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2007-11-01, 11:20 AM
Okay, here we go:

You are all in a small town, called Kettrow.


You are all there for your own reasons, which you should make up yourself.

Information about the town:
It has a lot of trade of magical potions and scrolls, as the village isn't far from a bustling magical metropolis. It's rumored that a black market has been created and is based here for selling magical items stolen from the wizards at the big city.
The village has all the essentials required for a settlement of it's size. It has a resident cleric, Father Carter. He lives, works and prays in the church (E7) and he also heals the hurts of the people who live in the village, for a small fee of course, the church doesn't pay for itself.
The Queen's Dragon Inn (E5) is the social center of the village, you can find out almost anything, about anyone from there. The barkeep, called John, offers cheap, safe and comfortable accommodation. (That's what it says on the sign outside, anyway.)

The town square is in the middle of the town, at the crossroads (E3). This is where criminals are hung and Father Carter says his sermon every week. The town crier also works here, shouting out notices about various businesses and events.
For mercenaries who are looking for a job, there is a large notice board here. With many notices pinned to it, there is much money to be made here by just doing small jobs that the villagers are too lazy or busy to do. Everything from finding lost pets, to killing bandit leaders can be found there.

The shopping street (The street with E4, E9 and E10 on it) has all the shops in the town on it. There are tanners, bakers, shoe makers, tailors, bankers, psychics (not all are real), alchemists and the village guard HQ all along the street, with people selling their wares out in the street as well.

The city has many impoverished people, mainly people who were kicked out of the wizard's city because they couldn't afford the pay the taxes. The whole village lives under the shadow of the city, they know how the beggars and tramps feel and don't mind their presence.

The town guard consists mainly of bulky humans who didn't do well enough in childhood education (if they had an education) to secure themselves a good job elsewhere. Corruption is a big problem among them, bribery happens every day and men, women and children are beaten in the streets just because they feel bored.

Welcome to Kettrow.

[Please roleplay as you would. Do what you like. Enjoy]

2007-11-01, 12:09 PM
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2007-11-01, 12:11 PM
Kash'Ka sees a guard beat a child. He HATED it. The people of his Halfling village were treated like that, too. He had been one of those children. He readied his greataxe, preparing to attack.

2007-11-01, 12:20 PM

dragon_masterd. Please write in the present tense, maybe a bit more description? EDIT: meh...your choice =) I'm just being silly.

i.e."He looks down the street he is in, seeing tramps and beggars, some very young lining the walls of the street. Shop signs swung in the breeze and men and women swept up and down in expensive jackets and coats, ignoring the cries of the children.

A guard was there, 'keeping the peace'. Yeah, right, the halfling had heard about the guards of Kettrow, attacking the innocent they were supposed to protect.
One of the guards, a tall well built human brandished a mace at a small beggar who had dared to ask him for a small piece of the bread roll he was eating. The guard kicked the beggar, then shouted at him, warning him never to do that again or he would do much worse. And, after another kick, he left, leaving the young beggar on the ground, with a bleeding nose and broken lip.

How was that fair? The guard wasn't doing his job, he was just beating poor defenseless children.

This made the small barbarian angry, and with a hand on his greataxe, he watched the guard walking off."

EDIT: deleted bit about no 3rd person. Do it if you wish ^^ Carry on with whatever you were planning.

2007-11-01, 12:36 PM
Exiting the weapon merchant's shop, disgusted by the shoddy quality of the human merchandise once again; I came onto the street just in time to see one of the guards beating on the beggars, again. This would never pass in any dwarven settlement, I know. The beggar's nose was broken, it was obvious. He'd be lucky if that was the worst of the injuries he got today. The beggars always turned on the one who'd been beaten by the guards. Sheathing the waraxe from which I earned my clan name, I walked across the street to bring this one to the local healer, maybe he'd let him work off the cost of a heal. As I crossed the open street, I saw a short one holding a greataxe and staring in the direction of the guard. This spelt trouble...

2007-11-01, 12:38 PM
Pausing for a moment for a moment at the outskirts of the town, Venn looks over the village and sees the busy villagers and a few vagrants. It was a welcome sight from the monotony of the road outside of civilization. Nothing had happened since he left the trading outpost where he was hired to identify a few magic items some dungeon divers had found. It didn't really help that his familiar kept on reminding him that he forgot to pick up a bottle of wine for him there and that, "It's barbaric to go so long without a real drink. You know that the water along these roads could be contaminated!." Annoyances aside, Venn thinks that it would be good to get a cooked meal.

Walking along the road towards the inn, the wizard notices the guards being worse than your normal town. He knew the type and even worked with them. Brutish and uncaring in their charge. It's even worse when they have the law on their side. Some of them even find it fun to beat people. Luckily those people are few and far between.

Walking up to the Queen's Dragon, Venn makes a remark to the raven sitting on his shoulder "How about we get a drink," and enters the front door.

2007-11-01, 12:50 PM
The Queen's Dragon Inn [Venn only at the moment]

A haze of smoke assails you as soon as you open the door, a bell clinks somewhere and the barman looks up from the dirty mug that he is filling with beer and gazes at you. His eyes move up to your shoulder and settle on the raven there. You notice that everyone else in the inn is looking at you in the same way, fear and awe showing on their faces. As you look around the inn to meet their gaze they all look away and carry on with what they were doing before, some men were sitting in the corner, playing cards for bright silver pieces, a woman with a heavy layer of lipstick and eye shadow stood near them. Other people are sitting around on various wooden tables scattered around the room talking, drinking and smoking.
The barman speaks to you, drawing your stare back to him.

Hullo, i'd be John. Welcome to the Queen's Dragon. A finer establishment you will never find. Are you from the city? We're pleased to have you! What can I get you to drink?

OOC: There are 20-25 people in the inn, all of them have at least one visible weapon. Short Swords and Rapiers mainly.

2007-11-01, 01:12 PM
Mom, I'm going to the square to look for work. I say As I exit my mother's "shop." I turn just is time to avoid the nearly flying kicked begger as he falls back. With a shrug of my shoulders I ignore his plight and head out toward the square. As I pass the bullitin board without even looking and head into the Queen's Dragon.

Howdy John, Gimme the usual and put it on the old man's tab. I say patting what must be the drunkest man in the bar on the head as he sits at the bar face down completely passed out in a bowl of nuts. John grunts and pours a tall glass of water.

So, John what's the good word.

2007-11-01, 01:13 PM

Lorren sighed with relief at the sight of the village as she came to the top of the hill.

It was large, a good size town, really, and the prospect made her nervous.

But I have to eat! she thought to her self as she stood there in the middle of the road.

Her clothing was very well made, though only cotton. A deep blue dress with what once was a cream sash at her waist that emphasized her 15 year old slim waist. The bodice on the dress was a little tight. Either it had shrunk, or her bosom had grown in the 2 months since she had made the dress.

Her cloak was a matching shade of blue, though it was wool to provide warmth and protection from the occasional rain storms.

Well, let's get this over with came the thought as she called over her shoulder in Sylvan.

"It looks safe enough. Come on. Let's see what our reception will be like here."

From the bushes, trees and fields behind her, a bellowing mass of butterflies congregated into a single mass and flew to her. There were hundreds of them arrayed in a glorious display of color and Lorren had to smile. The sight never ceased to amaze her.

Motioning to her cloak with a shrug and a glance, the majority of them landed on her cloak though some of them landed on her hair in a ring, one on her finger and a number around her wrist and neck to form living jewelry.

Feelings of soreness in her legs and feet did not distract from the hunger she felt at the thought of a nice meal, so she decided to find an inn first.

Finally making it to the town, she looked around and noticed the grimaces on the guards faces and the way the people in the streets tended to shy away from them as well as how they cringed when the guards eyes fell on any of them. There was definitely something wrong there.

The guards didn't seem to mind her and her entourage, so she continued on to the town square where she was had an easy time of finding the inn.

Pushing the door open she sighed in relief as she noted the empty tables and the waitresses serving the people there.

Heading to one of the free tables, she sat down, her feet extended in front of her to prop them on the chair on the opposite side of the table and sighed.

It was then that she had noticed that all the others in the inn had gone quiet.

She looked and noticed that the man she had slipped by had gathered the people’s attention and she smiled to herself. They had not noticed her butterflies because they were focused on the bird and man she had passed. Probably a mage and these people looked both respectful and fearful of him.

She wondered if they were justified in their feelings, but shrugged. She was just glad that it allowed her to pass without remark for once.

2007-11-01, 01:24 PM
Venn is slightly taken aback by his "warm welcome" at the inn. He had assumed that a place such as this would have magic wielders living alongside other people. The fear the tavern patrons showed seems to suggest otherwise. Some wizards, like the city guards here, use their magic to oppress people. Venn isn't that kind of wizard, but something tells him that the townsfolk might not believe him. If he's going to earn the trust of the citizens so he can do business here, he's going to have to show them that he's a friend.

Venn warmly replies to the barkeeper, "No, I'm a journeyman from out of town and would like a room. My friend here," Venn motions towards Nigel, "would like a small amount of wine if you have any. I'd also like to buy a round of ale for the house."

2007-11-01, 01:26 PM
Still disturbed by the guard, Kash'Ka moves back into the shadow of the streets, watching the people walking along the line of shops, but keeps his greataxe steady. The next time a guard strikes a helpless child, they're going to die.
He then walks slowly down the street, into the Tavern. He says to the barkeep "I want nothing. Do not disturb me. I have work to do.", and sets of for the back of the tavern. There he meets two small (for Orc standards) Orcs, who where sent to the town for the same reason as the Halfling.
They engage in deep conversation, obviously about their mission. They continue like this for an hour, maybe more, until another Orc comes and breaks up their conversation. The two original Orcs then quietly leave the tavern with Kash'Ka.

2007-11-01, 01:57 PM
OOC - Dragon Masterd. I'll play to orcs for you =)

Tell me about their histories / names over PM and what you intend to do.

[I've read your backstory, so I know about the whole peace between orcs and humans thing. But...tell me everything the orcs know about it.]

The Queen's Dragon

To Venn:

Yes, sir. Coming right up.

Cheers erupt from the people in the inn at the sound of free ale, waitresses carry the beer through the tavern to all the people in it, and they slurp their drinks happily. [All PC's in the tavern other than Ahus' character get a free beer too]

The barman passes a beer to you and says, If you're here about magic, then you had best be careful. After what that wizard guild did to us...we're not the friendliest people towards your lot. You're obviously not from the guild. None of them would buy a round of ale for us all, they think we're scum, they do. Anyway, i'll not be keeping you.[/colour] he ends the conversation, and walks over to Hamish to ask what he would like.

On another table in the inn, a pretty young waitress stomps over to Lorren and says. [COLOR="YellowGreen"]Can I get you anythin'?

2007-11-01, 02:10 PM
I was glad to see that the little one had left the guard alone, the chaos wouldn't be nice if he hadn't. Crossing the street, I dodged the obvious pickpockets, and reached the downed beggar. Hefting him over my shoulder, I walked to the church and dumped him on the front steps. I marched back to the Tavern, and my eyes followed the stares of the crowd to the "wizard". Bah, he looks like a fake, I thought to myself. Probably nothing more then some cheap illusions. That familiar seems interesting, though, likely more intelligent then the man who's shoulder he was riding on. "Barkeep! Yer strongest ale, quickly!" I bellowed as I sat down, wishing I was back in the dwarven lands and could enjoy a pint or several of good dwarven ale.

2007-11-01, 02:13 PM

"Ah, Kettrow Village, hopefully we'll be able to get some decent work here. This place is famous for its trade in magical scrolls and potions." The halfling says to her mount as they make their way trough town. The halfling is wearing a rather fashionable travelers outfit with a simple leather coat of armor over it. At just under 3 feet in height, she doesn't look intimidating at first glance.

Her mount is an obviously predatory dinosaur with sharp teeth and sickle-like claws it makes its way toward the towns entrance carrying its rider and several bags of equipment and items.

Avoiding the beggers and ruffians as best she can (although the beggers might be avoiding her mount as well) she makes her way towards the shops, looking for some place that sells crafting materials. In particular, looking for supplies to write scrolls and something to help her emulate the spells used to make those scrolls.

2007-11-01, 02:16 PM
As the fearesome looking dinosaur rides toward the town gates, the guards start shouting and the gate begins to close, seven guards hefting crossbows peer over the battlements [a couple of crates and pointed sticks]. One of them shouts:

What the hell is that? Stop!! Don't come any closer! Dismount NOW!

2007-11-01, 02:37 PM

Hearing the guards cry out, the halfling stops in the middle of the road a safe distance away. "Easy, steady now." she says softly to her dinosaur mount, telling it to stay put and not snap at anyone.

"Don't worry, he's perfectly safe. We ride them all the time on the plains and they never hurt anyone." She says assuredly to the guards, but does not dismount until the guards show signs of calming down.

Diplomacy check: [roll0]

2007-11-01, 02:47 PM

The archers raise their bows and one of them fires a warning shot that zips past your ear about 10" away. The arrow is crude and possibly home made, it doesn't have a metal tip, you notice, just stabilizing feathers on the end and a pointed wooden tip.

That thing is dangerous. Get off of it NOW. Or we will be forced to kill it, and put you in prison.

The archer reloads his crossbow.

By now, a small crowd of villagers have gathered to see what all the shouting is about, a small boy of about six years points at the dinosaur and says, Daddy, what is that?

I don't know son, but it doesn't look good... his father replies, putting a hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

2007-11-01, 02:51 PM
As the diminutive barbarian passes by I initially see only an the top of a battle axe over the end of the bar. The halfling is a little gruff but as I shrug I see him sit down with two Orcs. With another little shoulder shrug and a shake of the head I turn and basically ignore the grouping.

Take mine off of my fathers tab if you would John, probably his to by the look of him. I pick my father's head up out of the nuts by his hair and release it again to watch as it falls back down on the bar. As his head cracks against the bar he falls off of the stool. An instant before he hits the floor he catches himself with the grace of a stone sober monk he rights himself back on the stool and slaps the bar, indicating that he wants the drink. he promptly downs the whole thing without a word and slams his head down on the bar unconscious yet again.

To Venn:
Thanks thats just what I needed I'll never get him home at this rate. Finally, I look and see who bought the round. oh, Wizard, ehh. Actually, John I think I will take a drink... I give a little shudder remembering the wizard guild and plop down on a stool near the unconscious balding drunk.

So, what brings ya to Kettrow Mr. wizard man.

2007-11-01, 02:58 PM

Motioning to the chair opposite her, Lorren moves her feet from it for the waitress to sit down.

Once the waitress had purched on the edge of the seat, Lorren replies, "I'd love to accept that bird owners ale as well as something fresh from the kitchen to eat please. Besides that I am interested in a room. WOuld I speak to you about that or someone else?" Lorren smiles at the hard working woman and knows that she, herself, may be in a simular position: her fathers money would not last forever.

Lorren paid attention to where the mage was who had bought the ale, but more out of curiosity then any other reason.

2007-11-01, 03:11 PM
Kash'Ka, with his two Orc friends, walks over to the guards, opposing the Dinosaur.
I would hope you stand down. If you anger the animal, it will rip you to shreds. Evidently, you won't have enough firepower to bring it down. Those sharpened sticks will do nothing to the animal but make him angrier. ......Not that it wouldn't be doing a favor to everyone here.

2007-11-01, 03:17 PM
Venn accepts his drink and finds a nice empty table to sit at. Nigel immediately jumps onto the surface and begins inspecting his wine. With a place to sit down and cover from the wind and most distraction, Venn opens his spell book and turns to the page where his ray of frost spell is located. He had recently gotten the idea that a few of his location marker runes could be replaced making it less taxing on him to cast it... something that doesn't really matter for such a trivial spell but still an interesting thought.

His work is being superseded in his mind by mulling over what the barkeeper said. Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea and he could have stayed at the trading post a while back. Lost in thought he takes a drink while looking blankly at the spell in front of him. His familiar suddenly exclaims to him, "yes back into civilization indeed," and begins to drink. Venn really should figure out just how the bird holds his booze so well.

Still lost in thought when a local approaches, Venn doesn't seem to notice much. He finally snaps out of it when he is asked a question and replies, "The simplest answer would be research I suppose."

2007-11-01, 03:20 PM
The Queen's Dragon Inn

Okay, i'll go get the chef to rustle you up something and bring you your beer.

She shouts at the barman, One frosty one over here please John!

Oh, and we'll see about your room too. I'll bring the room book. Be right back.

She walks off and returns carrying a large glass of beer and a hardback book with a tarnished silver clasp on it.

She opens the book, names of people written in black ink are all over the page, with details such as name, how long and age printed neatly next to them.

Right, name, length of stay, reason for being in our little village and age, please?

The chef walks over after about three minuites and gives you a plate of cheese, bread and some apple slices on the side.

That'll be one silver please, my good man. said the chef, in a deep voice.

2007-11-01, 03:26 PM

Jesaral looks at the guards and the gathering crowd of people. She could get off her mount and find herself at the mercy of these giant guards... and who knows what they would do to poor Buster. Or she could just turn around and run off, hide out in the woods till the heat dies down and enter alone through another gate.

Gee, that last idea sounds like a pretty good idea... logically, a good person would cooperate with the angry guards and face a whole lot of public scrutiny that would really damage their ability to get a job... or maybe the guards will be impressed by mounts that can attack and want their own...

"Listen, I'm just going to run away now. Bye."

She quickly orders her mount to turn around and run at full speed away from the guards. She grabs on tight to avoid falling.

