot [roll0]

Move 4 squares South and 1 square West,

Area Dispel Magic. 20ft burst centered on Lailei, or if I spot anything, on it
All Spells in that are subject to a dispel check.
Roll 1d20+6 vs 11+Casterlevel of spell (I'm not doing it for you)
Dispel check vs the monster [roll1]

If anything even tries to chomp me us Abupt Jaunt to move 2 squares South

2007-12-09, 07:29 AM
Fethen moves and casts the spell. There is a slight gathering of magical power and then a popping noise as the power is inverted and then released. The power courses through Lialei and the others standing near her rippling visable over the radius of the spell. A large object to the north seems to take for for a split second but then melds back into nothingness.

Spellcraft of knowledge arcana might tell you why. Heck even know dungeoneering.

Josh the Aspie
2007-12-09, 03:15 PM
Wincing, Dawn uses her sword to point to the ground 10 feet (two squares) north of her. "I heard something coming from there when it attacked me!" She cries out, but rather than standing there just holding her sword for her whole comment, she back flips to the south-west, then spins to the west, before continuing her movement more quickly and less erratically to stand dirrectly north of Entirinon, just to the north-east of their cleric Habadur, quickly drawing her bow as she moves, before spinning back to face the area she had last sensed the creature.

(As mentioned, my spot roll is 23 if the bonus isn't a racial bonus)

"Some healing..." she comments to Habadur "would be much appreciated." as she attempts to spot the creature. If she does, she'll shout it's location.

Josh the Aspie
2007-12-09, 03:19 PM

2007-12-09, 03:47 PM
As Lialei attempts to dance away from the unseen foe attacking her she attempts a graceful backflip and tumble to confuse it and excape unscathed. Unfortunately for her the creature seems to expect such an action and lashes out as she lands.

The creature strikes true but fortunately for Lialei her armor fares better against its attack this time then the last turning aside the jaws of the unseen monster as it tries to crush her leg in its jaws. (The monsters actions unfortunately have also given Lialei and the others valuable information as to it's location.)

2007-12-09, 04:44 PM
Habadur hearing Lialei's calls for aid moves to her side and intones a few quick phrases asking for Weejas to aid her servant in healing one who valianly mettes out death and fights at the side of her faithful. [roll0] He then unsheaths his sword and takes a defensive stance waiting for the unseen attacker to show itself.

2007-12-09, 09:09 PM

The dwarf holds his ground, his blade ready and his eyes and ears straining to find the hidden attacker.

Gonna attempt a full-round listen check like Timaoh suggested, along with a spot check with the bonus granted by Entirinon. Otherwise Mordun would be reduced to a 50% chance of picking the right area to attack, and then a 50% total concealment miss chance.
Spot: [roll0]
Listen: [roll1]

2007-12-09, 09:54 PM
As Mordun strains his senses to locate the creature hiding nearby. He hears squishy steps heading towards him, waiting for the inevitable attack he tightens his grip. The steps seem misleading though and he cannot quite place the exact loction but they seem to be coming from somewhere to the east of him.


Azerian Kelimon
2007-12-10, 12:43 PM
Doing a series of pirouettes and turns, Bariaus approaches Mordun. As he reaches him, he assumes a defensive stance, his blade held in front of him, prepared to parry attacks, with Mordun covering his back. Need any help? he says, as he tries to discover their attacker's location.

Doing a total defense action, and taking a +10 to DC to Tumble at full speed trying to avoid attacks of opportunity, using one IP point to boost the check by +6, and another to boost a spot check, which means I have 11 left for this encounter. Also doing a reactive spot and listen check.
Tumble check: [roll0]
Spot check: [roll1]
Listen check: [roll2]

2007-12-12, 06:29 AM

With his eyes alert to any danger, Entirinon begins a low and resonating chant. Holding a small bag in one hand and an unlit candle in the other, he begins moving them in a complex pattern... Gradually, light seems to form in the square behind him, gradually taking on the form of a small pixie-like figure.

full round action to summon a creature from the Book of exalted deeds, a coure eladrin (Pg.168).

2007-12-12, 01:01 PM

The human wizard looks about wearily. He raises his hands now wreathed in sickly greenish light, about to cast a spell but waits and watches.

Ready an action to use Acidic Splatter - on any thing that appears or the square that apparently attacks himself or anyone within 15ft/3 squares.
[roll0] Ranged touch
[roll1] if necessary
[rollv=Miss Chance below 50 hits]1d100[rollv]
[roll2] x2 if crit

If anything attacks him he will jump 10 feet west, or east if space is filled, using Abrupt Jaunt as an immediate action to avoid damage then acid splatter whatever attacked him

-EDIT - These dice hate me! :smallyuk: /trades dice out\

2007-12-12, 02:26 PM

Mordun quickly turns his head to acknowledge Bariaus' bravery. Good to see some courage with a blade in this group.

Grr... C'mon ye beast, let's see the color of yer blood! Mordun shouts into the air as he grips his sword tightly, preparing for an attack.

Mordun's readied an attack to swing at anything that attacks himself or Bariaus

2007-12-13, 11:00 AM

Standing nearby those who seem the most likely to become wounded Habadur readies an action to aid them after muttering a prayer to his goddess.

