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Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-04, 12:33 AM
After a few long days journey, or just a short walk from across the city, you all show up to Istarlingvilla, were you are quickly ushered into to the private study of Lord Istarling himself. The room itself is nearly square but longer than it is wide. Covering almost all the walls are book shelves, that are intermingled with magical armors and weapons, hanging from their displays, trophies of the noble houses past. As you enter you see your employer, Lord Istarling , standing in his exstinsive outfit of jewels and silks, though they looked heavy and dirty, which leads to the assumption that he was up all night. This is theory is helped by the fact that he is standing next to a table that has parchment, books, scattered atop it and long burned away candle still in their holders. Standing next to the lord of Waterdeep was an older gentleman wearing wrinkled robes of a spellcaster. His appearance was explained by the magical items on the table that a knowledgeable practitioner of the art would attribute to divinations, or ďspell-stalkingĒ spells. Nodding as you come in, Lord Istarling waits for everybody to get into the room before he speaks.

Welcome my friends, I am glad you made haste for time we have precious little of.

Gesturing to his the man standing next to him he went on to introduce him.

This is Mistmyr Iroan, a sorcerer of no small prestige, who has graciously decided to help an old friend.

As Lord Istarling paused in his speech, you look around and take a measure of your companions.

Loft Flombard
Standing close to the haggard looking lord, you are still close enough to the book shelf on the far wall and a window to make a quick escape. Looking just before the lord he saw again the stout dwarf and bald human, the dwarf obviously a hardened fighter, with a battle axe strapped to his back. The human though, radiated the power of a goodly priest, (which afforded him an ugly sneer from you when he glances your way) which was obviously the divine energies of Kossuth, from the leaping flames on his robes than from anything else. The figure in the back was the farthest away from the group, and also the most disguised, wearing her (yes you recognized her gender by her shapelyness) cowl so low you couldnít see any facial features, though from her stance and fluid motions in walking one could guess at her grace, which probably spoke of Elvin heritage. Behind the Goodly Priest and Fighter Dwarf stood a tall half-elf, who was dressed in roguish garb, with a short sword and bow strapped to him, and also wore what looked to be Elvin made chain mail shirt, that meshed like a second skin to the half-elf. But to your trained eyes you spot a lack of wear on the weapons and softness on his hands that bespoke of spellcasting more than weapon wielding. As Lord Istarling begins to speak again you turn your head his way.

As you were the first one to get there you see the respective parties come in, only the dwarf and priestly human come in speaking to each other, the other two just walked in quietly. The dwarf and human walk the closest to the Lord, only about a dagger toss away, as they stop near the table an Aasmir walks in, with the swagger of a spellcaster, smelling of burnt incense and bat guano. Even as the raven haired angel boy settled near a window a half-elf walked in with short sword strapped to belt and bow to back. Skipping over the fighters, (including the half-elf who you right off as a simple rogue) you study the known spell casters in the room. Spotting an arcane component pouch on the Aasmirís belt you file him as a Weave Taper. Your eyes fall on to the bald priest, who jumps out as a Cleric of Kossuth, with burning robes, making it painfully obvious his faith. As your eye falls on the final magic user in the room, the Lordís friend, Mistmyr Iroan, with the deep pockets in his wrinkled vestments, you spot two wands in his belt, and a scroll that leaked shadow essence down his side. Your eyes widen at this, but as the lord begins speaking you turn your attention back to him.

Pheiros Solseeker
Walking in behind the dwarf and human, you know stand behind them. When the Lord pauses you look first behind you, taking in the feminine shaped person in the back of the room, but past her gender you can tell little. Though you do spot a hand crossbow hanging from her belt, surprised to see such an exotic weapon, you other wise think nothing of it. Turning back around you see the back of the humanís bald head, and the back of his glimmering cloak, sheathed in embroiled flames, identifying him as a Priest of Kossuth. Dropping you gaze and to the left you saw the stout dwarf, whoís notched axe, and itís worn handle spoke volumes of the bearded fellows prowess with the blade. Lastly your eyes spot the Celestial Son, who wore no armor, but a pouch bulging with spell components, correctly identifying him as some sort of spell slinger, though probably that of an arcane type. You feel an immediate connection between you and him, for only the simple fact that you are both separated by your cross parentage, both different in social backgrounds that some times clashed in real life terms. As your eyes slide back up to Lord Istarling when he started speaking again you spot the title of a book and the subject matter of some parchment on the table. It read ďThe Plane of Shadow: Mysterious DarknessĒ.

Walking in nearly the same time as the human cleric, he strikes up a conversation, speaking of his church (Kossuth) and his goals in life, as well as their mutual hope to help the desperate lord. As the lord pauses you look around the room at the guest you hadnít been able to see earlier, or just didnít have time to check over. Spotting the shadowy figure in the back, you recognize her gender by her sway, but the only other thing of interest you spot is that her hair was stark white. Giving a hrmph, you turn, eyes sliding over the roguish looking half-elf with a bow on his back and sword on his hip. ElvesÖ Turning a complete circuit you come to see a plane touched fellow settled in back by the closest window. Smirking with the confidence of a spell caster the dwarf slid his eyes away from the troublesome looking character and back to the now speaking Lord of Waterdeep.

Balthamore Brightspark
Finding good conversation with the dwarf next to you, you donít find the time to gage your companions until the Lordís pause. When you look to the Plane Touched, son of an angel, who was at the moment giving you a very unhealthy sneer, you see his obvious lack of armor, and pocket of scrolls as the sign of a magic user though you canít tell if he is divine or arcane in nature. Turning from him your eyes flick over the dwarf you have been talking to for awhile know. He was obviously use to the axe strapped to his back, which was clear by the calluses on the rough hands on the end of his strong arms. Turning back your first see a tall half-elf, who had a stack of physical weapons, but what you pick up on is his divine prowess, which seems obvious to you as a fellow cleric yourself. Though he clearly follows different ideals than you he still held similar values. After taking in the sight of him you glance to the back, seeing the hidden figure. At first nothing other than her want to stay unknown was amiss, but as you look harder you see a flash of white hair, dark skin, and a all to tell-tale hand crossbow hanging from her belt. Suppressing your unease and anger, you donít release the purifying fire of your god on this she drow, but merely turn back to Lord Istarling as he speaks again.

Yes well, I wish to hurry; all that you must know is that my dear wife was taken from me late two days ago. The captors showed to be dark elves of a sort, who leaked shadow, the trio grabbed my dear, and took off losing themselves to magic. This is why I have asked my friend here to help use deduce their way of travel. Mistmyr, if you would enlighten them.
Sharply looking at Lord Istarling, as if shocked to be asked to do such a thing, Iroan the Socerer looked the group clearly uncomfortable. He was surely scared to speak in such a public place, even with such a small public.

YesÖ well, through my magical means, I have deduced that the drow, yes drow, captors used a fairly complex spell, known as a plane shift. Which shifted a person or persons from one plane to another, in this case the material plane to what we beli- well, I believe to be the shadow plane, from there I can not be certain were they headed.

Bowing back, Mistmyr let the Lord take the lead again.

Thank you, Mistmyr. Well, I have a guide by the name of Canumbrax, who knows his way around the shadow plane. I do not know much of him, but his reputation is good, and his is the best I could find in such short time. My price is 4,000 gold each for the safe return of my beloved wife, 2,000 gold each if Ėgodís forbid- you return with her body and a promise that her vengeance was earned. Now before we go please introduce yourself, if you donít already know each other, and donít forget to show your face when you do. When you are finished meet Mystmyr and I outside.

With this he nods to each in turn, and walks outside with the Sorcerer in tow.

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-04, 03:04 AM
A heavy, resigned sigh issues from the cloaked figure, who slowly and with obvious reluctance draws the hood away from her dark face ... but not before positioning herself near the exit as a precaution.

"I'm not one of the kidnappers," she explains quickly, hands raised as if in a show of surrender, palms spread and held flat toward them, to show that she holds no weapons. "Just an interested party, much like the rest of you."

Her eyes shift to Pheiros, the one person she recognizes, in an unspoken request for help.

2007-11-04, 07:22 AM
"Oh hello, Naenre," Pheiros says jovially, "I should have recognized you. It is good to know you are part of this quest!"

Pheiros turns to everyone else, "Hello, I am Pheiros Solseeker, a 'researcher' for the church of Oghma. I track down hard to find information and untangle sticky situations... and this looks like a particularly sticky one. I thank his Lordship for giving me another chance to meet his charming wife."

Noticing that everyone was still staring at Naenre as he spoke, Pheiros turns to the rogue and gives her a deep bow, "Naenre, I still am in your debt for saving my young friend's life and livelihood. He's a good-hearted lad, but never could have stood up to that gang of thugs without your assistance. You'll be an invaluable ally in tracking down these kidnappers." As he bowed, Pheiros had given Naenre a hidden smile, as if laughing at his own bow.

2007-11-04, 08:01 AM
Given a chance, Pheiros will wander over to the table and take a glance over the wizard's reading material.

2007-11-04, 09:56 AM
Turning around to run an eye over the people left in the room he snorts and raises an eyebrow at Naenre before shaking his head and pulling of his helm to show his face.

Elves, Half-Elves, and bloody magic users a plenty, but nobody who looked like they could swing a sword in a stand up fight.

"Name's Dominus Axeshield, and I'm doing this out of respect for his Lordship. Which means that despite any differences that may arise, or any personal problems that may come up, we work together on this. At least until his wife is safe."

His piece said, he slides his helm back over his face.

2007-11-04, 11:11 AM
Loft nods to Pheiros, one of the very few in the room that he might enjoy speaking with. He quickly scans the other people that entered the room just a moment ago. A priest, a dwarf, and a drow. Of no small coincidence, the dwarf is speaking to the priest, which a terrible first impression for Loft. He smirks, and thusly winks at the drow, overconfident in his own charisma. He averts his eyes to Mistmyr's books and searches for evidence regarding the Shadow Plane. He doesn't give his name, because he thinks the priest might know of his paladin parents.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-04, 11:41 AM
It's just RP, and you probably have some components, seeing as some spells components cost more than 1 gp. It's not like haveing them know your a spell caster is gona hurt, you about to tell them anyways. Oh and your introducing yourself right know, the sorcerer and lord walked out, after the introductions you will have a chance to ask your questions.

2007-11-04, 01:30 PM
Balthamore grins broadly (if somewhat forced) and loudly announces

Greetings in the name of the Firelord. My name is Balthamore Brightspark, though friends call me Balth.

Looking over the group he locks eyes with each for a second

I'm a man of plain words and actions, so I'll just say this upfront. Some of you are not what I would expect as travelling companions.

His eyes inadvertantly twitch towards Nanre

However what is important here is the mission. The lady needs our help and if we do not work together not only will we fail, but we may end up dead ourselves. So I swear to each of you by the Sacred Embers that I will treat each here as friend and will protect, heal and defend you all until our mission is complete

I think it is vital for the smooth running of the party that we have clear communication and teamwork, and that requires a leader. Since we don't know each other well choosing such is hard, and would hardly ask you to follow me, but it must be someone, so I elect Phairos

He holds his hands out to either side and you flames dance along one hand, and a soft white glow illuminate the other.

In battle I am gifted with both flames to smite and special gifts of healing. By Kossuth's grace I can heal you more than most of my rank. I fear not the heat of battle, so if you are wounded and in need of aid call and I shall heal thee. Otherwise i will stay on the edge of conflict and call on the Flames of Kossuth to smite our foes. I also have spells to silence or dispel enemy spellcasters, and will make neutralizing them my first priority unless someone is more adept than myself at such things

2007-11-04, 02:19 PM
Loft raises his hand and says, tersely, "I second that motion. He seems sensible." He steps back and leans against the bookcase, bends his neck back, and closes his eyes.

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-04, 04:12 PM
Naenre actually smiles at Pheiros's response to her and relaxes visibly, pushing up the dark lenses that hide her magenta eyes. She listens quietly as the others speak, acknowledging Loft's flirtation with a coy smile that may or may not be genuine.

She reacts with mixed emotions as the topic turns to electing a leader. The idea of following anyone's orders is less than appealing to her, even somewhat less so those of a male. On the other hand, she realizes, if this group feels there must be a leader, she certainly won't be chosen, and of the others, Pheiros is by far the most advantageous choice for her.

"I suppose I also vote for Pheiros," she puts in after a moment.

2007-11-04, 06:48 PM
Pheiros raised his eyebrows in surprise when Balthamore brought up the subject of leadership, HIS leadership. He was even more surprised when the others agreed so quickly. Pheiros enjoyed working on teams, but wasn't exactly the order giving type.

"I'm not exactly the order giving type, " the half-elf begins, " and I have to admit that this... honor comes as a bit of a surprise."

Pheiros pauses for a moment, considering his words, "However, if Sir Dominus also agrees, then I promise to do my best to keep us on track after the Lady's kidnappers. On one condition though, that we each agree to take the lead where we're most capable. I've certainly seen my share of mix-ups, but I doubt I have the battle knowledge of our ironclad dwarven friend. And though I speak the language, I doubt I have a fraction of Naenre's understanding of the drow... or your fiery might Balthamore, or your arcane knowledge Loft. I certainly doubt I can see as far in the dark as half of you!"

"In the meanwhile, much can be learned at the beginning of a trail, and I am curious as to why someone would wish to grab the Lady."

