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2007-11-05, 01:23 AM
Team 1

Kuro leads the three of you toward the Ancient Mysteries Boutique, but doesn't take you inside the store. He stops just in front of the shop, looking about and wondering about what was following them. For a second, he seems to contemplate the complexities of fighting his enemies here and now. At least, that is what you think flashes across his face when he doubles over and groans in pain. In a split second he's already standing back up, masking his pain with a goofy grin.

"Ha-ha.. Looks like my plan failed to draw them out.."

Of course, no one short of a moron would have been fooled by a lie that poorly put together. Rather than let you question, however, Kuro immediately begins moving toward the Memorial in silence.

Senses roll, please.

Team 2

Kurina stomps past civilians toward the Memorial. She's quite obviously getting more and more angry the more she walks. It's possible that she's running through what Matasu would be doing and the conclusion she came to is just enough to infuriate the strong-willed woman. A little old man is foolish enough to not move out of Kurina's way, and what happens next is just what everyone expects from the Brutal..

She grabs the old man by the scruff of his neck, causing him to drop a half-finished bottle of either shochu or sake. The man squeaks like a disturbed mouse before Kurina haphazardly hurls him over her shoulder. Unfortunately, his path goes straight into the gut of Kyoshin..

Grace+Build from Kyoshin. Grace from anyone looking to assist him.

2007-11-05, 03:09 AM
Shimura Shin

Shin frowns. Something here is wrong. As he follows Kuro towards the memorial, his mouth tightens. What now?


2007-11-05, 03:32 AM
Kyouko Kyoshin

Kyoshin trundles after Kurina-sensei and the girls, to suddenly find an old-man being tossed in his face.

"I got you, Ojiisan!" Kyoshin tries to carefully catch the old man.

Hands On Training!

2007-11-05, 05:32 PM
Natsumi blinks as an old man gets tossed at her team mate. Well, she isn't a fan of drunks, but she can't have Kyoshin hurt either, he just started coming out of the whole pacifism thing. She steps to the side so she doesn't have a chance of getting hit, but snakes one hand in to try to help cushin the impact of the flying elderly.

Grace roll[roll0]

2007-11-05, 07:53 PM
Shunrai stops and blinks as Kurina throws the old man "Um, sensei, should you really be assaulting citizens?" She doesn't try to intervene, she'd probably end up zapping them both or something instead of helping

2007-11-05, 08:35 PM
senses roll[roll0]

2007-11-06, 04:33 AM
[roll0] To sense something amiss

2007-11-07, 02:44 AM
Team 1

The group heads further toward the Memorial. Kuro's grinning like an idiot, which is strange for the older shinobi. Very strange indeed..

Buki notices that each time the four of you walk, a fifth set of footsteps echoes in time with your own..

Each of you also notice that Kuro is acting weirder than normal. It could be the fact that he's taken quite a few painkillers at the hospital..

Team 2

Kyoshin and Natsumi catch the drunk old man together. He grins widely and thanks you both. He then quietly slips away while rambling something about 'getting a good feel".

Kurina ignores any attempt to discuss the drunk man incident, though she appears to be wearing a deep shade of red across her cheeks. The blush doesn't disappear even as your group steps into the massive circle that is the Memorial.

Both Groups

The obsidian tower that bears the names of the dead looms over you. It stands much like a sentinel, guarding the way to the future by holding back the angry spirits of the past. Each group spots the other directly across the dirt circle that surrounds that obsidian guardian. For Team Two, Kuro-sempai seems to be acting rather oddly. More oddly than the last time you saw him amid the forest. For Team One, Kurina-sempai seems to be very upset with something or someone. And she seems to be blushing like a madwoman.

Kuro raises his hand, as if to wave toward Team Two, but a flash of movement stops him from doing so. Thats when something hits each and every shinobi standing at the circle..

.. There are no peasants here.

Not a single individual other than Team Two and Team One stands among the Memorial. Normally, people are passing through this area with quite abit of frequency. In fact, the Memorial was the busiest sector of town aside from the Academy.

Team Two

Kurina immediately assumes a defensive stance. She stands right in front of her team, placing her body between them and any potential attackers.

Everyone! Defensive positions!

That team over there. The quietness. None of this is right. We may already be caught in a genjutsu. That team may be fake, or they may be imposters. Or they might really be Team One.

Team One

Kuro's drug-addled brain reacts as any shinobi-mind would. He puts himself between his team and the enemy. Of course, he's holding no weapons other than his crutch, and stands completely unarmored.

Guys. This is probably a trap. Don't let them fool you, they've already pretended to be me once. Get ready and stay behind me. Ok?

2007-11-07, 07:05 AM
Sayuri skipped still while Kuro got in the way. She bounced off her brother and lost her breath but she still had the mettle to spot the other team across from hers. As soon as she was done glaring at them her eyelids fluttered half-closed before a small demure bow did the trick. She shouldn’t bow too low it was just Brutal Kurina after all.
“Brutal Kurina-kun why doesn’t my brother see you anymore?” She smirked. “Your cooking was absolutely horrible, Mambo wouldn’t eat it after you catered at the graduation ceremony when you graduated with the other Genin, what’s so special that he has to save yours for magical ingredients?” As if that wasn’t enough, “Kuro says that he loves you and wants to kiss you, if you blush any redder he said he might come over there and marry you. Unless you want to marry me again, but I should say anything because your Genin, oh my goodness where has my tongue gone? Help I’m in a tongue-twister Jutsu!”

2007-11-07, 08:42 AM
"Um, I don't know Sayuri-san very well, but from what I do know, that's... that's pretty normal."

Weird, but normal. Kyoshin scratches his head, but steps up so that he is at a ninety degree angle from (the blushing) Kurina-sensei. If Natsumi and Shunrai were to follow suit, they would create a defensive box of ninja.

"Buki-san! If that's really you... what fruit do you fear most in my hands?" Kyoshin figures that tests are better than fighting, but if it comes to fighting... I just hope it doesn't. But I'll keep my promise.

2007-11-07, 09:52 AM
Shimura Shin

Shin's eyes flick from the left to the right. Genjutsu? Gliding over the stones, without seeming to move, he is suddenly in front of Kuro, right hand raised in the seal for raising chakra, left curled into an odd clawed shape at his side. "You are in no shape to fight, Kuro-san." He speaks softly, eyes gazing without malice towards Kurina and the genin of team two. He seems perfectly at ease, the first time since he has met up with team one, and he is smiling, a soft smile that speaks only of calmness and contemplation.

2007-11-07, 11:16 AM
Shunrai turns to watch the rear, her elemental shield crackling into full strength around her and she floats up off the ground a couple inches. She smirks as she hears Sayuri's deluge of what seems to be her usual undecipherable nonsense. "I'd say at least Sayuri is the real thing, seems like it'd be hard to mimic that lunacy"

2007-11-07, 12:29 PM
Buki shakes his head Geez, Kuro's going to be no help at all, and Sayuri-chan is, well... herself, hmm Shin-san seems sensible enough. while doing this pondering Buki is looking rather foolish facing away from team 2 in the opposite direction. He whispers to Shin Shin-san there is more to worry about here then the other team, I believe we were being followed and we should- Buki is cut off by Kyoshin's comment, recalling that fateful bannana filled day Buki spins around his face red with anger fire in his eyes. His staff is already out, and he looks ready to attack.

2007-11-07, 01:09 PM
Shimura Shin

"Calm yourself, Buki. The great philosopher Shen Tsao Lu once said 'Nearly all traps are laid ahead'. If we are already trapped in genjutsu, then nothing need be as it seems. We can't trust our senses, even the other team may not be real." Shin's hand appears almost by itself on Buki's shoulder. "If we rush forward, we will be lost. We must hold our ground, make the enemy come to us." Shin seems calm still, his dark eyes lightened to a swirling green.

2007-11-08, 12:39 AM
Natsumi steps up so her back is to Kyoshin's back and glances around. "Why is it always illusions.." She sighs and looks around waiting for some kind of order from her teacher. After a few long seconds of piecing Sayuri's comments together into a sensable format she looks over at Kurina, then Sayuri. "Our Sensei's are acting odd, we might be caught up in some genjutsu. And you pick now to talk of such things?" She sighs, again, and scans the roof tops of the surrounding area. Maybe its a stress trama thing..

2007-11-08, 02:21 AM
Team Two

"..Why you insolent little! I should come over there and--Ya, thats Sayuri all right! Hehe!"

Kurina sighs deeply, her blush only growing deeper. She moves to walk toward the other team, but her legs move with jerky half-stumbles instead of her casual walk. She wasn't like this earlier. In a scant few seconds, Kurina oversteps and begins hurtling toward the hard-packed dirt!

Senses for Team Two. Grace for anyone who tries to catch her.

Team One

Kuro's face is red at this point, though it doesn't seem to be from embarrassment.. The young chuunin plops down on the ground hard, sitting straight up and laughing like a mad man. He sighs deeply, and seems to be acting like a drunk. Or, atleast, Sayuri would know that he was acting just like that time he tried to beat Kurina in a shochu drinking contest.

"It's.. *hic!* .. A. Drunken.. night.. technique-e-e~!"

Kuro falls backwards, snoring loudly. Between drunken Kurina and unconscious Kuro, they're both entirely useless. Now that your allies have been established.. It was time to breakthrough and grasp victory!

2007-11-08, 03:54 AM
“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha you’re so funny!” She looked as if she’d tried to slink around Kuro’s ragdoll body if she hadn’t already tripped over it. Her fingers crept along until they were in one of his usual equipment pouches.

2007-11-08, 05:27 AM
Shimura Shin

"Kuro-san!" Shin yells as he sees Kuro fall. He runs over to where Kuro's crumpled form lies, and checks his pulse. After he ascertains that Kuro is not dead, Shin stands, and folds his hand into the chakra seal across his chest, summoning large amounts of chakra, poking at his own mind, looking for the genjutsu he knows must be there.

Second Portico: Compassion - expending 2 chakra to activate the jutsu.

OR (if the answer to the PM is 'no')

[roll0] - Senses, looking for the small flaws present in even the most powerful genjutsu.

2007-11-08, 09:23 AM
"Ummm... what just happened? Kurina-sensei? Hello?" Kyoshin reaches out with one large arm and tries to slowly guide his sensei to the ground. "Natsumi-san, Shunrai-san, close the gap. And... and someone tell me what's going on. Are we... are we really in a genjutsu?"

Kyoshin moves and twists himself so that their square defensive stance becomes a triangular defensive stance, with Kurina-sensei's body in the middle.

Of course, this puts Kyoshin out front... Just the way it should be.

Understanding... Will it come? (Senses)

Let Kurina-Sensei fall down carefully (Grace)

2007-11-08, 02:12 PM
Shunrai isn't really watching Kurina, since she's watching their backs. "Seeming like the genin are real, but maybe the instructors aren't or something has happened to them. Either way looks like it's going to be up to us. Anyone notice anything out of place or sense anything wrong? Anything to suggest this might be a genjutsu? I'm not reacting to it like that last one, at least not yet"


2007-11-08, 06:22 PM
Natsumi reaches over and just about puts her hand on Shurai's shoulder. Her hand stops for just a second, as if something occures to her. She shacks her head and finally lightly grabs the smaller girl's shoulder, pulling slightly to let her know silently they're moving. Her gaze doesn't stop just at kurina, but keeps looking.

She moves herself and Shunrai over to Kyoshin. But doesn't move to stop her teachers fall. Not that she's mean or anything, she just actually doesn't believe her teacher would fall on her face. "A technique, that gets you drunk? um.. That old guy was the only person Kurina-sensei had any contact with"

Senses [roll0]

2007-11-10, 04:48 AM
Team One

Kuro doesn't move as Sayuri digs through his belt-pouch. She finds several kunai, a book titled Highlander, and the keaton mask he had been wearing during the triathlon.

Shin searches throughout Kuro's chakra circulatory system for the effects of the genjutsu. His search, unfortunately, proves rather fruitless. Strangely enough, he does find a strong concentration of chakra in Kuro's eyes, more so than any normal individual should contain. It's almost like he had been the target of a doujutsu recently..

