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2007-11-01, 06:34 PM
Good morning, Student!

Congratulations on passing the Genin Examination and becoming an official genin of Kagegakure! But don't start slacking off now! Your trials and tribulations have only just begun...

That was how the letter that Toshio received this morning started. It was written in a flowery and very feminine script. But each letter was meticulously inked in a strange fashion, as if the individual in question was drawing with his or her fingertips rather than the entire hand. The letter, found attached to Miira Toshio's bedroom window, instructed the young student to arrive at one of the training fields at five A.M. sharp.

The field in question was a simple square dirt clearing surrounding a small outcropping of trees. A trio of target scarecrows stood amid the field. All three were arranged in a wide triangle, with a single circle drawn in the center with chalk. It's rather obvious that the area was one of the old shuriken training grounds like back in the academy.

It's a little over four-fifty-five A.M, and no one had arrived yet. The sounds of waking songbirds and the mist of the early morning dew had not even died down yet. What would today hold for little Toshio?

The Unborne
2007-11-01, 07:44 PM
Miira Toshio

They better show up soon…The genin thought to himself as he scanned the old training ground for any sign of life. He had been standing in almost the exact position with the letter he found in the morning clenched firmly in his hand. The genin hoped that the dew and mist would have died earlier, but the moisture was still in the air, fighting to stay alive before the air grew drier with the passing day. Bandages were wrapped all along his body; some of the linen was freshly wrapped that morning while others were almost a stained brown. Mirra Toshio stood there idly for another minute before he started towards the training dummies.

As he walked across the moist dirt patch, Toshio felt a number of bandages come undone. The mist must’ve snuck its way into his bandages and was separating the sticky residue from his skin. Kuso! Why did they have to choose such an early time for this? Toshio never complained that often, but it had been a rather late night before and he could only push his body so far. Toshio took a deep breath and brought the letter to his face. He studied the letters and how they were individually made and the overall feminine look of the handwriting. I wonder who my sensei is…There aren’t many jounin in this village, that much I do know. So does that mean this one is exceptional? By her writing I can guess that she takes her time on things or at least is a bit meticulous, traits that I can happily live with. The genin slid the letter under one of his bandages and looked up at the scarecrow in front of him.

There were many holes in the face, maybe a sign that new ones were needed, anyone could figure that the village would never take notice of such a petty thing. As long as the dummy stood there with his friends, Kagegakure would allow it to do its job. The rest of the scarecrow’s face was a bit blurry under Toshio’s linen cloth, which covered his eyes. His auburn hair was gently swaying with the slight wind as he stood there, sinking into the ground. His bandages were beginning to get moist, but he wasn’t worried about that anymore, his eyes had that sensation again. A slight burning feeling surfaced in his eyes. Toshio rubbed his unwrapped fingers against his forehead, and with another motion he tightened the wrapping even tighter. Hopefully we can get this finished before the pain worsens…It’s the first day meeting sensei…She can’t be too hard on the first day.

2007-11-02, 04:39 PM
At first, nothing seemed to happen for poor Toshio. Five A.M. rolled around and not a soul was to be found. The sun slowly crept into the sky to signal the arrival of six A.M. and to reveal the absence of anyone other than Toshio in that small little clearing. Even the dew was long since gone, burned away by the rays of the morning sun. Each scarecrow stood patiently, watching the young cloth-bound genin with intent eyes and purpose. Of course, reality quickly set in and revealed each scarecrow to be nothing more than straw and sticks.

Quiet. Calm. A time for contemplation of the universe. Six thirty-five in the morning, a moment where normal people were just waking up and getting ready to go about their daily business with hushed ferocity.

Thats when it finally hits Toshio.

The songbirds stopped nearly an hour ago.

It struck in the time it took the boredom that addled young Toshio's mind to clear. A blur of motion that even his keen eyes failed to keep up with. Hell, if not for those eyes it might have caught his throat with that pass.

Toshio's mind replies the last second of time, slowed down to a point where he could register what exactly happened. Before he could finish, a tearing pain in his left shoulder and the sound of ripping bandages brings him crashing back to reality.

The young genin spins about, nothing within view. Whatever had just hit him was fast, much faster than his covered eyes could follow.

Your reactionary spot/listens failed. Toshio has taken 1 point of damage.

21 - Toshio
11 - Creature

The Unborne
2007-11-02, 10:41 PM

Fast! Toshio’s mind races as he tries to get a better picture of the situation. Enemies are attacking the training ground? No, that can’t be they’d go for the head first, then what is this? The injured genin grasps for his shoulder and feels warm blood oozing out of a newly opened wound. The pain was minor, but it was the feeling in his eyes that he was now concentrated on. He could feel his own eyeballs shifting back and forth and all around trying to pinpoint his attacker.

Toshio ignored the pain and the awkward feeling of his eyes and hugged close to the practice dummies. Maybe this’ll give me some protection and force it to come out in a different direction. These eyes of mine will be suppressed for the time being. No mere attacker will force me to unravel this band. Toshio brings his hands together and forms hand signals with great precision. With all the correct formations made, the genin chants out, “Toujun no Jutsu.” The genin crouches slightly, allowing his uninjured arm the ability to touch the dirt beneath his feet. The moist dirt crawls up, along his arm and begins to form a protective layer of dirt on top of his skin and bandages. Once the technique is finished, Toshio reverts back to a defensive posture.

He may have had the drop on me then, but now it’ll be harder…and if I don’t find him now, then I’ll use the Katsugan and end this match. Toshio’s eyes scan the entire outcropping for his hidden attacker looking for even the slightest movement to give away its position. Feeling secure with his position in this battle, Toshio gives a small smirk and defiantly says, “Let’s see if you can do that again.”

Earth Shield Jutsu Roll (1d20+9=17)= Success (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1350673)
Spot Check (1d20+11=12) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1350701)

HP: 20/21
AC: 19
Chakra: 14/16
High Speed Sight of 2

Toshio has situated his position near the middle dummy. So if the attacker attacks from the dummy's side maybe some cover bonus can be applied? Anyways, if things don't look good this round then Toshio will have to resort to his Katsugan to help him out.

2007-11-03, 04:33 AM
Finally his brain catches up with reality. Toshio registers a blur of white fur out of the corner of an eye just before the wound in his left shoulder opened up. As is, his Katsugan might have saved his life. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to keep him protected. A quick glance around the hard-packed dirt training ground reveals a series of paw-prints leading up to him and then away.

Whatever just hit him wasn't doing it from afar. The blow had been close, quick, and vicious. A feeling of eyes on his back causes the young genin to whirl about just in time to catch a glimpse of a bright white flash tear past his left side. Mere moments after the flash moves past, the dirt shield around his body bursts and crumbles apart. His choice of defensive jutsu was lucky, and the blow that it absorbed had been positioned to tear clean through his liver.

For a second, nothing seems to happen. However, another set of paw-prints are clearly visible. Whatever it was definitely wasn't above attacking directly, and it was either invisible or fast. Another pass like that last one would be the end of the little genin. Time to get creative.

The Unborne
2007-11-03, 01:28 PM

That one was too close! His use of the dirt patch went perfect, but it still irked the genin that he still didn’t locate his attacker. Fur, paw print, I’m facing some type of animal, that much I know. He moves faster than the average ninja, and he’s going for my vitals. This thing’s going for a kill, and I still can’t pick him up. Toshio’s hands clench into fists and begin to shake violently. Is this thing forcing me to use these eyes? A sting of pain returns to his left shoulder and he cusses to himself.

Fine then, he picked the wrong ninja to mess with. His fists begin to relax as they come up to his face and rip off the linen cloth that was covering his Katsugan. Toshio stands there with the cloth firmly in his hand. The whole world as he saw it became sharper. Everything was revealed to him. The dirt on the ground became millions of small particles just lying there ready to be dispersed. The mist became individual droplets of water moving around and around soaking into whatever object they came in contact with. Wherever the creature was it would be a matter of time before it’s location would be given away.

Toshio’s sapphire eyes spun rapidly and rotated with unnatural mobility, unhampered with the cloth finally removed. A beast was now unleashed. The genin stepped back a step to get a better view of his surroundings and bumped into the training dummy behind him. Wait a second…If this is only an animal, then maybe…I can trick him! He’s moving at such a great speed he won’t have time to analyze what I’m gonna do. Toshio’s injured arm went for his belt pouch and pulled out a small black ball. His hand opened up and dropped it towards the ground. He watched as it bounced against the earth and smoke burst through small slits cascading into the air around him. As the smoke engulfed him and the dummy, Toshio went back into his belt pouch with the hand holding his torn cloth and pulled out a piece of paper. The smoke quickly hid his figure as he thought to himself, Heh, your move.

Here’s a spot check if you need one, Spot (1d20+15=34) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1351492)

HP: 20/21
AC: 17
Chakra: 14/16
High Speed Sight: 3

Smoke bomb used, so total concealment 50% miss chance
One more round and the whole set up will be complete and Toshio’s plan will come into full view ^_^

Can I also get an idea of the area around me? I may use the Body Flicker to get me some distance soon. Just want to know how far away the trees are surrounding the training ground.

2007-11-03, 05:37 PM
The Area

It's approximately a forty-by-forty foot wide square patch of dirt. Each of the three scarecrows are ten feet apart and arranged in a triangle, with you standing to the immediate right side of one. The smoke, of course, now obscured all three scarecrows and yourself.

The Creature

Your Katsugan even allows you to reflexively pick out each and every leaf on the trees around you. A single ant crawls down the scarecrow to your immediate left with a massive leaf clutched in between it's mandibles.

Thats when it becomes visible again.

It's bright white fur is marred with long black stripes, starting from it's tail and ending at it's mouth. It's coat is shiny and obviously well taken care of. A pair of long white fangs jutted down, clean and gleaming in the sunlight. It's entire body is a movement of pure muscle, a literal killing machine with a singular, dedicated purpose. That purpose is obvious from the blood staining both of it's front paws.

The white-furred tiger bears a strange headband as a collar. Etched upon that headband was the sign of Kagegakure, the shadow within shadow. The tiger crouched low, watching the cloud of smoke you had disappeared into. It wasn't just going to go charging into something it couldn't see through. For several seconds it just sits and observes the spot where Toshio had once been. Almost as if it were trying to look through the smoke and see him...

But then it moved.

It becomes a blur that even the Katsugan barely keeps up with, moving around the dirt-patch training ground in a flash of white lightning and pure killing intent. It dashes right past Toshio, it's claws digging deep into soil before the creature bounds off to the other end of the training ground and disappearing amid the foliage.

The Unborne
2007-11-03, 07:35 PM
Miira Toshio

A shiver ran through the genin’s bandaged body as he recognizes his attacker as a tiger. The blood-thirst was evident in the creature’s movements, and Toshio knew if he would’ve saw it before it attacked he would’ve retreated on sight. Toshio takes a moment to regain his composure and analyzes the situation since his attacker had apparently fled.

That tiger had Kagegakure’s forehead protector on him…Since sensei hasn’t made it here yet, is this some kind of test? It’s hard to imagine she would send something that has so much killer intent. Then again, this tiger could be a runaway animal on a rampage…Either way I’ll have to follow him carefully. Toshio leans on the practice dummy and his eyes lock upon it. Alright I’ll go with the plan anyways.

He opens up his left hand revealing his eye cover soaked in fresh blood and an uncharged explosive note. The genin wraps the cloth around the dummy's neck and smears the blood all over its punctured face. He finishes the set up by placing the explosive note right on the chest of the dummy. If this thing has any sense of smell, then he may confuse you with me because of the blood and my wrapping. Once the note is set, Toshio brings his two arms together again and forms a new set of hand signals. The earth beneath his feet begin to rise around the training dummy’s post and forms what seems to be legs for the dummy. Toshio then whispers, “Kawarimi no Jutsu.” With a small poof noise, the dummy becomes an exact replica of Toshio. “Okay you, walk towards that point over there,” he points to where he last saw the tiger run towards, “Try to make it look like your searching for something.”

With that command, the substitute dummy walks out of the scattering smoke, twisting his head right and left. Toshio remains in the vicinity of his smoke bomb and waits patiently for the opportunity to let loose the explosive tag. His sapphire eyes remain locked on the dummy even when it is half way near the foliage.

Kawarimi no Jutsu (1d20+9=19) Success (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1352022)

Covert HP to Chakra 2:1 with no time added DC 15= Auto

Instant action when the dummy is attacked the exploding tag is set off Auto Chakra Control Check.

HP: 18/21
AC: 17
Chakra: 14/16
HSS: 3

2007-11-05, 01:04 AM
Nothing happens to the dummy as it advances toward the foliage. It's slow, gradual advance being halted only by the command it was given. It stops once it reaches the point it was told to go and poofs away, becoming a scarecrow once more. The Katsugan reveals nothing, even as Toshio scans the surrounding forest. But.. Where could it have gone?

Follow it or stay put. Live or die. Make your choice. :smalltongue:

The Unborne
2007-11-05, 05:59 PM
Miira Toshio

Kuso! The genin stood there motionless for a few moments pondering what may happen within the next few seconds. It’s out there, it may have fled or it may be waiting for me to step out of this cover. The smoke, itself, had spread even further out, obscuring all three of the scarecrows with Toshio in the center. He rummages his way through his belt to find a spare kunai and grasps it, ready for any attack that may come. Toshio’s eyes spin around rapidly, taking note of the most hidden regions where an attack would be most effective. It looks like I’m going tiger hunting today, what a way to start my shinobi career.

“Toujun no Jutsu,” Toshio commanded. The dirt crawled up along his body once again forming another armor of dirt. I’m going to need new wrappings after all of this…I hope everyday won’t be as dirty as today. I hate changing these bandages. The smoke writhes across Toshio’s body as he steps from his secure position. Once outside the smoke he slowly makes his way to the training ground's edge, Katsugan scanning the area at all times. Toshio’s confidence was clearly shown from his stoic expression.

Please don’t let me be eaten today.

Toujun no Jutsu (1d20+9=12)= Success (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1355488)

Convert Chakra 1:1 No time change (1d20+14=34) DC:21= Success (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1355495)

Spot (1d20+15=33) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1355514)

HP: 16/21
AC: 19
Chakra: 14/16
HSS: 3

Like I would waste a post saying Toshio would sit down in his smoke bomb's area waiting for the scary tiger to run away...:smallwink:

Yeah I know I took two rounds to do all this, but since I figured nothing was going to happen between the time he took out his kunai, did a technique, and then walk out of the smoke, I just went along with it.

Oh and I was just wondering what happens to a non-detonated explosive tag? Is it wasted or can I take it back and charge it up for another time?

2007-11-07, 02:10 AM

Nothing happens. Not even a growl emits from the forest around you. The creature, unless it was exceptionally adept at hiding, appears to have long since fled. Toshio spots it's tracks heading out and way from his location. It appears to be going northward, toward Kagegakure.

If you advance forward, give me a Listen check.

The Unborne
2007-11-07, 04:36 PM

A small sigh can be heard as Toshio discovers only the tiger’s footprints were the only thing in the foliage. Hmmm, there’s a couple of footprints over there…A couple of broken branches, but nothing else out of the norm. Seems like it just ran off towards town. Did I just run into it at a bad time? The genin thinks about the situation a while longer and then shrugs it off. The tiger was gone and now he could return to his place in the training yard to wait for his new sensei.

He turns around to begin his small trek back, but then stops abruptly. Kuso, what if that thing goes crazy in the town? It could cause a lot of trouble to the people of the village. I am a ninja of this village, and I’m sure Sensei will understand that I’m just trying to protect Kagegakure from any trouble that heads its way. Toshio turns back and follows the footprints deeper into the forest with his Katsugan scanning every small detail around him.

Listen (1d20+9=17) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1359280)

2007-11-07, 05:48 PM

The mummy-looking genin traveled toward Kagegakure quietly, constantly listening for any sound or noise that would present itself. His eyes found little, but his ears picked up a soft and rhythmic sound. Apparently someone had been sleeping rather well. They seem to be a mere ten feet away from the training ground with their body obscured. Toshio tracks the sound down to a tree, specifically a large oak tree with a trunk that is alittle wider in one point than everywhere else..

A shift of the wind folds back the camo-cloak that obscured the woman's face. Blonde locks encased a soft, almost child-like face. Her eyes were closed, and her chest rose and fell in time with a snore-like sound escaping from her lips. She wore a strange set of battle-armor covered in black and white strips, much like those of the tiger that had attacked you. A shuriken holster hangs off her left leg, strapped over the top of a pair of black-stripped white pants. Even her shoes bore the same black-and-white strips of the tiger, with her pink-colored painted toenails sticking up from her sandals.

The woman groans, her eyes squinting together under the assault of the noonday sun. She smiles, then begins to fall forward... Right into Toshio!

Either get out of the way or catch 'er. Either way, gimme a reflex save. :smallamused:

The Unborne
2007-11-07, 06:20 PM

It didn’t take the Katsugan to see the sudden movements of the half-asleep woman’s body. Toshio’s eyes locked themselves into her whole frame and his mouth went slightly agape, the whole situation changed from tracking a tiger to catching an ominous lady out of nowhere.

“H-H-H-Hey! Watch out!” were the only words Toshio could utter out before he had to make a quick decision. To catch or not to catch. Only by instinct the genin stretches out his arms in front of him. Oh what a day… Nothing about her apparel registered in the bandaged-up genin’s mind; the only thought in Toshio’s mind was to protect both of them from getting hurt. (Albeit anymore hurt for him, but it couldn’t hurt helping out a damsel, could it?)

Reflex Save (1d20+3=23) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1359559) :smalltongue: I can only imagine what would've happened if I rolled a one.

Oh and by the way I see that your Village Hidden in Ash is surprisingly very close to Kagegakure :smallwink:

2007-11-07, 07:07 PM

Toshio's quick reactions ensures the woman goes straight into his arms. Her arms unconsciously wrapped around the young genin. In a split-second she's already hugging the poor boy close and rubbing her cheek against his chest. She quietly mumbles under her breath. "Ooh.. Esanu-chan. I didn't know you.."

The language she speaks in is rather strange, it's not Japanese and most definitely isn't Earth or Fire. Of course, Toshio wouldn't know that it was English..

But before Toshio can think anymore about the language, another strange sound emerges from the lithe blonde-haired woman clinging to Toshio. The woman is semi-growling, almost like the purr of a cat who's back is being scratched.

".. Wait a second.. Esanu-chan doesn't feel like a twelve-year-old!"

The woman is up in a flash, her fists are clenched and her face is nothing but a mask of anger. She stares down Toshio, her face a flush and her eyes burning with righteous anger.

"And what, pray tell, were you going to do young man?! A young boy like yourself shouldn't be trying to take advantage of a lone, defenseless woman in the middle of the forest! It's unchivalrous and underhanded! Especially when you're dressed like a damned mummy! Now get that.."

She stops, staring at the Kagegakure headband wrapped around Toshio's forehead.

"..Miira? Miira Toshio. The damaged boy. Great. Oh no, I wake up next to the mummy. Nyah~" The last sound she makes sounds much like a cat's meow combined with a sigh.

"Alright. Toshio! Why are you here?"

The Unborne
2007-11-07, 07:40 PM

Toshio’s Katsugan simply vanishes leaving only the whites of his eyes exposed, his mouth open just a little behind a few linen wrappings. Ewww, I was just fondled by an adult. He quickly shakes off the expression. The young genin then rips off a clean piece of cloth from his midsection and wraps his eyes with it. The sun was coming out, and Toshio knew how bad the light would affect him. He really hoped that this cat-like Kunoichi did not notice his rapid moving eyes.

The mummy-like genin cringes when his new sensei mentions the name Miira. That was only a nickname given to him by all the other ninja academy students. He didn’t think it would travel with him this far. The reference of him being “the damaged boy” made him even more hurt. Without mentioning anything about it, he rummages back into his wrappings to pull out the note he received late in the night.

“I received this letter saying to be at the training grounds,” he lifts his arm to point where he came from, “but no one showed up…Well no one besides a black and white tiger that attacked me for no reason. I was able to survive with a few scratches, but it came by this way and…” Just then, Toshio saw the resemblance between the kunoichi in front of him and the tiger that attacked him just before.

“Th-that tiger doesn’t belong to you…does it, Sensei…” Ah great I don’t even know her name. How am I gonna report her in?

2007-11-08, 02:34 AM

The blonde-haired woman sits down in a lotus position to read his note. She nods after reading each sentence, as if assuring herself or speaking to herself in her mind. After she finishes reading and listening to Toshio speak, the woman grins wide. Gazing up at the young boy through half-closed eye-lids, she looks much like a content kitten staring at the ball of yarn it wants to play with.

"So I was right, you are the Miira~!" She almost purrs the word as her eyes glint in the sunlight. A dangerous look, or a playful one, but either meaning was unfortunate for poor Toshio!

In a flash she's standing, grinning and punching the air with her right hand-a hand balled into a fist. "I am the great glorious Tora-sensei! From this day onward you shall be the Tora-oshiego, my tiger disciple!"

She seems to strike a pose for a second, holding her jaw and smiling devilishly with both eyes closed. A whisper escapes the jounin's lips. "I am so cool! I scare myself sometimes. Alright! As my disciple you're no longer a Miira--And you have my permission to punch anyone in the face who calls you that--No! You shall be a fierce tiger barely restrained from killing anyone who dares insult you! So cool!"

She stands there in that pose for a full second, basking in the adoration of invisible fans. But both of her eyes pop open, pupils wide with surprise. "Wait. A tiger attacked you? Did you mean Moko? Nyah~! Where did that damned cat get off too?!"

Maybe all jounin are like that, and she just doesn't bother trying to hide it..?

The Unborne
2007-11-08, 03:56 PM

The genin’s entire posture slopes downward with his shoulders hunching forward. Who is this lady? What does she mean by tiger disciple? A look of pure horror spreads across his wrapped face as he puts it all together. His arm locks into an accusing position pointed at the cat-like kunoichi. “Y-y-you’re my new sensei!” The words blurt out from his mouth and he quickly bites his tongue hoping she didn’t hear it. “I mean, I didn’t expect my sensei to show up today since I waited for an entire hour for you.” Smooth…I better just change the subject real fast.

“Yeah the tiger just attacked and left…Wait did you say cat? That thing was awfully big and vicious to be a cat, Tora-sensei.” Ugh, I don’t think I’m gonna get used to that… “After…Moko, did you say? After Moko fled I followed its tracks into the woods. It seems like its headed towards town. I would’ve followed it further, but luckily I ran into you.” Toshio forms a fake smile on his face, but the bandages covering his mouth hid most of it.

Tiger disciple? Does she really expect me to accept that with a smiling face?

2007-11-09, 05:37 AM

'Tora-sensei' claps her hands together loudly. "Alright! Now is the time to prove that you are truly worthy of being my tiger disciple! You must find Moko! He's really just a big kitty. You'll probably find him around here somewhere chewing on something. Be careful though. If you sneak up on him, then he'll probably get scared. Don't scare my widdle kitty! Now go, and prove to me that you are my one and only tiger disciple!"

With that, she points off in the completely opposite direction from where "Moko" was going. She apparently fully expects you to go in that direction..

The Unborne
2007-11-09, 06:49 PM

Chewing? Yeah he’s probably chewing on some dead villager by now. Toshio stands there absorbing his sensei’s directions. Don’t scare him, bring him back, and since it’s her cat I better not injure it if possible. Alright! The new genin was beginning to accept his new sensei, if he didn’t then it would a terrible time for the both of them. He would be her new Tiger Disciple, and she would be his Tiger Master.

“Yes Tora-Sensei! Consider it done!” The words came out, but still on the inside, he felt awkward. I’ll get use to…I hope. At that moment, Tora-sensei points off into the opposite direction. Toshio stares at her arm and then looks back to the tracks he followed here. He switches back and forth, but then shakes his head. She is a jounin and it is her ‘cat,’ I’m sure she knows what she’s doing. Putting his faith in his new leader, he walks off into the direction she pointed towards. Off to prove it to her that he would be her best (probably only) Tora-oshiego.

2007-11-10, 05:12 AM
Spot and Listen please. If you get over a 15 on Listen, then gimme a Search check as well.

The Unborne
2007-11-10, 09:20 AM

Toshio pushes on through the foliage with his senses concentrating on everything around him. His Katsugan scans the area even with it being hampered by his eye coverings. Do I call out its name when I see it? Why couldn’t I get someone who was affiliated with dogs or something like that? He gives off a small sigh. I’m not the best cat person…

Spot Check (1d20+11=23) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1365398)

Listen (1d20+9=18) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1365400)

Search (1d20+5=20) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1365404)

2007-11-10, 06:44 PM

The little genin almost doesn't spot it in time, but he certainly hears the chomp and crunch of teeth on bone. A large black-and-white tiger is curled up in a tree just ten feet away from Toshio. It's front paws are wrapped around a very large bone, which it's crunching on with razor sharp teeth. It doesn't appear to have noticed Toshio, but Toshio can't quite spot the tiger's neck well enough to see if it has a collar or not..

The Unborne
2007-11-10, 11:53 PM

Widdle cat? Give me a break… Toshio stops all movement and stares at the beast in front of him. I bet that’s a leg bone of something or someone. He stares at it for a moment trying to see anything that would hint it was domesticated, but there was no clue whatsoever. The only area the mummy-like genin couldn’t clearly see was the neck. What can I do? A Douheki no Jutsu may injure it too much, and I don’t think I have any incapacitating jutsus…Let’s see if I can get a better look at its neck first, then I’ll worry about getting it.

Toshio’s torso starts leaning over to one side as he tries peeking at the tiger’s neck. His Katsugan strains itself trying to focus on the dangerous creature. His mouth quietly utters out the tiger’s name, “Moko? Moko…”

Spot (1d20+11=21) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1366496)

Search (1d20+5=22) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1366498)

Take whatever you need

2007-11-10, 11:58 PM

The animal doesn't seem to be wearing a collar. At least, you don't see one until you call out it's name. The tiger stands, showing off the Kagegakure headband wrapped around it's throat. It looks around abit, then both brilliant green eyes focus sharply on Toshio. The creature's hackles raise and it's hair stands up on end as it prepares to either defend itself or catch a meal..

The Unborne
2007-11-11, 12:41 AM

Ah ha! So this is Moko. Toshio had doubt the entire time about the tiger being the cat his ‘Tora-sensei’ mentioned, but now that he was proven wrong, fear was slowly replacing the doubt. Alright, stay calm…If you act too strongly it’ll attack out of protection, but if you act too weak he’ll see you as prey. Toshio stands erect and tightens every muscle in his body to stop any hint of fear.

“Moko? C’mon you widdle kitty, let’s get you back to Tora-sensei. Is that alright with you Moko?” The young genin tries his best to sound soothing, but at the same time he tries to be a strong figure. His body relaxes as he focuses on the tiger’s green eyes. They stood out like emeralds against the tiger’s black and white fur. The genin then realized that they were staring directly into his own eyes; a sparkle of intelligence was easily seen.

The sight was so mesmerizing that Toshio almost stumbled forward from his off balance. He quickly caught himself before he could make any large movement and stayed focused on his target. How could a crazy lady like Sensei tame such a beast like this.

2007-11-11, 12:55 AM

In a flash, the tiger is right on top of the genin. Not literally, but standing a scant two or three feet away and staring straight into Toshio's eyes. It's faster than even his Katsugan can keep up with in it's current, cloth-bound state. The tiger stands almost four feet tall, and only needs to crane it's neck to stare the young genin in the face. It's eyes glint with a dangerous and cunning intellect hidden behind flesh and fangs.

Thats when his mind catches up with what his eyes registered. The tiger leaped down from it's perch toward another tree, which it deftly kicked off of and landed on it's feet about ten feet away from Toshio. In less than a second it had crossed the distance between the two of them. The tiger even felt more commanding than Tora-sensei. Simply from the way it carried itself and seemed to bear a 'higher-than-human' look in it's eyes.

This is truly what a jounin is like. Moko doesn't even hide it's killer-intent, the simple blood-lust kept in check only by it's sated hunger is obvious without even the need to search for it. Moko sniffs Toshio twice, then seems to snort and stalk it's way back to Tora-sensei. It stops if Toshio doesn't follow, and nods it's head toward the direction Toshio came.