Bad Guys

From out of nowhere the unseen creature latches onto Habadur and it's teeth tear into him.

2007-12-13, 11:07 AM
Rudiger - Mordun
Believes he hears the creature to the west of Habadur.

AK - Bariaus
Thought he saw something shimer or coalesce as Habadur was attacked he believes the creature is 35ft directly to the west of Habadur.

Fethen has nothing within his range to attack, and Lialei is tending to her wounds waiting for an oppening to attack.

2007-12-13, 11:10 AM


The Save DC was 23. 10 base + damage taken

Habadur tries to hold the spell in his mind but as he is bittne the spell eludes him and his hands stop glowing as the coneection between himself and his diety becomes unstable.

Azerian Kelimon
2007-12-13, 01:33 PM
I didn't want to do this, but... Bariaus says as he regretfully takes a piece of powdered iron, and casts a spell.

And then, Mordun starts to grow.

As he grows, Bariaus turns towards him. With a smirk, he asks Would you mind if I took a ride? As he returns his attention to the battle.

Spending a further 2 IP. One to cast the Enlarge person, the other one to do a Spot check to determine the place the attacker is with more precision. If I do, I relay any info I can ascertain to Mr dwarf.
Spot: [roll0]

Josh the Aspie
2007-12-13, 11:10 PM
((not sure this is the best post I can make, but If I don't, I'll probably loose another post tomorrow))

Lialei quickly sheathes her sword, and peers about in an attempt to locate the hiding creature.


2007-12-13, 11:40 PM

Pointing at the rough area to the west where his allies believe the creature is, he silently gives the hovering ball of light its instructions. Hovering in place, the creature seems to orient itself in the direction pointed, and suddenly an area roughly 35 feet west of Habadur begins to shimmer, softly outlining -editeable area-

the creature casts faerie fire at the targeted area(outlines any creatures in area, removes concealment for invis, no save). Entirinon waits until the spell takes effect, then beginning another full round action to summon a musteval (Pg. 174 book of exalted deeds

2007-12-14, 12:22 AM

Fethen looks around carefully ready to release another spell.

Ready an action to cast Lesser Orb of Acid
Lesser Orb of Acid Range-35ft
Crit Confirm [roll3]
Damage [roll4]

2007-12-14, 11:15 AM

Ahh... Now, beastie, we can play! The dwarf turns to his now much smaller companion. Climb on my back Bariaus, let's put this wretch down! Mordun grinds his feet into the ground and kicks off, his enormous frame charging at full speed towards where the creature now illuminated in faerie fire. Rushing past his companions, Mordun raises his sword and prepares to bring it crashing down.

Assuming Bariaus climbs on, making a charge attack towards the creature, with his newfound reach Mordun's going to stop with a 5' space inbetween himself and his target and take a swing.
Attack Roll: [roll0]
Damage Roll: [roll1] plus 1 point of Constitution damage.

2007-12-14, 11:16 AM
...and suddenly an area roughly 35 feet west of Habadur begins to shimmer, softly outlining a large mass of greenish-brown plantlike material, roughly shaped into what appears to be a leg. The leg extends about 3 feet joining to a large trunk which appears to have several long jagged rows of teeth that fade as the area of the spell doesn't quite reveal all of them.

The creature seems startled and unsure of the light that is tracing around its leg and part of its midsection as you can see several sensory stalks waving back and forth through the area affected by the spell it looks as though the creature is trying to survey the damage and extent of the spells effect.

Just as one of the sensory stalks appears in view momentarily Fethen finishes the last portion of an arcane phrase and with a gensture sends a sickly spherical gob hurtling towards the creature where it strikes with a splash followedd quickly by unintelligible sqeels of pain and horror. (unintelligible to those of you who do not speak plant.) The creature writhes, frantic as it tries unsucessfully to shake off the liquid which is quickly melting into it and causing a horrid smell similar to melting plastic to waft through the area.

Mordun declares a challenge to the creature and despite it's cries of agony waits barely long enough for Bariaus to climb aboard before rushing off to meet the creature as the gods intended. In melee combat! Swinging his greatsword in a wide arc Mordun connects solidly with the creature his sword biting deep and causing a greenish resin to spew forth at an alarming rate. Even through he is well out of range the liquid splashes onto his arms and chest coating him in what he assumes is the creatures life blood. The creature screams in renewed anguish and retaliates as best it can while trying to flee. Trying to bite Mordun as it turns in place the creature realises too late that it might be attacked in return for its maneuver (aoo).
Nonetheless the creature manages to pivot in place sucessfully hiding the farie fire from view and moves away into the darkness. (possible additional aoo /w concealment penalties)

attack - (1d20+8)[12] -i think the 12 misses Morduns ac.
damage - (2d6+8)[14]
hide - (1d20+8)[12] If you move around you can see the part of the creature that is affected by the spell. The hide check was to see if it could move to provide concealment before the aoo or not and the creature failed.

Still outlined in faerie fire the creatures attempts to hide do little to save it or conceal it's true location. All that it's efforts do is slow the inevitable as it shrieks and makes unintelligible noises.

