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2007-11-14, 05:38 PM
Character list:

Mousequeton Silvari (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=5992) - Bard >> Toliudar

Ralen Ardech (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=80431) - Diviner >> Cespenar

Kemble (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=40079) - Rogue/Urban Ranger >> Tyreus

Illrien Tyada (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=165761) Whirling Frenzy Barbarian >> Ellisande

Charles Denningham (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=166064) Cloistered Cleric >> Narazil

Aidan Royne (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=165692) Sorcerer >> Steward

The Dearly Departed:

Ayaki - Rogue/wizard >> Faithdreamer
Died from Rectal Cancer

Malachai - Beguiler >> Jael_Darkwood
Retired to become a mime.

Melchor Deschain - Ranger >> Inigo Montoya
Died from attempting to cheat and failing miserably.

Reynoldo Estebar - Monk >> Kryoswolf
Suicide due to depression.

Thresher - Fighter >> TonBerryKing
Lost his connection to the matrix.

Venthryl - Ranger/Wizard (Evoker) >> Diarmuid
Heart cancer.

Refa Osten - Rogue >> The Bushranger
Killed by a "blood god" dwarf

Morosorm Asha - Sorcerer >> Alton
One-shotted by a "blood god" dwarf

Alexander Nasheed - Barbarian/Fighter >> HempRope
Killed in battle with the undead.

Emerik D'Averon - Fighter/cleric >> Darkantra
Retired back to the Church of Kord.

-- 3 additional members also fell in the campaign, however their contributions (# of posts) were so pathetically low their characters do not deserve names, beyond mere statistics.

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2007-11-14, 06:01 PM

A trading hub for the Kalo Empire, though only recently. Conquered by his Greatness Emperor Jarakata Kalo I in the 56th year of the Kalo Empire, Corsand has long since belonged to the country of Morienn, Corsand's southern neighbour. As a trading hub for the newly dubbed 'Kalo River,' the sprawling city is a marketplace of incoming and outgoing goods that the independents have capitalized on.
The war has ground to a halt. Corsand and Morienn are at an empass. With the Morienn navy still on campaign and the Corsand navy in drydock, both countries have been given a respite. The cold is approaching again, marking the first year for Kalo-controlled Corsand.
The summer sun has set, and the snow and wind are on the rise. Imperial news and rumormongers would have us believe the time has come to hibernate for the winter. As so often happens, the rumours are not always true.

The sign above the Welcome Stranger tavern is a recently painted portrait of a smiling, waving traveler complete with walking stick and pointed adventurer's hat. It blows gently in the wind, occasionally creaking against the sign post.
Like so many taverns before it, the Welcome Stranger has both its good and bad. The fireplace roars with the crackle and heat of a well-tended fire, while the booths in the corners offer silence and shadows from which to scheme. It is quiet, considering the time of day. The innkeeper nods at you with friendly smile followed by a raised eyebrow, wondering whether to call the bouncers.
(Cue the Group Leader)

2007-11-14, 10:22 PM
Mousequeton Silvari

The floppy boots, the absurdly outsized hat and the cape that flutters in the absence of any outside encouragement - all announce the appearance of Mousequeton Silvari, called Mouse his dearest friends, his firmest enemies, and very few people in between. Largely because most of the people in between have never noticed the halfling.

Pausing outside the tavern to smile at his five tenacious and streetwise companions, Mouse smiles.

Ah, the Stranger. Haven't been here since midsummer's celebrations, when Sergeant Halbeen got drunk and made a pass at the old sign. It was never the same after that. Come to think of it, neither was he.

Gentlemen and dear lady, I have a good feeling about tonight.

Mouse pulls the door open, brandishing his hat like a war fan as he bows to the precocious and brilliant Ayaki.

Inigo Montoya
2007-11-14, 11:36 PM
Melchor Deschain

Melchor Deschain, former bounty hunter, listened with some amusement to the tale being told by...What was his name? Mousequeton, that was it, Mousequeton Silvari. A smile touched at Melchor lips. This halfling, despite being a little pompous, would be a good ally. Besides, Mousequeton had contacts with the guards in the city, and Melchor needed those contacts to get some bounties.

Melchor was not so sure about the other people in this group, but who was he to judge? He would find out more about the when the time came. He turned to face Mousequeton as the halfling opened the door.

If your story is true my friend, I would like to hear more about this Sergeant. He sounds like a man who knows how to have a good time.
Melchor stands to the side to let the young girl inside.

2007-11-14, 11:58 PM

Malachai moves slightly, drawing your eye to the shadowy corner.
"Mosqueton... Interesting."

