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2007-11-03, 12:07 PM
Hopefully you fantastic forum dwellers can help me out, I don't have many people on whom to try out ideas and general D&D stuff so I was hoping for opinions, feedback and especially critiques from fellow gamers.

Here are a couple of the retrofitted races for my new campaing world. I'm still working on fluff, well on getting it typed up since I tend to work out of notebooks in longhand. There is a brief description for each followed by their game stats.

Every four levels each race will gain another ability along with the standard +1 to any stat. There are no racial paragon levels nor are there any LA penalties. There are also no multiclass penalties, the favored classes exist solely as flavor and as a general definition for what the majority of NPC's of that race might choose to be.

Humans: a crumbling empire that spanned the world at one point. In their early history the core of the empire was defended by and taught by the Hobs (hobgoblins). They have come far in the great span of years since then and now and have spread across creation, adapting and changing to every part of it. They are the future of this world and all their petty cruelties and noble sacrafices will determine the course of history yet to come.

Med / Base Speed 30
Bonus Feat
4 extra skill points / +1 skill point per lvl
Weapon Familiarity: Bastard Sword (one handed) is martial
Maximum Rank in any skill is increased by 1
Favored Classes: any
4th lvl: Jack of all Trades
8th lvl: Bonus Feat
12th lvl: +2 to any ability score
16th lvl: Bonus Feat
20th lvl: +2 to any ability score

Half Elves: the half fey, distrusted and cast out of both societies, they have no home to call their own. The elves sometimes like having them in their courts for amusement and to witness the spectacle and beauty of human and fey blood mingled in one being. They try to make their homes where they can and make their way in the world. They are never in one place long, and find a kinship with the halflings. They look up to half-orcs in a way and resent their ability to strut and be so proud of what they are, they dont let the simple prejudices of society bother them...something thats not so easy for the half fey.

Half Elves
Med / Base Speed 30
Any 1 bonus feat chosen from the +2/+2 skill feats
4 extra skill points
Low Light Vision
+2 to Cha based skills
Elven Blood
+1 bonus to perception (spot and listen)
Favored Classes: Bard and Ranger
4th lvl:+2 bonus resist mind affecting spells and immunity to insanity
8th lvl:bonus feat chosen from the +2/+2 skill feats
12th lvl:+2 to any ability score
16th lvl: bonus feat
20th lvl: +2 to any ability score

Half-Orcs: the joining of the savage horde-like orcs and the humans of the empire have produced a fierce warrior race. Proud and arrogant,half orcs thrive on the battlefield. Never cutting their long flowing hair they pray to elemental godlings and spirits of the world, and they fight. Fight well.

Half Orcs
+2 str -2 int
Med/ Base Speed 30
Darkvision 60'
Bonus feat (from fighter list)
+2 to intimidate and survival
Orc Blood
Favored Classes: Barbarian and Warblade
4th lvl: +2 to intimidate and use str as the ability mod for intimidate checks
8th lvl: +2 NA
12th lvl: Berserker Strength
16th lvl:Scent and +2 survival
20th lvl: +2 bonus to any ability score

Dwarves: bound in the order and strength of the earth the dwarves have always been, they were here before the coming of the fey and here they remain, they have vast empires beneath the world and everyday is a battle to hold their borders against the horrors of the deeps. They have a world spanning empire deep below the light of the sun and for most of their history have been in a constant battle against the hordes of the underdark. Their foes are abberations and aliens most of whome have never seen the light of day, and through the vigilance of the dwarves hopefully never will.

+2 Con -2 Dex
Med/ Base speed 20 (but not impaired by med or hvy armor / loads)
Darkvision 60'
+2 bonus to saves vs. all magic
+1 atk bonus against abberations and oozes
+2 save bonus vs. poisons
+2 racial bonus to appraise and craft (any stone metal or gem objects)
Weapon Familiarity: Dwarven Waraxe and Urgrosh are martial
Favored Classes: Fighter and Cleric
4th lvl: craft expertise(1/2 char level to craft checks) and improved stonecunning (+2/+10')
8th lvl:Improved darvision +60'
12th lvl: +2 bonus to Con or Str
16th lvl: Abberations and oozes become favored enemy (as ranger)
20th lvl: +2 bonus to Str or Con

Halflings:Nomads and vagabonds, they have domesticated wolves and drakes and ride their mounts throughout creation. They have a hidden city in the cloads which only their drakes know the way to. Trade caravans and traveling towns are their only landbound homes. They are the friends of little gods and spirits thoughout creation. Their bond with their animal companions is unparalled in creation and only they have the friendship and command of the drakes.

