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2007-11-04, 09:36 PM
As midnight struck on Halloween, a few of your posts and a bit of the essence of your GiantITP username fused to take on a life of their own in the realm of the vestiges!

What would your vestige look like if this were to happen? You can use any sort of persona you represent here, either in the Town or on the other boards. This post (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=60645) gives tips on making a homebrewed vestige.

For the sake of vestige level, base it on your forum rank:
Titan - 8th
Firbolg - 7th
Ettin - 6th
Troll - 5th
Ogre - 4th
Bugbear - 3rd
Barbarian - 3rd
Orc - 2nd
Dwarf - 2nd
Halfling - 1st
Pixie - 1st

2007-11-04, 09:55 PM
How's this?

The Trucemaker, He who bound Law and Chaos
Level 1

Binding DC: 15

History: Little is known about Unscrewed. What lore we do have tells he was a good adventurer (some stories say wizard, others artificer, and a few say psion) who despised unnecessary bloodshed. To this end, he sought to bind law and chaos together, making it so that their would be no bloodshed in the name of law or chaos. The experiment blew up in his face (literally) and blasted his soul clean out of existence for daring to try to end the eternal conflict of law and chaos.

Manifestation: A green line appears above the seal, drawing a 2-D outline of a humanoid. More lines appear and form a 3-D grid in the shape of a human. Suddenly, a roiling mass of raw chaos flows into the grid from the top, filling it up like a glass of water. Once the grid is full, the vestige speaks in a polite tone from its "mouth" in an constantly changing accent.

Sign: Parts of your body gain an ragged, unfinished look (like an anarchic creature) while other parts become perfectly neat and symmetrical (like an axionomic creature).

Influence: Unscrewed's influence makes you reluctant to harm other creatures. You must always try to resolve a conflict peacefully before resorting to violence.

Granted abilities: Unscrewed grants you abilities to avoid and stop conflict.

Tongue of the Negotiator: Unscrewed lends you what little negotiating ability he had in life. You gain a competence bonus to diplomacy checks equal to 1/4 your effective binder level.

Stop the bloodshed: You can use Calm Emotions once per day at caster level equal to your effective binder level.

Defier of Law and Chaos: You gain immunity to both smite law and smite chaos special abilities.

2007-11-04, 10:19 PM
The Log Man (2nd level Vestige)

Legend: Few have heard the tale of the mysterious Log Lady, a Diviner gone mad. Some say that the very void of vestiges itself called out to her. Others say she simply witnessed a murder, and went mad. Only those who bind TheLogman know the truth, that she is the very keeper of the void itself. It all started with 1 woman, whose first name is lost in time. Her Surname was Palmer. She was gruesomely murdered, and although 1 man was blamed for it all, the truth is known only by 2 persons, the Log Lady, and her male counterpart, the LogMan. The two of them were personally investigating the murder of Palmer, but in the process found a rip in time and space. Using their coveted Druidic Lore and years of secret Druidic Knowledge, the two fashioned a key to the portal to what is now known as the void. This key is the Log that the Log Lady carries. However, in the process now lost to time itself, the LogMan was swept up into the Portal in-between worlds, and now habits a place in the Void known as the Black Lodge. To this day, the Log Lady carries the Log that she used to seal the portal, and some say she can even hear the voice of the Log Man, calling out to her.

Manifestation: The LogMan appears as a middle-aged Druid holding a sizeable Log. However, as he speaks to the binder, shady figures move about, and regardless of the lighting where the binder is binding, lights begin to flicker on and off. Occasionally, the Log Man will pause speaking to the Binder, and speak inaudibly to another lost in the Void.

Sign: When Bound to the Log Man, a Tatoo of a Log appears on your Right Arm, and your hands become like bark. This does not have any Crunch effect.

Influence: Because he was a Druid, The Logman demands that you respect nature, and must not harm and Animal or Plant unless it attacks first. Also, because his last act was the investigation of Palmer's murder, he demands you look into any crime recently committed in the area, especially murder.

Powers Granted: The LogMan grants the user a powerful Log to use in combat, basic Druidic powers, and the ability to consult the Black Lodge and the Void itself.

Log of Power As a Standard Action, a Binder bound to the Log Man may call forth a Log that functions as a Great Club. If the Binder is not Proficient with a Great Club, the Binder is proficient with it for the remainder of the time he is bound to the Log Man. As the Binder Advances, so does the Log. When the Log leaves the Binder's hands, it disappears, but can be re-summoned.

Binder Level | Enhancements
2nd-4th | Greatclub
5th-9th | Masterwork Greatclub
10th-15th | +1 Disruption Greatclub
16th-20th | +3 Disruption Ghost Touch Greatclub

Woodland Stride The Binder gains Woodland Stride as a 2nd level Druid

Produce the Void Once every 5 Rounds, the Binder may use Produce Flame, as a Druid of his level would, except it deals untyped damage.

Consultation of the Void The Binder may spend an additional Full Round action when making a Knowledge check to receive a 2d8 Bonus to that check. Also, the Binder may make Knowledge checks untrained.

EDIT: Made the Club a little worse.

2007-11-04, 10:31 PM
Maerok, the Skulled One
3rd Level; Binding DC: 24
Legend: Maerok is was once a demilich obsessed in the practice of arcane necromancy; since his transformation into a vestige, not much has changed. He once threatened the dark underworld behind many societies, trying to create the Dread Nirvana, a paradise for the dead. In his frenzy to create this world, and much outside of the knowledge of others, the dread necromancer destroyed his physical form in what was once called the Town to lock away his spirit in the undead demiplane in the best state he reasoned it could be. The remnants of his material form transcended the planes to end up as a vestige.
Special Requirement: Requires the activation of a necromancy spell or effect within the confines of the seal. Reduce the binding DC by the effect's spell level.
Manifestation: A vortex of ash swirls around from the edges of the circle to combine at a single point at the binder's eye level. The broken demilich immediately drops to the floor, cursing in ancient tongues. His fiend-like skull is the result of horrible fiend-undeath experiments and his gems have been smashed in his original destruction. Incapable of flight, the necromancer tries to maintain his dignity from the ground.
Sign: The binder's head becomes very much like a demilich, skull-like with gems protruding at various points.
Influence: While Maerok has influence over you, you become fully focused on what is going on and tend to miss minor details, resulting in a -2 penalty to Spot and Listen checks. If the opportunity to witness or partake in necromantic practices presents itself, you must at least watch. He requires you to use the Maerok's Legion ability at the first opportunity.
Granted Abilities:
Death's Cloak - You are immune to death effects and negative energy damage heals you.
Maerok's Legion - Once per day, you may use animate dead as a spell-like ability (caster level equal to binder level). You can control a total number of HD equal to twice your binder level. Undead created this way disappear when Maerok is unbound, but return to your side if he returns within seven days, marching out from the remnants of Maerok's sign. It is assumed they were summoned to Dread Nirvana. They are healed of all wounds but some seem to have been used during their time away. After seven days, your horde is lost to some unknown fate and you must start anew.
Dread Spells - The DC of any necromancy effect you use, either as a class feature, a spell, or with an item, is increased by +1.
Find One's Own - You may use detect evil and detect undead simultaneously for three rounds as a spell-like ability. You may only use this ability once per minute.
Necromantically Inclined - You gain a +4 bonus to Knowledge (Religion) for the purpose of necromancy and undead related topics and a +4 bonus to Spellcraft checks when the spell is of the necromancy school (whether you initially know it is or not).