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-04, 09:25 PM
Nodding at each other in turn some people begin to walk out, others stay behind to view the papers and books on the table. The sun alights across the room, highlighting particales of dust that float through the air, showing that the hour was growing past noon; you apointed time of arival, and closer to the fifth your after the suns zenth.

Loft Flombard
Before leaving the room both you and the half-elf wander up to the table, you both exchange a polite greating, but you and him both seem more intrested in the books, parchment and spell components. You see a old and dark bound book (the leather might have been that of a shadow dragon), which seemed to leak shadow stuff. The parchment is written in a form of local cholaothan, which you don't understand past it's origon. After looking over the papers and finding only a few papers on drow, telling you nothign you didn't know already. Turning away from the table, you walk out with the rest of the group. Into a side room of the grand chamber of the Isrtarlingvilla.

Pheiros Solseeker
You walk up, and are followed by the semi-sulking aasmir. Glancing over the magical equipment, it follows the path of divination, and most leading towards following teleportation magic. You learn also that the attacking drow had, either magically manifested or natural claws. Learning no more from the scatterd parchement you follow Loft outside.

You wait as the dwarf, Dominus, and the bald cleric, Balth, head out together before walking out in front of the two who lag behind to look over the table filled with papers. As you walk out you spot the pair standing in front of Mistmyr, who is holding the shadow leaking script.

Balthamoer Brightspark
After the introductions and organization of party, you and your newly aquinted dwarf friend walk out together first, and you subconciously catch yourself glancing at the shedrow, feeling a hint of distrust slide onto your face, though your quickly push it away. For the sake of your new team you must come to trust the people around you. Coming into the side room of the grand hall, you see the sorcerer standing in the middle with a look of concentration masking his features.

As you turn with the human at your side, you walk past the drow with an open glare on you face. You realized the benfit of having such a.. creature on your side, but it stills felt uncomfortable. Putting the thoughts aside you walk into the open side room of the Istarlingvilla.

As you enter, you the side room to the Grand Hall of the villa, you see the sorcerer holding a piece of old script that leaked shadow essence. Some of you recognise it as a scroll, others don't. Lost in concentration the old spellslinger doesn't look up for a long time. The Power in the room maginifies, and no one dares to speak. Finally as the room seems to lose it's color and the lights dim, even the sun it's self seems less bright, he looks up, relaxing and goes into what sounds to be a practiced speech.

Ah, welcome. The lord had to attend to other pressing matters around the very unwelcome event. I shall shortly be transfering use to the plane of shadow, were we have our hired tracker already waiting, he says that he has found the trail of the kidnappers, which is no small feat seeing as it was left nearly two days ago.

Though you all seem to notice that a worry line crosses his old face at the menchen of the mercanary. He spots the looks you all give and waves his hand in a dismissive matter.

Oh, I trust him, it's just in the press of time I was not given what I would call "ataquite time" to research him, but from what I've hear he is very good. And a specalist in shadow plane walking and tracking, the only we could find, though. Anyways, using a spell I will transfer us to the shadow plane, and then sadly I must leave you in search of more information on the subject matter. In which case I will inform you via spell of anything important. I also have a feeling he is with holding information on the drow themself, at their description he went sullen, and refused to take the task of rescuing the Lord's wife himself, though I know for a fact that the little half-breed has a contingency of soldiers at his desposal,

Seeing the glares given to him by Pheros and Loft at the half-breed coment. Again waving his hand dismissvily he continues.

Well, he's a different kind of half-breed. Anyways, you may ask him about what he knows now that he isn't going. It will probably be helpful. But alas our time has come to depart, any last minute questions or request for supplies before I wisk us away?

2007-11-04, 11:39 PM
Bathamore's eyes light up.

So you are sending us to the plane of shadow. I expected to have to hazard down into the underdark but to visit another plane that shall be a true adventure

He laughs with delight

Come friends! Let us find these foul miscreants and rescue the lady!

He pauses only for a second and then looks at the sorceror a bit hesitantly

By the way, ummm how are we to return to this plane once we rescue the lady?

" Balth makes a knowledge planes check to find what he knows of the plane of shadows"

2007-11-05, 12:16 AM
Loft stares blankly at the black leather book. What sort of secrets of arcane power could it hold? The power to take down an empire, or just one man? He must have it.

"Can I borrow that book? At least, just until we get back. I haven't a clue what we'll be facing there."

Bluff 7 ranks, +5 from Charisma, so +12.

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-05, 12:48 AM
"We're positive they took her to the plane of shadow?" Naenre puts in, frowning. "I would have expected them to take her as a slave or as a sacrifice to Lloth, but the plane of shadow? ... unless they're using it to travel to another location somehow, perhaps."

Addressing Bathamore, she adds pointedly, "This may not be a good thing at all. If they just took her to an Underdark city as a slave, I could likely enter safely, looking like just another commoner, and simply buy her back. It seems this twist might complicate things."

((OOC: I forgot to claim a color. I hearby claim the color of my character's eyes -- magenta! xD))

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-05, 06:53 AM
I'm afraid not celestial son, if you were to touch that book you would be turned into a husk of dried out angel, maybe if you were part devil...

Shaking his head he turns to the Shedrow.

Yes we are postive, we found their tracks there, so unless they have somthing else... besides my own spell work led us to that conclusion to begin with. As to your second question, if it was a mater of gold changing hands then it would already happened. Your guide and I are fairly certain the trip ends in a small drow city by the name of Karsoluthiyl, which is a city folowing the normal function of a drow city, being run by Lolth, but the thing about the house that supposedly captured our Lady, is somthing less than devote worshipers. One might even say they kinda ran with the male of the family.

((00C->this takes place before the death of vhauren obviously.))

2007-11-05, 07:14 AM
Pheiros looks at the sorcerer intently and asks, "Master Iroan, do you have any idea why this city would want the Lady Istarling? Is there a past history with this city?"

Pheiros scratches his chin with his left hand and adds, "And one more thing, what exactly was the description that made your tracker sullen? What are we up against?"

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-05, 02:15 PM
"Vhaeraunites, possibly?" Naenre muses, half to herself. "Hiding in a Lloth-controlled city? That. Would. Be. Very. Dangerous. I wonder how they survive."

She looks up, eyes on Mistmyr as Pheiros awaits that notable's response to his questions.

2007-11-05, 02:24 PM
Reaching back to fondle the haft of his axe, finally opens his mouth when he hears his name mentioned.

"I'll follow orders, in so far as they don't force me to break any vows or promises I've made, and I'll let you know if that happens."

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-05, 03:39 PM
Yes, well I doubt very much that the Lolth worshipers know of the worship of the other god. We also doubt it is the entire city who went after our dear Lady, just one house. As for Canumbrax description, he declined that he recognised anything unusual abou the abductors, but his stand-offish behavior is different than his reputation suggest, when we go to meet him you may ask him yourself, just don't say I suspected otherwise.

As Mistmyr finishes he starts tapping his foot impatiently so as to put the ergency into effect.

We really must hurry, if you have need of final food suplies, or information make it quick. House sevants will fetch you what you want. My spell will only last for ten hours so you must make it a quick march to the city, which is an swift eight hour march. Once their the spell will were off and you will be placed back into the materail plane, Canumbrax has insured me that he knows a way back to the city of splenders once you have completed the task, again through the plane of shadow. Again Canumbrax knows the city and has said that he will try to help when he may. Lets do try to hurry, I must attend a meeting with Lord Istarling of this matter, and other precautions must be taken on the house.

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-05, 06:38 PM
"Can you send horses in with us?" Naenre asks. "If time is of the essence, that would help, don't you think?"

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-05, 08:32 PM
The spell were wear off with time, so getting there faster doesn't matter, it only matters that we start as soon as possiable, as soon as you get there you should have no trouble getting there in the ten hour deration of the spell.

Foot tapping faster he starts to stare holes into the group.

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-06, 12:50 AM
"It matters if I have to walk nonstop for eight hours," the drow mutters darkly, mostly under her breath. Then her eyes narrow suspiciously, and she looks back up at Mistmyr, more carefully than before. "Why is it so urgent that we leave quickly, yet unimportant how quickly we can then proceed to our destination?"

Active Sense Motive check to try to get a "hunch" about Mistmyr: [roll0]

... and that won't do it. Oh well. If he's really lying about anything, maybe he'll still lose on his opposed Bluff. He probably isn't, though. Psh. Paranoid drow. :smalltongue:

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-06, 07:03 AM
Well, no matter how fast you get there in the shadow plane you still have to wait until the ten yours are up, seeing as I won't be there to dismiss the spell. So even if you take horses, and you get there in four hours, you'll have to wait another six until the spell's duratioin disapates. Yes, well, are there any other questions about the plane of shadow, the drow, or the like?

2007-11-06, 07:31 AM
Pheiros (http://www.thetangledweb.net/addon.php?addon=Profiler&page=view_char&cid=3627) watches the sorcerer carefully, also trying to sense if the man was holding anything back (Sense Motive +7). But then Pheiros shrugs. He didn't like being rushed on a job, but was ready to move on to where he could get more information.

"Yes, we should be on our way soon. We could use a few days of travel rations though, and if you have anything that could help us carry the Lady... in case she is unable to walk and we need to make a quick exit." (Diplomacy +8)

Pheiros decided to try one more time to get a description out of the sorcerer, not sure if the sorcerer was just stressed, absent-minded, or actually dodging his questions, "While we wait, what did these drow look like again? Any idea why this family would want the lady?"

2007-11-06, 10:17 AM
Well then no use lollygagging around here pontificating. Let us be gone.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-06, 03:48 PM
The drow were obviously magicaly asisted, but other than there afinity for claws, we have nothing else to go by. We assume the Lady wasn't a worshiper of Lolth and there for wouldnt be a prudent sacrifice, so we are still not quiet sure what they want with her. No ransom has been set and as far as we can tell there won't be one, hence the rescue team.As for somthing such as a strecher, you'll have to make do we do not have one readly available and you would be semi-bulky to carry, you would probably benifit more for one made on the field, as to any we can provide in the short time given.

Snapping his fingers, a spark of magic leaps from his hand and three days trail rations apear on the floor before you. Seeing it you aproach and seperate it neatly giving everybody their share, as far as you can tell it hasnt been contamanated in any way.

If that's that, then we must be off. On your nods.

2007-11-06, 03:52 PM
Reaching back to tighten the straps on his armor, the dwarf will offer up his portion of the rations to the rest of the party.

Once he's sure everything is secure and he has all his equipment, he'll nod his head towards the mage.

2007-11-06, 04:34 PM
Pheiros looks around at the party and then nods as well, "I was thinking more of a floating disk," he says with a smile, "but as you say, we can improvise."

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-06, 04:41 PM
"Don't be so certain about her not being a sacrifice were she to fall into the hands of Llothites," Naenre warns. "Surface elves in particular are sacrificed monthly, and those of other races are hardly safe. We can assume she won't sacrificed to Lloth in this case simply because those who captured her can't be devoted to the Spider Queen -- not if they allow their males to lead them."

She shakes her head and sighs, appearing somewhat less than pleased. "But that only means that we have no idea what they're planning to do with her." Wondering whether she's going to end up regretting going along with this, Naenre finally nods. "Fine. I'm ready, I suppose."

2007-11-06, 05:06 PM
Balthamore grabs his share of rations and stows them away.

I actually have my own supply, but won't burden anyone else down with carrying these. If you need them though simply ask.

With that he prepares for the sorceror's spell to wisk him away to the plane of shadows

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-06, 07:42 PM
Holding the ever darkening scroll before his eyes, you find it hard to look at, for the darkness seems to creep from your eyes into your very skull and brain. Making skillful motions with his unocupied hand the mage's eyes glow dark as he contacts the darker places in the world.. and those not of this world. His moving hands, and twitching fingers leave trails of shadows, not even shadows, just emptyness.

As Mistmyr completes his spell, you find yourself in a shadowy world of black and gray. You stand within an abandoned version of the Irlingstar manse, looking out over a bleak wasteland that looks vaguely like a shattered City of Splendors. Before you stands a barrel-chested human male with inky, blue-black skin, no hair, and cold white eyes. He is garbed in traveling clothes
and a dark, silvery chain shirt. A pair of scabbards swings from his belt, and he holds two fine swords in his hands. He regards you warily with the canine cunning of a great wolf.

As you come into being and the disorientation that always seem to follow teleportation passes, you see Mistmyr hand the wolf like creature, Canumbrax, a black sapphire. Which the mercanery pockets deftly, even with a hint of a growl in thank you.

There will be a matching one if you bring back the Lady and fellow adventures. If that is all I will be gone.

Pulling a piece of metal, what type your not sure, in a shape of a fork. Muttering a few arcane stanza's he falls into himself, and a void opens in your new shadowy world, through which the Mage falls.

So if thats all, I will take one question from all of you and then we'll be off. We have ten hours to make an eight-an-a-half your trip. So begian.

((00C-> if you want to ask what the guy might know make a diplomancy check. oh and just thought i'd plug somthing cool that i thought some of you guys might like. new 360 game Assassin's Creed (http://assassinscreed.us.ubi.com/agegate.php?destURL=/index.php), just type in an age over 18. enjoy

2007-11-06, 07:55 PM
Pheiros asks Canumbrax what he can tell the party about the abductors.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-06, 08:08 PM
Ah... Half-Elf, you and me have something in commen. I might have heard somthing, that sounded like them, but I don't wish to clog your head with high flying rumors, just the facts for you good folks.