Azerian Kelimon
2007-12-14, 07:55 PM
Cunning Kowledge, and wishing for the miracle of rolling more than 25 for Balance, if I had to add +5 to the DC per 10'. Using another IP to boost the roll.

Balace check, may gods give me success on this one. [roll0]

As Mordun initiates the charge, Bariaus climbs to his right shoulder. Preparing himself to face the monster, he steadies himself...

And pirouettes from Mordun's shoulder...

Right next to the creature. As he falls, Bariaus spins like a top, using the momentum to add a punch to a swordslash. Now, you fall., he shouts.

Can I apply benefits from a charge to my attack? Also, I do either a Jump or Tumble check, whichever is appropiate (Can you roll it? I don't know which to do), applying 1 IP to it to bost by +6, Another one on a second Tumble check to avoid provoking attacks of opportunity, using 1 IP on a spot check if I need it, And using 2 IP for the attack, one to boost the attack roll, one to boost the damage done. Here go the rolls for everything, assuming no charge benefits. Also, if I can AoO, which I doubt, I'll roll it later.

Attack roll: [roll1]
Damage roll: [roll2]

Josh the Aspie
2007-12-14, 08:22 PM
Lialei glowers at the fleeing shroom, she steps to the north-west, and quickly draws an arrow from her quiver, and knocks it to her bow, before loosing it at the fleeing creature. Bare moments after the first arrow has released from her bow, she draws and looses a second arrow, which flies barely after she can confirm that the last one hit or missed.


2007-12-15, 01:30 AM

Fethen follows Mordun moving to be south of him.

If the monster is within 15 ft he will use Acidic Splatter.

To hit [roll0]
Damage [roll]3d6[roll]

If the moster is beyond 15 feet away. He will stop and cast Greater Mage Armor.

2007-12-15, 03:19 AM

As he finishes chanting, another creature forms near him. It's eyes flash with light, and it points. The glowing ball of light fires another glowing ball, which grows to illuminate the plant once more.
the new summon casts see invis on itself. the first summon takes directions, and casts faerie fire again at the plant. the first summon has four rounds left, the 2nd has 5...

Entirinon chants once more, gestures, and points. The two melee artists are now of equal size, about the size of trolls. enlarge person, through the link, not sure if i needed to enlarge both, but i'll toss an enlarge at you two so that both are under the effects of it :)

2007-12-15, 06:10 PM

Mordun turns towards his companions and raises his magically grown arms out at his sides.
Stop! Don't hurt it! It's not after us!

The dwarf then spins around to the direction the creature is fleeing in, bleeding heavily as it crawls back into the darkness. He sheathes his sword and calls out in a voice that sounds like bubbles rising and popping on the surface of a stagnant scum pond.

What he says:
Come back, protector! We not hurt your little ones! We are lost! We mean no harm! We can heal your hurts!

2007-12-15, 08:15 PM
The creature seems to hesitate for a split second then runs off into the darkness as fast as it's stubby fungal-limbs will carry it. You can still see it's dim iluminated form retreating into the darkness however.

2007-12-16, 07:10 AM

Hands still glowing greenish light Fethen turns to Mordun, and says What!? What is going on? Still wary, Fethen drops the greenish glow and begins to chant. He pulls a small platinum shield from his belt pouch and seems to polish it for a moment. From it a shimmer envelops Fethen before fading away. Fethen quickly puts the shield away.

Casting Greater Mage Armor.

2007-12-17, 12:46 AM

"...." At a loss for words, Entirinon runs after Mordun.

edit : if possible, i'd like to change this, i dunno why i thought Mordun had gone anywhere...

Josh the Aspie
2007-12-17, 05:46 AM
Lialei quickly moves 40 feet towards the thing, while drawing an arrow, and calling to Mordun. "Your explanation needs to be good and fast Mordun." and knocks it to her bow, but does not yet draw the string as she moves. If the explanation from Mordun does not address her concerns that it will come back and attack the group, that it will pose a danger to the statues, that a wounded animal should be put out of it's misery for it's own good and the good of the ecosystem, as well as the fact that it stalked and attacked her, she will continue her motion to fire.

Statistical effect:
Move 40 feet, ready action to fire bow at phantom fungus based on Mordun's answer. This should definitely activate skirmish damage.

Invisible creatures are immune to Ranger favored enemy damage, and sneak attack, but skirmish damage, which is in the same general realm, is not specifically listed. The invisibility listing does not say "abilities like" those two, it only lists those two.

Further, faerie fire removes the miss chance due to invisibility. It does not remove the favored enemy / sneak attack immunity.

I need the DM to rule if an invisible creature affected by Faerie Fire is immune to skirmish damage or not.

2007-12-17, 12:55 PM

Forgive my abruptness friends, I sometimes forget my knowledge of strange tongues may be confusing for others to see. This creature is merely a simple protector of the fungi here, wishing us no ill other than the fear that we will do its children harm. Without its invisibility it poses no threat, and something that has created a growing culture such as this has been here for some time and can quite likely tell us more about the area and perhaps even who is behind all this! Just lower your weapons, dim your lights, and let me speak with it.