The Unborne
2007-11-11, 01:13 AM

The genin felt how truly insignificant he was in front of this creature. All of his previous attempts at injuring the beast would have been thwarted, and anything he could manage wouldn’t be enough to defeat this Moko. A chill ran through Toshio’s entire body, this was what it felt like to be weak. The world seemed to freeze for the genin, even his Katsugan failed see the movement of the trees around him. I faced death in the eye, and it passed me by. Death has allowed me to live and become strong.

His mind stopped thinking as he realized the mighty tiger was waiting for him to follow. Toshio slowly keeps pace with the tiger without uttering a single word. It was a hard blow to the genin’s pride, but it was required; Toshio would need all the training he could get to be on par with this creature or any other obstacle he’d encounter. A new beginning had already begun.

2007-11-11, 01:26 AM

The young genin drags his feet when returning to Tora-sensei. By the time he's arrived, the older woman has Moko on his back and is scratching the tiger's tummy. "Who's the prettiest kitty in the park? You are! Yes you are!" Moko seems to either be annoyed beyond reason, or just laying back and accepting his lot in life. It's hard to tell since he can't speak, or make facial expressions. His tail is, however, lashing about quickly.

Tora-sensei finally notices your arrival on the scene. She jumps up, letting Moko flip onto his back in the process, and gives you the thumbs-up sign. "Good job on finding Moko! He usually attacks strangers on sight, but I had a good feeling about you. I figured he'd let you go. Or eat you. I can never tell what that silly kitty is going to do next!" Moko hugs the ground with it's eyelids half-closed. It's either indignant, embarrassed, or just angry.

"Now, Toshio, did you meet any other students out here? I should have a full team of three.. Nyah~! They always give me the easy work. I can't prove myself with just one tora-oshiego!" Maybe she was just crazy and Moko felt bad for her? Surely this woman was not your jounin.

The Unborne
2007-11-11, 01:47 AM

“Eat me?” Toshio’s right eye starts an involuntary twitch as he thinks of what may have happened if Moko wasn’t so allowing. She ruined the entire experience with just a few choice words. There’s no way she has any competence in this shinobi world. He had truly met death in its face and all Tora-sensei did was congratulate him with a thumbs up while petting her tiger on the ground.

It takes another few moments for the genin to form words with his mouth. “Now that I think of it, Tora-sensei, the entire time I waited for your arrival was spent by myself. No other genin appeared. No one appeared besides Moko there.” Toshio took a peek at the tiger lying there and he felt sorry for him. The bandaged genin knew deep down that the tiger was crying for freedom from the clutches of his captor. A thought of him being in Moko’s place also sprung up in Toshio’s mind.

“I thought you wrote the letter for me to show up…don’t you know who else you sent the letters to? I’m sure Kagegakure has enough genin to form another four-man squad.” The genin tries his best to sound intelligent in the matter, but he figured anything would sound okay in front of this kunoichi. A small tear came out of his eye and was absorbed quickly by the linen wrapping. Please let there be more, I don’t want to end up as the only Tora-oshiego either!

2007-11-11, 02:07 AM

Tora-sensei hangs her head to one side as a faint half-growl escapes her lips. For a moment, she sounds like a spoked kitten. "Nyoro~ Abandoned by my own genin.."

Tora-sensei grows quiet, sitting down on the ground beside Moko with her knees up. Both her arms slip around the big tiger's head, hugging his head close to her chest. Moko moves about at first, mostly due to the uncomfortable position. But you notice that she holds onto him with no visible strain. Sure, the tiger isn't as big as it could be, but she's holding onto a three hundred pound cat with little to no trouble.

The air seems quieter without Tora-sensei acting like a fool. Or maybe it's her foolishness that makes her special? Even poor Moko seems depressed as he just accepts it and lets Tora-sensei hug him. At least, you think he does. It's hard to tell, really.

The Unborne
2007-11-11, 02:29 AM

The mood really did die down as Tora-sensei slowly knelt to the ground, silent. Toshio found a spot by a tree to sit down against and stared at his new sensei. Maybe there was more to her than an oblivious loaf? He took out a large roll of bandages that was pocketed in one of his pouches and began rewrapping his newly opened wounds. Toshio really hated this part about being medicated, but it was necessary.

The entire atmosphere was so quiet that the genin couldn’t help but break the silence. “At least, Tora-sensei, I didn’t abandon you.” The edges of his bandaged mouth spread out, signaling that he was smiling, a true smile this time.

2007-11-11, 02:45 AM
Tora-sensei looks toward the genin who broke the silence. For a second, her eyes are half-closed and her face is covered by the shadow of the tree she is under. For a split second, you can feel the dangerous intent hidden beneath her skin.

Then she smiles, widely at that, while closing her eyes and squeezing Moko even harder. The poor tiger scrambles abit, but eventually just gives up. "That is very right! I shouldn't be mopping here when I have a disciple to train! But wait.. You don't even know my name. I'm Lani. Lani Ikata."

Lani pops up, letting Moko scramble away to breathe again, and sticks one hand out to shake Toshio's. "I know yours already, Toshio. So lets get the awkward stuff out of the way right now. Do you have any questions for me or about me? I have some for you, but they can wait until later."

The Unborne
2007-11-11, 10:05 AM

Lani…Hmm anything’s better than Tora-sensei I guess. The newly wrapped bandages on the genin’s arm fold in on themselves as he reaches for the handshake. In all honesty, he was happy to get her to release Moko. No wonder he was running around. Toshio thinks for a moment of all the questions he could ask his new sensei. It was finally the time to get things straight.

“Boy, do I have a lot of questions for you sensei! Where to start…okay, where did you find such an animal like Moko? I’m sure he’s not dangerous to you, but to me he seems almost too beastly to tame,” the bandaged genin takes a deep breath, trying to find the best questions he could think of. “Is it safe to say you fight like hand and glove together with Moko? Sensei, to be able to keep on par with Moko, you must also be as fast as him. It is such an amazing speed, that much I’ll admit to, but will I ever be that fast also? I don’t wanna be left behind when you two zoom off like that and all I can do is watch.”

Too many questions, how many more do I have? Let’s go with two more… “Do you specialize in any type of jutsu? By the look of you, it seems like you focus on martial arts." One more…The most important… “Why do you sound like a cat all the time?” The question may have came off to blatant, but it had to get out.

2007-11-11, 10:43 AM
"Nyah~! This one talks too much..

Ok. Ok. Moko. Well, we've always been together. I don't ever remember not having Moko, so I can't answer your question accurately. Honestly, we're more like teammates than owner and pet. Yes, I do have quite a few taijutsu techniques, but my real focus remains on Ninjutsu, specifically Doton and Katon techniques.

Speed.. Lets see. Usually he's using Yondan Kousaku, so you should be able to learn it. It's a strain for you or me to move at that speed though. And I don't sound like a cat all the time! Just some of the time.. Nyah~"

Lani looks at the ground for a second, she seems to be contemplating why she sounds like a cat. Or she might be wondering what time it is. It's hard to tell. She claps both hands together, raising her head in the process and looking Toshio in the eye. "Alright! Anything else?"

The Unborne
2007-11-11, 11:05 AM

Was there anything else to ask? Toshio replayed all of the day’s past events and thought for a moment. He was back there when he first met Lani-sensei, she spoke to him strangely and called him by an unknown name. Meh, might as well ask that. “When we first met you said things in a strange dialect and you called me Esanu-chan…Is there anything about this that I should know about?” His mind was clear of any personal questions he had for his new sensei, he was ready for whatever questions she would ask.

“That’s about it Lani-sensei, sorry for being such a pest,” Toshio takes out another long bandage and covers a part of his shoulder that Moko clawed. It stung a little bit, but his full attention was on his sensei still.

2007-11-11, 11:31 AM
The moment Toshio says the words "Esanu" and "-chan" together, Lani freezes in her tracks. A visible shiver runs up Lani's back as she slowly, ever so slowly, turns around and puts her back to Toshio. In such a short span of time, she becomes quiet and deadly serious.

"It's not important. Forget about it. Lets get back home to rest, you're already injured and I don't want to start your training in that state."

Lani starts walking toward Kagegakure, offering no real conversation of her own accord. If questioned, she'll answer, but otherwise both her and Moko walk along in quiet contemplation.

The Unborne
2007-11-11, 11:48 AM

Toshio finishes up bandaging his shoulder and listens to the coldness in his sensei’s voice. No “Nyah~!” or anything came from her lips; he had the impression he struck the wrong chord. Something bad must’ve happened to her and this Esanu-chan…oh well its none of my business anyways. He utters out a small moan when she mentions him being injured.

If I was so injured, then maybe you shouldn’t have sent me to fetch Moko… This jounin made no sense to him most of the time, but it was useless thinking about it any further. The genin had already accepted her as being his true 'Tora-sensei,' and he wasn’t about to ruin that relationship. He walks back near his sensei without saying a word, keeping to the silence Lani had made. Deep down he felt a little ashamed for asking such a question. Curiosity killed the cat, they say.

2007-11-11, 12:12 PM

The sun was high up in the sky, sending its bright rays of sunlight across the blue dome that covered the land. Clouds drifting about lazily as if unhurried about where they had to go and who they had to rain on. In the land squashed between the Land of Wind and the Land of Fire, a large collection of buildings marked the presence of one of the nigh-famous Hidden Shinobi villages. Concealed in the shadow of a massive overhang of stone and the huge tree that grew on its peak, a cool shade covered the town and most of the nearby lands in the valley. A large waterfall cascaded from the north end and became a river that traveled the entire length to exit out into forests and lakes. Birds flitted happily through the air and a quiet murmur was in the air. It always was, even if there was nobody actually awake and about, one mystery of this place.

A battered and burned wall surrounded this sleepy place, scars from battles long past marring its perfect white surface with three gates. One to the west, south, and north while the east side only had a gaping hole with construction crews scurrying about it. The interior of the village had the same scars as the wall that protected it though there was considerably more work done to repair the damages to it. Some buildings actually looked new and fresh. A sprawling noble complex with the symbol of the infamous Mibu clan. A tall and dome-like building in the center of the village, the residence and office of the village leader. And of course the Academy itself has been completely repaired and fixed. Fewer people then normal were bustling about the city but it was a healthy sort of buzz. The kind that showed that this village, despite its hardships was just beginning to recover from whatever tragedy had befallen it. Shops and restaurants getting enough business to pull them by. Children playing in the street with toys. Wives or husbands putting clothes up on the line.

A simple day for many of the normal folk in the village of Kagekure, but it was one rocked by suspicion, scandal, and new faces. The entire village was abuzz with the news that three Jounin had gone missing from the village with naught a trace or sign of them..


The trio, well duo plus tiger, arrive under the massive shadow that perpetually enclosed Kagegakure. The sun, once shining brightly, now barely pierces the dark veil which residents have lived their entire lives under. They passed through the east gate, which still lay in ruins from the war. Lani takes no notice of the construction crews, despite their attempts to garner her attention. It seemed that everyone expected the lady and her tiger to be crazy and happy. Your jounin simply walked on past, slipping between groups of people to avoid running into anyone. The people that knew her seemed to grow sad with her passing. Sure, she was crazy, but her crazy presence seemed enough to lighten up everyone around her.

"Are your wounds serious? Do you think you can start your training today with that cut on your shoulder?"

The Unborne
2007-11-11, 01:19 PM

Now Toshio felt even worse for bringing up Esanu-chan. Throughout his short life of pain and sorrow, craziness and happiness weren’t emotions that he saw often. Maybe people act that way to brighten other people’s lives…Maybe I’ll try to find a way to brighten sensei up. Now that I know Esanu-chan is taboo for her, I’ll never make the same mistake again.

The genin is almost surprised at his master’s question. They had been silent the entire time and now Lani-sensei had spoken. “My shoulder is perfectly fine Tora-sensei…My entire body has been this way for a couple of years now. Just a minor cut can make me bleed profusely. It may look bad, but it’s nothing to be worried about. Most of my pain is due to exhaustion. I wouldn’t mind getting some training in today.” He took a deep breath to regain his composure. Toshio’s whole demeanor seemed bright, maybe too bright; he was trying his hardest to lighten the atmosphere.

2007-11-11, 04:00 PM

Lani questions the student on what exact he's going to be studying, and if she has any expertise in the area then she offers to assist him.

You'll get 1 full day of training to learn a technique. If you're going to learn a Doton or Taijutsu technique, then Lani can help you. Since assistance from a master is based on EL, you'd gain a +4 bonus to your Learn check. Unless it's Shodan Kousoku. Then she can provide a +6 bonus due to mastery.

The Unborne
2007-11-11, 04:39 PM

Toshio contemplates what he would like to learn. It was his first day ever studying under Lani-sensei and he was sure she could help him out with any doton jutsu he was thinking about. However his mind kept returning to Moko and how his speed escaped even his Katsugan. For the longest time, the genin thought that the Katsugan would give him the edge over any fast opponent, but after seeing Moko his theory had fallen apart.

After another few moments of thinking, he decided, “Tora-sensei, teach me the ability to move fast. I can’t allow any opponent to beat me because I can’t touch them…” Toshio stood there ready to spring into even the hardest of training.

Do you want me to roll the Learn Check or are you going to do it behind the scenes? Besides that Toshio decided on learning Shodan Kuosuko and it’ll take 8 days to complete the training.

The Unborne
2007-11-11, 05:13 PM
Take 10 on Shodan Kuosuko Learn Check. DC: 18, Result= 20. Training will take 8 days.
After this period of training Toshio will have 12/16 Chakra.

Thanks Zero, I'll do better next time I promise. :smalltongue:

2007-11-12, 03:33 PM

Lani and the cloth-wrapped genin spend most of the day trying to get Toshio to focus his chakra into his legs. His exceptional chakra control makes that part easy, but he seems to have abit of trouble focusing on his legs and attempting to move at the same time. Lani sends the young genin home to try again on his own time and instructs him to meet her in the same place tomorrow morning.


You awaken after a hard day of work, wondering why your jounin instructor didn't come to meet you yesterday. As you wonder over to your kitchen for breakfast, you notice a letter stuck to your icebox with a magnet. After opening it, you realize that the letter is from your jounin! No wonder she didn't meet you yesterday.

That was how the letter that Sanma received this morning started. It was written in a flowery and very feminine script. But each letter was meticulously inked in a strange fashion, as if the individual in question was drawing with his or her fingertips rather than the entire hand. The letter instructed the young student to arrive at one of the training fields at five A.M. sharp.

The field in question was a simple square dirt clearing surrounding a small outcropping of trees. A trio of target scarecrows stood amid the field. All three were arranged in a wide triangle, with a single circle drawn in the center with chalk. It's rather obvious that the area was one of the old shuriken training grounds like back in the academy.

It's about five-oh-five in the morning and a cloth-wrapped boy is standing amid the scarecrows. He appears to be waiting on someone or something..


You see and hear the approach of a genin wearing the standard ninja outfit. It seems that you aren't the only tora-osheigo, just the only one who ever shows up on time..

2007-11-12, 07:49 PM
Sanma had been thinking about the letter for a while, the strange calligraphy sticking in the back of his mind. Oh well, at least I now have word of my sensei and my team.

As Sanma arrives to the shuriken training field, he looks at the scarecrows and approaches the other Genin, hands in his pockets. "Hum, hi? I'm here to meet up with our Sensei."

Taking a close look at Toshio, he looks around, wary of his surroundings, then he simply sits down on the floor.

He has white sort of spiky hair and his eyes are a light shade of brown, he looks fairly serious for a boy his age, and pretty tall. He frowns slightly as he waits alongside Toshio.

The Unborne
2007-11-12, 09:56 PM

In all honesty, Toshio was expecting Moko to sneak up behind him. It was a pleasant surprise to find another genin stuck being a Tora-oshiego along side him. I wonder why he didn’t show up yesterday…I hope Moko slices his shoulder open. The bandaged genin shakes off the horrible thought and looks to his new comrade.

“Ah so I guess it is a four unit team after all! I was worried that I’d be the only Tora-oshiego in this village. There’s not much to our Tora-sensei, or Tiger Master, besides a spunky attitude,” Toshio barely remembers to take a breath near the end of his drawn out welcome. The mummy-like genin apparently had no care if his new teammate understood the names he just threw out. Let him figure it out on his own. He quickly brings up his hand waiting for a handshake from the sitting ninja.

“My name’s Toshio, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Long day...I'll make a better post describing Toshio later tomorrow. Ugh I hate not getting home until nine at night.

2007-11-12, 10:16 PM
Sanma had absolutely no idea what to expect from Sensei, and meeting Toshio made nothing to quell his curiosity. Raising an eyebrow, he looks at his teammate for a second, a gust of wind running through the field, making him raise his voice slightly.

"Tora...oshiego? is that what she calls her students? Is she some sort of taijutsu Tensai?"

Observing the mummy-like genin, he feels the urge to ask about it, but seems to be able to control his curiosity. This is slightly strange, there was a meeting before this one? It seems he already met sensei and knows a few things about her. He yawns slightly, rubbing the corner of his eyes, then looks up to Toshio, who had just brought up his hand.

Taking his hand, shaking it firmly, he gives a friendly grin.

"My name is Sanma, from the Utanaru clan. Pleased to meet you."

The Unborne
2007-11-13, 08:41 AM

After the handshake, the genin lowers himself to the ground next to Samna. Every bandage wrapped around him started folding in on themselves causing Toshio to shift some around while he sat. I really hate changing these things. That's the last time I use Toujun no Jutsu while bleeding.The young genin stares up into the sky trying to avert his attention to something else rather than his uncomfortable wrappings. His auburn hair sways easily with the breeze as he turns his head towards his late teammate.

“I asked her the same thing, and she said she focuses more in Doton and Katon ninjutsus. She’s an interesting kunoichi, I guess you’d have to see for yourself.” Toshio tries to smile, but he wrapped his facial bandages to tightly that morning. “Meh…So Samna-san is there anything I should know about you? We’ll be together on a great load of missions, and it’d be best if we don’t get on each other’s nerves.”

He lets the question linger in the air as he looks around the training ground. It felt like an eternity since he was standing here alone waiting for anyone to show up, and now he had someone to wait with. Maybe two tigers will come out…

2007-11-13, 09:09 AM

Sanma yawned slightly again, he felt a bit tired after his training yesterday, and somehow he couldn't shrug it off. Looking towards the sky, and then around the field, he listens to his new teammate and once he's finished, he leaves a slight pause before answering.

"Doton and Katon... Well, at least maybe I'll be able to learn some Doton ninjutsu from her. And... by interesting kunoichi, at least, reassure me: She didn't do... -that- to you, right?"

Sanma was looking at Toshio's bandages.

Smiling, he starts training his seal-making speeds, simply practicing.

"Well... I'm not from this Village. But that's not something I'd like to talk about. I am... a doton-user, and you can definitely count on me in any
kind of battle."

Pausing briefly, looking at the seal of the tiger he just made, he looks at his comrade.

"Hm, Toshio-san, I read something interesting in the library, something about doing seals with only one hand. Heh, I'd love getting to know how to do that."

The Unborne
2007-11-13, 09:30 AM

This guy doesn’t seem bad at all; maybe he just didn’t get the memo that our training started yesterday. Oh well, I’m actually glad I got to experience encountering Moko by myself. It was uplifting to say the least. Toshio listens to the idle chit-chat his partner lets out. Mildly interested, the bandaged genin replies, “You don’t say…I’m no ninjutsu specialist, but I swore you needed to form hand signals with both hands. Learn something new everyday I guess.” The fact was that he did see it once, but he was trying to act polite.

It was years ago when the Cloud-nin took him away…None of that! Today’s going to be fun. We may even get our first mission! Toshio scans the area one last time making sure there was nothing sneaking up on them and then he focuses on his bandaged body. “Oh Lani-sensei didn’t do this to me. It took years to make me need all of this…Long story short they’re not coming off anytime soon,” there is no hint of pain in his voice neither embarrassment, most of it was said with a matter-of-fact tone.

“It’s a good thing you’re a doton-user, I use a bit myself so maybe we can train each other. I’m not one for ninjutsus, but I am smart enough to know that they are essential for all Shinobi.”

2007-11-13, 10:58 AM

A tall woman, clad in black-and-white strips similar to those of the tiger, slowly walks into the clearing. She's rubbing one eye absentmindedly, while looking about for her genin. A wide yawn uncovers her mouth, a yawn which she makes no effort to suppress. Her back arches and she stretches both arms wide, much like a cat stretching after waking up. "Nyah~" She half-sighs, half-meows in her normally high-pitched voice.

Her bright, well-groomed blonde hair encases a beautiful face. One could swear she wasn't a shinobi, if not for the armor and clothing. Of course, like all other shinobi from Kagegakure, she bears it's headband as well. The smoke-colored ribbon is wrapped around her neck like a collar, with the metal bar poking up from beneath her shirt-collar.

She blinks a few times to clear her eyes, then looks at the two genin sitting in the clearing where there should only be one. "..Eh? Where'd you come from kiddo? Did you get lost? Awh.. Did you wander away from mommy?" She smiles widely as she comments, her eyes are half-closed and appear as twin half-moons. Both her bright blue orbs seem to dance with a mischievous gleam, as if she were a cat about to pounce on pray.

"I'm sorry, but we're big scary shinobi. We have things to do today.. Things that.." Her voice drops a full octave, becoming much like a the hunting tiger. For a second, Tora-sensei seems to stop restraining herself and allows her pure killing instinct to come to bear on both genin. It's a hateful thing, completely unlike the cold and calculating hunters instinct of Moko. For a split second, it's almost as if the entire world has turned into a raging inferno that threatens to swallow everything about you. "..will kill a weak man."

In a second she's smiling again, with her head angled and eyes closed. The killing intent is gone, vanished beneath that serene facade. "Of course.. If you're one of my missing tora-oshiego then we're on a completely different page!"

The Unborne
2007-11-13, 11:40 AM

Toshio gives a small sigh. At least she’s back to normal. The Shadow-nin sits there staring at his sensei…Did she really just say kill someone? Toshio was about to raise the question but decided against it, for now on he’d be careful with what he’d say with this kunoichi. There was no telling what comment could set her off into a depressed mood. Can they really send off genin’s to assassinate someone? Then again, I’ve only been here for a few months; maybe they really do need all the manpower they can muster.

Toshio uses his arms to push himself up from his sitting position. He spots Moko and looks to his sensei with his linen-covered eyes. “Yes Tora-sensei, this is one of your new Tora-oshiegos…” He leaves his sentence open for the other genin to introduce himself. As Toshio waits, he looks at Moko, admiring the beast’s emerald gaze. If only he was more confident with himself he’d leave the two alone and pet the tiger just as Lani-sensei did the day before. But then he notices the tiger’s razor-like claws and goes against the idea. Maybe when I know Moko won’t attack me again…

2007-11-13, 05:36 PM
As his sensei walked towards him, Sanma couldn't help but feel slightly uncomfortable. She had approached them without even a sign or the slightest noise, and he only spotted her when she entered his immediate field of view.

"..Eh? Where'd you come from kiddo? Did you get lost? Awh.. Did you wander away from mommy?"

At those words, the genin frowns. For real? Is she really sensei? What's with the cat attitude? She's silent though. And what the... that tiger... is that a summon? His two amber eyes look keenly at her.

"I'm sorry, but we're big scary shinobi. We have things to do today.. Things that.."

Sanma stopped frowning. He felt something overpowering him, her sheer killing intent made him skip a heartbeat, the palm of his hands became slightly moist and the pupils of his eyes dilated slightly. He realised how serious it was, this wasn't training, this was something else. He felt like getting out of here as fast as he could.

"..will kill a weak man."

Are you out of your mind? You know why you're here in the first place! You can't back out now! That was true... he knew full well why he chose to stay here in the Village of Shadow, and why he forsake the teachings of the Land of Earth. This was to make him grow.

Determination flooded back to his face, and he frowns slightly.

"Of course.. If you're one of my missing tora-oshiego then we're on a completely different page!"

“Yes Tora-sensei, this is one of your new Tora-oshiegos…”

Thank gods Toshio was here. And by the looks of it, he'd met her before. And alone. Newfound respect grew for his new teammate, Sanma acknowledged him with a grin, and, looking back to sensei with two keen eyes, he says:

"My name is Sanma. I am your new Tora-Oshiego."

2007-11-13, 10:07 PM
"Hmph. Well. You're late! I don't like people who are late all the time!" Ignoring the fact, of course, that she showed up nearly ten minutes late for the meeting. "'Specially when it's very very important! But.. I suppose I can forgive you. For now." She seems to pose when she says that last bit, resting her chin in her hand between her index finger and thumb. One would think she was trying to be cool, or maybe she was just crazy. At this point, it's pretty hard to tell.

"I am just too cool! Alright! Since Sanma was late yesterday we're going to conduct a training exercise as a penance. But since you guys are young, I'll give you an easy one.. Hmm. Lets see.." Lani looks up toward the sky, scratching her chin lightly with both eyes lost amid the clouds. She stands there for nearly a full ten seconds, just staring at the sky and scratching her chin. Another ten seconds pass, and she still hasn't moved. At this point, you're beginning to wonder if she's fallen asleep or what..

"Yiiiee!" Lani quite literally jumps straight into the air, rubbing her bottom. You look down and notice Moko putting his left paw back on the ground. "Why you?! How.. I can't believe you! Hmph. Well no tuna for you tonight you big mean kitty. Ah-ha! Infact, your training session for today is to catch Moko's tail."

The tiger's ears droop, it looks toward the two of you for a second, then toward Lani. It seems to scoff, or cough, you can't really tell which. The tiger turns right around and slowly begins walking away. You look up to see Lani laying in a tree branch. She seems quite content to lay with both arms wrapped around either side of the branch, and for all intents and purposes looks like a hunting panther waiting to pounce.

"Well go after him! And when you catch him, give it a good yank for me. Nyah~! Why did I get the temperamental tiger.."

The Unborne
2007-11-13, 11:27 PM

The body tenses up, the blood pumps, the heart skips a beat as Toshio hears his sensei’s command. Is she crazy? Moko can outrun us for days on end until we die of exhaustion! Think; think how can you get faster than Moko? The tiger uses an advanced technique, Yondan Kousaku, which I can’t keep up until I master Shodan Kousoku. The bandaged genin stops mid-thought and smirks. I have that jutsu…Good thing too that both Tora-sensei and Moko haven’t seen my true abilities yet.

To be honest, it felt wrong performing the move for two reasons. One, it was the move used by the Cloud-nin to capture him and his mother years ago; and two, he just told Samna that he didn’t know anything about half-seals. The genin brings his hand with his index finger and middle finger pointing upwards towards his face and then quickly brings the fingers down, creating a fist.

A cloud of dust is the only thing left where he stood. To some of the onlookers it may have seemed he simply broke up into a million pieces, but for those surveying the battleground they’d see right away he simply teleported five feet in front of Moko. Kuso! I overshot the technique! I guess I was too afraid I’d land inside Moko, that I chose a distance ahead of him. Oh well at least this will force him to go left or right and maybe Samna-san has a move that can block him off.

Toshio quickly forms another pair of signs and reaches for the dew glazed earth. The mud quickly forms into a ball in his hands and he aims for Moko in front of him. “Genwakudoro no Jutsu!” The earthen mud is flung from Toshio’s palm flying towards the beast’s head.

C’mon Samna-san show me you’re worth the wait…

Shunshin (1d20+9=16) DC:15 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1372283) = Success

Genwakudoro no Jutsu=Auto
Reflex Save/Negate DC: 20 <---Is the formula for DC, 10+ rank+ bonus from skills?

Convert Chakra to HP 1:1 No time Change (1d20+14=27) for Shunshin (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1372399) =Success

HP: 18/21
Chakra: 14/16
AC: 17
HSS: 2
Move Action: Shunshin no Jutsu
Attack Action: Genwakudoro no Jutsu

2007-11-14, 08:58 AM

Frowning, he wasn't sure himself of how fast this tiger was, but seeing the look on Toshio's face gave him a clue. That tiger must not be easy to catch or even hit. What's more, sensei would probably get angry if we were to use techniques that harm her pet. Sanma sighs heavily.

Then suddenly, a whole lot of things happened in a very short amount of time.

Looking at his teammate taking the first move, only one thing comes to his mind. His speed... unreal. He got there so quickly. And those seals... heh, keeping our trumpcards, eh? His eyes slightly wide, he looks to their position, they were definitely in range to give it a shot and he planned on using his own teammate to further the jutsu.