Turning to the rest of the group he waits patiently.

((00C->nice try, need a little more umph. ))

2007-11-06, 10:20 PM
What do you know about this city we're headin too?

If its possible, can I use intimidate instead? Strongarm him instead of being nice?
Diplomacy: [roll0]
Intimidate: [roll1]

2007-11-07, 01:23 AM
Are there any qualities to this plane that might interfere with magic?

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-07, 04:06 PM
You don't worry me dwarf, I have seen things that would make your beard change colors. As for magic on this plane, anything that deals with darkness or shadows, is increased beyond power. While it is nay impossiable to summon a light source onto this plane, your best bet is sun rods and the like.

As he says this he draws a sunrod from his pack and throws it to the closest person with a free hand.

I need not the light that some humans and elves may need, but as we have both feel free to strike a light. Let us be off if that is the last of your questions.

2007-11-07, 05:20 PM
"Well, if my everburning torch doesn't work, it wouldn't really be living up to it's name." Loft pulls his torch out of his backpack.

Sorry I haven't been on for a while, my computer got ****ed up.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-07, 05:35 PM
Impressed, Camunbrax nods his head and turns around, keeping his head close to the ground looking at barely perceptable tracks.

That should do, we have quiet a trip ahead of use so lets begian.

Moving off through the deserted city, you soon find yourself coming apon caves, the time on this plane seemed to be flying by, and at other times barely moving. Coming into the caves your guide stops waiting for you to stop. He takes out some dry trail rations and begians to nible on them.

We are entering the shadow underdark, and have only another half and quarter hour left on our march. Eat, furnish ideas, share information, as will I. We move in fifteen minutes. She drow you should probably start with your knowledge of drow, and I will fill in your blanks, for their will be blanks in this tale.

2007-11-07, 08:50 PM
Loft sits down invites Pheiros and Canumbrax over with a wave of his hand. "Please, join me. I have some questions for the both of you."

2007-11-07, 09:44 PM
Pheiros pulls out his waterskin and takes a drink, turning to offer it to his companions, including Camunbrax. Upon hearing Loft's question he looks briefly at Camunbrax, raising his eyebrow slightly, and then turns to look at Loft.

"What would you like to know?" Pheiros replies.

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-07, 09:45 PM
"First, perhaps you should give us more about these drow," Naenre replies slowly, magenta eyes taking in the strange man's savage form very thoroughly, without any coy pretenses. She stalks a slow circle around him, then looks around at her surroundings, as if thinking.

"Your success, and your reward, is inextricably tied to ours." Those strange drow eyes move back to the barrel-chested man, so clearly not drow despite his skin, yet so clearly no normal human just the same. They flicker down slightly, and her lips curl into a wry smile, then back up to his eyes as she approaches him, tickling a fingertip lightly over his chest. "It's an uncommon thing among my kind for a female to ask anything of a male in this way ... but I'm asking it of you, now: please, tell us what you know of these drow. I know enough of the ssinssriggorbb, but this is a different thing. These drow do not, cannot, follow Lloth -- not if they allow their males to lead them. Are they followers of Vhaeraun, or is it something else entirely?"

I didn't get to do this earlier, so here it is now:

Bluff (seduction): [roll0]

Diplomacy: [roll1]

A little of A, a little of B ... maybe something will stick. :smallwink:

Yesh, good bonuses, meet poor rolls. xD

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-07, 10:12 PM
Grabbing Naerne's finger, he twist and shoves, gently of course. Sneering at the she-drow, that turned into a some what of a snarl, showing his more bestial side.

The last time I bedded a drow women, a priestess in fact, she found a dagger in her heart before she could speak of how comforatable a mere mails mattress really was.

Holding up his right index finger he silently implores the Ebony Skinned Elf not to speak further, for he would give her information, after he talked the the Son of a Celestial. A Half Breed, go figure. Turning to Loft he nods, finding it odd that he wanted to have the spell caster's anwser. ( Yes he figured out that you were a spell caster from the lanky build, and soft hands, very perseptive fellow this beast of a guide).

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-07, 11:11 PM
Naenre stiffens and snatches her hand away, a shadow passing over her eyes that even the darkness of her skin can't match, and steps back away from the man. She drops the smoked lenses of her protective glasses down over her eyes in a seemingly instinctive gesture, despite having no need of them here.

"Suit yourself," she replies icily, and rather than join the others, turns on her heel and walks some distance farther into the cave.

She's not really wandering off but does make a show of "scouting," which is really (Bluff: [roll0]) more of an excuse to distance herself, assert independence, get control of and conceal her anger and her embarassment, and avoid showing weakness. Still ... even in making a show of it, she actually does take a look around. (Search: [roll1], Spot: [roll2])

2007-11-07, 11:20 PM
"Canumbrax, I will be very straight-forward with my questions, and I believe that you will answer them in that very same fashion. You seem quite distinguished for a... man... of your occupation."

Loft holds out his hand.

"If you let me, perhaps I may call you friend?"

If I need it...

Diplomacy 1d20+5=24 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1360315)

(He'll speak with Pheiros once he's done asking Canumbrax questions.)

2007-11-07, 11:27 PM
Turning to the group, Dominus snorts and shakes his head

"Ye want to know about drow? I can tell you about drow, fought them a couple of times when they ventured up from their holes to try and take our mines. They're cowardly, backstabbin, lyin thieves who don't know a lick about honor and justice. Sell their own mother down the shaft if they thought it'd get them the favour of ther bitch goddess"

He raises his visor and spits before turning back to surveying the plane.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-08, 07:22 AM
Growling at the Mages offered hand, the half beast only shrugs. Showing the Aasmir to continue.

2007-11-08, 07:46 AM
Pheiros leans back against the cave wall and looks from Naenre to Loft to Canumbrax, taking stock of the situation.

Pheiros little half-elf ears pop up like radar dishes:
edit: I hope I don't roll this crappy in combat too...

2007-11-08, 03:54 PM
Loft ignores the beast's blatant insolence, and continues with his questioning.

"Do you know of any reason why these drow would kidnap the lady? Where are they taking her?"

Holy ****, this guy must be an Exemplar of Sense Motive.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-08, 04:44 PM
((00C-> He really isnt being as sullen as you think thats just his personality. For instance, he doesnt respect the fact that you asked the question away from your "brood" or group of companions, he thanks that if your making this trek you should be sharing everthing with each other which is why...))

Speaking up so that everybody can hear his statement. Your guide answers Loft's question.

Alas, no, I am ill informed onto the reasoning behind the Lord's Lady's capture. Though I have realized somthing that aught to help you in your upcoming battle. I have walked beside drow, behind, before, and drove my dagger into their hearts. I do not care for their cruel taste, but I do like there coin, know what I am about to tell you comes at no cost.. at least not yet.

Raising his voice so even the drow "Scouting" in the back can hear him, Camunbrax begins to tell you all he knows about these drow.

After hearing the description of these drow I put all thougths out of my head of a rescue mission conducted by myself. The tale of shadows and claws gave me pause, for there are preciose few drow that meet that description, and after a gold coin or two changed hands with a duergar slaver I know from this city, my instinces were justified. For this is no normal drow house, nor is this a a usual house of Vhaeruan worshiping in the deeps of Lolth's hole. No these drow are far more powerful and connected than can be imagined. These are the Jaezred Chaulssin, the Deep Assassins, Shadow breed, many years of drow blood flow in the blood of these creatures, but that is not the only foul substance that taints their insides, it is well known (of the group), that they have bread with that of the Shadow Dragons, for many uncounted centuries. Making them stronger, faster, smarter, and above all more dangerous. That is the reason I declined the job, and that is the reason I hesitated to join in with any group going after this caputered bride.

Staring around intently at the group his canines start to show in a hardly perceptiable snarl escapes his sneering face.

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-08, 05:50 PM
Naenre chooses this moment to stalk back over to the group, fists clenched at her sides in a show of annoyance.

"Now the truth comes out. For this, we're only being paid 4,000 gold apiece?" she demands, gesturing expansively. She points an accusatory finger at the guide, adding, "Just working with him should be worth at least another 2,000!"

She plops down sulkily, arms folded over her chest, glowering back at the guide just as much as he keeps glowering at everyone else.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-08, 06:02 PM
Don't blame the Istarlings, they had hardly a clue what it was, and as for working with me, you might want to enjoy it while you can, for I am your ticket out of here.

2007-11-08, 06:23 PM
"I wholeheartedly agree with you, Naenre. Four thousand is quite a minimal sum. says Loft continuing on in jest, "I suggest we find the Lady and ransom her back to Lord Istarling."

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-08, 06:30 PM
That elicits a laugh and a wry grin from Naenre, in spite of herself. "Don't tempt me."

2007-11-08, 06:44 PM
"The contract was fairly stated, and the price agreed upon. They're shall be no ransoming. It is our own fault for not determining the particulars before agreeing to this."

The dwarf shakes his head

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-08, 07:12 PM
Noticing that the dwarf is taking this seriously, Naenre continues, deadpan, as if she hadn't heard him, "Or, now that I come to think of it, if she's important enough to have attracted the attention of such powerful beings, she might be a worthy sacrifice. Perhaps I could even regain Lloth's favor!"

Pure fluff Bluff check to avoid visual cues that she's teasing, like grinning: [roll0] :smallbiggrin:

2007-11-08, 07:44 PM
"Well Naenre, you'd have to do something to make up for the company you keep," quips Pheiros with a slight smile, but then his expression turns serious, his green eyes flashing like emeralds in Loft's torchlight.

"We all have our reasons for taking on this job, and though I don't like this development any more than the rest of you, I don't relish angering both this clan of assassins and a Lord of Waterdeep. Let's just hope there's worthwhile loot and that the Lady is grateful."

Pheiros runs his fingers along the feathers of the arrows in his quiver, "We'll need to be smart about this one, even with ten of Dominus, I doubt we'd survive a frontal assault, nor the Lady either." He turns to look at Camunbrax, , "So how does one outwit a shadow-spawned family of assassins? Do they have enemies we can enlist? A backdoor we can open?"

2007-11-08, 07:53 PM
Loft hunches his shoulders and says, "I vote that we can cross that bridge when we come to it."

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-08, 09:03 PM
"It might be possible for me to enter the city itself safely ... as I said before, seemingly just another commoner," Naenre offers, her expression sobering again. "Unfortunately, I'd have to do it alone. But I might uncover something, and I suppose it might be possible to somehow turn attention to these intruders, if I'm lucky, and thereby create chaos and confusion that might allow us to somehow steal away our Lady ... but risky, too. I don't know the exact political and social situation in this particular city, and if I were found out as a heretic ..."

She hugs her arms around herself reflexively. "If I were found out as a heretic, I would be better off killing myself before they could capture me."

As an afterthought, she adds under her breath, "... and even that might not save me."

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-08, 09:54 PM
Looking at Pheiros with a mixture of Suprise and Respect, Camunbrax speaks again, this time with a smile on his lips (almost looking like another snarl).

Well, half-elf, that is exactly what I have planed. What people not knowledgable of the City, is that there is very upstart house that is just waiting for a chance to take down, what they think is a rivial house. Now if some one where to drop some information their way... Oh like this certian house is a group of Heretics, well they may just take some sort of action. Now if we plan this around your said "Rescue" maybe we could create a distraction that would help in your fight and flight. I'm also privledged to certain information on the houses outer perimeter, which I fill you in on when we get there.

Nodding, you see his smile widding... Just before it fell from his face. Shouting, eyes wide with shock- Aye, Ware, SHADOWS!

Pulling one sword from his hip with his right hand, and pulling a Sunrod from his back with his left, he strikes it's alchemic top on the rough, stone like surface of the plane, it lights showing shadowy figures dart across the designated camp area.
Roll Knowledge for Plane and Arcane.

2007-11-08, 10:08 PM
With a look of utter awe upon his face, Loft screams, "Gods blast these bloody things straight to the burning Abyss!" He then downs a glowing, blue potion from his pack, and tosses a dull, brownish one to Dominus, saying "Douse it on your weapon."

Knowledge: Arcana - 1d20+10=22 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1362077)

That was a potion of Mage Armor and a potion of Magic Weapon

2007-11-08, 10:20 PM
Muttering to himself, he spends a moment smearing the potion onto his weapon, a look of distaste in his eyes.

"If this leaves so much as a spot of rust on Bertha, its your head"

He then steps to the forefront against the encroaching shadows.

2007-11-08, 10:40 PM
Balthamore stands, scanning the shadows and grabbing for the holy symbol of Kossuth at his belt.


What manner of creature is this? Come be illumined by the holy light of Kossuth!

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-08, 10:49 PM
Knowledge, planes (untrained): [roll0]

Knowledge, arcana (untrained): [roll1]

Eyes wide even behind her dark lenses, Naenre scrambles to her feet and, reaching for her crossbow, very sensibly moves in a direction opposite the approaching shadows, getting herself well behind the eager dwarven meatshield.

2007-11-09, 06:36 AM

Pheiros pulls an arrow onto his bow and holds it at the ready, cursing under his breath for having been caught unaware.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-09, 07:09 PM
Ok this is a disclamer because i cant seem to get anything going on a table or graph for the battle, so if some one wants to point me in the right dirction. Im gona try a sample one so dont laugh.