Team Two

THUD! Kurina hits the dirt and she hits hard. Strangely enough, the tall kunoichi is just laughing about it, despite the deep abrasions on her face that are already beginning to turn purple.

Thats when it dons on Kyoshin. The storm-shinobi was able to think and speak clearly. Which meant that the genjutsu they were trapped in wasn't aimed at them directly or else Shunrai would be reacting to the forced movement of her chakra.

Both Teams

Someone disables Kurina and Kuro. Both teams are stuck here. Leematsu was out and about by himself. Someone was following Team One.. It seems as if everything was coming to a head!

Both Kyoshin and Shin notice the fact that only their instructors were targeted, but people are still avoiding this area. Only one possibility comes to mind for both genin. The genjutsu in question is warding other people away, and had to have been made after each team arrived.

2007-11-10, 06:02 AM
Shimura Shin

"Doujutsu!" Shin leaps backwards from Kuro's slumped form, executing a perfect standing backflip before landing away from team one and team two, right hand extended forward and straight, left hand held loosely by his side. "The genjutsu to keep the people away from the monument was created recently. And someone targetted Kuro-san and Kurina-sama with doujutsu recently, to have that effect on them." He opens his eyes, looking outward toward the trees and the forest. "You've already shown an aptitude for fighting with genjutsu. I won't be taken so easily this time. Show yourselves."

Shin is officially expecting attack from the forest, and from any member of team's one and two. He's looking for hidden people in the local area.

[roll0] - Sensing the hidden shinobi he knows are there.

2007-11-10, 09:50 AM
"Now this... this is bad." Kyoshin feels something swell inside of him, as he briefly glances down at Kurina-sensei. "It's as... Shin-san? (I think that's his name) shouted. A Jutsu targeted towards the sensei to take them out, while also keeping other people away. Be on your guards, girls. Looks like..."

Kyoshin flexes his ample muscles as he begins to scan the area. He reaches behind his back and pulls out a piece of broccoli, munching it down in an instant. Reshouldering his pack so that it's ready for combat, and sliding his feet into the familiar pose of the Strong Fist Stance, the large genin continues, "...looks like that fight I was avoiding just found us.

And I think I'm finally ready for it."

At least, I sure hope I am.

Kyoshin gets ready for an attack. His first reaction will be to defend with Strong Fist Style jutsu if he himself is attacked. He doesn't bother watching the other team, just looks around the surroundings.

Some just in case rolls: (use 'em or don't, Zero)

Senses roll - [roll0]
Mind roll - [roll1]
Strong Fist Style - [roll2]

2007-11-11, 02:13 PM
Buki's staff already out he looks around warily looking to see a glimpse of the enemy ready for a fight.
senses [roll0]

2007-11-11, 03:45 PM
Shunrai glances back at Kurina on the ground and steps back over the top over her and crouches down, letting her own shield cover the chuunin. "I can cover both of us, so you 2 focus on watching each other and keeping yourselves safe and don't worry about Kurina for now. Anyone have an idea of how to get us out of this?"

2007-11-12, 05:40 PM
Natsumi frowns faintly. Then taps Kyoshin lightly on the shoulder to get his attention. "Can you carry Kurina-sensei for us?" She moves to cover Kyoshin if need be, but she still doesn't see anything out there. But they have to do something, not just stand here waiting. She calls over to the other team. "Can one of you carry your sensei? We shouldn't just stand here. Lets try to get them to help."

2007-11-12, 06:51 PM
Shimura Shin

Shin, from his space equidistant from the two groups and the memorial the fourth corner of an invisible diamond, speaks up taking care that his eyes never leave the wall of forest. "And walk straight into an ambush? No, unless you have some medical ninjutsu that says Kuro-sensei and Kurina-sama's lives are in danger, we are better to wait here, where we can at least see them coming. Moving, in the trees, we will be easy prey for their genjutsu." Shin stops for a second, his face inscrutable, but tensed and hard with an anger not encompassed by the tension of battle. He speaks again, but something odd has entered his normally calm tone. "Sayuri-san, Buki-san, I trust you can guard Kuro-sensei? I fear that... my presence would not do any of you good. In fact" His voice strengthens, as if he is trying to contain something. "I think it would be best if none of you were to come too close." Even though his back is to both parties, they can see now a faint growing darkness glimmering around the edges of his eyes.

Shin feels all the hatred, all the loathing, all the resentment, all the anger, rushing to the surface of his mind. Again, and again, he sees the dark shapes tormenting him. "Time to learn what it feels like." He mutters under his breath, as darkness pools on his palms and drips down towards the distant ground.

2007-11-12, 09:42 PM
Natsumi sighs, and shrugs. "I don't need a medical jutsu for that. They're helpless out in the open. So are we." She looks at Kyoshin. "Lets atleast get Kurina-sensei someplace where we can put are backs to a wall, please. Shunrai and I will cover you." But that pretty much went without saying.

2007-11-12, 10:08 PM
Kyoshin nods, and backs his way into Kurina-sensei's prone form, still looking out for danger. Once the heel of his bare foot taps Kurina's body, the large genin leans down and picks her up over his back in a fireman's carry.

"Up we, go, sensei. I guess now is an ok time to mention this, cause it's been bugging me... but you left your dinner cooking back there." Kyoshin knows he wasn't supposed to mention that, but if he didn't get it off his chest at some point, it would eat at him until he did. Now at least he's said it... and if Kurina-sensei wakes up because of it, well, all the better.

Still ready to defend himself, just slightly hampered now.

2007-11-12, 10:59 PM
Sayuri pulled out the Highlander book with a flourish, in a very low, very challenging Taijutsu stance she flopped the cover open with her fingers and read the few words there.
“Ha, ha, ha, ha you haven’t finished this-” Something caught the words before they got out and choked them to death. She sat down quiet as could be wearing a tiny frown for all the ‘oh, wonderfuls’ mutely watching Shimura Shin in her veiled eyes. She took a moment to look around the Memorial, for all the world trying to figure out what was going on at the moment.

2007-11-13, 01:33 AM
Natsumi, Shunrai, and Kyoshin struggle to retrieve their sensei. As Kyoshin lifts up Kurina, he realizes that she's much heavier than she looks. When they say muscle is denser than fat, they damn well mean it! Time was on their side, apparently, because nothing assaulted any of the genin within the Square.

Shin, Buki, and Sayuri on the other hand are more interested in themselves than acting like a team. Their sensei is laying right in the middle of the street with Sayuri rummaging through his pouch. Buki is off on his own, looking around. While Shin is standing out in the open, dripping some black ichor from his hands.

Team Two attempt to extract their sensei from the middle of the Square, but the moment they near the exit..

fwip! P-TANG!

A single black dagger bounces off the headband of Kurina. The angle pointed at the Memorial as where it came from. The six of you turn to look, where a single man in an overly large coat stands on top of the memorial. His dirty shoes defile the names carved upon the stone, and his filthy hands are clutching the Haigakure headband that had once been wrapped around the statue. All six of you recognize him as Matasu, the Bull. His headband is worn proudly on his forehead this time.. But something is wrong with it.

"I crawled up here to see if there really is the name of a Kage carved into this stone. To see if it wasn't just another lie fed to us by people like that fool Kyusuki and his whole damn family. Guess what kiddies..

I was right!

Theres nothing! There is no Kage up here, just the title and an empty plaque! It doesn't mean a damn thing!"

Matasu flings the Memorial's headband toward Kuro's head.

"I should have told Leematsu to kill you all here and now.. He's already strong enough to beat Kuro and his bitch! Ha! Both of 'em are unfit to be genin, little lone chuunin! And you kids! HA!"

He motions toward Kyoshin, Sayuri, Shunrai, Buki, Natsumi, and finally settles on Shin.

"A coward, a wanna-be, a kaminin, an idiot, an ugly kunoichi, and little Captain EmoPants. Useless, the lot of you."

With that last bit, he hops down into Square itself. Thats when you notice exactly what is wrong with his headband. A single deep gouge runs through the Haigakure symbol, signifying the break of his ties with his village.

"Warding this place with my new jutsu had been hard. I was lucky when Kuro asked me to wait by myself for his useless ass group. Heh.. I wonder how many of you I can kill before I get bored.. Heh-heh.. Come on little kiddies! Lets see what you've got!"

2007-11-13, 03:28 AM
Thunk. Said the memorial headband after it bounced off the ground next to Kuro’s head. She followed it all the way down from the top of the monolithic shrine, dark as Shimura Shin’s coal black eyes. Matasu’s big weatherworn coat snapped and played with the rushing winds of his downfall, dead souls wailing in agony. Sayuri didn’t lose her airy head until she heard his feet smash against the ground and she watched him rise up from his hunched crouch, seething demon with warped horns and flared nostrils.

Initiative – [roll0]

2007-11-13, 09:47 AM
How... why... He's desecrating the memorial... Kyoshin blinks, still disbelieving that Matasu-sensei is behind this. Regardless, he shoulders Kurina-sensei's weight until it feels right, trying to make less of her body available as a target.

"Natsumi-san, Shunrai-san, you think it's too late to go back and eat Kurina-sensei's dinner instead of this?" Kyoshin says with a smirk and a grin, and the tone of voice tells his teammates that he is kidding. His next sentence is a bit more serious, and he yells it out, "Leematsu-san? Why do this? Has this village wronged you so badly that you would attack your classmates?"

2007-11-13, 10:32 AM
Shunrai barely chokes back a laugh "Is that the best insults you could come up with for us? Your fighting abilities gotta be better than your oratory skills or you'd have killed yourself just trying to get out of bed this morning." She glances around them, looking for a way to get Kurina to safety at least. Then she whispers to Kyoshin and Natsumi "What do you 2 think? I think we can get Kurina out of here, but I don't think those other 3 have much of a chance without us."

2007-11-13, 10:44 AM
"Agreed." Kyoshin whispers back. "And Kurina-sensei would not want needless death. Especially not with Kuro-sensei here as well. We stay. We stay, and we fight."

2007-11-13, 02:37 PM
Shimura Shin

Shin whips around at the noise, and everyone standing there sees that the young genin's face has nearly completely changed. The eyes, previously a deep blue, are now cold hard black orbs set in a face charged with anger and fear. Weird black mist seems to emanate from them and steam away into the air. His right hand is completely covered in the black stuff, and his left also has a sheen of darkness upon it.

As soon as Shin, if it is Shin, sees Matasu, his focus on the coated man's headband. The Haigakure symbol seems to hold no interest for him, and he turns back to the forest, eyes hunting for something.

[roll0] - Initiative.

2007-11-13, 10:34 PM
She shakes her head hearing Shunrai, seeming to pay no attention to what Matasu said. "No, we'll need all six if we ever to even stand a chance. Kyoshin, you'll need to set Kurina-sensei down. I think she'll be okay so long as we're still standing." She takes a few steps to the left to get a clear line on Matasu. One hand going behind her back to a pouch.

Init [roll0]

2007-11-15, 07:24 PM
I'll just roll for Buki then..



2007-11-15, 08:14 PM
Shimura Shin

"Eyes to the front, eyes all around, what is it that I hear this sound." Shin takes a step forward that oddly seems to send him backward at nigh impossible speed. His leg flicks out towards Matasu body arching back with the power of the strike, and as he is in mid-air a voice much deeper than Shin's echoes across the clearing. "Kage-Shudan, Daiichi Hochou."

[roll0] - Way of Shadow, First Step.

If successfully does damage, spend 2 chakra to activate the Second Step, i.e. the Shadow Coffin.

2007-11-16, 01:13 AM
He’s so big Kuro-sama! Sayuri watched the world stretch.
Ninja who passed on wore a white kimono wrapped over the right side, symbol of the dead whose bones Matasu broke under his feet. Their voices trembled Kage-shudan, Shin said what they left for ears not mortal. He’d taken his first step and she wouldn’t even imagine what might happen if she got in their way. Her hands pushed down on her brother in a desperate bid to wake him up, spirits used dreams to find souls who listened like Kuro did and somehow she knew if they found him now he wouldn't be having a happy sleep.