Making a seal, watching the tigers movements, he dashes forward, stopping at the appropriate distance and making a seal with two hands, his hair spiking up as he recomposes his Yin and Yang chakra.

"Ninpou: Kage Mane no jutsu!"

And he extended the shadow through his companion and makes it curve slightly, trying to block the left of the tiger, making for its shadow.

Let's see what you got, Tora. He smiles. Now he had only the right, or try to leap backwards somehow.

Kage Mane no Jutsu: (1d20+10=30) Perform DC: 17 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1372951) = Success

Range touch attack: (1d20+4=18) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1372953)

HP: 25/25
Chakra: 11/15
AC: 12
Move Action: Move my speed.
Attack action: Kage Mane no Jutsu.

(Hopefully, this is what you need. I am completely noob at this. Hopefully I can move then Kage Mane.) //edit: And WOAH at my natural 20! xD

2007-11-14, 09:43 AM
Save DCs are 10+Rank+Modifier as described on pg 185. Whichever stat mod goes with your skill. Taijutsu uses Strength. Ninjutsu uses Intelligence. Genjutsu uses Charisma. Chakra Control uses Wisdom.

Toshio's Initiative (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1373030) = 8
Sanma's Initiative (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1373031) = 12
Moko's Initiative = 15
I'll give Toshio a surprise round, for Shunshin, but other than that it'd be normal initiative.

Toshio stares into the animal's eyes as he appears after his shunshin. For a second, Moko has a wide-eyed, almost human-level, appearance of surprise. Then it's lips curl back and teeth bare in what can only be described as a grin. Toshio's hand gathers up the ball of mud and flings it, but Moko is ready for him. The ball splats against the ground as the tiger leaps to the side quickly.

Sanma and Toshio both keep their eyes trained on the black-and-white tiger standing before them. In a split second, before either of them even register the movement, Moko is gone. Toshio's eyes catch it long before Sanma even registers it moving away, primarily due to the assistance of the Katsugan. Because of his normal, human eyes, Moko quite literally looks to have disappeared to Sanma, leaving nothing behind but it's footprints. But Toshio's eyes were capable of seeing it move, though the tiger is long gone by the time the image is transmitted to his brain and deciphered.

Moko had leapt straight ahead, ignoring the obvious decisions of going left or right. Instead, it opted to vault over the young genin in it's path and scramble up the tree behind Toshio. The race was on, and unfortunately Moko had a head start and a hell of alot more speed than either genin.


Lani falls out of the tree behind you guys, kicking and rolling on the ground. She's either laughing or seriously injured, you can't really tell which. But you can safely bet it's laughter, guessing from the tears streaming down her face and the deep crimson blush that obscures her features.

El_Frenchie: I'll let you keep the 4 chakra you spent on Kage Mane, since you wouldn't have been able to act before Moko in initiative.

2007-11-15, 02:23 AM

Huh? Nani? It's vanished!

Looking around, the Genin tries to make sense of what happened. Damn those guys... they're so fast. This doesn't even look like anything I've ever seen before.

This kind of battle is a bad one for me, I've always been terrible at dealing with speed. This would be easier if our enemy was trying to attack us, because that would create openings. What should I do?

He closes his eyes for a second, then opens them more determined.

Taking something from his belt pouch, he slowly unscrews open the smoke bomb and drops it on the ground. A slight hiss escaping the device.

"Toshio. You find him, I think you've got more going for you in that area than I do. If you have a ninja-com device, set it to channel 12. Otherwise, I'll just have to keep up with you." A heavy red smoke fills the area progressively, concealing Sanma.

"Doton! Dochuu Engyou no Jutsu!"

Doton! Dochuu Engyou no Jutsu! (1d20+10=23) DC: 16 = Success (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1374444)

HP: 25/25
Chakra: 13/15
AC: 12
Move Action: Smoke Bomb -1.
Attack action: Doton, Dochuu Engyou no Jutsu.

(I'm assuming this is soft ground by the way, since it's old training grounds with a couple of scarecrows, I hope that's ok.)

2007-11-15, 07:30 PM

The genin disappears in a puff of smoke, then burrows into the ground and.. goes no where?

The Unborne
2007-11-15, 08:18 PM

Kuso! I never thought it would jump over me! Toshio turns around towards the sound of his partner’s voice, but before he can say anything the other genin had released a smoke bomb. He’s planning something…hopefully he has some better jutsus than me, mine are all damaging ones. Good thing he’s gone, now I can let loose the Katsugan. A slight pinch of pain crawls its way up to the bandaged genin’s head as his hands reach up for the linen covering his eyes.

With a quick motion the entire film flies off slowly falling to the ground. Of course Toshio saw it all, his eyes began to spin rapidly everywhere. The world he once perceived became more vivid and slower. My Shodan Kuosuko isn’t anywhere near completion, but I think I have something that’ll help a bit. With just a small bit of concentration, the genin focused most of his chakra in his legs. He could feel the muscles tighten up, being wrapped around with his chakra. Toshio felt lighter and let loose his new capabilities and ran straight forward, Katsugan taking note of everything he passed.

My priority is to find Moko and try to apprehend him. Samna will most likely surprise us both with whatever he’s doing in that smoke bomb, probably summoning up some insane jutsu. Hopefully.

Chouyaku no Jutsu (Jumping Technique): Auto
Swift Action
Convert Chakra 1:1 No time spent: Auto

Full Round Action: Run
Speed: 35 feet= 140 feet moved
Spot (1d20+15=23) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1375985)

HP: 18
AC: 17
HSS: 3

Bleh I hate diets…

2007-11-16, 01:41 AM

Sanma stays burrowed for a few seconds, then delves his way towards a few trees he spotted earlier. He emerges behind one of them and looks around, keeping himself hidden as best he can.

All right, with the smoke bomb and this tunnel, I should be able to cause some sort of confusion as well as give me an opportunity to maneuver out of that tiger's sight. Now, I wonder where my teammate and friendly tiger could've gone to?

((This action is for after the tiger makes his move))

Hide Check (1d20+9=29) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1376552)

Move action: Move.
Attack Action: Hide.

2007-11-16, 07:53 PM

The young genin's use of the jumping technique allowed him to keep up with Moko for only a few seconds. The tiger does not attempt to hide, it simply begins falling into a full run. The forest keeps it from moving at top speed, but it easily outpaces Toshio.

Moko spends his full round running. 60x4=240 feet.


He hides nearby the training field, which has long since been abandoned by both his target and his teammate.

2007-11-16, 09:18 PM

Looking around, seeing nor his teammate nor his target in his vicinity , the genin sighs slightly, looking through the branches of the tree, towards the sky. He had no tracking techniques, and even if he knew where they headed towards, he'd probably never be able to catch up, at their kind of speed, he was definitely out of range for any chakra sensing, assuming the chakra was strong enough, and it most likely wasn't.

Yawning, he puts his hand over his mouth as he does so, stretching a bit. His eyes looking disappointed.

This is tougher than I thought it would be. What a poor performance.

Taking a deep breath, he gets up, goes to the middle of the training field and starts looking for footprints, broken branches, and signs of recent passage through the trees and earth around the field. But as far as he was concerned, he knew he couldn't keep up with them, and this training exercise would already be over before he even managed to get an approximate direction.

For my next round, or not, since I'm not really in the fight anymore ^^

Search skill: [roll0]+10 = 22.

2007-11-23, 01:32 PM

The bandage bound genin returns quietly to Sanma and Lani. He's obviously failed to catch Moko, and Lani does nothing but laugh at the prospect. "E~yah! You two just make my day..! Come on, lets go get Moko back." She smiles, and leads the group back into Kagegakure.

Zato Ishimaru

The blind shinobi happens to be eating breakfast at the time. He woke up later than normal, and doesn't seem to be in too much of a hurry. The note attached to his refrigator, front-door, and window all go unnoticed. The notes attached to the bottom of his cereal bowl, his spoon, and his forehead were all obviously removed.

However, just as Ishimaru is about to sit down and eat, a presence makes itself known when his window sill creeks.

Thump-thump. Thump-thump.

The sound of it's steps make the creature four-legged rather than two-legged. It doesn't make any noise other than it's footsteps, and it makes no attempt to hide those. Maybe it is the assassin finally sent to end his life? What a way to die, sitting in his pajamas eating his cereal..!

2007-11-23, 06:17 PM

Sanma just looks at tora-sensei for a while. Scratching his head slightly, he pondered whether he could've ever caught the tiger in the first place.

"E~yah! You two just make my day..! Come on, lets go get Moko back."

Blushing slightly, quite obviously embarrassed, he nods once simply and follows his sensei silently.

I suppose it couldn't have been worse than this. It shouldn't be too hard to find Moko if tora-sensei is the one leading the search, though. He pauses for just a second, then breathes out a "Hopefully..."

Paragon Badger
2007-11-24, 04:37 AM
Zato Ishimaru

The blind shinobi happens to be eating breakfast at the time. He woke up later than normal, and doesn't seem to be in too much of a hurry. The note attached to his refrigator, front-door, and window all go unnoticed. The notes attached to the bottom of his cereal bowl, his spoon, and his forehead were all obviously removed.

However, just as Ishimaru is about to sit down and eat, a presence makes itself known when his window sill creeks.

Thump-thump. Thump-thump.

The sound of it's steps make the creature four-legged rather than two-legged. It doesn't make any noise other than it's footsteps, and it makes no attempt to hide those. Maybe it is the assassin finally sent to end his life? What a way to die, sitting in his pajamas eating his cereal..!

"Eaaaaaggh!" screamed the little genin in fright, "Spider-Ninja Assassin!" Chucking the not-entirely-empty cereal bowl towards the sound, Ichimaru stumbled about his room in terror, attempting to flee from the what he could only assume was the shinobi sent to end his life.

Listen check:

Improvised Throwing Weapon: Half-full Cereal Bowl.
Concealment: [roll1] [roll2]
Attack: [roll]1d20-2 Damage: [roll3]


Dammit. Messed up the attack roll. Wrote /spoiler in the second tag. Here's an invisible castle roll: 1d20-2=5 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1389651) <_<

2007-11-24, 09:54 AM
The cereal bowl flies true..

..And plummets out the window.

A growl echoes throughout the room, and the unknown assailant is obviously angry. The world suddenly wraps around Ishimaru like a boa constrictor around it's prey. Every breath feels like Ishimaru's last. Each time his lungs fill they burn with molten hate that causes every cell in his body to scream for release. Even now, an image of this creature fills Ishimaru's mind with it's overbearing killing intent. It was an animal of some sort, but definitely shinobi-trained. He could smell human blood on it's claws..

Paragon Badger
2007-11-24, 10:14 PM
Paralyzed with fear, Ichimaru tried to scream, shout for help, or anything- but the words could not come. He focused, trying to remain calm.

"I've gotta think of something- my life depends on it!" The boy thought. Concentrating his energies, he grit his teeth and tried to pull out as many tricks as he had in his bag.

Listen: [roll0]

Free Action: Douta no Jutsu (Blur)
Preform: [roll1] DC: 15
Save DC: 15
Base DC: 11

Move Action: Kawarimi no Jutsu (Nearest preteen-sized object...like a refridgerator or something; commanded to stay still. :smalltongue: )
Blind Hand Seals (20% chance of fail) [roll2]
Preform: [roll3] DC: 12
Duration: 3 rounds.

Attack Action: Saimin Jutsu - Musou no Jutsu
Blind Hand Seals: [roll4]
Preform: [roll5] DC: 20
Target: Hopefully the would-be-assassin. :smallwink:
Duration: 4 rounds.
Save DC: 18
Base DC: 13

HP: 20/20
Chakra: 13/20

2007-11-26, 01:56 PM


He disappears and moves elsewhere. He then performs Musou no Jutsu and waits.. He hears nothing.

Team 5

You walk through the streets of Kagegakure and easily spot Moko, who isn't attempting to hide. He's standing in the middle of the street with an upturned bowl of cereal on his head. The tiger's eyes are focused on a window sill, and you logically work out that the cereal came from there..

2007-11-26, 07:16 PM

"Well here's our fugitive tiger, and... is that... a cereal bowl on its head?"

Sanma looks up to the window from where it was thrown, then at the tiger and frowns slightly, looking concerned. This tiger is dangerous and a bit wild, without tora-sensei, who knows what it would do to people.

"Kuchiyose or not, it shouldn't go after people. I'm going up there to check out if they're all right."

Sanma starts gathering chakra at his feet and hands, and scrambles up the wallface. Getting to the window through which the cereal bowl came from, he hangs onto it and jumps inside.

"Hello, is there anyone here? Are you alright?!"

Paragon Badger
2007-11-26, 11:34 PM
'Oh no!' Ichimaru thought, 'I... must have missed! And now its staying too silent for me to hear it!'

Frozen with fear, a shudder ran down the boy's spine and he was quaking in his jammies. 'It could be anywhere in this room... even...right behind me!'

"Hello, is there anyone here? Are you alright?!"

"Waaahh!" came a young shinobi's screams, as Ichimaru fell on his rear. He felt around for something to use as a weapon, when suddenly he remembered what he was wearing on his feet!


Listen: [roll0]

Concealment: [roll1] [roll2]
Fluffy Attack: [roll3]

Meh, I'm just practicing with the dice roller now. :smalltongue:

2007-11-27, 12:10 AM

Sanma hears nothing but what seemed to be a slight ruffle or shuffle in the room, looking around, he doesn't notice anything in particular, that is, anything except a small fridge lying in the middle of the room.

The room looked fairly clean except for that. Cereals left on the table, milk and... an unusual number of notes plastered everywhere. Narrowing his eyes towards the one put onto the window, standing up slightly, he is about to read it when suddenly...



Taken by surprise, turning around to see the projectile, he barely dodges it by bending backwards, with a stretch, through the opened window frame, the slipper flying outside the room and into the street.

((Denied my dexterity bonus to AC, it was 10 xD))

What the hell was that?!

Straightening up, a mixture of annoyed and angry on his face, he barks out with a closed fist:

"Stop throwing weird things at me! I'm trying to help you! We had a loose tiger and we're just trying to get it back to Tora-sensei!"

Paragon Badger
2007-11-27, 01:45 AM
"...Tiger?" Ichimaru mumbled as he tried to regain his breath.

Collapsing on his back, the boy sighed in relief. "Oh man. I thought I was done for!"

After a bit of catching his breath, the blind shinobi got back up to a sitting position, "Tora-Sensei, huh?"

"Say, What does..." Ichimaru picked up one of the many notes sprawled around his room and presented it to Sanma, "-this say?"

2007-11-27, 02:20 AM

Taking the note he was about to read, he looks interrogatively towards Ishimaru.

"What do you mean you can't..." and his words drop slowly as he realises. "Oh, I... I'm sorry. I apologize."

Now reading the paper, his eyes going from top right to bottom left, he raises an eyebrow and looks at the boy again.

"So you're the... you're the third member of our team?"

Looking at his eyes, feeling slightly embarrassed. He looks around the room and all the notes seem to say the same thing. But... if he's blind... how can he ever hope to be a ninja?

The question stuck in Sanma's head as he felt a mixed feeling of respect and pity for Ishimaru.

"You're... Ishimaru, right? The paper announces that you've been selected for one of the genin teams... my team. Team 5. And, huh... I'm Sanma."

Paragon Badger
2007-11-27, 02:42 AM
"What do you mean you can't..."

"Hm?" Ichimaru thought for a moment, then his back went straight and he realized he hadn't covered himself, yet!

As Sanma was talking, the other ninja crawled around the room looking for an appropriate substitute for the usual bandage. Grabbing hold of his new forehead protector, he grumbled as he slipped it on over his eyes.

"Genin team... Aw, man!" The boy said as he suddenly realized, "This 'Tora-Sensei' is your team lea- My team leader?"

He shrugged, realizing that it woulden't be the last time he would have to deal with that tiger...

2007-11-27, 03:56 AM

He smiles slightly as he watched Ishimaru reaching for his forehead protector.

"I'm sorry if I intruded, huh.."

"Genin team... Aw, man! This 'Tora-Sensei' is your team lea- My team leader?"

"Well, yes, she's our team leader all right..." The genin pauses for a moment, going through everything Ishimaru was doing. Watching him get ready. He's gonna be hard-pressed to keep up with Toshio...

Somehow Sanma felt like he should dedicate himself to helping his new teammate.

"Hey, do you want to meet her? She's right outside your window. Literally. Hopefully she didn't receive your slipper in her face!" He laughs slightly. He jumps in the window frame, turning back towards him:

"Come on, come and meet her, she's nice... in her own way. It's only a few meters to the road, and there's no real obstacle, come join us when you're ready, I'll go tell sensei."

And he did exactly that, jumping out the window.

Paragon Badger
2007-11-27, 04:26 AM
Sighing, the ninja grumbled as he got himself ready.

'I used about a third of my chakra already..." he thought, sighing, 'Ah well, I just hope my Sensei doesn't sic any more feral cats on me...'

A short while later, Ichimaru came out of his building with slight discomfort evident on his partially veiled face.

He had all the usual equipment for a Genin, the forehead protector over his eyes, shuriken holster on the right leg of his dark grey set of pants. The rest of his gear was in his belt pouch at his hip.

Ichimaru stopped walking suddenly and looked a bit... paranoid. "That... tiger isn't still 'on the loose', is it?"

His lips quivered as he nervously put his fingers through the holes of his long-sleeved fishnet undershirt, which was overlapped by a grey tanktop.

(I'll stop posting now so everyone else can catch-up. :smallredface: ...And physical descriptions are hard to make without it looking obvious... <_<)

2007-11-27, 02:09 PM
Lani is standing right beside Moko as the two genin meet inside the building. Toshio has up and disappeared, so she's got nothing else to do. A slipper flies out of the window and pops a random pedastrian in the face. The poor man is knocked out cold by the blow, and is still on the ground by the time Ishimaru and Sanma reappear. "..Eh.. Sucks to be that guy.."

She notices the blind-kid and Sanma show up, and waves toward her genin. Once Sanma gets close enough, she leans over and whispers to him. "Who's blindy over there?"

2007-11-27, 05:24 PM
Looking towards the "casualty", Sanma just looks away nonchalantly, trying his best not to look suspicious, going towards Lani, the tora-sensei seemed to be waiting for him. Interesting, Toshio was gone, probably tired from chasing around Moko, it's not like he himself did a lot of running. He approaches tora-sensei and is about to say something when...

"Who's blindy over there?"

Blushing slightly, waving his hands in warning, he wanted to give his sensei a good impression of her new genin.

"Please! Tora-sensei! This is your missing genin... He's not bad either..."

Clearing his throat, he looks towards Ishimaru.

"Ishimaru-kun, this is tora-sensei."

Paragon Badger
2007-11-27, 08:54 PM
Scratching the back of his head (displacing the shinobi's monk-like braid.)Ichimaru looked a bit worried.

Listen: [roll0]

Haha, Fear my awesome evesdropping skills (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/skills/listen.htm)...unless you're 70 feet away...


Tilting the side of his head to face the pair, Ichimaru said, "What are you mumbling about over there...?"

2007-11-28, 10:39 AM

You can hear them whispering, but you can't quite make out what is being said.


"Nyah~! Another broken shinobi.. Why do you do this to me Esanu-chan~.."

A loud clap echoes through the street, an obvious attempt to get Ichimaru's attention.

"Alright! You. Ya, the one with the headband over his eyes! Welcome to the greatest team that Kagegakure has to offer! We are fierce! Powerful! We are like the tiger, quick and merciless killers!"

Your sensei immediately leaps onto Moko. In a flash she's flipped the big cat over and is tickling it's tummy with powerful vigor.

"But we're just so~o darn cute too! Now, listen up! From this day onward, you are my new tora-oshiego! My tiger disciple!"

Tora-sensei stops and seems to pose for a second. Her right arm points toward the sky, while her left hand rests comfortably on her hip. She speaks the next bit with a force of personality that one wouldn't expect from your sensei.

"The four of us together form the great Tora Squad, the demon tigers of Kagegakure! I am so cool!

Alright. Now.. Where's Toshio?"

2007-12-08, 05:58 PM

"Grr.. Alright! You two, find Toshio! Quickly!" She points off in a seemingly random direction, and appears to fully expect the both of you to go the way she points.. Maybe the woman really is crazy?

2007-12-08, 07:27 PM

Sanma looks up to her, raising an eyebrow, he looks in the directions she is pointing towards without seeing anything outstanding or particularly inspiring in the choice she just made.

Letting out a small sigh, closing his eyes and frowning slightly:

"Haaai, hai."

He sets off in that direction, then looks back to where he was standing. Looking at Zato.

"Hey, Zato! You coming?!"

He looks towards his teammate, then his sensei, and finally up in the dark gray skies, sighing. Where did you go Toshio. Then, turning towards the specified direction, he walks towards it, looking around the houses, calling out Toshio's name loudly.

Paragon Badger
2007-12-08, 10:01 PM
Toshio Retrieval Arc?

Scratching his head, Ichimaru wondered just what was going on. First she sics a tiger on him, and then loses one of her students?

Standing pretty much still until Sanma beckoned him, Ichimaru followed soon after the other ninja.

"Uhhh. Is she...always that crazy?" He whispered.

2007-12-08, 11:38 PM

"Huh, well... almost. -Almost- all the time."

Sanma had no idea whether that would reassure his teammate or not, but frankly, it didn't really matter, he was stuck with her as much as he was.

"I'm not sure where Toshio is gone, it's too bad, he's quite the genin. He strikes me as the kind of guy that helps you out a lot in missions. And the little I've seen from his techniques is impressing. Hopefully you can meet him."

Nodding for a moment, he looks around the walls, the houses and the streets in wonder. Why did sensei decide to send us over here? He sighs slightly, still calling out Toshio's name at times.

"Oh, I meant to ask... is it true that when... you know, you have a sense missing or that you intentionally don't use, your other senses are more... accurate? It's interesting"

Sanma smiles, slowly walking with his new teammate.

"Oh, and if you have any questions about me, feel free, I mean, it's important for us to get to know each other, right?"

2007-12-08, 11:59 PM
Matsumoto Ryuu

"Thanks, old man! Just put it on my tab, okay?"

A young boy the same age as the latest batch of genins walked casually out of a restaurant, sucking his fingers free of the remainder of his lunch. He was of average height and weight with semi-long black hair separated into six large braids that swept back out of his face. They weren't long enough to merit a pony tail, but instead just spiked straight backwards. His light brown eyes were friendly and confident, matching the grin on his lips.

He was wearing normal ninja attire: Firstly, black pants and shirt that stopped midway between elbow/knee and wrist/ankle, leaving the rest of his limbs wrapped in tape so the fabric didn't interfere with his hands. Over that he wore a ninja vest colored a dark tan for added protection as well as fingerless gloves and standard footwear. His Kagekure headband he kept where it was meant to be, on his forehead, if a little high to keep his hair from falling into his eyes. A gas mask hung idly around his neck for easy use and a pair of daikunai were crossed over his back for an easy over-the-shoulder draw.

Just then a blur of motion swept passed him, ruffling his hair and leaving him coughing on some dust when another, slightly slower blur passed as well. It was a kid about his age, he guessed, all bandaged up and moving incredibly fast. He was chasing something, but he couldn't quite see what it had been. "Hey, *sshole! Watch it!" he yelled after him before going on in a normal tone, "Wow...I wonder how he's going that fast. Must be some jutsu..." He licked his hands the rest of the way clean and wiped them on his pants, scratching his head. "Just what the hell was he doin anyway?" he frowned. "I'd follow 'im but there's no way I could keep up."

Eventually, he just shrugged and made his way to the rooftops, heading in the direction the blur had gone. He hoped he could shorten the distance by not using the streets, if just to figure out why they were chasing each other. He had nothing else to do that day what with being the odd genin out when it came to team assignments, so he figured he could do with a little pursuit training.

Hey, guys. :smallcool:

Paragon Badger
2007-12-09, 09:17 AM
"Oh, I meant to ask... is it true that when... you know, you have a sense missing or that you intentionally don't use, your other senses are more... accurate? It's interesting"

"So I've heard..." replied the blind shinobi.

A long silence ensued.

"Uwah! No pun intended!" He corrected, scratching his head nervously.

"We'll probably just bump into the other Genin again... I mean, I don't blame anyone for wanting to run away from a sensei like her."

Shrugging, he continued, "Well. I suppose its good news that Toshio is so talented. I was begining to think the they paired the village's worst jounin with the village's worst genin."

"Ah! I mean... no offense to you!" He quickly corrected, his mouth wobbly and his hand rigorously scratching the back of his head again.

2007-12-10, 03:16 AM

"So I've heard..." replied the blind shinobi.

A long silence ensued, during which Sanma scratched his long white spiky hair a bit.

"Uwah! No pun intended!" He corrected, scratching his head nervously. Sanma muttered slightly.

"We'll probably just bump into the other Genin again... I mean, I don't blame anyone for wanting to run away from a sensei like her."

"Agreed.." And as he said that, Sanma's eyes looked to his far top left... seeing movement on the rooftop. His hands clenched nervously in his pockets.

Shrugging, Ichimaru continued, "Well. I suppose its good news that Toshio is so talented. I was begining to think the they paired the village's worst jounin with the village's worst genin."

Half listening, turning his head towards the motion, he spots a genin, moving quite rapidly, looking around for something. He then looks at Ichimaru, looking mildly annoyed at the comment.

"Ah! I mean... no offense to you!" He quickly corrected, his mouth wobbly and his hand rigorously scratching the back of his head again.

Shrugging, seemingly dismissing the conversation now: "This way, Ichimaru." He jumps up off the ground onto a nearby rooftop, his sandals making a slight clanking sort of noise on the rooftiles as he lands, automatically giving away his position.

"Hey there! I'm looking for someone, and it looks like you are, too. Maybe you could help us both out?"

He doesn't seem to wear the usual genin attire, instead, he wears a dark kind of earthy coloured kimono, his eyes a bright amber and his hair a slightly opaque gray. Similarly, he wears a single daikunai at his belt, as well as the familiar ninja belt pouch and shuriken holster on his right shin. He seems to try and look friendly.

He frowns slightly at Ichimaru down in the street, sighing. "Come on up, already!"

2007-12-10, 11:08 AM
Matsumoto Ryuu

He jumps up off the ground onto a nearby rooftop, his sandals making a slight clanking sort of noise on the rooftiles as he lands, automatically giving away his position.

"Hey there! I'm looking for someone, and it looks like you are, too. Maybe you could help us both out?"

He doesn't seem to wear the usual genin attire, instead, he wears a dark kind of earthy coloured kimono, his eyes a bright amber and his hair a slightly opaque gray. Similarly, he wears a single daikunai at his belt, as well as the familiar ninja belt pouch and shuriken holster on his right shin. He seems to try and look friendly.

He frowns slightly at Ichimaru down in the street, sighing. "Come on up, already!"

The other genin kept running, but grinned back at the two ninja that had begun following him. They both sported Kagekure forehead protectors (I assume) so he figured they were after the same high-speed quarry he was. "So, you're with the bandaged kid, then? He went tearing off down this way after something, so I wanted to see what it was. I don't think I'm fast enough to catch him, so I figured I'd just follow after and try to catch sight of him again." he said, jumping over a protrusion on the roof, then circling around until he was neck and neck with Sanma. "I'm Matsumoto Ryuu. Pleased to meetcha!"

The kid seemed friendly enough. One couldn't tell his motives, really. Whether he was just bored and curious or if he had some alternative purpose none could really tell at the moment. If nothing else, Ryuu knew how to get drawn into trouble, and that would be where hanging out with the Tora-oshiego would no doubt get him eventually. Genin-eating animals, crazy jounins, mummified genins, all in a day's work.

Paragon Badger
2007-12-11, 10:26 AM
Ichimaru only barely managed to climb up onto the roof. He wasn't so good at jumping like the only shinobi; too worried he'd hit his head on the bottom of some branch or something.

When he finally got up, the blind shinobi adjusted the forehead protected on his eyes and shrugged.

"Zato Ichimaru." He said, pointing at his own chest, then nodding towards his aquiantence, "Sanma....uhh...just Sanma."

2007-12-12, 05:15 AM

"Zato Ichimaru." He said, pointing at his own chest, then nodding towards his aquiantence, "Sanma....uhh...just Sanma."

"Utanaru." Sanma felt the need to complete the information. He looked at the genin with sharp eyes and he smiles, still running side by side with Ichimaru and Ryuu.