O are the shadows
O is Naerne
O is Dominus
O is Balth
O is Loft
O is Pheiros
O is Camunbrax

((00C->and before you start your combat round post your charactor, you dont have to post in initiative order, but you should only post for one round at a time, and dont move on to the next round until i give the say-so. five foot squares.))

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-09, 08:01 PM
Shadow 1 [roll0] (1)
Shadow 2 [roll1] (3)
Loft [roll2] (4)
Balth [roll3] (5)
Dominus [roll4] (6)
Pheiros [roll5] (7)
Naenre [roll6] (2)
Oh and just forgot to include him, Camunbrax will be (8)

You remember from previous lessons that these shadowy creatures come from the depths, and are incorperal, i.e. not harmed by regular weapons, and worldly fires, cold and acid. also you learn of their undeath peril, hoping you can twist that to your advantage, you look through you repritour of spells.

You don't remember much about your foes, you just swing your weapon and want to charge. You see your Drow companion in front of you and you feel the urge to rush to her side.

From you clerical backround you draw the Knowledge of many lessons that were onced preached by your mentor. You see the undead for what they are, and sense their other worldly quilities, such as their incorpraile traits. Hoping that the Flame of Renewal is enough to banish these foes to a place worse than the one you are currently placed at.

Seeing the shadows aproach you feel the need to become small and wish to melt into the backround. You also see that they will be immune to your tricker and sneak attacks, also you posions will be of ill to no affect.

Seeing the darkness aproaching you sense their awekwardness towards true day light, and also feel the uneasieness that tells you of the undead that they really are, also knowing that only magic weapons may hurt these other worldly beings, you look at your bow hoping it will be enough. If not then pray that your god will give you the powers to destroy them on the spot.

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-09, 08:31 PM
As mentioned, Naenre scrambles quickly away from the shadows, trying to get behind someone else, anyone else. Preferably someone who isn't also retreating.

So, um, double single move directly away from the shadows, and another move action to draw her crossbow. If it's necessary, Tumble check first in order to avoid provoking an AoO. :smalltongue:

That should be enough to get behind others. If it isn't, due to terrain or whatever, then a double move, and forget drawing the crossbow.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-09, 08:37 PM
((00C->where to.))

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-09, 08:50 PM
((00C->where to.))

As far as C-10, if possible, or down to D-8 if a Tumble check is needed first.

2007-11-09, 08:54 PM
(Ooo, sad to see even the DM rolls badly for me...)

(Pheiros (http://www.thetangledweb.net/addon.php?addon=Profiler&page=view_char&cid=3627)
AC 18 HP 37

Pheiros lowers his bow with one hand AND grasps his holy symbol, Oghma's silver scroll, in the other. "By the Oghma's revealing light, begone!" he cries at the shadow dead.


2007-11-10, 12:14 AM
Beware! These creatures are shadows. Mundane weapons will not work on them, and their very touch can drain you of your strength. Leave this fight to us who can call on magical aid. Nanre, get behind me! I will protect you!

Balth will attempt to put himself between the shadows and Nanre but not move closer to them than he needs to to do so. If the shadows are at a distance he will try to catch them both in a fiery blast. If he can only hit one he will aim for one harmed by Loft if possible. If the shadows close on him he will spend all three charges of his healing belt and attempt a touch attack to do 4d8 damage to a shadow.

2007-11-10, 10:19 AM
Loft mutters under his breath, "I can't believe I'm actually using this." He holds up his hand, with two fingers extended, and a bright, piercing light emanates from them. "But it should do something!"

Daylight spell-like ability

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-10, 11:08 AM
hm.. it's only a light spell, but it will through off their hide effects. i will post effects soon.

2007-11-10, 11:42 AM
Ok this is a disclamer because i cant seem to get anything going on a table or graph for the battle, so if some one wants to point me in the right dirction. Im gona try a sample one so dont laugh.


O are the shadows
O is Naerne
O is Dominus
O is Balth
O is Loft
O is Pheiros
O is Camunbrax

((00C->and before you start your combat round post your charactor, you dont have to post in initiative order, but you should only post for one round at a time, and dont move on to the next round until i give the say-so. five foot squares.))
(Can you make my color Dark Orange instead of Yellow? I can barely see myself.

By the way, this avatar is Loft.)

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-10, 10:08 PM
(("I see," said the Blind Man to his deaf, and dumb Wife, as he picked up his hammer and saw... Ok can do, will in next post.))

2007-11-10, 11:32 PM
(Actually, I've decided to change my color to DarkGreen Lime to match my character better. I got it all done on page 3 and 2, then realized it was Canumbrax' color.)

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-11, 01:11 PM
The shadows seem to float towards you, and you glimps the rock behind them. Now getting close, but strangely not making any sounds at all, you see them as humanoid shapes, that step, but dont touch the ground. In fact they seem to be floating and really just walking on air.

The SheDrow sensiable takes steps away from the closing monsters, getting behind all but Camunbrax. As fire shoots from the Priest and Pheiros intones the power of his god, the shadows squirm and shudder in utter silence, trying to show their pain. In fact one of them starts to turn and flee in the same floating way.

Ya, they're just about dead, as long as Balth can hit them with something nasty. Glad to see some damage being done. to bad they have turn resistance, or they would be perverbiale dust.

2007-11-11, 01:28 PM
Dominus is going to step towards the one that is not retreating and swing his axe towards it.

Attack[roll0] Plus whatever I smeared on my weapon
Damage [roll1]+4=[6] Plus whatever I smeared on my weapon

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-11, 02:39 PM
and lets see if you hit, 1 to hit. [roll0] and you do damage, and ill psot soon with results.

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-11, 04:10 PM
(OOC: Are we on to the next round's actions, or is it pretty much over?)

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-11, 05:37 PM
take this to the OOC, and as of now no, breten needs to roll for fiery burst. im not sure what level spell he's using or i would do it. oh and sry, i dont meen to talk like your not going to read this breten, jsut answering Nowhere.

2007-11-11, 08:33 PM
Holdin his holy symbol out towards the foul creatures of shadow Balthamore calls on the power of his God burning in his brain to send flames of destruction towards the shadows.

May the fires of Kossuth banish all shadow in His Holy Light

Roll to see if the shadows are affected hitting on a 2

[roll0] for shadow 1
[roll1] for shadow 2

2007-11-11, 08:36 PM
Auril's frosty arse!

Balthamore swears as he sees the flames have no effect on either shadow.

Well atleast Pheiros' turning worked. But do we chase them down or let them flee?

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-11, 10:03 PM
Coming back into the light, as the shadows flee, Camunbrax shakes his head.

They be running for few minutes in which time we can get out of here, we should not tarry. They will have no way of tracking us should they still wish us ill.

Tossing his sunrod down the opposite tunnel, he heads on the path they were taking earlier, leaving no room to argue.

If you have questions of what I said before the untimely assalt ask while we walk.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-12, 06:32 PM
After another quarter hours walk, you find yourselves in a large, and open cavern, with destroyed stalagtites, which may in a distant past have been houses. As Camunbrax pulls to a stop you feel, more than see, the darkness ebbing out of the area. Turning to your traveling group the Mercanary speaks.

This is were we part ways for a while. I will go and alert the opposing house after I take my leave. There are two main entrances to the tower like structure the drow are using as a house. At the bottom of the Stalagmite turned tower, there is a merchantile, and foot soilder entrance ramp, which leads from the bottom and slowly accends to the main rooms, from there I do not know what lies behind. The other is half way up the towers face, a sort of landing ramp, which looks impressive and usually requires magic to get to though it is climbable. This is actually a place for dragons and there off springs with wings may take flight, and land. Both will be guarded about the same, though by whom or what I can not be sure. Some were in the complex there is an entrance to the shadow plane, were I will wait after I contact the Lolth worshiping house. If you do not turn up there in six hours, I will wait at the edge of the city, where we come back to the material plane. From there we will axcess the shadow plane again, and then go to undermountain, and from there, Waterdeep and payment.

As the half-breed finishes his speal, gray blures, lights, you realize, from the material plane, start to flash and whirl about you.

Your spell is about to end, and this is were we split ways for a time. When four hours pass hence forth, I will contact the Opposing house, and they will start a battle or siege, try to be in the house by then. If you have any final questions ask them now?

As he speaks this last part you hear roaring and tearing, as the planes start to seperate...

(( do hurry... it's dramtic writing at it's finest.))

2007-11-12, 07:03 PM
(I don't understand, are we supposed to stay in the shadow plane or leave it?)

2007-11-12, 08:15 PM
Okay, so we are supposed to sneak/fight our way through this tower, locate the portal to the shadow plane and meet you there. We can go through the bottom floor, or the landing. Hmm anyone know how to fly?

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-12, 10:16 PM
the shadow plane is just a way of transportation, the rest of the time will basicly be spent in the underdark.

2007-11-12, 10:28 PM
Pheiros nods at Camunbrax, "So we will make our way to the house and in, trying to determine the location of the Lady, while you set up a distraction. We will see you on the other side then Camunbrax, good hunting."

2007-11-12, 10:33 PM
"We go in the front door, and demand that they return the lady to us or face the consequences. Sneaking around is for thieves and murders, and I sir, am neither. "

Reholstering his axe after the shadows flee, he is going to cross his arms over the top of his shield, and lean against it.

2007-11-12, 10:51 PM
Loft glares at Dominus. "Do you believe that is what they would do for you? If you do believe so, you are most likely quite insane. If we must act like thieves and murderers to take a noble lady back from the real thieves and murderers, let it be so."

2007-11-12, 11:01 PM
Balth interjects himself into the conversation before an arguement can break out

I do not believe that we can sneak in completely undetected. Even if Dominus does not shout warning ahead he is hardly equipped for sneaking, and for that matter neither am I. I am afraid it comes down to an assault.

I do not believe that giving the drow notice that we are here will help anyone, and would greatly endanger both us, and the life of the lady. There is nothing honourable about that. I do understand you aversion to fighting dirty though dwarf.

Would it satisfy your conscience if in an assault your role was to defend us from attacks by the drow. That way you would only have to attack those who were already proving themselves to be a threat.

2007-11-13, 12:06 AM
Loft paces back and forth, scratching his temple, as he says, "I believe we should trust Pheiros to concoct a plan that may be adequate for our... situation. Or, if he decides so, we may all devise our own and have a vote."

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-13, 12:55 AM
"Depending on the circumstances, I might be able to get around a good deal of fighting entirely," Naenre puts in thoughtfully. "Uniquely among us, I can actually look as though I belong here, as long as I'm somewhere a mere commoner might realistically be. I might even manage to blend myself in with the common soldiers of our target house, with some effort and a little luck."

Turning to Dominus, she adds in a slightly harsher tone, her accent slipping out slightly as she speaks, "Bearing in mind that our goal is to rescue this woman and naut to attempt to singlehandedly annihilate the city, a method that minimizes or, ideally, avoids bloodshed in turn maximizes our chances of success. I assume you do value her life more than your desire for battle?"

2007-11-13, 07:41 AM
As the shadow world swirled around them, Pheiros looked at the dwarven knight sympathetically "Naenre speaks true Dominus, our first responsibility is to the Lady and her rescue, as entrusted to us by Lord Istarling. But you are also right, we are not thieves come to steal the Lady, nor do I think we will all succeed in trying to sneak past a clan of assassins. "

Pheiros pauses to finger his holy symbol, looking thoughtfully at Oghma's silver scroll, "We still know too little. We have no idea why they took the Lady, so therefore little idea of what situation she might be in, or even of her desire to return. We need to get into that house before her kidnappers decide to whisk her away..." Pheiros looks back at Dominus with a smile, " and to encourage them to stick around for a fair fight."

"We still need to make it to the tower though, and I suggest we have Naenre lead the way. When we get there I can ask Oghma's advice for the best way in. Though since we are not equipped to take on shadow dragons, right now the soldier's door seems like our best option."

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-13, 05:52 PM
As the shadows whirl around you in half formed shapes, the darkness seems to pulse as if trying to fight a battle it knows it can't win.

Well then, I'll see you off and about. Do try to stay out of trouble, a drow city can be dangerous. Slaves are not uncommon, but one drow to four slaves is a bit much.. You could try a spell of disguise and seem a better fit. Oh yes, from this point you can see the House, as it is one of the closest to the wall. A quaters-hour walk will get you to the soldiers entrance, which has an iron door fitted on it's inside. You should be able to get there with plunty of time to have a brief scouting mission, before the opposing house falls on the tower. Do try to be in the Rock by then, I'm sure they will stack the guard on the outside entrances at this assult.

As he speaks, Camunbrax walks backwards, leaving a bigger gap between him and your group, who's area is becoming a lighter shade of gray with every moment. Finally at the sound of tearing parchment, the everburning touch gives off twice it did in the realm of shadows, and seems like an obvious becon in the creeping darkness, which seems no less intense but all the more alive, as the smell and the noise of a busling city assults your senses. You see the soft glow of faerie fire radiating from the beautiful buildings filling the cavern. It is ruffly half the size of skullport, with also about half it's inhabitants. It stretches to your left farther than it does to your right, afording you the sight of two cavern walls. The wall at your back gently slopped in on itself getting, the distance between the floor and ceiling getting shorter and shorter, and finally ending in a field of razor like stalagtites, and stalagmites, which hung (ironicly) like a dragons maw at your back. You look back and see no sign of your wolfish guide, who surly stayed on the lightless plane of exsitance. He seemed almost comfortable their, a foreign thought to all of you. The closest house is just as Camunbrax desribed, a tower like building that use to be a stalagemit, and stalagetite grown together, making a solid column in the cavern. Half way up it's side there was a plateau bedecked in carvings of dragons in flight, drow on saddle back. This gateway is not facing you however, it is faced towards the left and the majority of the city, which gave you a breath taking view of it's further beauty.