A clawtooths base land speed is 40 ft per round, Run feat multiplies by 5

2007-11-01, 03:34 PM
GET BACK HERE! WE WON'T HURT YOU! Just come back to us, we will stable the mount, then you can talk to us about it! shout the guards at you. They sound convincing...

If you still decide to run away...well, you're gonna miss a lot.


As you run away, you see a small road, dusty and narrow. About a hundred foot down the road there is a sign post, written in common.

North: Kettrow Village, South Entrance
East: The Great City of Narford
North West: Kettrow Village, West Entrance

You remember that the west entrance has lax security, and is often poorly manned.

Choose your way...

2007-11-01, 03:38 PM

That'll be one silver please, my good man. said the chef, in a deep voice.

Lorren tries not to look hurt at the man's words. She would have thought that her long brown hair, her dress and her bone structure would have been enough to label herself a woman, but she guessed not. She was not as endowed as her mother, but the chefs words hurt her.

"Thank you." she says, with a slight blush, her cloak turning to red as the butterflies on it close and open their wings so that it's color reflected their mood, if not the mood of their mistress.

Turning back to the waitress, Lorren answers, Lorren Deepweaver is my name. I'm not sure how long I'll be staying, but at least the night. I've come to see if I can find work. If not, then I'll just be passing through. I've been told that I was born 15 years ago, and I've been a woman for 3 years. she states, watching the waitress fill in the line with neat writing.

2007-11-01, 03:39 PM
The church bell tolls in the distance. It is 4 PM.

Quote: Sorry, he's a bit blind. Comes from the stuff he cooks with. :smallbiggrin:

2007-11-01, 03:40 PM

Noticing the chef still standing there, she remebered the silver and handed him one from her pouch, blushing even deeper then before with a soft Sorry.

2007-11-01, 03:50 PM
That be okay laddie, I'll be off now. Enjoy your meal now.

he walks off.

You notice a crushed butterfly on the floor, stepped on by the chef as he walked away.

2007-11-01, 04:13 PM

Turning back to the waitress, Lorren answers, Lorren Deepweaver is my name. I'm not sure how long I'll be staying, but at least the night. I've come to see if I can find work. If not, then I'll just be passing through. I've been told that I was born 15 years ago, and I've been a woman for 3 years. she states, watching the waitress fill in the line with neat writing.

She smiles sadly at the crushed butterfly but not too sadly. It was a butterflies life not to live that long. It would be replaced by another.

2007-11-01, 04:18 PM
The waitress writes down all the information in the book slowly, as if she had trouble writing and spelling.

Okay, that's all done. Here's the key to your room, there is a string there, pull it if you need anything, okay?

She tosses a key to you.


she does some simple maths in her head...

That'll be 2 sp for the night, it includes breakfast in the morning. Your room is number 3. You just go up those stairs over there, on the right and your room is on the left.

She nods towards the stairs in the corner of the inn as she speaks.

2007-11-01, 04:38 PM

Paying the waitress the 2 sp, Lorren looks around while taking a byte of an apple.

She notes the 'mage' at the table with the bird and thinks about introducing herself, but her stomache pursades her to wait. She decides to finish supper first.

2007-11-01, 04:47 PM

Tom arrives in town with a smile on his lips. Immediately upon entering, he hears church bells ringing. A pious man, Tom heads towards the sound. Along the way, the smile slowly turns into a frown as Tom sees the sorrowful condition of the townsfolk.

Upon arriving at the church, Tom enters silently, sitting himself down in a pew, and listens to the sermon.

2007-11-01, 04:49 PM
The meal tastes good, and as you eat it many different people come into the inn for their evening drink.

The gamblers in the corner now have a crowd of onlookers, who cheer and jeer at the players.

Two members of the town guard have come in, they sit down and start drinking large amounts of alcohol, and refuse to pay for it. Saying that it'll cost the innkeeper far more if he keeps trying to get them to pay for their drinks.

The town crier outside starts shouting about the evening's news. Several different jobs are mentioned, more details can be found on the notice board at the town square. A prize of 30 gp is offered to the person who brings the dinosaur with or without the rider, dead or alive to the guard house. The rider is charged with the crime of "attempt to murder several members of the town guard, though the rider failed, due to the obvious superiority of the guards."

2007-11-01, 04:58 PM
The Church of Pelor, The God of the Sun

You walk inside, pushing open the large wooden doors. The church is a basic one, altar, sacrificial paraphernalia, holy water, a font and a pulpit for the reading of the sermon

The Priest is standing in the pulpit, reading from a book in a slow monotonous voice. He is telling a story of the glory of Pelor, and how his light will show them the way through the darkness and bring the inhabitants of the town who are faithful to a new age of peace and prosperity.
You notice that there are two very different kinds of people listening to the sermon. One kind are drinking up his every word, hands clasped infront of them, eyes closed, praying intensely to Pelor to save them, their families, and the rest of the village from various problems. The other kind, is made up of people who have lost all but a little of their faith, those who are barely listening, but are attending out of habit. Their faith in Pelor has been shaken by the evils that are allowed to occur in their town.

The priest has a loud voice, and it reverberates across the room reaching all within it clearly.
After about fifteen minutes the sermon ends, the priest snaps the book shut and says:
Go, my children. Go out into the world and spread the light of Pelor. If you are faithful, you shall be saved. The sacrifices have told me that there will be one, a faithful one, who will come to the town and cleanse us of evil. He will come soon.

After this, he steps down from the pulpit and walks to the door of the church, saying goodbye to each person as they leave.

You may stay or leave at your leisure. You are alone with the priest, who is walking around the church picking up any litter and generally cleaning the place, preparing it for his next sermon.

2007-11-01, 05:04 PM

Dinosaur? Do I feel we are up to that? No, I don't think so! She thinks to herself with a chuckle.

She finishes her meal and stretches her back, feeling individual virtibrae pop as she does so. It was nice to be off her feet.

She would have to take a look at that board.

One not to parcrastinate, she gets up from her seat, waves to the waitress motioning that she would be back and heads out to the town square once more.

Seeing the board with the notices, she goes to it to see what a young woman like herself may be able to do for some extra gold. Something other then dinosaur hunting.

2007-11-01, 05:13 PM

Tom walks up to the priest, a broad smile on his lips. He makes the sun disc of pelor with his hands, and then extends his right hand.

Greetings, Father. I am called Thomas Laud. That was a fine sermon you gave.

2007-11-01, 05:17 PM
Looking at the notice board, you see many notices dotting the area, most of which would be performed by the town guard in any normal city, indicating that they are lazy and lax about their duties.

Okay, the following notices jump out at you:

Young Girl wanted to work in herb shop, must have good knowledge of common herbs and their properties. Must have had previous shop experience. Must NOT have a criminal record. Please see Miss Loas' Herb Shop for more details. Pay, 2 sp per day.

Mercenary wanted to help out on my farm, rabbits keep eating my vegatables. I don't know how I am going to keep my livelyhood with them eating all my vegatables. Please, you have to help me! Payment: 10 copper pieces and a good meal.

Mercenary or group of mercenaries wanted to cleanse the caves to the north the unholy taint of the goblins. They frequently attack the graveyard to steal bodies, yes, bodies! Why would that want to do that I wonder? Anyhoo, I need someone to go deal with them. If you need anything, talk to the Church Caretaker or Father Carter. Payment decided when task is completed.

My alchemy and magic shop was raided recently. I don't know who would do such a thing! They stole several scrolls and pots of magical dusts and herbs. I need the person brought to justice!
Come talk to Jack at Jack & Son's Magical Goods.
The reward will be useful for any magical people, and money is also given.
Culprit should be alive or dead, alive is preferred.

The rest of them are either too soiled by the elements or by dust to make out the writing, or they are for jobs that you would not want. Such as cleaning, cooking, helping out around mother's houses while they are pregnant. None of them pay well.

2007-11-01, 05:19 PM
The Church of Pelor

Why thank you, young man.

The priest shakes your hand enthusiastically

What can i do for you? you are a worshiper of our Lord Pelor, I presume? I have not seen you here before. Are you an outsider?

2007-11-01, 05:29 PM

Tom's grin widens at the priests enthusiasm.

I come from afar, yes. My place of birth is in the farmlands to the south of here, in a small village named Stratfeld. The Shining One came to me in a dream and sent me here.

Tom's expression suddenly grows solemn.

After walking the streets of this town, I can see why.

Tom looks directly into the priest's eyes.

If you would allow me shelter here, I hope to help the people here. They seem to have suffered long enough. Perhaps I can relieve some small part of it.

2007-11-01, 05:38 PM
Kash'Ka, closely followed by his Orc friends, follows the dinosaur and the halfling out of town. Oi! You! Halfling! Get back into town! Now! I have my reasons, just come on! The two Orcs, and Kash'Kra look at the Halfling with a glare that could kill. Halfling....the war.....maybe this one is different....

OOC: Red= Talking Blue= Thinking

2007-11-01, 05:42 PM
yes, yes of course. That would be very, very helpful to all of us. Our lord came to you in a dream? you are indeed blessed. I hope that you use your gift wisely. You may sleep here, I have a bed made up in the back rooms.

The priest motions to the door at the back of the church.

It's just through there. Please, go in, settle in, I shall bring you some food later. When I have finished cleaning the church. You wouldn't believe the mess some of the people leave here. Especially the guards, thy have no respect for the town or anyone in it.

He starts to walk around the church again, looking for anything he can tidy.

2007-11-01, 06:47 PM

Twelve ales later, I pay the serving whench and notice a group of boisterous guards in the tavern, arguing with the waitress as to the cost of their drinks. The ale may not be great, but no one should get it free... I amble over to the location of the guards, and, puffing up my chest, declare to the guards, "Now, me boys. I be thinkin' ye should pay the nice young lady fer her ales. Now, I ain't one ta be tellin' ya how you should do yer business, but I be hearin' reports of a dragon, and I think ya got bigger problems than free ale. So pay the lady, and go take care of yer dragin.

(OOC: Lime is thought, dark green is speech)

Intimidate check: 1d20+2

2007-11-01, 07:40 PM
After finishing his drink, Venn collects his familiar and remarks to the local he had met, "Well first day here, lots to see. Nice to meet you." The wizard finds the bar tender to settle his tab and informs the man that he will be back later for a room. He leaves the tavern and heads out to the square.

Obviously Venn would need more information on how not to act like this guild. The best bets for information were likely to be the authority figures of the town. Too bad it seems like the politicians and guards are corrupt, the innkeeper probably can't risk talking in the open about such things. This leaves the church as the only good place to ask. Hopefully it isn't another bastion of corruption.

The young wizard passes by the square and raises an eyebrow at an... interesting situation promising a reward. This doesn't seem to be your average town. Venn keeps going up to the church and when he's clear of the crowd asks Nigel, "Well what are your thoughts?"

"Attacked by a lizard just like they were attacked by a vagrant earlier."

Venn shakes his head in disgust at what the guard is in this town as he makes his way into the main church building.

2007-11-01, 08:01 PM

Looking at the notices, she seriously thinks about helping the pregnant woman. Living some distance from the village, such tasks as childbirth as well as sicknesses and such were expected things for the woman of a house to take care of, so she knew the most rudimentary things about those things.

The herbalist was of no interest since she had no working knowledge of them.

The goblins would prove too much for her on her own, she was sure and felt the wave of agreement from her companions, her cloak turning a brown as all of the butterflies on it closed their wings at once.

That left the farmer: rabbits may be easier, and the alchemist.

Truth be told, she liked the idea of the alchemist the best. She ma not be much help there, but if she was blessed then it would pay much more then the 10 copper offered by the farmer. Perhaps she could help the farmer on the side for nothing.

Making her decision, she started to head down the shopping street looking for the alchemy shop mentioned in the notice, Jack & Son's Magical Goods.

2007-11-01, 09:55 PM

Tom nods and smiles again.

Thank you for your kindness, Father.

He heads over to the room, looks back the priest cleaning. He feels guilty that he hasn't offered to help, but the trip here has left him feeling very tired. He enters the room, takes off his armor, puts away his things, and then plops himself onto the bed, falling into deep slumber.

2007-11-02, 02:38 AM
Jack & Son's Magical Goods

At first you see nothing because the shop is so dark, but then your eyes adjust to the faint light. A colorful bird with wide tail feathers and a sharp powerful beak looks at you inquisitively from a cage near the left wall. The walls are covered in plants, their leaves and vines stretch to the ceiling and several have grown on the ceiling itself. You walk to the counter, carefully stepping around complex machines, crates of rocks, piles of scrolls and other object tyou have never seen before. The wall behind the counter is covered with drawers of every size.
While you are looking at this, a man shouts:

Good afternoon! The man shouts as you walk through the shop door, i'll be with you in a second.

After a short while, he appears through a door in the back of the shop.

Hello, my young lady, what can I do for you?

2007-11-02, 02:48 AM

Jesaral stops a ways away from the town entrance. She stops to read the sign on the path but as she turns around she sees Kash'Ka and the two orcs following behind her. She hears what he says and looks at him with a somewhat angry look.

"Wait... go back to town? Those guys were shooting at me!" She looks at him and the two orcs recalling what he was yelling back during the confrontation. "Listen, obviously I'm missing something about this situation. I came here because I heard that there was a nice trade in minor magic items going on and I wanted to see about getting in on the action. But judging from the reaction of those trigger-happy gorillas in guard uniforms, that might not be quite as easy as I heard."

She reaches into her bag and pulls out her crossbow, holding it in one hand. It is obvious that it is a well-made weapon.

"Just tell me what is going on in this village that I need to know about. Because I'm certainly not going anywhere without my dear Buster to protect me." She pets her Velociraptor mount on its scaly neck, which prompts what could almost look like a purr from the razor toothed reptile. "Seriously, I don't know how people could expect a lady to use one of those useless 'pony' things they try to sell. Especially when the woods are full of bandits twice my size."

2007-11-02, 02:50 AM
The Queen's Dragon Inn
[I rolled your intimidate for you, you got a 14+2. It works on one, the smaller one. But not the other. These guards are stupid.]
6 PM

Who tha hell do you think ye are, little dwarf? says one guard, turning around to look at you standing there. The waitress looks very frightened, even more so, now that you're here.

Maybe we should just forget all about this...

Silence woman!

The waitress falls silent.

umm...Erin, we should go. We don't want to have any trouble with this dwarf, and this Dragon he's talking about sounds intresting. Maybe we should post a notice on the board...or something...

Are ye chickenin' out on me, Al?

No, i'm not. But we have duties to do, lets go.

*sigh* alright, but we're not done, dwarf.

They leave the inn, tossing some coins at the waitress as they pass her. They stomp to the door, wrench it open and walk out into the darkening evening...

Thank you Master Dwarf, thank you so much. But they'll probably be back...

[g2g to school now, i'll finish this later.]

2007-11-02, 07:19 AM
Nice going dwarf... No one ever stands up to the guards like that around here... you know though they will just come back later for some <air quote>"protection"</air quote> money. I have to get my father out of here before he drinks himself dead. Could you give me a hand he's a little too much for me to carry on my own and he's obviously not going to be walking any where. If I take him home like this of my mother will just throw him out again. Maybe Father Carter can help sober him up enough to walk home from the church. I grab the drunk at the end of the bar under his shoulders and start to drag him in the direction of the door. After a few seconds I drop his shoulders and he falls to the floor in a heap with a slight groan. Screw this I'll just go get Father Carter and bring him here its easier that way. You comin' Dwarf

2007-11-02, 09:16 AM
Lorren: Jack & Son's Magical Goods
6:05PM I love the time! Keep up the great work!

Lorren smiles to the man, making a sweeping jester with her hand to her riding companions on her cloak and whispers in sylvan "Help me, please". Her brows nit in concentration as she pushes her desire through the bond that she imagines she can feel.

Getting a returned feeling of accepting through the bond, she smiles at the man.

The butterflies on her cloak suddenly launch into the confined space around her and start to land in various places about her.

Anywhere they land on her clothing; the strains, wrinkles and dirt from the road are removed. The sheen returns to is, and some of the luminescent butterflies start to glow softly to give her a bit more presence.

The butterflies that land in her hair start to straighten it, braid it, and comb it so that it is more presentable as well.

All of this takes only a minute before the butterflies retreat once more to her cloak except for about ten luminary butterflies that hover in a circle above her neatly prepared hair in a soft glowing halo.

Lorren smiles at the man with an encouraging smile and says "I'm here to speak to Jack about the notice. Would I be having the honor of speaking to him, or are you one of his fine sons?"

2007-11-02, 09:18 AM
"Me son, ya give up too easily," I say, as I grab the drunkard by the shoulders and motion the boy to the other end of him. "If ya will lift 'is feet, Oi'll carry his shoulders, and we'll take 'im to tha healer."

2007-11-02, 09:57 AM
Thank you muchly for your assistance...(Dwarven)
The names Sachet, Hamish Sachet. This is my father.
I return to my father's feet and lift them as best I can.

2007-11-02, 10:47 AM
Ya speak dwarven, lad? Not bad, not bad at all. Who'd ya learn it from? Ya speak it fine, but the outsider accent is still there. Not bad fer a youngin', though. Turning to the waitress, I speak to her as we haul the drunk out of the tavern, Yer welcome, miss. No', if'n they come and bother ya agin, just have someone come find me. I'll be sure'n help ya out again if ya be needin' it. Goodnight, and may Moradin smile on ya.

(OOC: Sienna = Dwarven)

2007-11-02, 11:44 AM
Jack & Son's Magical Goods

Well, that is some trick, young lady. Useful too, are you a mage? ah but forget all that, back to business. Yes, I am Jack's son, I am George, pleased to meet you.