+2 dex -2 str
small/ base speed 20
+2 morale bonus vs fear
+1 bonus to all saves
+4 bonus to handle animal and ride
sharp eyes: see twice as far as a human
+2 bonus to perception
bonus feat: mounted combat
Favored classes: druid and ranger
4th lvl: speak with animals (cha mod / day)
8th lvl: animal companion (as ranger) if the halfling already has an animal companion gain +2 to its level
12th lvl: + 2 bonus to Dex or Wis
16th lvl: Call the wild drake: Cha mod/per week can call a flight of drakes to aid her and her companions. The drakes are of a kind accorded to the halflings clan. 1D4-3 + wis mod drakes will answer the call and it takes them 1D4 hours per drake minus the halflings cha mod
20th lvl: +2 bonis to Dex or Wis

Gobs: The slaves of the elves, a race bred to give their dreams and lives to the endless hunger of the fey. They have huge jungle, cave, swamp and hill warrens...ever vigilant against the elves,their first instinct is to run away at the first signs of a raid. Run,hide and live another day. Countless goblins toil under elven rule, but countless more hide throughout creation.

+2 dex or con -2 str
small/ base speed 30
low light vision
weapon proficiency (kukri, blowgun, net)
+2 bonus to hide and move silently
Weapon Finnese
Strong Back: use con not str to determine carrying capacity
favord classes
4th lvl:Venomist: +2 craft (poison) cannot poison themselves by accident
8th lvl: +2 bonus to Dex or Con
12th lvl: fast movement +10
16th lvl: +2 bonus to resist enchantment and illusion spells +4 bonus vs. elf cast spells
20th lvl:+2 bonus to Dex or Con

Elves: the fey, chaos incarnate. They sprang from the wellsprings of chaos at the edges of creation and invaded the world. They wiped out all prior civilizations and enslaved the hobs. Only the dwarves escaped them. They are now diminished to a few hundred courts scattered thoughout creation, with 5 major ones. They have enslaved the goblins and still prey on any who enter their haunts, feeding on the dreams and emotions of mortals.

+2 Dex -2 Con
Base Speed 30
Low Light Vision
Dreameater: An elf need not sleep, she is refreshed every morning at dawn or every evening at twilight (elfs choice). HOWEVER, an elf must go into a trance like state each night and feed. This state lasts for 3 hours +1 hour every 5 char levels, as an elf grows more powerful she must feed more. An elf feeds on dreams, she must enter the trance within 25 miles of mortals and once in the trance she must roll a Cha + Wis check against DC 10 plus 1/2 her character level (more powerful elves need mroe refined dreams)...a failure adds an hour to her trance. A success means she finds a sutable dream to devour and can have her nightly feast. An elf CANNOT devour the dreams of hobgoblins nor can they devour the dreams of any non-humanoid nor of any sort of abberation or outsider. There are a few fates available to the victims of elves, the dreameaten...they can awake with a headache that will last for a full day and no memory of their dreams....they can awake with full memories of having their dreams violated and stolen by the fey, giving them nightmares and recurring headaches for a week.....they can awake with the knowledge of being dreameaten and come to like the feeling, becoming addicts and willing participants of the elves....or they can awake as ravaged mindless beings with glassy eyes stares and no memory of what or who they are, they are akin to living zombies and nothing short of a miracle or wish can restore them to themselves. In order for the last of these fates to happen the elf must will it and succeed on a DC 10 Cha check, the DC rises by 5 for each character level the victim has, the victim also has a chance to roll a will save to keep themselves whole and fight off the fey.
+4 bonus to saves against mind affecting spells and immune to insanity
+2 bonus to perception (spot and listen)
+2 bonus to Cha based skills
Weapon Proficiency: 2 weapons according to court the elf belongs to
Auto Languages: Fey(elf), common Bonus Languages: goblin, hob, orc, sylvan, ancient common
Favored Classes: Beguiler and Ranger
4th lvl. : Disguise Self, Faerie Fire, Hypnotism (cha mod/day)
8th lvl. : +2 bonus to perception and may attract followers as the leadership feat (no cohorts) all followers are actually goblin slaves.
12th lvl: +2 Dex or Cha
16th lvl: Charm Person, Suggestion, Confusion (cha mod/day)
20th lvl: +2 Dex or Cha and Undying: If killed an elf will return to life in a new body in 2D4 weeks all abilites and powers remain the same, however the elf takes a permanent -1 to Con. If the Elf has died anough times to bring her Con to 0 she is dead forever and returns to the planes of madness from which she was spawned. Spells to return life do not work on her.

