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2007-11-10, 11:26 PM
I have the OotS Adventure Game, but I have heard many rumors about one or two expansions, including more cards and possibly characters. Does anyone have any information regarding this? I see in Richard's NEWS section back in 8/14 it was referenced, saying that the "Linear Guild" was probably the expansion but that most of the artwork had not been completed... but that seems to be the last real reference that I know of.

Anyone else have any other information? I'm very interested in the expansion(s) if/when they come out (or if I've somehow missed that they are).

2007-11-11, 09:57 AM
I think you would like to look at this article:


For those of us too lazy to click the link, the new game "The Order of the Stick Adventure Game: The Linear Guild" is where you play as the linear guild, in either a stand alone, or combinable game (with the original adventure game). It has 6 characters and 350 cards, and will retail in the fall for $29.95.

When "this fall" is, is actually unknown at this point. This article is from April btw.

EDIT: According to these guys: http://www.boardgamenews.com/index.php/boardgamenews/C50/

it's not due till 2008 now, probably because the Giant's been feeling under the weather, so it's understandable.

Cpt. Sqweky
2007-11-12, 12:00 AM
When is OotS: the Shortening coming out? I know I've seen it somewhere, but I'm too lazy to go looking.

2007-11-13, 11:15 AM
We're looking out for the shortening, too, since our gaming society frequently has to try and squeeze a game into about two and a half hours.

2008-02-26, 05:21 AM

Any new infos or release dates for the two most interesting board-game expansions 2008 (propably)? :smallwink:

OOTSAG - Linear Guild


OOTSAG - The Shortening

Would be very nice. :smallsmile:



2008-02-27, 08:24 AM
tried to post regarding this a few weeks ago with no answer... :smallfrown:

My favorite game and really waiting for both of the expansions.

2008-03-09, 11:51 AM
Gaaaah!! I want new cards! I want an expansion! I want EVERYTHING! Give it to me NOW!!!:smallfurious:


2008-03-14, 09:09 AM
I don't have OOTSAG: The Dungeon of Dorukan:smallfrown:

But I'm looking forward to the new expansion so I can get it for Christmas (after getting Dungeon of Dorukan for my birthday):smallbiggrin:

2008-03-19, 11:53 PM
Quick question...

The Shortening will introduce new cards yes? If so, how many?

2008-03-20, 08:02 AM
The Shortening will introduce new cards yes?


If so, how many?

That hasn't been announced.

2008-03-21, 06:30 PM
I thought that I'd given details on The Shortening Expansion some time ago, but a quick search of the forum doesn't show anything.

We've been demo'ing The Shortening expansion at the various conventions that we've gone to, so I'll give more details about the game here, for those folks that can't get to our cons.

The Shortening expansion gives players two different sets of rules that reduce the length of time it takes to play The Order of the Stick Adventure Game.

With Backstories cards, player set a time limit and work to fulfill as many of them as possible in the alloted time.

The Wandering Xykon rules push Xykon up into the dungeon, allowing players to encounter him before they normally could when he is in his lair in the main game. Our testing has shown that this is a HIGHLY cooperative game.

The Shortening also includes all new shticks, loot, Screw This! cards, monsters and rooms!

Here's a current inventory of cards for The Shortening. Note that until the game goes to production that this list is likely to change:

9 room cards
1 Xykon character card
1 Xykon movement token
36 new shticks (6 per character), including new starting shticks
35 battle deck cards
12 loot cards
50 Backstories cards

The release format will be a tuckbox. All of the cards will fit into the original base box.

More details, including pictures, will be made available once the game goes to the printer. However, at this time there is no date for when the game will go to the printer.

2008-03-24, 07:51 AM
The Shortening encourages more co-operative play? Brilliant, sounds like my kind of game. Kind of inevitable in the way the game is designed though, antagonism is directly proportional to longer games.

2008-04-03, 03:36 PM
I may get shortening too at some point.
yay me.

2008-04-04, 11:46 AM
First it has to come out.
Yay all. :smallwink:

2008-04-04, 11:55 AM
First it has to come out.
Yay all. :smallwink:

2008-04-05, 10:36 PM
I've loved my own OotS adventure game, along with my friends who are also fans of the strip; we love the game so much we've ended up losing cards, gradually deteriorating them, and altogether are left with a decrepit set-up.

Once the new expansion(s) come out, I was wondering if there would some sort of "bundle" deal for buying all of them at once? I think that's what I'll end up doing, to fix the problem of many a missing bit.

Also, if I were to buy another original OotS adventure game sometime this year, would it be updated with the appropriate misprints and things like that fixed up? Any altered artwork or anything like that?

Which of the coming games will be out first - Linear Guild or The Shortening?

Finally, really, I swear, when the Linear Guild game comes out, will LG characters be at a disadvantage compared to their OotS counterparts, not only because their game has less cards and thus less cards pertinent to them, but also because The Shortening introduces new cards to the original game and not to the Linear Guild? (or, will the Linear Guild game contain a number of cards that pretty much makes up for that?)

That's aboot it. Any answers would be appreciated!

2008-04-08, 07:50 AM
We'll keep in mind the bundle deal.

The 3rd print run has a FAQ included, but no cards have changed. Rich and I have talked about when to update to 2nd edition, but that's not happened yet. Let's get The Shortening and LG games out first!

The Shortening will come out before the LG game, which still has a way to go. As you know, for health reasons Rich has had to ratchet back on what he works on, which is why neither game has come out yet.

The largest portion of Rich's attention is going to keeping the comic updated online (which he's doing a great job of) and getting the next book out. He then works on the games as he's able.

2008-04-08, 08:54 PM
Thanks a lot for the answers and the info! Now, if only you would reveal the mystery as to exactly WHICH Linear Guild makes it into the game... personally, I'm hoping for the Linear Guild v2.0.

2008-06-23, 02:29 AM
Since 2.5 months have gone by...
Can we get an update regarding the expansions or maybe something new (from the game aspect) ? :smalleek:

2008-07-08, 01:02 PM
Yes please, new news would be great!

2008-07-09, 07:28 AM
Sorry, no new news yet - we're running The Shortening at GenCon next month, so hopefully there will be new new news around that time.