He shakes your hand, his eyes flit between your luminous butterflies, he seems to appreciate their beauty.

Yes, yes, the raid. Terrible business that was. And all of it a little too much excitement for my old man, I think. There's nothing that Father Carter can do for him, he says, it's his brain, he said. Ya see, Dad isn't exactly young. We expect that he'll be dead by next winter, poor guy. Anyhoo, back to the notice. Sorry miss, it's just that i don't get someone nice such as yourself to speak to all that often. It's normally just those...wizard, teleportin' in and teleportin' out. They only come when their big "Alchemy Is Us" shop is out of stock. We're like, a second option, you know what i mean?

Those wizards have no manners, they just grab what they need, toss some coins on the floor and go, no please or thank yee's.

Sorry, I did it again. Back to the job.

Now here's what we need:

Eye witnesses that i can trust told me of this, at roughly the third hour o' the morning bandits from the camp to the east came and stole 'em. They smashed a few windows gettin' in, but the strange thing is, no one heard a sound! My witness only saw 'em cos he was stumblin' home with his drunk brother at the time.

The bandits probably took them to help their mage, they are tryin' to create their own wizards! Of course, that cannot be allow'd to happen. Bandit wizards! They don't have the knowledge or the intelligence, but they still try.
So, yeah, the camp is about...ooh...50 minutes walk to the camp, you go south from the village, take the road to the city of Narford then take the first left. Then you carry on along that for a mile and should see them. They have all these tents and huts and stuff, fires burning all day and all night. They must be damaging the forest and everything!

Apparently, according to the wizard who I paid to scry on the area (that wasn't cheap!) the stuff is kept in a tent next to the chief's one. The wizard is the chief's son you see, i doubt he has any good magic, nothing that could stop heroes like you.

Oh, it might be a good idea to find some friends first? It'd be a shame if a young girl as pretty as you got hurt, wouldn't it?

A flash of light appears in the shop, and it lasts for about a second, the bird starts squawking loudly in it's cage.

Can't you shut that damn bird up? It annoys me, and we wouldn't want that. Would we George?

To emphasize his point, the wizard magically tips over a glass jar of thick purple leaves marinated in vinegar, the jar falls to the floor and smashes.

I'll be takin' this.

He says, grabbing a small pot which is labeled "Ghoul Earth", tosses a coin at George, and teleports away.

The leaves on the floor start smoking.

Damn wizards, they always do stuff like that. Those leaves were valuable!

He tosses a pot of earth onto the leaves, to put out the fire.

So...yeah. The reward will be settled upon your return. I will pay you fairly. We need the stuff back urgently, the wizards are threatening to close us down, because we don't stock ourselves properly. Load of rubbish, you see. We have all the stuff they need. But we still need those items back, inside one of the pots was where I kept my father's wedding ring. So that the guard don't steal it off his poor old finger on their "little visits".

Good luck, young woman. I hope you are successful.

2007-11-02, 12:06 PM
When you spend as much time in taverns as I have you pick things up...(ooc: going for a common color scheme for dwarven)
My mother did not want me arround while she was working and him Flopping the drunk's legs well he's been in this state since shortly after we had to leave the city. Wow, its been almost five years. Your kind used to be a lot more common around here before the thing with the Wizards guild. I pick up languages pretty quickly I don't know all of the words and such but I can read/write and speak Dwarven Dwarven Draconic Draconic Giant Giant and Gnome Gnome. It helps to be versatile when you live in a place like this... My mother taught me a little Draconic, she speaks it a lot at work, Giant and Gnome are just variants of Dwarven

2007-11-02, 12:10 PM
OOC: are you at the church yet?

2007-11-02, 12:13 PM
(ooc: Sure why not)

2007-11-02, 12:27 PM
You walk to the church, it's dark now and raining lightly.

The door is pushed open by the priest, who walks through the rain towards his house, which is just outside the church gate.

He notices you walking up the path to the church and realises that you are dragging Hamish's father.

He says:
He's drunk, again? oh well, he'll be fine. Take him to my house please my good fellows.

He points to his house

2007-11-02, 12:50 PM
Lorren: Jack & Son's Magical Goods

Lorren had watched non-concerned at the appearance and disappearance of the mage, though inside she had been very surprised. Bluff: 1d20+7

Once the mage is gone, she contemplates on helping with the spilled leaves, but George had taken care of it already.

Turning back to the son with a smile, she says "I am not a mage, just someone who has a knack for talking to people and butterflies. Anyway, in order to aid you, I will need a full description of all the things the bandits took as well as the name and the place i can find your witness to talk to him. A first person account is always better then a second person. I'm sure you understand."

She smiles at George to disarm him if she had offended him in any way.

That wizard was amazing! Rude, but amazing! I can see why the locals fear and respect them. she thought as the son produces a list of items. Lorren requests it on paper or parchment so that she would not have to memorize it.

She considered, also, his recommendation on other people to go, and saw the wisdom of that. She would also like to get some more information on the bandits. Perhaps all of that could be accomplished at the inn. She would see.

Anyway, this venture will not be possible until the morning. She hoped that she could pull all of it together before then.

2007-11-02, 01:30 PM
He quickly writes a note on a piece of yellowing parchment.

Here's a list of everything they took. He passes you the note

Best of luck, my young woman. I didn't catch your name?

[FONT="Book Antiqua"]Two Alembics
Eighteen Vials of Picked Organs
Twenty Three Pots of Grave Dirt and Ghoul Dust
Thirty Black Onyx Stones, wrapped in red cloth
Two Small Boxes of Arcane Essence
One Vial of Holy Water
Three Vials of Alchemist's Fire
Three Vials of Anti-Toxin
Four Healers Kits
Three boxes of various herbs

Please try to get as many of them back as you can. I don't think that they took anything on purpose...but it may not have been completely random.

Good luck!


I rolled your bluff check for you, since your roll died. You got a 19 including modifier. He is bluffed easily.

2007-11-02, 01:34 PM
Lorren: Jack & Son's Magical Goods

Lorren took the list with thanks and looked at George expectantly.

"It really is important for me to talk to your friend. The one that saw the bandits. Can you tell me his name and where I could find him at this time?" She smile apologetic at the need for the information, but remains firm.

She flushes slightly and says "Oh my! I did forget to introduce myself! My name is Lorren. I'm staying in the inn if you find out anything new, or need to leave a message."

2007-11-02, 02:05 PM
Arriving at roughly the same time as the others who were at the bar, Venn approaches the priest.

"Hello father. I am new to this place but wish to do some research and business in town, but the people seem to distrust me. From what I've seen of some of the political authorities here it seems you may be the most honest authority here."

Venn pauses for a moment before continuing.

"Could you tell me anything about this Wizard's Guild?"

OOC - Gather information (I suppose) [roll0]

2007-11-02, 02:33 PM
Jack & Sons Magical Goods
Yes, yes of course. You can find him at the inn, he wears a black hat most of the time. His name is Sean, he normally watches the card games that are played there. Tell him I sent you, and he'll be happy to talk to you.

Take care now, Lorren.

The Vicar's House

The Vicar opens the door and beckons for you to come inside, taking off his boots and laying them beside the door.

Bring him in here, lads. Lay him on the bed.

He points at a well made bed, covered by a patch work quilt that depicts the various actions of heroes of Pelor. Some of them, like the picture of a mighty cleric conversing with an angel, are richly decorated with gold and silver coloured threads.

That's it lads, now lets have a look at him.

He looks at Venn and says, I'll be just a moment, could you get me some water and some towels from the kitchen? oh, and a bucket too. There's one in the broom cupboard.

Then he turns his attention back to the drunk laying on his spare bed.

Hello? Hello!? He shouts in the man's ear, trying to get a response.
He is rewarded with a feeble, Hello Father. and a small stream of drool.

Okay...soon be right as rain.

His hands press lightly against the man's neck, chest, forehead and heart. Then he waves his forefinger infront of the man's face.
Tom's father follows the finger with his eyes crossed and out of focus.

The Priest moves his hands over the man's chest and begins to chant a prayer to Pelor, asking for his healing to be successful. After a short while, white wisps appear around his hands and sink into the man's chest. Mr. Sachet's eyes open wide.

Thank yee, Father.

He sits up, and looks around.

Oh, hello Tom.

Venn comes back in, holding a bucket of water and some clean dish cloths.

Father Carter takes them and cleans the grime from Tom's Father's face, there is a lot of it.

Now, Mr. Sachet, it's time that we had a talk about this alcohol problem. It's ruining your life. We will chat about it once i've finished talking to these fine gentlemen, you just lie back and rest.

He stands up and walks into the Kitchen with you three.

Okay, now this young man wanted to know about the guild.

Well...lets see..where to start.

Continued on the next post...cos I want you lot to read this bit. And it keeps you entertained.

2007-11-02, 02:40 PM
Lorren: Jack & Son's Magical Goods

"Thank you, George, I'll go see if i can find Sean now."

She gives a departing smile to the man while folding up the note with the items on it and heads out the door.

Looking to the sunset in progress, Lorren enjoys the sight for a moment before heading to the inn.

Entering through the door, she waves to the waitress that had helped her get a room and smiles at her. Walking to her, she looks around the room for a man with a black hat with the other card players there and spots a man.

Smiling to the waitress, she requests a glass of wine and asks if the man in the black hat is Sean. If her confirms his identity, Lorren will ask if he was known for his honesty. If asked why she wants to know, Lorren just tells her that she would not want to play cards with a dishonest man.

2007-11-02, 02:47 PM
Well, I guess i'd better start at the beginning.

Over a hundred years ago now, there was a lot of fighting between the various magical institutions of the lands. Every country had it's own wizarding school, or in some cases more than one. Therefore, each country had it's own little population of wizards. Now, wizards were considered first class citizens back then. And with good reason! You're not going to argue with someone who can alter reality by just thinking about it, are you?

Yeah, so a hundred years ago, all these wizards were researching spells, ways to make things, you know, general wizard things.

Now, one of the nations, called Delphina, which you must have heard of, wanted to be the strongest nation in the lands. So it started to kill off other wizards, stealing their knowledge and magical items. It is also said, that it was there that the first Liches were created.
Liches are wizards who go too far, turning themselves into the undead so that they can increase their power and knowledge for eternity.
When all the other nations found out about this, they took arms. They weren't going to let this happen!
Delphina's king, a powerful wizard, lead his armies into battle in the defence of his land.
They were eventually defeated after several great battles, of course, and their island kingdom now lies in ruins, plundered only by brave souls looking for fortune. It is said that the kingdom is filled with strange beasts, born of magic itself.
Once the war was over all the rulers of the other lands decided to create a treaty, one that said that they would all live in a state of complete peace. Conflicts would be decided by democracy, not strength of arms.
And so it came to be, and one day, a certain man suggested that they make a universal wizard school. Where all knowledge would be pooled, and all wizards would be taught.
The idea was greatly and widely accepted, and since that day, all new wizards of any description have been taught at that school. The school is in the large city a few miles from here, which is both a blessing and a curse.

Now, the guild are mainly nice fellows. They rule fairly and honourably. But some of them have really bad attitudes, they can't be bothered to do their duties to help "lesser folk" such as you or I. Any non-wizard is seen as scum to them.
That is why they don't do something about the guards, they are too busy growing old and fat.
So it falls to brave souls such as yourselves to work as mercenaries to try to fix the world's problems that the wizards should be doing!

That's just about all I know about them. They keep their practices, religion, guild leader (if they even have a leader) and all other information secret.

Their guild headquarters and various schools are located in the city, each one is marvel of magical construction! I saw them once as a boy, it made me feel very small.

Anything else you wish to know?

2007-11-02, 02:51 PM
The Queen's Dragon Inn

Oh, Hi Lorren. Yes, that man over there is called Sean, you gonna go talk to him? you be careful. He's got a very...strong personality. He can make you believe things, or so I'm told, that you wouldn't want to believe. He works with the town guard sometimes, an interrogator. He's an honest man though, well, it'd probarbly depend what you wanted to talk to him about. He's good friends with old Jack and his family though, they get on well, so I suppose he's not that bad.

The Vicar's House

Father! Father!!! comes a yell from outside.

They're at it again! The goblins are in the graveyard!!! There are four of them, too many for me to handle! maybe, if we were there together, we could take them! he says, bursting into the room. He is a tall man, with a think grey beard and a balding head. He looks in his late fifties, he is wearing muddy boots and a stained coat. He carries a shovel.

Oh, sorry, you have company.

No no, don't be silly. I shall come at once, we cannot allow those goblins to desecrate our dead in such as way!
He turns to you three

Want to come? They do this all the time....we've been able to chase them off before, but this time there are a lot of them.

He runs out of the house, grabbing a staff and his boots as he does so.
The other man (church caretaker) runs after him, carrying his shovel.

First fight time, people. kpenguin, if you wish, you can be woken by the shouting and run outside to help at the time that they get to the church.

Outside the Town

Two guards are patrolling the paths outside the city, and they pass the place where Jesaral Highhill and Kash'Ka Sockra are hiding.

I hate patrolling duty. Stupid villagers, why can't they patrol for themselves. Why do we have to do it!? Looking for a "Dinosaur" oooh no, that's not something they could do! I wanted to be at home, Dad was gonna teach me about usin' my sword better again. The one on the right complains.

Heh, I just thought of a great joke, wanna hear it? the other replies.

If you must. I hope it's not as bad as all your other jokes...

No, it's not. This one is great! Okay, here it is.
What do you get if you cross wizard and a dinosaur?

How should I know? it's your joke.

A Tyrannosaurus hex! The guard erupts into laughter.
His companion sighs and beats his forehead with his hand.

That sucked.

You're just jealous of my talent.

Yeah, whatever.

They walk past the area that you are hiding in, you can do whatever you want.

2007-11-02, 03:12 PM
"To arms, me boys! The night is young, and there's goblins to be killin'! I unsheathe my axe and ready my shield, then charge after the old priest, Trying to gain some ground on him, but he's got a height advantage.

2007-11-02, 03:12 PM
(ooc: Hamish or Thomas?)

Sure Father, Its the Least I can do since you have been so kind as to help my father. err, well you know what I mean...
I Runish out keeping up but not passing the Dwarf...

2007-11-02, 03:29 PM
OoC: I gotta hear from MCerberus before you people can go kick some Goblin tushie.

2007-11-02, 03:47 PM
The story of the guild does not seem all to uncommon unfortunately. Though Venn was trained alongside other casters like sorcerers there are egotistical wizards looking down on others. Hopefully Venn can avoid becoming one of them... hopefully.

When the alarm is raised about body stealing goblins, Venn grabs his crossbow and runs out the door.

initiative [roll0]

2007-11-02, 03:50 PM
Note to all wizards on the campaign:

Please add something like this to your backstory

1) You were an apprentice to a wizard from the guild

2) You were trained in the guild, but didn't go evil.

3) You were trained in the guild, and did go evil.

4) You were taught by people who have no connection with the guild. e.g. That "psychic" mother who is in the town...

2007-11-02, 03:50 PM

Jesaral stops a ways away from the town entrance. She stops to read the sign on the path but as she turns around she sees Kash'Ka and the two orcs following behind her. She hears what he says and looks at him with a somewhat angry look.

"Wait... go back to town? Those guys were shooting at me!" She looks at him and the two orcs recalling what he was yelling back during the confrontation. "Listen, obviously I'm missing something about this situation. I came here because I heard that there was a nice trade in minor magic items going on and I wanted to see about getting in on the action. But judging from the reaction of those trigger-happy gorillas in guard uniforms, that might not be quite as easy as I heard."

She reaches into her bag and pulls out her crossbow, holding it in one hand. It is obvious that it is a well-made weapon.

"Just tell me what is going on in this village that I need to know about. Because I'm certainly not going anywhere without my dear Buster to protect me." She pets her Velociraptor mount on its scaly neck, which prompts what could almost look like a purr from the razor toothed reptile. "Seriously, I don't know how people could expect a lady to use one of those useless 'pony' things they try to sell. Especially when the woods are full of bandits twice my size."

Shooting at you? With what? Don't tell me you're afraid of those sharpened sticks. See, this is why the Orcs beat you Halflings in the war 10 years ago.

2007-11-02, 03:56 PM
Okay, you all arrive there to see seven goblins digging up corpses and putting them on a crude cart.

One of them is on look out, and he spots you running through the graves and yells to his companions in goblin language.

They all turn to look at you, one of them screams (paladin, you can wake up now. if you want.)

Goblin Initiative rolls.


Everyone but Venn roll initiative.

All but one of them are carrying swords or spears, two of them have short bows. The other one is carrying a scroll and has a cudgel strapped to his belt, he has a symbol around his neck, it is the symbol of a skull with a maggot coming out of one eye. People will recognize him as a cleric if they have ever met one before, though maybe not the god he worships.. (Any cleric / paladin will recognize this as a popular symbol of Nerull).

OOC: Use the OOC thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3452828#post3452828) if you need to ask me anything. Or want to share anything or stuff...talk to me ^^

2007-11-02, 04:08 PM
Initiave: [roll0]

I'm going to open up with a volley of sleep centered on the tightest collection of goblins when I get in range. Hopefully I get the one with the scroll in there or if they're pretty evenly spread out center it on the one with the scroll 'cause I'm gonna want to talk to him...

Sleep: Will save DC is 16 or each within 10ft is sleeping for one minute.