His hand moves into the light, and, as he sips from his wine, you get a glimpse of his face. You see a small secret smile, giving him the appearance of someone with a secret he finds highly amusing.

"I'm Malachai. The wine here is... passable."

He stands idly outside the bar, sipping from what is obviously a glass of wine from inside the bar. From the few shadowy glimpses, he is tall, deeply tanned, and human. Otherwise, you have little clue.

"Well met all."

He gives a sardonic bow.

2007-11-15, 12:48 AM
Emerik D'Averon

Emerik chuckles at the story and the thin man's response, this group might be as interesting as the talkative halfling promissed. His days at the church had been growing more boring as each went by and it had been a relief to be offered a place in a new group. Vague as Mousequeton's words had been he'd offered a promise of tough fights and good adventure, two things that Emerik never passed up. Though he didn't know who the others were, or their goals he'd take their measure over an ale.

"I have to agree with you there, friend. Any man that can take a pass at that," he points at the sign, "Sounds like a man with many stories to his name."

Noticing the man leaning by the door, Emerik turns to him while stepping aside for the girl.

"Well met Malachai, though I'm less concerned about the wine than I am about the ale, and the company."

Smiling, Emerik forms a fist over the symbol of Kord on his armor and returns the bow.

2007-11-15, 07:20 AM

She gave shy smiles for everyone, staring at her feet and slipping by to find an unobtrusive corner seat where she wouldn’t be picked on. It was the only chair where there was a sleek looking, scarred and muscled black alley cat. Insidious, scary shadows didn’t leap out and rend the clientele with shivering windy fingers but the cat’s glare made up for that. She ran a soothing hand along his head until he rolled over to watch the ceiling, listless as could be. Cool and collected, airy as an artwork but watching everything just once Ayaki didn’t reminisce all the tales Mouse told taller than he was. Trying to unravel the story about how they hadn’t delivered her meal yet was getting steamed over faint nothing she ate earlier.

2007-11-15, 07:44 AM

Going on the assumption that the six of us have at least met before. Sound okay to everyone?

Mouse sweeps into the room. His voice is designed to carry.

Passable, Malachai? The wine is passable? Then by all means, we should get to work passing some! Barkeep! Two pitchers for my new friends, over at that table there.

Giving the vicious-looking cat a wide berth - lace tears SO easily - Mouse settles at Ayaki's table and glances around the room, guaging the clientele, both for their interest in an excellent ballad or their potential as a source of other great stories.

Ah, Emerik. He did have such grand stories. Seventeen stone if he was a feather, and still managed to climb up to a third-story window because we'd convinced him that these red-headed twins...

Mercifully, the story is cut short by the arrival of the wine.

2007-11-15, 08:09 AM
Ralen Ardech

Examining his surroundings, Ralen follows the halfling to the tavern door. The group seems okay, he thinks, for the time being. As they wait for the young girl to pass first, Ralen takes his time to examine the man called Malachai, for he seems like an... interesting character at the least. If he comes to eye contact with him, he'll produce a friendly smile, but he notes to himself to keep watchful, as a usual precaution.

"Welcome Stranger." he repeats the name of the tavern. "So they can save up the greeting. Nice thought."

It is fine by me.

Oh, and consider this post as sent after Darkantra's. I had some technical difficulties.

2007-11-15, 03:12 PM
Emerik D'Averon

Emerik sits heavily at his seat and grasps the wine in a gauntleted hand, sipping it and frowning just a little. Wine has alcohal, sure, but doesn't exactly suit his tastes.

"Could you bring me the house ale, dear?" he asks of the serving girl, who deftly whisks away the silver coin that he just held up, "And does anyone else want some food? I know for a fact that I'm hungry enough to eat kobold stew!"

Sure, if we've met briefly but don't know that much about each other then that cuts down on intro time

Inigo Montoya
2007-11-15, 03:47 PM
Sure, I don't mind.


Melchor turned around at the sound of Malachai's voice, more then a little startled. He was bit ashamed as well for not seeing him.

I must be slipping in my old age.

Melchor pushed these thoughts from his mind and sat down. He sat near the middle of the table, and looked at his fellow companions. They were all in various states of raggedness, with the youg woman being the most ragged. Melchor felt a little sorry for the girl, and wondered why she had been brought here. That reminded him of what he was going to say, and when the wine arrived, Melchor sipped at his glass and then spoke to Mousequeton.Thank-you for ordering the drinks Mousqueton. I am also very hungry, maybe not for kobold stew, but perhaps some meat stew, with a little bread. After the meal, we can begin to discuss business.

