View Full Version : Creating time in adventures

2021-07-11, 05:03 AM
I have a district, more like a suburb, that needs clearing of monsters. The problem is I want it to be over 2-3 adventurer and each one to be several days if not a week or so apart.
Basically there is another district which is a safe zone that the party will travel from but im struck with two problems.
1. I think each entry should have a focus and I dont know what that is. One idea is secure the gate at the other end. But really the goal is clear it of the various creatures who are a combination of minions sent to waylay us, some who had made the area their home in the absence of civilisation and nature reclaiming the space.
2. The second is time. Although Im sure I can find a way to get The party to return after adventure A, do you think the players will accept a timelapse indicating they continued to clear the are offscreen, before adventure B starts?

Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

Ps for anyone who might know old setttings basically this is the slums from pools of radiance.. eventually im going to also have to figure out why the players cant enter the castle while they are low level, but that's a problem for tomorrow.

2021-07-12, 10:06 AM
If it is the pools, it's rather simple. They destroy the pool. Another one forms some time later.