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2007-11-05, 04:19 PM
Combat Zealot
A combat zealot is someone who revels in the confrontation of blades. Spartans, some Samurai, and European fencers fall into this category. Choosing to fight with only their wits and weapon skill as opposed to relying on armor for protection, this lets them appreciate their skill to the fullest.

Hit Die: d10
Class Proficiencies: No Armor Proficiency, Simple Weapons, 1 Martial or Exotic Weapon
Saves: Good Reflex; 1 good 1 poor for fort and will
Skill Points: 4+Int (4+Int x 4 1st level)
Class Skills: Balance, Bluff, Climb, Craft, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, (Perception), Profession, Sense Motive, Spot, Swim, Tumble

{table=head] Level | Base Attack Bonus | Good Save | Poor Save | Class Abilities

1st |
+0| Chosen Weapon, Weapon Finesse

2nd |
+0| AC Bonus

3rd |
+1| Bonus Feat

4th |
+1| Weapon Skill +1

5th |

6th |
+2| Bonus Feat

7th |

8th |
+2| Weapon Skill +2

9th |

10th |
+3| Bonus Feat

11th |

12th |
+4| Weapon Skill +3

13th |

14th |
+4| Bonus Feat

15th |

16th |
+5| Weapon Skill +4

17th |

18th |
+6| Bonus Feat

19th |

20th |
+6| Weapon Skill + 5

Chosen Weapon - The chosen weapon must be for melee and a one handed weapon, a double weapon, a polearm, or a quarterstaff.
Weapon Finesse - You gain weapon finesse in your chosen weapon, even if it would normally not be applicable.
AC Bonus - You develop an ability to read the moves of your opponent, granting you a dodge bonus to AC equal to you Intelligence bonus. You lose this bonus if caught flat-footed or if you are wearing any form of armor.
Weapon Skill - As you progress you gain additional skill with your chosen weapon. This is represented as an attack bonus, damage bonus and an AC bonus that is treated as a parry. You lose the AC bonus if caught flat-footed or you do not have your chosen weapon in hand. The attack and damage bonuses only apply to attacks made using your chosen weapon. Should a combat zealot don armor, the armor check penalty is applied to the Weapon skill bonus, dropping it to a minimum of zero.
Bonus Feats - All bonus feats will be selected from the Fighter Feats list, qualifying as if 2 levels lower, with the following exceptions. Evasion may be taken and Improved Evasion may be taken if you already have Evasion and you are at least 10th level. Sneak Attack may be taken at any level after you have gained a weapon skill bonus. You will gain as many damage dice towards your sneak attack as your current skill level. This will not improve retroactively. The sneak attack may be taken multiple times and its effects stack. Favored Enemy may be taken but will only ever grant a +1 versus your chosen foe unless taken multiple times. Repeated selection of Favored Enemy will increase the bonus for that enemy by an additional +1.

Charlie Kemek
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why did you post this twice?:smallconfused:

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Well it looks a bit weak.

Weapon finesse doesn't fit IMO, as they're probably would have to be strong anyway, for damage.

Intelligence using fighters? Good idea, but if so, they should get few Int-related abilities, just AC bonus is not enough.

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heres the table formats:

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I apologize for the double posts. Please post all responses in the other thread.