He turns to the darkness to shout after the creature.
Protector! Come back! We mean no bad to little ones! We can heal your burns!

2007-12-17, 01:56 PM
The Fungi pauses briefly as though it can understand Mordun and it seems indecisive for a moment as though considering it options... it slowly and tentatively turns towards the group but makes no move to come any closer. Instead the creature begins sliding along the perimiter of the group you can see it's iluminated bulk bobbing up and down with hurried movement as it hastily tries to maneuver around you all back towards the point from where it first emerged.

2007-12-17, 02:00 PM

Mordun, is this thing smart enought o understand what you are saying? I mean is it smarter than, say , a dog? Do you even know?

2007-12-18, 11:49 AM

"If you think it won't attack again, I'm willing to let it live. However, see if you can get any information about this place... other creatures it may have encountered, et cetera."

Entirinon watches the fungal creature carefully...

2007-12-19, 10:04 AM
The creature turns and flees back to where you first found it still trying to hide from the light twined about its leg and midsection. You can see it off in the darkness but it makes no moves to approach as you stand reguarding it from a distance.

-End Combat-

300xp to all.

2007-12-19, 10:20 AM

Mordun, goodsaer. Cna you explain to us all what is going on here? the mage is still wary and looks around carefully expecting attack from another quarter.

2007-12-19, 05:45 PM

Mordun waves his comrades close to him so they can speak freely.

My friends, this creature here is nothing but a simple beast, a sentient defender of these mushrooms we see around us. I can understand its words, and it fears us more than we fear it, and rightly so, for it wishes us no harm and we have done it much. This is no tool of our captor, thus we have no reason to fear it.

In fact, it may be of use to us. Any creature that calls this cave home must have some knowledge of its geography, and perhaps it has even seen glimpses of what is behind our mutual misfortunes. Killing this creature would be wasting a valuable opportunity! We must try to reason with it, though my own skills of persuasion are lacking at best.

I urge you, a place such as this likely has little sentient life, we must take every advantage given, no matter how it is presented.

Josh the Aspie
2007-12-20, 12:03 AM
As Mordun is in the middle of his first monolog, Lialei comes to a stop, and quickly draws her bow, aiming at the creature as she skids to a stop, but just as she's about to release the arrow, the creature stops fleeing. She holds her bow at the ready, and narrows her eyes as she watches it slowly return to it's 'nest' at which point she lowers her bow, putting her arrow away, and begins walking slowly towards it, pausing now and again. Her posture is a cautious defensive one, her weapon at the ready, but not held as if she's about to use it. Her ears are perked, and lay back only very slightly. Any creature that understands the postures of an animal should understand she's curious, and while she's not looking for a fight, if something starts one, she intends to finish it and wind up with a meal.

As she passes Morridun, she snorts. "It's no more sentient than a bear protecting it's cubs, and is at least as dangerous. Still, it might wind up being a good guard. If it attacks me when I approach, it needs to be put down. Keep it lit up, and give me the ability to see invisibility if possible."

She motions to Habadur. "It's wounded. If I can get it calm, and prevent it from attacking, come over when I motion you, and we can heal it."

She continues moving towards it. "Oh, and Mordun? Before you work on other languages, I suggest you learn what 'fast' means in the common tongue."

Josh the Aspie
2007-12-20, 12:04 AM
Attempting to use Wild empathy to get a truce.

2007-12-20, 05:03 AM

Fethen relaxes. He looks around pulls out his sketch pad and a charcoal pencil. He quickly sketches the outline of the creature as he can see it. He also quickly sketchs the area and on a separate page quickly maps out the areas they have explored thus far.

Sketch - Monster [roll0]
Sketch - Mapping [roll1]

2007-12-20, 05:19 AM

With a gesture, he induces his floating ball of light to re-faerie fire the phantom fungus. "We need to rest soon. I burned through a lot of spells, and we definitely aren't at full capability anymore."

Josh the Aspie
2007-12-20, 01:14 PM
"Sad as it is with how little we've explored, I agree. But not until we've handled this creature one way or another." Lialei says, firmly. "It wouldn't due to have an invisible predator trying to eat us in our sleep. How do you think the rest of the mushrooms in the area are 'fed'? They need more than the water."

2007-12-20, 02:04 PM
As the lights on the creature are cast yet again you see the creature becoming more and more agitated. The closeness of Lialei also seems to have increased it's nervousness, despite her words to the others her approach and actions seem to have made the creature more uncomfortable than anything else.

You can see the creature first look one way and then the other. It desperately presses itself agains the wall of its 'nest' and then without warning or hesitation charges headlong at Lialei.

Initiative = 10

2007-12-20, 02:13 PM

I'm sorry Mordun, it dies now. Fethen says releasing a bolt of green energy at the monster.

Initiative [roll0]
To Hit [roll1] Ranged touch
Damage [roll2] acid

2007-12-21, 05:15 AM


Reaching under his cloak, he pulls out a loaded crossbow. *Pang!* He fires it at the creature. From both the small mouselike humanoid and the ball of light shoot two white missiles, which streak unerringly towards the fungus.

not sure if init reroll required, old init 23, if needed, heres new roll [roll0]. My attack : [roll1][roll2]. Magic missiles from both summons : [roll3][roll4]. how many rounds have gone by? im going to assume about 2 rounds of noncombat, giving me 3 rounds with the mouse, 2 rounds with the ball.