2007-11-04, 10:34 PM
Erm....whats a vestige? :smallconfused:

2007-11-04, 10:36 PM
Several bits spoilered for length.

Mister Saturnine
The Unremembered
1st level Vestige

The little that is known about Mister Saturnine is written by those who would bind him in the things he would call his own--obscure facts scrawled in cream within a cup of coffee, small stories etched into the dirt, and occasionally, his name written in stars against the night sky. Kind of like that thing in Lion King...better if we don't mention it.

Mister Saturnine was once a Bard with a severe problem: his memory was almost non-existent. Every hour or two, he would completely forget where he was going, who he was traveling with, who he was, and perhaps worst of all, his knowledge of any and all songs. At first, he tried out a derivative, Memento-esque solution which was to write everything he learned in his brief time in which he had a memory down on his body. Sheet music stretched across his chest, the people he knew occupied a list down his left arm, and food he liked had a special place on his stomach. The solution simply wouldn't do, however--there was simply not enough room, and in any case, he couldn't read most places he'd be able to put things. So Saturnine began writing notes to himself to remind him of a ritual he was studying--a ritual to get a deal with a God.

When he finally figured out all of the technical aspects of the God he was to call upon and bargain with, he did so and asked for a perfect memory. Unfortunately, there was a single thing he had forgotten to write down--what kind of God he was dealing with. As it turned out, it was a notorious Trickster God. The God granted his wish--but with it, came a curse.

Although Mister Saturnine did, indeed, have a perfect memory, no one could remember him. The moment he left someone's immediate sight, it was as if he never existed.

Being the type who liked to command an audience, this was the worst possible torture for him, and so he killed himself. Unfortunately, the Gods couldn't remember him either--not even the one who had cursed him. So he faded into nothing. But his memories remained, and became a vestige.

Granted Abilities:
Mister Saturnine grants abilities that allow you to become hidden and utilize your knowledge to the fullest.

Saturnine's Knowledge: Mister Saturnine's power helps you delve into the depths of your memory and recall that which you were formerly unable to recall. You receive a +4 bonus to any Knowledge skills that you already have skill points in. This increases to a +8 bonus at level 10 and a +16 bonus at level 20.

Pass Without Trace: You are permanently under the effects of pass without trace, as the spell, while Mister Saturnine is bound. You cannot turn this ability off.

Aura of Obscurity: You gain an aspect of Mister Saturnine's curse, and use it to your advantage--it is hard for people to notice you. You get a +2 to bonus to Hide and Move Silently. This bonus increases to +4 at level 4, +8 at level 12, and +12 at level 20.

Manifestation: Mister Saturnine's arrival is preceded by faint piano music, which gets more and more cacophonous until who is playing it is simply banging on the keys. Finally, a pale young man with bright, dimly glowing blue eyes wrapped in a dark blue cloak and with a gruesome, still-bleeding gash across the neck. While speaking, he will occasionally sing lyrics to a song that may or may not have anything to do with the conversation, and will randomly turn invisible/inaudible and reappear within the circle. He is unaware that this is happening, and as a result, his side of the conversation is often broken up by his "absence."

Sign: You are semi-transparent. This is barely perceptible, but in an area of bright light, one can see you "glow" in the same way one sees tissue paper glow when it's held against the light.

Influence: While under Mister Saturnine's influence, you have the obsessive need to be remembered, and must leave something behind as a reminder of your presence before leaving a room or an area of some sort. This could be leaving behind a gold piece before exiting a house, or it could be simply carving your name into a number of trees after leaving a forest.

Illiterate Scribe
2007-11-04, 11:05 PM
Curse you logman! There's only room in this thread for one twin peaks related character! :smallwink:

The Man From Another Place (2nd level Vestige)

Legend: The Man From Another Place is a strange entity, not being a true vestige at all, but merely a spirit from the Black Lodge who enjoys the savage joy of manifesting and being bound in the physical world - and reaping Ganambozia, pure, undiluted, suffering.

Manifestation: The Man From Another Place manifests as a red-suited halfling, dancing and moving in an odd, disconcerting, jerky manner. He is accompanied by strange saxophone music.

Sign: When bound to the Man From Another Place, the binder can only speak backwards backwards. This has no game effect, but may disturb others not used to this way of speaking.

Influence: The Man From Another Place is a strange entity; he foremost seeks Ganambozia, the purified form of human suffering. After killing another character in melee combat, or in some other way causing a great deal of suffering, the binder of the Man From Another Place must spend a full round action in contact with that monster, 'to extract the corn'. This must be done once per day, but does not need to be done more than once.

Powers Granted: The Man From Another Place channels his connection to the Black Lodge to gain his power - switching back and forth in it, and using it as a refuge. Furthermore, the disturbing nature of the Man's movements is such that the binder can use them to transcend ordinary consciousness.

One and the same ... - Dimension Swap, as the psionic power, once per day. This can only target willing characters.

Let's rock! - The binder of the Man From Another Place may replace will saving throws with perform:tapdancing ones, so long as he/she is not flat-footed.

Where we're from, there's always music in the air. - Rope-trick 1/day; the caster level is equal to twice the binder's level. Spells may not be prepared inside it, as the rest period does not replenish them. In order to use this ability, the binder must drench themselves in oil.

2007-11-04, 11:28 PM
Gralamin, The Cubic Mind
Vestige Level: 5th
Binding DC: 25
Special Requirement: Yes

Gralamin gives his summoners the abilities of both Modron and Synad kind, as well as some Psionic abilities.
Legend: Gralamin was once a Quadron working on the plane of Mechanus. He was exiled from his home for some unknown reason, and ended up on the material plane where he learned the abilities of the Egotist.
Gralamin fought many battles, but ultimately lost in to the Elder Brain of Thoon. In this battle, Gralamin and some unknown Synad had managed to fuse together in order to defeat the Brain, and almost succeeded. However, the Brain won the fight, drew out the combined quistencence and destroyed the body. The fused being combined soul was lost to the unknown.
Special Requirement: Gralamin can only be summoned by non-Chaotic Binders, and cannot be summoned by allies of Thoon.
Manifestation: A bright light flashes, and for a moment one can see two, a cube and a man, but then can see only one cube. The cube splits into three smaller equally sized perfect cubes, a geometric impossibility. All Three of the cubes stare at you and each talks with a different voice.
Sign: Two faint cubes appear beside the binders head, each of which has a faced on it.
Influence: Gralamin causes one to feel the need for order, and most binders will attempt to organize items around them.
Granted Abilities:
Modron Shell: You gain a shell similar to that of an exiled Modron, granting you Acid, Cold, and fire Resistance, as well as a bonus to natural armor equal to your effective binder level divided by four.
Psionic Ability: You gain one power point per effective Binder Level.
Psionic Powers: You gain the ability to manifest Hustle, and Ego Whip, as a Psion of your effective binder level minus two. These are not Psi-like abilities.
Surprise Vulnerability: Unfortunately, you become less adaptive to surprises, causing you to be flatfooted until the second turn in combats you do not initiate.
Three-Fold Mind: once every five rounds, you may make an additional mental only standard action. This action can not be used to cast two powers in one round.