"I'm afraid you're chasing after only one target now, we found our lost tiger already. Did the other one looked like a mummy? He's our other teammate. Our sensei sent us in this direction to look for him."

Looking ahead, and around them, he couldn't see any clues, but if they were all running in the same direction, then there had to be a logic to why their sensei sent them this way.

"We are team 5, pleased to meet you Ryuu."

2007-12-12, 11:15 AM
Matsumoto Ryuu

"Whoa. Fast tiger." Ryuu said, eyes widening a bit in surprise and appreciation. "So this mummy kid's gone missing, eh? Sure, I'll help ya find him!" he went on to say without anyone asking him. "Stick with me and we'll find his bandaged butt in no time!" He grinned, just pleased that his entire day wasn't going to be devoted to mindless training once again.

"So you guys go to the ninja academy with me? I don't know if I remember you." he said, jumping over the next small space between the buildings while keeping an eye out for mummy boy. Truth be told, he wasn't entirely sure what to look for. Did the kid leave strips of bandage behind when he ran? That'd be mighty convenient. Otherwise, he just looked for disturbed scenery, people blinking in confusion, or just the guy himself walking around at normal speed. Why would he come all the way out here when the tiger he was chasing already went back? Should we sweep back around assuming he followed the tiger? he thought to himself.

Spot: 1d20+7=23 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1421749)

2007-12-14, 08:51 AM
Similarly, Sanma looks for signs of unrest, disturbance, and confusion. As well as his teammate, naturally. They are going pretty fast, but sufficiently slow so as to be able to spot something.

Spot: 1d20=11 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1426076)

2007-12-22, 09:46 PM
You scout out the area where Toshio apparently went, but the only thing you find is a small brown package marked "Sanma, Urgent". When the young genin opened the box, he discovers a letter, a knife, and a obsidian stone carved in the shape of a dog.

The letter is simple, and describes a very plain dark-haired old man. The letter goes on to inform the genin that their mission is to deliver the knife to the man, between the ribs and just between the lungs. The man is a simple merchant named Onaki Miro, and he's apparently cheated your client out of several thousand yen. Lani doesn't expect guards, but the search for Toshio has to wait until this mission is completed. The mission must be completed before 10 P.M tonight.

Good luck!

12:33 P.M.

2007-12-22, 10:25 PM
Stopping quite abruptly telling Ichimaru to stop in his tracks, the genin stoops down and finds the parcel. While reading, he looks towards Ichimaru. Scratching his head slightly, he takes the knife in hand.

A mission, already? She was only gone for a bit, and now she sends us a pack with our first mission? And not just any mission either... already a mission to kill.

Sanma sighs slightly, his head bent forward slightly, reading the letter once more. He then turns towards Ichimaru, walks up to him and says:

"Ichimaru. I've got good news and bad news. The good news is, we don't have to continue looking for Toshio. The bad news is, we got our first mission... and it's not easy a D-rank."

Sanma then explains to Ichimaru the mission, and reads the letter to him.

"I suggest we start scouting in the area and try and gather some information on the man. He's cheated our client of money, so I expect we might get some info at the marketplace. Coming?"

"Oh, and, I think we should look for info on the man separate ways, we can meet back on the main road after we think we've searched enough."

I'll roll the gather information check when we get there.

Paragon Badger
2007-12-27, 08:46 PM
(Snap, how did the new posts escape me? :smalleek: )

Scratching his head, Ichimaru groaned. 'Killing a man?' He thought, '...Uwah! Sensei really is crazy.'

"Uhhh. Our 'client'? We don't have a name or anything?" The boy asked, "Is there anything else with the letter?"

2007-12-27, 09:08 PM
Matsumoto Ryuu

"An assassination, eh? Pretty cool of your jounin to give you guys this kind of mission right away!" Ryuu piped up, looking over their shoulders at the note. "With Toshio gone you'll need a fourth member for your team. So, I'll go too!" he grinned. "And don't expect to know the name of the client. The village elders would keep that sort of thing confidential so the target's associates don't try to get revenge for the death."

Ryuu adjusted his Kagekure headband, pushing it back a little bit so that it kept his hair out of his eyes. "It should be easy enough to find him if we search the marketplace. We wait until he's alone, deliver the...eh...package, and get out before we're seen. Mission accomplished. Doesn't sound so hard."

Truthfully, Matsumoto seemed a little squeamish despite his words. He didn't know how he was supposed to feel about having to kill a man, but if he was going to be a ninja, then assassination was part of the trade. He'd have to get used to killing eventually if he was going to become the best there was.

2007-12-28, 07:18 AM

Scratching his head, Ichimaru groaned. 'Killing a man?' He thought, '...Uwah! Sensei really is crazy.'

"Uhhh. Our 'client'? We don't have a name or anything?" The boy asked, "Is there anything else with the letter?"

"Yeah. The package that we are to deliver. A dagger. And specifically, deliver it in between the ribs, and beneath the lungs. I hope you guys are keen stealth specialists... Because we'll need to find him, and then get him to drop his guard."

"With Toshio gone you'll need a fourth member for your team. So, I'll go too!"

"Well, that's much appreciated. Alright, the clock's ticking, all go to the marketplace, then meet back on the main road and crossover information that we found."

He closes his eyes, breathes deeply, the wind brushing through the hair of each of the members of the 3-man team.

"I'll hang on to both the stone and the knife. Now, scatter!"

Sanma starts in the south of the marketplace, and first looks into the poorer shops, seeing as the man cheated their client. Hopefully we can wrap this part quickly and find his location...

Gather information check: 2 charisma modifier. (1d20 2=18) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1446423/)

Paragon Badger
2007-12-29, 02:51 AM
"St-...Stone?" Ichimaru asked, wide-...mouthed. Sadly, it seemed as if Sanma had fled before the blind shinobi could inquire about the potential clue.

Facing the other remaining member of the trio, Ryuu, Ichimaru wondered if he was still there... Taking no chances, the ninja turned around and made an abrupt fall on his rear, into a cross-legged position, hoping to gain some privacy from the other ninja.

Sliding his forehead protector off of his 'eyes' for a moment, he soon replaced it with a few thick layers of bandages.

"Maybe we shoulden't go announcing our presence as ninjas too much, huh?" he said, turning around and stuffing the forehead protector in one of his pockets.

"Then again..." he continued, "I think more than a few people in the village already know about me... because of my, uh, 'gift!' Heh...heh."

2007-12-31, 04:16 PM
Matsumoto Ryuu

The other genin smiled at the blind shinobi's self deprication. "There are so many ninja in the village that I doubt you would stand out too much in that regard. Just do your best. If you have a comm device, tune it to channel 3. We'll keep in touch." he said. Then, he jumped off the roof, heading towards the east market to begin his own search for Onaki Miro. He wasn't going to start any conversations. Rather, he would simply keep an eye out for the man described and listen to any idle chatter while keeping to the shadows himself.

Listen: 1d20+3=21 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1448740/)
Spot: 1d20+7=10 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1448742/)
Hide: 1d20+9=19 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1448743/)
Move Silently: 1d20+9=20 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1448744/)

Paragon Badger
2007-12-31, 09:56 PM
Crossing his arms and brooding for a short moment, Ichimaru looked discontent.

"Onaki Miro, huh?" The shinobi pondered... "Uwah! I've never even heard of the guy...Too many of us asking the same question in the same place will seem suspicious..."

Groaning, he got up and made his way towards the residential part of town (if there was one...)

Gather Information(Where is the Onaki Residence?) [roll0]
Time Taken: [roll1]
Bluff("My master has sent me to deliver a message to Onaki Miro and I forgot the directions.") [roll2]
Listen, just in case [roll3]

Edit: Five hours!? :smalleek:

2008-01-01, 09:38 AM

Matsumoto Ryuu

Kagegakure is a fairly large village. And finding one man among six hundred others is nearly impossible, particularly when you're just walking around looking for someone as plain as Onaki Miro.

After four hours of searching, Matsumoto learns that Miro usually sets up a shop in the merchant quarters, but only on Tuesdays. Since today is Wednesday.. Well.



You discover that Miro usually sets up a shop in the merchant quarters, but only on Tuesdays. Today is Wednesday, so..



You discover that he lives somewhere in north sector of the civil district. A very poor sector indeed. You can use the information you gained to find his home rather quickly.



You all gather at the road and exchange your various information. Time is running out..

2008-01-01, 06:42 PM

"I'm glad you chose not to do your investigation at the marketplace, Ichi. Good thinking."

Sanma thinks over the information in his head for a second.

"Alright, let's go into a dark corner, I don't really want to discuss that in the middle of the road."

Going towards a dark corner of a dead end street, he takes out the objects. The obsidian stone, the dagger, and then says:

"We know he sets up a shop on Tuesdays in the merchant quarters. That's not a lot. Maybe he's already afraid of something. And because he has bad reputation, we can assume he's already on his guard."

Sanma nods quickly, presenting the letter again.

"We need to hurry. Let's sync our watches. It's 4:04 now. The mission finishes at 10:00. We have roughly 6 hours to find his house and carry the mission. If his house in the north district, then let's focus our efforts there."

Sanma looks towards the road.

"There's not a lot of time left. Let's try and make this quick. If you have a comm device, put in on channel 5. Ichi, you lead the way."

He looks at the obsidian stone in the shape of a dog and his eyes narrow slightly.

"You keep this Ichi. I don't know what it is for, but seeing as it came with the package, I feel we should hold on to it."

Handing it over to Ichimaru, he gets up.

"Alright, let's go!"

Sanma speeds through the marketplace, jumps towards the roofs and then makes his way progressively towards the north of the civil district. He turns on his comm device to channel 5 and speaks:

"Alright, you guys try to scatter around as possible. If the info is correct, then he's around here somewhere. You might want to take off your headbands if you're going to talk to people. Copy?"

He then goes North, taking off his Kagegakure headband, walking around that part, looking for the person described as Onaki Miro. Asking a few people where he might be found, staying at a distance from Ichimaru.

First roll: Gather information check. (+2 modifier) Second roll: Spot check. (+0 modifier) (1d20=13, 1d20=6) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1449245/)

Gather info:

Number of hours gathering info:
(1d4+1=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1449246/)

edit: ((urgh, 5 hours, if uninterrupted xD))

Paragon Badger
2008-01-01, 11:37 PM
Sighing, Ichimaru scratched his head. 'I bet these guys are as crazy as Sensei...' He thought, 'I'd better find this guy, fast.'

Nervously, Ichimaru walked sideways until he put his hand on the wall of a building, giving him some vague way of telling him which direction he was going. Trying to remember the exact directions to the Onaki house, the shinobi concentrated and made his way to the merchant's home, as fast as he could.

Listen [roll0]

2008-01-04, 06:34 PM
Matsumoto Ryuu

Ryuu went with Ichimaru, slipping off his headband and sticking his hands in his pockets. He calmly walked down the street whistling so that Ichimaru would be able to know where he was. He stayed on the other side of the street, but kept the blind genin in sight as he was basically following the kid to the house. All the same, he kept his eyes open for anything unusual and tried casually to blend in to the crowd.

Spot: 1d20+7=18 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1451818/)
Hide: 1d20+9=25 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1451826/)

2008-01-04, 11:03 PM

Finding the way to the Onaki house wasn't too hard, at least, you think it's the Onaki house. A trio of homes stand side by side, each of them built in the same style. One house sports a red roof, a second sports a yellow roof, and the third has a blue roof. Ichimaru knows it's on this street in this area, but which house specifically isn't something he knows.


You find out that he lives on the same street that Ichimaru had found out earlier. No one knows which home he lives in.

9:04 P.M.

Paragon Badger
2008-01-04, 11:06 PM
After moving for quite awhile, Ichimaru realized the whistling wasn't just incidental.

'Eagh! I'm being followed... Probably coulden't hide from em' very well, but I might be able to outrun him with Shodan Kousoku... I hope it doesn't come to that.'

Scratching his head, The ninja paused.

"Uhhhh..." He mumbled, "Is that you, Ryuu?"

Putting his hand behind his head and smiling innocently, he turned around and said, "Ummm. This guy, Onaki Miro... He may be a thief... as far as we know. But... that doesn't really mean... he deserves to die, right?"

"Umm. Maybe we should just make him...dissapear... Like, to another village. Heh. Heh. Heh?"

Frowning, the ninja's head sunk and he thought, 'Eep! I guess keeping my intentions a secret from both Sensei AND my other teammates is impossible now."

2008-01-05, 05:00 AM
"Well, we're stuck. Again."

Sanma had approached the two of them again.

"I couldn't find out which home he lived in, Ichi."

"Ummm. This guy, Onaki Miro... He may be a thief... as far as we know. But... that doesn't really mean... he deserves to die, right?"

"Umm. Maybe we should just make him...disappear... Like, to another village. Heh. Heh. Heh?"

There is a pause. He sighs, closes his eyes and thinks to himself in silence, 'What would my parents say?'

Opening two shiny eyes, he looks at Ichi.

"I don't like it either. But I want to be a shinobi. Like my parents. And die like my father. I'm going ahead with this, even if I have to vomit both breakfast and lunch after it's done."

His eyes are determined, but of course, for Ichi, there was only the determination in the voice for him to pick up.

"Now that you voiced your opinion, I wouldn't let you go do this yourself."

He smiles.

"I don't trust you with your benevolence."

He laughs cheerfully.

Looking at each of the houses, he then says:

"Ichi, you can choose to go with either Ryuu or me. We will inspect both houses at the side of the center one. Me and Ryuu both have comm devices."

He turns to Ryuu:

"Channel 5, Ryuu. All report any findings immediately. And if you don't find anything, report anyway in 10 minutes. If there's no report, then we all know something is wrong, and we can back each other up."

"Now, let's choose what houses we go to. We have less than an hour to go through with this."

2008-01-07, 12:25 PM
Matsumoto Ryuu

The young shinobi tuned his comm device to channel five and gave Ichimaru a sideways glance. The poor guy was scared of killing someone...understandable...Ryuu felt sick thinking about it. However...he was going to be the best ninja to ever come out of Kagekure and in his mind he'd long since come to terms with the killing part. It was part of a shinobi's job. He just hoped that Ichi's squeamishness wouldn't screw their mission when the time came.

"Why don't we just ring the doorbell and ask for Mr. Onaki? When he answers the door, we deliver the package. One of us goes around back to make sure he doesn't flee." Ryuu piped up. This way, they'd take the houses one at a time. With one person in the back, even if someone in one of the other houses overheard, he wouldn't be able to get out without being seen. "It'd have to be either me or you in the back, Sanma. We have the comm devices and...well...Sorry Ichi, but you wouldn't be of much use as a lookout."

Paragon Badger
2008-01-08, 02:05 AM
Frowning, the shinobi put his hands on his hips, "Why do you say that? Not even ninjas can move silently enough to sneak by me... I think. Gah!"

Scratching his head, Ichimaru bit his lip and smiled, "But...maybe I should stay out in front. Heh. Heh."

'...What should I do?' He thought, '...Do I stop them? Maybe...maybe there's more to this. Maybe this is a test... Err...well, Tora-Sensei doesn't seem cunning enough to test us like that... Or maybe, she's cunning enough to make it seem like she's not cunning at all! ...Eagh!'

"Hey..." He mumbled, "Promise me one thing? We'll...at least find out whether he deserves it or not, okay? I mean, maybe this is all one big mistake, eh?"

2008-01-08, 03:25 AM

He looks towards Ichimaru for a second, then smiles broadly:

"Well, if we get an opening, I'm sure we can capture him. Do your best, Ichi-kun!"

Looking towards the left house, he breathes deeply for a second.

"Don't worry about the man, I'm sure he's grown-up enough to know that his actions must've consequences. Whatever happens, he knows what's coming, Ichi."

Turning to Ryuu, his eyes narrow slightly.

"I don't really mind either way, Ryuu, but let's not lose anymore time. Let's do this your way then."

"Ryuu, if there's no answer at the door, you guys break in through the front. I'll take the back. Let's start with the left one."

He pauses.

"I'm counting on you Ryuu."

He moves around the block of houses, then finds a spot where he can observe the back of the three houses and hides. Using the comm device, he speaks softly:

"Alright, I'm in position. Go!"

Hide roll (1d20=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1454913/) total: 5+2=7.

Paragon Badger
2008-01-08, 08:52 PM
Shrugging, the Shinobi calmly (albiet grudgingly) walked up to the left most house, felt around for the door, and knocked.

Looking back at Ryuu, he gave a thumbs up. 'I have a few harmless genjutsu that can subdue him...' He thought, 'As long as everyone stays calm.'

2008-01-08, 11:22 PM
Matsumoro and Ichimaru

A young boy, no older than ten or so, answers the door. He's wearing a pair of well-worn blue jeans and a dark blue shirt. "Hello?"

2008-01-09, 12:11 AM

The blind genin was starting to become another problem in an already tension-racked mission. Nevermind that they had to assassinate someone who lived in the village, but they had an incredibly short time limit with little preparation time. How were they supposed to not screw this up? Add to that Ichimaru's reluctance to go through with it and everything was going wrong. If the kid decided he didn't want to be a part of it and tried to stop the other two or warned the target it would take another turn for the worse. Before Ichimaru could wuss out again, Ryuu spoke up in a sort of just another day on the job, bored member of the workforce tone. "Is Mr. Onaki home?"

Of course it'd be his luck that the man had a family. Everything that could possibly go wrong usually did. He should have expected it. Either way, it was too late to do anything about it now. Hopefully, Onaki would be a neighbor and they could just pretend to collect donations for a school fund raiser or some such. If not, well...they couldn't leave any witnesses. That meant making some hard decisions. What did a twelve-year-old do to get these kinds of troubles anyway?

2008-01-09, 01:10 AM

"Oh, your here for dad.. Well, he's visiting our neighbor right now.. Right over there." The kid points you across the street. "Her name is Suni, and Dad spends alot of time over there.. If you need to, I can go get my mom."

Paragon Badger
2008-01-10, 12:01 AM
As the boy said, "Right over there.", Ichimaru groped about and eventually found the boy's outstretched hand, then bowed with an apology.

Scratching his head, Ichimaru said, "That's quite alright. We'll deliver it ourselves, It's about his business, and the information is a bit sensitive."

Bowing low and respectfully, the genin made his exit and walked towards the other house.

Waiting until the merchant's son closed the door (or if not possible, just trying to be discreet), the ninja used his com device. "Sanma, he's in the house across the street... And uh... I don't think he's alone, there is a Miss Suni with him. We have to be careful..." Turning to Matsumoro, but allowing Sanma to hear him, he asked, "Do you...think you could impersonate his son? I...uh, was never so good at that jutsu."

Frowning, the shinobi made up his mind and said, "I...I'll only help you guys if we agree to take him alive. I mean, this is as much a mission against his son as it is against Onaki. At the very least, We should let someone more wise determine his punishment."

Bluff to boy: [roll0]

...Yes, I like playing with forum's dice roller at every possible opportunity. :smallbiggrin:

2008-01-10, 06:19 AM

"Sanma, he's in the house across the street... And uh... I don't think he's alone, there is a Miss Suni with him. We have to be careful..."

"Copy, I'll go round the back and we proceed in the same way. I'll try to be extra careful and maybe find somewhere where I could get in, in case you need my help."

"Do you...think you could impersonate his son? I...uh, was never so good at that jutsu."

The boy listened and facepalm-ed his face. A son?! Oh gods, he has a family. Ichi is going to go crazy.

And as expected:

"I...I'll only help you guys if we agree to take him alive. I mean, this is as much a mission against his son as it is against Onaki. At the very least, We should let someone more wise determine his punishment."


There is a pause, as he tries to determine what to say. For him, too, the situation felt somehow unreal. He could relate to what it felt like, losing his father. A shattered family, a broken future. He saw himself walk alone, in the woods. He would collapse every now and then. The rain falling from the sky, running down his cheeks, his entire body, the water mingling with his tears. "Okasan... 'tosan..."

Opening his eyes, he looks for windows or maybe a back-door from where he could enter.

"Ichi... This might not be the mission where capture is even possible. They're two, and the woman inside, we don't know who she is. She might even be trained as a kunoichi."

He pauses again.

"Don't be careless. You could die. We need to act as a team."

Breathing deeply, he takes out his daikunai and gets ready. Getting closer to the back of the house, till the point he is up against the wall. Out of sight of the window, attempting to listen inside. Whispering:

"First, we dispatch the woman with him, then we focus on getting him. Capture... if possible."

Move silently skill (1d20+2=9) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1457840/)
Listen skill (1d20=7) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1457841/)

2008-01-13, 03:14 PM

"Sanma's right, Ichi. We have to do this right or we could die. We need to complete our mission to the letter or we're failures as shinobi. I know it's a lot for twelve-year-olds to handle, but...sometimes a ninja has to kill. Its part of our job. If you can't deal with that, maybe you shouldn't be a shinobi." Ryuu said soberly. "I haven't learned Henge no Jutsu yet, so I can't do the impersonation either. I think we should take out the woman with the genjutsu Ichi mentioned before and then all attack Onaki at once. Only way to be sure we get him."

Paragon Badger
2008-01-15, 10:31 PM
Shrugging, Ichimaru conceded, "Alright. But I mean... what are the chances Miss Suni is dangerous? Sanma said the letter doesn't mention any guards or anything."

Sitting down, cross-legged, the shinobi groaned. "I'm...not so good at finding shadows, so hiding and sneaking around isn't my thing unless I can use my genjutsu. Maybe I should go up to the front entrance and distract whoever awnsers the door... being blunt has worked perfectly for me, thusfar... And nobody suspects me." He said, with an uneasy and unconvincing smile.

"If anything goes wrong, I always have these." He said, revealing a small stash of smoke grenades and flash scrolls.

2008-01-16, 03:51 AM

Whispering inside the comm device, Sanma kept an eye out for anything like an open window, a back door or anything that could be used as an entry on this side of the house.

"Copy. Ichi and Ryuu, you two go through the front, Ichi first. Ryuu, you're backing Ichi up, but stay hidden preferably, or just act nonchalantly. I'm staying here to prevent anyone fleeing from this side. Call me through the comm device if you need me."

Taking the dagger he received for the mission in his hand, he examines it now more carefully. Maybe he'd have to use his new technique. Hopefully Miss Suni wouldn't be dangerous.

"Alright, go!"

Paragon Badger
2008-01-16, 05:42 AM
Scratching his head at the rather dramatic signal, Ichimaru walked up to the building, as blunt as he had been before, and knocked.

Shrugging, he waited patiently for someone to awnser.. 'I hope this doesn't end in disaster...' He thought uneasily.

2008-01-16, 07:44 AM
Ichi and Ryuu

The door opens easily. It isn't even locked. The inside is dark and shadowed.


A small explosion seems to go off upstairs. The house shakes slightly, and then a heavy thud disrupts the tentative silence that settled after the explosion. A scream tears through the night..!


Both you and Tora-sensei disappear in a puff of smoke. The trip isn't anything like your own shunshin. In a brief instant, it feels as if every nerve in your body is made of fire and your body is tearing itself in half. It's over before it even begins, and a bright light illuminates the world.

You're standing in a small room. A naked man scrambles across a bed with green sheets. He appears to be dashing for a daisho that rests against a wall behind you. He's skinny with a thin nose that ends in a sharp point. The man is already balding, probably from a hard life. He's young, but the man seems to ooze slime. He was probably a thief or something.

Before you can ask a question, however, your sensei seems to stop time with a smile. Her grin is wide, wild, and nothing like her usual smile. She looks you in the eye, her eyes have changed from their normal, happy-go-lucky blue. Both blue orbs have become living ice, as if frozen over by malice and hate. Her look is razor-sharp, like standing at the edge of a chasm. Her voice is almost worse than her eyes. She speaks in a cold tone devoid of emotion. No joy, no hate, just the facts.

"Miira. This man is Onaki Miro. Say good evening to Onaki."

The rat-like man crawls forward alittle further, but a kunai seems to grow from his left side. The obsidian blade is already lodged deep in his ribs, and he chokes out a scream, but his shout is quickly drowned out by the scream of a woman. A dark-haired vixen trying to cover her body with the waylaid sheets. You didn't even see Tora-sensei throw the kunai. She's still standing in the same stance as before, her hands hanging down and her eyes shadowed by her blond-hair.

"Onaki isn't a bad man. He drinks too much. He looks like a rat. His eyes are beady.. But that doesn't make him evil. But we have to kill him tonight, Miira."

She doesn't speak politely. She doesn't even use your name. This wasn't the woman you found sleeping in the forest. This wasn't your Tora-sensei. She was just Lani now. A jounin who was all business. Your sensei finally breaks eye-contact and turns toward the door. The wood buckles and bursts as three kids break into the room.

Ryuu, Sanma, and Ichimaru

"Onaki isn't a bad man. He drinks too much. He looks like a rat. His eyes are beady.. But that doesn't make him evil. But we have to kill him tonight, Miira."

You hear the voice come from upstairs. Ichimaru and Sanma recognize it as Tora-sensei and immediately head toward the area. The door breaks easily enough, but the room holds a surprise for everyone.

You all see Toshio standing on top of a messy bed with a mild look of confusion on his face. A woman is screaming and covering herself with immaculate sheets. A man who looks just like Onaki Miro is on the ground nursing a kunai wound to his left side.

A blond woman stands in the middle of the room with a look of barely restrained violence.

Ichimaru can feel the presence of a shinobi. The cold presence of death stands in the room. Even Sanma can feel restrained killing intent radiating from the blond-haired, blue-eyed, strange-talking shinobi he knew as Tora-sensei.

"Congratulations. You have thirty-six minutes left on the clock, boys." She spoke of killing a man as if she spoke of the weather or the temperature. "Do you have the knife, Sanma?" It's strange how she doesn't use honorifics or call you "Tora-oshiego". It's as if she's all business at this point..

2008-01-16, 10:07 AM

He couldn't believe it. An explosion? Running inside the house and catching Tora-sensei's words, he can feel tension running through his body. She's here?

Running upstairs and crashing through the door, he watches the scene with confusion, his eyes wide, his mouth slightly opening in disbelief. Lani... tora-sensei, standing in the middle of the room. The air reeked with her bloodlust and Sanma did his best to stand fast.

Looking towards all the people present one by one, he can only whisper the names:

"To..ra-sen..sei? To..shio?"

"Wh.. were you the one that.. assigned us this mission? Sensei?"

"Congratulations. You have thirty-six minutes left on the clock, boys."

His eyes wide, he could barely believe she could act in such a cool and collected way in a situation like this. The air was thick with killing intent, he could barely breathe, Onaki's blood dripping slowly to the tatami.

"Do you have the knife, Sanma?"


His eyes still in shock, his hand simply moves to his belt pouch, pulling out the mission's knife. Showing its hilt towards Lani. Then, looking at Onaki, he feels his guts tighten in a knot. Killing... this man?

"Wh...what's going on, sensei?"

The Unborne
2008-01-16, 02:57 PM

The shock that came from his master’s jutsu created within Toshio a typhoon of feelings. Where as his own shunshin was similar to a gentle breeze, Lani’s had been a whirlwind of feelings. Toshio had to rest his arms on his knees to stop an almost inevitable collapse. Never a break there is with this one… As the bandage-bound genin looks up to his sensei a different type of energy fell upon him.

Unlike the sensations created by his sensei’s technique, this new feeling caused and overwhelming dread to fill the room. Toshio had no need of his Katsugan to see the killer intent in his master’s eyes. He had to look away from her when she exchanged her own glance towards him. More sweat found its way out of Toshio’s pours as he listens to the words from Lani’s mouth.

This is an assassination mission? The screams from the woman beneath the sheets was drowned out in the background as Toshio fell deeper into his own mind. She said it herself, this man is not evil…Why must we kill him this way? Who could pay such a price for this man’s dirty, little head? Toshio was almost as drenched in sweat as the target in front of him. She doesn’t expect me to do it, does she?

His left eye caught movement across the room and locked itself on the new intruders. He recognized Sanma in an instant, but gave no reply to his comrade. Lucky that I left this eye covering on, I don’t think I could manage watching this all play out.