((00C, from now you have four hours, which i will ruffly update you on depending on what activities you decide to partake in, I will tell you how long certain things will take, so you can gage a stradigy. The glow of the buildings gives 20ft low light vision, and (im bending the rules here) 5ft regular. however does not hender darvision. Now be on you merry way. be quick about your plan, that torch will rouse suspicion from the closest houses, including a tower like one...))

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-13, 07:15 PM
Naenre whirls around, her expression unmistakably urgent. "Torch. Away. Now."

As soon as the light is hidden away, she continues, speaking quickly, "It's time for me to be candid. I wasn't born in any Underdark city -- I was born in the forest of Cormanthor, on the surface. There's a relatively small group of Lloth-worshippers there. This ... in many ways is as new to me as any of you." She turns to look up at the tower and opens her mouth as if to speak again, then slowly closes it, unable to find words as she stares at what, if she's to be believed, is a part of her heritage she must have only known from stories.

Quietly, she says finally, "He's right. You would have to be slaves."

2007-11-13, 10:31 PM
Does anyone have disguising magics? I don't have anything of the type in my mind. I also don't think anyone is going to believe I am a slave looking like this.

He gestures towards his etched armour and shield bearing the bright flames of Kossuth.

2007-11-14, 04:29 PM
Loft sighs and throws his torch far down in the cavern. "That was money well spent." He looks to Balthamore and says, "Neither do I, unless you want me to blast fire in your face until it's blackened and your eyes are boiling and bloody."

2007-11-14, 05:47 PM
"I can disguise myself for long enough to get into the house... two drow walking with three slaves or bodyguards should get us to the door, if not through it."

Pheiros placed his hand on Balth's shoulder, "I doubt there will be any robes here large enough to disguise you, but if you can strap your shield on your back and pull your cloak around your front, Kossuth may escape their notice. The trick to disguise is in your attitude... though it might help if you all were carrying something."

2007-11-14, 07:13 PM
Balthamore sighs, and nods.

I can do better yet
Quickly he doffs his robe, revealing the simple undertunic beneath. He bundles up his armour and shield and robe in the dark grey cloak he wears. Then he knees down to grab some dust from the cavern floor and begins smearing it on his arms, legs and undertunic, and mussing up his hair.

He inspects himself for a second and whispers a regretful prayer

Kossuth forgive me for hiding your glory, but every fires must be extinguished when you are being hunted by night.

Then he turns awkwardly towards Nanre, suddenly aware of the other's attention.

Sooo...is this enough or should someone hit me a couple times to make it more realistic?

2007-11-14, 07:45 PM
"You might want to give yourself some non-lethal burn marks on your arms, you'd be used to the feel of flames by now, I presume? And, speaking of that, perhaps somebody has some chains, possibly? I believe I've seen enough of my parents to know how a captured paladin would act."

Who is the LG god in the Forgotten Realms?

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-14, 08:02 PM
((Tyr, god of justice))

2007-11-14, 09:36 PM
(Have anything to do with the Norse god Tyr?

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-14, 09:58 PM
((no idea, but back to planning, where are you guys going to go?))

2007-11-14, 10:37 PM
(I think I should wear the dwarf's armor and pretend to be a captured paladin, if I can use my Bluff instead of Disguise.)

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-15, 03:54 PM
((tell the group not me, and yes you would, and you would get a bonus being an aasmir and all, though you might get attacked on spot if a priestess of lolth sees you.))

2007-11-15, 04:10 PM
"I doubt you'd fit in my armor, and there's no way I'm walkin into a drow city without it. I could always disguise myself as a bleedin grey dwarf, I hear some of them trade with the drow. But it makes me skin crawl to even think of doin it."

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-15, 07:23 PM
To Loft, Naenre says, "You know, you can keep the torch -- just hiding it away for now will do. Having a light you can suddenly shine in someone's face to gain an advantage in a dire emergency might even be useful. Believe me, I know: none of them would like that in the least."

Turning then to Balthamore, she adds with a sly, crooked grin, making a teasing show of cracking her knuckles, "And ... I can certainly hit you if you'd like."

2007-11-15, 07:36 PM
Loft eyes the bundle in Balthamore's arms, "What about the scale mail that the fire priest is holding?" he says indifferently. "That could pass as long as it doesn't have any holy symbols of Kossuth all over it. And about those chains, I didn't get an answer yet. Do we have any?"

((Dwarves are medium sized, and they don't need their armor custom made. It could fit on me, but it would look strange, since it's dwarven made.))

2007-11-15, 07:49 PM
Pheiros looks back at the tower and says, "Naenre can walk in front and I'll take the back. Loft and Balth can walk behind Naenre. Keep your eyes down, drop your shoulders, and try to look dejected. Keep your hands behind your back as if you're bound." Pheiros rubs his chin for a moment, thinking. "Dominus you can be in the back with me, act like you're watching Loft and Balthamore."

"We'll need a story when get to the door though, or if somebody stops us. I'd suggest telling a partial truth, we found adventurers from Waterdeep who after the Lady, and we're bringing them to the tower for a reward. When we get to the door we'll figure out the best way in... it may have to be by force, so be ready."

Before the party moves, Pheiros will cast disguise self, changing his features to match a Drow male, taking off a few inches in height too.

2007-11-15, 10:33 PM
Balth blushes as crimson as the flames of Kossuth himself.

Ummm well I only thought it would help with the disguise and all. I don't like getting hit or anything. I could try to burn myself, I am not afraid of fire at all...but us followers of Kossuth are a bit hard to burn sometimes. Maybe I am being silly, but its something I heard once in a bard's tale....and if it will help the lady I am not afraid to do it.

But as he speaks his voice almost crack, as if he was saying it as much to convince himself than anyone else.

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-16, 02:42 AM
The drow's expression shifts to one of wry amusement, and she shakes her head, waving off the offer dismissively. "You would likelier be beaten with a whip," she demurs. Then she looks back up at the tower again, and her smirk fades, giving way for the first time to something that looks like genuine, haunted fear.

Taking a slow, deep breath, she asks finally, "Are we ready?"

2007-11-16, 10:44 AM
Balth nods. Ready

2007-11-16, 05:12 PM
Loft seems disheartened, "Pheiros, I really think that I would do better as a paladin. He then averts his eyes to Naenre and says, "You wouldn't happen to have any unpoisoned crossbow bolts would you?"

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-16, 07:27 PM
((OOC: Er ... technically, Loft shouldn't know Naenre's bolts are poisoned since she never said anything about it, but since it's largely unimportant, to avoid confusing the issue, I'll retroactively assume she mentioned it during the trip.))

"Uh, well," the drow responds awkwardly, shifting her eyes slightly to one side. "No. Not really. Why?"

2007-11-16, 09:01 PM
((****. Whatever, you're right, doesn't matter. XD Same thing happened to me earlier in the game))

"I was wondering if you would like to stab me with one, or just plain shoot me with it, but since they're all poisoned, I guess I'll have to find something else. Dominus, would you mind hitting me in the face a couple times with the blunt side of your axe? I want it to look like I went down fighting, as an idiotic paladin would do in a hopeless situation.

He thens taps his foot for a second and smacks himself in the face.

"I just remembered I have some bolts, I suppose they might be believable."

Loft pulls a crossbow bolt out from underneath the back side of his coat, raises it, and abruptly stabs it into his shoulder. He groans for a second, but then bites down hard on his sleeve.

1d8-1 -> [8,-1] = (7)

2007-11-16, 09:15 PM
"You want me to smack you upside the head? If you say so. But don't blame me for any brain damage. It sound's like your all ready addled"
The dwarf shrugs before spitting on his hands and grasping his axe and swinging the blunt end towards the side of Lofts head a couple of times to get the timing right, before smacking him upside the head with it.

Attack Roll: [roll0] -4 for subdual
Damage Roll: [roll1]

2007-11-16, 09:28 PM
Loft falls to the floor and spits saliva-diluted blood all over the floor. He picks up some blood soaked dirt and rubs it into his hair and across his face.

"All right, dwarf, thats enough. If you hit me again I think my jaw just might snap off." he says shakily.

I'm at 5 lethal health, 1 subdual

2007-11-16, 09:41 PM
Stay near to me in this battle friend Loft, and when it begins I will heal you. Your bravery advances our disguise, but if the first hit knocks you out we will not have benefit of your spells.

Then he turns to the others

Are we ready yet? I feel the sudden need to burn things.

2007-11-16, 10:09 PM
"I'm as ready as I can be."

He takes a good look at the towering spire and what else lies on the path ahead.

"If almost pissing my pants is considered ready."

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-16, 10:57 PM
Naenre looks down at the now-bleeding and battered Loft, then up at Dominus, quirking a snowy white eyebrow.

"You have a cruel streak. I like that," she remarks, magenta eyes twinkling with sly amusement.

Before the dwarf can protest, she turns again to look up at the tower.

"And don't worry. You, they'll probably only turn into actual slaves."

A slow, deep breath.

"They'll sacrifice me."

Despite the grim prediction, the drow forces a twisted grin onto her face. "So let's not get caught. I'm ready."

2007-11-17, 12:22 AM
The dwarf shrugs at the drow and mutters something in Undercommon

"He was asking for it. It's not my fault if he can't take a hit."

Grabbing his shield, and returning his axe to a one handed grip, he looks out at the rest of the party.

"Anyone else need some assistance with their disguise?"

2007-11-17, 11:16 AM
Pheiros looks at Loft's "disguise", a mixture of amusement and concern on his face. "If it helps you to feel like a fallen Paladin, by all means play the role."

Turning to the others Pheiros says, "Let's be off then. If necessary Balth, we may signal for a distraction, in which case I suggest setting yourself on fire... or at least the appearance of it. Naenre can make use of that distraction as necessary."

Pheiros adds, "Dominus, Naenre, we should speak in Undercommon until we're inside the tower."

Pheiros closes his eyes and then his appearance begins to change...

Casting disguise self

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-18, 05:37 PM
As you walk down the gentle slope that leads to the cities traficing area, you spot carevans of nobles, merchants and commoners walking the street. You pass people, and though they give you hard looks most say nothing. When you get closer to the target house, the crowds thin until when are about 100 yards away from the soldier entrance, you are almost alone. You are starteld when a small group of drow walk out and towards you vering to your right ever so slightl, so as that if they keep the pase they will find them selves in the forset of rocks from which you just came. There are about four of them, and they look to be common drow fodder, nothing special marks them, and none of there weapons seem magical. The four continue there walk and are soon half way between the house and the rocky forest, by there walk you again are reminded of slackieness, as they walk and talk, not checking the people surrounding them, they don't once even glance at you folk, though you are the most notifly stand-out-ish people in the area.

2007-11-18, 11:05 PM
Loft gives a showy example of an escape attempt shaking around in his chains and continues with an effort to veer off course before tripping and falling on his jaw.

"Unbind me, you godless bastards! The paladins of Tyr will not stand for this blasphemy! My companions will come looking for me, the mightiest of my entire order!"

Bluff 1d20+12=30 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1381023)

Sorn, can I get a Divine Companion when we get back to the city? It's in Complete Champion, the Divine Sorceror variant. Also, during character creation, I forgot that I only put in 2 instead of 3 bonus languages. What should I put in?

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-19, 12:50 AM
Naenre, looking furious, wheels and delivers a swift kick to Loft's stomach, as hard as she's able, then stoops to grab hold of his hair, jerk his head back, and put her face right next to his.

Eyes blazing, she hisses, "Be silent, fool, or I'll carve out your tongue myself!"

OOC: The anger actually isn't a bluff in this case. Naenre is genuinely angry (and frightened, although she's trying to conceal that part), as the last thing she wanted was to draw more attention to herself and the "slaves" she's leading, or to appear not to have her slaves well under control.

2007-11-19, 02:11 PM
Pheiros turns to Dominus and snarls in Undercommon, "Get our mighty guest up off the ground and inside. Let us be rid of them." Pheiros then puts his hand on Balth's back and shoves him forward.

2007-11-19, 05:21 PM
Naenre, looking furious, wheels and delivers a swift kick to Loft's stomach, as hard as she's able, then stoops to grab hold of his hair, jerk his head back, and put her face right next to his.

Eyes blazing, she hisses, "Be silent, fool, or I'll carve out your tongue myself!"

OOC: The anger actually isn't a bluff in this case. Naenre is genuinely angry (and frightened, although she's trying to conceal that part), as the last thing she wanted was to draw more attention to herself and the "slaves" she's leading, or to appear not to have her slaves well under control.

So that's 1d3 subdual damage?

2007-11-19, 05:25 PM
Dominus mutters and yanks loft off of the ground and onto his shoulder.

"My apologize sir, I thought we had broken him of those tendencies before the sale, if you'd like you could trade him in for a less willful slave. I have many more to trade"

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-19, 06:19 PM
So that's 1d3 subdual damage?