2007-11-05, 01:07 AM
Orzel, the Predatory Pack

Vestige Level: 3rd
Binding DC: 20

Legend: Orzel was the pack. Not merely one person, Orzel often traveled with carnivorous animals to hunt for food, resources, and enemies. He was a savage hunter and was known for eating those who attempted to force him out of an area, even if they were of the same race. In one strange episode of cannibalism, he bit into a fallen mage which triggered a magically concealed rune. The explosion magically transform his left eye, making it effectively blind to all but magic.

In the same accident that lost his left eye, he and his party of beasts were split into many clones, some twisted others unchanged. The Original Orzel, his clones, and his animal allies patrol many wilds before joining a secretive wilderness based thieves guild.

But his numbers kept growing. And each generation became more feral or bizarre. Soon the clone began to replicate. They became vicious and ruthless in their quest. Soon a third of the guild was comprised of his clones. Eventually the cloning process created too much strain on the original and older clones. They died of fatigue. The original soul passed normally. Their collective souls of the clones became a vestige.

Manifestation: Loud roar and growl emanate from all directions. A group of five twisted faces from out of their seal and surround the summoner. They quickly stabilize into a group of men or the summoner's race, each similar except for a distinctive change such has size or style. They all grin, showing their large sharp fangs. then crouch to await orders.

Influence: Under the influence of Orzel, your hunger aways increases. You feel as if you are eating for more than yourself and might eat or mention food even when not socially accepted. You might even bit into a fallen foe during a battle or bite a friend or lover at a gathering.

Sign: Small white eyes appear as tattoos around the body and face. They blink and stare and they increase in number. Only ending the pact removed them.

Granted Abilities: The Orzels gain you with excellent senses, a bite attack, excellent combat cooperation, and a fearsome roar.

More eye more ears: Being bound to Orzel grants you a +6 bonus on Listen and Survival checks.

Fear Roar You can emit a roar effective similar to the fear spell once every 5 rounds. You target must be able to hear and see you to be affected. The fear lasts only 1 round.

Pack fightingWhen attacking a foe with a ranged or melee weapon when standing adjacent to an ally, you deal +1d6 point of damage per ally.

Orzel's bite You gain a 1d6 bite attack and take half damage from bites targeting you.

2007-11-05, 01:44 AM
Jack, the Devilbound

Vestige Level: 3rd
Binding DC: 25

Legend: Jack was an oddity in his time. In an age of heros, where men of mighty stature fought dragons using shear might and brawn, Jack was studying tomes of dark lore and teblets of law long predating the time of humanity. His closest friends and relatives worried for his life, but the eons of ancient documents consumed his soul. For all his life, he studied the words and tales until his mind cracked.

His fractured mind broke the laws of humanity themselves, and he was able to survive for hundreds of years, a feat far beyond the reach of the average human. Despite this, no being attempted to pull him into the underworld. It was rumored that, due to his vast wealth of knowledge, the lawful gods in Celestia hoped to later use him to finally destroy Asmodeous.

Their plan, however, was flawed. When the crippled old man finally laid to rest, his soul was sent into Hell due to his vast knowledge of dark, unspeakable power. He hobbled down the layers to confront Asmodeous himself, confident that there was a flaw in the judgement. Every archdevil attempted to stop him, though he successfully rebuked each and every one with a loophole or edict that was long ago forgotten by most.

When he finally stood in the great halls with Asmodeous himself, it was said the two discussed law for years. This battle, not of brawn but of mind, was eventually won by Asmodeous. Jack, despite his wealth of knowledge, was still merely a mortal, and thus couldn't overcome one of the most awesome paragons of law in existance. Asmodeous cited one of the most ancient of laws, and banished Jack into his fate as a vestige.

Manifestation: A quaint book appears in the center of the seal, which then opens revealing pictures of man-shaped shadow. As the binder speaks to the book, the pages flip revealing different pictures of the shadow in different poses. If Jack speaks, no words are emitted, but instead the picture is captioned. The background of the picture, though, is a mystery, as it changed oneach page, with no apparant connection or meaning to them.

Influence: Under the influence of Jack, the binder must adhere to all laws in the area that he knows. As well, he must follow ancient laws if they were never legally overthrown. In some instances, binders who favor Jack have been known to follow laws that they didn't know existed, until study was done.

Sign: Words appear on your skin as if your body was a contract. These words are never the same, and may be in several different languages. You need not know the languages on your skin, though it is possible. The words often form local or universal laws, though they might not be known to the general populace.

Granted Abilities: Jack grants you dark knowledge of law, the ability to cripple foes with ancient knowledge, and the ability to fight chaos with the totalitary laws.

Knowledge of Hell: Being bound to Jack grants a +6 profane bonus to Knowledge (the Planes), Knowledge (Arcana), and Knowledge (Religion). As well, you may speak Infernal as simply as your common tongue.

Identify the Verdict: You are constantly under the effect of Read Magic and Detect Law, as the spells. Once per hour, you can spend ten minutes to use Identify, as the spell.

Knowledge of the Weak: You may make a touch attack against any enemy to weaken it using ancient laws and verdicts. This ability bestows one negative level on the subject for one day. After the day is over, all levels return without penalty. The maximum number of negative levels that can be bestowed to one target is equal to one fourth your Binder level. Once you've used this ability, you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

Chaos' Sentence: You are constantly surrounded by a Magic Circle Against Chaos, as the spell. You also deal an addition 2d6 damage damage to creatures of Chaotic alignment. This damage increases to 2d10 if the creature is an outsider with the Chaotic descriptor. At 10th, 15th, and 20th Binder Level, this damage increases by 1d6 (or 1d10 against Chaotic aligned outsiders).

2007-11-05, 10:21 AM
Korias, Keeper of the Almighty Ale
Vestige Level:3rd
Binding DC 20, 15 if Inebriated whilst making the pact

Korias was one of the few humans who could stand Dwarven Gutshakers. And at the age of 16, he was a prodigy of the competitive drinking circut. True, he went out on an adventure a few times, but was always inseperable from his porta-keg. It was after one such, adventure, that he was summoned to The Blind Pig to take on the master, The Tigress. The Blind Pig was known for its house drink: The 9 Layers. This stomach turning, gut-wrenching, bubbling concotion had never been fully drunk, save one person. And thus, the contest started.