(ooc: offline for the evening)

2007-11-02, 04:13 PM
Initiative: [roll0]

2007-11-02, 04:27 PM




2007-11-02, 04:48 PM
Lorren: Inn

Lorren smiles thanks to the waitress, and moves to the table where the men and the lipsticked woman are playing cards.

Lorren stands next to the group, and smiles.

"Could you please light it up a little bit, please?" she asks her butterflies in Sylvan.

The butterflies on her head begin to glow brighter. More of the same type of butterflies joins the first to increase the amount of light until it seems that she has a halo of fire on her head.

Seeing that she got the men’s attention, she looks to Sean and says "I need to talk to you, Sean. Please come with me."

She motions for him to follow her and moves to a nearby table to talk to the man.

Taking her seat, careful of her butterflies, she waits for him to join her.

2007-11-02, 05:23 PM
Sean sits down opposite you, and sips his drink.

Yes, how can I help you? he asks in Sylvan.

2007-11-02, 05:54 PM
The Graveyard

Order of Action:
K'saatrah, Warrior
Rez-frarah, Warrior
Bruugah, Warrior
MCerberus, Venn Flameheart, Wizard.
Caretaker, Commoner
Saakrah, Warrior
Ahus, Hamish Sachet, Beguiler
Father Carter, Cleric
Caasz, Warrior
Kaisshau, Gromtul Warax, Fighter.
Wo-zobrah, Cleric
D'nyasz, Warrior

K'saatrah raises his bow, and points it towards Gromtul, the dangerous looking Dwarf.


Rez-frarah and Bruugah both charge at Hamish and Father Carter respectively.



This allows attacks of opportunity from both Father Carter and Hamish.

Father Carter

OoC: Hamish please roll your attack of opportunity, then we can continue down the list of people. MCerberus can attack too, should he wish to.

Okay, so Bruugah and Father Carter's fight does nothing, as they both miss.
Gromtul take 6 points of damage, unless your AC is higher than 23, which I think it isn't.

Hamish also takes 3 points of damage.

I'll heal both of you, just get this goblin off of me! Shouts the priest at the two wounded people.

2007-11-02, 06:26 PM

At the sound of the clatter of weapons and yelling outside, Tom wakes up. He grabs his halberd, slips on his shoes, and heads toward the sound outside the church.


(OOC: Note that Tom isn't wearing his armor or carrying any equipment other than his halberd)

2007-11-02, 07:11 PM
Lorren: Inn

With a firm countenance, Lorren says "I understand that you were witness to a crime that took place in the vicinity of Jack & Son's Magical Goods. I'm investigating that matter, and George was kind enough to inform me of your valuable information."

"I need to know details of that time such as the number of individuals you saw: descriptions of those individuals, if you have any. And a step-by-step account of what you witnessed. Is that possible?"

Lorren waves over the waitress and smiles up at her.

"Can you get Master Sean an ale. He has much to say and I do not wish for him to become parched. Thank you."

Lorren then turns back towards Sean and leans forward, giving him her undivided attention.

2007-11-02, 07:46 PM
Venn pulls back the string on his crossbow and places a bolt in the receiving slot. While he does this he turns to Nigel and orders the bird, "Go look for any backup they have."

"Have one of your 'creative' evocation plans for those goblins?" the bird replies as Venn starts to cast a spell. Flying off the wizard's shoulder Nigel remarks "I guess so."

Making a few gestures and mumbling in draconic, Venn punches the air in front of him. A magic bolt of force flies through the air illuminating the surroundings for a split second before colliding with the goblin attempting to attack Father Carter.

OOC - Load crossbow (move equiv) cast Magic Missile (standard)

2007-11-02, 09:03 PM
AOO: Rapier [roll0]
Dam: [roll1]

(ooc: what happend with the Sleep were we close enough for a charge by the time we saw the gobblins or did i get it off?)

Edit:Well that was a complete waste of an aoo.

2007-11-02, 09:11 PM
Well that did not work how about a 5 foot step out of threat range then a hypnosis. DC 16 or you gotta love me and baddies get -2 to ATT and AC for concentration (don't have books but I think thats right)

2007-11-02, 10:24 PM
(OOC: I'm just gonna toss in my attack, use it after the other goblin goes)

I run up to the nearest goblin (Am I close enough for a five foot step?) And swing.

Attack: [roll0]
Dam: [roll1]

2007-11-02, 10:35 PM

Jesaral looks at the halfling barbarian before her. "You halflings?" she thinks. "Does this guy think he's an orc or something?"

"Would you mind explaining that to me? Those are the guards in charge of protecting the town. It doesn't MATTER if they are throwing arrows or rotten fruit. If they don't want me in then I will have a lot of trouble doing anything in town."

She turns her head in the direction where the two guards went, loading her crossbow as she does so.

Teal = thinking
Green = speaking

2007-11-03, 05:21 AM
The sleep will happen when it is your turn. Which it might be now. Sorry, I had to sleep sometime.

2007-11-03, 05:33 AM

Saakrah, Rez-frarah and Wo-zobrah fall asleep. They fall onto the ground drooling slightly, Rez-frarah falls into the grave he was digging prior to your attack.

Father Carter:
A bolt of searing light comes from his hand and hits the goblin in front of him in the chest, dealing [roll0] damage to him.

The goblin gets roasted and dies.

Gromtul's attack cleaves a goblin in half, Caasz dies.

2007-11-03, 05:38 AM
D'nyasz charges at Gromtul, with his spear raised to stab him in the head.


he trips slightly over the dead goblin at Gromtul's feet and ends up stabbing his former friend in the eye.

Time for the paladin to do something,

okay...two are dead, 3 are asleep.

D'nyasz and K'saatrah are still alive, and they're thinking of running...
Three of them are on the floor or below it, including the cleric.

EDIT: Sleep only affects 4hd of Creatures. All the goblins have >4 HD. Your sleep doesn't work.
Other goblin's attacks to follow in next post.

2007-11-03, 06:34 AM
Okay, Saakrah, Rez-frarah and Wo-zobrah who weren't asleep at any point during that will do their stuff now.

Okay, Saakrah, Rez-frarah were busy trying to drag a corpse out of a grave while the others were attacking. which explains why they weren't fighting.

Wo-zobrah was chanting and holding his unholy symbol. He runs forwards and touches Gromtul, casting Inflict Light Wounds on him. [roll0] damage is done to him, this provokes an AoO and a successful will save will halve the damage.

2007-11-03, 06:48 AM
Lorren: Inn

With a firm countenance, Lorren says "I understand that you were [COLOR="Magenta"]witness to a crime that took place in the vicinity of Jack & Son's Magical Goods. I'm investigating that matter, and George was kind enough to inform me of your valuable information."

"I need to know details of that time such as the number of individuals you saw: descriptions of those individuals, if you have any. And a step-by-step account of what you witnessed. Is that possible?"

Lorren waves over the waitress and smiles up at her.

"Can you get Master Sean an ale. He has much to say and I do not wish for him to become parched. Thank you."

Lorren then turns back towards Sean and leans forward, giving him her undivided attention.

It is possible, of course. And if George sent you then I will help you.
Well, it was night four days ago, I was walking home from the inn after rather good night. There was a little light from lamps in the street, and there was no one else around.
Suddenly, as I walked home past poor Jack's shop, I saw four men out in the road, all dressed in black and brown clothes they were, with swords and bows in their hands.
One of them had a bottle, he splashed some of it on the window at the side of the shop and the window just disappeared!
It was like magic! But the bandits can't have magic, unless they have a wizard from the guild helping them, which is unlikely...though anything is possible nowadays. Those wizards will do anything for a bit more power.

So, as I was saying, they went through this hole in the window and into the shop. I was rather...ah...drunk at the time, and couldn't work out what to do next! I am ashamed of this, of course.
Then, about a minute later they all came out carrying sacks. I presume that they carried away Jack's goods in those sacks. They left along the road heading to their camp and no one, not even the guard saw them. Though the guard were probarbly bribed into silence. They'll do anything for money.

The waitress comes and plonks a mug of beer down on the table infront of Sean. He thanks her and turns back to Lorren.

So, yeah. They were all around five or six foot tall, and all of them were human. My friend George told me what they took, and I thought it might have something to do with necromancy. I saw a zombie being raised as a small boy living in the city, you see. The wizard put this black gem into the body's mouth and did some magical chanting and such. It was all very frightening. Anyway, this could mean that they have undead, which isn't good.
I can only guess at their plans.

Now, if you are going to get the stuff back, I suggest that you take as many people as you can. The bandits aren't particularly good at fighting, but there are lots of them.
I owe George a lot, so if you want, then i'd be happy to accompany a pretty young lady such as yourself. I was quite the fighter in my younger days.

I'll leave it up to you.

He leans back in his seat and sips his mug of beer again.

Was there anything else?

2007-11-03, 11:39 AM
Will save:

(OOC: Where's the roll for the touch attack?)

2007-11-03, 11:51 AM
Okay, Saakrah, Rez-frarah and Wo-zobrah who weren't asleep at any point during that will do their stuff now.

Okay, Saakrah, Rez-frarah were busy trying to drag a corpse out of a grave while the others were attacking. which explains why they weren't fighting.

Wo-zobrah was chanting and holding his unholy symbol. He runs forwards and touches Gromtul, casting Inflict Light Wounds on him. [roll0] damage is done to him, this provokes an AoO and a successful will save will halve the damage.

It's right there, the damage that is.

2007-11-03, 01:09 PM

Tom looks outside at the scene of battle. Seeing the goblins threaten the priest, he raises his halberd and charges the nearest gobin.


(OOC: Okay, so I'm charging and I'll power attack as well, so that would be a +5 to attack, and +4 to damage, I think)


EDIT: Whoops, only added +4 by mistake...ah well, it was a good roll anyway.

2007-11-03, 04:11 PM
Inflict Light Wounds Attack Roll

Sorry for stuff!!


he misses, you aren't nearly dead =)


2007-11-03, 05:03 PM

Sorry loyal players. I was rather busy today, I will be much more active tomorrow, and we'll keep on going then.



2007-11-03, 09:44 PM
(ooc: what >4hd goblins!?)

2007-11-03, 10:26 PM

Lorren smiles at Sean perfessionaly while contemplating what he had said.

"How can you be sure that they were the bandits. You say they were all human, or close enough to be mistaken as human. Then you state that you saw them head in the direction of the bandit camp. "

2007-11-03, 11:35 PM
(ooc: what >4hd goblins!?)

(ooc: indeed. Even considering that most of them are an NPC class and our sizeable numbers, that seems a wee bit out of our range of power)

2007-11-04, 04:09 AM

Lorren smiles at Sean perfessionaly while contemplating what he had said.

"How can you be sure that they were the bandits. You say they were all human, or close enough to be mistaken as human. Then you state that you saw them head in the direction of the bandit camp. "

Ah, a good question, young woman. I am sure that they are bandits for two reasons. The first, is that the guard admitted to taking a small bribe to allow the bandits into the town at the time which the theft took place, and that they had weapons and clothes which are very, very similar to those that the bandits wear. Though, of course, the bandits wear all sorts of clothes, normally stolen from their victims. However, I am sure that they were bandits. I may be wrong, but I am sure. Oh, and how do I know about the bribe? I have some good...friends in the guard, and I can be very persuasive.
Oh, and I believe that you asked how i know that they are all human? Well, after living with humans for most of my life I know how they move. You are a slow race you know. he smiles. After living with humans for so long, I can recognize when someone is human, and when someone is not. All the bandits that I have ever seen from that camp are human, and so were these.

And yes, they headed towards their camp. That I am certain of.

Anything else? If do you wish me to join you in this little adventure, then i'd be happy to.

2007-11-04, 04:10 AM

Thomas' charge kills Saakrah, who rolls away into a grave, bleeding and screaming.

Gromtul's attack cleaves the evil Goblin Cleric into lots of little red chunks and he falls to the ground, he bleeds a bit on your shoes.

Rez-frarah turns and runs, he drops his sword and sprints to the fence and tries to jump over it.


He makes it over the fence and runs as fast as he can towards the goblin caves.
If you wish, then you can make ranged attacks at him before he jumps over the fence.

Well, my children. I think that'll be the last we see of them! Thank you so much for your help. Allow me to heal you.

He touches Gromtul's wounds lightly and white motes of light play around his hands for a second.
You are healed for [roll0]

Now, who else was hurt other than my dwarven friend here?

[OoC: Sorry if I made the goblins too strong. But you did have two NPCs helping you, and Father Carter is higher level than all of you, slightly. I thought you would be able to take it. I'm sorry, I will make it easier next time.
You all gain 600xp, if you were at the graveyard.]

2007-11-04, 04:50 AM

Tom leans on his halberd a little and huffs.

I'm alright, Father. I apologize for my late arrival.

Tom flashes a small smile.

Apparently I'm a heavier sleeper than I thought.

He looks around the graveyard and then turns his eyes back to Father Carter.

What were goblins doing here?

2007-11-04, 05:03 AM
Well Thomas, we don't rightly know. They have done it more than once in the past, they come, they dig, they take what they can before people arrive and fight. We've never beaten them off like we did tonight before. There have always been too many goblins. They sent a very small amount of them this time.

We don't know what they do with the bodies, they might just do it to spite us, they don't like us you see.
But they may be using them for a more sinister purpose, such as to give to their evil gods or even for necromancy. I hope that it isn't either.

Now, it's getting late. Where is everyone sleeping?

2007-11-04, 05:08 AM

Wait, allow me to see if there is anything sinister remaining here.

Thomas squints his eyes very hard and scans the graveyard for around a minute.

(OOC: I'm using my detect evil spell-like ability. I'm concentrating for 10 rounds, or a minute.)

2007-11-04, 05:27 AM
You detect the following:

The goblins who are unconscious (Faint)
The cleric's unholy symbol (Faint)
The cleric (moderate)

2007-11-04, 05:33 AM
OOC: Before I post anything, within that minute some of the goblins could be dead already. Are they?

2007-11-04, 05:38 AM
Yup, after a minute all the evilness from the goblins starts to fade.

2007-11-04, 05:42 AM
(OOC: Also, just checking to make sure before Tom takes any actions, an object is only considered evil if its enchanted. Standard unholy symbols aren't magic, so does that mean that this unholy symbol is or have you made a mistake here?)

2007-11-04, 05:43 AM
I do know about that. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. :smallamused:

2007-11-04, 05:49 AM
OOC: Crap


Stay back, everyone, that symbol around the cleric's neck has been tainted with a great evil.

Tom walks up and examines the unholy symbol, being careful not to touch it.

It seems your suspicions were correct, Father. This is a symbol a Nerull, lord of the dead and patron of necromancers. There is some unholy magic afoot here.

What shall we do about the symbol. I fear a great curse may have been put upon it.

2007-11-04, 05:53 AM
My knowledge is of healing, not of dealing with evil artifacts of Gods. I will do what I can, however. I doubt it is anything particularly powerful, but you never know...

I will need to do more research into a way to exorcise the evil from the item. We must take it to a safe place, where no one will be tainted by it.

How can we move it...we must put it inside a bag, or box, without touching it.

He turns to the caretaker

Go, bring me a thick cloth bag.

The caretaker walks off.

I believe that I have a book on the subject somewhere. I don't usually deal with things like this, you know, it's normally just healing various problems with the villagers.

He pulls a small flask from his pocket and tips the liquid inside onto the unholy symbol, a hissing sound, like oil in a hot pan comes from the item and the water bubbles like it's boiling.

Yes, this could take some time.

If you're still watching with your detect evil then you notice a decrease in it's evil.

2007-11-04, 06:02 AM

Tom watches as the caretaker walks away, then looks back at the warriors standing beside him.

My apologies. I forgot to introduce myself. I am Thomas Laud, a traveler here to help the forsaken people of this town and holy paladin of the Shining One.

Tom smiles.

You can call me Tom.

2007-11-04, 08:26 AM

Jesaral looks at the halfling barbarian before her. "You halflings?" she thinks. "Does this guy think he's an orc or something?"

"Would you mind explaining that to me? Those are the guards in charge of protecting the town. It doesn't MATTER if they are throwing arrows or rotten fruit. If they don't want me in then I will have a lot of trouble doing anything in town."

She turns her head in the direction where the two guards went, loading her crossbow as she does so.

Teal = thinking
Green = speaking
Suit Yourself.

He turns his back on the Halfling and walks back into town.

When he gets back to town, he goes into the Inn.

He stays there for quite a while, just standing at the bar.

2007-11-04, 09:16 AM
The barman notices you and walks over to you,
Can I get ye a drink laddie?

2007-11-04, 10:04 AM
"Well the real question is why the Goblins started to practice necromancy in the first place. If anyone here speaks goblin, I suggest we lock one of these up and interrogate it. Otherwise..."

Venn walks over to one of the unconscious Goblins and points his crossbow down at one of the grave robbers.

"In all the parts of the world I've seen, grave robbing is punishable by death." The bar of Venn's crossbow folds down with a click, sending a bolt straight into the skull of one of the goblins. Venn then casts Detect Magic as Nigel returns to his master's shoulder.

With a few seconds of forethought, Venn turns to the priest and says, "I'd also like to offer my services to stop the goblins from returning. No good can come from a necromancer in your midst, and this does seem like the chance I've been waiting for to earn the trust of the town."

OOC - I'll be gone until sometime tomorrow, NPC me as needed.

2007-11-04, 10:18 AM
You detect no magic other than the magic in the party members around you.
Sure, i'll NPC you. You have the right to object to anything I make you do on your return. Have fun.

2007-11-04, 11:00 AM
Aye. We'll Take five gallons of your finest beer.

