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2021-07-09, 01:39 AM
I need some help with example of game play. I am currently using Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e Core Rules. I can follow the example of game play in the Dungeon Master's Guide. But, I am a little lost without some additional example details. What I mean mostly is, what dice to roll for checking on a initiative check and what chart do you use to compare your results too. My Question is: Would the earlier additions of D&D have more detail of examples of game play. And would they explain what dice to roll and what charts to check your results too. Thanks for any help.

Mathis Kyngston

2021-07-09, 02:39 AM
The problem with earlier editions is that they use different rules (though 3.0 is very close) so their examples of play may help you know what to expect to happen, but they will be of little use for the mechanics of how it is resolved.

Starting with initiative: the basic case is this - when someone decides to start combat everyone present rolls a D20 (twenty-sided dice) and adds their initiative modified (usually their dexterity modifier).
Individual characters (player characters and DM-run opponents) then act one by one starting with the one with the highest total initiative result down to the lowest - there's no chart to look at as this is straight "who rolled highest?" comparison. Once the last character has acted the round is over and a new round starts, and everyone takes their turn again without re-rolling - the existing intiative order remains throughout the combat.
If any two characters have the same result you check the intiaitve modifier to see who goes first - higher modifer goes first. If they are still tied those characters only roll off until you get a clear result.
In practice most DMs using groups of opponents will roll one for the group and have them all act at that point in the list, but it is not actually the rules (and can be unfair on the players).

There are complexities to this (it is possible to delay one's action and so change places in the the order) but that's the basics.

2021-07-09, 07:21 AM
D&D 3.5 DMG page 130-132 has an example of play.
When the party rolled initiative (1d20+ initative modifier), the DM compared their results to each other. Mialee got a 19. The Spider got a 14. Jozen got a 10. So Mialee goes first followed by the Spider and then Jozen.

Initative is further explained on page 136 of the 3.5E Players Handbook

2021-07-09, 10:12 AM
Thank you kindly for the help. I understand it now. I have to reference both books to understand the gaming method. That should push me to retain it better, before repeating the method over and over for a period of time.

Mathis Kyngston