Chug after Chug, pint after pint of the stuff was consumed. Neither competitor was willing to succumb to the waves of pain that wracked their stomach. And then, Korias stood up, and held the glass above his head: He had finished the drink. Korias had won, but his stomach was still burning. he collapsed, and died a few hours afterwards due to Dragon's Whisker poisoning.

Due to the effect that the Alcohol had on his system, and thefore on his soul, he wasn't allowed into the afterlife. Instead, he was banished to nothingness. However, he still remained. His essence, the essence of the Ale, still persisted. And when he recived his first contact, he jumped at the chance.

Manifestation: In the center of the seal comes forth a spewing fountain of ale. When the binder speaks, a voice is heared, but is gargled and hard to understand.

Influence When under the influence of Korias, the Binder feels an unnatural hatred towards Tigers of all kinds. Also, The binder must be drunk for at least 1 hour each day.

Sign On your back, chest, or upper arm, a tatoo of a Golden Keg appears.

Granted Powers
While Sober:
Part of the Crowd: The Binder gains a +5 Competence bonus to all hide checks when in an urban enviroment.
Summon Beer Once every five rounds, a Binder may fill any container with beer, as per Create food and Water. The Beer is of moderate quality.
I'm Not Drunk! A Binder gains a +5 Competence bonus to all Bluff checks.

While Drunk
Fire Breather Once every 5 rounds, a Binder may take a swig of beer and create a 15-foot cone of fire in any direction. The damage for this alcohol fire is 1d4 for every binder level.
Douse Target: Once Every 5 rounds, a Binder may douse a target in alcohol: They take a -1 penalty to attack rolls and initiative rolls, and take 2x the damage from any fire attack. They also catch on fire if hit by a fire attack.
Drunken Fighting Style The Binder may add his con bonus to Initiative checks and Armor Class
Summon Panda Once per day, the Binder may summon a Panda (treat as a Brown Bear, but it looks like a panda) for a number of rounds equal to 2d4+Binder Level. The Panda follows the binder without question, and comes with a saddle for the binder to ride it.
If the Binder is of 13th level or higher, he may instead summon a Dire Panda, Wich is treated as a Dire Brown Bear. If the Binder is of 15th level or higher, he may instead summon a Dire Pandaren, which has the same statistics as a Dire Black Bear.
You look less ugly when I'm smashed... The Binder adds his class levels to his Charisma while drunk and bound to Korias.

2007-11-05, 03:19 PM
Chug after Chug, pint after pint of the stuff was consumed. Neither competitor was willing to succumb to the waves of pain that wracked their stomach. And then, Korias stood up, and held the glass above his head: He had finished the drink. Korias had won, but his stomach was still burning. he collapsed, and died a few hours afterwards due to Dragon's Whisker poisoning.

Due to the effect that the Alcohol had on his system, and thefore on his soul, he wasn't allowed into the afterlife. Instead, he was banished to nothingness. However, he still remained. His essence, the essence of the Ale, still persisted. And when he recived his first contact, he jumped at the chance.

The moral of the story: don't drink and drive. :smalleek:

2007-11-05, 04:20 PM
The moral of the story: don't drink and drive. :smalleek:

Oh, So true!

Anyway, Maerok, do you think that the Vestige is balanced? I'm still wondering about some of the powers, especialy the Summon Panda one.

2007-11-05, 04:44 PM

^ Under Druid animal companions, it says that a dire bear is available at 13th level, while a normal brown bear is available at 7th. A 3rd level vestige is able to be bound at about fifth level, but may earlier with those binding feats; it would be more balance level-wise to get the brown bear, which is a bit more powerful but limited in turns. You could, however, make it so that the panda bear upgrades to using dire bear stats at around the 12th or 13th binder level.

2007-11-05, 07:02 PM
2nd level vestige
Binder DC: 15
Symbol- Just a big stylized "M" in a circle.

A strange organization from another time and place outside the great wheel, Mojotech is theorized to be a great band of merchants, willing to do anything within the bounds of ethics to make a profit. How they became a vestige is unknown, but some say they are not, in fact, a true vestige but simply posing as one for profit via some strange ritual... When questioned, the Vestiges seem honestly confused, and deny any knowledge on the subject, insisting "I'm only here to offer my services.".

Special requirement A 10-gold "Consultation Fee" must be placed in the circle, and the spirit must be payed 240 gold once the binding is complete.

A sliding glass door appears on the surface of the wall, and a random creature, dressed in purple, comes through. This creature is never a standard player race, and can range from animals to templated creatures to outsiders. Basically anything ranging from a winged paragon sea slug to a Tarrasque. The binding "deal" may range from haggling over a price for the services rendered to economic theory to just local prices. The creature always speaks in a clear, polite manner with the binder in a random language the binder knows. The deal is always sealed with a handshake.

The Binder's body becomes somewhat translucent, random patches of it becoming entirely see-through as if he was made of stained glass. (This does not reveal any organs, it simply makes the binder see-through), in addition any clothes the binder wears takes on a purple tint.

The binder must always take an opportunity to make a profit and learn of local economic news, be it making profession checks during downtime to earn money in populated areas, or to buy up commodities from one town to sell in the next if traveling. If adventuring, all loot is fair gain.
However, you must not make any mercantile acts that could be considered chaotic or "evil". (Such as overcharging bread to orphans, selling water to a man dying of thirst in a desert, or buying or selling items that are illegal to do so in that area.).
If these two influences conflict, the second clause takes priority.

Granted Powers

Merchant Union The Binder gains a bonus to all Diplomacy, Appraise, Bluff, Sense Motive, and Forgery checks equal to 1/4th his binder level, and these checks may be made untrained. These bonuses only apply to actions directly related to commerce- namely buying, selling, and window shopping.

Change-up The Binder may convert any precious material to a different precious material of equal value, like 10 gp to 1 platinum piece, or diamonds to rubies, or salt to oil. The binder must have permission to change the item, and this ability does not effect- and cannot create- works of art, living material, any item requiring a craft roll, or enchanted items.
Organic Material (such as raw beef or wax) may be created.

Purchased Power The Binder may, at any time he is bound to this vestige, pay the standard rate for any spell level up to 2nd that does not have a target of self-only, as if buying a single casting from an NPC spellcaster. This paymen is a free action, and the gold simply vanishes and is not recoverable in any way. The Binder then gains the ability to cast this spell once, with an effective caster level equal to what he paid for. If the spell is not used by the time the vestige leaves the binder's body, it is lost. If the character is a caster, he may use this ability to "refill" his spells memorized, but only if he could already cast it normally.

The Glyphstone
2007-11-05, 08:41 PM
The Glyphstone, Scribe of Eternities
Level: 7th
Binding DC: 29

Legend: Few coherent records exist of the Glyphstone’s origins, and they often conflict with one another. Some describe it has having been a sage from ages past, others claim that it was/is/will be a visitor from the far future. What all the tales agree on, though, is the Glyphstone’s insatiable curiosity for times outside of its own. Whatever his or her original time period, they spent very little of their life actually observing the world around them, instead viewing far into the past and future with powerful scrying spells, sometimes even traveling through time to see something interesting in person.