2007-11-04, 11:11 AM
Five gallons?!!
He looks shocked,

Sorry sir, but there are certain consumption limits..

He fills a mug with beer and sets it down before you.

2007-11-04, 11:13 AM
(ooc: they went down easy enough to be 1hd but whatever...)

I could use some healing as well father... I was hoping to capture the cleric but that's not going to happen I guess

2007-11-04, 11:56 AM
Of course. Why would you have wanted to capture the monster? It's likely that he didn't speak anything other than his vile goblin speech. The cleric said, who was standing a few feet away examining the unholy symbol.

I'm just over here. I'll come and heal you.

Cure Light Wounds!!


There you go.

The caretaker comes back with the sack.

Here you go, sir. he says, passing the sack to him.

Thank you

He uses his staff to move the unholy symbol into the bag, so that he can avoid touching it. Then he disappears into the church, but not before telling you:

I shall deal with this. You people can do as you please, you are heroes! thank you.

2007-11-04, 12:33 PM
My mother taught me some magic that might have allowed me to communicate in their language. You never know the cleric might have known the human language. How often is it that you see a goblin that can use magic... It had to learn it somewhere. We'll never know now that its been dismembered will we? Either way I'ld better get my father home before my mother gets too crazy. I'll see you in the morning father we'll decide what else we can do about these gobblins then.

(ooc: i'm sleeping at my parents apartment above the fortune telling shop. Its not a matter of the gobblins being too hard but a matter of me thinking that the sleep should have worked. but for that matter they could have all made their save, so, whatever... I think the CR was about right on just at that CR the gobblins should have been 1 or 2 hd max. )

2007-11-04, 12:49 PM
Wait...i'm confused. The goblins didn't use any magic...

2007-11-04, 01:14 PM
The one with the holy symbol's hand glowed black like yours glows white as it lunged for the dwarf... before well... he got smacked...

2007-11-04, 01:35 PM
(ooc: Ahus, check the ooc thread. It was a mix-up between hd and hp. Anyway, you guys still haven't introduced yourselves to me yet.)


Indeed, that goblin was a cleric, as sure as my halberd beside me.

2007-11-04, 01:40 PM
Yer welcom fer the help, priest. Now, I'm gonna head back to tha' tavern, see if the guards are still leavin' 'em alone. And iff'n they aren't, 'm gonna have me some fun.
I walk over to the direction of the house, to grab my things I left in there.
I'll be back in the mornin' then we'll see if we can find something ta do about these ones. Dispose of them as fit fer monsters, I say.

2007-11-04, 01:53 PM

Not exactly the friendly sort is he? Wouldn't even give me a name...

2007-11-04, 02:26 PM
(ooc: sorry I've been posting on my phone and its a pain in the butt to switch threads)

2007-11-04, 06:28 PM
Five gallons?!!
He looks shocked,

Sorry sir, but there are certain consumption limits..

He fills a mug with beer and sets it down before you.
A mug?!?!? In case you haven't noticed, I have two thirsty Orcs behind me!

2007-11-04, 08:46 PM

Lorren smiles at Sean, though her brows had furled with thought as he had continued with his explanation.

"Sean, I may take you up on that kind offer, but I want to see if there are any others. When it comes to the more desist of Humans I like to have more rather then less. In other words, I want to see what other help I can obtain. If you would still like to join us, then that would be fine. I plan on leaving the first thing in the morning."

Lorren hesitates for a minute before standing up and nodding to Sean.

"I thank you for your time and information and hope to see you in the future. Your story has... been very informational."

With that, Lorren turns to the door and heads out, giving the waitress 2 sp(and getting her name once more), and then heads out the door.

Once out, she squints at the now dark notice sign, seeing the readable ones in her mind.

Could they be related? she thinks as she starts to the north, towards the church. Only one way to find out.

With her illuminating butterflies lending light, she finds it easy to go along.

Making it finally to the church, she is surprised to find it empty.

"HELLO!" she called out seeing if the priest was available.

2007-11-05, 12:07 AM

It seems you have a visitor, Father.

2007-11-05, 02:29 AM

Jesaral watches the rude and obviously stupid halfling walk away without even explaining himself.

"Now that was a complete wast of time." Jesaral sighs. "Note to self... never scare the humans, and never trust a halfling... especially when I know what I'M thinking."

She decides to head towards the west entrance, but this time before she does so she dismounts Buster, puts a muzzle on him that covers his teeth, and walks towards the gate with her mount in tow. Hopefully, the guards on this side won't be so trigger happy when they see her with a seemingly less threatening beast.

"If these guys flip out again, I'm just going to turn around and head to Narford." She says to herself.

Approaching whatever guard is there she says. "Oh, hello there. Could you possibly show me where I can find a suitable stable for my mount here? Its been a long way." she pulls out a silver piece to offer him for his help.

2007-11-05, 02:42 AM

We don't serve Orcs. Your buddies will have to wait outside.


Be with you in a moment, i'm a little busy at the moment, please just wait over there. comes a voice from the other end of the church.


The guard looks from the dinosaur to the silver in his hand.

Of course, sir. Right this way!

He leads you to the stables next to the inn and talks to the owner of the stables.

This man wants free stabling, and you're going ot give it to him. He says, setting a hand on his sword hilt.

Y...yes...of course, there is a free stall over there. He points to a stall with a shaky hand.

There you go, have a nice day

2007-11-05, 04:49 AM

Tom yawns.

If you'll excuse me, Father, I think I'll be heading to bed now. It's getting late and I'm rather tired.

Tom flashes a quick smile.

And besides, there's nothing to be done that can't be done in the morning.

2007-11-05, 09:57 AM
Lorren- Chirch

Lorren nods, though no one can see her, and takes a seat at one of the pews.

Sitting back, she notices the light from the butterflies fade to normal and frowns. Sometimes they do it for longer, and sometimes not at all, no matter how she asks. It was a mystery to her that she was not really much caring to explore. After all, she was just grateful that they listened to her at all.

She wondered if they would still be around in the winter. At this point, she wasn't sure what would happen. Would they slowly all die, and if they did, would they come back in the spring as other butterflies?

She had started to name the many species for her self, and recognize different traits of each one.

There were the 2 Goliaths. They were large, a full 9" wingspan that were full of deep purples and blues, except for the green 'eye' on their bottom wing.

With those two, she could ask them (sometimes) to move heavy objects, with the help of the other butterflies. Well, heavy for them.

Then there were the Flamers. Small butterflies that were not even an 1" across when their wings were fully extended. These bright red butterflies liked to cook their meal before eating it, and had the capability of generating heat to do just that, a fact that she had used on more then one occasion.

Then, of course, there were the Morning Glories. They were a nocturnal butterfly with a luminary quality that she had been using this evening to a great extent. They were mainly white, though on closer inspection you can see that there are traces of yellow that seem to swirl in the pattern of their wings.

There were many others, with very adverse features that she would never have realized before her association with them. She had so much to learn.

Her motioned to about a dozen butterflies that were hovering near by, and they came over.

She whispered "Dance" in Sylvan, the language they seemed to know and prefer and watched in amazement as the creatures swirled around in ever more complex patterns directly above her extended palm.

She could watch them for hours and be content with life.

2007-11-05, 11:07 AM
The Church

Okay Thomas, sleep well, thank you for your help tonight. He says, looking up from his book on dispelling evil from objects.

Okay...I think i've got it now...

He lays the book beside the artifact, and reads a prayer aloud. The unholy symbol shakes and a faint screaming can be heard from it.

The priest raises his hand and puts it about a foot above the symbol and keeps chanting, white and golden light streams from his hand and incinerates the symbol, leaving no dust, mark or fragments to indicate that it was ever there.

Okay, that's that done. Now to see to the visitor!

He walks to your pew and sits next to you watching your butterflies dance.

They're very beautiful. But what did you come here for, my child?

2007-11-05, 11:08 AM

Thinking: "Extra special note to self: stay on the good side of these guards."

She turns to Buster and makes sure that he gets into the stable safely, "Aww, there you go. Now, eat your meal and get some rest." She feeds him the dino-chow that she brought with her (which probably consists of some kind of dried animal entrails since it somehow costs the same as horse fodder) and waits until he falls asleep and covers him with a blanket to keep him warm.

Then she heads out to find a place to put her own things, heading to the Queen's Dragon Inn. "Interesting name for an inn." she says to herself as she approaches.

She approaches the innkeeper and says to him "One of your finest rooms, good sir. And something to eat."

2007-11-05, 11:18 AM
The barman looks up in surprise at this man. He got the impression that he had money to burn...

Christine! Christine!! Get this man a meal and some ale, then sort out his room.

The waitress rushes to the kitchen and reappears with a large mug of beer and a plate of salmon and potatoes. It looks tasty!

There you go, sir. If there is anything else you want. Don't hesitate to ask. I'll sort out the cost and your room when you have finished. Enjoy your meal!

She walks off to do waitress-y things.

2007-11-05, 11:21 AM
Lorren - Church of Pelor

Lorren turns with a slight smile to the priest.

"Greetings. I'm hoping that you can help me. I'm investigating an incident that occurred about 4 nights ago at Jack & Son's Magical Goods. Are you familiar with what happened?"

She returns her eyes to the butterflies, whispering to them softly to add butterflies of altering colors and asking them to shift their patters as she concentrates on that the priest tells her.

2007-11-05, 11:34 AM
Greetings. I'm hoping that you can help me. I'm investigating an incident that occurred about 4 nights ago at Jack & Son's Magical Goods. Are you familiar with what happened?

Well, no, i'm not. I have heard that they had a break in, and that it was caused by bandits from that camp not far from here. I've petitioned the town guard many times to do something about them, but they do nothing. They just sit on their lazy behinds and do nothing as the bandits prey on the poor people of this town, just like them. Sorry, young woman, but I cannot help you with this matter. Why are you investigating it? Are you planning on helping Jack get his goods back?

2007-11-05, 11:42 AM
Lorren - Church of Pelor

Lorren turns back to the priest and smiles warmly.

"Yes, I am. I just knew that you had helped Jack with his episode... and I noticed your notice on goblin raids to the grave yard. Can you elaborate on that? Do you know how many graves have been violated? Have any of the bodies been identified? And lastly, are there any clues as to why the goblins are taking bodies?"

She knows that her barrage of questions may seem overwhelming and adds "You see, master priest, I'm afraid that the two events may be related. How long have the goblins been making those raids?"

2007-11-05, 11:51 AM
Well, what a lot of questions.
The goblins have been raiding here for...over two weeks, they come about every four or five days. In this time, they have violated as many as fifty or sixty places of rest. We don't know of any way to identify the goblins, we have never met their chief. However, one of them, killed yesterday, seemed to be a high priest or cleric of the goblins. He carried an unholy symbol which had a lot of evil power inside of it. It's unholy magics help him to cast his evil blasphemous spells.
I don't know why the goblins are taking the bodies, though it's probably related to some evil practice, such as offering them to their god, or possibly, and I fear that it is so, raising some undead to attack us!! The guard will do nothing about this. They never listen to me.

Well...I suppose they could be related, do you know what the bandits took from his shop? If they are necromancy related...then maybe the bandits and the goblins are working together to try to destroy Kettrow! As much as I would love to stop this, I simply cannot get the manpower to do it.

2007-11-05, 12:03 PM
Lorren - Church of Pelor

Lorren frowns down at her lap. Lowering her hand, the butterflies free to do whatever they want start to fly in circles around her head.

Looking back up to the priest, she says "Yes, there were items that deal with necromancy that were taken.”

She takes out the list of items and hand them to the priest to look over.

”Speaking of man power. I know you just said that you can not get enough man power, but I was hoping that you may have an idea where some can be found. I have Sean from the town who has volunteered to help me and I've recently seen a mage in town who seems to be unassociated with the guide and a few others who look like they are fighting men who are not guardsmen. Do you have any suggestions?"

2007-11-05, 12:17 PM
Well, I suggest that you gather as many of these men as you can. Look at the inn as well, you can usually find men of that description there. These goblins and bandits must be stopped!
I'm afraid that I cannot come with you, I have duties to the people here that I cannot just drop. However, if you are hurt, then feel free to return here and I will heal you. The more people you have, the better. There are a lot of bandits at the camp...

You will want to have magic, most of the bandits are scared of magic, though this may have changed in recent times, as i hear that they are trying to get their own wizard! what an idea. I hope they haven't managed it,

2007-11-05, 12:26 PM

"Wonder if I should mention that I'm a lady... Meh, I'll tell them after I finish my meal."

Jesaral digs into the meal set in front of her, one of the best things about being a halfling ordering food at a human Inn is that the meals are usually quite filling! Except for the times they try to give her a 'kids meal' cheap patronising...

Jesaral finishes her meal and drinks her mug of beer. "Probably too late to do much else. Better see about my room."

2007-11-05, 12:32 PM
Lorren - Church of Pelor
9-10 PM

Taking the list back from the priest, though he had not even glanced at it and smiled thanks to him.

"Thank you, good priest. If you do see anyone that looks able and is willing to aid me in this task, please send them to the Queen's Dragon and have them ask for Lorren Deepweaver. I'm planning on leaving in the morning."

She stands up, dusting off her dress.

She then offers her hand to shake to the priest and then, after he shakes it gives her farewells and heads back to the Queen's Dragon.

Lorren – Queen’s Dragon Inn

When she enters the inn, she looks around the common room.

Seeing that it was still rather full, she took hold of her courage and approaches the waitress and asks "How does a person normally address the common room in this town? I have an announcement that I would like to proclaim." She smiles at the waitress and waits for a response.

Once she gets it, she follows the directions and clears her throat.

To get the attention of all the people she raises her voice and her hands.

"May I have your attention! I am on a quest of great import that may affect the very future of this town. I believe that the bandits and the goblins that neighbor this town may have made a pact. In this pact they may be conspiring to create a great threat to overwhelm us here. But I have reason to believe that we can steal this victoryfrom them! All that I need is a few brave souls who are willing to help me extricate some materials from the bandits that may foil their dastardly plan. I will be leaving tomorrow morning with all that are interested. Please let anyone who you know that may be interested of my need. If you yourself is interested, please come to me so I can discuss and answer any questions that you may have. Thank you."

Leaving the place of announcements, Lorren goes to a free table, motioning the waitress over and orders some wine. She sits and waits to see if any one here is interested and comes to her table.

2007-11-05, 12:32 PM
The waitress comes over,

Are you finished? We can book your room now if you wish.

She grabs a large book and talks to you about what sort of room, your name and how long you wish to stay.

OoC: How many nights do you want to stay?

2007-11-05, 01:15 PM

"Oh, just a private room for one should do. I think I'll book for three days. Not sure how long I'll be staying."

After she books her room, she picks up her mug of beer and approaches the table that Lorren is sitting at. "Hello there, I heard you say something about killing goblin bandits and stealing materials from them. And I must say that there is nothing in there that I am not one hundred percent in favor of."

"My name is Jesaral and I am a crafter from a far off halfling tribe. My knowledge of artifice and magic lets me enchant weapons to better defeat the giant monsters I run into... kind of like a gnome except that I don't look like something people leave in their garden to scare away small animals."

She takes a drink from her mug and looks closer at the human before her. "Oh... and pardon me for asking but are those magical butterflies you're wearing?"

2007-11-05, 01:41 PM
Lorren -Queen's Dragon Inn

Lorren smiles at the lady halfling's wit.

"I said nothing about killing anyone, and the only stealing that I had mentioned was their victory over this town. As for my butterflies, no, they are not magical, just friends, as far as I know."

Lorren offers her hand to the diminuative female and says "Lorren Deepweaver. It's a pleasure to meet someone who shares the same ideals that I have, if not the same hobbies, Jesaral."

After shaking the halflings hand, she sits back and says "So, are you interested in helping me out and in turn, perhaps helping this town out?"

Her smile widens and notiones to the square outside before saying "And don't knock the improtance of scaring off small animals. There happens to be a job listing for just that capacity!"

2007-11-05, 01:47 PM
Okay sir, that'll be 7 silver pieces for the three day stay including breakfast every morning!

Thank you very much.

She accepts the payment (if you don't pay her...then i'll edit this slightly) and walks off, humming to herself.

OoC: Yay!! someone remembered stuff!!! *hugs Mithreander*

2007-11-05, 01:52 PM
Leaving behind the surly merchant I had met, I walk over to the young female who made a bold announcement.

"Little one, a note for further ref'rence. Ya may wish to have a little mor' tact in dealin' with recruitin. Mind ya, it work'd. This time. There ain't nothin' I'd like mor' than ta help ya, but I'm fear'n yer method may have attracted some unwant'd attention," Motioning in the direction of some of the more grim-looking patrons, I continued "No', I will help ya, fer an equal shar' a tha loot or rewards, o' course, but consider bein' mor' careful with yer selection process next time. Yer young, ye need some more experience afore ye can do these things effectively. No', with tha' in mind, maybe ye might want ta let someone with a bit more, let's call it expertis', handle this? 'Specially considerin' that some of the folk in here," This time, gesturing to a few older men who were greedily staring at the young girl with eyes full of lust "May not have entirely whol'some ideas 'bout what adventurin' with yerself would entail, if ya get my meanin'.

2007-11-05, 01:57 PM
After a short while, a man stands up and exits hurriedly. It was one of the ones who was watching you, though not with lust...(thanks for adding that point in Kaisshau :smallwink: ) if you watch him through the window, he turns up the road to the north, and leaves your field of view on the way to the...bandit's camp. Dramatic Music Time!! : DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!!...yes, I thought it was necessary.

The other men cough when you look at them, and turn back to their gambling / drinks / meals / whatever they were doing.