2007-11-16, 08:58 PM

The chuunin grins as he does not attempt to dodge Shin's blow. In fact, he doesn't seem phased what so ever by the attack. The Bull's coat splits where the boy's leg struck, but Matasu ignored the damaged fabric. He reaches back and slips his coat off slowly. "I'll give you this, boy. I didn't expect a genin to offer a single technique that my Kage Kengi no Jutsu would stop. But I should have done more research into the Sumera clan before I wrote you off.."


His coat falls, dropping to the ground and sending up dust clouds all around him. Matasu's body is muscular, enough to make even the most well-renowned bodybuilder very jealous. The crazy grin across his face never leaves, and merely grows as realization slowly dons on both Sayuri and Shin. The Flawless Butterfly and the Hidden Fist are meaningless against the Bull.

"Enjoy this boy. Only three men have seen this body and lived to tell the tale. You won't be the fourth.. Akurei Rinzai no Jutsu" Strangely enough, he makes no hand-seals to perform his technique, but the affect is clear. The chuunin's body begins to emanate energy, a blood red aura surrounds his body and the weight of his pure killing intent comes to bear. Every breathe feels like Shin's last. The air settles heavy in his lungs, threatening to send the boy to his knees in the face of death. Matasu cracks his knuckles and the sound seems as if it reverberates throughout Shin's entire body.

I'll need a Mind roll from Shin and anyone else who attempts to move close enough to attack Matasu in melee combat.

2007-11-16, 10:13 PM
Shimura Shin

Shin, face locked in a determined rictus, is knocked back as his blow fails to faze Matasu, sliding to a stop several metres from the monument. He looks slightly confused and the blackness burning from his eyes and dripping from his hands seems to lessen ever so slightly, before flaring back up a second later.

[roll0] - Mind, what there is of it.

2007-11-16, 11:54 PM
"Well this situation kind of makes me wish I'd finished that new technique I think I'm creating." She pulls out some kunai and and sighs "I'm really not good at throwing these things, need to figure out how to get the wind to guide them, maybe have time for that next year. We still want to stay and fight?"

2007-11-17, 06:18 AM
Natsumi quietly mutters to Shunrai. "I kinda doubt we can out run him" She takes a step back her hand whipping out from behind her back with four kunai and sends them flying in staight lines at Matasu.

Kunai Jutsu [roll0]

Afterward she steps behind Kyoshin, all but disappearing behind the large young man.

2007-11-17, 09:57 AM
Great. So, Kyoshin, let's recap. In the midst of training before your worst dinner ever, you and your teammates find someone suspiciously alone when he shouldn't be, so you go tell your sensei. Who is now on your back, unconscious. Correction. Who is now on your back, unconscious and very very heavy. All because of this guy in front of you who, I guess, can't be easily touched or attacked. Kyoshin stands still for a moment, his eyes watching, his body unsure how to act. Slowly, the genin shifts the heavy weight of Kurina-sensei down from his back onto the ground and stands up again just in time to see Natsumi throw a kunai and jump behind him.

Leaving him the main defense between their team and an apparent madman.

Worse. A traitor.

Even worse. A traitor who turned Leematsu into a traitor.

Even MORE worse. A traitor who desecrated the village's memorial, and now had some type of defense that was making it hard for Kyoshin to reprimand him.

And the strange thing was...

Kyoshin looked behind himself at his sensei on the ground and the two kunoichi teammates standing there. I'd rather be right here than anywhere else right now.

Kyoshin adopts a defensive stance and hopes he doesn't have to bother.

Mind Roll for Next Round

2007-11-17, 11:20 AM
Im not in the initiative lineup so Ill just assume Im last
Crap, so much for my uneventful day, this sucks, I guess this is at least an oppourtunity to use my newly developed jutsu. Buki shifts his weight and begins fingering something on his back.

2007-11-17, 06:35 PM
Shunrai turns to face Matatsu and throws a kunai at him, if nothing else it'll give him something else to pay attention to


2007-11-18, 06:47 PM
Buki springs into action grabbing the demon wind Shurukiun he had been fingering on his back and and flinging the spinning projectile at the "bull" before him.


2007-11-19, 02:09 AM
Matasu's Turn

He grins and forms a half-seal with his right hand. In the span of a single breath the Bull vanishes among smoke. Everyone immediately notices him standing behind Shin with his arms out wide, obviously ready to crush the young genin. Of course, Natsumi intervenes before he can finish his attack..!


A trio of obsidian daggers veered toward their target. Each blade has but a single purpose, to deliver sharp death to the Bull. They veer unerringly toward his heart, to pierce it as he has pierced the spirit of Haigakure...!


Matasu dances about in his space, blocking all three daggers with a pair of gloves. Both gloves have a heavy metal bar across their knuckle, and are obviously intended to be offensive weapons. He disregards the kunoichi in favor of the next attack..


Her own kunai is not nearly as lethal, and Matasu snatches the black blade out of the air and flings it down into the dirt. "Little girls shouldn't be playing with knives. Kunoichi aren't meant for the battlefield!"


With a grunt and a flare of his fighting spirit, the young genin flings his fuuma shuriken toward Matasu. The four-pronged blade is much different than a normal shuriken, as it suffers from much more wind-drag. Unfortunately Buki does not take this into consideration, and his weapon ends up stabbed into the dirt without so much as making it half-way to Matasu.

2007-11-19, 05:46 PM
She sighs, it's bad enough they're fighting someone who could probably quite easily kill them. But could he atleast shut up and do it already? "The kunoichi on this team can't be barefoot and in the kitchen, Kyoshin's the cook."She grumbles faintly to herself. Then quietly to Kyoshin. "Kyoshin, I know he put a Jutsu up that makes it.. Scarey to get near him. But, if you don't atleast throw a rock at him, I'm going to stab you. I realise that won't hurt you, but hopefully it will atleast wake you up." The tall girl side steps again, her hand going back behind herself into a pounch on her black leather belt.

2007-11-19, 05:47 PM
(ooc) bah! I forgot my whole purpose of even making that post! Init roll [roll0]

2007-11-19, 10:13 PM
"So you don't want me to cook him something?" Kyoshin asks, fiddling with the latch on his shoulder bag. "Actually... that's not a bad idea..."

With his usual deft quickness when it comes to food, Kyoshin soon has several tomatoes in his hands, very plump and ripe. He, with some sadness, squeezes them a bit to make them juicy, and then in an unorthodox maneuver...

...throws two of the four tomatoes at the Bull, jumping straight up into the air as he does so.

Come on now, sing it with me:

Aaaaattack of the (not so) Killer Tomatoes! Aaaaaattack of the Killer Tomatoes!
Grace Roll (I think) [roll0]
+ 3 chakra for an ADDED [roll1]
Total (9) + (12) = 21 for throwing tomatoes

Basic Leaping Jutsu
50 ft. up for free. Up to Zero, but I'd like to end my turn up in the air, if you don't mind.

Don't Mind Me, I'm just a 6'6", 298 pound genin
Mind Roll [roll2]

2007-11-19, 10:26 PM
Tomato Attack

Matasu defends against the first two, but the third tomato strikes him square in the chest. His shirt is quickly covered in tomato juice and abit of his own blood.

Deals 2 lethal with a tomato. :smallbiggrin:

AlienRat: I've been rolling initiative so the game doesn't get slowed down. I posted the initiative roster in the OOC thread.

2007-11-20, 12:23 AM
"You know, I'm sure you were a total badass when you were 12, especially since now you aren't more than a whining bully. I'm surprised you managed to get through the academy to become a genin. They must of been terribly desperate for ninjas back WAY back then old man"

Shunrai decides throwing insults at him is probably more effective than her throwing kunai at him.

2007-11-20, 12:33 AM
Natsumi's scowls a bit, kunai bounce off of him, but FRUIT! A fruit weakness? Kyoshin has some really weird jutsu's. She crouches down and jumps back, her hand whipping around to send three more kunai sailing at Matasu, trying to aim low. "If you can do better with a cooked fruit of vegetable go right ahead! Better yet throw some of Kurina-sensei's cooking at him."

Kunai Jutsu, just keep pelting him. [roll0]

2007-11-20, 05:35 AM
Shimura Shin

Shin's eyes narrow. Spinning around, fist darting forward and left leg sliding forward deepening his stance, he confronts only empty air, a few dropped kunai and a couple of smashed tomatoes. He seems confused, and spins around, looking every which way, but not seeing any sign of Matasu. "Come out, come out, wherever you are..." A voice, arguably Shin's, issues forth from his mouth.

2007-11-20, 08:58 AM
Sayuri was still too busy waking up Kuro to be polite enough to let Shin-not-Shin finish his undulating gravelly growl, she ended up yelling over him. “Wake up and break his jaw he just insulted your girlfriend if you don’t I hand-dye all your clothes bright pink! And paint with your antique Kunai set! Brutal Kurina will never give you her first kiss!”

Loud and Scary words form the Heart – [roll0]

2007-11-20, 11:18 PM
...the hell it didn't even go half way? ok... new plan... umm... Hey Sayuri! whats the plan?

2007-11-21, 05:05 AM

“Why am I supposed to know the plan?” Buki’s voice called her up from her brother back to whatever was going on at the memorial, for some reason she didn’t care about any of it because there was something missing. A lot of things that just weren’t supposed to be true… “I don’t know…”

Remember Sayuri if anything happens to you Kyusuki will be very angry. She couldn’t hear the fluttering of the headband in the wind always swirling around the crown of the memorial. Brother was sleeping. She took the headband off the dirty ground and set it on his forehead.

“Bull Matasu! Why would you do something like this?” She glared as hard as she dared at the giant dancing around her fellow shinobi.
“Our ancestors loved us more than themselves you’ve stolen their voice and we can’t hear them in the winds anymore. You took their clothes and smeared them with filth when you got the shrine all dirty, you climbed into their heaven and jumped down so you could break their bones we buried in the earth. You are alive at their expense!”

By the time she was only half-finished she was standing up looking ready to beat up someone five times bigger than she was. It came out with a passionate, cool tone so smooth it almost seemed like she didn’t seem to mind things. Almost.

“It’s my duty as a Kunoichi to teach bratty little children their lessons.” Pulling her hair ribbon tighter drew a lot of attention to her eyes, swirling like magma they appeared to be looking right through Matasu at something else.

Secret Art Manifests (you should know what I’m talking about)
“Kougu Buki, Nakamura Natsumi! Show the proper technique for throwing Kunai. The Dummy you’ll throw them at is Matasu the Bull.”

2007-11-23, 01:14 PM
Natsumi's Kunai Attack

One of the blades knicks Matasu's leg.

Two lethal with a kunai


Kuro awakens, but he just grins and hugs his little sister close. His eyes are glazed over with drunkeness, and he doesn't seem to be focusing too well. But once Sayuri begins to speak, he stands up with her. His right hand rests on her shoulder, while his left hand braces the older chuunin from falling on his ass. The old Haigakure headband billowed in the wind as it hung from his forehead.


"Our ancestors? What the hell does a kid like you know? You can't understand the idea of watching your friends and family die all around you while you do nothing!" He grows more and more angry, a raging typhoon building strength and stretching his skin in it's attempts to escape. "I'm not alive because of your damned ancestors! It's their fault all this even happened! Kyusuki and it's kekkai-genkai lured those bastards from Konoha here!"

Sayuri can see the swirl of chakra gathering into Matasu's right hand as he prepares to strike. Kuro grips his little sister's shoulder as he slowly comes to his senses. In a brilliant flash, Matasu strikes out at Shin.

Master's Jiu Jutsu. Total: 59.

2007-11-23, 03:44 PM
Smouldering madness sensibly reasonable hid the eye that always had a reason to cry. Hate chilled, burned, cooked; soft, hard waves crashing on sharp rocks too secret.
“Mat... Ma...” She wouldn’t weep either now. Sayuri wanted it to sound calm for everyone but it bristled with soundless something she had no way to show them.
“ta...asu!” It was the hardest, most tiring word she ever tried to say.
"All of you stay away from him, leave him alone."

2007-11-24, 05:20 PM
Leave him alone? I already know the answer to this, but are you insain? He's already said he's going to kill us. Natsumi shakes her head. One gloved hand reaching behind her back again. She's still sure they should be running. This, fighting a chuunin, is insain to her.

