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2007-11-02, 10:45 AM
Does anyone know if there's a list somewhere with all of the different various Wizard/Sorcerer spells that deal with summoning/calling creatures?

Or perhaps an expanded version of the summon monster spell's creature lists with all the monsters from the various monster books, since each new Monster Manuel seems to have at least half a dozen new monsters you can summon?

Lord Tataraus
2007-11-02, 11:48 AM
Well, all the spell pdfs in crystal keep (http://crystalkeep.com/d20/index.php) have summoning tables that list all possible creatures you can summon with every spell. Got'ta love the keep.

Keld Denar
2007-11-02, 12:27 PM
Well, you can filter a search on d20srd for subtypes of magic. I did one before to get a list of [Mind-Affecting] spells that my Occult Slayer character is now immune to. You could probably do one for [Summoning] and another for [Calling] to get a list. Its pretty much just:

Summon Monster 1-9
Summon Nature Ally 1-9
Planer Ally (and friends)
Planar Binding (and friends)
Elemental Swarm

Unfortunately, filtering will only give you Core. Good luck finding stuff outside of core though!

2007-11-02, 12:53 PM
Legal 3.5 Summonable Monster List (http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?p=14042017) from the gleemax boards:

Summon Monster Lists By Level

Summon Monster I

Celestial dog (LG)
Celestial owl (LG) or Elysian Thrush (NG, Planar Handbook)
Celestial giant fire beetle (NG)
Celestial porpoise (NG)
Celestial badger (CG)
Celestial monkey (CG) or Elysian Thrush (NG, Planar Handbook)
Fiendish dire rat (LE)
Fiendish raven (LE)
Fiendish monstrous centipede, Medium (NE)
Fiendish monstrous scorpion, Small (CE) or Fiendish monstrous crab, Small (NE, Stormwrack)
Fiendish hawk (CE)
Fiendish monstrous spider, Small (CE) or Fiendish monstrous diving spider, Small (CE, Stormwrack)
Fiendish octopus (CE)
Fiendish snake, Small viper (CE) or Fiendish sea snake, Small (CE, Stormwrack)

Summon Monster II

Celestial giant bee (LG)
Celestial giant bombardier beetle (NG)
Celestial riding dog (NG) or Ur'Epona (N, Planar Handbook)
Celestial eagle (CG)
Clockwork Mender (LN, MMIV)
Fetid Fungus (N, cleric of Zuggtmoy only, MMV)
Nerra, Varoot (N, Fiend Folio)
Devil, Lemure (LE)
Fiendish squid (LE)
Fiendish wolf (LE)
Fiendish monstrous centipede, Large (NE)
Fiendish monstrous scorpion, Medium (NE) or Fiendish monstrous crab, Medium (NE, Stormwrack)
Fiendish shark, Medium (NE)
Kaorti (NE, Fiend Folio)
Fiendish monstrous spider, Medium (CE) or Fiendish monstrous diving spider, Medium (CE, Stormwrack)
Fiendish snake, Medium viper (CE) or Fiendish sea snake, Medium (CE, Stormwrack)
Howler Wasp (CE, MMIV)

Summon Monster III

Celestial black bear (LG)
Celestial bison (NG)
Guardinal, Musteval (NG, BoED)
Bauriaur (CG, BoED)
Celestial dire badger (CG)
Celestial hippogriff (CG)
Eladrin, Coure (CG, BoED)
Elemental, Small (N)
Bacchae (CN, Fiend Folio)
Fiendish ape (LE) or Kalabon (LE, FCII, LE caster)
Fiendish dire weasel (LE)
Hell Hound (LE)
Fiendish snake, constrictor (LE)
Fiendish boar (NE)
Fiendish dire bat (NE)
Fiendish monstrous centipede, Huge (NE)
Demon, Dretch (CE)
Demon, Nashrou (CE, MMIV)
Fiendish crocodile (CE)
Fiendish snake, Large viper (CE) or Fiendish sea snake, Large (CE, Stormwrack)
Fiendish wolverine (CE)
Windrazor (CE, MMIV)

Summon Monster IV

Arcadian Avenger (LG, MMV, LG/LN caster)
Archon, Lantern (LG)
Celestial giant owl (LG)
Guardinal, Cervidal (NG, MMII)
Rhek (NG, BoED)
Celestial giant eagle (CG)
Celestial lion (CG)
Aoa Droplet (N, Fiend Folio)
Storm elemental, Small (N, MMIII)
Mephit (N)
Mephit, glass (N, Sandstorm)
Mephit, sulfur (N, Sandstorm)
Nerra, Kalareem (N, Fiend Folio)
Fiendish dire wolf (LE) or Fiendish dire eel (CE, Stormwrack) or Nightmare, lesser (NE, Planar Handbook)
Fiendish giant wasp (LE) or Spined devil (LE, FCII, LE caster) or Abishai, White (LE, FCII, LE caster)
Imp, Bloodbag (LE, Fiend Folio)
Imp, Euphoric (LE, Fiend Folio)
Imp, Filth (LE, Fiend Folio)
Elemental Grue (NE, Complete Arcane)
Fiendish giant praying mantis (NE)
Fiendish shark, Large (NE)
Yeth hound (NE)
Yugoloth, Skeroloth (NE, Fiend Folio)
Yugoloth, Voor (NE, MMIV)
Demon, Carnage (CE, MMV, evil caster)
Demon, Gadacro (CE, MMV, evil caster)
Demon, Skulvyn (CE, Fiend Folio)
Fiendish monstrous spider, Large (CE) or Fiendish monstrous diving spider, Large (CE, Stormwrack)
Fiendish snake, Huge viper (CE) or Fiendish sea snake, Huge (CE, Stormwrack)
Howler (CE) or Nightmare, lesser (NE, Planar Handbook)
Wrackspawn (CE, MMIV)