Here, the many stories differ again, at the point where the living creature was turned into a vestige. Some say it was a curse brought on by the god of time, angry at this mortal’s meddling in his affairs. Others insist that it was a natural process – so much temporal scrying diluted the Glyphstone’s own essence to where it could no longer hold together, and splintered to spread across time and space.

Special Requirement: The Glyphstone’s seal must be drawn using quintessence, a silvery jelly-like substance with time-inhibiting traits that is created by the psionic power or arcane spell Quintessence.

Manifestation: The first sign of the Glyphstone materializing is a slowly echoing tick-tock sound, like a far-off gigantic clock. The noise grows louder and faster, as if the invisible clock is growing louder, then reaches a crescendo and stops with a loud CRACK. At the same moment as the crack, a pair of narrow, completely blue eyes roughly a foot and a half tall appear in the circle, staring at the summoner unblinkingly. The corneas are a pale, robin’s egg blue, and the irises are a darker blue. Only the pupils are a solid, light-drinking black. The Glyphstone does not speak, but its pupils expand and contract in response to requests made by the binder.

Sign: Your eyes turn blue – corneas, pupils, and all.

Influence: While under the influence of the Glyphstone, you fear any sign of the passing of time. You cannot bear to look at clocks or other timepieces, and become shaken while in the presence of any creature of your type and of an older age category.

Granted Abilities:
The Glyphstone was a master of time and space, and it grants a lesser version of that mastery to its binders.

Temporal Dodge: The binder gains a luck bonus to his Armor Class and to all attack rolls equal to +1 per five binder levels, as his personal timestream accelerates and slows down minutely to let him strike quickly and dodge enemy attacks.

Temporal Acceleration: Once every five rounds, the binder can enter a state of accelerated movement as a swift action, identical to the Temporal Acceleration power. The binder’s manifester level is equal to his binder level, and the power is automatically augmented to its maximum possible effect.

Timestrike: As a full-round action, the binder can attempt to strike an enemy and send them hurtling through time. As part of the action, the binder makes a single normal melee attack against the enemy. If it is successful, that enemy must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 10+1/2 Binder level+ Binder’s Cha modifier) or vanish into the future. The effect lasts for 1 round per 2 binder levels, after which the vanished creature reappears exactly where it was before vanishing. During each of its turns, the creature can attempt another Fortitude save as a full-round action to end the effect prematurely. Only one creature can be vanished at a time through the use of this ability, and the binder cannot activate it again for 5 rounds after using it. A creature that succeeds on the initial save against a Timestrike is immune to the effect for 24 hours.

Turn Back Time: Once per day, the binder can cause time and reality to reverse itself, mimicking the effects of a Temporal Regression power. The binder retains all knowledge of the undone turn, and can communicate this knowledge to his allies.

2007-11-06, 12:26 AM
SurlySeraph, the Fading Axe
3rd Level
Binding DC: 25

SurlySeraph was a paladin in the service of an obscure death god. After decades of service to his home church, he joined an interplanar order of paladins. Wielding a holy axe, SurlySeraph killed countless fiends, undead, and other evil beings, and his name was feared by all those who opposed the law. But SurlySeraph cared more for rules than for kindness. His harshness to those who committed even the slightest of crimes began to harm more people than his deeds of arms protected. Though he always repented, SurlySeraph fell many times.

Eventually, the head of SurlySeraph's order refused to let him atone until he proved that he could act with love and humility as well as with strength and courage. SurlySeraph was stripped of his holy power by his fallen state, and the church legally owned all of his weapons. Alone, unarmed, and unaided by the gods, SurlySeraph tried to storm the Abyss and kill Demogorgon himself, as a symbol of everything he felt a paladin should stand against. He failed, of course. Demogorgon gleefully stripped SurlySeraph's power away and cast him into the void to become a vestige, so that he would never be able to escape and redeem himself.

Special Requirement
The Binder must swear an oath by whatever deity he worships to uphold justice and virtue. Whether he actually fulfills this oath is less important.

An axe pushes out of the center of the seal and slowly turns around the seal like the hand of a clock. The blade of the axe is dark gray as if it were in shadow, but it emits bright light. When SurlySeraph speaks, the light flickers, the blade shines, and he says a single word each time the axe makes a quarter turn until his sentence is finished.

All of your hair, both on your head and on your body, immediately becomes dull grey. The outside edges of your hands harden and sharpen like the edges of blades.

Under SurlySeraph's influence, you feel a strong but controllable urge to kill anyone whom you see commit a crime of any kind. You unconsciously bow to any worshippers of Lawful Good, Neutral Good, and Lawful Neutral gods when you first see them, even if you do not consciously know what deities they worship.

Granted Abilities

Smite Unjust
Once every 5 rounds, the Binder may attempt to smite either an evil or a chaotic creature with a melee attack. The Binder adds his Charisma bonus to the attack roll and his binder level to the damage roll.

Martyred Guardian
For every 5 points of damage you take, a creature of your choice heals 1 point of damage.

Naked Axe
Your unarmed strike deals 1d8 slashing damage (unless it would normally deal more damage) and has an x3 critical. It is treated as good-aligned and law-aligned for purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

Slaying Hand
Once per day, you can make a touch attack against a living chaotic or evil creature. Slaying Hand is a supernatural ability that produces a death effect. You must succeed on a melee touch attack against a living creature. When you touch, roll 1d6 per cleric level you possess. If the total at least equals the creature’s current hit points, it dies (no save).

2007-11-06, 09:32 PM

^ Under Druid animal companions, it says that a dire bear is available at 13th level, while a normal brown bear is available at 7th. A 3rd level vestige is able to be bound at about fifth level, but may earlier with those binding feats; it would be more balance level-wise to get the brown bear, which is a bit more powerful but limited in turns. You could, however, make it so that the panda bear upgrades to using dire bear stats at around the 12th or 13th binder level.

Changed it around a bit, according to your information.

Lord Tataraus
2007-11-06, 10:38 PM
Lord Tataraus
3rd Level
Binding DC: 25, 20 if LG

Lord Tataraus was a great leader and kind soul. A paragon of the paladin orders. He chose to serve no God, seeing as they blinded their followers by forcing ideals and goals onto them. Lord Tataraus sheltered his little realm of bliss and it flourished and prospered under is gentle hand. He was a Lord of the people they say. He walked the streets of his cities and rode out into the countryside daily, lending a hand and distributing supplies as needed. His subjects were loyal and prosperous, much to the envy of neighboring kingdoms. Thus Lord Tataraus's was forever in danger, yet his power was great and the rumors of his power were greater still. Finally, one kingdom managed to bribe a local and crept into the heart of the Lord's castle at night. The night was filled with bloodshed as every single subject fought against the vile armies, yet it was too late. the Lord fell to an unknown mercenary and his land was cursed with the blood of innocents forever. Yet, Lord Tataraus wished to stay in the mortal realm to continue and help the people, but his defiance of the gods prevented him to do so. Strip of such an opportunity to remain, Lord Tataraus willingly slipped into nothingness, hoping to be called upon to continue his great work.