2007-11-15, 05:04 PM

With a smirk, he looks at Emerik and Melchor. "Kobold stew, you say? Well, you can't be sure without trying it."

"And yes, thanks for the wine, Mousequeton." he briefly raises his glass to him out of respect.

2007-11-15, 05:08 PM
"Evening gentlemen." Lars, the tavern owner lumbered over. It seemed strange that the tavern keeper himself would debase himself to the point of delivering drinks, especially considering that one of the serving girls had happily accepted the 'tip.'
"Lass." Lars added, taking note of Ayaki.
"Father." Lars inclined his head to Emerik.
"Mouse, can I have a word with you?" He motions slightly off to the side.

2007-11-15, 05:36 PM

Mousequeton is pleased to raise a glass with the others.

I have typically lived by the philosophy of trying everything once, and twice if it doesn't cause a rash. However, I might be tempted to make an exception for Kobold Stew.

Lars' offer draws a nod from Mouse, who immediately slides down off his chair. He shrugs and winks at his colleagues as he steps away.

I swear, Lars. If it's about those stuffed pheasants, it was the dog who took them.

2007-11-15, 08:12 PM

Malachai slips into the room, immediately heading for a corner. A crooked finger catches the eye of a barmaid, and he silently points at his wine. He appears to instinctively cling to shadow, and once more, all you see is a small secret smile, and deeply tanned skin. Finding a corner seat near the group, he sits.

2007-11-15, 11:06 PM

The halfling is uncharacteristically sombre as he returns to the table, and absent-mindedly brushes his belt pouch once. In response to inquisitive looks, he shakes his head slightly.

Not here. Maybe in a private room.

Charging his small goblet with wine, Mouse raises his hand in toast.

To future business opportunities, and a future in which to discuss them.

2007-11-15, 11:22 PM
Emerik D'Averon

Emerik catches the signal and brings his own goblet up to match the toast, though his smile fades somewhat at the boding words.

"Aye, that I will toast to."

He sips the wine and settles back into his chair, waiting on what Mouse does next. Something is obviously troubling him, though it'd be best to see how he plays it before doing anything. He thinks.

2007-11-16, 12:15 AM

Malachai silently raises his glass, and holds it... The light briefly reflects off the glass. You see his usual expression, a small amused smile... But his eyes are withdrawn and calculating.

"To the future."

He puts his glass down without sipping.

2007-11-16, 12:55 AM

Glasses half full or half empty weren’t always the only sorts of crystal at market, ne?
The chalice where nothing was left ever lost a space where something warm sought those that needed warming, at the edge of a candle’s flame so to speak the warmth of her hands skimmed across the cool glass decanter and lifted it like a lotus on the pond. She crept over to Malachi’s seat with one hand near the belly of the spout soon to start spouting more wine, the fingers of her other hand under the handle, Ayaki poured until the gentlest ripples crested over the brim and wine began drying on the table.

“Forgiveness, please.” Soft voice too low, not a whisper though. “I see now Master’s glass was already full I’ll find something to clean that spill.”

2007-11-16, 02:37 AM

Holding his already raised glass, Ralen gives off a faint smile.

"To future, and what it brings with."

Though he notices that the halfling's mood has changed -probably has something to do with what that man has said- Ralen doesn't make any comments, and lowers his glass to take a sip.

Inigo Montoya
2007-11-16, 04:56 PM

To the future.

Melchor sips his wine and then sets his glass down. He had noticed that the halfling looked pale, and Melchor was slightly unnerved by this. What could make Mousequeton nervous? Whatever it was, it could wait. Melchor sat back and waited for Mouseqeuton to continue speaking.

2007-11-16, 07:06 PM

"Said unknowing... Yet so clearly true.... You have claimed my glass, lady..................................... and yet still...........
I know you not."

While he speaks, he puts out one hand, he softly lays it upon Ayaki's, upon the pitcher which she holds. The other comes from beneath his robe, holding an empty glass. With a soft pressure, he causes Ayaki to pour him half a glass of wine. Ayaki alone gets a look at his face, while his hood blocks the view for the rest of the party.

Malachai's face is dry and deeply tanned, with a bright white scar which runs from under his hair on the left side of his head, just in front of the ear, and ends at the corner of his jaw. His face is calm and unlined. If it weren't for the scar, the deeply thoughtful eyes, and the mocking smile, he would fit into any crowd without notice.

"I am Malachai. Enjoy the wine... and the Seat."