2007-11-25, 01:22 AM
Shimura Shin

A whistle of air. The slight exhalation just before a strike. A sense of lethal intent focused on a spot slightly inside his skull. Shin's dormant shinobi instincts warning finally reached his cold-drenched senses, and almost without thinking he drops his feet out from under him, falling to one hand, other arm flashing up, symbols already being formed and whispered under his breath, that becomes a shout. "Sebun Kami Shi no Jutsu!" For a second, it seems nothing has happened, and then from Shin's right arm the one held defiantly in front of him, a mist of black threads form together, like a flower opening seven black ribbons come forth from a central mark, forming a shield on Shin's arm.

[roll0] - Way of Shadow, first step jutsu. To note: Shin's dominant arm is his left one. Pay the extra cost for ambuscade. And i'm assuming that's 15 lethal, yes? Feel free to post Shin getting smacked across the clearing, doubling over in pain, getting brutally bashed down, something like that. :smallsmile:

2007-11-25, 06:02 AM
Shin's shield of shadow did little halt the advance of Matasu's fist. The first blow sent Shin hurtling straight into the Memorial. A heavy thud resounded throughout the square as Shin collides with a much more stable and much denser structure. Shin quickly feels his bruised ribs cry out in pain, to be used and abused like that would make anyone hurt.


Yay for critically failing initiative.. :smallsigh:

2007-11-25, 08:23 AM
Shimura Shin

Such force! The blow slides straight through the semi-real strands of the Sebun Kami No Shi, impacting solidly on Shin's chest, not even giving him time to twist to the side. Through the air he goes flying, slamming into the tall stone memorial, twisting to the side in as much an attempt to not desecrate his ancestor's memories as it is to avoid the heavy stone. His attempt is unsuccessful. Crack! White hot pain surges down his limbs, and Shin falls from the side of the memorial to the ground, blood running from a slice across his forehead, leaving a bloody trail across the stone of the memorial as he slams unceremoniously onto the ground.

A few weary seconds later Shin pulls himself to a sitting position, some reflex of long-forgotten training pushing him on through a web of haze and pain. He struggles against more than the pain, eyes returned to a cloudy blue and green, air having difficulty rushing through his tortured lungs. "no... no." He mumbles, and coughs, clearing his throat of the blood congesting it. The darkness flares as it retreats, the pain providing the focus Shin needs. "Never... again..." He says clearly, slowly pushing himself to his feet.

2007-11-25, 09:52 AM
“Don’t go near... stay away from him Shinobi.”
There really was a tremor, she felt like the memorial was shuddering unable to find any cruelty inside itself to do him any harm. It wasn’t like she could feel herself shuddering with it, cool spots and goose bumps, Kuro was so big but he was hanging off of her.
Her voice had a sad edge, it was level and it had better things to do.
“Stout boy, you’ll aid the Shimura child.” Kyoshin would know who she meant. “This is how Haigakure people treat others.” She was looking straight into Matasu’s eyes when she said it – a challenge – signalling Shin with a hand seal the Bull would be able to see. Hide.

It was a smooth double meaning.

2007-11-25, 11:23 AM
Shimura Shin

Slowly swaying, Shin stands up, somehow still light on his feet, like it's something that can't be turned off. His hands slide up into the ready position, and his feet firmly planted, a twisted grin slides across his face, a hint of self-mockery ensconced firmly in it. "Matasu, the Bull. Well you took advantage of my Kekkei Genkai dear four-hoofed comrade, but now i'm afraid it's my turn." Shin takes a moment to spit a mouthful of blood to the ground. "Bunshin no Jutsu." He says, hand curled up to mold chakra, grinning like a monkey with a stolen banana. In the chaos as speeding Shin's move outwards everywhere he winks in Sayuri's direction, and in a flash of smoke Shin disappears.

[roll0] - Stealth Jutsu + Smoke Bomb Jutsu + 2 Chakra for 1 extra die.

2007-11-25, 05:19 PM
Natsumi lets out a sigh. Atleast when Kyoshin did something she didn't like he did it and it was over with. Maybe it's because he's her team mate. Waitting for a Chuunin to kill them seems about as stupid as not running when they had a chance.

The tall girl crouches down, building momentum then leaps up high into the air arching backwards to land on the roof of a near building. Her hand still tucked behind her back. If the other team wants to grand stand with Matasu she can wait.

Natsumi's holding her action till before Matasu acts, or something else happens.

2007-11-25, 06:55 PM
Unfortunately for Natsumi, Kyoshin liked his tomato attack so much, that his fingers are moving quite quickly in his over-sized pack, so this idea, whether Natsumi liked it or not, wasn't over yet.

With a defining crunch, Kyoshin's bulk hits the ground, and he springs backwards, letting fly a barrage of... orange kunai? But Kyoshin doesn't carry kunai... and orange ones?

"Hey Matasu! Don't leave the table without finishing your vegetables! Twenty-four Carrot Gold!"

All right, so that's a really bad pun, and I'm going to go hungry tonight, and I'll never look at my carrot patch the same... But I hope this works. Kyoshin lands in front of Shunrai and Kurina-sensei, arms outstretched from throwing so many carrots.

Really Horrible Pun Attack!
[roll0] (Grace roll for throwing)
[roll1] (6 Chakra to make deadly carrots)
10+21 = 31 Total

Mind over Matasu

2007-11-25, 07:48 PM
Shimura Shin

From the closest tree, Shin crouches on a branch, studying the battle with an intensity born of experience. Despite the fiery pain burning across his ribs, he can't bring himself to hate Matasu. So many things the man says echo his own thoughts, but then, so many don't. His hand curls into a painful fist. And no-one will hurt anyone close to him, ever again. The grin is gone, and his face is watchful as a hunted wolf as he waits for the right time, the right moment, to fly.

2007-11-26, 11:04 AM
[roll0] – Words from the Heart augmented with a ninja point.
Gentle flutter high, in heaven swaying softly, hidden Haigakure, “You’re hiding very well Matasu-sensei. That makes me so happy.” Sayuri pointed at her nose saying ‘me’ hoping he’d understand what she was trying to tell him. Punctuated by Kyoshin’s carrot rebellion a silent moment to understand got lost in noisy glamour. Topsy-turvy Matasu.
“It means you aren’t lost yet, you were always crying, you’d be crying right now if you remembered, what’s really hurt you inside.”
A silent, solitary truth unheard on the weeping sighs only understood.
Sayuri walked, step by step, until she was standing only a few inches from Matasu’s face. She never stopped looking in his eyes, feeling the cool air around the memorial brushing the murderous hot breath around the older ninja away. Daring to believe he could see what she was trying to tell him with just a look, watching every ancestor’s heart break like cheap glass as Haigakure’s oldest dream fell. Seeing Kuro awake again when he would have slept with a crown on his head because he worked hard enough to be there. Bigger, stronger, lethal brutality of the Bull crushing Shin’s insolence on the deepest sorrow Matasu ever felt; broken and utterly beat Shimura finding strength to stand even if he had cracked bones. Faith, dreams, all awhirl behind Sayuri’s stormy blood-filled ocean eyes.

Courage and Serenity.

2007-11-26, 10:07 PM
Shunrai pulls out another kunai and grins "Hey cow man, you talk about being so tough and yet that's the best you've managed? You sure you aren't intimidated by us kids?" With that she launches the kunai at him


2007-11-29, 09:57 PM
Folowing the previous ninja's example Buki pulls out a few kunai and launches them at the bull.

2007-11-30, 12:08 PM
Kunai Attack

Matasu takes a grand total of five damage from the collective attacks.

Carrot Attack

The Bull doesn't seem to move as each of carrots strike his chest and penetrate his flesh like shurikens. A spray of blood makes a mess of Sayuri's clothes and ruins her headband. The Bull drops to his knees, bleeding profusely, before vanishing in a puff of smoke. A log, unphased and unmoving, stands in front of Sayuri with several carrots jutting out of it's bark.


The chuunin appears behind Shunrai, Kurina, and Kyoshin. "Children should be seen, not heard." In a split second of hand-seals, Matasu spits on the ground and the entire group is surrounded by searing flames. Shunrai and Kyoshin can escape without much trouble, but the unconscious Kurina can't offer resistance to this attack!

If you have a dodging technique, then you can use that. Otherwise, a raw Grace+Build roll could lessen the damage. TN: 36.

2007-11-30, 01:14 PM
Kyoshin doesn't even think about it. It's just not a question in his mind.

One moment, he's there, about to be hit by flames, and the next... he's in front of Kurina-sensei, about to be hit by flames.

Grabbing his sensei's unconscious form, Kyoshin hefts Kurina onto his shoulder, grunting from the weight, and turns to face the fire... He and his sensei begin to burn, unable to escape, the flames devouring them whole... a puff of smoke, and it's a pair of 'Extra-Large Yum-Yum' bento boxes, chargrilled and hot, ready for eating.

Kyoshin speaks from over near Natsumi, his shoulder sack considerably empty, and Kurina on his shoulder. "We are not children. We are genin. Age does not matter. Age is set aside. All that matters is honor and skill. You have one, but we... We have both."

Yojimbo Jutsu and Substitution Jutsu for a total of 7 Chakra spent

2007-11-30, 03:30 PM
Blood all over the place on her nice white clothes running down her cheeks mixed with snotty tears. Slopped on like gel matting her hair. “Shinobi iie, iie!” Agony? Desperation?
Somehow the ribbon came undone tangled on her hand coiled like a snake she couldn’t push away. Whether it was a wail or a laugh was hard to say but Matasu was for once more wise than youth said in her case.

2007-11-30, 04:57 PM
Natsumi sighs. So, the plan was talking him to death. "So, obviously he didn't get named 'The Bull' because he liked to sit down and have a chat about how he's feeling." Seeing Kyoshin rush for Kurina natsumi bites down on her lip. Her hands come to gether and form several seals, ending with on palm aimed at the ground.

Elemental Clone Jutsu

The tall girls form is covered by a sudden burst of flame from the justu. Four kunai, three then one, flying from the behind the flames before the fire quickly vanishes. The black knives flying in a Matasu's back since he was facing Kyoshin.

Natsumi A Kunai Justu [roll0]
Natsumi B Thrown Kunai [roll1]

2007-12-02, 12:05 PM
Shunrai leaps right at Matasu through the flames that eat away her shield, then explodes in a burst of lightning. The real Shunrai appears right beside Kyoshin. "Put Kurina on my back and we'll see how well I fly with 2, we gotta get her away from the fight while she's helpless. I'll be back once she's safe"

Lightning Substitution Jutsu

2007-12-03, 09:19 PM
Shimura Shin

A shuriken slaps into the dirt a few feet in front of Matasu. If one was foolish to look at it for a few seconds, you might miss the motley mix of shuriken and kunai curving in from behind.

Following the trail of the shuriken and kunai leads to a solitary figure in black standing on the top of a tree, arms folded, gazing down at Matasu and the group. "Heh." Shin smiles. "You didn't really think i'd run away, did you?"

Sudden Ambush Kunai Jutsu! [roll0] - 2 chakra for another die. Ambuscade so 6 times the cost. Heh.

2007-12-04, 08:52 PM
Thrown Attacks

For a second, the chuunin does nothing about the kunai aimed at his body. With a flex of his muscles, the chuunin's body bursts with a quick rush of air. The blast knocks the flying shuriken and kunai out of the air easily.

2007-12-07, 01:35 AM
(OOC: Sorry to stall everyone. I've been a bit on the busy side with work and things.)

Kyouko Kyoshin

Kyoshin nods his head, and hands Kurina-sensei over to Shunrai.

"Careful, she's heavy." With that, Kyoshin turns and takes a single step.

A single, noticeable step.

Right towards Matasu.

There was a much larger post here originally, but I've saved it for when it's my action.