2008-01-16, 03:14 PM
Matsumoto Ryuu

At the sound of the explosion, Ryuu had bounded inside with Ichi, meeting Sanma on the way up. He didn't know what the hell Onaki was trying to pull, but he was sure everything was coming to a head and he didn't want to miss it. He'd deftly removed one of the daikunai from where they were crossed over his back and had joined the others in smashing the door to the bedroom open. He immediately took a defensive stance when he noticed that Onaki and his woman weren't the only two in the room. He recognized the mummified genin looking confused on the bed immediately as the one he'd been following, but the woman he had never seen before. From Sanma's exclamations and the woman's words, however, he quickly surmised that this was the much talked about Tora-sensei.

Still, he didn't let up his guard. Ryuu leapt behind Onaki and situated the blade of his daikunai underneath the man's throat. Using his other hand, he locked Onaki's arm behind him painfully. He looked up at the jounin with the scary eyes and almost tangible aura of violence around her and waited for further instruction. Sure, he was just sort of tagging along, but being included in this mission meant that he answered to this team's jounin commander as well. "Well? What happens now? I'll take care of it if you want." Ryuu shrugged almost imperceptibly. If the killing bothered him, he didn't show it.

Paragon Badger
2008-01-17, 12:22 AM
"Stay away from him!" Ichi said, his mouth agape, as his body began to move of its own acord. His muscles pumping, his adrenaline high, the shinobi decided that his life was worth preserving.

Initiative: [roll0]+[roll1] (Action Points: 5/6... My character sheet said I have 23. But I realized they don't stack as you gain levels. :smalltongue: )

Listen: [roll2]

Swift Action: Shodan Kousoku (Take 10+9) DC: 15
Speed Rank 1: +2 bonus to Jump checks, +1 dodge bonus to Defense and Reflex saves, +1 bonus to attack rolls. The character's base land speed increases by 10 feet.

Move Action: Run towards....the voice of Ryuu. :smallcool:

Attack Action: Disarm Ryuu.
Concealment Miss Chance: [roll3][roll4]
Unarmed Attack: [roll5] (Pending Attack of Opportunity... Unless Ryuu is already grappling Onaki, not quite sure, but that might technically be a 'hold'... :smallconfused: )

HP: 20/20
Chakra: 11/20

That's alot of important rolls...at least one is guaranteed to be bad. :smallamused:

Regardless of the success of his actions, the boy looked to his Sensei, "You said yourself; what he did doesn't make him evil! Is this what a Shinobi is supposed to be- a mercenary? A hired thug!?"

(Welcome back, Unborne. :smallbiggrin:)

2008-01-17, 04:40 AM
Utanaru Sanma

Bewildered, Sanma simply doesn't know what to do. His brain speeding through the information.

Initiative roll (1d20+2=21) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1464011/)

((Just a small excuse for my initiative roll. I'll wait till everyone's finished rolling before I post ^^))

The Unborne
2008-01-17, 06:47 AM
His eyes are in bewilderment as one of the new genins places himself in between a predator and its prey, a ninja and her target. Get out of the way fool. Don’t you sense what is about to take place? Pain starts to rise from Toshio’s right arm, causing him to hold back all the words he was to speak. Kuso, why does it have to come at a time like this? The mummy-like genin bites hard on his tongue to revert the pain away from his arm, and by doing so he looks to his sensei.

“Forgive me Sensei, but it has been a very tiresome day for me and it seems I didn’t quite catch why we are murdering this lecher. I find that there is no real need for such rash actions, even if the town was paid a lot, a mission like this shouldn’t have been given to a group of newly made genins.” The words came out on their own accord and it took Toshio some conscious effort to prevent his self from quickly covering his mouth. What had been said was said.

The bandaged ninja draws his arms together and a faint light erupts from between his palms. A short blast of radiant light emerges out from his hands and solidifies into a shape resembling a sword. The light itself changes colours from blinding whites to the deepest blues. If Tora-Sensei is really in a bloodlust, I can’t allow the blind one to fight her. I at least have the chance to shunshin out and lead her away. Toshio makes one small gulp with his throat, that’s only if she really is going to confront us.

His eyes spin rapidly behind the cloth begging to be released.

Initiative: [roll0]
Perform Check: Auto
Convert 2 Chakra to 2 HP (DC:18): [roll1]
Fight Defensively

HP: 16/18
AC: 19
Chakra: 11/16

2008-01-17, 11:14 PM
Matsumoto Ryuu

Initiative: 1d20+3=17 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1465235/) + 1d6=1 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1465237/) = 18
Resist Disarm: 1d20+4=17 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1465242/)

Rather than do something stupid and attack a teammate, Ryuu simply jumped backwards and let Onaki go, not really caring when Ichi took his weapon from him. He didn't need it to stop Ichi if he had really wanted to harm the blind genin anyway. "Ichi, you're an idiot. If our mission says we have to kill this guy, it's what we do, damn it! You're too softhearted! You're going to get yourself and probably all of us killed one day!" Ryuu yelled at him. "You're supposed to be on our side here! What the hell is wrong with you?!"

2008-01-18, 02:37 AM
((Let's just say I delayed my action till last as a result of Sanma's confusion))


Looking at the situation, at Ryuu, Ichi and Toshio, and then at his sensei, the genin sighs slightly. He closes his eyes for an instant, and bits of his life flashes through his eyes as he makes a decision himself.

It's no use... I can't use Kage Mane now. Kuso. I need to do something though... there's no more time. I have no choice.

"Gomen, Ichi-kun. If anything, I don't want -you- to suffer in the stead of this man. I can't allow it."

Full-round action:
Spending 1 action point: 5/6 left.
Charging Bull Rush (Strength check): [roll0]+2(charge bonus)+1(Str mod)+[roll1]

"You can't do this! You haven't seen her -eyes- ! Back down Ichi!"

Paragon Badger
2008-01-18, 02:52 AM
"Sanma.." The blind shinobi said with a frown, "What about his so- Eh!?"

His train of thought was cut short by the sound of footsteps, There wasn't much he could do to prepare for the white-haired shinobi's charge, being caught completely off-guard.

Not making an Attack of Opportunity.

2008-01-18, 06:18 AM
The Room (http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c26/ZeroNumerous/TheRoom.png).

Purple - Ryuu
Green - Toshio
Gray - Ichimaru
Peach - Sanma
Pink - Onaki
Blue - Lani

25: Ichimaru
19: Lani
18: Ryuu
16: Toshio
5: Sanma *Delayed
-1: Onaki

The man scrambles back toward his bed when both genin come crashing into him.

Ichimaru knocks away Ryuu's daikunai. The large black blade thuds as it sinks into the floor point-down. Sanma leaps and knocks Ichimaru aside, sending the young genin into the wall and destroying the daisho behind him. Ichimaru takes 2 points of damage from the jolt into the wall.

Lani mostly ignores what goes on. "Yes, I gave you this mission. But it appears that three of you don't want this man to die, despite never having known him. Well, I have my mission. And this man has to die for me to complete it. You have thirty-five minutes before I kill him myself, so make your decision quickly." Lani draws another kunai, which is rather strange given that she's wearing a pair of knuckle-dusters that would be more suited to beating things with her fists.

Lani does nothing and will continue to do nothing unless someone attempts to attack her.

Paragon Badger
2008-01-19, 11:21 PM
Sighing, the boy frowned as he slumped back into a seat on the floor, as he rubbed the newly-formed bruise.

"I... can't fight you all off." He admitted, "Especcially not a Jounin."

With his mouth widening, the blind shinobi wrapped his arms around his legs. "How can it possibly be worth it? What if his son grows up a shinobi and wants revenge? I was just asking him where..."

"-you were." He concluded, turning towards Onaki.

"If this is what it means to be a ninja..." He said, tilting his chin up, "I'm not sure I want to be one."

Abruptly standing, he grimaced. "But I have no choice..." He sighed, "I'll be outside."

Provided that no one stopped him or had anything to say, Ichimaru left the room.

2008-01-19, 11:51 PM

"What it means to be a ninja? Ninja are assassins and murderers who have nothing but their mission and the drive to complete it at all costs." She says it in a matter-of-fact tone, then turns toward Onaki and puts her back toward the genin. "But none of you are ninja. You are shinobi. Shinobi fight for their village, for their honor, and above all else.. Shinobi fight to protect things that are precious to them. This man, Onaki Miro, is a citizen of Kagegakure. He is not a shinobi, a noble, or a wealthy man. He is a merchant and a crook. Onaki cheated my client out of a thousand ryo on a twenty-thousand ryo purchase. Chump change. Is Onaki's life worth a thousand ryo?"

Lani looks Onaki in the eye. The small man squirms in a vain attempt to crawl away. "No, but unlike you four.. I am not shinobi. I am a ninja, which means Onaki Miro dies at my hands. If you learn nothing from this, then you must ask yourself just one question.."

Lani looks over her shoulder. She crosses her arms over her chest while drawing another kunai. She levels eyes cold as steel right at Toshio, then begins to move her eyes across each of the genin present.

"Are you shinobi, or are you ninja?"

The Unborne
2008-01-20, 12:22 AM

Shinobis protect…Ninjas kill… Toshio’s mind wonders back to a time that he barely remembers. A time that was before the experiments and before the lashings; back to a time where he was neither ninja nor shinobi. There was no pain back then, there were no hard choices such as this, and most important there was nothing that made him feel alone. He had a family, but now all of it was gone.

I was weak then, I was weak afterwards, but no longer am I a child. I have been given a gift and I will use it so no one will ever experience what I had to go through. His unoccupied hand slowly rises to his forehead and the genin violently rips off the eye covering. The bandage glows with a blue tint as it glides past Toshio's Soul-Edge. “Tora-sensei, I don’t care what you are. Assassin or not, I have lived with too much pain to allow others in front of me experience it also. If this man cheats, he will be punished in some other time, but not in front of me. For I am a shinobi, those who are weak and cannot fight for themselves are of my own responsibility.”

Crystal blue eyes, almost liquid in texture, revolve throughout Toshio’s sockets. They spin rapidly and then lock onto the jounin in front of him. They are the exact opposite of Lani’s. They expressed his emotions and behind them was a hurricane of determination. The presence that his sensei was giving off was slowly diminishing as Toshio gained his own confidence with this new resolution. He takes a step forward and meets the stare of his master’s. “I won’t allow Miro to be killed here, not while I am still around.”

Fight Defensively
HP: 16/18
AC: 19
Chakra: 11/16
Position: R16

2008-01-20, 02:20 AM

The dreadlocked genin looked to two out of the four of his fellows standing up to protect the worthless piece of excrement that was Onaki, wondering for his life why they would protect such a person. He contributed nothing to the village, and by cheating a client he was even a drain on its resources. They didn't know him, but they were willing to give their lives in a suicidal battle against their own jounin to protect him. He wondered if their respective handicaps somehow affected their brains as well.

"To tell you the truth, I'm not even officially part of this team. What I do here today may not matter at all in the long run. Now that Toshio's suddenly back I'm just a fifth wheel. However, if so ordered by my superior, I will kill this man or any other and complete my mission at any cost." Ryuu grinned, an expression that was completely uncalled for, making it a rather creepy thing to do. "I guess that makes me a ninja, huh?" he said, suddenly forming the seal of the tiger in front of his face in preparation for a jutsu. "So, Tora-sensei? What are your orders?"

Paragon Badger
2008-01-20, 02:56 AM
Nearly starting towards the exit, Ichimaru paused as Lani made her speech, then Toshio.

As Toshio had finished, Ichimaru was facing the room again, this time- his headband on over his eyes. Ryuu had made his decision, too."So that's how it is, Ryuu? I...don't want to hurt anyone, not even you or our Sensei. It may mean failing the mission... and as genin who go against their teacher, we'd be outlaws...But..."

"...Toshio, right?" He said, tilting his head towards the other genin, "...Thank you. You're braver than I, but ...I won't let you do this alone."

The boy uneasily asked, "And you, Sanma?" as he readied a smoke bomb in his hand.

HP: 18/20
Chakra: 11/20
(Speed Rank 1: 1 turn remaining. :smalltongue:)

2008-01-20, 05:34 AM

Looking towards Toshio, Ryuu and Ichi, his lips seem to want to say something, but his words were lost.

He had been ever so confident. Ever so willing to follow orders without fail. He never considered the life of his enemies. Their children, their family. Their friends. He looks towards Ichimaru and Toshio. Even though he barely knew them, he instinctively turned towards them, bowing rather low in an exaggerated fashion, as if to excuse himself.

His parents. They were gone. He aspired to become alike to them. Die his father's death, live his mother's way. Everything he had done till now, he had done it towards this purpose.

What exactly were my parents?

Were they shinobi, or were they ninjas? And he knew the answer. But the atmosphere, the tension made it all too easy for him to doubt himself. Where had his resolve gone?

Closing his eyes, he pauses.

And smiling slightly, opening two sparkling amber eyes, looking at both Toshio and Ichi, he takes out his dai-kunai, entering a defensive position.

"Gomenasai, Ichi-kun. Toshio-kun. I don't think we've got the same motives, but anyway, it looks like we're in this together in the end."

Looking at both his sensei and Ryuu, his eyes narrow slightly. He pivots towards them.

"There's no sense doing this without a team of three, right? Then I'll be the third wheel."

Fight Defensively.
Not moving.

2008-01-20, 06:43 AM

Your jounin turns around fully but keeps her arms at her side. If not for the twin dagger-points poking out between her clenched fists, you'd think she was just waiting patiently for a bus. "So you've made your decision. But you've chosen poorly." It's over in seconds. She crouches down and flings both kunai toward Sanma and Toshio. Both blades miss by mere millimeters and end up burying themselves in the wall with a resounding thud. She spins about and flings a single shuriken toward Ichimaru. The four-pointed star thuds into the floor between his legs. "If I had intended to kill you, I'd have done so already."

Lani non-chalantly motions toward the woman, who had until this point been hiding under the blankets. Onaki suddenly jolts and leaps to his feet. The bleeding from his kunai wound has stopped, but the blade still just out from his body. Soon, Onaki crumples to the ground. The sound of wood clattering against wood echoes through the room as his body hits the floor. "Thank you, Suni-chan. I owe you one, alright?" Onaki's body bursts into smoke. The obscuring smoke soon clears to reveal a wooden battle-puppet underneath. The blood he had spilled quickly disappeared in small poofs of smoke.

The woman crawls out from under the covers. Strangely enough, she's dressed in an unrecognizable shinobi uniform. "Don't worry about it, Tora-sensei! I've gotta run. They took longer getting here than I expected." "I know, you have exams to worry about." The woman smiles and waves at the four of you before forming the sign of the Tiger and disappearing in the smoke of a shunshin.

"Well, genin. You've answered one question. Whether you are a ninja or a shinobi is meaningless, however, unless you answer the second question.. Why did you choose this path?" Her voice is much less sharp, and her killing intent has completely vanished at this point.

2008-01-20, 07:24 AM

"Well, genin. You've answered one question. Whether you are a ninja or a shinobi is meaningless, however, unless you answer the second question.. Why did you choose this path?"

Sanma pauses in silence. He looks up to her, a slight hint of shame in his eyes. Taking a deep breath, the shame seems to vanish as it is replaced by determination:

"Tora-sensei. Gomenasai."

Looking towards Lani, seemingly immobile, the kunai stuck inside the daisho behind him, Sanma considers what he is going to say for a few seconds.

"I am not against following orders. I am not against following rules. I will follow. I will obey."

He pauses.

"I am not from Kagegakure. My family, inexistent. My parents... were shinobi."

His eyes brighten.

"I may be in another land, and I may be following and obeying an entity that I know not. But I follow a purpose. I wish to live life as my mother, and die the same way as my father."

"I may not know them as well as I would like to. But at this point, my parents... are my purpose. And until I know. Until I find their true nature, their true identity, their personality, then my purpose is too shallow. And I wouldn't lay hands on a father."

Bowing his head low, apologetically, he repeats:

"Gomen, Tora-sensei."

The Unborne
2008-01-20, 12:06 PM

Toshio nods at everything the other genin mentions. Family was indeed an important fact in everyone’s life, they decide your beliefs and mold you in ways others could not. Poor Samna-san, at least he knew you parents. Toshio gives a small sigh and then recounts all of his painful experiences. “Alright Tora-sensei, if you must know then allow me to tell you that my story is a sad one. I never quite knew my family, my mother told me my father went to fight in the Great Shinobi Wars and so too did my brother. I was abducted from my mother’s arms and never saw her again. Nin from a the Land of Lightning took me and gave me these damned eyes.” As if on que, the eyes do a full 360 degree turn around his sockets.

“They were also the ones that gave me these wounds all over my body, and with that, these daily pains. I was rescued of course by the shinobi of this village, and now I am in their debt and have aspired to be one of their own. As for my goals, I have three: to find my mother or at least what happened to her, to figure out what the cloud-nin planned to do with me, and finally to repay my debts to Ihesamo Kinzen and the rest of Kagegakure.”

Toshio rips off a piece of his dampened linen bandages and covers his katsugan with them. A mess of scars shows through the new opening. “I also want to say that the tricks you pulled tonight, Tora-sensei, were truly tortureous. Maybe next time I leave the village, I’ll wait to the next morning to return.” The linen coverings on his face extend outwards from his mouth signaling a wide smile beneath.

Paragon Badger
2008-01-21, 12:47 AM
Ichimaru looked...less than pleased.

"EAGH! Sensei... You're...crazy!" He said, with his clenched jaws grinding his teeth into dust.

His lips contorting into a dissatisfied frown, the boy crossed his arms and tapped his foot, thinking about his reply.

"Killing has never solved anything. It only leads to more and more killing. The last war ended only because the villages decided to put their grudges behind them, and now they share the Chūnin exams."

After brooding for awhile, everyone else's replies finally registered in his mind.

"Sanma..." He mumbled empathetically, but the thought was quickly swept away, "Toshio- Your eyes? You have special eyes?" He asked, his lips pursed in curiosity. "Wh- What color are they!?"

The Unborne
2008-01-21, 08:34 AM

The young genin looked a little worried when asked about the color of his eyes. What difference does that make? Does he know something else about these katsugan? Wait…he’s blind, how do I describe it to him? Toshio nibbles at the inside of his mouth and then begins explaining, “Well do you know your colors…Ichimaru-kun is it?” If Ichi nods his head in agreement, then Toshio continues on.

“Ah that’s good I’m afraid I don’t know how to describe colors to the visually impaired. Well, my eyes are a bright blue, almost the color of the sky when the clouds are absent. Nothing really special about its color, may I ask why you want to know?” Toshio holds his breath for a second hoping his new friend could tell him more about his given powers. If he doesn’t know about the katsugan, then there must be something else he knows about eyes from the color of them…

Paragon Badger
2008-01-22, 02:19 AM
The boy frowned, genuinely dissapointed.

"Uh! ...Err...No reason, I'm..just curious!" He replied, his mouth quivering in uncertainty, "You know how my kind are, we like to imagine! Hahaha..ha...ha."

'Sky blue, huh...' He thought, 'Completely different...Ah well'

Scratching his head, the shinobi uneasily smiled.

2008-01-22, 12:05 PM

"Well thats three of you.. What about you, Ryuu? Why would a mail-nin choose the path of the ninja?"

2008-01-22, 07:04 PM
Matsumoto Ryuu

Ryuu had retrieved his daikunai and taken a spot on the dresser when the tension had released, sitting with one leg hanging off the side. He ran a thumb along the length of the blade and looked up at Lani when she posed her question. He seemed a little surprised that she was talking to him, seeing how he wasn't one of her genins, but he answered the question anyway. With a shrug, he looked over at the others. "I see no reason to limit myself, Tora-sensei. I am going to be the best. If that requires assassination missions, then so be it. It's really that simple."

The Unborne
2008-01-23, 01:00 AM

The mummy-like genin takes note of Ichimaru's quivering laugh. I guess I gave the wrong answer? Oh well, I never truly felt I'd find clues within this village anyways. His head scans the surrounding room and is amazed that their sensei went as far as to use some stranger's room to test their resolve. His eyes then look down at the Soul Edge firmly locked in place within his grasp.

"I guess I have no more need for this thing then," Toshio jokes to himself as he dissipates the chakra blade with one single thought, the flame-like chakra simply fizzles out of existence. Soon after, Toshio listens to Ryuu's explanation. To be truthful, the bandage-bound genin wanted to know exactly why someone would take up the ninja's path. After all, it felt like his team was only shinobi for the most part.

Toshio gives a quick nod as he listens to the genin's claims. Meh, just to be the best he would kill...You would think the best wouldn't have the need to raise a finger. Toshio looks up towards his sensei and asks a few questions with his muffled voice. "So Tora-sensei, what's next on the to-do list? I presume you have no more tricks up your sleeves, or should I keep my eyes peeled?" The hour was late and Toshio could use a nice bath to wash away all the mud he accumulated over his strenuous ‘hike’ out of Kagegakure.

2008-01-23, 10:25 AM

"Whether you are shinobi or ninja, you must always remember one thing.. You will have to kill eventually. It's not something you can avoid when you have the lifestyle we do. Someday, somewhere, you're going to have to kill another human being. Remember that, and remember it well. You're dismissed for tonight. We'll be meeting at the East Wall tomorrow at eight. The four of you can do what you will tonight, but I expect to see each of you bright and early tomorrow morning."

Lani motions toward the door. Once you leave, she takes the time to clean up the room.

I need two Listen checks as you leave.

The Unborne
2008-01-23, 01:09 PM

Though it wasn't the type of comment he would've wanted to hear after the whole fiasco, Toshio gave one last sigh of relief as the thought of him in a hot spring came to mind. After a quick dip I can practice focusing my chakra to my feet again to learn that Shodan Kuosuko, all of this morning was good practice, but I'm just going to give it a couple more tries. The mummy-like genin creates a fist and places it against his other hand's palm at chest level and bows, "Goodnight Tora-sensei, please don't stay up too long fixing the place up."

With that, the genin does a quick turn to the door and walks brusquely through the room, still with the hot springs in mind. Dirt, sweat, blood, dirt, I hate it all. Kuso, the bandages keep getting dirty, why should I wear them at all if it’s such a hassle? Toshio's eyes subside their movement behind the eye cloth and naturally scans the entire house. Nice wallpaper, I should myself some... Once the genin makes it down the steps he turns around and waits for his teammates. So I guess there's four tora-oshiegos now...and here I thought I was the only one. Toshio laughs a little in his head and continues his waiting. I would've picked a couple better teammates though, now we have one that hides underground when he's ordered to catch something and a blind shinobi...some good they can do. At least the...mail-nin looks efficient. Even though he just willingly admitted he'd assassinate anyone at this level. Hmm, now that I think about it all...I don't think I heard Tora-sensei Nyah~ at least once tonight, I must be thinking about it too hard.

The linen-covered genin leans against the adjacent wall and hums a quiet tune to fill what seemed like an empty silence...

Listen (1d20+9=20, 1d20+9=24) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1470476/)

2008-01-23, 11:22 PM

Walking out of the room, Sanma simply sighs heavily. They had been coerced into this, and he felt like a fool. He thought he had a good reason, but all the others had decent enough arguments. He felt horrible.

His head bowed low, he passes in front of Toshio that had just stopped and looks back to get a glimpse of the bandaged genin. Toshio, eh.. you're just as I imagined you would be. Although... I'm pretty sure there's more to you than this.

He sighs rather loudly and yawns slightly.

"Mendo... I'm hungry."

He stops in the hallway similarly to Toshio, and looks back up in the stairs. Maybe I should ask them if they want to go eat something? He loses his trail of thought. Looking fairly tired and disappointed, he simply turns around again.

He needed to be stronger. And he needed to think about his purpose.

Two listen checks (1d20=13, 1d20=12) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1471047/)

((Regardless of the results)) He just walks out, goes back 'home' at the shelter to get some sleep.

Paragon Badger
2008-01-23, 11:48 PM
Ichimaru scratched his head, uncertain about Tora-Sensei's last lesson for the day.

'Another human being...'

The shinobi followed Toshio downstairs.

[roll0] [roll1]

(Do I need to add another +5 to avoid surprise? :smalleek: )

Scratching his cheek, "Where has her tiger been, all this time... I haven't seen it since this morning..." He mumbled, idly.

"Tora-Sensei may be one of the village's powerful jounin..." He said, stretching, "But she's way too crazy for me, siccing her pets on us and forcing us to make life-or-death situations on our first day. Oof."

2008-01-24, 09:40 PM
Matsumoto Ryuu

Ryuu jumped up as everyone started to leave, focusing on just one part of what Lani had said and almost jumping up and down from the excitement. "The four of us?! You mean me too?! This is awesome! Thankyou, sensei! I'll be there! You won't regret this!" he said, actually jumping up and slapping the ceiling on his way out. He had to get home and clean all of his gear, set it out perfectly so he could throw it on whenever the sun rose. He'd eat breakfast on the way there and... His mind was a tornado of ecstatic thoughts as he left.

"Hey guys, wait up!!"

Listen: 1d20+3=21, 1d20+3=7 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1472226/)

2008-01-25, 06:37 AM

Ryuu, Toshio, and Ichimaru hear the sound of a closet opening as they leave. Only Toshio and Ichimaru hear the soft thud that follows the opening closet.


You have a half-day of training left if you want to use it to work on a technique.

2008-01-25, 07:59 AM

He wasn't going to crawl into a hole and die, that was for sure. Taking as much time as possible, he left the group and made for the training grounds. Anyone close enough around the area could see strange shadows growing, stretching and deforming.

Mastery roll for Kage Mane no Jutsu. (Learn DC: 18) (1d20+4+1-1=22) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1472558/)

And in the end, it was worth it. He went to sleep, satisfied.

Paragon Badger
2008-01-26, 01:17 AM
Ichimaru had paused as he left the house. He turned back, an uneasily look on his face. It was nothing, he decided, and he left.

He grimaced, sitting at the training area.

Cross-legged, he put his chin into his palm and tapped his cheek with a finger.

'Shinobi...and Ninjas." He thought, his focus on training disrupted.

'Something doesn't seem right...'

Sighing, he knew he woulden't get anything done. The blind shinobi decided to go to sleep back at his home, setting the alarm an hour or so earlier.

The Unborne
2008-01-29, 12:06 AM

A small shiver finds its way up Toshio’s damaged back. Stupid thumps of the night…Its like they always come out just to give you one last thing to worry about. The young genin shakes his head and goes off towards the nearest hot spring. With his bandages flung off, the young shinobi slowly eases his body into the warm, soothing waters. Toshio nearly falls asleep in the pool until he remembers the training he ought to be doing.

The bandage-bound genin picks out a roll of linen from his small pouch and begins the long, tedious task of rewrapping his wounds. There were many cuts and scars all across his body to cover that Toshio began to worry he wouldn’t have any time to train. At least they’ll be clean for tomorrow…maybe tomorrow will not involve anything with the wilderness or dirt. That would be great, I need a break from dressing these wounds. The genin scurries off into the night trying to find his apartment. The katsugan aided him a little behind the eye coverings.

Once inside his room, the mummy-like shinobi closed his eyes and placed his hands in a praying position. He then focused his chakra towards the balls of his feet and tried keeping them there. The relocation of the chakra was the simplest part of the exercise, it was the exhaustion caused by the practice that made it difficult for young Toshio to master. After a couple of hours, the genin falls helplessly onto his bed, his legs and arms spread outward.

2008-01-29, 01:11 AM

Ryuu went straight home after Lani dismissed them, a big grin plastered on his face at being included in the team. He knew that it was usually four to a team, including the jounin, but he wasn't going to question his luck. He made it to the Matsumoto compound without bring consciously aware of his route home, such was his elation. When he got there, Ryuu went straight to the family dojo. He'd taken notice when no one seemed to know how to perform the transformation technique with any sort of skill. It was possible that a time would come up where it would be needed again and he wanted to be ready. He'd give it his all until the time when he absolutely had to go to bed, then he'd get his six hours and be up and ready to go in the morning.

Learning Henge no Jutsu. Learn DC 12.
1d20+13=21 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1475759/)

2008-01-30, 09:16 PM

Waking up in the morning, rubbing tired eyes, Sanma yawns loudly as his alarm just starts ringing. Looks like he was up and early today. Getting up slowly, not able to muster the strength to go turn off the alarm, his next door neighbour starts bashing the (very) thin wall that separates the two rooms. Sanma decides to pay no attention to it, goes for a drink of fresh milk and splashes his face with cold water in a vain attempt to wake up.

Ah well...