I guess 1d3-1. Naenre's not physically powerful. :smalltongue:

2007-11-19, 07:35 PM
I guess 1d3-1. Naenre's not physically powerful. :smalltongue:
Roll really fast, I leveled up because of savage prog and now I have 4 instead of 1 subdual hp.

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-20, 06:22 PM
Ack, sorry ... here:


2007-11-20, 11:01 PM
Loft the 'paladin' pretends to be unconscious, his arms swinging back and forth as he is being carried by Dominus.

He whispers in his ear, "Don't be too rough, please. My ear is still ringing from the blow from before."

2007-11-21, 07:39 PM
((Are we waiting on something? We're walking towards the door...))

2007-11-21, 08:11 PM
We're waiting for the DM to type up something.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-21, 09:12 PM
Sry guys my comps been F**king with me lately. Ill have it up by 2marow.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-22, 11:26 AM
You get closer to the crevice that holds the door way to the house. The Shelf over takes you and the darkness becomes fuller. You come to a set of Iron doors, that apon inspection opens inward, and after quick but unnoticed check they are also locked. After a few secounds of silence you hear movement behind the door, but the shuffling soon stops. Many more secound pass, until the drow in the party spots many symbols etched above the door, brushing debris clear you see it is in a laungage you don't understand but you do recognise. The draconic writings are clear, and only a select few in the party recognise it.

The Mask of Shadows watch, Spiders weave, and Informents lie. As they climb away, who stays? When velvet touches face, When the light reaches it's penicale and dashes the darkness within, who do you call to Blacken your Mark's face?

Obviously it's a riddle, but to what, and what it speaks of you don't know. In the darkness of the small cavern your in, the outside seems far away. You can't hear anything behind the door, but you are sure that what ever made the noise previosly is still there.

sorry it took so long, my comp was screwing with me, and i had to go to a different one.

make Wisdom Checks and Religion Check, Naerne add a +6 bonus to yours, and everybody do a search check. Only those that can read draconic can read the above, but you should probably repeat this to everybody else in the party. replie soon.

2007-11-22, 11:47 AM
((I don't know Draconic, but when someone bothers to read it aloud my Knowledge religion check is [roll0]))

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-22, 11:56 AM
dont forget a search and wisdom check ( wis mod + 1d20 roll)

2007-11-22, 12:32 PM
Pheiros looks at the writing and feigns a laugh, "Ah, a favorite riddle."

He turns to Balth and Loth and taunts, "Tell me mighty guests, can you figure this one out?"

"The Mask of Shadows watch, Spiders weave, and Informents lie. As they climb away, who stays? When velvet touches face, When the light reaches it's penicale and dashes the darkness within, who do you call to Blacken your Mark's face?"


2007-11-22, 01:10 PM
search; wisdom (1d20+3=14, 1d20+0=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1387089)

2007-11-22, 06:41 PM
Dom's Checks

Knowledge Religion [roll0] Untrained
Search [roll1] +2 if it involves stone due to stonecunning
Wisdom [roll2]

"Gah, I hate riddles"

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-22, 08:39 PM
Naenre purses her lips and looks closely.

Knowledge (religion): [roll0] (with the +6 circumstance)
Wisdom: [roll1]
Search: [roll2]

2007-11-22, 11:29 PM
I'm pretty sure that you can use knowledge untrained, but 1d20+3=20 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1387787)

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-23, 01:08 PM
You don't realize much from the riddle, but you do understand it is referncing the Drow Gods, though whome your not sure. What you find strange though is the use of such a wierd language on the outside of drow achiutecture.

Your lack of knowledge of the drow and religion shows as the riddle sounds foriegn to you, and your not even sure why it's their. You quickly inspect the ground around the door but don't see much but worn path of travel.

Here is were you knowledge and logic shine, you glean from the riddle that it is indeed referencing a god of sorts, and that it is probably hinting at a password. You don't know what god, but you find it odd that the drow would have written in such an obscure language that is so little used out side of magical text.

You sit back as your companions go to work, they seem to have things in better hands than you, after all your just here to kill some abyss cursed drow.

After repeating the riddles words you watch the door closely still thinking of what it might meen. There was defientently a divine meening, but more importantly you see a black half-mask that apon closer inspection reveals a pair of eyes above the hem, that were slowly shifting colors, though stayed dark so that it didn't attract attention.

2007-11-24, 12:12 PM
"Do you see the Mask of the Shadows in front of us?" Pheiros asks his companions, nodding his head towards the shifting eyes. Looking at Naenre he speaks his question in the form of a statement, "The mark of Vhaeraun."

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-24, 01:25 PM
As Pheiros speaks the word "Vhaeraun", a lock behind falls with a clatter, and the doors swing open soundlessly. The darkness seems to become even more palpauble, as if you were just shaunted back into the plane of shadow. A chilly blast emits from the open iron doors, as the pressure from the warm cavern leves with that of the cool stone palace. A brief silence follows the Iron Doors opening, which is quickly broken by the screech and clatter of chairs being pushed away from an unseen table.

Your eyes are starting to ache from the constant use of darkvision, which you haven't had to do for quiet some time know. Though as the doors swing open you are still suprised, and peer intently into the darkness. The sound that you hear after the opening goes unseen but you quickly see the culprits. Four Drow warroirs rush from around the corner of an otherwise exitless corriodor, which sweeps up and to the left, hinting at a spiral like accent. You look at your companions and see that only the half-elf and human clerics were truely "In the Dark", as the Celestial Son, and Dwarf were dropping into ready crouchs and staring intently at the oncoming enemies.

When the door opens and the wind hits your face you shudder. Your celestial heratiage seems to have finally paid off though as the darkness gives way to black and white. You spot the persons making the rucass, four armored drow, who wore determined looks, came running your way.

You are as shocked as every body else as the obviously magical doors reacted to your words. As the doors open, you find yourself looking into a deeper darkness on par with the plane of shadow, effeciently blinding you. You hear what seems to be movement ahead, but with out your sight you are all but useless, as you can't tell what may be approaching.

The Noises coming from the open Iron Door are quickly identified by your expereinced ears. Your suspicions are found to be correct when you spot four armored drow running your way. Droping reflexively into a fighting stance, your look wearly at your fellow companions, most of them seems to have spoted the oncoming trouble, but the half-elf, and bald human weren't.

The darkness changes to solid pitch as the doors open, as if the natural had been replaced by supernatural darkness. You hear the noise but can't see the hand in front of your face. You realize danger is probably not far away but you aren't going to be much help until you give yourself magical vision, or light your god for all the city to see.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-24, 06:50 PM
Bump, ok guys start posting.

2007-11-24, 11:12 PM
Balth peers into the darkness

Great.He mutters

Then he whispers the words of a spell.

((am casting Ebon Eyes. I knew it would come in handy))

2007-11-25, 01:02 AM
Grinning behind the faceplate of his helmet, Dominus unceremoniously drops Loft on the ground before stepping into the doorway, filling it with his armored bulk, while at the same time bring his axe and shield into position.

"I've had enough of this pussyfooting around, time to see what these guys are made off. You guys get behind me."

Initiative Roll: [roll0]
Free Action: Drop an Object
Move Action: Step into the doorway using a free action to draw my axe
Standard Action: Ready an action to attack if any of the enemy Drow enter my range.

2007-11-25, 07:25 AM
Unable to pierce the darkness, but seeing the intensity of his companions reactions, Pheiros does what he can. He pulls a wand out of his belt and touches it to Loft's back, uttering a command word.

Wand of Cure Light Wounds

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-25, 09:59 AM
((00C-> Heal spells go for full. and the requirments to make a wand is level 5, so the spell would be 1d8+5, or sense we do full, it would be 13. :smallbiggrin:

2007-11-25, 05:59 PM
Initiative: [roll0]

If the darkness is magical I will cast ebon eyes. If it isn't then I will simply cast light instead

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-25, 07:22 PM
((00C thought i'd clear this up. if you cast Ebony Eyes, you'll get back the 5ft vision. and you also get rid of concealment with it on. but light a 0lvl spell, will do the same thing.

2007-11-25, 09:29 PM
initiative (1d20+2=21) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1392136)

How wide is the hallway?

Nowhere Girl
2007-11-27, 03:20 AM
"So much for subtlety," Naenre mutters darkly, going for her crossbow and letting fly at the nearest drow warrior not already in close combat with anyone by the time she manages to get the shot off.

Initiative: [roll0]

Attack: [roll1]

On a successful hit, damage: [roll2] (and DC 13 Fortitude save to avoid unconsciousness)

If the target is still flatfooted (if they're acting on separate initiative counts, Naenre will prefer a target who acts after her and so is still flatfooted), sneak attack damage: [roll3]

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-30, 10:56 PM
And let it began


Balth is Red and inti is [roll0] add your mod
Naerne is Purple and init is [roll1] as above
Dom is Brown and inti is [roll2] as above
Loft is Green and inti is [roll3] as above
Pherios is Blue and inti is [roll4] as above
Drow are Red/black dots:
Special Drow is Blue/black dot is [roll9]

Brown thing is table, Blue are doors. Letters suck but i had to do it quick. Hope you can tell were walls end and begian. post in inti order.

2007-11-30, 11:16 PM
Initiative 21. Yay, the tank get to position himself first.

Dominus is going to 5-foot step to G10, which should block anyone from getting behind him without provoking an AOO. He then uses a swift action to call out the Blue Dot with a fighting challenge. Finally, he'll use his standard action to turtle, going fully defensive.

Status Block:

HP: 63
AC: 30 vs the Blue Dot. 29 vs All others. Touch: 19 vs Blue, 18 vs All others.
Position: G10

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-11-30, 11:44 PM
The menacing looking drow in the back smiles in an almost animal like way. He arches his head back and lets out an inhumaniod roar. Shedding some sort of disguise, black leathery wings burst from his back. Lunging into the air it spreads eagle, and soars towards you. (Moving to I8) As he gets there he stripes his belt of a hand crossbow and losses a bolt towards Loft... and his red eyes widen as it flies wide.

The bolt zips towards Loft..

To Hit: (12 to hit) lucky sob..
Damage If Hits:[roll]1d4+2d6

2007-12-01, 11:41 AM
((Pheiros' init is 15 then, will post after Balth))

2007-12-01, 06:57 PM
(Loft's initiative is 7, will go after everyone but 2 drow)

2007-12-01, 11:48 PM
Taking note of his vulnerability without armour and the forces arrayed against him Balth uncharactaristicly goes on the defensive casting sanctuary on himself.

2007-12-02, 12:29 PM
Pheiros (http://www.thetangledweb.net/addon.php?addon=Profiler&page=view_char&cid=3627) AC 18 Touch 13 Flat 16 HP 37

Pheiros steps up behind Dominous (G11) , and in a smooth motion draws an arrow and fires at the winged drow.


2007-12-02, 11:39 PM
(Now Naenre, two drow, me, two drow, then we start over. Right?)

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-03, 06:40 AM
yes sir...

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-03, 02:33 PM
So ... initiative 12.

Can I keep my attack roll I already did? :smallbiggrin:

If so, I will. If not ... same action, same sour, muttered comment, and Naenre doesn't move but does fire at ...

*pauses to apply a straightedge to the screen and see if she has line of effect to the nearest one*

Yes! The H6 drow. Which, I believe, is exactly within 30 feet. :smalltongue:

Revised attack roll, if needed:

Attack: [roll0] On successful hit, damage: [roll1] + [roll2] flatfooted sneak attack(?) ... and DC 13 Fortitude save to avoid unconsciousness

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-03, 02:35 PM
Er ... and to confirm the underwhelming critical ... :smalltongue:


Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-03, 04:07 PM
All of the drow ignore the bald priest, and go for the fellow companions. The arrow fired by Pheiros bounces of the transformed drows toughend hide. Roaring in feral pleasure it reaches for it's next bolt. Naerne takes a different aproach, firing at the closest drow (not the big one with wings) and the poisoned bolt flies straight and true, striking the suprised drow in the throat, tearing out the other side. The drow fell to the floor, hands grasping at the hole in his throat, as his lifeblood puddled in a pool near him.

The drow stare at there fallen companions, now visably seething with fury. Two of the quickest (I5, K5) react and move foward, covering ground quickly. As they finally get near they pause (H8, I8) long enough to fire the handbows that were in their hands the whole time. Both bolts tear through the air at their only fiesable target... Pheiros.

One Bolt flies wide as Pheiros throws his hips to the right. The second bolt though hits you in you bicep, just piercing your toughend armored. The hit doesn't have done much damage, though it was lodged tightly in your flesh, already you can feel the numbing rush of drow poison inpose it's self appon you.

They both take the same actions.
[roll0] to hit
[roll1] Poisoned Roll Fort if hit.
[roll2] to hit
[roll3] Poisoned Roll Fort if hit.
Oh and I dont meen to pick on you or anything, just the only thing they can hit.

2007-12-03, 06:57 PM
((Rolling fort save))

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-04, 03:56 PM
((00C- Yo elpaso

2007-12-04, 04:33 PM
Loft grasps one of the gold spheres dangling from his neck, hurling it at one of the drow shortly thereafter.

"Go back from whence you came, beast," he says, apparently still in his paladin disguise.

I'm using one of my four 2d6 fireballs from my necklace of fireballs type II. I shoot it at ground level I8, which hits the drow at I8, H8, and the flying drow. It has a DC14 Reflex save for half damage.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-04, 05:07 PM
((00C, couple of problems elpaso, 1) the "injured drow" has a bolt through his neck and motionless... what i'm getting at is he's dead. 2) I though fireballs were a reflex save for half. but i could be wrong. I'll post results shortly, change your post before i post again if you wish.

recap: big drow flying 20ft above square I8, two other drow are at H8, and I8 (under flying drow). The drow at K4 has yet to move.