Special Requirement:
The Binder must have a good alignment.

The center of the seal begins to glow with a golden light as a ghostly figure of the great Lord rises up in his evening attire of golden robes, a pure white rose in his hand. The Lord smiles and speaks soothingly and with each word a tear of blood drops onto the rose, staining it until it has become completely red by the end of his speech.

Your skin glows slightly with a golden aura and tears of blood constantly flow gently from your eyes.

Under the influence of Lord Tataraus, you feel the strong urge to help everyone you can, expending any and all resources to do so. You also unconsciously feel all sadness and hopelessness of everyone around you.

Granted Abilities:
Paragon of Holiness - You gain an aura of overwhelming good as a cleric twice your level. Additionally, you are constantly under the effects of a sanctuary spell with a caster level equal to your class level +2.
Aura of Kindness - All things sense the inner kindness of Lord Tataraus, making them more friendly to you. All creatures with an intelligence score of a non-evil alignment are one step closer to helpful than normal. Additionally, you gain a +5 divine bonus to Diplomacy, Perform, and Gather Information checks. However, you have a -10 penalty to all Bluff and Intimidate checks.
Holy Touch - You gain a healing touch that heals 1d8+ 1/2 your level damage as a standard action. Additionally, 3/day you can heal 1d4 ability damage, 1 point of ability drain, or 1 negative level. And 2/day you can remove all poison and disease from a touched creature.
Protect the Innocent - As a swift action you may repress your Paragon of Holiness ability for 1d4+1 rounds as long as you do not attack any non-evil opponent or use this ability in a surprise round. You gain a Smite attack as a paladin of your level (including times per day).

So what do you think?

2007-11-06, 11:38 PM
Tatarus: I would keep those blood-tears running the entire time you show the sign. Something like: "Your skin glows slightly with a golden aura and tears of blood constantly flow gently from your eyes."

2007-11-06, 11:53 PM
Xefas, the Iblis Champion
2nd level; Binding DC: 20

Legend: Originally a crusader of Saint Cuthbert, Xefas worked as a peacekeeper for much of his life in the bustling metropolis he called home. With a heavily disciplined mentality and knack for obedience, he quickly ascended through the ranks from a faceless guard to a prominent figure of justice. There, upon this pedestal, he sat for many years, aggressively fighting for his next promotion by tackling organized crime with a righteous zeal that only a truly devout crusader can claim to have. He took great pride in his work, and boasted often about becoming a household name. However, in the end, a wet-behind-the-ears underqualified son of a nobleman was placed in the spot instead, after the previous holder had passed away. Seething with jealous rage, Xefas plotted against the noble house. He had them framed for treason, and fixed their trials to expedite a quick and gruesome execution for all of them, down to the last child. Horrified by this behavior, the city moved against him, meaning to strip Xefas of his title. Not one to simply cast down the mantle he'd worked for his whole life, the crusader was only finally silenced after a mass slaughter of the majority of the judicial system. When Xefas' soul arrived in the Nine Hells of Perdition, he was consumed by indignation. Even as the devils mercilessly tortured him, neither fear nor desperation gripped him; only belligerent hubris. When his soul finally was reduced to a Lemure, his pride never died; instead carrying itself away into the void, that it might somehow live on to show the universe what for.

Special Requirement: Xefas only appears to those that humble themselves before him. The Binder must be kneeling while he draws the seal, and in doing so, his position becomes part of the seal. If the Binder assumes a different position at any time before the pact is officially made, the seal is broken, and Xefas will not appear again to them for another 24hours.

Manifestation: Xefas appears in a blindingly bright burst of golden light along with a thunderclap. His appearance is that of a stern man with deeply tanned skin and snow-white hair. He wears heavy plate armor in the colors of black and gold, and holds an oversized steel hammer in both hands. The vestige speaks kindly enough, even if a bit gruff, so long as the Binder remains humble. He has no sense of humor, and dislikes drawn out negotiations.

Sign: The Binder's appearance becomes as slick and confident as possible. Messy hair straightens and styles itself, armor becomes polished, the Binder must work exceedingly hard to slouch or look at his feet, etc.

Influence: The Binder becomes relentless in the pursuit of justice; righting ethical wrongs whenever possible. In the same vain, he considers himself just for doing so, and is vindictive (even if in a subtle way) if his authority is questioned. (Not in a stupid way! This influence does not override common sense.)

Granted Powers:

Assume the Position: When Xefas is bound, the Binder must choose any one first level stance from the Devoted Spirit or Iron Heart discipline. The Binder may, as a swift action, assume the chosen stance at will. The stance works like normal, and the Binder is still restricted to having a single stance active at a time. A new stance may be chosen each time Xefas is bound.

Aura of Confidence: The Binder becomes immune to all fear effects while they possess 1/2 of their maximum hit points or more.

Acrimonious Subduction: During the round following an attack in which the Binder was flat-footed, and struck by an opponent, the Binder may attempt to flare his anger, crushing the scoundrel with the weight of his immense ego. This requires a standard action, and the creature who struck the Binder is allowed a will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the Binder's class level + the Binder's charisma modifier). If the creature fails its save, it is paralyzed for a number of rounds equal to the difference between its saving roll and the save DC. This is a mind-affecting ability and can be used a maximum of once every five rounds.

Aristocratic Mentality: While Xefas is bound, the Binder treats Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) as a trained skill for them (as if they had ranks in it). If the Binder already has ranks in this skill, the ability does nothing.

2007-11-07, 01:31 AM
Zero of Numerous, the Unseen Horde
4th level, Binding DC 25(20 if Chaotic Neutral)

Legend: Born as Zacharias, a human with little talent. Zero would be sent to a great wizardry school at a very young age. His studies were strong, as he naturally picked up magic and bore a profound interest in the planes. In time, he would come into power as he would come into age. Eventually, his old bones would begin to give out and the mage sought out a way to extend his life. He was told of great walkers of the Wastelands, men and women who stalked the desert and learned great power from a fallen god. With firm belief in the powers of necromancy and magic, the wizard traveled into the wastes to find his destiny. Amid the desert he found a tribe of backwards humans living as nomads and hunting anyone unfortunate enough to wander into the sands. His arcane might tamed them, and broke those noble people to his will. He completed his travels, and learned of a ritual that would cement his body in existence for all eternity. He gathered his fanatical worshipers together to perform his ritual. On the day of an eclipse, at the apex of darkness, the age-maddened wizard unleashed a great spell among his followers. The result cleaved their souls from their flesh and bound it to his own. The resulting creation ceased to be Zacharias, and as it's flesh eroded from the sheer spiritual energy radiating from it's body. It spoke but one thing.

I am nothing. I am Zero.

Special Requirement: Zero only makes pacts with creatures who proclaim no god. They cannot abide those who would follow another into madness. If a binder worships actively, then Zero will not appear even if it's circle is completed.