Moving out of the door, grabbing all his shinobi equipment, he finally turns off the clock, moving lazily towards his door, opening it and finding an enraged neighbor spouting garbage at him. Ignoring him, closing the door, locking it, he walks past the man and out of the building, heading to the meeting point.

"Here's to hoping today won't be too tiring", he says in a whisper.

Sanma finally arrives to the East wall, seemingly about 10 minutes ahead of time. Maybe he was a bit more excited about this than he cared to admit? There was noone around just yet, so he just sat down and yawned loudly again, waiting.

2008-01-30, 09:55 PM
The night passes quietly, mostly. When the sun rises and the newspapers are delivered, you notice that Mr. Onaki's corpse was found hanged in his living room. It makes no mention of a son or wife, and says Onaki was a bachelor. It appears that you have been had.

Toshio and Sanma lead Ryuu and Ichimaru to the east wall. Ichimaru hears the faint scrap of metal against metal and shouts out about it. A four-pointed black shuriken thuds into the dirt beside Ryuu.

Initiative, please. :smallsmile:

Paragon Badger
2008-01-30, 10:05 PM
In the hour or so that Ichimaru had woken up earlier, He went to investigate the fate of Onaki Miro. It did not take him long to figure out the truth, as the information was easily attainable from anyone who kept up with the daily news.

The boy sighed, shaking his head.

He was quiet for most of the time when he got together with the other teammates, but when they came under attack, there was an annoyed groan evident in his voice.

Initiative: [roll0]

The Unborne
2008-01-30, 11:42 PM

Throughout the entire night Toshio tossed and turned underneath his bed sheets. One of his bandages caught the bedpost and started to unwind as his body refused to rest. The young genin was running through the forest being chased by some unseen being. Aromas filled the air and the fleeing genin caught every single smell. Looking down at the wet forest floor, Toshio noticed all of his bandages were off. He had no time to wonder what happened as a loud eruption of wind blew behind him.

What’s after me? His tale wagged ferociously as he sensed oncoming danger. Toshio bellows out a roar in reaction to his unknown threat. He stopped suddenly and looked behind him. He didn’t need the katsugan to see the entire forest give way around him as a giant marched towards him. Her golden locks bounced gently off her shoulders as she crept towards him with a menacing look in her eyes. It was Lani suited in her striped battle gear with two small fangs showing as she smiled at him. Toshio turns quickly and retreats on all fours, trying to escape the now enlarged Tora-sensei.

No matter how hard he ran though, the Tora-oshiego gained no distance. Lani simply lowered her arm to grab the genin by his striped tail. Toshio cries in agony as he is lifted upside down. “There you are NYAAAAAAAAAAAH~”

“Waaaah!” The bandaged genin fumbles out of his bed releasing even more of the linen coverings around his body. “Kuso!” He looks at the time and gives a quick sigh of relief to find that he had half an hour left until the meeting for the day. Just once I would like a pleasant little dream to wake up from, but no... I get the worst nightmares imaginable. Toshio fixes up his wrappings and runs out his door, almost bowling over some stranger in the hall. “Sumimasen!” He calls out as he darts down the stairs. On his way out he catches the news of Onaki.

Is that so? I wonder why the senseis would dress up as a real person for a lesson…Wouldn’t it have been better to use a fake persona instead of disgracing the dead? Toshio had no time to think about it further before he caught up with the group. He helps lead them all towards the designated area and quickly scuttles about as he hears Ichimaru’s warnings.

Never ever a dull moment.

Initiative: [roll0]
Ugh my profiler deleted me, and my backup isn't showing my equipment and feats. Damn oh well I'll find a way around it.

2008-01-30, 11:59 PM
Initiative roll at the East wall (1d20+2=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1477816/)

Taking a step back as the shuriken hits the ground, Sanma looks towards the direction from where it was thrown.

2008-01-31, 12:14 AM

Ryuu had shown up on time but walking at a leisurely pace towards the others with an easy smile covering his features like a mask. He was dressed as he had been yesterday, with his headband being used to hold back the mass of brown dreadlocks that ran halfway down his back. He had just waved to the others and was about to say something that he thought was funny about Onaki's hanging when Ichimaru cried out and the shuriken thudded into the ground. His grin was wiped away as he reacted.

OOC Note: So, apparently, the site that I was using to host my character sheets suddenly decided to remove everyone who wasn't part of their little group of people, citing that the board was never intended to be a host for just anyone. They did this without prior notification and I can't find any emails for the moderators to somehow retrieve my sheets. As such, ALL of my character sheets are now gone and must be remade YET AGAIN. :smallfurious: I'm giving Ryuu a dex of 16 for purpose of this initiative roll, but I will not be remaking the sheet until tomorrow or this weekend. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I am ****ing furious about this.
Initiative: 1d20+3=9 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1477823/)

2008-01-31, 11:02 PM
Team 5

A dark feeling of being watched suddenly overtakes the group. A boy hopes down to the ground in front of you with a long sword dangling off his hip. He's wearing a pair of black pants, blue sandals, a fishnet shirt and black ninja tunic. A long blue scarf billows from his neck and a single metal plaque covers his throat. A symbol you don't recognize is etched into the headband. Finally, he wears the standard Belt Pouch, followed by a sheathed Wakizashi on his back. He smiles at the four of you, then speaks very quietly. "Your sensei is busy. She's off fighting mine! If you want to find her corpse, then you'll have to catch me!"

The boy turns and flees as quickly as possible.

Paragon Badger
2008-01-31, 11:51 PM
Ichimaru shrugged. This would be another terrible day...

"Hey! Not so fast!" The shinobi shouted, as he began to pursue the other ninja. Weary of traps, Ichimaru avoided the newcomer's exact path and started to take a side-route as he used his camoflauging jutsu to (hopefully) hide his immediate intentions.

Listen [roll0]

Swift Action: Shodan Kousoku (Take 10+12, DC: 15)
Move Action: Move to the side of the other ninja, attempting to run parallel.
Attack Action: Saimin Jutsu - Musou no Jutsu (Take 10+13, Preform DC: 20, Will Disbelief DC: 18, Duration: 4) on the newcomer.

HP: 20/20
Chakra: 8/20 (Previously: 15/20)

Rank 1 Speed (The character gains a +2 bonus to Jump checks, a +1 dodge bonus to Defense
and Reflex saves, and a +1 bonus to attack rolls. The character's base land speed increases
by 10 feet.) 3 rounds remaining.

2008-02-01, 01:01 AM

He's actually keeping away from you, pretty well in fact. You'd guess that he was moving about as fast as you are, if you could actually see him. You successfully perform Musou no Jutsu and the boy seems to slow for a second.

You can't take ten during combat(unless you wanna take a full-round action), so I rolled for you. You succeeded on both techniques.

The Unborne
2008-02-04, 01:03 AM

Toshio takes only a second to notice the shuriken lodged in the ground nearby, but then watches as Ichimaru speeds off to catch the new arrival. The genin raises his arm, trying to take hold of his blind comrade, but only grabs air, “Don’t get reckless now! Kuso, what does he think he’s doing? That was only one person, there’re most likely two others with him waiting to spring a trap. He’s only running blind here!” Toshio shakes his head in grief when he realizes what he had just said. The bandaged genin turns to face the remainder of his team.

“Okay I’m going to follow them and be the eyes for Ichimaru-kun,” he slides his hands beneath his eye-coverings revealing one crystal blue eye locked on the fleeting ninjas and the other scanning the genin in front of him, “Sanma-san, I don’t think this person is as fast as Moko so I have faith this chase won’t end up like yesterday’s. I’ll need you to try the same tactics you used then except for that disappearing act you played. If you can do that, then I promise I won’t run out of the village.” His eye glances towards Ryuu, “Sorry that we can’t have time to become better acquaintances, but I’m sure you can form your own plan with Sanma-san here?” Toshio didn’t wait for a reply and takes a small moment to relocate his chakra to the soles of his feet. “Ichimaru-kun is using Shodan Kousoku; I’ll try my best and keep up with them while watching his back. I don’t want to see anyone injured today, our main goal is to figure out where Tora-sensei is.”

With that, the genin sprints off trying to follow wherever the mysterious ninja was leading them. While he chases, Toshio can’t help but think about what the boy had said. What did he mean by corpse? An image of Lani with her killer intent suddenly came to his mind. Not the one from his nightmare, but the one from the night before. I doubt anyone could take on Tora-sensei alone when she’s in that state… The katsugan involuntarily scans the grounds he passes trying to locate any companions of his new target.

Chouyaku no Jutsu (Jumping Technique): Auto
Swift Action
Convert Chakra 1:1 No time spent: Auto

Full Round Action: Run
Speed: 35 feet= 140 feet moved (or just enough to keep at a safe distance from Ichi and the other kid)

HP: 20
AC: 17
HSS: 3
Chakra: 16/16
Spot (1d20+15=31) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1481243/)

2008-02-05, 06:43 AM

“Don’t get reckless now! Kuso, what does he think he’s doing? That was only one person, there’re most likely two others with him waiting to spring a trap. He’s only running blind here!”

Slapping his forehead slightly with his right hand's palm, he sighs heavily. What in the world are you doing, Ichi? Just when he's about to call out to Ichimaru, Toshio removes bandages and his eyes start taking a strange hue. Sanma stands still, his own eyes widening.

"Huh... Toshio...san?"

“Okay I’m going to follow them and be the eyes for Ichimaru-kun,”

Nanda... Those eyes... they are... what the hell are those eyes?! Sanma is frozen solid for a moment, staring at Toshio with a look of amazement on his face. And as Toshio talks, he simply nods, his mind almost absent. When Toshio finally starts off and runs in the other genin's direction, he finally snaps out of it and lets out a shout:

"Toshio!!! Don't get yourself killed!!"

Kuso... "Ryuu, let's hurry up, I'll go ahead, we absolutely can't let them disappear from our field of vision."

And with those words, he follows shortly after Toshio.

Full-round action: Run
30 feet = 120 feet (Same as Toshio-kun ^^)

2008-02-06, 07:10 PM
Matsumoto Ryuu

So I've got just enough of Ryuu's sheet done to make a post. Sorry about the delay, everyone, but every time I settle down to finish it I get sidetracked by my lady friend.

Ryuu took off with Sanma after Toshio and Ichimaru, not being able to resist letting a slight smirk creep across his features. For a kid with something to prove, he just saw this as an opportunity to kick butt and let everyone see it. Sure, he should have been a bit more careful, but it just wasn't in him. He turned to a full sprint with the others as he wondered idly whether Tora-sensei was really dead. It would be very disconcerting if his new team leader went and died on him not even a day after he joined the team. How would he be able to learn of her techniques and battle experience if she was a corpse?

"Tch...this guy better have some backup or it's going to get boring." he said in an irritated tone as he kept neck and neck with Sanma.

Full round run action as well to keep up.

2008-02-07, 04:24 AM
The Battle Map (http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c26/ZeroNumerous/image9.png)

You need to place yourselves in a marching order in the shaded area.


The boy out-paces you for the most part. You continue onward down the dirt path for alittle while before you notice the tree line has begun to thin out. Toshio clearly makes out a very large lake up ahead. The boy leaps upward and disappears in a burst of smoke, which everyone is able to identify as Shunshin no Jutsu. In his place, further along the path, stands a man clad in a flowing black cloak. He's tanned to the point of appearing leathery, and he's massive. The man stands atleast six foot five, if not taller. A Kumogakure headband is tied around his right bicep, marking him as a cloud-nin. Another headband is tied to his left bicep, this one a Kirigakure headband. A single deep scratch is etched across the Kirigakure symbol.

A massive blade, as tall as the man that wields it, hangs off a cloth strap that snakes around the man's neck. He doesn't seem to notice the weight of the blade, even as it would choke a normal man to death by now. The heavy sword is made of pure obsidian, so dark as to seemingly absorb the light around it. The cutting edge stands out among the rest of the blade as being a silvery color that reflects the morning sunlight. The blade has no apparent hilt, but it does sport a long handle built for two massive hands.

He speaks in a soft voice, a voice so quiet it's hard to hear over your own breathing. His mouth remains obscured by a simple red cloth mask, which moves as he speaks. "You brought me children, Makegin? I guess you runts are Sixty-Three's genin, huh? Where is that little girl anyway..?" You don't know who Sixty-Three is, but you can guess that he's talking about Lani..

Paragon Badger
2008-02-07, 06:39 AM
"So... Sensei isn't dead, afterall." Ichimaru stated matter-of-factly, not quite sure how he felt either way, what with the events of the day before.

From the sound of it, this man was nothing like Onaki, and the time when they would have to kill someone may be fast approaching.

The shinobi took out a kunai from his holster and frowned disapprovingly.

Listen: [roll0]
Location: Uhh... H:37 - V:35

The Unborne
2008-02-07, 12:41 PM

“There were no survivors…” Toshio mutters underneath his breath. Sixty-three…just hearing that number brings back memories from my time with the Cloud-nin. Is this some sick joke that I’m a student to some harbinger of death? No, it has to be just a coincidence. A vision of his Tora-sensei from the night before killed all hope of this being a chance realization. Kuso, if Lani is really this Sixty-three and this guy thinks he can take her on…then… The bandage-bound genin didn’t want to finish the thought, the hopelessness was starting to settle in, but could he show it in front of his team?

Toshio closes his eyes for a spare moment and then opens them with a new look of determination. He watches as Ichimaru draws out a single kunai. These little weapons won’t have any effect against his gigantic sword…What the hell are we supposed to do? The linen-covered shinobi contemplates for the next second and glances back at the team near him.

“Alright he wields a sword larger than any of us…” The statement was to himself, alone, but the next was directed to his teammates, “This guy has to be a taijutsu-user, he’ll favor brute power over anything else. We’ll have to play this game smart or we won’t be seeing tomorrow. Stick close to each other so we won’t be caught alone, pairs if need be. Ichimaru-kun, don’t run off during this battle, from what I can see…we have no chance of beating him…alone.”

The genin performs a few hand symbols and palms the dirt below him. "Toujun no Jutsu." The earth creeps its way up Toshio's arm and spreads evenly around his entire body. He then draws his own kunai, his knuckles showing bright as he tightens his grip around its handle. Time to get dirty.

Move:Toujun no Jutsu: [roll0]=PASS
Move:Draw an exploding kunai

HP: 20/21
AC: 19
Chakra: 14/16
HSS: 3

Alright I guess I choose...(38,35)

2008-02-07, 06:04 PM

Finally getting there, right behind Ichimaru and Toshio, Sanma blinks a few times as he watches the cloud-nin talk about their sensei. Toshio seemed nervous, Ichimaru had drawn out a kunai.

Narrowing his eyes, looking ahead towards the man, he could tell he was at a level above him. He closes his eyes, thinking of the cloud-nin's words. At least he hadn't sensei yet. But, 63? What did he mean by that number? What opened Sanma's eyes wasn't the enemy's attack, it was Toshio's jutsu.

"Toujun no Jutsu."

"Toshio..." Then he looked towards the man. "Who the hell are you?! Where is sensei?!"

Gritting his teeth together, he takes out shuriken from his holster.

Delaying my action till Ryuu does his

Paragon Badger
2008-02-07, 09:09 PM
The blind genin nodded in approval of Toshio's assessment. So this enemy was even more fearsome than his voice indicated.

The shinobi patted the smoke grenades on the rear of his belt as he turned his head to the team. "I've trained to fight without my eyes..." He quietly said, "If you could blind him... It could give us enough time to send someone to get help... We aren't far from the village, afterall."

The shinobi shrugged. He had heard that a few other ninjas trained in sightless combat, even if they didn't need to, like Ichimaru... The boy had hoped that this was not the case, or else he woulden't last very long by himself, like Toshio said.

2008-02-07, 10:14 PM

"I don't want to get anywhere near that weapon, guys. If some of you can keep him occupied I can use a ranged jutsu to burn him to cinders. If he's as slow as he looks I shouldn't have any trouble hitting him, but he doesn't look like any single attack's going to put him down for good. Ryuu noted, speaking low enough that only his comrades could hear him. "Another thing, do we know if that kid is actually gone or is he going to pop out and surprise us while we're fighting the big brute? I don't think we can afford that."

Ryuu didn't remove any weapons from his belt pouches, but spread his feet a bit wider apart in preparation for the fight they were all readying themselves for. Four against one was decent odds...that is unless this monster had some skill to go along with his massive frame. They'd have to be careful.

I'll take 38,36.

2008-02-07, 11:00 PM

Since El_Frenchie didn't pick a spot, I just stuck him in at 39, 36


The laugh that echoes through the forest is a quiet one, almost a hiss more than a true laugh. The world grows quiet and still as your opponent seems to gauge the four of you. "Children.. I'm not here to fight you. You're not worthy of deadly grace. Tell me where Sixty-Three is, and I might let you all go.."

The man lets his gaze settle on Toshio. His eyes, piercing and cold, narrow as a look of recognition comes across his face. "..Ha! I didn't expect to see Forty-Two here as well.. To think I can capture Sixty-Three and Forty-Two in one day.. Sorry kids, I'm not gonna be able to leave you alive after all..!" In one swift movement the man twists his torso around, which sends the blade flying over his shoulder. The long onyx-colored slams into the ground with a resounding crash, breaking the dirt surface and cracking the ground. A small shockwave travels out from where his sword crashed into the ground, but it doesn't do more than kick up dust.

The man leaps backwards, landing ten feet away from his previous position. The heavy sword is now dangling off the man's neck like a necklace, but he quickly grasps the handle and slips it down into a fighting position. Ichimaru can make out the sounds of people moving around nearby, but he can't quite pinpoint where they are. "Forty-Two, I'll let my team handle your friends. But you.. Heh. You're mine and mine alone!"

Paragon Badger
2008-02-07, 11:30 PM
Dropping down into a crouch, Ichimaru faced the large opponent who was speaking a few moments earlier.

"Twelve o' clock." The blind ninja said loudly to team 5, pointing one hand towards the large man with all his fingers pressed tightly together.

"Eleven and Two." He said, pausing, as if to think, "...And one more- Seven!"

Initiative: [roll0]
Listen: [roll1]


The Unborne
2008-02-08, 12:45 AM

Forty-two? No matter how hard Toshio tried, he couldn’t recall any codename the Cloud-nin gave him years ago. For the most part, the young genin was given nothing to remember and eventually forgot his family name. The only memory of his past life was his mother and his personal name, Toshio. He said capture…So as long as he gets what he wants he won’t harm Ichimaru, Samna, nor Ryuu… Beneath his bandages, Toshio began biting his already raw mouth. Kuso! I’ll have to attract all the action towards me so my team can find an out.

Toshio heard Ichi’s pinpoints and figured 11 o’clock was the best place to run towards. “Sanma-san take care of them…” were the last words the mummy-like genin gave as he sprinted towards his immediate left. The dense foliage should give me good cover while I aim to hit the sword-wielder. The katsugan tasted the heavy atmosphere around its user and spun rapidly, absorbing every detail around him. They want these eyes back in their hands…I won’t let them capture me again. I’ve grown up enough to protect my friends and myself. Toshio stopped suddenly just on the edge of an open area, but still in the safe embraces of the forest.

Searching deep within himself, the young genin pulled out an extra reservoir of chakra and immediately started forming hand signals, “Ox, Horse, Tiger! Douheki no Jutsu!” Toshio clenched his left hand and slammed it against the ground causing its own little tremor. The genin could here the ground split a few yards away, but he knew deep down it wouldn’t have done much against an experienced jounin.

Douheki no Jutsu (1d20 9=27) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1485252/) DC (Reflex): 15
Damage for Douheki no Jutsu (2d6=6) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1485311/)
Extra Chakra (1d6=6) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1485291/)
Spot (1d20 15=27) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1485300/)

Move: 15 feet to (35,35)
Standard: Douheki no Jutsu


Concealment and Cover from Forest
Also I believe no one can do AoO since I'm covered? I think that's how it is in the rules.

2008-02-08, 01:35 AM
He looks mildly annoyed at the enemy ignoring his question, his face slightly twisted in how that guy with a sword hanging around his neck ignored him utterly. He is about to say something when Toshio simply says:

"Sanma-san take care of them…"

"Huh? Toshio..."

Then without another word, without giving him the time to inquire, Toshio takes off, and mere milliseconds after him, his technique explodes right under the jounin's feet. Sanma takes the opportunity as well, slamming his hands together, creating handsigns and shouting out:

"Douheki no Jutsu!"

As the grounds explodes open once more and the smoke rises, he swallows whole a soldier pill. Feeling himself restored, his chakra pumping through his body.

"Sorry, Toshio, but we're all in this together."

Douheki no Jutsu (DC 13) (1d20+11=31) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1485334/)
Damage (2d6=3) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1485335/)

Move action: Eat Soldier pill.
Bonus to chakra (2d4+1=9) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1485337/)

HP: 25/25
Chakra: 19/15
AC: 12.

2008-02-09, 06:14 PM
HP: 34/34
Chakra: 19/20
AC: 19

"I'm not going to wait around to be ambushed!" Ryuu shouted as he broke into a run at the man with the huge sword, yelling a battle-cry. It seemed like a suicidal tactic, but who knew what he had up his sleeve?

Zero Only:
Using Kawarimi no Jutsu to break into the cover of the trees at (38,37). Trying to find the other enemies he knows are hidden there before they launch their ambush on his teammates. If the big guy doesn't lay the smack down on the duplicate, it will just run into the smoke from the two Douheki's and disappear.

Kawarimi (DC12): [roll0]
Listen: [roll1]
Action Point to Listen: [roll2]
Spot: [roll3]
Hide: [roll4]
Move Silently: [roll5]

2008-02-11, 06:06 AM

Yellow- Guy with Zanbatou
Cyan - Kid with katana
Red - Blonde boy
Purple - Unarmed girl

Other colors are per speech colors.

Dark Green - Toshio
Silver - Ichimaru
Orange - Sanma
Dark Red - Ryuu


As the three remaining genin get ready for battle, the area they're hiding in is suddenly filled with nine very large explosions. The burst of flames sends several trees crashing down, but the boys are able to avoid most of flames and falling limbs. Ichimaru, Sanma, Toshio, and Ryuu suffer 8 points of fire damage from the flames.

The boy from earlier, the one who lured you to this area, steps out into the large clearing created by the explosions. He holds a sheathed katana in his left hand, and adopts a fighting stance. "I have no desire to fight you, but my sensei has ordered us to keep you busy. I will not kill you, but I cannot say the same for my teammates." He quietly performs a one-handed hand-seal which everyone identifies as Shodan Kousoku.

Everyone but Ichimaru spots a blonde kid sitting in a tree. He surveys the damage done, and smiles. "Looks like my Advanced Seals are doing well.. Guess I could take one of you out before Makegin knocks you all out!"

A girl steps out from behind you, she doesn't appear armed but she bears a Kumogakure headband like all the others. "Just give up, we won't kill you if you surrender. We just want your friend and your jounin."

The Jounin

"It's nice to finally meet you, Forty-Two. I had heard you washed out of the program, but I guess a failure is better than nothing.. Listen close, Forty-Two. My name is Torasatsu, and I am going to break you."

In a flash, the jounin raises his obsidian blade. His muscles bulge and his body strains as the sword glints against the sunlight. "Kuuhazan!" In a flash, he hurls the zanbatou forward. It cleaves through tree after tree, barreling down on Toshio. The bandaged boy ducks down just in time to watch the blade fly over his head and boomerang back to it's owner.

With a grunt, the jounin catches his sword and swings it around to a ready position. "Almost got you.. It'd have been horrible if that shot had taken off your head!"

2008-02-11, 07:45 AM
Protecting himself from the blast as well as he could, Sanma cannot avoid the damage as much as he would've liked.

"Ryuu, Toshio, Ichi ! Are you all alright?!"

As the smoke clears, the enemy genin have approached them and the sensei engaged soon after in his fight with Toshio... or '42'. Suddenly, a sharp pain comes into account, grabbing his right arm, it seems to have been quite burnt by the explosion.


Suddenly, an attack: the jounin destroyed several trees in an attempt to eliminate Toshio, Sanma forgetting his pain on the moment, staring wide-eyed as the trees collapse, out of the way of the blade. He couldn't help thinking, What the... this guy is... insane! How are we supposed to fight that? Sanma blinked several times, the fight was uneven, how long could Toshio last against a full-fledged Jounin? He looks at the three others. The boys, the girl. The one doing Shodan Kousoku with the katana was probably the guy the blonde one referred to:

"Makegin, eh? Sorry, but..." And with that, he gave a weary smile. "I really have no time to lose here. I can't just stand by and have Toshio trying to survive on a one against one battle with your sensei."

Narrowing his eyes, examining all the genin present, he thinks about the situation a second.

"Ryuu-san, Ichi-kun... I suppose there's no time. All choose a target."

Unsheathing his daikunai, he looks carefully at the one carrying the katana, then at the blonde one. Dismissing the girl behind him. Suddenly dashing towards the side of the blonde genin, which he surmised was the one that trapped the area, making several hand seals, whispering to himself:

"Doton: Ishi Shuriken no Jutsu."

Fire Damage: 8.

HP: 17/25.
Chakra: 15/15.
AC: 12.

Move action: Sanma moves from (39,36) to (39,33)
Attack action: Earth Release: Ishi Shuriken no Jutsu (4 Ishi Shuriken: 4 chakra)

Ishi Shuriken no Jutsu Perform DC:15 - (1d20+11=27) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1488650/)

4 attack rolls at maximum range modifier: (Earth-type damage is 1d6+1)

Attack Rolls (1d20+4=12, 1d20+4=13, 1d20+4=20, 1d20+4=6) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1488653/)

((Sanma will be taking that action whenever it's his turn. I'm just doing that because it seems we're given some kind of momentum again to prepare))

The Unborne
2008-02-11, 11:56 AM

Torasatsu…fitting name I guess for what he’s trying to do… A light trace of smoke slithers its way around Toshio’s body and escapes into the air around him. The linen on his arms and legs were blackened and began to crumple off, layer after layer. Raw skin and gaping scars with their edges seared from the fire became visible to all. “Break me? Am I not broken enough for you Cloud-nins?” The katsugan eyes lock themselves upon the jounin in front of the singed genin. Toshio fumbles into his belt pouch and pulls out a solid black, gumball-sized ball, “Tell me, Torasatsu, why does Kumogakure want a failure returned? I was one of the only ones to survive the eye transfusions there’s nothing else left to me besides these rotating eyes of mine.”

The broken shinobi drops the metallic ball unto the ground opening up many tiny slits allowing a load of dark smoke to fill Toshio’s vicinity. The last thing the jounin can see of the genin in the smoke is his piercing blue eyes. Once the smoke had completely covered Toshio, he drops the kunai to the ground and performs the handsigns of Shunshin no Jutsu and disappears leaving just a tiny wake in the concealing smoke. He reappears in a distance just away from his previous location and slumps down against a nearby tree.

I knew it was hopeless from the beginning; we’re not strong enough to take on any jounin. Would it just be for the best if I surrendered? I didn’t get a good look at his team, but who’s to say they aren’t as skilled as he is? Toshio remembers how Samna was willing to fight a jounin without any hint of fear. Kuso, I can’t let the team down now! We have to stall, someone’s bound to come, Kagegakure wouldn’t allow foreigners to raid its borders. The bandaged genin stares intently at where his smoke bomb was released hoping that the jounin would charge into it. C’mon…

Move:Shunshin no Jutsu (1d20+9=15) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1488742/)= PASS
Move: Smoke Bomb
Free: Drop Explosive Kunai
Spot anything to help (1d20+15=20) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1488781/)
Hide (1d20+3=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1488783/)

Concealment: 20%

Position: (31,36)

Paragon Badger
2008-02-12, 12:04 AM
"Ouchies..." Ichimaru muttered, holding his side. He winced, and remained silent through much of the events following the fireball, tending to his wounds, but also keeping an attentive ear on the events.

"Alright, Sanma! I got the one with the lovely voice!" The ninja said with a grin, giving a thumbs up towards Sanma.

Turning back to the direction of the girl's voice.

"Sorry, but If someone has to die today, it's not going to be one of us." The ninja said, giving a faint smile that danced somewhere between annoyed and amused.

Ichimaru dropped his kunai, letting it unceremoniously stab into the ground. Concentrating for a moment, the blind genin felt his chakra flow through his whole body. 'Another adrenaline-pumping scene...' he thought 'My heart'll give out before I reach 30..."