Hobs: they formerly were a slave race of the elves, dream-eaten husks used for the pleasure of the fey. They broke these mental chains and fought for their freedom. In their prime they defended the emerging humans and taught them the arts of warfare and religion. They have retreated to their mountain monesteries now and are spread throughout creation. They still have travelling monks and have academies of war and tactics

+2 con -2 cha
med/ base speed 30
low light vision
weapon familiarity: all exotix weapons are martial
+2 bonus to jump, tumble,and balance
bonus feat: endurance
favored classes: monk and swordsage
4th lvl:Grace: Hobs use their dex Mod for climb, swim, and jump checks. They also can always take 10 on balance checks and are never flat-footed when climbing or balancing.
8th lvl:Will of the Free: Hobs gain a +5 unamed bonus to will saves, and when within 30 feet of an ally may inspire them and bolster their willpower granting a +1 bonus/4 char level
12th lvl:+2 bonus to dex or wis or con
16th lvl:blindsense (5' +1/2 char lvl)
20th lvl:+2 bonus to wis and dex or con

2007-11-04, 04:13 PM
just a noe that I'm most likely going to be adding in full blood orcs as well as gnolls and perhaps gnomes(most likely an npc class) and warforged.

2007-11-04, 08:02 PM
Half Elves
Med / Base Speed 30
Any 1 bonus feat chosen from the +2/+2 skill feats
4 extra skill points
Low Light Vision
+2 to Cha based skills
Elven Blood
+1 bonus to perception (spot and listen)
Favored Classes: Bard and Ranger
4th lvl:+2 bonus resist enchantment and illusion spells, immunity to insanity
8th lvl:bonus feat chosen from the +2/+2 skill feats
12th lvl:+2 to any ability score
16th lvl: bonus feat
20th lvl: +2 to any ability score
They all look decent, but Half elves are throwing me off entirely.
For one, they have SO man skills to throw around, it's ridiculous. +2 to all Cha bases skills is giving them +14 overall (+more with Perform), another +2 thanks to Perception, as well as a bonus +2/+2 skill, netting a total of +20 (and +2 to all peforms) overall, which is ALOT. Not to mention they get an extra 4 at 1st level. That's ALOT.

And, why do they get bonuses versus Illusion? Elves don't get a bonus versus illusion, so it doesn't make much sense. And, lastly, why do they get immunity from Insanity? Again, Elves and Humans both get nothing like that, so it doens't make much sense.

2007-11-05, 01:11 PM
Wow I posted the Half Elves as they were before I made changes to the elves, oops...I edited them to be as they should, with a +2 bonus to saves against any mind affecting spell and immunity to insanity (which the elves should have another editing mistake)
The skills thing is correct, I want them to have at least very good skills of their choice, since when compared to a human or elf 20 level progression they are not wuite as strong...the humans still get a bonus feat of their choice wherever the half elves would get a +2/+2 skill feat and a human can choose to spend that on a skill feat so thats a non-issue, the only actual advantage half elves get is the +2 to cha based skills which is inherited from their elven side.

Thanks for the comments and critique JackMage666! I'm glad you caught those things, this is the whole reason I posted here!

2007-11-05, 03:19 PM
Your elf mechanics have out of control DCs.

2007-11-06, 03:14 PM
yeah I meant for them to be tough as far as going after the dreams of npc's with character levels, but I probably went a bit too tough. I'll most likely change it to a charisma + char level check against DC 10 plus 5 for each character level the target has and drop the use wis if its higher thing.

Thanks for pointing it out!

BTW I went ahead and edited the entry for Elves slightly.

2007-11-07, 01:59 PM
In general, DCs should go up at a rate of 1 for every 2 character levels, plus the speed that attributes go up.

Attributes in standard D&D go up by a max of +16 at L 20 -- but that is when you specialize in that attribute. Call it +8, for another +4 to the DC by L 20.

So from L 1 DC to L 20 DC there should be a difference of about +10 to +15, depending on how harsh you want to be.