2007-12-07, 08:26 AM
Shimura Shin

Shin takes a step, a jump, and a hop, turning into a fall from the tree, tumbling at the last second black threads streaming out from him as he steps out of nothing beside Kyoshin. He flashes the large genin a look and grins. "A double performance draws larger crowds - care for a dance?" He slides himself to one side of Kyoshin, settling in, broadening his stance and raising his hands, setting them wide, fingers slightly spread, with finality that echoes across the clearing. His left hand moves through three symbols, slowly. "Nibai Tenryu-ji Yougeki No Jutsu." Shin slowly intones, and above his arms strands of darkness coalesce, forming two serpentine masses, long thin wolfine heads ending the long shifting bodies seemingly formed of many moving strands, Shin's hands held in the same posture, the dancing serpent heads moving and twirling in and out of each other, sinuously moving in on themselves and reforming out of themselves but always keeping separate to their respective arms. Shin's moment of concentration passes, and he grins again, this time at Matasu. "Maybe we can't beat you, monster, but we can give it a good go. Right Kyoshin?" The grin becomes the feral grin of a trapped animal, battle-joy dancing in Shin's eyes.

The Shimura Bloodline Limit - Fuin Jutsu be damned! Waiting until Kyoshin's turn before I take mine. As usual rolling a senses to try and locate Leematsu.

[roll0] - Senses, ever keen.

2007-12-16, 11:54 AM
Shunrai settles Kurina onto her back, the small girl nearly buried under their teacher. She calls up the wind and launches herself into the air, going straight up as fast as she can.

"I'll be back"

She continues to just fly up with Kurina, counting on her shield to keep them safe.

2007-12-19, 12:03 AM
Sayuri it’s not wise to cover your ears all the time. But the Doctor would always praise her for taking good care of herself and keeping those awful loud noises from hurting them. Or maybe it was just because there was too much wax?
Haigakure must never use the tiny brushes you were supposed to clean them with. They weren’t... supposed to be like that.

2007-12-19, 12:12 AM
She pushed herself up like a Geisha, couldn’t feel the tears about to tip, tap when they finished gliding across her cheeks. Standing very quietly in front of the Shimura child with Kyoshin close by Sayuri waited to smear her snotty, yucky-gross covered hands on the next one to try attacking Matasu.

Readying Master’s Jiu Jutsu

2007-12-19, 01:37 PM
Shunrai continues her flight up with Kurina, hoping to get out of Matasu's reach.

"You know sensei, any time you want to recover and help us out with this situation would be just fine with me, maybe we can even get back in time to keep the food you left cooking from burning your house down. Sides, you're going to get all soaked with me carrying you inside my shield, specially if I have to try and stop any real attacks with it. Just think of what all this rain and wind and lightning could do to your hair and clothes, wouldn't want that. You're also rather heavy and we'll probably both get some awful wind burn from the force it's taking to carry both of us"

Maybe if I annoying her with enough mundane concerns she'll at least wake up to complain

2007-12-20, 03:06 AM

In a flash, Matasu was across the gap and staring her in the face. A swift kick met nothing but air, and the chuunin was already moving to block her next blow. He leaned in close, his hands grasping Sayuri's wrists and keeping her from finishing the memorized move. "Heh.. So you've got that tainted blood like Kuro? Interesting.."

He forgot, however, about Sayuri's feet. A swift kick to the gut sent Matasu sprawling, but the chuunin flipped back around and crouched a few feet away. He looked like a cat then, an angry cat with one hand resting against the ground to keep himself steady. "Not nearly as fun without Kuro to fight.. I've got bigger things to worry about right now than some kids. Leematsu, lets go!"

The chuunin's body shimmers and slowly fades, and eventually bursts into smoke. Kurina-sensei, still draped across Shunrai's shoulders, shifts in her sleep and yawns loudly. The older chuunin awakens with a startle as rain floods into her mouth. "Grmmagh! *Pootie* Who did that?!"

Kuro coughs, then quickly drops to the floor. He doesn't seem responsive and stares at the ground unless someone approaches.

Everyone gains 5 XP for the fight against Matasu. By the way.. Leematsu was hiding in plain sight.

2007-12-20, 08:39 AM
“Garbage is piled around the memorial.” She could have been mocking anyone. Strolling passed even Kuro-sama Sayuri was heading straight for the public baths.

2007-12-20, 09:54 AM
Darn. I'd just figured it all out, too. Kyoshin had had a purposeful stride to his slow walk, but upon seeing Sayuri, stopped. Then when Matasu left so suddenly, with Leematsu (and most of Kyoshin's mid-day after lunch meal) the large genin could only look around at his teammates and the others. At least everyone is safe.

Shuffling over to Shin, Kyoshin whispers with a sigh, "Some day, Shin-san, I wouldn't mind having you near as we both dance... and maybe we'll dance a dance where the girls follow, instead of lead."

Looking up at Shunrai and Kurina-sensei, and over at Natsumi and her clone, Kyoshin hastily adds, "But don't tell anyone on my team I said that. I wouldn't live long enough."

With a dopey grin and a wink, Kyoshin saunters over to Shunrai and Kurina. Curiously, the big genin has not shifted his shoulder sack back into a more comfortable position. It's almost as though he's expecting something more to happen.

"Kurina-sensei, I am afraid that Matasu-sensei is a sensei no more. Not in this village. He and Leematsu-san attacked all of us, including you and Kuro-sensei. Worst of all... he defiled our memorial."

Even worse, he used a bad tone when calling Shunrai-san a kaminin, and what's more, he called Natsumi-san ugly. Kyoshin stands ready for whatever Kurina is going to have her team do next.

((OOC: I'm feeling much better. Yay! I missed the end of the fight... Boo. I had a big ol' surprise for Matasu and everything, lol. Ah well. Time to spend xp!))

2007-12-20, 09:05 PM
Shimura Shin

Shin held his pose for a second more, and then the serpentine forms hovering above his arms evaporated downwards, disappearing into the air, if they were ever real in the first place. As Kyoshin speaks to him, he turns to the big genin, and gives him an easy grin. "Yeah sure Kyoshin, but just not any time soon, okay?" He looks down at the hand he had pressed to his middle, that has come away mostly red. The slightly darker stain spreading unnoticed in the black-blue of his clothing, Shin notices his red waist-sash has grown more so. That's the last thing he notices before everything goes black. Smiling one second, the next Shin crashes face-first onto the ground of the park.

2007-12-21, 10:37 AM
Shunrai grins a bit, a little cold water in the face might wake her up faster.

"Good morning again Kurina-sensei. We're currently hovering at an altitude of about 60'. We ask that you please excuse the rough ride caused by being overloaded and hiding in a storm. I'm still not entirely sure it's safe to land yet, we can do that once you assure me you're awake again. Once we return to the ground I can make the weather stop and you can start drying off."

She looks down at the others, glad Kyoshin and Natsumi seem to be alright. Can't hear them very well right now and figures even if she can get a hand free from holding Kurina they wouldn't be able to see her waving from in this mess.

2007-12-21, 04:54 PM
Both Natsumi's stand up with a faint sigh. Then drop down gracefully from the roof of the building they where on landing at the same time. Then walk toward the gathering teams. One watches Sayuri walk off, the other shrugs, while looking up at Shunrai and their Sensei. Natsumi A walks over toward Kuro. "Are you feeling better now Kuro-sama?"

Natsumi B moves over to Shin and squats down beside him. Well, she is supposed to be training for this. She reaches into a side belt pouch and removes a trademarked ninja first aid kit, and sets to work, examining him to see what his total wounds are. "If you're awake and just unable to stand up say something." Her tone is rather bland, bed side manner wasn't covered in what little training she's had so far. "Anyone else hurt?" said louder for more to hear.

Basic first aid, so long as Shin is unmoving and/or cooperating

2007-12-22, 10:06 PM

She gives Shunrai a look of a wildcat. A wet and angry wildcat. "Down now. Please. Thank you."


Kuro, sitting on his butt among the dirt, just nods. When he notices Natsumi was aiding Shin, he smiles alittle. "Shinobi have to stick together, ya know.."

2007-12-26, 07:01 PM
Natsumi A

"With all due respect Kuro-sama." She bows and turns back to look at the memorial. "I think that rule of yours has been bent in in three places today." She motions toward the direction Matasu and Leematsu went, then the direction Sayuri went. "Leematsu and Matasu, are they related in any other way then teacher and student? Was Matasu correct about the name on top of the memorial?" She's a clone, she could look. But could clones anger the dead? She doesn't really want to try, some of those dead are related to her.

Natsumi B

Natsumi rocks back on her heels as she remains squatting looking over her work. "I need more trainning at this.. trainning ends at midnight, starts at sunrise.." She thinks over a 48 hour work day, maybe she could make a jutsu to make time somehow.

2007-12-26, 11:32 PM
Shunrai brings herself and Kurina down to the ground slowly, then banishes her shield. "Sorry bout that, but you were making things harder by just laying with your face in the dirt being a target we had to protect, needed to get you away from the fight. You feeling alright?"

2007-12-27, 12:16 AM

"Leematsu? Ya, Matasu found him outside the village. Poor kid was near death when Matasu healed his wounds. Not really more than teacher and student, but definitely more than you or Kurina. Guess that explains why Leematsu agree-Where are the other two in his squad?!"

Kuro bolts up at that last bit, as if the realization that they were never here just hit him. "Where were they? We have to find them. The Karonatsu clan is loyal to Haigakure to a fault, and I doubt Rin or Min would have agreed to his madness. He might have hurt them."


"I'm wet, dirty, and tired. I also have a splitting headache and now I'm goin-Matasu did what now? That bastard! Alright team, we fan out and pursue him. He's got to be injured after that and exhausted, now is not the time to let him recuperate."

Kurina takes some time to examine Natsumi(and her clone), Shunrai, and Kyoshin. She quietly releases a sigh, then turns toward the direction Matasu and Leematsu fled. "I have reason to believe he is working with the Sound. That would explain why they came after us, and how they knew where to find the genin squads. Training is not going to be so fierce tomorrow, but do not get lazy. We have things to do."

2007-12-27, 07:20 PM
Both Natsumi's sigh, at the same time, which could get pretty annoying. Both look at a different teacher.

Natsumi B

"Chase Matasu down, or find Rin and Min. Guess it's a good thing you have two teams here." She stands up from her work on Shin and stretches. "But, you don't. Sayuri went that'a way, not exactly my plan with a large angry chuunin and an illusion using student trying to kill us. Then there's Shin." She looks down at Shin, tucking a tray strand of hair back into her forehead protector. "He might be able to help out when he comes too." She shrugs. "If it's a vote, I'm for looking for Rin and Min. Save a resource rather then lose more stopping one.

Not trying to rush things, I know some of us are off on christmas break. I'm just bored, and a bah-humbug.

2007-12-29, 06:22 PM
"Well I can't say as I care for Rin and Min, but I gotta agree that saving people sounds better than hunting them. Besides even though our team isn't hurt, everyone is probably a little worn from today"

2007-12-29, 11:27 PM
"I agree with Natsumi-san and Shunrai-san, Kurina-sensei." Kyoshin says, without much happiness. "Min-san and Rin-san should come first. As far as we know, they at least are still part of the village. And while I do want to go after Leematsu-san, especially while Matasu is weakened, I just... I just don't think our squad is the best one to do that. Not yet."

But we will be. For there IS such a thing as honor, and part of it is knowing when NOT to fight, which is NOT cowardice. Plus... Matasu was rude when he called Shunrai-san a kaminin, when there is nothing wrong with being one, and he called Natsumi-san ugly, which she is not. Kyoshin's muscles clench, and he looks towards the path that Leematsu and Matasu took.

But, Mother, I can't fight them as I am now... Even I know that.

Then we will fight them together.

"Did you say something, Natsumi-san?" Kyoshin says, with a strange look on his face.

2007-12-30, 12:08 AM
The Rest of the Group

Kurina sighs, a quiet thing that is barely perceivable. She stands up, shakily, and nods her head as she speaks. "Very well. I-I've got to get home. Kuro-sama, please take care of my students." Kurina forms a single hand-seal and disappears in a puff of smoke.

Kuro drags himself off the floor, grunting and stopping at least once to regain his footing. He coughs alittle and slips one hand around his ribs, applying abit of pressure and wincing loudly. "Yup.. Tore those cuts open.. Well, my name is Kyusuki Kuro. And I guess I'm your interim captain until Kurina has pulled herself together. She and Matasu were close, I think she's taking this abit harder than necessary. Can someone bring my student to me? I need to wake him up.."


The bathhouse is what one would expect. A simple structure separated into Male and Female baths. There isn't a crowd, and no one is using the female bath at the moment. The bathhouse is tranquil, exceptionally so.