Summon Monster V

Archon, Hound (LG)
Celestial brown bear (LG)
Dwarf Ancestor (LG, MMIV, cleric of Moradin)
Celestial giant stag beetle (NG)
Celestial sea cat (NG)
Leskylor (NG, BoED)
Celestial griffon (CG)
Elemental, Medium (N) or Energon (any) (N, Planar Handbook/Manual of the Planes)
Achaierai (LE)
Devil, Bearded (LE) or Abishai, black (LE, FCII, LE caster)
Fiendish deionychus (LE)
Fiendish dire ape (LE)
Fiendish dire boar (NE) or Fiendish dire barracuda (NE, Stormwrack)
Fiendish shark, Huge (NE)
Fiendish monstrous scorpion, Large (NE) or Fiendish monstrous crab, Large (NE, Stormwrack)
Shadow mastiff (NE)
Fiendish dire wolverine (CE)
Fiendish giant crocodile (CE)
Fiendish tiger (CE)

Summon Monster VI

Celestial polar bear (LG)
Celestial orca whale (NG)
Equinal (NG, BoED)
Eladrin, Bralani (CG)
Celestial dire lion (CG)
Formian, Winged Warrior (LN, Fiend Folio)
Elemental, Large (N) or Elementite Swarm (N, Planar Handbook)
Genie, Janni (N)
Inferno Spider (N, MMIV, ritual required)
Nerra, Sillit (N, Fiend Folio)
Storm elemental, Medium (N, MMIII)
Chaos beast (CN)
Slaad, Mud (CN, Fiend Folio)
Devil, Chain (LE) or Abishai, green (LE, FCII, LE caster) or Devil, pain (LE, FCII, LE caster)
Devil, Gulthir (LE, MMV, evil caster)
Xill (LE) or Amnizu (LE, FCII, LE caster)
Fiendish monstrous centipede, Gargantuan (NE)
Fiendish rhinoceros (NE) or Fiendish icthyosaur (NE, Stormwrack)
Yugoloth, Corruptor of Fate (NE, MMIV)
Demon, Artaaglith (CE, Ghostwalk)
Fiendish elasmosaurus (CE)
Fiendish monstrous spider, Huge (CE) or Fiendish monstrous diving spider, Huge (CE, Stormwrack)
Fiendish snake, giant constrictor (CE)

Summon Monster VII

Deva, Movanic (G, Fiend Folio)
Archon, Justice (LG, MMIV)
Celestial elephant (LG)
Guardinal, Avoral (NG)
Celestial baleen whale (NG)
Leskylor, three-headed (NG, BoED)
Asura (CG, BoED)
Genie, Djinni (CG)
Formian, Armadon (LN, Fiend Folio)
Elemental, Huge (N)
Invisible stalker (N)
Rilmani, Ferumach (N, Fiend Folio)
Storm Elemental, Large (N, MMIII)
Slaad, red (CN)
Devil, Bone (LE) or Abishai, blue (LE, FCII, LE caster)
Fiendish megaraptor (LE) or Steel devil (LE, FCII, LE caster)
Fiendish monstrous scorpion, Huge (NE) or Souleater (NE, Magic of Incarnum, evil caster) or Pack fiend (NE, Planar Handbook) or Fiendish monstrous crab, Huge (NE, Stormwrack)
Yugoloth, Piscoloth (NE, Fiend Folio)
Demon, Babau (CE) or Demon, arrow (CE, MMIII, evil caster)
Demon, Solamith (CE, MMV, evil caster)
Fiendish giant octopus (CE)
Fiendish girallon (CE)
Windscythe (CE, MMIV)

Summon Monster VIII

Celestial dire bear (LG)
Hammer archon (LG, Races of Stone, dwarf, gnome, or goliath caster)
Celestial cachalot whale (NG) or Elsewhale (NG, Planar Handbook)
Celestial triceratops (NG) or Celestial archelon (NG, Stormwrack) or Gaspar (N, Planar Handbook)
Hollyphant (NG, BoED)
Guardinal, Lupinal (NG, MMII)
Lillend (CG)
Archon, Warden (CG, BoED)
Elemental, greater (N) or Caller from the deeps (NE, Stormwrack)
Storm Elemental, Huge (N, MMIII)
Slaad, blue (CN) or Limbo Stalker (CN, Planar Handbook) or Yugoloth, Echinoloth (NE, Stormwrack)
Fiendish giant squid (LE)
Hellcat (LE) or Orthon (LE, FCII, LE caster)
Malelephant (LE, Fiend Folio)
Fiendish monstrous centipede, Colossal (NE) or Gaspar (N, Planar Handbook)
Demon, Vrock (CE)
Fiendish dire tiger (CE)
Fiendish monstrous spider, Gargantuan (CE)
Fiendish tyrannosaurus (CE)