2007-12-04, 07:23 PM

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-04, 07:45 PM
To overcome spell resistance...[roll0]

The fire errupts in a torrent of heat, as your hair flies from the influx of unequal pressure. The drow scream in furry, as the Beastly Drow roars in pain, as the magical fire bypasses their natural magical resistance.

The two drow on the ground drop dead, singed beyound recognision. The winged drow simplies roars anew, though finishes it with a weeze instead of a smile.

The drow that is still far away starts running towards you (K6) though can't get far enough before all of you are ready to make your next moves...

I'll start the next round on another post soon, with the new map.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-04, 08:40 PM
alrdy did in OOC.

Dom- Go ahead and post, the dragon is above I8, hovering at 20ft. the other drow is at (i fibed earlier) J8, near the flying beast.

2007-12-04, 08:51 PM
Dominus is going to move to H8 and re-assume his defensive stance.

HP: 63
AC: 30 vs the Blue Dot. 29 vs All others. Touch: 19 vs Blue, 18 vs All others.
Position: H8

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-04, 09:25 PM
((00C- ok ive changed the map so it's better but everybody else is still kinda in the same place, though things are switched around.))

The weakended winged-drow drops to the gound right infront of Dom (inacting an AoO) and takes a deep breath, tendrals of darkness whirl into the drows fanged mouth. Exhailing with all it's might, pushing darkness into the surrounding area. The darkness nips at your very soul, coldness icing into your veins...


Colors match up, red is dragon dude, the blackflamey thing is the breath weapon. Ref save needed. (this is all not needed if dom suceeds on his attack, 96% sure). Crap forgot other drow, he's at E7.

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-04, 10:03 PM
Well, if it's needed:

Reflex save (with evasion): [roll0]

Edit: And I hope it isn't needed! :smalleek:

2007-12-04, 11:01 PM
No attack due being on full defense
Save: [roll0]

2007-12-04, 11:11 PM
Hopefully unnecessary reflex save.


2007-12-04, 11:41 PM
Balth struggles to dodge out of the way of the breath weapon


Turning to face the dragon he calls upon the residual power granted by his god and throws a ball of flame at the dragon and the drow standing by him.

May the Holy Light of Kossuth burn away all evil!

((I am using my fiery blast feat. I do 3d6 damage since I have a 3rd level fire spell memorized. This is a supernatural ability, and ignores spell resistance. The reflex save is 16))

Damage: [roll1]

2007-12-05, 06:24 AM
Reflex save if needed


2007-12-05, 06:34 AM
"Dom, finish him already!" Pheiros shouts as he writhes in pain from the dragon's breath. Stepping forward he draws another arrow and fires it at the last standing drow (at E7).


Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-05, 07:34 AM
you guys might want to slow down, the breath weapon doesnt physically heart you but pheiros, and naerne failed their saves... now they have one negative level.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-05, 07:38 AM
The half dragon readies himself as flames shoot from Balth's palm, and the power of gods are invoked...


The DragonDrow smiles as he twirls aside, and the flame rushes right past him, not touching any part of him.

2007-12-05, 09:22 AM
Are you kidding? Losing a level when nobody has restoration available is really painful... that's a wound that won't heal! :smalltongue:

2007-12-05, 09:30 AM
Pheiros is going to redo his action above, but now with a negative level. He's still going to shout for Dom to attack.

New rolls if you need them, or just use the last one.

HP 30/32 (-5 for negative level)

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-05, 02:21 PM
Holding her head and wobbling slightly as the blackness rips through her, Naenre complains, "I don't feel well ..."

In a motion that's purely reflexive even now, she smoothly reloads her crossbow and lets fly another bolt at the still-standing normal drow in a single motion.

Attack (including the negative level): [roll0]
On successful hit: [roll1] damage + DC 13 Fort save

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-05, 02:22 PM
And to confirm another mediocre critical ... :smalltongue:


Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-05, 03:40 PM
Either from the bolt recently taken, or the negative energy, Pheiro's aim is wide and the arrow soars into the darkness of the cavern.

Naerne's instinctive movements serve her well, as the bolt flies toward it's intended victom with purpose. The flight ends suddenly in the drows shoulder, just above his heart. He slumps down as the poison starts to pump through his body..


... and he falls to the smooth, worked floor of the cave, as he loses his fight with the paralyzing agent.

2007-12-06, 05:33 PM
Loft points his index, middle, and ring fingers at the last standing drow. He mutters an incantation under his breath, involving many 'S' and 'K' sounds. Three red beams dart from each finger, the two erupting from his index finger and ring finger wrapping around the beam from his middle finger.

The ever-beloved magic missile.


Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-06, 06:26 PM
And spell resistance... [roll0], oh and not to hark (but i will) magic missles, should probably be called magic bullets, as when there usually described they are magical pelits of force. but that all doesnt really matter now does it.

The Beam fires unyielding toward the flying drow, hiting him square in the chest. Even from his heighth, you can hear the cracking of ribs as the force spell makes contact. Falling in tight corkscrews, the dragon becomes motionless, and the cavern hall steadies as the companions are left to themselves...

((00C- Carry on, it's your freedom to rome. There's a door to your right as marked on the map, and the tunnel like complex keeps extending in a sloping leftward pattern, hinting at a spiral effect.

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-06, 06:45 PM
Without hesitation, Naenre stalks over to the unconscious drow warrior, only faltering for a moment as the unaccustomed slight numbness she still feels causes her to sway a little again. She shrugs it off quickly and tries to act as though nothing is wrong, not wishing to show any kind of weakness.

She kneels by his body and pulls a length of rope from her pack, already moving to begin binding his wrists, none too gently.

"Perhaps we can extract information from this one," she suggests.

2007-12-06, 08:07 PM
"I'm going to go see whats in that room over there."

Dominus whistles loudly to himself as he walks over to the doorway

2007-12-06, 09:15 PM
Loft fills up two empty potion bottles with the blood of the half-dragon drow. "For analysis," he says in a no-nonsense manner. "One for me, and one for Mistmyr." He then proceeds to pry out two of it's biggest, sharpest teeth, for obvious reasons.

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-06, 10:04 PM
While busying herself with her prisoner, Naenre says (without looking over her shoulder), "And someone should hide the bodies. I would prefer to complete this task quickly, without fighting every member of this house."

Looking pointedly at Dominus, she adds, a little reluctantly, "Please."

2007-12-06, 11:34 PM
Balth mutters to himself and begins strapping on his armour.

So much for the slave disguise. Just as well, I prefer to have good armour between me and the bad guys.

Looking around the group he looks to the status of the others.

Does anyone need healing? he asks

2007-12-07, 09:22 PM
"I feel like my soul has been chomped on" Pheiros states, drawing another arrow and walking over to the fallen half-dragon. "Still, it could be worse."

Pheiros hesitates for a moment, and then fires an arrow into the beast.

Coup de grace, x3 crit + sneak attack

Pheiros then quickly searches the half-dragon before grabbing its arms to drag it into hiding.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-07, 09:47 PM
After the half-dragon stops breathing, you seach his pockets and equipment. You find a finely crafted rapier, that though well made, doesn't seem to be magical. On the contrary the supple chain mail rippled like a second flesh. The tingle from it's touch showd it might be magical. Also you find to vials, one holding a blue tinged oil, and the other swishing a sweet smelling fluid.

There seems to be a sloping from here on and turning left. Other than this the only thing you do is watch your companions do there work.

After the drow seemed secure you stand and look around your companions seemed to be doing things of intrest. As the drow stires he is drowsy, and not fully concious. Soon you will have to kill him or muffle him.

No one seems to be needing any healing (atleast from whats in your power to heal), so you walk about looking for something to occupy yourself...

The door you walk up to is unlocked, as you step in nothing seems amiss. Searching about you find some rations, four short spears, and 26 gold coins. You find no other exits from the, obviouse midroom.

It's your go. There are two ways out of the tunnel entrance. the slopping up, and the way you just came.

((everybody gets 500exp for the scuffle. and the -1 level... :smallbiggrin: ))

2007-12-07, 10:12 PM
Nodding to Naenre, Dominus opens the door to the storeroom.

"Until such time as their allies have the ability to perform last rites. I do believe that this would work as a temporary morgue."

That said, he grabs the first dead drow and carries him into the storeroom.

2007-12-07, 10:20 PM
Balth starts dragging bodies into the other room.

Is there a fireplace in there? If so I can dispose of these.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-07, 10:53 PM
((no, sorry, you still can use the center of it))

2007-12-07, 11:12 PM
Balth helps drag the last of the dead drow into the room, then smiles.

I got their last rites right here! Praise Kossuth!

With that Balth calls upon the power of his God and burns the bodies to ash.
((using fiery blast))

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-08, 12:56 AM
Naenre reloads her crossbow, turns the just-stirring body of her victim over, and drops a knee onto his chest to help him wake up as she levels her weapon at his head so that the first thing he'll see as his eyes open is a bolt aimed directly between them.

"Ussta kestal, jaluk," she says in a softly menacing tone, speaking a form of elvish -- specifically the drow dialect, "zhah nindel dos morfeth nindol dubo."

("My hope, male, is that you make this hard.")

2007-12-08, 06:54 AM
After dragging the half-dragon into room, Pheiros concentrates on the the beast's items and armor, whispering a prayer for revelation.

Casting Detect Magic on the armor and vials

Pheiros notices Naenre interrogation, and walks up behind the bound drow "One moment, I can help" Looking down at the bound drow he whispers another prayer in Oghma's ear. A weight seems to lift off of everyone near Pheiros...

Cast zone of truth (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/zoneOfTruth.htm)

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-08, 09:56 PM
The drow stires, and stares at Naerne, searching her body for.. somthing. Soon, after looking, with clear disgust, at Pheiros, he responds.

Gi, whol natha yathrin ulu rei ji ugul. Darthien lu'rivvin dos noriam wund dosst crowd, lu'zhahen zhah dosst elgluth. Dos orn ragar naubol whol dos ghil, Usstan alu ulu Vhaeruan xuil zhaunil d'dosst houj wun ussta xukuth.

(Common) Oh, for a priestess to fall so low. Elves and humans you count among your crowd, and were is your whip. You will find nothing for you here, I go to Vhaeruan with knowledge of your failure in my heart.

your divinations reviels a faint trase of transmutation around the oil. Some sort of enhancing agent. The other potion hails from the school of conjuration, and shedds nuratioment. (Oil of Magic Weapon, Potioin of Cure Wounds, Moderate)

2007-12-09, 10:07 AM
Pheiros places the potions in his belt pouch and catches the fallen drow's words. Reaching down he grasps the drow's shoulder lightly, causing the dark elf's bleeding to slow. ((converting create water to cure minor wounds))

Pheiros replies in Undercommon, "And yet you have fallen further still. A lowly drow warrior, bleeding on the ground floor. I bet you have never been trusted to leave the tower... unaware of what happens in your own house. Tell me, fallen one, do you even know why your companions visited the surface? Or do they have you just watching the door?"

Skill checks at -1

With zone of truth going....

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-09, 12:02 PM
((SNowfall, Do you speak DrowDialect?))

2007-12-09, 12:11 PM
To be honest, I didn't even know that a separate drow dialect existed from Undercommon... but my intent when making Pheiros was to give the language of the Drow as one of his languages. So either, I can drop one of his other languages for drow (say goblin), or you can just disregard the above post... he'll let Naenre handle the interrogation.

Also, it would help if you listed the language used in the spoiler... I hadn't followed it from Naenre's post unfortunately!

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-09, 12:33 PM
np. yes there is a seperate form of elven (drow dialect), you can drop goblin and act as if you've had the entire time.

2007-12-09, 01:30 PM
Is the drow dialect in Forgotten Realms, because it isn't a drow automatic language in the MM.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-09, 01:38 PM
((In PHB they speak elven, but FRCS they speak their own language, which makes sense seeing as they dispise the elves. Why would they keep their language? But if you didnt realize this you may replace elven, for elven(Drow Dialect), unless it was an automatic language.))

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-09, 01:56 PM
((There's a lot of similarity between the languages, though, maybe even to the point that someone who speaks elven could be understood by someone who speaks the drow dialect. Like (super geeky moment) I know that "vendui'" is a greeting in drow, while it's "vedui'" in elven. Practically the same, and you'd be understood, but if you said "vendui'" to a surface elf, it'd be a dead giveaway that you're speaking the drow dialect and wouldn't make him or her too happy. Undercommon, though, I believe is just a general Underdark trade language and might work for being able to communicate, although not necessarily to pass yourself off as drow.))

Post to follow soon. I don't have time just now. :smalltongue:

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-11, 01:36 PM
((Nowhere Girl, Where are you?, and everybody take 1,000 exp for their troubles.))

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-11, 07:29 PM
((Sorry, life's been a pain. I'm here!))

Naenre's eyes widen, then narrow dangerously, and her cheeks seem to redden slightly even through her inky complexion.

"Lu'lu'oh xun dos zhaun usstan zhahus rin'ov natha yathrin a jal?" she demands sharply. Then she purses her lips and moves to grab one of the captive's bound arms.