A young lad of about...oooh...17ish walks over to you and says:

Hello, I was wondering if you'd let me come with you to this bandit camp? I'm pretty good with a sword! He gestures to a sword (http://www.angelsword.com/photos/favorites/av-katana.jpg) at his belt. May I come with you?

He seems the sort that would want to impress you at every opportunity and he speaks with a posh drawl, typical of upper class city dwellers, perhaps even wizards.

2007-11-05, 02:06 PM
Lorren - Queen's Dragon Inn

Lorren apologizes to the Halfling and turns to the dwarf with a slightly strained smile on her face.

"Greetings master Dwarf. I'm Lorren Deepweaver. It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, and if you are here to join me on my expedition, then I will welcome your wisdom. As to my methods, is it that I am a young woman that has upset you, or that more then that those that may be interested do not meet your standards."

She notices the man that had left and headed north towards the camp.

Well, perhaps he does have a point... but I did not have time to interview every person in the room! she thought to her self.

She considered going after the man, but rejected the idea. She truly did not know the area enough to go chasing after people in the dark, nor did she truly know what she would do with the man once she had caught up to him.

She lessens her critical tone with the dwarf and smiles at him, looking him in the eye from her seated position. "Perhaps you are write. Should I say, let one of the good captains of the guard lead the expedition? Or perhaps all of the other people who have come forward in the last 4 days to deal with this issue that I have decided to help with? Who would you have lead, good dwarf? Yourself perhaps?"

She turns from the dwarf to the young man with the sword. He was young, but older then she herself was by 2 years, so who was she to judge.

"Certainly. The more the better. I warn you though, the bandits know that we will be coming, and probably why. It will be dangerous."

2007-11-05, 02:14 PM
The man who walked out earlier now walks back in, carrying a box. He walks over to his friends and sets it down on the table. He opens it and empties it onto the table, inside is some money, alcohol and bags of tobacco.

(See? nothing to worry about, is there.)
One of the men calls over, Hey, honey! Why not leave your short friends? come enjoy the evening with us!

and he beckons to Lorren.

2007-11-05, 02:32 PM

Lorren sighs when she sees that man return. [i]Well, I have to relax some! Hopfully he is just waht he looks like, a gambler and a drunk."

She waves at the men ina negative, but smiles at them regardless. "No thank you. Unfortunately I do not have the time to play right now."

She turns back to the boy with the katana. "So, be here tomorrow morning, about 5am. That will be when I will be gathering those who will want to help and leaving."

2007-11-05, 02:37 PM
"Now, lass. I'm not one ta be carin' about age, as long as ye got ability. Nor do I care ta question yer leadership. Ye can organize a party all ye wish, I'm just suggestin' ya let someone projectin' less frailty, an' with mor' experience in dealin' with the kin' o' mercenary scum ye can find in the human places, sort through yer potential recruits. If'n ya be willin', Oi'll volunteer, but if ya would prefer some'un else, maybe a human, feel free. Th' standards o' honesty an' loyalty are necessary ta every endeavour, and many patrons o' establishments such as these are lackin' either. An' youll find neither lackin' in a dwarf, young miss.
I bow as I say this, and then I turn to those wanting to have the young lady join them.
"Good sirs, might Oi suggest a differen' activity for ye tonight? Ya can either leave this girl alone, or ye can find yerself on yer arse or upside-down outside. Yer choice."

(OOC: Intimidate Roll: [roll0])

2007-11-05, 02:39 PM

Gladly handing over the silver to the waitress, she sees the man leave the room.

She accepts Lorren's handshake, and nods to her.

"Well yes, I would be glad to help get rid of bandits. You can imagine how dangerous it is for a lady to travel these roads, particularly when the bandits are twice my size. I just want to help make the world a better place for people like me."

As she drinks her ale, she thinks "Hmm... If I can help get rid of these bandits then the gratitude of these villagers could prove useful in my quest for world domination! Or not... but we should probably be careful. These guards are easier to buy than a backpack and I don't think for a second those bandits don't have at least a few on the payroll."

"Anyway... who are these bandits and what is it we have to get back from them? I'm also a bit curious what the human to goblin ratio might be if we get in a fight with them."

2007-11-05, 02:49 PM
One of the men on the other table stands up and walks over here, a bottle of something alcoholic and foul-smelling in his hand. He reeks of alcohol and smoking.

Oh? ye thinksss ye can take me? short guy? wanna take dis outside? his speech is slurred, and he is having trouble focusing on you.

C'mon then...if ye thinks your hard enuff. he flicks you off with his left hand and walks outside. He makes faces through the window at you.

oh, and his friends are jeering at you / looking scared / looking drunk / droolin' on the table / snoring / laying on the floor in various states of alcoholic poisoning.

OOC: Also, since he now has a name and stats, you hear the people yelling stuff like "You can't beat Selim!!" and "he's too good for you, dwarf! Go live in a pile of rocks!" whoot.

2007-11-05, 02:59 PM
"I'll be back, lasses. Watch m' stuff." Outraged, but calm, I sheath my waraxe, but remove a hand axe from my backpack and run it through my belt. I set my pack and shield down near the girls' feet, and I follow him outside. When I'm outside, I turn to face him, and calmly say,
"Listen, ya fool. I'm ove' three times yer age, twice as strong, an' I seen more battle then ya could dream o'. Ya ain't gonna win."

2007-11-05, 03:05 PM
Oh yeah? well, I got news for ye grandpa, I could beat ye with both hands behind me back!!

and with this, he lunges for you.


he misses, badly, nearly hitting himself in the process and throws himself to the floor with his momentum. He hits his head on the hard paving stones and gets knocked out.

Many of the beggars, people inside the inn and the guards start laughing. Lots of stones are tossed his way and he is dragged inside the stables to recover by some nearby guards.

2007-11-05, 03:13 PM
Watching his fall, I shake my head and utter a curse in dwarven about human stupidity combined with booze, then return inside to where I left the lasses and my gear, glaring at his friends as I pick up my things.

2007-11-05, 03:14 PM
You see some money change hands between some of the people in the inn. It seems you were the subject of a bet...

2007-11-05, 03:22 PM

"Woah... I have an idea, lets see if we can get the bandits drunk before we attack them... does this happen often in dwarven fights?" Jesaral asks, as innocently as possible.

2007-11-05, 03:33 PM
"Nay lass, it doesn'. Yer only be findin' tha humans be doin' this. They never learn tha drinkin' don't help ya fight, only makes ya think ya can. Dwarves, no' we know better than this. Ye wont find a dwarf tha'll fight when drunk, an' if he does, he's not long to be wit' his clan."

"Besides," I say, hoping up onto a stool around the table, "The bandits are a waste o' good ale!"

2007-11-05, 03:36 PM

Smiling at the sitting dwarf, she nods her gatitude towards him.

"Thank you for protecting my virtue. I'm not sure what I would have doen without you." she winks at him, and laughs into her hand, her eyes on the dwarf in a friendly fashion.

2007-11-05, 03:46 PM
"I'm sure ya woulda been perfe'tly capable o' takin' care o' yerself, it was him I was worried about!" I laughed and called the waitress over, asking her, "A round o' ale for ev'ryone at this table, two fer me if'n ya don't mind, and," I beckoned her in closer, and whispering said "A round o' water fer the friends o' that drunk, they look like they could use it!" Winking at her, I turned to the people at the table once more.

"Now, lasses, about why I met ya. Ya say ye got goblins an' humans work'n together? Tha' ain' right. An' they likely ain't gonna be sharin' no campsite. Employ'd or not, goblins 'r goblins, if ya get what I'm sayin'. What I figure, then, is tha' we take down the goblins first, then the humans. Tha goblins 'r mor'n likely ta miss a repor' or two, so another one won' be noticed soon enough. If'n we go afta that humans firs', the goblins could get scared an' run, an' we don' want that. Whaddya say? Yer call, illustrious leader."

2007-11-05, 03:51 PM
The maid returns with all the drinks on a tray, she sets them down before all the people, takes the payment, and walks away. Smiling.

2007-11-05, 04:11 PM

Lorren considers admitting that the goblin human association was only a theory she had put together with the limited amount of facts that she had available but decided against it.

The others already seemed to doubt her ability to lead. There was no reason to doubt her integrity as well.

Further then that, if she could use these individuals to take out the goblin menace and the bandits as well (though she had hoped they would be able to just get the items back without any real harm to the bandits), then the community would fair that much better.

That would leave the guards as a problem.

Perhaps if the bandits were disbanded then the guards would have to rely on their pay more, which means they would be relying on the money from the villagers and they would be forced to remember their duty. Fat chance, really, but it could be hoped.

"Sir dwarf, I believe your suggestion has merit. I will consider it and announce my decision in the morning."

2007-11-05, 04:35 PM
"Aye lass, that 'tis fair. No', I dunno about you all, but I'm gonna go talk ta tha waitress an' see wha' kind o' accomidations can be ha' here. Excuse me, young lasses, and I'll see ya in tha mornin'." I quaff the rest of my ale and nod at the girls, then I head in search of the smiling waitress, to see if I can get a room for the night.

2007-11-05, 04:44 PM

"Yes, that does sound like a good idea... good night then."

She heads up to her room, but before she goes to sleep she pulls out some supplies for writing scrolls. "Lets see if I can get this done while I have the time. Would hate to be unprepared tomorrow."

She tries to write a scroll of cure light wounds before heading to bed.

She uses up 12.5 gp of material and 1 point from her craft reserve. If she succeeds in a DC 21 UMD in either of her checks she can simulate the level 1 spell to use in her scroll (she gets one when she starts crafting, and another as a last-ditch effort when she stops, if it cost more than 1,000 gp she would get an additional try per day day she spent crafting.). I think it should take about 36 minutes for her to write it with 1000 gp per day thing and the base price of 25 gp.

Use magic device check: [roll0]
last-ditch use magic device check: [roll1]

have to head to wok now.

2007-11-05, 04:56 PM
The Queen's Dragon Inn

OoC: Okay, you're all now safely tucked up in bed. It cost Gromtul 2sp for the night and 2s for the meal and drinks.

Sleep well.

Randel manages to write the scroll with no problems, it costs you 25 gp.

Other people, in various places.

You're all sleeping well, sleepy...so sleepy...

Venn has talked to you as you left to go up the stairs to bed, and he is coming with you to help kill the bandits in the morning. ('kay?)

2007-11-05, 05:02 PM

Lorren stays up for a while longer to see if anyone else seems interested and then heads for bed about 11pm.

Going to her room, she takes off her dress after locking the door, cleans herself with a quick sponge bath before putting on a night gown.

She quickly falls assleep to the sounds of beating wings as the Morning Glories search the room for any way out.

Finding a hole big enough to go through, they go out into the night to do what nature inteneed them to do.

2007-11-06, 01:39 AM

Tom enters the backroom, sets down his halberd, says a short prayer, then lies in the bed and falls asleep.


2007-11-06, 10:13 AM
Hamish Sachet
Presuming no alarms or raids or whatnot...

I have a reasonably good nights sleep during the night. I dream of Goblins attacking a town en mass. Hundreds of them stream down form the hillside. The town guards are running to and fro in a panic finally disappearing into the houses and shops of the town... The streets are completely clear except for me and 2 to 4 hundred goblins. As the battle rages I kill them all a stack of goblin bodies piles up around me but more just keep coming. Soon we are fighting on a mound of bodies two stories high. Then suddenly the "CITY" army appears from over a hill to the north. Marching into the town in a tight phalanx pushing the horde toward me. I fight my way to the soldiers and lead them through the town decimating the goblin horde. In the back ranks of the Army a single man stands upon the top of a hill. I run to the man... It is the paladin that helped out in the earlier battle with the goblins.

He says There is someone here who wants to see you.

I look from side to side frantically of my love almost knowing that is whom he meant. Off in the distance I see a white stallion galloping toward us. I know this horse, It was hers. As she gets closer I can begin to make her out. Just as she is almost close enough to reach out and touch a mysterious figure clad in a black robe and white wig appears from nowhere. The man grabs her from her horse before any one knows he's there.

He turns to me and says Your still not good enough for my daughter.

Without another word the man and the his daughter disappear, a puff of dust rises from where the man's feet were.

With that I wake up...
I'll show him who's not good enough.

I rise from my bed dress in my traveling outfit for the morning meal with my parents.
My mother: You were home early last night...
Yes, I figured I need ed to get some sleep if I was going to work today.
You got a JOB!!
Yea, you know how those goblins have been raiding the grave yard, well Father Carter asked for some help getting rid of them.
That sounds dangerous. Whats wrong with working at one of the stores in town.
Mom, You know I can't bring myself to do that. I mean how am I going to get us back to the city working in a store,
There is nothing you can do to get us back to the city. I'm actually quite content here.
Well, I have to go back, I can't just leave her.
My father: Its your fault we're stuck here you little turd, you'ld best figure something out.
Father Carter will help me win her father's respect. They'll welcome me back to the city a hero.
Father Carter doesn't know squat.
Carter is a good man if a little self riteous sometimes but he can't do any thing to help you.
Surely he has some contact in the city that he can spread the word to all I ask is the chance to prove myself.
Just becareful son.
Screw this I'm going to the pub.

I return to my room and don my studded leather then off to the Church to see Father Carter.

2007-11-06, 10:32 AM
Lorren - The Queen's Dragon Inn

Lorren woke up the next morning, stretching.

She wakes up having fleeting images of the dreams she had before they disappear with her growing awareness, leaving only a feeling of contentment.

Stretching again, she sits up on her bed and feels the rough wooden floor beneath her feet and sighs.

The butterflies coat the ceiling and parts of the walls and Lorren says "Good morning" to them in Sylvan.

Feeling a rush of gratitude from them through the bond that they share, a smile blooms on her face.

All right, time to get ready! she thinks to her self as she makes it to the slightly chipped wash bowl.

She takes out her hygiene kit from her backpack and sets to washing, combing and setting her hair. After that, she scrubs her teeth with some salt that she had for that occasion.

Spitting that out, looks over at the dress she had left out the night before, she shakes her head.

She folded it to the best of her ability and placed it on the bed.

She then took out another dress (this one light gray with navy blue stitching and accents) from the backpack, and placed the dress she had worn the day before in its place.

Shaking out the grey dress, she notes the wrinkles, and in turn wrinkles her nose.

That was one thing about traveling. It was so hard on clothes.

She checks the stitches she had mended the dress with from an incident with a torn bush and saw that they were in great shape. If you did not know they were there, they were hardly visible.

Taking off her nightgown, Lorren quickly gets into the gray dress and buttons it up the sides.

She then puts on her cotton stockings and follows that with her now worn boots.

She then goes to her wool hooded cloak and flips it inside out so that the gray side is out and the navy blue side is in. She smiled at the versatility of the piece.

With herself dressed, she motioned to the butterflies to come and the majority, as usual, land on her cloak for a ride.

Making it down to the common room, she heads to the bar and tells the keeper that she was ready for her breakfast at any time it was available.

She had already made up her mind about where she would be leading her group (if they showed up) right after the dwarf had made his decision. She just hoped it was the correct one.

Taking a seat at the same table she had occupied the night before, she settled herself to wait.

2007-11-06, 11:08 AM
The Queen's Dragon Inn

Of course, Lorren. I'll go get you your breakfast now. says the waitress, yawning quietly. Nice dress by the way.

She exits and returns presently with a small bowl of rice and fish. With a side of some sort of pancake like thing, covered in a sweet sauce. Also, you are given a tall glass of cool milk.

Enjoy your meal. She says, and walks away.

As you nibble, a man stomps his way to the bar and asks for a beer. People on all sides shake their heads at him and mutter.

The Church

You step into the church, the doors creak and Father Carter is at the altar, preparing for the day's events. Light streams through the windows, filling the church with the sun's radiance.

Good morning, my child. What can I do for you? By the way, are you on that young woman's little expedition to get those stolen goods back from the bandits?

2007-11-06, 11:34 AM
Well, I don't know any thing about any bandits Father. I came to talk to you about what we are going to do about the goblins that attacked last night. I suppose the goblins could be connected to some bandit activity.

Also, do you know anyone in the church community in the city, to whom you might be able to spread rumors of my heroism last night.

(ooc: I assume that Carter knows about my situation and is at least mildly sympathetic if only to get rid of my parents.)

I will try to find this group that is going after the bandits if you think that they are related. I would also think that defending the town from a bandit army should warrant some talk in the city as well, Hint, Hint...

2007-11-06, 11:41 AM
Are you still after that woman, Hamish? Your exploits and those of your friends are being spoken about during this morning's sermon, an i shouldn't be surprised if it spreads to the city after that. Don't worry, i'm sure her father will hear of this.

The group's leader is staying at the inn currently, she's a young girl, has some beautiful butterflies too. She believes that the goblin incident is related to the bandits, you should go talk to her. And yes, i'm sure her father would be impressed if you were to get rid of the bandits. Though, your father isn't helping matters. You have to stop him drinking! Anyway...enjoy your day, my child.

2007-11-06, 02:10 PM
Jesaral - Her room

Inside her room, Jesaral is asleep in the human-sized bed. Having wrapped herself up in every blanket on the bed, she's sleeping happily in her little 'cocoon'. "MMmmm... Kill all humans. Hey Buster... want to help me kill all humans?"

Then the light from the sun finally makes its way from the window onto her, she blinks her eyes in annoyance and wakes up. "Whah? Hey just a few more hours... I need my beauty sleep. Wait... that expedition to kill people! Buster! The shops are open!"