2007-12-30, 04:38 AM

Tossed aside like trash. A white cloth bundle of smelly washed up rags all knotted and confused. Being naked cooled her for a hotter fire. Things went slowly with her hair, fingers danced from place to place light as a feather – if she pressed harder it would hurt. Agony was the absent gentle snow so different from pain they never understood. Virtue traced her skin so softly with the washcloth?
Afraid to breathe while the little droplets crawled all over her body Sayuri wasted a lifetime in every footstep. “Tolerate the rasping wind coarse stone.”
The water slipped up her left ankle, then the right one. She was the very essence of grace through harsh discipline; lily, glossy ice sculpture.
Trapped up to her neck Sayuri sank back. Felt her eyelids flutter, whispery not-quite-whimper. “Mmm.”

2007-12-30, 10:24 AM
Kyoshin seems troubled by something, but what it is is hard to tell. The large genin trundles over to Shin's prone form, and leans down to pick him up. Without a word, Shin is soon laying before Kuro-sensei, and Kyoshin is sitting down cross legged in front of them, concern on his face.

But is it concern for Shin?

For Kurina?

For Leematsu?

For himself?

That... that is difficult to tell. For some reason, he keeps touching his arms, right below each shoulder-blade.

2007-12-30, 03:37 PM

The chuunin channels chakra into his right palm, then places it over the boy's chest. His hands glow with a light blue aura, tainted with veins of shadow shooting through his chakra. Kuro winces and releases the chakra around his hands. He still seems unable to concentrate for long. "There.. He should wake up soon enough. I think we should go find Sayuri-chan as quickly as possible. It's best that no one is left alone.

Your mission is one from me, personally. I've got nothing to offer other than teaching you alittle of what I know. Your mission is to find Sayuri-chan and bring her back here, plain and simple. Do you accept?"

Shin regains [roll0] Chakra, Endurance, and Health.

2007-12-30, 05:38 PM
Natsumi sighs, but says none of the words that want to come to the surface. Sayuri, plain and simple... right. She shrugs, her clone vanishing in minor puff of flame, turns on her heels and moves in the direction Sayuri went. Mentally running through the likely places she would go.

2007-12-30, 07:04 PM
Shunrai shrugs and heads after Natsumi, wondering how they're going to figure out where the crazy girl that makes no sense would go. "So where would she go? Home seems like a normal choice, so probably not there. A doctor might be logical if she was hurt, but I don't think she was, or would do something logical. I'm soaked in cold water and getting all muddy now to. At least Kurina's food is assuredly destroyed by now"

2007-12-31, 01:24 AM
"Don't be too sure about that, Shunrai-san. Kurina-sensei's methods of cooking are surely unconventional. She may have ways of... saving her... food," for lack of a better term "so that we'll still be rewarded. Though with all three of us disagreeing with her like we did, she might not feel like giving us a reward."

Kyoshin lumbers behind his teammates, his normally easy-going face still disturbed. He spares a glance back at Kuro and Shin, and returns a bit to his normal self, asking, "Should we be leaving those two behind, unguarded and alone?"

2007-12-31, 09:51 AM
Shimura Shin

Shin coughs, and then coughs again, eyes slowly opening. "What..." He looks left and right, and sits up. The world freezes, and shatters. A world of pain is introduced to Shin's ribs and midsection. "Ow." Shin lies back down, carefully. He sees Kuro sitting above him and nearly tries to stand up again before realizing what happened last time he tried that. "Uh... Kuro. Kyoshin. What happened? Did we beat Matasu?" He coughs again. It sounds painful, but it seems to be clearing the blood from his air flow, which Natsumi knows is good.

2007-12-31, 10:40 AM

"He escaped. Don't worry about it though, neither of us are in any condition to follow him. I apologize for the incomplete healing, I couldn't concentrate long enough to finish mending your wounds." Your instructor moves to stand in a very slow manner. His muscles visibly tense, a reflex to keep himself from falling over. Kuro reaches into his belt-pouch and retrieves a small red pill, which he hands to Shin after a quiet second of deliberation. "This is a soldier pill. It'll keep you conscious alittle while longer, but don't use it unless we have an absolute emergency."

Might as well do a Senses roll to follow Sayuri's tracks in the dirt..

2007-12-31, 12:44 PM
"You want to keep an eye on them for us Kyoshin? Maybe get them to a real medic. We can always come find you after we strang...I mean find Sayuri" She smiles and goes back to the pursuit, leaving a trail of wet muddy footprints, she wouldn't be hard to follow.


2007-12-31, 02:30 PM
"No. With Kurina-sensei... as she is... I don't think it smart for we three to split. You must admit, we work well together. So while I think it dangerous to leave them, if it is a choice between three genin and another who's with a chunin or two genin, and two with a chunin... I choose the three of us, and I'll just hope there is no difficulty." Kyoshin wonders what it is that is making him talk so much lately. He hasn't said so many words to so many people within the same day... ever.

Protect the flower. Protect the nest. Protect the troop.

Who are you?

I am us.

And then there was that. A leftover genjutsu from the fight? Kyoshin clenches his jaw and tries to ignore it. He follows after Natsumi and Shunrai.


2007-12-31, 06:17 PM
"Kurina-sensei told us to follow Kuro-sama's orders, in not so many words. He asked us to go get Sayuri. You both followed me so lets assume that on some instinctual level you believe Kuro and Shin will be fine. In this instance lets not doubt your instincts, find Sayuri, and get her back as quickly as possable." She sighs, it's not that big of a town, she can't be that far away. She walks on.

Senses [roll0] please oh please don't botch!

"And Kyoshin, lets not mention that we're going to look for Rin and Min to Sayuri unless it's needed. It will probably be counter productive."

2007-12-31, 08:18 PM
Shunrai, Kyoshin, and Natsumi

Kurina's Team finds and follows Sayuri's tracks down to the bathhouse with relative ease.


Shin, however, stays back with Kuro-sama. The chuunin tries rather hard to appear as if nothing was bothering him, but a light wince can be heard everytime Kuro moves. "I heard what happened to your other squad. I knew your sensei when I was a genin.. Good shinobi like that are hard to come by these days."

It's rather obvious that he's trying to pass the time.


You hear the approach of other humans outside the bathhouse. Two lightweights and one very heavyweight.

2007-12-31, 09:27 PM
"Sayuri-san? Are you in here?" Kyoshin cups his mouth with his hands and bellows politely.

2008-01-01, 12:37 AM
Shunrai chokes back a laugh "You know we could just walk inside and see if she's here, it's just the bathhouse" and the tiny ninja does just that.

She calms the storm completely so that she doesn't shock anyone with cold wind and rain in their hot bath, and marches right on in. She even looks like she could use a bath at this point, so nothing strange about her entering other than it's her first time here. She heads for the girls side, might as well not intrude on the other side unless they need to.

2008-01-01, 02:30 AM

Shunrai doesn’t get so much as an eye blink from the rogue. They’re closed. Lips pressed together Sayuri was obviously trying very hard to believe Brutal Kurina’s team didn’t exist.

2008-01-01, 05:57 AM
Shimura Shin

Shin slowly manages to sit up. His feet sole to sole, his legs bent at the knee and flat with the ground, hands in the square diamond of earth, head bowed, frozen as Kuro speaks, his expression unreadable. The tableau goes on for a second, and then Shin turns to Kuro and gives him a brilliant smile. "Yes, you're right, Kuro-sama." Shin turns away for another second, his expression turning unreadable again, and then looks back at Kuro with his piercing dark eyes, drawing his knees up into a kneeling position, and placing his hands on them. "Kuro-sama, I would request your permission to search for Rin and Min."

2008-01-01, 09:26 AM

"You fully understand the danger, right? So I won't stop you. Be careful.." He waves off the young genin, then limps over to a nearby bench and drops down on it.

2008-01-01, 06:00 PM
Natsumi shrugs at Kyoshin, and walks in after Shunrai. Suddenly reminding her that she too would like a bath, but figures now is probbaly not the time. With a wave at the atendant she walks past.

"Shunrai..." She sighs. "You probably should take off your mud, I mean boots."

She slips out of hers with practiced ease and moves further into the baths. "Sayuri? If you're dead let me know."

2008-01-01, 08:29 PM
"Um, but, er..." Kyoshin wipes his feet subconsciously, and reaches out a hand after his two teammates. But the big genin doesn't move.

"I..." Kyoshin sputters, "I can't... I can't go in there! That's the ladies' side!"

Kyoshin looks at the attendant, momentarily sizing them up, and deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, plops onto the ground in the front part of the baths, to wait.

2008-01-02, 09:59 AM
Shimura Shin

Shin nods, and then turns to step away, wincing slightly, but pauses. "Ahh... Kuro-san... are you going to be ok? Should I go notify Tenmai-sama before I start looking for Rin and Min?"

2008-01-02, 11:48 AM
Shunrai takes her boots off and continues into the ladies section "I didn't think he'd be the type to follow us in."

She walks over to Sayuri and crouches down "Your teacher sent us to find you and bring you back to him. He seems to think it's more important now that we not be alone."

2008-01-02, 01:32 PM

"Of course I'll be fine."

2008-01-02, 06:43 PM
Natsumi looks at Shunrai. "The cute thing is, he most likely isn't following us in because all three of us would kill him for trying it. But rather he wouldn't dishonor himself or us by trying." She squats down again near the pool, since this is probably going to take a while. "I'm not so sure if I'd do the same, but that might be a girl/boy thing." Idle wonders if such a situation might ever come up.

2008-01-03, 01:50 AM
The large, 'cute'-mannered genin of which the two girls of Team Two speak of is currently looking outside, watching the sun pass. Kyoshin is becoming anxious, just waiting, what with little to no food to help keep him from being idle. And the longer this takes, the more danger Min and Rin could get in.

We have time.

And then there is that! What is going on? This is my head. MY head. It's not a very smart one, I'll be the first to admit, but, it's MINE. Who are you, really?! WHAT are you? Genjutsu?

I am us. I am dreams.

Dreams? Like, what; the white puffy clouds made of noodles? The large green jungles full of monkeys? Or maybe the mountains of sweet potatoes that I swim in? Kyoshin closes his eyes and shakes his head, giving his own cheek a hard slap. No. He's awake. This is happening. Isn't it? And now I sound like Sayuri-san. In my own head, no less.

The jungles.


I am the jungles.

Right. Ok. I know what happened now. We must have gone back and celebrated, and I ate another one of Kurina-sensei's pies, didn't I? Only, this one is making me hear things.

We ate no pie.

If... if you are us, then... then go away for now. I can't... can't deal with this at the moment.


Um... hello? Kyoshin blinks, sitting up. Hello?

Was it... just a dream? Did I sleep?

From what Kyoshin could see of outside, the sun hadn't moved. The shadows were still in roughly the same place, so no time had really passed. Only the amount of time it would take to have a conversation with yourself.

Kyoshin looked at the open space that lead to the girls' side of the bathhouse. One leg twitches, as the large genin starts to stand up and head inside... but he quickly stops himself.

If I... If I go in there after them, no matter which way you spin it, all THREE of them would kill me just for TRYING IT. And let's not get into how dishonorable it'd be. No, best to just sit it out out here. I'll go in only IF there is trouble.

You WISH there was something in this spoiler, don't you? Zero, feel free to smack me if I'm overstepping myself.

I'm just having too much fun writing again! Also, the sweet potato mountains thing is real. I had that dream a few nights ago. Very strange. I wore swimming goggles, a swimming cap (something I NEVER do), and even flippers.

2008-01-04, 09:54 PM
Shimura Shin

Shin just nods, giving Kuro a look before nodding again, and walking away a short distance. Removing three thin incense sticks from his pouch, he plants them equidistant from himself, lights them all with a match, and then sits down in the pattern they make, hands raised to mold chi, concentrating. Gradually, the thin plumes of smoke outline three identical Shins, each sitting in a space between two incense sticks, each with his hands raised to mold chakra. Eventually, the three smoky figures become solid gray, and instantly become identical to the original Shin in every way. Silently, the stand and face inwards, and Shin also stands. "So, do you know what to do?" The three copies nod. "Green for the kunoichi, red for Matasu." Shin turns and points to one of him randomly. "You're the messenger. Go." The three Shins turn, launching themselves into the air. The original Shin gives Kuro one last worried look, and then departs.