"Nau," she begins to say, struggling with his weight as she starts pulling him toward the door, "usstan guu'lac dos orn tesso uns'aa. Nindel morfethe dos n'nehr taga kl'eril, jhal dos ph'natha wael ulu talinth usstan orn ori'gato dos el ji pi'rescho. Nau, jaluk. Dos orn tlu muth a waenre d'Lloth, lu'nind orn plynn zhaunil d'dosst qu'ellar dal dos, a jiv'elgg xor a faer, xor a tu'. L'waenre d'Vhaerun orn tlu elggat."

Grinding her teeth in a combination of anger and effort, the vengeful drow continues, roughly dragging her would-be victim face-first on the floor, "Jhal dos orn naut el quin. Nau. P'leik lu'ter'rol zhah calestio ulu Lloth, lu'dos orn zah'har zakath tu'jol jala dos inbal rin'ov izwin. Vel'drav nind xun balbau dos l'belbol d'streea, ol orn tlu 'zil natha or'shanse pholor l'orlenggin d'l'Orbb Valsharess!"

"And how do you know I was ever a priestess at all?"

"No, I doubt you will tell me. That makes you less than useless, but you are a fool to think I will let you die so easily. No, male. You will be found by servants of Lloth, and they will take knowledge of your house from you, by torture or by magic, or by both. The servants of Vhaerun will be destroyed."

"But you will not die yet. No. Suffering and terror is pleasing to Lloth, and you will suffer agony beyond any you have ever known. When they do grant you the gift of death, it will be as a sacrifice on the altar of the Spider Queen!"

(No Bluff check or need to roll a save against the spell effects to lie at all. Naenre is serious about this. :smalltongue:)

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-12, 07:25 PM
Slumping down, the drow soldier whispers in undercommon.


Though the fire of defiance doesn't leave his eyes.

2007-12-12, 09:34 PM
Loft nudges Pheiros and says, "Maybe we can push him down the halls and he can be our trap decoy. That would be good for a laugh, eh?" He then chuckles to himself.

2007-12-13, 01:02 AM
Balth listens to Lofts idea, and looks from Pheiros to Dom looking distinctly uncomfortable. Killing foes in battle is one thing. And interogation though unpleasant has it's place too, but using a sentient creature to set off traps seemed...dishonourable. Even drow deserved a quick death once they had given their information.

2007-12-13, 09:27 AM
Pheiros looks at Loft for a moment, raising an eyebrow, "I think your Paladin disguise has worn off my friend." He then adds, "Dom, Loft, you have the best eyes for this dark. Can you make sure the tower door is shut and keep a look out?"

He then nods to Naenre to continue her interrogation.

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-13, 09:35 PM
Naenre stops dragging her victim and, after a moment's consideration, rolls him onto his back once again, plants her knee on his stomach, and aims her crossbow at his face.

"What do I want?" she echoes, mirroring the male's switch to Undercommon in the hopes that her companions might be able to understand as well. She leans in close, so that her face is only inches from his, a wicked, triumphant smirk creeping onto her lips. "A surfacer female was brought here recently. I assume you know where she is or might be. Tell me."

((As an aside, was that experience for everyone, or just for everyone who had to wait on me? :smalltongue: ))

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-14, 04:07 PM
((Everyone, :smallwink: ))

I will tell you what you want to know, but as compensation you must free me from my bondage. Knock me out if you must but let me be. I will be no harm to you as I certianly can't be a whistle blower in a city of Lolthorites.

Turnging to the bald priest at the edge of his vision he pleads...

My allegiance lay to my God, my well being, and then my house, as far as I can see, the only thing in danger here is my well being. You don't have to trust me, just stick me with a dart and let it be done. If that is agreeable then tell me, if not, go blind into upper house and face your doom.

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-14, 06:46 PM
Since it's going to be relevant after all, I'll roll Naenre's Will save against that Zone of Truth spell now. The spell description indicates that affected creatures are aware they're affected, so her response to this plea is going to be directly impacted by the effect the spell had (or didn't have) on her.

What's the DC to resist?

Will save: [roll0]

Nevermind. That won't be enough. :smalltongue:

Inwardly, Naenre seethes with annoyance, not truly wishing to leave the male alive for fear that he might be discovered and freed by another member of the house before the mission can be completed, yet also aware that the "helpful" spell that was cast is preventing her from lying.

"If you tell us what we need to know," she interjects in a surprisingly gentle tone as the captive warrior looks to her companions for help, "they won't kill you. I promise." She looks to the others, hoping that no one will notice the loophole in her wording. "Right?"

Naenre's attempting to use a comforting tone and sudden feigned kindness to get her captive to go along with her without really thinking about it too much (a classic con artist's trick). She's also effectively misleading by omission rather than lying since she can't lie. Sooo I'm assuming she needs to make a Bluff check, which I'll make in my next post.

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-14, 07:08 PM
Bluff (including the penalty from negative level): [roll0]

2007-12-14, 07:47 PM
"I swear by Clanggedin that if I kill you, you'll be awake and have a sword in your hand, and that as long as you co-operate in saving the womans life, I will not allow undue harm to come to you."

2007-12-14, 09:02 PM
Balth looks at the drow with disgust.

Your god is foul beyond belief, and to set you free to do his will disgusts me. But all we care about for now is the well being of the lady. Aid us and I swear by the Flames of Kossuth that we will release you. But if you attempt to betray us your death will be terrible indeed.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-15, 12:01 PM
Good peolpe, I still hold loyalty to my house, and won't raise arm's agianst it. And Priest, a verbale strugle over whos god is right, and whos is wrong, will go no where. It's a known fact that worshipers of faith are more stuborn than pack mules. So if all is agreed...

The entangled drow has seem to comeback from the poison, and is fully awake now. He takes a deep breath, as if he wanted to rush through it and not stop, for fear of not starting again.

.. About a tenday ago, a battle broke out on the shadow plane which entagled our house with Blood of Magluas,

After speaking the words he spits on the ground, as if the very words had a foul taste.

One of their sorcerers got lucky and caught the patronfather in a devilish enchantment... that had some.. ill effects. In retaliation, the house voted to kidnap a Godsforsaken Blood of Magluas, hoping that we could find where the heart of their opperations are, and strike them at home. We knew of only one that was easly gotten to, your dear lady.

Smiling at the end as if he had just finished a personal battle he goes on.

Now if that's all, please go ahead and.. Subdue me.

((Knowledge arcane&plane to learn of the Blood of Magluas.))

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-15, 12:34 PM
Naenre shakes her head. "I asked you where she is."

2007-12-15, 12:50 PM
Blood of Magluas?

knowledge (arcana) check - [roll0]

knowledge (the planes) check - [roll1]

2007-12-15, 12:51 PM
((I meant for that to be italicized, but I don't want to mess up my roll and make it say [roll0]))

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-15, 01:17 PM
A light of amusment twinkles in the arrogent drow's eyes.

Lady, please, Do you think they would tell a lowly door guard were an important hostage like that of the Blood of Magluas.

((Loft your past experiances tell you that Blood of Magluas are creatures of old, that are cappable of great sorcerery and shape shifting, their relastionship with the drow))

2007-12-15, 01:42 PM
What do you mean 'their relationship with the drow?'

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-15, 02:49 PM
((I meen why they are fighting))

2007-12-15, 05:32 PM
((Why are they fighting?))

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-15, 11:29 PM
"So you're telling me you definitely don't know where the surfacer female we're looking for is or might be?" Naenre presses insistently, aware that the answer she was given could simply be an evasion to get around the spell's prevention of outright lying.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-16, 02:53 AM
I only know that she resides inside this house.

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-16, 05:22 AM
((With apologies to Mel Gibson ... :smalltongue: ))

Looking supremely annoyed, Naenre glances up for a moment, as if thinking, and then asks flatly, "Well, then, what good are you?"

Coupe de grace using the already drawn-and-aimed crossbow.

Initiative (just in case anyone intends to try to prevent this): [roll0]

Damage: [roll1] + sneak attack [roll2]

So, times two, thats 8 ... plus 8 ... 16. DC 26 Fort save or die if he's somehow still alive.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-16, 11:42 AM
((Nope he's dead))

As your finger tightens on the trigger the captured Drow's eyes widen in shock, but then he merely smiles, as if he expected no less. Putting up no strugle he dies as the crossbow bolt zings throw his neck, leaving a noisy sucking wound. Slowly he dies at Naerne's feet.

((Ok, so know you have three choices, the room, the way you came, or the spiraling cave.

2007-12-16, 01:14 PM
Shocked by the Nanre's sudden actions Balth explodes into a fury, flames leaping to his hands as he struggles with his temper to keep from burning the drow where she stands.

Auril's frozen teet! Does our honour mean so little to you? I know that we are required to work together on this mission, but you...

His face reddens, and he struggles to master his anger.

So be it. If you will just do as you will without thought or discussion with the rest of the group, so be it. But I swear by the Holy Flame that Kossuths spells will not aid you in any way until you do due penance for your arrogance and disregard

Turning from the drow he stalks over to Pheiros.

Let's go. I wish to be done with this, and soon. I guess we have no choice but to head up into the cave.

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-16, 01:45 PM
Eye twitching against an otherwise carefully controlled, unreadable expression, Naenre rises slowly, looking away as she reloads her crossbow.

"Then keep your spells and your god," she replies quietly, moving as if to follow the rest, but at a slight distance behind.

2007-12-17, 12:22 AM
"You fool! You could have just completely compromised our mission! I had many, many questions for him! That drow said referred to the lady as one of the Blood of the Magluas."

Loft waits a bit, expecting a 'so what.'

"The Blood of Magluas are shapeshifters."

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-17, 01:19 AM
Clenching her fists at her sides, Naenre snaps back angrily, "I killed him because leaving him alive could have compromised our mission! He knew what we've come here here for -- had he been found and freed, the first thing he would have done is tell the rest of them!"

In a slightly more subdued tone, looking away again, and then down, she adds, "If you need to know more, there are others."

2007-12-17, 07:04 AM
Pheiros looks at Naenre for a moment before saying, , "They're right Naenre, we didn't need to kill him... even though it may prove to be a mercy from the coming attack of the Lolthites. He may not have know where the lady was, but he knew more about what was going on here."

Pheiros then adds in the drow dialect, speaking softly,"And though I agree that the guard would have turned us in at the first chance, the discord his killing has caused in our party could be a worse outcome."

Pheiros turns back to the rest of the party, "If he was not resisting Oghma's liberation, then we now know that the Lady Istarling is of the Blood of Magluas... from the shadow plane herself, a shapeshifter as Loft said. This 'simple' rescue mission is much more complicated than we thought. I'm guessing our benefactor didn't know his wife's origins... or that his wife is long dead with an impostor in her place. We'll see. "

"Canumbrax's distraction will be coming before long, we can prop the front door open to make it easier for them, but they're not going to be any friendlier to us than this House. We need to move and find the Lady... whatever she is. Dominus, if you found nothing in that room, let's head up the tower. I suggest Naenre take point, then Sir Dominus, Balth, Loft and myself."

I've forgotten exactly where we are. Dom searched the room already, so that only leaves up I think.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-17, 08:45 AM
((00C-> Pheiros take 10 token exp for your wise words. Oh and I thought you'd guys like to see the profile of the building.)) http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee31/tapf200/Profile.jpg

As you guys make your way up the cave, your suspicions are confirmed, as it spirals up and to the left up the stlagtite like house. As you move Naerne finds a groove, of well worn tracks. Like it has been stomped down by a few hunderd years of always being walked...

You all elect to follow it, hopefully bypassing any traps left for an unaware traveling company. You come to a door which doesn't seem to be locked, and not traped as far as any of you can tell. Naerne steps back and lets Dom take the lead through the unknown entrance. Slowly, noiselessly the door swings open. As you open the door, you see a great octagonal gallery stretching through the heart of the fortress. A quartet of iron double
doors opens onto the shaft from each level, except for the bottom
level which has just one set of double doors and the top level which has just two sets. The middle of the shaft bristles with arrow slits, allowing residents of the tower to defend themselves from invaders from above or below.

2007-12-17, 04:22 PM
Can you make a diagram, like the one from the cavern? It doesn't have to be very detailed, maybe just draw the black octagon with the door(s) we came in from colored red and all the other doors colored blue.

2007-12-19, 07:44 AM
"I'm guessing we need to go up" Pheiros whispers to the group, "Which probably means through those doors. Naenre, can you check them out while I look around here?"

I'm assuming the door we came in on is opposite from the double door on this level. In which case Pheiros is going to walk slowly around the perimeter, looking up and around to see if he can spot anything.

Search +8
Spot +7
Listen +7
Hide +4 (if necessary)

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-19, 03:55 PM
At the very tip top of the shaft you know stand in, are two shapes moving down the walls. Your expreince tells you they are drow and their riding lizards, which has the ability to stick to surfaces, and easly scale these type of buildings. They seem to be at the top (aproxamitly 40ft away) and haven't spotted you.

2007-12-21, 05:50 PM
Loft walks slowly to the edge of the tunnel and looks up at the two drow.

Just a little bit closer...

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-21, 08:01 PM
Naenre nods wordlessly to Pheiros, actually smiling at him -- and only him -- and then makes her way to the doors as requested, taking care to move somewhat quietly as she does.

Move Silently (-5 for normal speed, -1 negative level): [roll0]

Search (-1 negative level): [roll1]