2007-12-21, 11:28 AM
As the creature begins it's charge headlong towards Lialei her companions act quickly. In a barrage of magic, quarrels, and light from the summoned creatures the fungus is mortally wounded. It's legs continue to churn even as it begins to lose it's balance and stumbles. Straining mightily to right itself and continue it's charge the creature falters and it's path once straight becomes erratic as it lurches the last few steps towards Lialei. Carried more by momentum from its charge and a desperation of those who have accepted their death it lunges the last few feet separating Lialei and itself throwing itself haphazardly in her direction. The creature topples to the ground skidding to a stop mere inches from where Lialei stands dust debris and lifeblood of the creature mingling as one to assault Lialei as the creature sought to. Peppered by debris and blood Lialei will be reminded of the life she took until she has a moment to clean the remains of the creature from herself, and her now oft-soiled garments.

The debate over the creatures intelligence and possible uses is at a close. There is no use in debating what could have been, other than to lay blame for what has happened. The party tired and weary from a seemingly short battle must decide whether they will press onward or wait for the more scholarly in their group to regain their strength and magics before they continue their search anew.

Even if you rest now you must still account for 24 hours before you can cast new spells. Simply resting for 8 hour periods is not enough you must wait for the next day.

2007-12-21, 02:23 PM

Looking down at the corpse of the fungal creature, Mordun sighs.
Ah, a pity we could not have used it, but what's done is done. Good to see we have capable hands for holding blades at least.
He looks around and sees the ragged breaths of his allies as he shrinks back down to normal size.
Damn, I was liking the change in elevation. If any of ye need to rest, I would have no problem doin' so, it may be best for the health of the group.

2007-12-21, 11:02 PM

In flashes of light, both the creatures dissapear. Cracking his fingers and neck, Entirinon stretches. "Well. Good job everyone."

2007-12-23, 01:55 AM

Fethen looks around and says to the group I think we should press on a bit for today. If we need to rest then let us return to our start point.

Josh the Aspie
2007-12-24, 10:44 PM
Lialei dances back a few inches from the sliding creature, then observes the still outline for a long moment before she nods, slowly, and replies to the others. "I'll be glad to rest whenever everyone else is ready, but I'll rest more easily if we at least find a good, defensible, camping location. If we can, I think we should get at least a bit more exploring done." She looks around at the others. "And thank you."

2008-01-03, 09:47 AM

Fethen looks around his companions So what is the plan? Are we carrying on or are we camping for the day?

Josh the Aspie
2008-01-06, 02:58 AM
Lialei looks up and over to "Unless a specific person needs to rest -now- I say we explore a bit further."

2008-01-06, 08:42 AM
As you stand for a few moments regaining your barings and discussing your progress and individual needs, magical healing is doled out by Haburdur who remains stoic and unusually quiet as he goes about the mundane task of bringing the party up to full health.


A slight tremor ripples through the floor on which you stand causing debris, pebbles, and dust to rain down from the unseen heights above. It lasts for the briefest of moments but something feels unnatural to those of you with any ability to discern such things. As the floor settles back into place once again peaceful quiet dominates the cavern as conversation was cut short by the noise and sensation. As you stare into each others eyes the same understanding passes between your gazes. Magic is afoot! It should be stopped before it endagers you further than it has already by bringing you to this place.

2008-01-07, 03:59 PM

Fethen looks at the others and shrugs. You guys coming? He begins moving down the wall keeping at least 20 feet from the wall but following the curve.

Azerian Kelimon
2008-01-07, 07:53 PM
Wait, Fethen. Me and Mordun are going to go in front. Can't risk you being wounded, friend. Miss Lialei, could you scout in front of us? Bariaus says as he stops Fethen and walks a few feet past him. By the way, wasn't that tremor similar to the one that occurred when a new statue appeared?

2008-01-07, 09:03 PM
Wait, Fethen. Me and Mordun are going to go in front. Can't risk you being wounded, friend. Miss Lialei, could you scout in front of us? Bariaus says as he stops Fethen and walks a few feet past him. By the way, wasn't that tremor similar to the one that occurred when a new statue appeared?

Your voice echoes off the walls and fades unheeded. Fethen walks off into the darkness following the cavern walls. Apparently tired of waiting and caught up in some musing of his own.

2008-01-07, 11:26 PM

Pursing his lips, Entirinon says in a tense voice, "Wait! Don't just go wandering off! We need to stick together, and keep organized!"

Picking up his pace, Entirinon tries to catch up to Fethren.

2008-01-07, 11:30 PM

Seeing the others catching up and moving around Fethen slows and lets them arrange themselves as they see fit. Gentlemen, I can take care of myself, I assure you. But we cannot stay in this place any longer. I believe Entritinon is correct in postulating that tremor is the arrival of another sentient. But it also seems that these continuous tremors are damaging the area. It is time to move on. With that said Fethen pushes on to the east.