Manifestation: The world becomes black. But in reality, it is only the binder's eyes ceasing to function. A voice in the darkness whispers soft words of ruin into the ear of the binder. Another voice joins in, out of sync with the first, whispering it's own words. More and more voices appear until nothing else can be heard. No two voices are the same, and none of them whisper anything other than words of ruin. After a full eighteen seconds(three rounds) of this speaking, everything goes deathly quiet. Then one voice breaks the silence by speaking the word for Zero in the binder's native tongue. This single voice, composed of the thousands that were speaking before, conducts the negotiations with the binder.

Sign: The binder always speaks as if a hundred others speak with her. Certain words are subtly translated into random languages, but the word "Zero" is always spoken in the native tongue of the listener.

Influence: Zero cannot abide by authority figures. When bound, he demands his binder decry any authority figure who attempts to assert herself over others.

Granted Powers:

The Eyes of the Many(Ex): The binder becomes immune to flanking and cannot be caught flat-footed. Further, if the binder is surprised then he always acts during the surprise round. This ability is constantly active.

Many Voices, One Thought(Ex): The binder gains a bonus equal to his binder level on Diplomacy, Bluff, and Sense Motive checks. This ability is constantly active.

Overwhelming Voice(Su): As a standard action, the binder may attempt to confuse and disorient a single foe with a multitude of yelling voices. The binder choses a single target within sixty feet. The target must make a will saving throw(DC 10+1/2 binder level+CHA modifier). If the target fails, then they are confused as if by a Symbol of Insanity. They remain confused until Zero is unbound. This ability functions every five rounds.

Aura of Disobedience: As a free action, the binder exudes an aura that forces others to act as if their will was not their own. Any creature within five feet must make a will saving throw(DC 10+1/2 binder level+CHA modifier) or be confused as if by Confusion, Lesser. This ability only functions against creatures with fewer HD than the Binder's level. It can only be active for three rounds. After three rounds elapse, this ability cannot be activated again for another six rounds.

2007-11-07, 05:20 AM
The Glyphstone, Scribe of Eternities
Level: 8th
Binding DC: 33

Naughtiness! Firbolgs are level 8 vestiges.

The Glyphstone
2007-11-07, 06:21 AM
Naughtiness! Firbolgs are level 8 vestiges.

Okay, time to go spam SMG then to Titanize myself...Or I'll just edit my Vestigeness and call it a 7th level.:smallbiggrin:

2007-11-08, 08:14 PM
Bah. Back in my day, we spammed up the hills and back again, in the snow...
We didnt have any Silly Message boards: We had one board. The Board. And you would post. In the cold. In the frigid cold...

((It'd be cool to see a Frost Vestige pop up soon. Or a Christmas Vestige. That'd be cool.))

2007-11-08, 08:39 PM
Ghost of Christmas Past?

2007-11-25, 05:21 PM
Blue, Seeker of the Torch
Level: 3rd
Binding DC: 21
Special Requirement: Yes

Legend: On some worlds, fire was a gift from heaven. Others say it was stolen. On one material plane, fire was sold to the mortal realm by a used wand salesman.

Blue was an odd Efreet, blue skinned for a start, and unlike most of his kin saw the law as a starting point, not as a be-all-end-all (though he was still lawful in alignment). He worked as a traveling salesmen of magical goods, often enough magical goods of the kind that no questions could be asked about. On one trip to the City of Brass, he acquired what appeared to be a mere wand of burning hands, and one that had only a few charges left on it. He paid a few gems for it, tossed it on his heap, and promptly forgot about it.

Later in his wanders, Blue came to a very young mortal realm, so young that even the elves still lived in their trees and the taming of fire had not yet happened. Seeing an incredible opportunity, he offered the scratching mortals a few trinkets and his least valuable items, including that wand, in exchange for the eventual ownership every soul on the plane. They readily agreed, not knowing enough to understand what the contract meant. But Blue did, and so did the Baatori duke that he sold the contract to in exchange for several artifacts and promised favors. Blue returned then to the City of Brass, hoping to sell those favors to someone more important for enough reward to set him up for eternity.

What he got when he arrived was jail, and several torturers asking how he managed to let one of the mighty planar sources of fire out of Efreet hands. When it was revealed that he'd sold one of the sources of Efreet power for mere souls and favors, and in a binding wish-lined contract that their magic wouldn't let them violate, he was tortured to death and beyond. Since he violated the plane that spawned him, albeit unknowingly, he is cursed to never rejoin it, and exist still as a vestige.

Special Requirement: Blue's sign must be drawn in ash.

Manifestation: The area around the sign gradually warms, and the ashes ignite with tiny blue fires. In the center, a grinning burning blue face looms. His voice is melodious, his manner upbeat, and he is eager to cut a deal, so long as that deal is in his favor.

Sign: Your skin gains a blue tint to it, and feels feverishly hot to the touch.

While under the influence of Blue, his mercantile nature comes to the fore. When making a bargain, you have to always come out a little bit ahead of the other side. (DM Note: To speed play, this can be managed with a diplomacy roll).

Granted Abilities:
Blue was a genie who dared touch one of the sources of elemental energy in the cosmos. He grants those who call him abilities that befit such a history.

Minor Wish: Once per five rounds, you can call on Blue's genie heritage to create a minor wish. Unlike the genie ability, you can use it for your own benefit.

Minor wish can produce one of the following effects:

- Duplicate any wizard or sorcerer spell of 1st level or lower, provided the spell is not of a school prohibited to you.
- Duplicate any other spell of 0 level, provided the spell is not of a school prohibited to you.

If duplicating a spell that has an XP cost or a material component cost more than 1gp, you must pay these costs.

Swift Change Size: As a swift action, you can magically change a creature’s size. This works just like an enlarge person or reduce person spell (you choose when using the ability), except that its duration is one round. Once you have used this ability, you cannot do so again for five rounds.

Fire's Master This ability is two-fold. First, you gain Fire Resistance 10. When you reach effective binder level 7, this resistance increases to 20, and again to 30 at effective binder level 11. Second, creatures of the Fire subtype have difficulty fighting you. All creatures of the fire subtype take a -2 penalty to attack and damage rolls, and to all saves, when fighting against you. The penalties apply when attacking members of your party as well when you are present and fighting alongside them.

2007-11-25, 07:46 PM
Oooh, fun idea, although I'm not sure if the mods will like the idea of basing it off of forum rank. If that idea was cleared up in a previous post, I missed it.

Hmmm...me as a vestige.

Icewalker, Paragon of Logic
Ok, honestly, I have no idea what I might do as a vestige. But I think I'd probably be logic-based.

Maybe bonuses to knowledge and int to start.

2007-11-25, 09:44 PM
Alright, I finished this just in time before I have to go to bed. I decided to base this one off of my current avatar.