Picking up his half full glass, he stands. Shifting a foot to the left, he is once more entirely hidden under his cloak, showing once more, nothing but a small laughing smile.

2007-11-17, 04:01 AM

Watch the glass till you understand what the cool wine writes on your lips, an elusive voice imagined absent but even so, words weren’t the only way sometimes. Malachi’s voice was a feeling, words in a sound that made her smile. The frosty decanter and the window glass were just perfect for him. His eyes didn’t have to be very loud at all.
She set the decanter down and swept the goblet into her hand as she turned toward the counter, bowing very slightly to the man with his secret smile. The food and the wine might be getting cold and warm but on her way to see about her order Ayaki made sure the spill was curiously absent.

For the Arcane
Prestidigitation has been used to clean the spill if anyone can discern magic use.

2007-11-17, 12:34 PM

The former guardsman turns to glance around the room, and then back at Ayaki and Malachai. The two were sweet together...or, arguably, were a walking barrel of black powder, given the current sentiments against arcane magic. He'd had to pass himself off as a priest once or twice just in order to get the job at hand done.

Hmm. Maybe they could find some robes for this Ayaki...

As the food arrives, and the decanters empty, Mouse tells a few stories of his time on the stage. Several seem to centre on an unnamed Cardinal and a showgirl of his acquaintance. Still, somehow, his heart isn't in it. Towards the end of the fine meal, Mouse leans in close, and speaks softly.

There may be a profitable business opportunity in the offing, but this seems an inappropriate location in which to discuss it. My lodgings are on the other side of town, and the ceilings are...perhaps not so convenient for those such as Father Emerik. But if none of you live closer, I'd be more than happy to play host. I believe I still have a smoked ham and some bread set aside.

He holds out a hand, inviting alternatives.

2007-11-17, 04:27 PM

Ralen throws a look at Ayaki, and shows a reassuring smile. He then turns to Mouse and listens to his stories, all the while wondering how much of them is made up and how much of them is just exaggerated.

He nods after Mouse finishes. "I don't see why not." he returns just as softly.

"Oh, and Mouse, I need to speak to you in private." he adds in whisper. "It won't take too long, but it's important."

2007-11-17, 05:55 PM

Finishing off his goblet, Mouse nods.

Of course. This way.

Weaving quickly into a back room, Mouse glances around to find a secluded corner, and hops up to stand onto a chair, so as to face the pale, slender man.

What's up?

Inigo Montoya
2007-11-17, 05:58 PM

Though the stories were amusing, Melchor wished the Halfling would hurry up. He watched the girl and Malachai talk and saw with some amazement that the wine she had spilled on her self was cleaned up.

She can do something out of the ordinary. That could be a problem...

Looking back at Mousequeton and hearing what he said about a "business opportunity" Melchor heart gave a great leap. it may not be enough money to cover all their expences, but it would be enough for a while.

I'll go to your house, I've been in some...let's call them cramped quarters before. Before we set off, I must retrieve my hawk. It will not take long, and I'll do it after everyone is ready to leave.

Melchor offers his best smile, and begins to stand.

2007-11-17, 06:28 PM

Ralen closes up to the halfling and whispers something to him for a while.

After he is done, he continues to look at Mouse with a serious face.

2007-11-17, 07:17 PM

Mouse whispers back briefly, smiles, and claps the man on the shoulder. He hops off the chair he's standing on and back to the others. Seeing Melchor already starting to stand, he nods to the others, and heads over to the bar to settle up. Soon, Mouse is also ready to depart.

2007-11-17, 07:59 PM
Emerik D'Averon

Emerik laughs along with the others to Mouse's tales though he doesn't drink as much as he normally would, just to keep his head clear. He notices the disapearance of the spill but just takes careful note of it. Once the halfling puts forth his proposal Emerik nods to it but frowns again as Ralen takes the halfling aside.

There are plenty of secrets in this group, and not all are what they seem.

"I have no problem with that my friend," he says as the halfling returns, "Lead on when you're ready."

2007-11-18, 05:35 AM

“Oh, forgive me I was slow to realize you were keeping time in this way.”

Tap. Tap. Tap.

A long very tense silence stewed around barkeep and girl and the only thing she noticed was the sound of water droplets trickling in the clock on the counter. Dragging her feet back to the table she couldn’t stop thinking about freshly baked hot pastries being peeled off a dry pan. When she got there she couldn’t stop taking furtive glances at the platter in front of the nobleman at the next table with steamy vegetables, white rice with mushroom and a big box of chocolates on it. He wasn’t alone either, oh-no. That would be offensive to his refined sensibilities.