Activating Smoke Bunshin no Jutsu three times for 6 chakra. One Shin clone takes a message to Tenmai-sama. The others and Shin search for Rin and Min, looking for places Matasu might have dumped their bodies, checking their abode(s) and/or family members, asking people on the street if they've seen either kunoichi, etc. Trying to be a bit stealthy about it, too. I.e, not running around yelling out their names. But you can't be too stealthy about hurriedly looking for someone. Green flare for either of the kunoichi, red flare for Matasu or trouble.

2008-01-04, 10:32 PM
Messenger Clone

After about two minutes of travel, the clone finds Tenmai-sama at the Academy. She leaves immediately after the message is delivered, and the clone puffs into smoke again.

Searcher Clones

No one has seen the kunoichi today, and no one answers the door at the Karonatsu Estate.

2008-01-05, 09:25 PM

Steamy water let her suffer a chill so cold she felt like screaming. All fluttery eyes and a lingering fire Sayuri whirled on Shunrai and leaned forward. “O-sama walks in the rain.”
Close enough for the squall bound Kunoichi to feel the breathy words on her lips. Was it too close for her to float a kiss away?

2008-01-06, 12:23 AM
Shunrai has no idea who O-sama is, or what Sayuri is thinking, but they need to get things moving. With her hair hanging in wet strings over her pale face she leans forward into Sayuri as she gets in her face and presses her cold blue lips against the other ninja's, a bit of a shock passing between them from the charge or static electricity Shunrai tends to carry. She then stays crouched there and waits to see if Sayuri is going to make some sense and come with them now, or if perhaps they'll have to drag her out of here.

2008-01-06, 05:33 PM
Natsumi blinks, well, it was a good thing she was almost sitting for that. Green eyebrows form into a slight scowl. "Okay, that was weird. You two should... not do that again. Come on, lets go, out of the water, cloths, lets go." The tall girl young woman stands up fully, arms crossing infront of her chest.

2008-01-07, 06:31 AM

She would have known better. Helpless, meek sounds caressed her tongue. Nipped by the electric shiver they weren’t the eloquence of sympathy. Icy touches lingered on her lips. Cruelly sparkle as long as it takes for her to understand things were never the same. Numb in the cool anguish of ‘Yurei Shunrai’, flickering candle waiting for the more faded away like a dying storm.

2008-01-07, 11:53 AM
Kyoshin flexes his arms, and fingers the wax package that hangs about his neck. He doesn't know what, but he feels that he's missing something important.

With an apologetic look at the attendant, Kyoshin cups one hand to his mouth and shouts, "Sorry if... if I'm disturbing you ladies, but, um... Natsumi-san, Shunrai-san, is everything all right in there?!"

2008-01-07, 05:41 PM
"Hmmm, figured that would at least get some motion out of her. If she's not going to get dressed and come on her own we'll just have to muscle through like Kurina would" She smiles at Natsumi "Want to grab a towel and we can wrap her up and carry her out. I can probably find her cloths and Kyoshin should have an easy time carrying her." She stands up and looks around for Sayuri's clothes, and a towel for herself, before yelling out to the front "Hey Kyoshin, looking like we're going to need you to carry someone out of here"

2008-01-07, 06:32 PM

The arrogant spark of wit behind her sleepy eyes was gone. More tears were raining across her cheeks. She touched her lips, willing a fingertip to tell her everything. Not a word. All she found was sharp indifference. Ghosting out of the loop-warm pool Sayuri fell against Natsumi. The weight of her weeping heart was in the air.

2008-01-07, 08:03 PM
"Um, er..." Kyoshin looks over at the attendant, deep remorse in his eyes. "Sorry, shinobi business. I swear I wouldn't do this otherwise!"

Kyoshin stands up and grabs a towel for himself, then dashes into the ladies side of the baths. His hands are a rapid motion of activity as he bounds down the hallway.

"You need me for something, Shunrai-san?" Kyoshin stands at his full height, one hand holding the wall, the other held out, ready to carry whatever it is that needs carrying.

Wrapped around the large genin's head is the towel he grabbed, carefully folded and tied to cover his eyes. The knot is loose, however, and it wouldn't take much for the whole thing to be pulled off.

2008-01-08, 12:53 AM
"er.." Okay, showing up to get attacked by a former teacher, that was a shock. Shunrai planting one on Sayuri, that was a shock. Now she's being cried on, and Kyoshin is blindfolded in the girls bath. She has no idea what to do with crying people. Her grandfather isn't exactly the emotional type, and tears never did anything but get her yelled at. "Uh, why are you crying?" On me specificly she wants to add. "I'm sure she's um.. sorry for what she did." She sighs, she's a ninja damnit, not a.. whatever deals with this.

2008-01-08, 04:56 AM

Cold shoulder flat tones Natsumi should have understood. She was acting like an ice doll. Warmth in the damp tears Sayuri gave her should have melted her silly mask. Of course these Kunoichi didn’t get it. Shock was a thief lost in words. She wrapped her arms around the airhead tall girl to choke her sobs in the big soft shirt. “She isn’t... excused.”
Sayuri struggled with her words between sadness, the very last one like a broken mirror. She snuck her hands up to wrap Natsumi’s arms around herself. Just hold on for a little while.

2008-01-08, 08:52 AM
"Wait, what happened?" Kyoshin may be blind right now, but he can tell there is something very wrong with Sayuri.

2008-01-08, 10:20 AM
"We can explain it later Kyoshin. It seems we've managed to offend and upset Sayuri though. Probably cause I'm living with a demon and don't know how to deal with people and Natsumi apparently isn't the sensitive comforting sort. At least now I know for sure I can't make sense of her and that next time you get to do this instead since you probably can't do worse." She sighs and grabs Sayuri's clothes and a towel

She hesitates for a moment before heading over to Natsumi and Sayuri and drapes the towel over Sayuri's back. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry, I promise not to try biting you again. I'm not good with people, and I'll admit nothing you've ever said or done has made even a little sense to me. I don't know how to get you to cooperate but I know Kuro and Kurina are both hurt, and so is the rest of your team. We need to get you back to them so we can see about saving Rin and Min so we can hold it over the little monsters for the rest of their lives."

She gives Natsumi a timid smile, wanting to apologize to her teammate who seems awfully uncomfortable with this whole mess, and looks back to Sayuri "Can we get you dried off and dressed now so we can go? You can even hit me once things are settle if it'll make you feel better"

2008-01-08, 06:15 PM
"Um, oooookay. As long as everyone is safe and feeling all right, we really do need to be going..." because I don't know how long I can keep myself from blushing. Oh wait. That long. Kyoshin coughs and covers his face for a moment.

"Do I still need to carry anything?" Concern is in Kyoshin's voice as he still tries to figure out what's going on without actually looking.

2008-01-08, 11:17 PM

Without results, you return to Kuro's last known location. He isn't around, but a note is attached to the bench he was on. It says that he left for the hospital under Tenmai-sama's orders. He tells you to go to the bathhouse, because Tenmai-sama left to investigate some shouts she heard coming from that area.


Kyoshin suddenly and adruptly feels a cold--nay, frozen--wind blow across his back. The spirit reacts quickly, warning the boy of immediate danger. But before he can react, a sharp pain blossoms across the back of his head. A familiar and song-like voice draws attention to the young shinobi. "Kyoshin-san.. I thought you were better than this. Sneaking into the ladies side, blindfold or no, is still not allowed!" It's readily apparent that her voice is hardened with disappointment..

A raven-haired beauty stands over Kyoshin. Her hair runs down her shoulders and back in a cascade that resembles a river of shining gems. Her face is soft and the woman carries an almost unearthly quality about her. She appears beautiful, with soft lips that almost perpetually pout, warm eyes, and her glistening onyx hair. She sports a picturesque ash-gray kimono tied with a blood-red ribbon. Her delicate hands are nowhere to be seen, though her arms are obviously tucked within the folds of her kimono.

Tenmai-sama puts Kurina to shame and is definitely in the running for the most beautiful woman in Haigakure. Though no one other than Kyoshin felt it, Tenmai-sama had been responsible for the blow across the back of the poor boy's head. The jounin produces a small jade fan, carefully folded of course, and nudges Kyoshin away from the ladies side of the bathhouse. "Kyusuki-chan. Nakamura-chan. Arashi-chan. It's not prudent for young ladies of your stature to be so.. underclothed. Especially in front of a boy. Think of the scandal!" Tenmai-sama smiles, a smile one would expect a proud grandmother to give her grandchildren. She addresses the girls by their more formal family names, but attaches 'chan' to show that she cares.

"Kyo-chan, I'd like you to go back to the Memorial and wait. Shimura-chan will be along soon, and I'd rather you two went to see Kuro-chan in the hospital." She addresses Kyoshin in a manner usually reserved for children. She normally does this when someone breaks the rules. It's her way of showing disappointment without outright saying it..

The kindly jounin moves to allow Kyoshin to leave. And if he hesitates for a moment, Tenmai-sama immediately and curtly pops the boy's rear with her fan. "Shoo."

2008-01-09, 12:00 AM
Shunrai quickly glances at Tenmai and lets out a sigh in her head, how messed up could a day get? Then she looks down at herself, well she can't get much more clothed, though she could certainly use some dry ones, it's not uncommon for her clothes to be wet. She's a little confused by the stature comment to, she can't think of any stature where she could match up to eith erof the other girls. "We're certainly trying to get Sayuri dressed, and Kyoshin came cause I yelled. Probably thought we were in trouble, what with everyone trying to kill us on a daily basis and all. Seeing you is probably lucky for us though, Kurina suggested one of us ask you for some medical training."

She thinks about their trials so far and smirks a bit "Though so far we'd mostly need them for putting the other teams back together, what little others are left anyways" This last she mumbles to herself quietly. On reflection it's been a really crappy couple of days for the village

2008-01-09, 02:26 AM
Kyoshin clears his throat and straightens up, standing at his full height, his arms held straight down and chin high, "Echum, in order:



And... right away Tenmai-sama. Sorry Tenmai-sama. Sorry girls. See you later, er, not that I saw you now, um, er, oh boy... I'll be going now."

It seems Kyoshin wants to stay and say more, but his feet move him quickly to safety, his fingers guiding him along the wall. In a minute, he's back in the bathhouse lobby, removing the makeshift blindfold.

If I ever live to be jounin, I still don't think I'll ever be more scared in my life than that moment right there. Kyoshin shifts his shoulder bag so that it is combat ready, momentarily wonders if he should wait for a second person, and then deciding that Shin IS the second person, bounds out of the doorway towards the Memorial, keeping his eyes open for anything.

2008-01-09, 05:34 AM

Sharp as a razor and ten times suppler Shunrai’s towel swelled on the floor. Sliding out of her self-imposed Natsumi wrap the Kyusuki-hime set her dreary gaze on Tenmai. It went from her toes to the very tip of her nose and chanced an insult. With their eyes mirroring each other Sayuri let her wonder too. You’d feel the same. Tenmai knew.

2008-01-09, 11:09 PM
Natsumi nearly freezes up as her hands are wrapped around Sayuri. Not like she hated doing such a thing, but more like doing something for the first time and not realling knowing how. After Sayuri leaves, she shrugs, then looks down at her now wet front. Oh thats just great. Just, -just- what she needed. She's been uncomfortable, scared, and shocked today. Now anger shows it's face.

"You know what? Grow up. We're out of-" She glances over at Tenmai and holds back the curse word that so wants to come out. Then looks back at Sayuri "We're out of school, we're genin now. You may like to run around spouting nonsence like this is your own personal theatre. I would rather get the job done. If you didn't like what Shunrai did you shouldn't have gone half way."

She looks over at Shunrai. "And no ones hitting anyone, it took two to do what just happened." She's making stretches not to blatantly say it incase one or both of them are embarassed by it. "Sayuri, get dressed, it's your teachers orders. And I could really care less if you follow them or not at the moment."

She bows to Tenmai. Then moves past the woman to where she left her boots. Her jaw clenched, still trying to hold in what all wants to come out, her hands absently trying to rus some of the dampness out of her clothing.