Action Point Spent on Chakra for 1 minute.
Ready Action: Non-lethal Unarmed Strike (and a 5 foot step if needed), conditions being if she comes within 10 feet... hopefully her move silently check sucks. :smallwink: [roll0] [roll1]
HP: 12/20
Chakra: 8+[roll2]/20
Action Points: 2

2008-02-12, 02:42 AM
HP: 34/34
Chakra: 16/20
AC: 19

"I guess that just leaves you and me, tough guy." Ryuu said as he formed several hand seals and stepped out from around Ichimaru so he had a clear line of sight to Makegin. He seemed conspicuously unburned, unlike his companions. "What is this sh*t? 'I won't kill you?' You better get over that pretty quick because I have no such reservations." Ryuu smirked, keeping that same nonchalance about a taking a life he'd had back at Onaki's apartment.

"I'm getting tired of all you dickless pacifists!" he shouted, loud enough for his teammates to hear him. On purpose? Maybe. Ryuu was a strange kid. It would have to wait until a later time since at that moment he whipped his hand out and from a single finger roared a crackling ray of fire. The beam snapped toward Makegin like a striking snake as Ryuu announced, "Hisen no Jutsu!"

Moving to (38,36) then...
Hisen no Jutsu (Ray of Fire): 1d20+12=16 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1490262/) (PASS)
Ranged Touch Attack: 1d20+3=17 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1490255/)
Action Point: 1d6=2 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1490259/)
Adjusted Roll: 19
Damage: 2d6=11 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1490264/)
If hit, Makegin needs to make a reflex save to avoid catching on fire. It doesn't say what the DC is.

2008-02-12, 04:22 AM

Yellow- Guy with Zanbatou
Cyan - Kid with katana
Red - Blonde boy
Purple - Unarmed girl

Other colors are per speech colors.

Dark Green - Toshio
Silver - Ichimaru
Orange - Sanma
Dark Red - Ryuu
Blue - Lani


Sanma's furious ishi shuriken assault is met with grace and hard gloves by the blonde Kumo-nin. The boy knocks the first two shuriken out of the air, but the third catches him in the side and sends him tumbling down. In mid-fall, the boy kicks off against the tree and stops some fifteen feet away from his starting location. The fourth shuriken thuds harmlessly into the tree trunk he has just been on. "You're better than I gave you credit for, kid. Guess this is where I stop fooling around!"

The boy pulls out a long shuriken from his backpack, which you immediately recognize as a fuuma shuriken. He lifts it up and begins unfolding it. "I hope you like this.. Because this is the last time you see my Demon Windmill!" With that, he twists about and hurls the giant shuriken toward Sanma. It misses wide, but cleaves through the tree branch Sanma is resting on and causes the genin to fall down onto the next one, causing him 2 points of damage.


Ryuu faces off against Makegin, and the katana-wielding boy immediately charges toward Ryuu. Ryuu successfully pulls off his Hisen no Jutsu, which catches Makegin on the shoulder. The other boy seems to ignore the pain, and just continues barreling toward Ryuu. "Kenjutsu Ougi..!" In a flash, he's drawn the sheathed katana and slashed at Ryuu. "..Iaido!" The sharp blade is quick, but Ryuu nimbly avoids being cut in half. Instead it only digs a shallow cut across Ryuu's chest. The cut isn't particularly deep, but it's painful and caused 14 points of non-lethal damage. "You should count yourself lucky.. You picked the one who would let you leave this place alive."


You hear the sounds of battle all around you. Between the shouts of 'Makegin', in his loud and brash voice, to the taunting of the blonde boy, in his obnoxiously nasally voice. You hear the sounds of a third opponent approaching, and you immediately swing out toward them. Your blow meets nothing but air, and a firm hand catches your shoulder. You hear the sound of metal sliding against metal as the girl draws a kunai. "You can't see me, can you? Just stop now. I have a kunai to your throat, but I do not want to end your life."


The jounin smiles as Toshio smoke bombs his area. "You can run all you want, Forty Two, but you'll never hide from me and my Keiri Tsurugi!" The jounin swings the massive blade wide, which causes a great windstorm to kick up in front of him. The tornado of destructive wind tears through the forest between him and Toshio, barreling down on the small genin with unerring accuracy. Toshio moves to jump, but the hurricane force winds offer no escape. Toshio closes his eyes as the wind forms into the shape of a weasel carrying a great sickle..

"No you don't!"

Toshio opens his eyes to Lani standing in front of him, the wind blast spread all around Toshio and devastated the trees everywhere except right where he had been. Lani's arms are crossed across her body, and she's panting rather heavily. Her body is covered in a multitude of small cuts. "You guys did well, given who you were fighting. Sorry I was late.. Moko's alittle sick so I was visiting him at the vet." Lani smiles, and gives Toshio a thumbs-up. "I'll take him from here, ok? You go make sure the rest of my oshiego don't go getting themselves killed!"

2008-02-12, 04:56 AM
Matsumoto Ryuu
HP: 34/34 (20/34 Non-Lethal)
Chakra: 8/20
AC: 19

Ryuu grimaced in pain, letting out a short grunt when the sword strike parted his armor and barely kissed his flesh. For some reason he felt a bit more drained by the hit than what he saw of it...like he'd been punched or...poisoned? What he'd said, some kind of taijutsu secret technique he'd used. He needed to find some way to keep Makegin from pulling out any more of those.

"Keep on underestimating me, Makegin. You'll be ashes by the time I'm done with you." Ryuu remarked coldly as he made a few more rapid fire handsigns and made a circle with his index finger and thumb. "Haisekishou!" he yelled at the other genin, giving him no time to escape before his cheeks expanded and a choking, thick, black cloud of ash flicked with burning embers vomited forth from his mouth. Hopefully, Makegin would get a lungful.

As his enemy was obscured in the black, burning fog, Ryuu risked a sideways glance at the arrival of their sensei. He couldn't suppress a grin, knowing that she was alright and the tables were suddenly turned back in their favor.

Burning Ash Cloud: 1d20+12=27 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1490338/) (PASS)
Damage: 2d6=7 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1490343/)
There are a lot of status effects that occur. See "Haisekishou" in the rulebook for all the info, please.

2008-02-12, 07:51 AM

"You're better than I gave you credit for, kid. Guess this is where I stop fooling around!"

Sanma's eyes narrowed as he gave a sideglance towards Toshio's whereabouts. He couldn't see anything from here. Please, please, stay alive.

"I hope you like this.. Because this is the last time you see my Demon Windmill!"

The blonde boy threw the great shuriken, and Sanma barely catches himself, but thankfully, it seems to run wide, cutting the branch on which he was standing clean off the tree trunk. And as Sanma fell on a lower, more powerful treebranch, he lets escapes a grunt of pain.

"Ugh! Kuso.."

Quick on his feet, he recovers himself as fast as possible, steadying himself once more, taking a deep breath.

"Heh, what, all this talk, just for show?" The genin smiles slightly, he still felt his blood pumping heavily from the soldier pill. He could definitely pull the next move off, there was enough chakra for that.

He smiles wearily. "Sorry... you don't look like a weakling, so I won't hold back."

Performing hand seals, concentrating on his opponent, he simply whispers to himself: "Dochuu Engyou no Jutsu."

With that, he jumps off the branch and lands on the plains, smiling.

"Well, I like the solid ground better if you ask me." He then looks and smiles at the blonde boy. "You didn't even tell me your name yet, isn't that a favor you usually give to your opponent? My name is Utanaru. Utanaru Sanma. You say you can cut me? Then come and get me if you can."

HP: 15/25.
Chakra: 13/15.
AC: 12.

Attack action: Dochuu Engyou no Jutsu.
Move action: Move from (39,33) to (39,29). (He isn't burrowed, no. ^^')

Perform DC: 16. Dochuu Engyou no Jutsu (1d20+10=19) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1490359/)

Paragon Badger
2008-02-13, 12:15 AM
"That's so sweet of you!" The boy replied with a cheeky grin. His image shifted for a moment, and he (hopefully) appeared behind her as his body dissapeared in a poof of smoke, leaving a segment of wood falling to the ground. "But I must apologize..." He said from a few feet behind her, turning serious, "You should have surrendered when you had the chance... The demon... it calls for your blood."

"Demonic Release! Hellfire!"

Swift: Douta no Jutsu (Confusion: Random handsigns) [roll0] DC: 15
Move: Kawarimi no Jutsu behind the girl [roll1] DC: 12
Attack: Magen - Jigoku Tenshi no Jutsu (Fire) [roll2] DC: 15

Mobility fail chance (10%): [roll3]

Douta no Jutsu, Will Save Negate: 15

Magen - Jigoku Tenshi no Jutsu, Will Save Negate: 15
Magen - Jigoku Tenshi no Jutsu Damage: [roll4] and [roll5]


Edit: Is that too precise aiming? Didn't want to hit Ryuu... :smalltongue:

HP: 12/20
Chakra: 5/20

Totally forgot about the 50% concealment miss chance in that last post... but with an attack roll of 7, it doesn't make much of a difference. ;-) On that note, Kawarimi requires Mobility, which normally has a 10% fail chance because Ichi can only move 4 out of 6 squares, being blind. Yes, I'm still figuring these things out... or just forgetting them a minute after I read about them. >.<

The Unborne
2008-02-13, 07:59 AM

The bandaged genin falls to his knees as he is saved at the very last second by Lani-sensei. His crystal blue eyes are wide with shock as he finds the whole terrain around him reduced to compost. “Tora-sensei…” Toshio had a mountain load of questions to ask her, but the time wasn’t for that right now. He nods his head as she sends him off. Her voice and gestures alleviated the hopelessness he felt just seconds ago, there was a chance now and he wasn’t going to waste it.

Toshio struggles to get up from his kneeling position, but manages to after a few seconds, “Tora-sensei, before I go…This Torasatsu or whatever he names himself is after you…and me. Please be careful I know from my own experiences the ninja from Kumogakure can be ruthless.” Toshio looks away towards the multiple battles occurring within the upturned forest. Who should I help? Sanma-san is too far out for me to reach at the moment, Ryuu seems capable against his opponent… His katsugan shifts its movement to lock on Ichimaru and the kunoichi he was squaring off with. Alright if I help take her out then we can rush towards the boy with the katana and then finish a sweep with Samna’s foe.

The genin dashes off from behind Lani and places himself fifteen feet away from the female cloud-nin. A small glint of the sun flashes from Toshio’s hand as he draws a single shuriken from his holster. With a quick flick of the wrist the shuriken spins off in the direction of the kunoichi’s blind spot. The restriction of killing was gone, Kumogakure ninjas deserved whatever end would come for them.

Move: Dash 30 ft towards (35,37)
Free: Draw Shuriken
Attack: Shuriken 15ft (1d20+7=23) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1492410/)
Damage (1d3+1=3) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1492412/)


2008-02-14, 06:42 AM

The zanbatou-wielding shinobi grinned at the appearance of Tora-sensei. He seems to whisper something into his radio. Lani closes the distance between them in seconds, charging and unleashing a devastating kick. The Kumo-nin flies backwards, crashing through a tree and into the lake beyond their little forest. She turns toward the rest of the group, then shouts toward all seven genin in the area. "Stop right there!"


The boy doesn't seem to move. He just smiles and brings the fuuma shuriken into a defensive position. He just stands there, waiting for you to make the first move..


Makegin coughs, but then dashes out of the burning cloud of ash. He doesn't attack, but he sheath his sword again. "This is over."

Toshio and Ichimaru

The girl apparently gets caught in Ichimaru's jutsu, but her body just bursts into a cloud. You both guess that it was a bunshin-style technique, but definitely one that was much more real than normal Bunshin no Jutsu.


"Let them go. We've won, this fight is over. Theres no point in continuing this battle, so you three need to leave before I stop being merciful." The Kumo-nin gather up and leave quietly. Their jounin meets them at the water's edge, and he seems to have harsh words with them all. Lani seems more serious than normal, but then she turns, smiles, and rubs the back of her head. "I'm glad they bought that. I don't think I could kill a bunch of kids. Nyah~! They're so young these days.."

Lani motions for all of you to gather around, then sticks her fists on her hips and glares fire and brimstone at all four of you. "You all knowingly charged into a trap! Tell me why so I can start being very disappointed with you all."

2008-02-14, 07:21 AM

The genin had no idea whether or not his enemy had recognized his handseals. Maybe he even knew the technique. He didn't feel much chakra left, and his shadow manipulation necessitated more energy to be truly effective. Should I gamble? If I use my stone shuriken technique again, I might find another opening. Then I let a smoke bomb go off and use my Jutsu.

As he was about to move, he stops short, hearing his sensei's voice.

"Stop right there! Let them go. We've won, this fight is over. Theres no point in continuing this battle, so you three need to leave before I stop being merciful."

Blinking, realizing that his sensei was here, his heart lifted, deeply relieved. Still feeling the strain of his muscles, he sits down right on the spot and breathes out.


He looks at the blonde boy that slowly leaves with his companions. He had looked fairly confident in his ability to take whatever was coming at him. And maybe he was right. Sanma had hoped he was thinking about 3 moves ahead, but if that was just an illusion... In any case, he felt relieved.

As Lani motions to her Tora-oshiego to gather round, he comes in, his face has a bruise from his fall in the tree, his skin is lightly burnt and his clothes are brown and blackened from the ash in the air.

"Toshio! I'm glad you're okay, I was pretty worried... You had the rough end of the bargain... Gomen. I tried to get done as quick as possible on my side, but my guy turned out to be more annoying than I thought he'd be. Heh."

He turns towards Ryuu, raising an eyebrow.

"What happened to you? You look like you've gone through a meat mincer, Ryuu-kun!" He laughs heartily. "Glad you're alright though!"

And finally towards Ichimaru.

"I was worried most about you, Ichi-kun. I was hoping you'd take the girl, and you did." Raising an eyebrow. "You're not hurt, except for the explosions, are you? I'm impressed, heh, how was she? Nice?" He smirks.

"You all knowingly charged into a trap! Tell me why so I can start being very disappointed with you all."

"Eh... we charged into a trap?" he chuckles slightly, looking at the others: Toshio, Ryuu and Ichimaru.

Starting off, Sanma stretches a bit and winces slightly against the pain of his burns. "Ouch, that hurts."

"Well, Ichi-kun went wild. Then Toshio decided he couldn't let him go alone... Then I decided I couldn't let them go alone... and... Ryuu?"

He opens his mouth, then closes it. He couldn't find a better explanation, he let himself go, lying on his back on the ground. "I'm not going to be able to find an easy sleep tonight... stupid soldier pills."

The Unborne
2008-02-14, 08:17 AM

The mummy-like genin comes to a complete halt as the bunshin disperses; Toshio then stays within a fighting stance ready for any unseen attackers…

Then for some reason all the fighting stopped, with the appearance of their sensei the day was won within seconds. Good, it looked like my teammates were nearing their limits by the time I broke from my skirmish with Torasatsu. Toshio fumbles to find new, clean linen to cover his eyes, but to his dismay, all the wrappings along his arm were already burned off. The genin curses underneath his breath and rummages through his belt pouch for a new roll. Finding it, he’s about to wrap his eyes once again, but hears Lani-sensei’s command.

As Toshio gathers with the rest of his team, he keeps one katsugan eye locked on the Cloud-nin they just had a bout with. He breaks his attention on the Kumogakure team and focuses on his sensei’s question. The now crisp genin frowns at Sanma’s answer thinking it was too foolish to be the entire reason, but then it dawns on Toshio that it indeed was the entire reason. “Our apologies Tora-sensei, we couldn’t allow one of us to go in alone. Let alone, they said that you were already fighting them by yourself…” Toshio pauses for a moment to gather his thoughts and continues, “No matter what happens we can’t leave our own alone to fight; that defeats the whole purpose of being a team.” His eyes split again with one focused with his team and the other on the Cloud-nins.

When we’re alone I’ll ask Lani-sensei about “Sixty-three,” “Forty-two,” and everything else about Torasatsu mentioned. He shivers at the thought of what may have happened if Lani didn’t show up at that time. We’d all be dead; or worse, they would’ve been dead and I, alone, brought back to Kumogakure’s laboratories. Kuso, I’m still useless.

Spot on the Kumo-nins (1d20+15=22) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1493490/)

Paragon Badger
2008-02-14, 10:28 PM
Ichimaru nervously smiled as he scratched his head. "Sorry, I thought you were in trouble, Sensei..."

Thoughts of the Onaki incident skittered across the boy's mind, but he put them aside for a moment and focused on the now.

"Worried about me, Sanma?" The genin asked with a nervous laugh, "Uwah! My 'demonic jutsu' didn't fool you, huh?"

The boy sank into a sitting position as he poked at the ground with one finger, "I must be a pretty lousy ninja then, huh? And I led everyone into a trap..."

"...Well, it was all worth it, though!" Ichi said, suddenly standing up, "No one got seriously hurt, and I met a lovely kunoichi! She seemed quite skilled, too. Ooh, do you think she's from a powerful clan? Oh, and maybe she has a powerful bloodline, too!"

The boy trailed off for a moment, scratching his cheek. "Perhaps I should go back and ask for her name..."

2008-02-15, 07:19 PM

Makegin coughs, but then dashes out of the burning cloud of ash. He doesn't attack, but he sheaths his sword again. "This is over."

Ryuu, who was set to draw one of the daikunai crossed over his back at the edge of the cloud, looked slightly disappointed when Makegin's words rang true. He didn't take his eyes off the other genin, but straightened ever so slightly. "For now, maybe." he grinned cruelly, letting the daikunai fall back a few inches into its sheath as he gave Makegin a curt nod. "Remember my name: Matsumoto Ryuu. The next time I see you, I'll kill you, Makegin."

He turns towards Ryuu, raising an eyebrow.

"What happened to you? You look like you've gone through a meat mincer, Ryuu-kun!" He laughs heartily. "Glad you're alright though!"

Ryuu joined the others, eyeing the shallow cut across his torso with disdain when Sanma pointed it out, but looked up with a grin after a moment. "Makegin is a swordsman, specializing in the draw. I'll be ready for him next time, Sanma-kun." he shrugged almost sheepishly. "Did we really have to let them go, Tora-sensei? I had him right where I wanted him."

2008-02-15, 10:14 PM

The Kumo-nin left quietly, they were mostly spent as well, and no one wanted to continue the battle.


"Charging into battle just because you think an ally is in trouble is noble, but alittle foolish. If they hadn't been lying, then the genin would have led you away from our battle. But since they were lying, he led you straight into their leader. And children.. That man wasn't just any jounin. His real name is Kumi Sahiro, and he was one of the Seven Swordsmen of Mist before they rebelled against Kirigakure.

He was a master of fuuton and suiton ninjutsu, as well as a formidable swordsman. And that sword alone couldn't be lifted by any normal man.."

Lani sighs, then turns toward Ryuu. "Do you honestly expect you could have won? That technique, his iaijutsu, would have been lethal if he had chosen to kill you. Lets not forget that Sahiro was only toying with Toshio." Lani sighs again, slumping her shoulders in the process.

"Do you guys know what he wanted? Did he say anything at all?"

The Unborne
2008-02-15, 10:54 PM

Toshio gives a slight sigh of relief as he watches the Kumo-nins retreat past the forest and the pond. He gives his full attention back to his sensei, he nods his head at what she had to say to the four of them. I didn’t really think about it that way…At least we came out alive. The thought settled a little further, I survived the onslaught of one of the Seven... The bandaged genin straightens his posture just a bit when Lani asks what Sahiro had wanted from them.

Toshio takes a deep breath and clears his thought to catch his Tora-sensei’s attention. Should I play this dumb, or should I just tell it straight out? “Uh, he did say what he was after, Tora-sensei. He was after someone named “Sixty-three” and from the way he was talking, I think he was talking about you,” the next words come softer behind his mouth coverings, “When he saw me, he called me “Forty-two” and said he would capture me also…”

If you really are “Sixty-three,” Sensei, I want to know just what you are that made all the Kumo-nins I knew so afraid of you.

2008-02-16, 04:53 AM

"Hai, sensei."

Sanma was paying attention, and nodded his head as if to apologize for the rash behavior. He didn't seem to move much, looking fairly tired, even though the pills were still kicking him awake from time to time. His eyes were closed, his legs crossed, lying on the ground.

“Uh, he did say what he was after, Tora-sensei. He was after someone named “Sixty-three” and from the way he was talking, I think he was talking about you,”

Sanma opens one amber eye as Toshio's voice rises. Staring at his teammate.

“When he saw me, he called me “Forty-two” and said he would capture me also…”

Sighing deeply, the genin sits up straight, brushing off dirt from his hair. He then looks at Ryuu and Ichimaru.

"What about you guys, did you actually pay attention to what he was saying?" He raises an eyebrow, then smiles, closing his eyes at the same time. "I heard he talked about... a program? I assume those numbers referred to those. I thought Toshio referred to cloud-nin torturing him at Onaki's yesterday when we were telling... things about ourselves."

Opening two sudden serious eyes, he looks at Toshio, his gaze sharpening.

"Who are you, Toshio-san? What happened with the cloud nin?"

Looking at his sensei, he felt the urge to ask the same question, but Toshio had been quicker. If he couldn't get anything out of her, then what were the chances that -he- could?

His gaze goes back to Toshio, staring at his eyes.

2008-02-16, 06:27 AM

Your sensei goes quiet when Toshio mentions "Sixty-Three" and her voice drops when she explains. "I can answer that question, Sanma-kun. Toshio was a captive of Kumo-nin during his childhood. Of course, I knew him then as Doujutsu-Experiment Number A Forty-Two. He was one of fifty children taken to be part of an experiment to manifest the kaigan. They operated on him, and gave him the eyes he has now. But.. Well, lets say that Kumo-nin are not very good doctors or healers. The wounds on his body are proof of that, I'd say."

Lani crosses her arms under her chest, hugging herself and turning away from you all. Her voice goes quiet and distant as she speaks. "They took alot of children and.. turned them into monsters. Made them into things that.. Well. There are ninja in this world who are just your age and have already killed more people than all of your collective birthdays."

2008-02-16, 07:14 AM

His eyes narrow slightly. He looks at his sensei as she explains. Could it be that there would be human experimentation? Questions without answers flood into the genin's brain.

"You said... the Kaigan? What is that?"

He pauses, looking confused.

"I can't believe the people in the Village Hidden in the Clouds would let human experimentation occur like this..." Suddenly, something dawns on Sanma. "Matte! Does this mean... it's still occurring? Does it mean... you escaped somehow? We can't just let that happen to other people! Can't Kagegakure do something about it?!"

Maybe it was the soldier pill, maybe it was just him, but there was a part of him that felt disgusted.

"There's no way other big countries would do that..."

His thoughts drifted to his own homeland and he fell silent.

The Unborne
2008-02-16, 09:57 AM

It should have been shock and fear that gripped at Toshio, but instead it was only pain. His legs nearly buckled as the pain surges returned. It had been at least two days since the last spasms, but now they returned with a new force behind them. I knew it, there is something else inside me…Kaigan. It was the genin’s neck that was now hurting and his head slightly tilted downwards his eyes squinting with a powerful rage behind them. The thought of Kaigan made his eyes spin in a circle. There’s still more that they planned for me. Figures, I doubt anyone could live peaceful after an experience like that.

Toshio regained his composure and held back the pain that wanted him to succumb there right on the ground. With all seriousness, he looks to Sanma, “I didn’t know the number of other children in that cell with me, but I guess Tora-sensei has the right of it. All I remember was that I was the last child in that cell after years of experiments. You can’t understand how monstrous Kumogakure has become.“ Toshio kicks up some dirt, “Daily beatings to test your resilience, training regimens that even the best of ninjas can't endure, and then in the end you get a transfusion. I don’t even know who’s eyes these are, maybe they were artificially made. I knew them as Katsugan, but there’s always this feeling I get just behind them like something’s waiting.”

The mummy-like genin looks to his sensei, “I guess that feeling is the Kaigan…I guess I passed their tests afterall.” Toshio could hear the message Lani was giving to her oshiego. She must’ve went through the same things…They made her into something she didn’t want to be. He decided he didn’t want to dive into her past so he left his comments linger more in the air.

2008-02-16, 03:30 PM
Matsumoto Ryuu

Ryuu lapsed into silence after Lani confirmed to him that Makegin wasn't using the full force behind his attacks. His teeth started grinding together as he thought about it. Then he's a fool... I would have killed him in the next move or two given the chance, and he was right there, blinded and coughing from my Hiasekishou. I should have driven my blade into his heart, damn my orders. he thought, his eyes glinting with cold fury. He hated being underestimated or played with, and Makegin had at least tried to do so. Hopefully he'd recognized his error and would give Ryuu a real fight next time.

Ryuu blinked and broke out of his reverie when Lani began telling them of the Kumo-nin's experimentations. He looked at Toshio as well, examining the injuries and scarring showing under his bandages. They really did that to children? Why? Sure, eventually they might get some kind of success, like Toshio for instance, but what a waste! Those children might have grown up to become valuable ninja in their own right, even without some fancy eyes. It made him so angry that so much value was placed on bloodline these days when any ninja worth their salt could take the morons down. Stab out their eyes, rip off their extra arms, and they were worse ninja than any normal one. It was simple a matter of extra tools, not skill.

"So, what are we going to do about it?" he asked bluntly, crossing his arms over his chest.

Paragon Badger
2008-02-16, 11:06 PM
"Transfusions, huh?" Ichimaru idly mumbled, slipping a finger underneath his headband and poking the cavity where his left eye used to be.

'How deep did the blades go?' He wondered, poking deeper, 'I can't remember...'

An annoyed "Ow!" escaped from Ichi's lips as he had absent-minded poked a bit too far. The shinobi quickly removed his finger and smiled nervously.

"Well... uh... it's not like there's anything we can do..." Ichimaru said, "I mean, it seems like they gave up on taking Toshio back, and ...it's not like we'll ever be going to Kumogakure.........right?"

2008-02-17, 12:34 AM

"We are not going to do anything about it at all, children. I'll inform Iheramo-dono about this incident. You are to stay within the village today, but are otherwise free to do as you will. Do be careful though. You cannot trust anyone other than yourselves. Do you understand?"

Once the children have asked whatever questions they need--and she's sure they understand what she said--Lani turns around and begins walking toward the large administration building in the center of Kagekure.

Paragon Badger
2008-02-17, 01:16 AM
Ichimaru sighed, scratching his head.

"Well... I'm going back to bed...After what happened last night and this morning, I'm already thinking I should have just been a medical-nin." The genin said, laughing uneasily.

HP: 12/20
Chakra: 2/20
Complete Bed Rest, +8 HP/Chakra

2008-02-17, 03:56 AM

"Well, there's nothing much left for me to do... ah, but, sensei, so what really -is- the kaigan? What is its ability?"

Scratching his head, the white-haired boy looks idle for a few seconds.

"Well, I can't really sleep because of that damned pill, so I'm just going to go train a bit. I need it. Badly. Heh."

Sanma then simply walks off in the direction of the training grounds behind the academy.

Sanma seems to be spending time training on his Ishi Shuriken no Jutsu. Using the stones around the training grounds, he uses them in manoeuvres against the dummies and targets, using his hand to guide them with his chakra and trying to increase the speed of the stone shuriken.

Mastery (Proficiency) DC: 16 (1d20+4-2=22) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1497529/)

(wow, I actually scored a natural 20... CURSES! I should've gone for Kage Mane T_T)

2008-02-17, 04:43 AM

"Well... uh... it's not like there's anything we can do..." Ichimaru said, "I mean, it seems like they gave up on taking Toshio back, and ...it's not like we'll ever be going to Kumogakure.........right?"

"Tch...Ichi, you know they're not going to give up that easily. If we don't do anything, they'll be back. I guess I don't really mind, though. As long as I get another shot at that Makegin I'm happy." he grinned, whipping one of his daikunai off of his back and setting it to a complex series of spinning practice cuts before sliding it back home with practiced ease. "Anyway, I'll go with you. Sanma-kun. It's still early yet, so I can always sleep after."

Ryuu spent his time on Henge no Jutsu, mimicking Sanma nearly perfectly by the time the sun had set and it was time to retreat for a full night's rest. After, he'd go back and collapse wearily into his bed, exhausted both mentally and physically.

That's the second "day" of training I needed for Henge. Did the roll a little while back. +12 Chakra plus all nonlethal damage healed.