King Golem
The Justifier, The Armored Heart, The Wide-Eyed Judge
Level 1 Vestige
Binding DC: 15
Special Requirement: Yes

Legend: King Golem is assumed to have once been a mighty Justicator, created by Nobicon (god of order in my campaign setting) to fight the forces of chaos. However, he was given an unusual assignment. Apparently, the god Ziraot (god of chaos) was slowly introducing pure chaos into the hearts and minds of people across a great empire on the Material Plane. The effects were subtle, at first. It resulted in a gradual ideal change of the general populace, where they slowly became more defiant of the laws. Because Ziraot was affecting millions of souls, Nobicon could not simply send his armies to the Material Plane and begin destroying the entire empire, for that would bring the retribution of the other deities who still held worshippers amongst those people. Therefore, Nobicon assigned King Golem to wipe the chaos from the empire. To do this, King Golem was reborn as the son of the king of that empire, temporarily in human form. As he grew up, he found himself out of place, a soul of ultimate law trapped in a land ravaged by chaos. Before he was able to take the place of the king and slowly help to undo the damage, he snapped and reverted back to his natural form and murdered the king in front of the entire court. He then raised his sword towards the heavens and cursed Nobicon himself, blaming him for allowing such a thing to happen. Normally, Nobicon might have just destroyed him and absorbed his essence back into himself, but he hesitated this time. Nobicon feared that he might accidentally absorb some of Ziraot’s essence in the process, and though he only had pondered this for a few moments, that was enough for King Golem to escape to a place beyond the planes, where all vestiges go. Once their, he renounced his service to Nobicon and stripped himself of his original name. When he was growing up, he had a fascination with constructs and his human initials were K.G., so he changed his name to King Golem.
Special Requirement: King Golem will not answer the call of any Chaotic creature, nor a creature of any alignment that has willingly and knowingly violated a rule or law within the past 24 hours (except for binding itself, he considers this appropriate).
Manifestation: When the circle to King Golem is invoked, it crackles with white electricity for a brief moment before a bright golden light shines up from the symbol. Out of this light rises a figure that resembles a young human man with neatly trimmed and combed dark brown hair, clad in light blue plate armor, wielding a blue-hilted sword with a long, silvery blade, and with two sharp, iron gray wings upon his back. His eyes are solid yellow, wide open, full of rage, and occasionally dart back and forth to glare at any other creature in the room. He speaks in a deep, booming voice that echoes slightly.
Sign: When bound to King Golem, your eyes become solid yellow and anything you wear instantly becomes neat and clean. Furthermore, your hair (if you have any) becomes instantly cut-short and neatly combed if you are male, or wound into a tight bun if female (your hair, eyes, and clothes all return to normal after King Golem leaves you).
Influence: While under the influence of King Golem, you become extremely sensitive to any rules broken or crimes committed around you. If you see a rule broken or a crime committed, you must either immediately report the rule breaker to the proper authorities or write down what you see happening and submit it to the proper authorities later, no matter who it was (even if it’s you, you must turn yourself in). This may be delayed if complying would put you in mortal danger.
Granted Abilities:
A Sword of Vengeance: As a standard action, you may summon a longsword similar to the one used by King Golem himself. You are proficient with this sword, and it deals an extra 1d6 (2d6 against chaotic creatures) electricity damage with each successful strike. It counts as both silver and law for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. This sword disappears immediately if it leaves your grasp.
Detect Crimes: This ability is active as long as you have your eyes open and uncovered. This ability functions similarly to the detect chaos spell, but it also tells you of the most recent crimes committed by the creature you focus on, and whether or not they are lying.
Hover: Though you cannot fly, you have the ability to hover for short distances. Once every 5 rounds (and only if you have touched the ground within that time) you may fly in any direction for a distance equal to twice your base land speed.

smart thog
2007-12-13, 01:41 PM
Count me in.

I will be called

Sorativan Morthulka, Adgalened, Rorte, Torgot, The holy Octapus guardian.

Fuum Bango
2007-12-13, 01:54 PM
Fuum Bango
The First and Unyielding Explosion
2nd Level Vestige
Binder DC: 15

Legend: Some say the universe was formed from frothing chaos, by immortal gods. Other scholars, few in number, claim it came with a bang, and that all those other so called deities came afterwards.
Fuum Bango is the essense of that powerful moment, that grand and awe inspiring transformation from the silent nothing to the first flashing, crashing, clatter of creation.
One tale claims the Fuum withered away as he was creation, no more or less, and he was no longer needed.
...Another tale claims that demons and gods alike sealed him into the void for he was to powerful, though he was the bang that started it all, if he remained he would have destroyed it.

Special Requirement: The Fuum’s seal must be drawn on a large scale (example; with chalk on a hillside or covering the walls of the town square) and then firecrackers or gunpowder set off around it.

Manifestation: Light glimmers out from the seal, then, boom! The seal continues to crackle and liquid metal, from iron to lead to gold, sparks up from it every few minutes. Fuum Bango rarely speaks, but does so quickly and loudly but also clearly, as if filling the Binder's head. Rarely, the seal will glow so brightly as to burn the area around it.

Seal: A circle with five triangles within it, each facing away from the center.

Sign: The Binder's skin is warm to the touch reguardless of the temperature around her and her stance is more regal and imposing.

Influence: The Binder becomes increasingly angry at disreguard for life and often learns healing skills. The Binder will need to create, anything from painting to starting huge town building projects.

Granted Abilities:
I duuno! :smallredface:

lord of kobolds
2008-04-20, 11:26 AM
yip yap turn now!!!
Lord of kobolds
1st level vestige
binding DC: 15
Legend: Yipyap was born the son of a great kobold warchief, and was well loved by all who knew him. His great charisma as well as his magical powers led him to become wachief when his father was slain by dwarves. he led his warclan to great victories, wiping ut many dwarven kingdoms and establishing the first ever kobold nation. He was constantly learning new spells to further his nation, until he stumbled upon the ability to become a vestige. instead of dying, he could continue to further his great cause!
Special requirements: binder must not be a dwarf.
Seal: Must be drawn in dwarf blood, blessed by a kobold warchief
Manifestation: A small orange kobold appears on top of a pile of dwarf skulls.
Sign: binder appears as a large orange kobold.
Influence: binder cannot harm a kobold, and will go out of his/her way to slay a dwarf.
Granted powers:
Majesty: binder can command any kobolds at will. this is not a mind affecting ability, kobolds simply know of the great yipyap and would follow him to greatness.
Sorcery: binder can cast spells as a 3rd level sorceror.
Tongues: binder can communicate with any Kobold, dragon, or other reptilian creature

Would anybody like to offer feedback?

2008-04-20, 03:10 PM
Suggestions for Fuum Bango:
This can probably be a bit more powerful than usual for the Vestage level given the difficulty of inscribing the seal. How much do the fireworks cost? This is a good thing since this is a pretty big power you are describing...
Specific ideas:
Continuous Endure Elements
Fireball once per five rounds
Minor Creation (Or MAYBE even Major Creation) once per five rounds. Although even Minor Creation is a bit powerful for the vestige level even given the difficulty of the sign.