2008-01-10, 01:43 AM

While Sayuri toweled off, the elder jounin turned to Natsumi. "The always serious Nakamura-chan. Is Grampa-senpai still bragging about his adventures?" She turns to Sayuri and glides over on feet that never quite touch the ground. "How are your eyes, Kyusuki-chan? Still seeing a future no one else notices?" Her touch, a simple graze of her fingers across Sayuri's cheek, came quick and light as a feather. The woman moves over to Shunrai and assists the stormy kunoichi out of the warm water. "You have made many friends since the last time we met, Arashi-chan. You are doing very well, despite the shield to keep everyone away." Tenmai-sama gives the little kunoichi a light and playful poke on the nose before grasping her hand and leading her back to Natsumi. Tenmai-sama beckons Natsumi closer and reaches an arm around Sayuri.

In one movement she crouches low and hugs all three girls close. She smells faintly of vanilla and her hair smells of lavender. "You girls have grown so strong since I last saw you. But you are still children.. You shouldn't have seen what you have seen, and I am sorry for not protecting you.."

Shin and Kyoshin

Both boys run into each other on the road. Then slowly make their way to the hospital. The nurse, an overly tall woman with rusty-brown hair, guides both boys up two flights of stairs and down a hallway. "So you kids are friends of the Kyusuki Clan? Must be nice, having all that extra money just laying around.. I bet you guys get great gifts on your birthdays! Ah well.. Here we are."

The room she brings you to is what you expect. The door is wood, and fairly crappy wood at that. The inside is the purest white, with a hard tile floor and lots of curtains. A hard wood desk, old and unused, greets the pair as they walk in. However, their eyes are immediately drawn to the soft white bed. A strange machine, box-shaped and beeping, sits beside it with tubes and wires running to the bed.

Running into Kuro Kyusuki.

He's unconscious, probably sedated, and makes no movement other than the rhymtic rise and fall of his chest. "Hey. You part of his team?" The voice comes from a corner of the room. A small boy sits on a stool, wearing a strange blue windbreaker jacket and a matching pair of pants. His head is a mess of blonde hair held back by a Haigakure headband. His blue eyes dance across both boy's faces, searching for any hint of recognition.

Neither of you recognize him, not as much more than a ash-shinobi atleast. "What? Don't remember me? Inaki Houza? I wasn't too good in the Academy.. But to completely forget me? Come on guys.." The kid hangs his head.

2008-01-10, 08:40 AM

Ignorance and the blissful fruit of – lavender and vanilla… Sayuri never liked them but Tenmai wore anything tastefully. She turned her head before her nose got buried in Tenmai’s lightless midnight hair and dreamed of a shoulder so-close-too-far. Doing her best as an ideal reflection in their teacher’s mirror she was the first to twist free.
No towels for Sayuri, she was busy putting the final touches on a stolen pink with pinker flowers on it yukata. Still soaked to the bones she flowed over to the door opening into a closed garden. First a little whisper and the door opens a crack. Then the wind to open it all the way gentle as could be. A breeze caressed all the art in the room living and not. Mostly she was happy it dried her hair. She tiptoed her fingers into her sleeves and stood like a good meek princess. Sayuri bowed almost not at all.

2008-01-10, 11:31 AM
"Ah! Houza-san! Sorry, Shin-san and I have had... a rough day, you could say. And because I was always sitting in the back of class, I probably recognize the back of your head more than the front." Kyoshin grins his dopey grin as he moves over to shake Inaki's hand...

...and innocently put himself between Inaki and Kuro-sensei...

"I'm on Kurina-sensei's sqaud, but Shin-san is with Kuro-sensei. What about you?"

2008-01-10, 06:34 PM
A future that no one else sees, yeah that'd explain some things. Wait, she's not always serious. She stands there thinking as she holds her boots. Okay, she's been pretty serious lately, but people have been trying to kill her. "Some people might call it bragging. I think he thinks of it as teaching." She sighs, not mentioning what she thinks it is. She winces slightly as she gets pulled into the four person hug, this is getting repetitive. "Shunrai was right though Tenmai-sama. Kurina did ask one or both of us to get medical training from you." She shrugs. "Then set a 19 hour training schedule."

2008-01-11, 01:19 AM
Shin Prime

Shin steps in through the door to Kuro's bedroom suite. He'd been characteristically quiet on the walk, at least as far as Kyoshin knew him, seeming to be thinking about something. A lot. More absent-minded than usual, assuredly. As the little boy in the corner spoke and Kyoshin answered, he spent several somber moments staring down at Kuro in the hospital bed, face unreadable. Then he turned to the windbreaker-wearing kid, and he raises an eyebrow, tilting his head up to form a mock-thinking pose. "Houza." He pauses a moment. "Houza. Hmm." He scratches his chin. "Inaki... Houza." He taps his chin with one finger, pursing his lips in a lopsided imitation of deep thought. "Nope, doesn't ring a bell." Then he turns and flashes a huge and somewhat creepy grin at the genin.

Shin A

Shin lounges on the angled black asphalt roof of the hospital in the baking sun, teapot strainer and stirrer on a small folded white towel at his side, he sips green tea from a small bowl and sighs in contentment as voices waft up from the window of the room below him.

Shin B

Shin crouches on the roof of the house across from the bathhouse, eyes narrow and focused like a hawk.

2008-01-11, 12:20 PM
"Well of course I've made friends, I'm doing pretty good at making them look good so far. Not that Natsumi needs help with that" She tenses a bit at the hug, not ready for it and clamping down on her power as hard as she can so she doesn't end up giving them all a shock. "Don't worry about it, what doesn't kill us will make us stronger right? No rain and yet everyone seems to be getting wet today, not just me." She relaxes a bit in the hug finally, realizing it's getting easier to keep the power under control when things are calm.

2008-01-12, 12:25 AM
Shin, Kyoshin, and Houza


The rhymtic breathing of a respirator interrupts the tentative silence that settles after Shin's joke. The boy is obviously not amused. "If I knew you guys were gonna be like that I wouldn't have even bothered to come. Ah well, what does it matter to me. Tenmai-sama has assigned me to watching the idiot over there"--He jabs a thumb toward Kuro.--"and making sure he doesn't leave this room."

He sits back down in one of the two seats inside the room. "So what happened to Mr. Perfect? The only thing Tenmai-sama talked about was "obligations to his clan"."


The kunoichi releases wayward Sayuri without fuss. Though she does draw Natsumi and Shunrai closer. "I had expected that much from Kuri-chan. She's a very devoted trainer, but definitely not one who should mentor academy-fresh students.. Ah well! She was handpicked by Kyusuki-sama." Tenmai releases both Shunrai and Natsumi rather adruptly, then stands up and motions for the two kunoichi to follow suit. "Either way.. I'm willing to teach you, if you are willing to listen. Then I'll have a talk with Kuri-chan about your training schedule! How does that sound?" She smiles, but not a smile of happiness. Her smile seems to be a smile of pride--pride in her young charges.

2008-01-12, 12:38 AM
"Well, what happened was we... wait, no, he was like that before my squad showed up... um... What DID happen, Shin-san?" Kyoshin tries to be apologetic. He doesn't understand why he's included in Shin's... behavior. Petty jokes like that were something that Kyoshin never understood, and the large genin was being serious when he said he probably knew the back of Houza's head more than the front.

Maybe Houza-san just isn't the... agreeable type.

2008-01-12, 07:13 AM
"That sounds fine Tanmai-sama." She starts thinking on what was just said. "Wait, does that mean you haven't take to Kurina-sensei yet?" She frowns a bit. "She was effected by some jutsu Matasu used. She left for home she said. Is Kuro-sama alright? Have you heard anything about Rin or Min?" She figures if Kuro's fine Kurina will be perfect, after all, she lives on her own cooking right? Anything that survives that should be fine with some drunken Jutsu. Infact, how did a jutsu like that even phase Kurina? "We're supposed to go looking for them."

2008-01-12, 08:43 AM
Shin Prime

Shin turns to this 'Houza', suddenly very, very, serious. "I've only been in Kyusuke Kuro's team for a day, and still I will tell you right now that if you ever speak badly of Kyusuke Kuro in my hearing again, you will be made to pay. Understand?" Shin leans back, although anyone watching wouldn't have been able to place when he actually leaned forward, and brushed some dust off his dark clothes. "Kyusuke Kuro-sama was hurt fighting against Matasu 'The Bull' and Leematsu, a Genin from Matasu's squad. They ambushed him, and apparently have decided to try and kill all the Kyusuke." Shin sounds slightly disinterested, not looking at the Houza boy in a way that suggests that he's actually watching him very carefully.

Shin A

Shin sips some more tea. So good.

Shin B

Shin waits. And watches.

2008-01-12, 11:17 AM
Leematsu... why? Do your friends and your squad mean nothing to you? Kyoshin looks out the window for a moment, before turning back to Houza-san. "With the chunin of our squads weakened, we were all attacked by Matasu; we barely escaped with our lives. Though he doesn't show it, I think Shin-san is still in pain."

Kyoshin grabs both of his shoulders suddenly, in a sort of self hug. It's definitely weird to see someone that tall and large do that to himself. The look on his face is confusion more than anything else. The moment passes, Kyoshin sighs, and looks down at the two other genin.

"And I guess I'm still working some things out as well."

2008-01-12, 04:52 PM

"Oh? Kuri-chan was hurt, was she? We should go see her soon then. Once everyone is dressed and decent, then we'll check on little Kuri-chan."

Tenmai suddenly gets very serious. Her smile dies a quiet death as her eyes angle downward. "Kuro-kun is.. Wounded, to say the least. He has several kunai and shuriken wounds in his back and he lost quite alot of blood. Between a punctured lung, several muscular tearing, and his old battle wounds.. Well, if not for his obligations then he'd have given up a long time ago. Still, with enough bed rest and the expert care of our medical-nin, he'll be right as rain soon enough!"

The jounin seemingly ignores the question about Rin or Min, and just slowly turns toward the exit. Her face is soon brightened by that ever-present smile. "Come now, ladies. We have people to see and things to learn." Tenmai-sama begins to leave, and once she is sure your group is following, she takes you to Kurina's home.


The kid innocently rubs the back of his head. "Heh.. Come on Shimura-san.. We're on the same team, no?"

His voice takes on a dangerous edge when Shin and Kyoshin tell the story of fighting with Matasu. "Crazy.. But, hey. Atleast we won, right? Still, the nurse says they did a number on him. All kinds of shuriken and kunai wounds in his back, like someone was trying to kill 'im, ya know?"

2008-01-13, 05:36 PM
Natsumi nods, then glances over at Sayuri. She waits to see the other two girls start to move out before she does so herself. Stopping only to put her boots on in the entryway.

2008-01-14, 04:48 PM
Shunrai grabs her boots and puts them on before following along. She definitely doesn't look any better from the visit to the bathes. Her clothes are still soaked, her boots are still muddy, her hair is still a dripping tangled mess. She keeps her power under control though and walks on the ground with the wind silenced around her. "I don't think a medic could help with the hurts Kurina got today"

2008-01-14, 05:33 PM
Gliding carefully after Tenmai-sama was hard work. She had to keep every move precise, exacting standards. Step brush step-brush... slow calligraphy with her feet. It was tougher than it looked and Tenmai was the best. She had a pair of very impudent eyes tracking her every move as long as it took Sayuri to turn down an alleyway on her way to the hospital. Icha Icha Tenmai.

2008-01-14, 11:10 PM
"I wouldn't... I wouldn't call what we did 'winning'. I'd call it... surviving." Kyoshin is satisfied that Houza poses no immediate threat, so backs away and props himself against a wall, his stomach starting to grumble... loudly.

"Er, excuse me." Kyoshin flitters with his shoulder sack, and reaching farther than he normally does, pulls out a small plastic bag of slightly smooshed strawberries. The tops of which have already been sliced, so the large genin blissfully pops a few into his mouth at a time. It's only a matter of seconds before the bag is nearly empty. He holds the decimated bag open enough for the other two genin to see that there is still a couple left and, after swallowing, politely asks, "Either of you want one? I grew them myself. Good batch this year, too."

2008-01-15, 03:11 AM
Team Tenmai is formed! (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=69606)