Josh the Aspie
2008-01-09, 12:44 AM
Lialei quickly moves up to walk with Greyen and Jael, before speaking softly. "Yes. We need to move on, but keep in mind, we're in strange territory, and all we have to rely on is each other. If we are badly wounded, or begin to run out of resources, we don't have anywhere to retreat to yet. We haven't even explored a single chamber of this area fully yet. That means caution. That means conserving resources, instead of throwing everything we have at the first thing we encounter." she says, glancing back at the mages. "And that means being open to someone saying that they need to stop and rest."

Making sure they are staying to the left wall, she begins moving a few steps ahead of the others, but not so far as to be rude in the conversation, or to cause the others to have to speak louder than they had before.

Azerian Kelimon
2008-01-09, 06:29 PM
Wait, Milady. Mind if I join you? I don't like scouting much, but your words have a ring of truth, and any information we can obtain is good, moreso considering we have limited resources, Bariaus whispers, as he slowly moves forward, taking the opposite wall.

Let's take something out from my bag of tricks.

Hide check, using factotum inspiration to get a boost: [roll0]

Move Silently Check, using inspiration: [roll1]

Note that this only applies if I cannot take 10 on the checks until we meet a foe. If I can, I take ten and use my normal modifier, 16.

Josh the Aspie
2008-01-10, 12:22 AM
She had only been moving a few steps ahead, while they had all been walking, so to accommodate Azeirian, she simply slows until they're all even again, though walking in the main group makes her a bit nervous.

"I'm looking forward to finding a good defensible camping location where keeping watch will be easier." She says quietly and simply.

2008-01-10, 07:47 AM

Fethen continues to move with the group as they proceed along the wall. He is looking around and taking mental notes of the locations of many things. He is silent, obviously not very happy at the turn of events and his fellows.

Josh the Aspie
2008-01-11, 12:41 AM
As the conversation is done, Lialei begins moving a bit ahead of the others, always staying within the line of sight of her two closest followers. She moves slowly, checking for traps as she goes.

((I know I can't take 10, and I don't know how many times to roll, so it's probably best if you roll for me when / if needed. I get +13 to my roll. I also don't have to specifically search for secret or hidden passage ways due to being elven.))

2008-01-11, 01:22 AM

"Let's head back to where we began. We camped there once without mishap, and possibly another 'guest' has arrived."

2008-01-11, 08:41 AM
As Entirinon speaks you move far enough at your pace to notice an opening in the wall on your left that is more than an indent.

I've been having trouble getting my maps up over the last few days.

Map. (http://timaoh.fileave.com/Maps/Litd(day2d).jpg)

2008-01-11, 09:06 AM

Fethen looks at the opening. He looks to the others, This may be a good place to camp, ot it may be the first exit from this place. Let us look. He then moves toward the opening letting the others move forward first if they want to.

2008-01-11, 02:25 PM
After carefully searching the several smaller caverns and tunnels branching off the main cavern you discover several startling and note-worthy things.

The first thing you discover is a very large very intricately carved door. It seems to be fashioned from the purest of mithril and nearly blinds you at first as your light sources reflect back at you off it's highly polished surface. It's hinges are also made of some substance consistant of mithral but where mithral is bright and silvery in colour the hinges are dark and seem to draw in the light.

In the very centre of the door there is also a very large square of the same mysterious dark metal. In it's centre there is a space for a key. The key itself would be as tall as any of you if stood on it's end and the metal quickly swallows up any light as you try to peer in through the key hole. Leaving you guessing about what might be on the other side.

Leaving the door to explore further you quickly find the remains of what seem to be humanoids to the left and right. The remains seem to be very very old. Their skeletal remains have been picked clean by some creature or another as there are definate sings of bite barks on their bones. The three or four passages you find end abruptly with piles of refuse and odds and ends scattered about the small caverns at their ends. Although some show signs of travel as there are remains of fires and ashes in the centre of the left cavern. The final passage leads back to the larger area and the cavern you had been exploring.

It would seem that any of these would make suitable campsites although the left cavern seems to be the cleanest and most recently used out of all the others.

MAP. (http://timaoh.fileave.com/Maps/Litd(day2e).jpg)

2008-01-11, 02:58 PM

Fethen says to the others, if we want to camp one of these caves would seem to be the most defensible. I can hide us in a Rope Trick for six hours, but I know that I need a full eight to clear my mind for fresh spells. I suggest we camp in one of these and use the rope trick for the bulk of the time. Is this agreeable?

2008-01-12, 11:04 AM

"It seems as good a plan as any. I suggest we arrange our camp defensively, then spend some time recuperating."

2008-01-12, 12:19 PM
After taking 10 minutes to arrange the camp and set watches in shifts you all quickly settle in for acold hard night in the darkness. Lost in the depths of some cavern in a land that seems unfamiliar to you eventually settling into a restless sleep plagued by nightmarish visions and impenitrable darkness that clings to you as you run through it trying to escape it's cloying embrace. Shaking with dread and sweating even though you feel chill and numb as though something is sapping the heat from you as you run you stumble blindly as the darkness creeps ever closer on the edge of your vision always in sight and never within reach.