Struggling to free herself from her blankets, she rolls off the bed with a soft *thump* and manages to extract herself from the soft bedding. "Okay, maybe I shouldn't stay up all night writing scrolls." She quickly gets washed and dressed up before she heads out.

She sits down at the table they were at last night and finds Lorren. "Good morning, so has anyone else from our little raid... I mean adventuring party shown up?" She says sweetly.

2007-11-06, 02:19 PM
Lorren - Queen's Dragon Inn

Lorren greets the halfling woman with a smile as she finishes a bite of the pancake.

"Good morning Jesaral. No, you are the first one to join me this morning. As to the 'raid'. Well, I've decided that we will be confronting the goblins first. Once the others show up, we will head to the church to inform the good priest that we will be accepting his mission from the notice board. From there we will head out, following the tracks of the goblins, if we can."

Lorren takes a drink of the mink and sighs to herself. It was fresh and cool. Just how she liked it.

2007-11-06, 05:48 PM


Thomas wakes up early in the morning, the habit of a farmer's son. He spends some time in deep prayer to Pelor, asking for guidance, and then performs some quick exercises. He then leaves the room to speak to the priest, if he's there.

Good morning, Father. What news?

2007-11-06, 07:07 PM

We don't serve Orcs. Your buddies will have to wait outside.


Be with you in a moment, i'm a little busy at the moment, please just wait over there. comes a voice from the other end of the church.


The guard looks from the dinosaur to the silver in his hand.

Of course, sir. Right this way!

He leads you to the stables next to the inn and talks to the owner of the stables.

This man wants free stabling, and you're going ot give it to him. He says, setting a hand on his sword hilt.

Y...yes...of course, there is a free stall over there. He points to a stall with a shaky hand.

There you go, have a nice day

Do you fancy your bar here, sir?
Either way, you have two choices: We summon 50 more orcs, and rip this place apart, or you can give my friends here a drink.- actually, no. I'm going to summon 50 orcs ANYWAY, and loot you of about 100 gallons. My party gets thirsty, too, ya'know? He smiles kindly with this last remark, and whistles sharply. 10 orcs barge the door in, and the head says More Outside. Where Drink? Right over the there, Kal'Dour. Don't hurt anyone, though. I don't like people.....Unnesscarily injured.

2007-11-06, 08:30 PM
Tomas right? My name's Sachet, Hamish Sachet in all the excitement last night I neglected to introduce myself... Father Carter here was just telling me that a young lady was inquiring about the goblins we fought off last night and some stolen magic shop merchandise that she had been charged with recovering from some bandits. She felt that there may have been a connection between the thefts of the items and the goblin body snatchers.

He said that the young lady was gathering a group to retrieve the items. If we hurry we could probably catch them at the inn before they headded out.

Note: The introduction is intended to be very James Bond like.

2007-11-06, 08:53 PM
After the excitement of the fight, Venn slips off back into the tavern to get a night's rest. Thinking to himself that he may be here a while, he rearranges his room to better accommodate a wizard. Venn beats some of the dust from his cloak and falls asleep.

During the night Venn has a nightmare. The town is in flame and walking the streets are the mindless forms of those he had met. When Venn tries to contact anyone, they turn to him and their face transforms into that of the vile Goblin cleric smitten earlier. Omen? Standard nightmare? Prophecy? It doesn't really matter because Venn doesn't remember his dreams very well and has no recollection of it.

The next morning, Venn wakes up earlier than he'd want to. This leaves him groggy and still almost asleep. He grabs his still sleeping familiar and heads downstairs with his tome. Being occasionally a creature of habit, Venn sits down at the same table as he did the day before. He doesn't notice the commotion with the orcs, and it takes him a few seconds to even notice that he sat down next to Jesaral and Lorren. With a small bit of shock but still in a sleepy manner, Venn turns to them and says, "Oh, hello."

2007-11-06, 11:34 PM
Tomas right? My name's Sachet, Hamish Sachet in all the excitement last night I neglected to introduce myself... Father Carter here was just telling me that a young lady was inquiring about the goblins we fought off last night and some stolen magic shop merchandise that she had been charged with recovering from some bandits. She felt that there may have been a connection between the thefts of the items and the goblin body snatchers.

He said that the young lady was gathering a group to retrieve the items. If we hurry we could probably catch them at the inn before they headded out.

Note: The introduction is intended to be very James Bond like.

Bandits you say? I suppose if its alright with you, Father, I'd like to see if this connection is true. Goblins are evil, but bandits can be quite a bit more dangerous.

2007-11-07, 12:49 AM
I woke up at dawn (5AM) and went downstairs to find the young girl who was organizing the raid. I found her sitting at the same table, along with the halfing. There were orcs here now, many orcs. "I wonder what me father would say about this. Orcs in a human settlement, throwing their weight around. Typical. There's a reason we never deal with the monsters."

Turning to the ladies at the table, I smile and say "Mornin', lass's. How ye be? Everyone 'ere yet? An' if they ain't, where are they?"

2007-11-07, 02:44 AM
okay, Mister, no need to get all violent. I'll get your beer. He fills enough mugs for you and your orc-y friends. Wondering where those damn guard are...

And how about you guys? you want anything? he says cheerfully to Lorren's group.

2007-11-07, 04:39 AM
Jesaral - Queen's Dragon Inn

Jesaral sits in the tavern and hears innkeeper ask her what she wants. "Oh, I'll be having my breakfast now. We'll probably be heading out to deal with some goblins later today."

She pulls out her sling and begins to play with it, running the strips of leather between her fingers. While she does this, she says to the others.

"Listen, these orcs might be up to no good... I met that little halfling guy outside of town and to be honest I get a bad feeling about him. He hangs around those orcs as if he's one of them... or like he's their chief. I don't want to cause trouble but if you guys think we might be fighting orcs anytime soon then give me a warning beforehand."

She takes the sling and wraps it around her right wrist, almost toying with the idea of using it as a bracelet.

"I might be able to cook something up to help us in such a fight if given a minute to prepare."

2007-11-07, 11:57 AM

Lorren looks up from her breakfast at the wizard from yesterday and smiles to him.

"I don't remember you here last night. This group and I are going to be taking a job to clear out some of the nasties around the town."

She glances to the orcs and look towards Jesaral and says to the wizard though it was obviously a comment to Jesaral "Not those nasties. There is not a job to take care of those yet."

Turning back to the wizard You know, it would be a lot easier if we all put the names of our characters in bold each post. It will give the players a chance to learn who is who. and says "We're going after some goblins that have been attacking the graveyard for bodies. I believe that they may be working with the bandits. Since that is the case it was suggested to me to take out the goblins first since they would be less likely to be missed."

Lorren nods to the dwarf when he walks up and says "I think we have everyone that will be coming, though I have not seen Sean nor the young man with the katana so I guess they decided not to come."

Lorren stands up, having finished her meal and noticing those that were eating close to completion as well.

"Let's head to the church. We can catch the goblins trail from there and talk to the priest about our accepting his notice. Perhaps he will be able to tell us more about the supposed location of the goblins as well."

With that Lorren motions for the others to follow and starts to head out of the inn, looking to the wizard in particular and motion for him to come along as well.

2007-11-07, 12:47 PM
Hamish Sachet

Alright Tomas lets see if we can catch them at the inn before they head out...

Thank you Father we'll figure this whole thing out.

I turn to walk from the church to the inn. Ever so slowly, waiting for Tom to follow. (ooc: so slowly in fact that the other party meets us at the church yard gate, hint, hint)

2007-11-07, 12:56 PM
Lorren - Almost to the church of Pelor

Making it to the church yard gate, Lorren motions to the others to move aside for the two people heading out.

She smiles a hello at them though she looks quisically at them when they stop.

"Hello. We're here to see the priest. He is available, right?" she quiries as they stand in the groups way.

2007-11-07, 01:24 PM
(ooc: is Gromtul(Kaisshau) with Lorren(Mithreander)? If so I assume that I'ld recognize the Dwarf with the big axe who helped us last night.)

2007-11-07, 02:05 PM
"Oi! Yer the youngin' tha' spoke dwarven, ain't ya?" I ask, when I recognize the one who called himself Hamish.

2007-11-07, 03:14 PM
(ooc: Ta Da a party is born... oooh isn't it cute)

Master, Dwarf I'ld love to chat for a second but Tomas and I are off to find a young lady that Father Carter said was headed out after some bandits this morning.

I look at the group I am presented with a puzzled look quickly appears on my face. I look at Venn, Jesaral, The Unknown Dwarf, and finally stop on Lorren.
Waaaaaiit a Minute
I note the butterfly cloak and immediately the puzzled look disappears.
Judging by your choice of attire, you must be the Lady that Father Carter was telling me about.

2007-11-07, 03:53 PM

Hearing Lorrens reasoning, she nods and decides to wait until someone posts a job to eliminate them before attacking... no use killing orcs when doing so won't get you a reward.

She follows the others as they head for the church and meet up with Hamish, she starts to think of what equipment she might need to bring to help deal with the goblins.

2007-11-07, 04:28 PM
Lorren w/ new born group - Outside Church of Palor

Yes, it is cute! What should we name it?!

Lorren smiles at the young man and nods at his fine deductive reasoning.

"My name is Lorren, and I am indeed the lady that the priest, Priest Carter, I suppose, was talking about. We were just on our way to talk to the priest about a change in our plans that correspond to his notice on goblins, though the bandits are still on our list of 'Things to do'." Lorren says with a friendly smile on her face, her cloak turning to a nice shade of green as the butterflies of that color spread their wings and the others close theirs, a color to match the feeling of amusement that she felt through her bond with the butterflies.

"The dwarf that you seem to know..." She looks at the dwarf with an earnest expression and says "I'm sorry, but I've completely forgotten your name! I'm so sorry!" She blushes slightly and turns back to the young man.

"Anyway, the Master Dwarf had convinced me that the goblins may be the first area to strike and I agreed for more reasons then he had mentioned. So, would you be willing to join us on this expedition? If so, then I believe that we should all introduce ourselves and then be on our way to talk to Priest Carter."

2007-11-07, 05:05 PM
Hamish w/ new born group - Outside Church of Pelor
oh, oh, oh, something spookey

I am Sachet, Hamish Sachet, the good Dwarf and I met last evening at the pub. Together with Tomas here, Father Carter, your wizardly companion there(I assume Venn's with us), and the church grounds keeper we fended off an incursion by these very goblins that you now seam. I would like very much to assist you in eradicating the goblin menace.

2007-11-07, 06:34 PM
"Tha's ok, lassy, I neve' told ya it. No', how about we get goin' afore the goblins have enou' time ta wake up and miss tha party from last night?"

2007-11-07, 07:03 PM

Tom stares at Lorren for a few seconds, shakes himself, and then blushes.

I'm... Thomas. Thomas Laud.

OOC: Lorren has 16 Cha, so I assume she's reasonably attractive.

2007-11-07, 07:11 PM

Venn was about to order up some breakfast but by the time he got around to trying to flag down a waitress the assembled people at the table had already left. How did they know about the goblins? He hadn't seen them before... did he? It's tool early for this and hopefully the walk will wake him up.

Venn follows the group up to the church where he sees people that he recognizes and hears and begins to understand that they are actually assembling to go hunt goblins. He listens to the introductions while trying to stay awake but when the dwarf says they should hurry before the goblins miss the party, he yawns and replies, "Well considering that we may be dealing with a necromancer here, they likely have some divinations active. They may be scrying on us as we speak."

Not being one to let a quip slide by, his raven Nigel chimes in, "Wow you actually remembered something other than using fire from school."

"Too early for your bull****"

OOC - I vote for "Spooky Goblin Hunters LLC"

2007-11-07, 07:16 PM

Tom's eyes widen at the use of profanity, but quickly recovers himself.

Errr... yes, time is of the essence.

2007-11-07, 07:24 PM

17 Chr. I rolled with the standard that the DM gave us and it was A LOT better then the 32 points I had used originally. Yes, very attractive. Enough to even forget that she is jail bait.

Lorren frowns at the dwarf. "No fair, avoiding the question. Unless, of course you want to remain 'Master Dwarf'? You need to tell us what you want to be addressed with, if not your name."

Lorren was not much for playing games and usually stuck with business. But when she dealt with people she wanted to know what to call them.

She agreed with the dwarf that speed was the best course.

At the mages words, she directs her next statement to him "Scrying? Can it be stopped? And if so, do we have the means to do so? If not, then we have to proceed and hope that is not the case. Besides, I believe that the true power here is with the bandits. I'm thinking that the goblins are stooges."

Lorren turns to the church to enter.

"Father Carter! I need to talk to you! I've gathered a group to accept your notice!"

2007-11-07, 07:28 PM

Tom winces a little.

I believe he already knows some of us will be hunting the goblins and bandits...

OOC: Hold on... you got a re-roll?!

2007-11-07, 07:51 PM
"Well counter-scrying is generally very advanced magic that we don't have access to here. If they want to see us they can, so our best option at this point is to just be weary of possible traps," Venn replies to Lorren with the subtlety of a textbook. With some of his senses returning to him after waking up, he realizes that he had yet to prepare spells. This could be a problem if they run into more goblins today.

"While time may be of the essence I have not been able to prepare spells today, limiting my effectiveness at combat and finding magic items."

2007-11-07, 07:59 PM
"Ye may call me yer elder, and yer better, until ye've proven otherwise. Wizard, hurry yerself up. Can' wait all day fer ya magic types. Wast'd potential, ye is. No' hurry, we ain't gonna wait all day fer ya."

Grumbling to himself in dwarven, "Wizards. Complain if you go to fast, complain if you go to slow. Don't even know why we bothered getting this one, looks like that bird of his is more useful than him."

2007-11-07, 11:29 PM

Now, now, dwarf friend, there's no reason to be rude.

OOC: Can I use Diplomacy here? I'm trying to diffuse what might potentially be a tense situation. Even if Venn doesn't speak Dwarven, I bet he would understand that whatever Gromtul mutter wasn't complimentary.

If I can....

2007-11-08, 02:45 AM
The Church

OoC: Thomas' diplomacy works on Gromtul, Kaisshau, you now think that it is necessary to wait for the wizard but you might mind waiting...if you want to...

Is that you, Lorren?

He walks to the doors of the church and looks at you.

Ah, good morning! My caretaker has taken the day off. So i'm a bit swept off my feet. It seems he uncovered a reasonable sum of gold on those goblin's corpses that we killed. Are you going on a little raid now?

2007-11-08, 04:00 AM
Jesaral - with the new party

Hearing the others introduce themselves, Jesaral steps up. "Well, my name is Jesaral Highhill. I am a crafter and I had originally come here hoping to make some money from the magic item business in these parts, but looking around I believe that it might be more important to deal with these goblins and bandits... if only because a lady like myself would be in dire straights if bandits were free to prey on the defenseless."

She sighs and looks around at the others around her, being less than 3 feet tall and having a charisma score of 16 she would indeed seem like the ideal victim for bandits to waylay.

"But, I am pretty good with a sling and a crossbow, and have some skills with magically enhancing weapons. My mount has brought me safely here and I intend to help make this town a safe place to live by dealing all the evil goblins and giants that infest it... I mean bandits. Yes, giant... medium sized bandits."

She clears her throat "Anyway, if we're attacking an encampment, I may need to stock up on crossbow bolts. I only brought ten with me since I only expected to deal with simple highwaymen. Anyone else know of anything we might on this mission?

2007-11-08, 08:15 AM

Hearing the Dwarf's comments on wizards I chuckle a little very much out loud before I catch myself.

Grumpy, err master Dwarf, before we go to war with these goblins don't you think we should discuss some sort of tactics?

Regardless it'll give us something to do while the wizard gets ready.

Jesaral, you said something about enchanting weapons if you knew what we were facing correct? How long would it take you to prepare such an enchantment, and how long would it last?

I don't think that the threat of scrying is so much real, as of yet it is unlikely that any one would even think to look for us. But the idea gets me thinking that we should send some scouts.

2007-11-08, 10:51 AM
Lorren - Church of Pelor

Lorren walks up to the priest with an open smile and hugs him quickly. "Father Carter! Yes it is me. I've gathered a group to handle the goblins from your notice. It had mentioned that you knew that they resided in a cave to the north. I was hoping that you could give us directions as well as a description of the cave. You know, what it was used for if it were man made, or what the inside may be like if you've ever been to it before the goblins lived there: basically anything that you could tell us to help."

Lorren's butterflies were all dancing around having left her cloak in a cloud that seemed to pulse behind her as they moved in sequence from one direction to another causing a constant simmering of color behind her.

2007-11-08, 12:13 PM
He opens a book that he was carrying and unfolds a piece of paper from inside it.

Before the goblins came, some miners used to work in there. Mining lesser metals such as tin. They made this map while they were there. The entrance you will use is the one at the bottom of the map. The raised stone platform and dam were already there when the miners moved in. They are very, very old.

He passes you the map:


As for directions, there are various signs pointing to it...you just need to go north for a mile or so, and you will find it. There is a small beaten trail, made by the goblins. You can probably get there faster with a tracker...

Well, we know that the goblins have some clerical knowledge, we don't know if it is them or the bandits that have the wizards. I'd say it was the bandits, but it could be the goblins. Expect undead and lots of goblins armed with various weapons. I doubt that they have any heavy fortification, such as large missile weapons or anything large and dangerous.

Anything else?

He folds the map up and passes it to Lorren.

OOC: The map was too big to fit comfortably on the page. So you have to follow the link =) yay.