2008-02-17, 11:16 AM

"I don't know exactly.. But it supposedly allows someone to see a short ways into the future."

The Unborne
2008-02-17, 03:31 PM

"Future..." Toshio mutters to himself as Lani answers Sanma's question. The thought never occurred to him that his eyes could hold such a mighty power. What could I do if I knew the future? I could save lives if I foresaw calamity, I could do a lot with such an ability. The genin runs his hand through his auburn hair and notices large clumps of ash stuck to his roots. "Kuso, I'm going to have to wash up tonight. Ah well, thank you Sensei for straightening things out for us and bailing us out," Toshio looks to the rest of his team, "I'd love to join you all, but I have to freshen up and redo all these bandages. I'll see you all tomorrow?"

Toshio gives a small wave to his team and heads off to the nearest bath house. The scolding waters felt relaxing to the genin, he blew a couple bubbles as his mouth slipped beneath the spring, and finally he scrubbed away all the ash and dirt that clung to his body. So Kumogakure is still after me, I thought they would've given up once another village took me in. What irks me the most was that they were able to intrude the borders so easily...I wonder if there's more of them here. Apprehension gripped tight at Toshio's chest at the thought and he nearly jumped out of the water.

If there are more Kumo-nins in the village, then they could well be after me still! They may even be watching me right now! His katsugan scanned the vicinity rapidly behind their linen coverings. The nude Toshio dived deep into the hot water hoping to see anyone underneath. They probably know where I live, he thought as he reemerged. Toshio haphazardly put on his ninja gear and ran off in randomly into an alley way. The scarred genin ran through the labyrinth that made up Kagegakure until he felt safely lost. They can't find me if I don't even know where I am. Toshio took a good look at the alley he would spend the night in and sighed, "I might as well get a little training done here...Hopefully the rest of the team will be able to find me tomorrow morning."

Five more days and Shodan Kousoku will be complete

2008-02-17, 04:06 PM

Sanma simply goes off to rest after all the training. He stayed quite a bit longer than Ryuu, but eventually the exhaustion started to take hold of him. He barely managed to summon enough strength to go home and crash into his bed.

Bed rest for the night.

2008-02-18, 03:49 PM
The Next Morning

Three of you meet at the gate, like you were supposed to yesterday, and immediately notice that Toshio and Lani are very absent.


You awaken to a rat chewing on your leg. You shoo the thing away easily, but you also have no idea where you are at. You appear to be sleeping in a small alley beside two tall stone structures.

The Unborne
2008-02-18, 08:10 PM

Yes, I am the king of getting lost, Toshio reminds himself as he kicks away the furry rodent that was nibbling on his scabbed legs. The lost shinobi looks down at what became his makeshift bed for that night. Dirty, dirty, dirty. Well at least I didn’t wake up with Kumo-nins performing experiments on me. Toshio looks down at his legs and sees for the first time flesh-colored skin. “Heh, will you look at that, some skin’s actually returning for once,” he noted jokingly.

The kage-nin wondered if any little girl would scream if she saw him without the bandages on. Toshio dismissed the thought and looked around to see where he was. He knew exactly where he was…lost. “Well I guess I should head towards the East Wall like yesterday-“ the genin looks up to the sky trying to find the easterly sun, but to his dismay finds another cloud-filled morning, “If this village wasn’t so sun-depraved maybe I could figure out my directions.”

Toshio shrugs and heads out the alleyway, but walks straight into another, and another, and another. “What good are these eyes if I can’t find my way out of this street?” The lost ninja kept on trudging along even past two stone structures and a ticked off rat…Toshio had to look at the scene once again. “A circle, I went through a circle?! Kuso! Who designed this village?” With his left hand along the alley’s wall, Toshio continued his way out. A little trick I learned from a movie. They always put their hand along one wall when they’re in a maze.

Within a few moments the genin found himself back in his original spot. His shoulders slumped down and rather large sweat bead formed on his temple. “It’s going to be a long day…”

Survival Check anyone?

Paragon Badger
2008-02-19, 12:58 AM
Ichimaru yawned, rubbing the back of his neck as his ears twitched.

The genin paused for a moment. "Are we missing someone?" He asked, tilting his head curiosly.

2008-02-19, 01:29 AM
Matsumoto Ryuu

"I thought you blind shinobi were supposed to be crazy good at smell or hearing or something. I'll give you a hint. One smells like burnt toast, the other like unwashed cats." Ryuu commented wrly from where he leaned against the wall, a little smirk playing upon his features. He tucked his dreadlocks back behind the headband he was using to keep them out of his eyes and looked down to wall in either direction.

2008-02-19, 01:46 AM

Getting to the East wall, Sanma raises an eyebrow as he sees only two of the members of his group.

"Eh, are we missing someone?" Repeating word for word what Ichimaru just said.

"Oh gods... Kumo-nin, assassins, human experimentation... what next?"

The Unborne
2008-02-19, 08:56 PM

After passing the same spot too many times to count, Toshio throws a couple rocks at the resident rodent that was still looking at him with anger in its eyes. The furry creature fled through the alleyway and the young genin followed it figuring it knew its way better than he did. The rat led him towards a rather large building, but it slipped through a crack and found a home within the darkness. Toshio looked at the grand building, but could not make out the front of it since he was trapped behind. I think I saw this place before…It's either the rich-people's restaurant that I hear all the villagers talk about, or it’s the gym. Either way, I’m sure now I’m south of the village. Unless this is the movie theatre’s back alley, that would mean I’m in the north.

Toshio sighs a little and looks towards his left heading down a narrowing path, hoping to the greater powers above he was heading eastward. “One day I have to buy myself a map, or maybe create a jutsu that tells me where north is.” For a long period of time, Toshio wondered if there was such a technique. Ah well, I’ll just buy a compass if we ever walk into the business district.

2008-02-19, 10:46 PM
Everyone Else

Neither Toshio nor Lani show up for another ten minutes. This marks the first time Toshio was ever late for the morning meeting.


You wander about some more, and finally notice that you're standing in front ofa rather nice restaurant. A few people are passing by, but everyone seems so busy and the appearance of another genin is nothing worth taking notice for them.

The Unborne
2008-02-19, 11:32 PM

The young genin looks at the restaurant and then glances back from the direction he came from. Was that the gym and this the restaurant? Toshio watches as the people walk pass him; surely they would have better directions than that rat had.

“Excuse me sir, but do you know where the East Wall is?” No reply.

“Gomen nasai miss, is the East Wall in this direction?” The woman gives no notice to the genin she nearly bowled over.

A young mother pulls up right in front of Toshio holding a baby over her shoulder. “You don’t by any chance know where my team is, do you?” The genin asks the baby; his only reply is a burp followed by spit that landed on the kage-nin’s face. That was it, Toshio was about to have a breakdown, or maybe he was already having one. He knew he was late; his teammates were probably off learning secret jutsus that he would never hope to learn. All because he wanted to be safe for a night…

“EXCUSE ME, BUT I REALLY NEED TO KNOW WHERE THE EAST WALL IS! SOMEONE PLEASE POINT ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION…THANK YOU!” The shout nearly made the baby in front of him cry, or was it the katsugan that was spinning rapidly in his eye sockets? If no one answers his cry for help, Toshio continues on his path to which he hopes is toward the East Wall.

Sorry for the hold up guys I really should have gave Toshio Knowledge (Location) That and I really thought Toshio would get lost again sooner or later.

Paragon Badger
2008-02-20, 12:10 AM
Ichimaru scratched his head, then coughed.

"Uhh... This probably has something to do with yesterday." He said, after a long pause, "Perhaps we should split up to search Toshio and Sensei?"

(Listen Roll: 1+14... Those natural 20s are coming back to bite. :smalltongue: The actual roll is in the OOC thread, but why would I lie about a 1? :smalltongue: )

2008-02-20, 05:20 AM

You hear Toshio shout off just a little ways to the northeast.


People just give the shouting genin a sour look and go about their business per usual. A shouting genin not knowing where he's going might get them killed if he's really that inept.

Paragon Badger
2008-02-20, 09:14 PM
"Uh..wait..maybe not. Toshio's thatta-way." Ichi said, pointing northeast with a weak smile.

Laughing uncomfortably for a moment, the genin darted off towards the sound of Toshio's voice, keeping a hand infront of him to detect any sudden wall or something equally comical.

2008-02-21, 03:44 AM

Scratching his head, the genin looks at Ichimaru, puzzled.

"You sure? I didn't hear anything at all!"

He ponders for a second, watching the genin dash forward into the unknown.

"Huh, I'll just wait here for you then!" Then with a pause, he turns to Ryuu. "Eh, you might want to go with him... I'm not sure it's safe letting the blind go after the lost. If you see what I mean. And we don't really want anyone to leave here in case Sensei comes."

2008-02-22, 12:22 AM

"Why me?" Ryuu frowned at Sanma, crossing his arms over his chest. "The last time Ichi went running off blind like that we got ambushed by Kumo-nins." he sighed. "Ah well. I guess it might be good for a laugh. At least I won't get bored." he acquiesced, shaking his head as he took off after his blind teammate.

2008-02-22, 10:59 PM
Ichimaru and Ryuu

You both stumble upon Toshio, hidden among a small crowd of wandering people.


You wait, but Tora-sensei doesn't make an appearance. She's twenty-minutes late so far.

2008-02-23, 02:43 AM

What in the world should we do...

Looking around, the genin has no idea where his sensei has gone to. It seemed a bit unorthodox of her to just be -this- late to a team meeting. Looking bored, he simply puts his left hand inside his pocket, then suddenly, he starts to panic. His face changes from mild concern to worry. His right hand goes into his right pocket, and he then looks in his kimono for its inside pockets.

Where's it gone?

Looking in his shuriken holster, then his belt pouch, he suddenly remembers. He bends his head down slightly, and grabs the Kagegakure headband from outside the pouch and slides a finger between the metal forehead protector and the cloth.

Releasing a sigh of relief, he puts his headband back into his belt pouch and chuckles to himself on how he'd get himself so worked up over what was really just a piece of rock. He looks up to the sky and his smile fades slowly.

Looking towards where his teammates are gone, he takes a look around, looking for either Lani or Moko.


The Unborne
2008-02-25, 04:43 PM

Toshio’s face scrunches up as he starts biting the inside of his mouth. The slight pain allowed him to calmly look around, maybe there was a sign he missed. Instead, he finds Ryuu and Ichimaru bustling through the crowd towards him. A long sigh comes from the genin; he realized finally that he was going to be found. I really have to stop getting lost. One day it may mean ruin for the team. Toshio quickly dismisses the thought once the pair was close by.

“Ichimaru-kun! Ryuu-san! Over here!” The kage-nin tried his best to hide the desperateness from his voice. Toshio then started off and made his way to his teammates, “You won’t believe the morning I’ve had so far. I woke up lost in an alleyway and couldn’t find my way back…At least I wasn’t outside the village this time. Heh-heh…” Toshio grabs for the back of his head scratching his auburn hair. “So…is Lani-sensei mad at me?”

Paragon Badger
2008-02-25, 07:07 PM
Ichimaru smiles uneasily, "Yeah... about that. We haven't seen her all day." The blind genin said.

He shrugged, stretching his mouth wide in a grimace.

"Will we ever have a day where something doesn't go horribly wrong?"

2008-02-26, 02:30 PM

Even with his shinobi training, Sanma does not spot his teacher or the tiger anywhere nearby. A small clock, hanging off a street lamp, shows the time to be 6:23. A full twenty-three minutes past the normal meeting time.

2008-02-26, 05:08 PM

Sanma looks around and can't seem to find them. He sighs softly. He also looked towards the direction where his teammates had gone. What was taking so long?

He felt quite alone and miserable. He hadn't been this way in a while, all the activity had helped him forget about his problems and appear happier. And maybe he was? Maybe he was happy to live here in Kagegakure. So what if your parents...

He stopped the thought there. Even thinking of it, he should just punish himself for thinking about it. He closes his eyes and breathes deeply. Trying to calm himself down. Everytime he was left alone, everything came back to hit him in the face.

Never alone... never again. He opened teary eyes and wiped the excess water with his sleeve. Never. He gets up and goes on a nearby roof from where he can see better and shouts out as loud as he can.


Taking 20 on spot check to find Lani and Moko.

The Unborne
2008-02-27, 04:26 PM

As Sanma’s shout carried through the village, Toshio was the one to pick it up. The semi-banadged genin looked up trying to see if his teammate was anywhere to be found, but sighed when he couldn’t make out Samna. “Sounds like Sanma-san is calling out for you two…I’m guessing we shouldn’t keep him waiting?” Toshio waits for his two comrades to make off towards their white-haired friend, but in the meantime tries to gather information about their missing jounin.

“Are you quite positive Lani-sensei didn’t show up? This wouldn't be the first time she was late…When I first met her- both of you weren’t there for it, but- she was maybe ten minutes late and Moko was the one that showed up instead. Later, I found her sleeping deeper in the woods…Maybe she’s just sleeping-in again, yesterday probably caused a few headaches for her, I’m sure,” Toshio let his voice trail off, sometimes he really did talk too much, but he was interested in the situation. It’s either she’s late or the Kumo-nins really did come after us during the night…I really hope it’s the first.

With that, Toshio quietly follows his teammates back to Sanma’s location.

2008-03-01, 12:55 AM

"I rather prefer days where something goes horribly wrong." Ryuu quipped, grinning at Ichi. "Where's the fun in a boring old, normal day anyway?"

He followed Toshio towards where Sanma had gotten impatient and was yelling for them. He vaulted up onto the nearest ledge, then scrambled up to join Sanma on the roof where he could get a good look at the surrounding area. Maybe Lani would finally be along?

2008-03-01, 07:21 AM
Everyone but Ichimaru

Scanning the area provides you with no sight of Lani or Moko. You do spot the local vet's office though. It's just a hop and a skip, literally, away from where you are.

2008-03-01, 03:52 PM

Sighing slightly as they see no Lani nor Moko, the genin spots the vet office shortly after. Hey, she did say Moko wasn't feeling well yesterday, maybe he's still at the vet?

Getting up, the genin points at the building.

"Didn't tora-sensei tell us about Moko being sick? Maybe she's at the vet!"

With that, he hops. Then skips. Landing near the office, he rushes in, pushing the door wide open.


2008-03-02, 03:09 AM

The dreadlocked genin follows, his hair flying out behind him as he jumped to follow Sanma. "It's worth a look." he agreed as he landed in a crouch and jogged along with his teammate. "The only reason I can think of that she would be late is if Moko's not doing too well."

When Sanma pushed the doors open, Ryuu followed right behind, looking around curiously. He'd never had a pet, nor had he ever been in the vet's office before.

Paragon Badger
2008-03-02, 03:58 AM
Ichimaru tilted his head, pursing his lips in curiosity, but the other two ninjas were already gone.

He shrugged as he stood his ground, not quite comfortable around the feral jungle cat that Lani had called a 'pet'.

The Unborne
2008-03-02, 09:45 AM

"From one place to another..." Toshio mutters quietly to no one in particular. He looks towards Ichimaru and his hesitant reaction to follow the other two, "Ichimaru-kun, if Lani-sensei loves the tiger then we better get used to him being around." Toshio kept one eye on the other two to make sure he didn't lose their direction while talking. Please be there Tora-sensei... With that, the bandaged-bound genin takes the similar route that Sanma and Ryuu took towards the vet's office.

He walks into the place not knowing what they would find out. It's probably just Moko again, she was late yesterday to come and rescue us... Toshio is glad to have bandages covering his face, or his teammates would see a really nervous genin underneath.

2008-03-02, 04:54 PM

The waiting room is a mess. Six patience stand inside as well as one receptionist behind her large desk. Each person has an animal--A woman with her cat in her lap, a man with his parrot on his shoulder, a little boy carrying a monkey in a cage, a tall girl carrying a dog in her arms..

..And at the far end of the room is Lani, with Moko sitting in her lap. She squeezes the large tiger in a tight hug as she strokes it's head and back. "You'll be ok, Moko. There won't be any problems alright? The doctor is just gonna give you a quick little poke and you'll be right as rain!"

The Unborne
2008-03-02, 07:45 PM

Toshio's Katsugan goes crazy as they step through the vet's office, his eyes try to pick up each single strand of pet fur floating in the air. The young genin squints as a slight pain arises in his temples. "Ow..." Toshio fumbles through his side pocket to pull out his roll of linen. Most of it was nearly used up.

Kuso, I need to go shopping today. Wrapping the linen around his eyes eased off most of the pain and spinning of the Katsugan and allowed him to find Lani-sensei craddling Moko on her lap. Two feelings started swelling up inside Toshio: a feeling of relief that their sensei was fine and dandy and a feeling of pity for the noble tiger. Behind the coverings, Toshio's eyes spotted Moko's tail flopping from side to side as Lani was hugging him. Oh one day Moko...one day.

The bandaged genin quickly dismissed the thought in fear the tiger's emerald eyes could maybe see through to Toshio's plan. The genin straightens up and tries his best not to scare Lani-sensei with their sudden appearance, "Good morning Tora-sensei, how's Moko doing today?"

2008-03-03, 01:40 AM

Sanma fully expected Moko to leap on him with all claws out as he opened the door, and find a bloody heap of limbs with moans coming out of torn bodies. But as he opened a door to what looked like a fairly normal vet office, he breathed a sharp sigh of relief. He looks towards the different customers and spots Lani-sensei, he rolls his eyes slightly before putting his hands in his pockets and walking towards his sensei and Moko.

I can't believe we got so worried about the Kumo-nins, in the end it was just Moko needing a worm check. He didn't actually know that, but Sanma didn't really care much for the siberian tiger who had utterly humiliated him the day he started the team with Toshio.

"We thought you had been kidnapped by Kumo-nins for a second, sensei."

2008-03-03, 05:28 PM

"Nyah~! I knew I was forgetting something! Wait just a second, ok? They called my name earlier."

Lani stands up, carrying the big tiger in her arms like a baby as she heads over to the nurse's desk. She and the nurse have a hushed conversation, then Lani carries the tiger through a pair of double-doors marked "EMERGENCY". She only spends a minute behind those doors before she comes back empty-handed and smiling. "Alright everyone, lets get going!"

Lani, Toshio, Ryuu, and Sanma leave the vet all together. Lani is smiling wide and has seemingly forgotten all about the Kumo-nin and their kind. She shouts to Ichimaru to come with them when she spots him. "Alright everyone. What with the whirlwind of activity since yesterday, I realized we haven't properly met one another. So.. We're going to do the traditional bonding method~!" Lani points straight down the street toward a small ramen shop. She begins running toward it and waves over her shoulder at her genin. "Come on! Last one there is buying!"

Lani deftly tumbles through the crowd, slowly making her way across to the ramen shop. But you can tell from the sound of her voice and the grin plastered across her face that she's not taking any of you seriously as competition. She even stops to chat with a random passerby!

The ramen shop is a hundred and twenty(120) feet away. If you run through the streets, you need a DC 10 Tumble check not to run into anyone.

2008-03-03, 05:43 PM

"Nyah~! I knew I was forgetting something! Wait just a second, ok? They called my name earlier."

Lani stands up, carrying the big tiger in her arms like a baby as she heads over to the nurse's desk. She and the nurse have a hushed conversation, then Lani carries the tiger through a pair of double-doors marked "EMERGENCY". She only spends a minute behind those doors before she comes back empty-handed and smiling. "Alright everyone, lets get going!"

Lani, Toshio, Ryuu, and Sanma leave the vet all together. Lani is smiling wide and has seemingly forgotten all about the Kumo-nin and their kind. She shouts to Ichimaru to come with them when she spots him. "Alright everyone. What with the whirlwind of activity since yesterday, I realized we haven't properly met one another. So.. We're going to do the traditional bonding method~!" Lani points straight down the street toward a small ramen shop. She begins running toward it and waves over her shoulder at her genin. "Come on! Last one there is buying!"

Lani deftly tumbles through the crowd, slowly making her way across to the ramen shop. But you can tell from the sound of her voice and the grin plastered across her face that she's not taking any of you seriously as competition. She even stops to chat with a random passerby!

The ramen shop is a hundred and twenty(120) feet away. If you run through the streets, you need a DC 10 Tumble check not to run into anyone.

2008-03-03, 08:39 PM
Matsumoto Ryuu

Tumble DC10: 1d20+4=20 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1515278/)

"Hope you've got enough cash, guys!"

Ryuu broke into a full sprint, going into a somersault underneath a passing cart and rolling onto his feet without breaking stride. He deftly dodged and weaved through the throng of people, going under arms, over small children, shooting through tiny gaps in between groups, all the while running all out as fast as he was able. It was times like this, however, when he wished he could pull out the speed he'd seen Toshio capable of the day before. He really needed to get the bandaged genin to show him how to do that. Still, running fast wouldn't help if the crowd slowed him down. Ryuu was bound and determined to make it to the ramen shop first. His ego and insanely competitive spirit demanded nothing less.

Without anything to up his movement speed, he's sprinting at the normal 120 ft. per round. But damn if he isn't doing it in style!

The Unborne
2008-03-03, 09:42 PM

The genin stares blatantly at the red sign above the swinging doors, Emergency? What did Moko do? Did he accidentally swallow a Kumo-nin? A little amazement creeps into Toshio’s face as he realizes how truly strong their sensei was to pick up the tiger like it was a little child. With amazement came a hint of fear, and from that a nervous gulp that couldn’t quite go down all the way. So I guess she really is the Sixty-three that everyone, including Sahiro, are afraid of…

Once Lani-sensei exited the Emergency wing, Toshio was keen to keep his eyes locked on her. Whatever made her dangerous, he wanted. The next time he’d meet Sahiro, Toshio would be ready. The genin says nothing as their jounin leader passes them and suggests a more casual way to spend the day. His mind was completely focused on…Wait, did she say something about food? Toshio’s stomach lets out a loud rumble as the thought of food entered his body. Spending a night outside and nothing to eat since last morning, there was one hungry genin on Team Five.

As a zombie, Toshio followed the group out into the street and heard Lani’s challenge. Either it was Toshio’s yearning to push his sensei so he could see her true capabilities or his ever so present hunger that forced him to get into a running stance. His left eye caught Ryuu speed off through the crowd and his right saw Lani-sensei lollygagging with the villagers. Easily relocating his chakra to the soles of his feet, Toshio sped off right behind Ryuu and looked towards his teammate giving the widest smile he could manage behind a bandaged face, before passing him. He’s the go-getter type I can tell, but my aim isn’t to win this race…No it’s…

Toshio leapt through the air with only one target in sight…Lani! “TACKLE NO JUTSU!” Was the only sound he gave as he closed in on his sensei with his arms stretched out towards her. In the back of his mind, Toshio knew there was no way Ichimaru could make his way through the crowd, so how about a little fun and make sure their sensei wasn’t first? After the hectic day they had before, a little fun couldn’t hurt anyone…could it?

Tumble Check (1d20+3=22) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1515370/)
Chouyaku no Jutsu 1:1 Auto
Speed=35 feet
Charge Full-Round with an overrun at the end (best describes a tackle in my opinion.)
If you think the charge wouldn’t work because of the crowd then…Just have Toshio run at Lani moving at 130 feet/round and ignore the +2 in this roll…
Overrun (1d20+2=6) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1515386/)
Erm…must’ve stolen all the luck with the Tumble roll there…

Paragon Badger
2008-03-04, 12:30 AM
Ichimaru shrugged, hearing footsteps scatter away and merely assuming he had been left behind. There was no way he could even avoid the crowd, he knew, so he pondered for awhile, thinking of a way to get around the mass of people.

Whistly innocuously, the blind genin started meandering towards the vet's office. When he felt his palm press against the wall of the building, the ninja groaned as he bent his knees and propelled himself upwards.

Move: Move against the wall of the vet's.
Attack: Jump up to (eventually) climb onto the roof of the building. [roll0]

2008-03-04, 04:47 AM
Tumble check
DC 10 (1d20+9=18) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1515743/)

A what?!

As Lani sensei suggests the race competition, Sanma simply sighs, exasperated. There was no way he was going to be able to afford the food for everyone! Gathering chakra at his feet, the young genin opens two determined eyes and mutters to himself.

*Cue dramatic music*

"There is no way on Earth those guys are going to make me pay for NOODLES!" (:smallfurious: )

He then dashes forward, dodging the young, the adults, the not-so-young as well as cart pushers that lumber themselves along the busy road. He was right behind Ryuu and caught a glimpse of Toshio trying to tackle Lani-sensei.

"Get her Toshio!" He cheered his teammate on as he sped down the road.

Full-round action: Running to the ramen shop !!! 120 ft. moved

2008-03-04, 02:40 PM

Tora-sensei seems to ignore the charging genin, for the most part. But just as he leaps to tackle her, the blonde kunoichi disappears. There was no puff of smoke that announced a shunshin teleportation. Instead, she was simply there, and then not. Toshio steps forward quickly to avoid plowing head first into the ground. For a second, it seems as if Lani has disappeared entirely. Then the younger genin feels a heavy weight on his shoulders.

To the others, they can immediately see Lani standing upon the poor bandage-wrapped boy's shoulders. Even Ichimaru can hear her voice as she speaks. She playfully puts a hand above her eyes, as if shielding them from the shadowy illumination that stood for sunlight in Kagegakure. "I wonder why my genin disappeared.. He was just over there a second a go!"

The jounin leaned forward, and looks Toshio in the eye from above. "Eeny-meanie-minny-mo. You can't catch this tiger by her toes."


Both Sanma and Ryuu arrive at the ramen shop at the same time. The owner looks at you both with wide eyes, then greets you. "Ohayou!" She smiles wide, then awaits your order. It appears that the two genin are the only people inside the shop at the moment.

The Unborne
2008-03-04, 06:02 PM

Toshio expected nothing more from his jounin sensei. From the couple times he saw her in action, this simple maneuver was no surprise to him. The bandaged genin's first thought was to mock how heavy she was, but he suddenly thought that wouldn't bode well even for his crazy sensei. Toshio's katsugan focused on the feet that were now painfully standing on his shoulders. If I reach for them...she'll just jump off of me.

The genin looked towards the ramen shop and happily saw that his teammates had won the race with their sensei still on the street, or more accurately, on him. Toshio gives out a subtle laugh and commented, "Tora-sensei, it doesn't look like I'll need to grab anyone's toes today...looks like you lost to a couple of genin already, and that's good enough for me." Lani's mummy-like genin points toward the ramen shop singling out Ryuu and Sanma.

Now if only Ichi can make it there too, I may just be able to stall her long enough and stick the bill on her. Toshio gives another quick laugh before whipping his hand toward Lani's ankle on his shoulder. If only he could grasp on hard enough and long enough, the genin of Team Five may be the first ever to beat a jounin at their own game.

With all of his might, Toshio tries to pull down his Tora-sensei. Eh, who am I kidding? I’m no wrestler, come on Ichi make it to the restaurant already!

Grab (touch attack);Grapple Check (1d20+3=6, 1d20+3=10) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1516352/)

How far away is Toshio and Lani, in case I want to make a run for it?

2008-03-04, 08:26 PM

"ICHI!! HEEEY!! OVER HERE!! HURRY!!!" Ryuu yelled out as loud as he could in the blind genin's direction, knowing he'd need a little help if he was going to make it before Lani quit playing with Toshio. "Sanma! Make a racket! He needs to hear us over the crowd!" he said, pointing Ichi out to the other genin if he hadn't grasped the situation already. With Toshio running interference, and maybe some quick thinking from all of them, they might be able to stall the jounin long enough to get her stuck with paying.

Paragon Badger
2008-03-04, 09:22 PM
Ichimaru struggled up to get onto the roof, cursing his short stature. "Toshiooooo!" He called out, giving a thumbs up, "I owe you one!"

Move: Climb [roll0]
Move: Go towards Ryuu/Sanma's voice.

2008-03-04, 10:24 PM

Lani doesn't bother defending herself, and simply allows Toshio to push her off. The older jounin simply holds Toshio's head when he tries to grapple her. The young boy feels his body constrict under a very tight hug as she lifts him up and squeezes him close like a long-lost sibling. The hug deals 11 points of non-lethal damage to Toshio. "Oh Toshio, I didn't know you cared!"


The young genin fails to climb onto the roof, and instead falls onto the ground. The fall is too short to hurt him, but he definitely isn't climbing up onto a roof anytime soon. He can move through the crowd to the ramen shop at one-fourth his normal speed, however.