As the bank of darkness closes in around you, parting as you wing at it franticly trying to hold it at bay. It eventually engulfs you completely and a few moments later you awake back in the cavern. As those who are on watch stir restlessly, you know sleep will not afford you the comfort or respite you need.

2008-01-12, 01:41 PM

Watching the others attempt to rest and sleep Fethen studies his spell book and makes some more notes in his journal. He is not ready to sleep yet. After a few hours of preparation and reading/writing Fethen looks at the others and sighs. He walks into the back of the cave and taking some things from one of the pouches at his side he begins to cast a spell.

After a few moments a shimmer in the air appears in front of him before dissappearing. A short moment later a thick rope unrolls from a point in the air a foot above Fethen's head. Fethen tugs on the rope and climbs into nothing. After a moment he pokes his head out and calls to the others. Come on in here guys. This will allow us a short respite from the nightmares...I hope

Azerian Kelimon
2008-01-13, 05:26 PM
Aaaah! Bariaus wakes up, after a night filled with nightmares. Nightmares of longing for having a little lady back, of an endless journey, and of no one to trust. Seeing Fethen, he remembers something. Better prepare, neevr know what's awaiting us, he thinks as he prepares spells for the day. He decides to repeat yesterday's selection, as it has shown itself to be rather useful.

Josh the Aspie
2008-01-13, 05:35 PM
Lialei, meanwhile, keeps watch with the mage. While he scribes notes and the like, she watches the entrance of the side cave that they chose for their camp (personally I recommend the one on the far right, or the one next to it). She glances to the sleeping humanoids, and occasionally surveys their side cavern a soft frown on her face.

While humans sleep, and dream, elves enter a trance, where in the memories of their life return to them, allowing them to stay connected to each part of their life despite their long years. It is due to these trances which keep the past fresh in an Elf's mind. It is because of these that it is said among other races that no friendship lasts so long as an elf... nor does such wraith.

Yet, even within the trance, elves do sometimes dream. These dreams are often considered to be prophetic. And while no elf can ever tell what memories they will revisit that night, the memories that one calls up can sometimes be influenced by the world around them... either being dredged from the depths by similar events... or used to help the mind and spirit find some temporary respite.

Lialei has lived much of her life in nature, exploring it's beauty and magesty... in an attempt to make each night's trance just a little bit more pleasant, after the decades of war she has seen. Yet tonight, from the nightmares of the others, she fears that her trance may... be less than she has worked for.

She nods, and heads for the rope. "Alright Fethen. Thank you for the secure place to rest... and I agree, let's hope our rest will be peaceful."

2008-01-15, 12:53 AM
Relative Morning Comes?

Fethen stretches and looks at the cramped quarters inside the Rope Trick. He waits a moment before waking everyone and ushering them out. Saying brightly, trying to keep a positive face on he will poke and prod feet or shoulders all the while saying Wakey wakey! A beautiful day of deep dungeon delving to do!

After everyone is awake and out of the Rope Trick he will then sit against a wall and rest for another few hours, mainly sketching and reading. After eating a cold breakfast of dry tack he will sit and memorize spells muttering about Tomorrow, we will get a whole nights sleep. This place is oppressive.

Josh the Aspie
2008-01-20, 05:38 AM
Liale has been sitting in one small corner of the area of the rope-trick with her knees brought to her chest, and her arms hugging her cloak to her body. Her eyes have stayed open the majority of the time, merely blinking now and again as she stares into nothingness, past the shoulder of one of the others in the rope trick, as though absorbed in her own inner world, which she has been.

After being prodded a few times by Greyen, she nods, and waits for others to make room, before crawling forward to the exit, streeeeetching as a cat does as she goes, then summer salts out of the exit, before climbing down the rope, and streeeeetching further, lengthening each muscle and sinew in the first bit of her morning ritual.

2008-01-20, 05:56 AM

Stirring quietly, Entirinon moves slowly for the exit. Though his actions are smooth and controlled, you can see that he definitely could benefit from more sleep.

2008-01-20, 08:32 AM

When Fethen is finished studying his spell book he looks to the others, Are we ready to go? I wast be free of this place as soon as possible.

Josh the Aspie
2008-01-20, 12:56 PM
While the others study their spellbooks, Lialei cleans and maintains her gear as best she can without wasting any water, and has a bit of breakfast from her rations and water skin. If she managed to find any food in their travels thus far, she shared it with the group. That done, she then begins work on a map of the area they'd explored so far. Not a detailed one, but a general one. A small marking symbol she personally uses marks a particular spot with "here be mushrooms" and another marks the door they found earlier.

When people close up their spellbooks and look about ready to go, she removes her bow from her quiver, and strings it, tests the pull, then bounces on her feet, quickly dodging back and forth vrs an apparent enemy. When asked if she's ready, a smile and a nod are her answer. Don'tcha love morning people?

"I think we should examine that door. Even if we can't open it right now, if we know what we're looking for we're more likely to find the key as we explore the cave." She says, gesturing in that dirrection. "Then, before unlocking a path to a new area, I think we should make sure we don't have any threats to our back in this one, and know of any resources we can take advantage of here."