Summon Monster IX

Deva, Monadic (G, Fiend Folio)
Archon, Owl (LG, BoED)
Archon, Sword (LG, BoED)
Couatl (LG)
Guardinal, Leonal (NG)
Guardinal, Ursinal (NG, BoED)
Moon Dog (NG, BoED)
Quesar (NG, BoED)
Celestial roc (CG) or Celestial plesiosaur (NG, Stormwrack)
Eladrin, Firre (CG, BoED)
Formian, Observer (LN, Fiend Folio)
Elemental, elder (N)
Rilmani, Cuprilach (N, Fiend Folio)
Storm Elemental, Greater (N, MMIII)
Slaad, green (CN) or Unraveler (LN, Planar Handbook)
Devil, Barbed (LE)
Demodand, Farastu (NE, Fiend Folio)
Fiendish dire shark (NE) or Brachina (LE, FCII, LE caster)
Fiendish monstrous scorpion, Gargantuan (NE) or Fiendish monstrous crab, Gargantuan (NE, Stormwrack)
Night hag (NE)
Demon, Bebilith (CE) or Fiendish mosasaur (CE, Stormwrack)
Fiendish monstrous spider, Colossal (CE)
Demon, Adaru (CE, MMV, evil caster)
Demon, Hezrou (CE)
Demon, Wastrilith (CE, Fiend Folio)

New templates to replace Celestial or Fiendish - anarchic, axiomatic, entropic (+1 to spell level), vivacious (+1 to spell level), from the Planar Handbook.

For alternate summoning spells?

Summoning Spells

There are many spells that can be used to summon creatures. This section will cover the noteworthy ones.

Summon Monster PHB: Summon Monster is the bread-and-butter spell for wizard/sorcerer/cleric summoners. With a nice range of versatility in what can be summoned, you will always be able to find something appropriate.
Summon Nature's Ally PHB: The bread-and-butter spell for druids and spirit shamans. Once again, you will generally find something useful on it.
Summon Desert Ally: SandstormA replacement for Summon Nature's Ally, these guys get nice little features such as a breath weapon, damage reduction, and all those nice construct traits. I personally prefer Summon Nature's Ally.
Summon Undead Spell Compendium: Only usable through low levels, since it stops at level 5, there are some useful critters on this list.
Conjure Ice Beast Frostburn: Converts any of the creatures from the Summon Monster or Summon Nature's Ally list into constructs. Has the annoying problem of being Conjuration(Creation), therefore not benefiting from all your nice feats, but still, a nice boost to have.
Summon Dire Hawk Races of the Wild: This doesn't have the versatility of other spells, however, it does have the nice feature of lasting for minutes/level. It is available to druids as a second level spell, and to clerics with the sky domain, as a second level domain spell.
Summon Swarm PHB: More powerful than most of the other 2nd level summon spells, but it does have duration concentration, so you expect it to be. Also, remember that you don't have direct control over the summon. However, it does have swarm traits, such as immunity to criticals, and being mindless, and immune to a fair few spells.
Summon Elemental Monolith Complete Arcane: Go look at the Elemental Monolith stats, then continue reading, because you would have already figured out why it's good. If the concentration is worrying you, then cast Sonorous Hum or be a spirit shaman. If your DM allows it, use extraordinary concentration.
Summon Elementite Swarm Planar Handbook: Summon Swarm, but make the swarm better, and make it listen to you.
Gate SRD: Summons whatever you need, almost. A lot more research required than for the other options, since you have a lot more options.
Planar Binding SRD: A very potent summoning spell, but you will need to do your homework before using it. This includes the lesser and greater versions as well.
Planar Ally SRD: Divine version of above. Once again, includes the lesser and greater versions. I do want to look into what to summon with these spells, since very little has been examined on the matter.
Link (http://forums.gleemax.com/showpost.php?p=13017382&postcount=12)

2007-11-04, 03:48 PM
Many thanks to all of you, this'll help with the summoner I'm planning on playing relatively soon. Now to go print this stuff out...

2007-11-05, 07:21 AM
That list is NOT conclusive!

It omits all the lawful, chaotic, positive-energy, and negative-energy templates available in the Planar Handbook.

2007-11-05, 08:20 AM
Temp mentioned those templates at the bottom of the first spoiler thing...

2007-11-05, 05:57 PM
Temp mentioned those templates at the bottom of the first spoiler thing...
I'm just posting to say that none of those are my own words (see the links and the Quote boxes).

...Just didn't want to take credit for other people's time. That sort of thing isn't cool.

That list is NOT conclusive!
I think the first one's pretty good. The second may well be missing more spells than just Elemental Swarm.