2007-11-08, 02:19 PM
Jesaral - the church

Hearing Hamish's questions she responds as well as she can. "Well, in my studies to craft magic weapons I've learned how to temporarily give a weapon I wield a minor magical ability. The one I use most often is Bane, which makes a weapon particularly deadly against a specific race or type of creature. It takes me about one minute to prepare and it lasts for ten minutes afterwards. Like I said, I can't give the enchantment to a weapon another person wields yet... I think that requires a spell I haven't learned yet."

"However, I have a few other spells that can help out... kind of, one makes weapons a little better in attacks but doesn't really help weapons that are already good at attacking... it lasts one minute. And I can enchant three rocks or bullets to deal better damage, they work particularly well against undead."

"Finally, I can have spells that give some defensive power to others, it lasts a minute... and thats about it. Oh, I can also give armor a temporary special ability that would normally cost up to 5,000 gp or a +1 bonus (thats a technical term crafters use, let me know if it needs explaining) I can apply it to other peoples armor, but it takes a minute to apply, lasts ten minutes, and requires 10 gp in special oils to help bind the magic. If you need that last one I can give it to you for the 10 gp... though I personally don't see the use of it. I figure offense is better than defence in combat."

she takes another deep breath and says finally. "And I can search for and disable any traps we might come across... I really should write this stuff down on a sheet or something for easy reference."

2007-11-08, 04:34 PM

I generally try to avoid any direct confrontation at least to the extent possible. The only spells I know are just simple mind tricks that my mother showed me and a few defensive things I've picked up as I am not a big fan of pain. As for searching for traps well can't everyone do that of course I'm a little paranoid about that sort of thing myself, disabling them is a different story but I too am generally pretty good about figuring out how things work and making them stop.

(ooc: IRL also, never ride in a car i've touched, and I'm on my sixth PC this year, yay guarantee)

My only real concern is what they have done with the bodies that they have taken from the graveyard. I'm not really that good with weapons , I carry them mostly for show.

2007-11-08, 05:41 PM
"Jus' stay behind me, little 'uns. You too, wizard." I smile at the halfling and the boy, then turn to glare at the wizard, "No', we almost ready ta go? I'm gettin' impatient here."

2007-11-08, 06:09 PM

Lorren thanks the priest and walks out to the courtyard once more to talk to the others.

"We leave as soon as the mage is done. It is not far."

She hands the map to the dwarf, but with it open so he knows that she expects everyone to see it. "Take a look at this and tell me if you see any inherent advantages that we can use, please.? I think a plan of action would be a good idea."

2007-11-08, 06:30 PM
With everyone agreeing to wait for his spells, Venn sits down and begins thumbing through his spellbook. Luckily not all of his spells were cast so it should take much less time than usual. Although he isn't really concentrating on the conversations being had while he is preparing spells, he is able to make a comment under his breath after Jesaral's speech, "And yet they complain when I charge for identification spells."

While Venn is studying, Nigel flies over to the dwarf and says, "What will really make him mad is if you tell him that his fire spells could be simulated by beating a kobold over the head with a torch." The bird slyly then flies back over to Venn's shoulder as he finishes his studies and prepares to leave. Turning to the dwarf he informs him, "I bow to your knowledge of time and am woefully ill-prepared but I shall follow you," in a sarcastic tone.

2007-11-08, 06:32 PM
Cheers! He hands the drinks to the orcs and and they have a toast.

2007-11-08, 07:39 PM
"I'm thinkin' tha', while we want ta avoid open battles, an' a long range fight. They'll have tha numbers on their side. We need to fight as few as possible a' a time. That's got me thinkin' tha' the one long hallway" I say, pointing near the middle of the map, "Would make a good place to hea' for, then draw the goblins to it. Wha' da ya think?"

2007-11-09, 03:20 AM
Jesaral - with the party

"Hey, I only charge when my spells have a costly component in them... or if I need money."

The halfling gets a tad impatient and starts to walk towards town. "Listen, I seriously think I need to pick up some extra ammo for my crossbow if we are taking on a tribe of goblins. I'll get my bolts and stuff, grab my mount from the stables and meet you back here before he finishes prepping his spells."

The nimble halfling heads toward the shops, looking for a weapons shop or a blacksmith. Figuring she has an hour (or half an hour to be generous) she heads to the weapons shop and talks to the shopkeeper.

"Hello there, I would like to buy 20 crossbow bolts for a small crossbow, 10 bullets for a small sling, three pints of lantern oil... and a shovel. Oh, and could you give me a price for a thin sheet of lead... about a 2-foot square should do it."

She stops and thinks a bit to see if she has any other requests. "Oh, and do you know where I can get supplies for writing scrolls?" She asks.

2007-11-09, 08:11 AM
The shopkeeper wordlessly walks around the shop, finding the items that you asked for and bringing them back to the desk at which you are standing.

Okay, that's all that you asked for, bar the lead sheet. I don't stock lead sheets...though I do have lead tiles and lead pipes. I could pin some tiles together for you if you wish.

You can get paper and pens and ink and all that stuff at Jack's Magical Goods Shop. They might also have lead sheets, if you think that my tile idea won't suffice.

[At school at the moment, so I can't tell you the prices and such...I'll tell you when I get home. 'kay?]

2007-11-09, 09:12 AM

Grumpy, err master Dwarf what would you think if a couple of us went around to one of the other entrances, by the creek to the north or east and tried to sneak in undetected we could then give assistance from the rear. How far do think that is? If a few of us go around then we could preemptively attack from the rear and the rest of the group could set up for an ambush near the main entrance as they retreat. I really don't like the Idea of getting too far in the cave with the possibility of not being able to get out, especially if we are as outnumbered as you say.

Alternately I can make the goblins think that the main entrance to the cave has collapsed with an illusion. If I put up some kind of Illusion near the entrance then we could move freely in that area where as the goblins would see the walls much closer together. Some of the goblins might figure it out, especially if we are moving through the walls but I can be pretty convincing. That would give us a pretty big advantage, and if need be we could still retreat without getting surrounded.

If we had a couple of guys who were good with swords and a couple who were decent with a bow we could hold off an entire army if this worked. The only thing is we'ld need some way to keep them attacking our position 'cause after we get a pretty good pile of bodies near the gate we may have some problems convincing the goblins that its a good idea to continue fighting.

I can knock quite a few of them out for a short while but somebody else is going to have to finish them off cause when they finally snap out of it they are gonna be really mad.

2007-11-09, 09:56 AM

Now having seen the map in good detail, she shakes her head. The place looked like it could be large.

She turned around to the door of the church to see Priest Carter standing there and she smiled: she was afraid that she would have to look for him.

"One last thing. Do you know the scale of this map? If each of those little squares is 5' (as is the normal case in such maps) then that place is huge."

2007-11-09, 10:45 AM
Yes, each square is 5'. The area is massive.

2007-11-09, 02:13 PM
Jesaral - the shops

"Okay, I think I'll just get these items if they sell the lead elsewhere." she pays the shopkeeper for the items. (I would guess 4 gp 4 sp for it all)

"Okay... do I have enough time to check the Magical Goods Shop... naw, besides I would be better off getting it after we return from fighting."

She heads back toward the stables, stopping to check the big notice board on the way. Looking it over she notices the one about the farmer and his rabbit problem. "Oh... so thats what the butterfly lady was talking about. Heh, better look into it then."

She then goes to get Buster, patting him on the head when she meets him.

"Awww, did you miss me? I missed you... here, I've got some friends I'd like you to meet. Don't scare them... leave that for the goblins."

If Buster looks nice and well rested, she tips the owner a silver piece. Then she puts a muzzle on her mount, covers him a little with a blanket so he looks less intimidating, and leads him out of the town back towards where the others are.

2007-11-10, 12:10 AM

What I find interesting is that those grid line exist at all. Shouldn't there simply be a scale or something similar? That has been the way with the maps I've seen.

2007-11-10, 09:06 AM
Kash'Ka turns and heads out of the inn in the direction of the shops

Kash'Ka + 50 Orc-y Friends- The guard HQ
He walks up to the counter Ello there. I've been sent as a missionary from the good-aligned Orcs. And that inn over there? They're discriminating! I had to practically hold the place up to get a couple o' beers for my orc boys out the door! He points at his party out the window.

2007-11-11, 08:24 AM
You expect us to do something about it? Orcs are scum. And so are you, get out of our town, before we make you.

2007-11-11, 08:30 AM
Oh Ho Ho! I wouldn't say that if I were you! *Sharp Whistle* Oh, Boys! The fifty orcs come barging in the door. Now, would you like to say that again, mister?
OOC: and when can we get some Xp? i want to multiclass to Outlaw next level

2007-11-11, 09:57 AM
Why, yes, yes I would. he says.

A wizard teleports in front of all the orcs, dressed in bright robes.

Hostile actions on towns under our protections will be stopped. How dare you do this.

He waves his hands (no, you don't get an AoO) and you are in a prison cell, with all 50 orcs in other ones along a dark stone corridor. (imagine generic medieval dungeon type thingy here).

[OOC: You get xp when you kill stuff. And I remember telling you that you can't use your 50 orcs to your advantage. For example, trying to smoosh the town guard. So, stop using them to do stuff like this, or I will make them all die somehow...*flicks through spell compendium* wow...sphere of ultimate destruction...sweet*

you understand? (sorry if I sound mean. But unless you pay for them all as hirelings / get the leadership feat. Then they technically don't exist. It unbalances the place if you magically have 50 orcs and the other guys don't.]

2007-11-11, 11:04 AM
I know. But technically they haven't done anything yet, so.....poof they all leave. except the 2 originals. Lesseee.... escape artist time!

a 12. Do I escape?
Please say yes...

2007-11-11, 11:08 AM
Nope, you fail. Miserably.

2007-11-11, 11:09 AM
dang it. can I rage the bars or something?

2007-11-11, 11:14 AM
You may try whatever you wish. So long as it is within your capability.

2007-11-11, 11:25 AM
Right. I go into a screaming blood frenzy and attempt to rip open the door. Grapple Check....
oooh +5 strength now..
[rol]1d20 +2[/roll]

2007-11-11, 11:26 AM
1d20 +2


2007-11-11, 11:27 AM

2007-11-11, 11:29 AM
Be Calm.....
There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with this roll....
It's Cursed....
......and I get a 7.
So do I just sit here and wait to get rescued?
No, I'll just punch the bars to death.
Do they have an AC?
Did they take my greataxe or do I have to do unarmed strike?

2007-11-11, 11:37 AM
no, they left you all armed. Since you're their prisoners and all, standard procedure and all that.

[sarcasm alert!!]

You're unarmed. And as you hit the bars, you fall through them, as if they were made of nothingness. You fall onto the floor of the Guard HQ.

[oO! It was an illusion! woooo! spooky noises!]

Kill the orcs. I want this one alive. says the wizard.

The guards hurriedly kill all the orcs, who don't know what's hitting them.

You are put in a real cell.

2007-11-11, 11:41 AM
He whispers to the guard of the cell Hey, You! Guard! Would you be willing to except....300 gold for letting me out?

OOC: Oh, and after the humans killed the 50 Orcs, my clan decided to screw the CG thing and kill humans. Now we're chaotic evil. We worship the goddes of pain and other evil stuff and we also worship gruumsh. (spelling?)

2007-11-11, 03:58 PM
Knowing the guards, they seem more likely to just beat you up and take all your money for themselves... though if they took your weapons they might have already done so.

Thats why its always best to bribe them to do things before you go to jail.

2007-11-11, 04:31 PM
They took everything that you had on you and put it in a special box with a sign on it saying "Beer Money".

2007-11-11, 06:04 PM
OOC: Great. Just Great. Can someone come rescue me, like please? I mean, just because I'm CE doesn't mean I'm evil. .....Okay, maybe it does, but whatever.

2007-11-11, 09:34 PM
OOC: Well, I'm not going to, given that
a) Thomas doesn't know who the hell you are
b) Even if he did, he would probably feel it is well within the right of the local authority to incarcerate you, even if killing the orcs was a little extreme
c) You've been breaking the game since we've started playing



Tom stamps his foot impatiently

Surely the wizard and the halfling are done by now...

2007-11-11, 10:52 PM

Jesaral leads buster back to where the others are and begins to begins to remove the muzzle and blanket from him to get him all set for riding.

"Okay guys, I got my ammo, some oil and a shovel... for burying goblins. You know, unless you just want to leave them for the buzzards or something."

She climbs onto her velociraptor mount and indicates she is ready to head out.

2007-11-11, 11:43 PM

When Jesaral returns, Venn cannot help but give a quizzical look at the raptor. It seems as though the crazy rumor back in town was correct... and there's a halfling riding around on something that Venn personally didn't think existed since pre-demihuman ages of myth. Interesting zoological developements aside, Venn appears ready to go. He takes out his crossbow and primes it without putting a bolt in the slot and says, "I believe we have some Goblin activities to investigate."

2007-11-12, 08:40 AM

What in the Hells is that? How did you get a Dragon to let you put a saddle on it?
Backing away from the obviously carnivorous scaly mount.
Draconic: Hail mighty creature...

After the explanation which I'm sure will be forthcoming...

So, We're off then we should have some time to discuss strategy on the way. Perhaps someone should lead ahead somewhat and let the rest of us know if there are patrols. Looking at the rather small creature riding the rather large miniature dragon.

2007-11-12, 09:50 AM

Lorren could not take her eyes off the scaly beast.

She had heard of dragons, though never thought she would see one... or had any desire to see one either.

All she could say, however was "Eeeeeeek!" and turning on her heals and running.

Okay, that was not what she did, but the desire was definitely there!

What she did say was "Nice... pet... thing."

She would definitely keep that thing in sight, her butterflies hovering around her protectively.

She turned to the mage.

"So, we're all ready to go. Great, let's head out." and turned on her heals and headed in the direction that the father had mentioned.

"Do we have a volunteer for scouting? I have no expertise in that capacity and would probably only get myself killed if I tried. I could, however, send out my friends, here, to do so, if necessary." she says, though she hopes that will not be necessary and it is quite evident on her face.

She was still half turned to keep the dragon beast in sight until she finally said "Jesaral, could you possibly ride in front of me? No offence, but I'm a little nervous of your mount and would rather keep it in sight."

2007-11-12, 12:12 PM

Looking at the others reactions, she blinks and rolls her eyes.

"Oh please, this really is the backwaters isn't it. You guys have never seen a clawfoot dinosaur before?"

She looks down to her mount and says, "See, Buster? These are our friends. friends "Kyushni" ('friends' in halfling) We are going to go hunt goblins with them."

She pets Buster on the back of the head, but he shows very little reaction to it. His reptilian face open and his green cat-like eyes scanning the group of humanoids before him, his mouth hanging slightly open showing rows of sharp dagger-like teeth. His forelimbs hang in front of him bearing sharp claws that look ready to cut into soft mammal flesh at a moments notice. The only response he seems to make of the petting is to flare his nostrils a little.

"There, you go, you like that don't you... hmmm... better close your mouth. I guess its making people uneasy."

Buster blinks at this and closes his mouth, his teeth no longer visible.

"Well, guys. this is my mount. He's a clawfoot dinosaur that our tribe domesticates back home... I'm actually fairly wealthy back home to be able to afford him. I call him Buster and he's one of the reasons I was able make it all the way out here without getting molested by the bandits that roam these woods." She looks up at Lorren. "Seriously, I'm sure you know what kind of trouble you can get into if you aren't careful, but think about me. I'm barely larger than a human child and you can imagine what kind of things happen to them..."

She stops and gets a little uneasy but quickly starts again, "Anyway, he's perfectly safe around you since you're with me. He's also pretty good in a fight I reckon although fortunately I've never had to get in a fight with the local bandits. I suppose Buster here scared them off, which is even better... but I have had trouble finding a place for him at night."

"But, our job today is to go get some goblins!" she perks up and nudges Buster to move northward ahead of the group as per Lorrens instructions, "I suppose I could scout ahead with Buster here. He's really good at hiding when he wants to."

Diplomacy check: [roll0]
or just go by her rant above. point is, she's trying to justify her mount to everyone and isn't lying to do so.

2007-11-12, 12:38 PM

Lorren, feeling better with the explination from the halfling, nods to her reasoning.

"Thank you." she says as the halfling volunteers to scout and they head out looking for the signs that the priest had told them would lead to the mine.

2007-11-12, 12:54 PM

Tom grins.

Ah, a clawfoot, is he? I've heard of them from the halflings who passed through my village time to time to trade, but I've never seen one myself, although I've seen some fastieths.

He turns to the others.

In a worlds of mages and dragons, how is a very large lizard very shocking to you?

(OOC: Green is in Halfling)

2007-11-12, 01:28 PM

"Okay Buster, lets see if we can track down this place."

Jesaral rides on the back of her mount as they head towards the caves, both her and her mount listening and looking around them as they go. Once they get about halfway there, she starts moving around through the woods, letting her mount hide and sneak around with her on his back.

"Just let me know if you smell anything." she whispers to him. She lays low and does her best to guide him towards the cave without letting the goblins see them. So it can give them time to prepare for the assault.

Busters rolls-
Buster has the scent ability
Spot: [roll0]
Listen: [roll1]
Move silently: [roll2]
Hide: [roll3] - not sure if having Jesaral riding him gives him a -4 penalty for being large.

Jesarals rolls-
Spot: [roll4]
Listen: [roll5]
Hide: [roll6] - not sure how this affects busters rolls.

Sorry about dumping all these rolls here, but I'm not quite sure how mounted tracking works when your mount is a predator that evolved to sneak up on stuff and has +8 racial bonuses to hide, jump, spot, listen, and survival.