If the group concurs, and readies to move out, she will lead back to the door.

2008-01-20, 01:44 PM

Fethen nods agreement and snapping off a quick spell points his finger at himself. Waving his finger over himself dirt and grim puffs off of him. He looks to the others Anyone fancy a cleaning, wizards style? his finger is still pointing forward.

-OOC Using prestidigitation for cleaning

If anyone accepts Fethen will points at them and clean them, it feels like warms air flowing from his finger tip.

When everyone else is ready Lets be off then. Fethen says as he readies his crossbow, double checking the tether to his vest.

2008-01-22, 12:41 PM
--Assuming you all take the time and make your way to the door. --

You find the door much as you left it. It stands many times your height and is imposing indeed. It's craftsmanship is unmached to anything you have seen before be it dwarven, elven, or even an artifact of the gods. This doorway seems to exude a strength and a purpose that you cannot fathom. Whatever treasure it guards must be great indeed for anything guarded by a treasure such as this door must be many times more valuable itself.

In its very centre almost twelve feet off the ground there is an opening that would appear to be a keyhole if it were not so overlarge and so high off the ground. It has the usual shape of a keyhole other than it's size and the slip-shod that securely blocks the opening from taking any key not designed for the opening it is far less remarkable than the door itself. Any key that fit suck a lock however would be as large as any of you if it was stood on its end.

If anyone wants to do anything else while the others study the door feel free. Also any rolls you wish to make might reveal more information just post the here or OOC and i'll post a reply as soon as i can to append the information.

2008-01-22, 02:17 PM

Fethen takes a moment to study the great door, he then quickly snaps off a spell. Hold this, please! He says to nothing as he hands his everburning torch to thin air which holds it there.

-OOC- Cast Unseen Servant 6 Hour duration

Anyone mind if we study this for a moment?
Without waiting for an answer he sets his cross bow to hang at his waist as he takes out his sketching pad. As he studies the door he moves around it taking approximate measurements with a bit of string and a piece of chalk.

He even takes out a few other books he is carrying and studies those for a moment before putting them away.

Taking 20 to sketch for a 25-multiple sketches with details, etc.
K:Arcana- [roll0]
K:A&E - [roll1]
K:Religion [roll2]
K:Planes [roll3]
Spellcraft [roll4]
Appraise - [roll5]

Azerian Kelimon
2008-01-22, 03:52 PM
Don't delay, Fethen. We have nothing to do with this door. And before anyone asks why, Bariaus quickly adds, It is because it is either way above or below our league. If the original owner is still alive, it is a being of enough power to overthrow the gods or an idiot. If it was a superpowerful creature, it wouldn't leave the door locked, and if it was an idiot, it also wouldn't leave the door locked. If someone occupied this, the usurper is way above our league, since such items as this door usually comes along with other powerful artifacts, which means we should leave well enough alone. So let's continue our journey and leave this door alone. We can always come back later. And by the way, judging the craftsmanship of the door, I'd say it was made for or by Titans, possibly greater ones. And with that, Bariaus walks back, to check other passages, without leaving very far away from the group.

2008-01-22, 06:07 PM

After waiting patiently for Fethen to finish his sketches, he begins to talk...

"Well. Lets go back to the area we all started out from... We need to find out if there are any new visitors. Then we can continue to map out this area." He pauses for a moment. "Finding a source of food and water is also priority. After all, we have no idea how long we will be down here."

2008-01-22, 11:24 PM

Fethen closes his book with a thump. Thank you everyone for waiting for me. Clues about the creation and use of this door may lead us to clues about who and or what is doing this. But for now that is all it is worth. Let us be off. Fethen stows his books and sketching materials. He picks up his crossbow and tells the torch to follow him. He nods to Lailei as if to say that he is ready.

2008-01-23, 03:31 PM
What is knowledge A&E?

From your brief time spent studying and sketching the door you see a myriad of symbols you are unfamiliar with and you only notice them once you get ver close to the door and squint. The door is actually covered with them. Anywhere you assumed was a pock mark or flaw in the stone from the passage of time actually apears to be a very minute facet in the door itself. Each facet contains enough sigils and wards that it baffles you the amount of detail and precision it would take to carve such intricate patterns would surely take centuries, if not longer.

Most of the small pocks being smaller than the tip of your pencil you have a very hard time copying them or even viewing them reliably. If only you had your entile array of instruments to study them or some way to magnify the symbols. Either way simply sketching the door and noting its dimensions takes a considerable amount of time and skill. As you draw and ponder you realise that such a door must also be magical. The material it is made of does not appear to be native to this plane as much of the other dark rock you studied earlier seemed to be unfamiliar to your home plane.

Lastly you imagine and estimate the door to be priceless both as a means of defense and as an invaluable artifact it is surely without equal and priceless.

2008-01-24, 02:09 AM
K:A&E is Knowledge Architecture and Engineering

2008-01-24, 09:20 AM
Ok. I have nothing to add to include that roll, i basically gave you all the information you can get from a one time look without any other background. If you have some questions your rolls might entitle you to have them answered but other than that my other post should be sufficient.