There was the parboiled finest cut beef sliced thinner than the newly christened perfectly cooked chicken glazed with something wonderful, cold seafood like that huge tiger shrimp ring trapping a tray of melted butter, cucumbers on a bed of broccoli holding buttered asparagus upright like food trees, tomatoes on three kinds of cheese sprinkled with garlic and basil topping a bread crown - those must’ve been the skewers for the yakitori she was making on the grill right in front of him – and they were made of candy!

Since her head was on the table she couldn’t see over those three big mountains of fluffy rice in three different flavours, she wasn’t sure if she could take much more. Mouse’s chair rasped across the floor. With a long, remorseful look back at that overflowing hundred tummy banquet for one Ayaki entrenched herself in a thick powder blue cloak, drew up the deep hood just enough for some of her hair to peek outside it, then went outside.

[roll0] – Move Silently so people aren’t bothered
[roll1] – Politely Hiding and being unassuming

2007-11-18, 12:41 PM

[forgive me for zipping this forward.]

Outside the bar, Mouse glances around, ensures that all of his prospective partners have made it out, and plunges into the evening trade. He heads into the warehouse district,where the passers-by are fewer and take on a distinctly rougher quality, but is soon out again, onto a street where the the redolent odors of late-night baking, in preparation for the morning's activity to come, are already heavy in the air. Down an alley, and then a second, and...weren't they just at this intersection?...Onwards, behind the city's grand opera house,and into a deserted alley. A small door that could easily be mistaken for an external shed, complete with rusty old lock. A key slips into Mousequeton's hand, and the lock is open.

A trio of globes appear inside, floating in midair. They illuminate a short hallway littered with cloaks, boots, a moldy broom, and other sundries. Mouse bustles in.

Sorry again about the ceilings. This shouldn't take long.

The ceilings are indeed about 4' high,and there is a strong sense that they are not so much a ceiling as someone else's floor. However, that someone is, mercifully, not walking around at the moment. Mouse leads the group into an odd-shaped sitting room, with a pair of thick pillars in the middle, with blankets and halfling-sized chairs, and more than a couple empty wine bottles, scattered about. He waves a bit uncertainly at the blankets, shrugging a bit.

We don't often entertain so many esteemed guests and colleagues. You'll have to forgive. Good help is so hard to find...especially when one neglects to pay.

Once all six are settled into the room, Mousequeton draws a small rolled-up note, sealed with red ink bearing the impression of a mailed fist. He sets it on the ground in front of him.

I've known Lars for years. A decent fellow, not overly brave, not overly smart, but pretty reliable, so I trust him. He tells me this was dropped off for me today, by someone who was expecting me to have five companions.

He glances at Ralen and pauses.

Now, that messenger also intimated that one of the five of you would be a Kalo Witness, a spy.

His voice loses its boisterous tone, and the small man is suddenly dead serious.

Now, I was doing most of the talking over dinner, and besides, if I was the spy, I'd have just taken the note and left without you, so you already know a bit about me. So, before I go any further with this prospectively delightful little caper, I need each of you to shed the charming "enigmatic stranger" routine, and tell us all a bit about yourself, where you come from, and what you can do.

He smiles, but not in a reassuring way.

[roll0] Sense motive to detect evasions and lies.

2007-11-18, 03:26 PM
Emerik D'Averon

Emerik had a great deal of difficulty getting into the halfling's home, whacking his head more than a few times trying to maneuver himself to a spot to sit. He looks at the globes of light with interest, Mouse obviously isn't afraid to associate himself with magic. After listening to Mouse's words Emerik lets out a sigh.

I hate it when politics get in the way of a good time.

“Very well Mouse,” Emerik shuffles a bit on one of the blankets and faces the whole group, “My name is Emerik D’Averon, I became a mercenary at a young age after my village was burned by orcish raiders. I fought, bled, and killed for several years as part of the Red Thorn company until I met my teacher in the ways of Kord,” Emerik smiles at the memory, “He was a great warrior and taught me much that I did not know about myself. I became a cleric then, and then fought only for the growth of my skill and good goals.”

“As for what I do, I am simply a warrior priest and nothing more. I love battle and toil, testing my strength against others and the thrill of an adventure. I have no care for politics, or preference for either Kalo or Morien,” his eyes sweep the others, “so if I have to stomp on a politician's feet during this caper of yours Mouse, then so be it. As Kord wills I walk my own path.”

"As for being a spy, I do not care for Kalo's intolerance of the arcane, for it could all to easily turn into intolerance of the divine. I wouldn't make a good spy anyways, so no, I am not the one."

That said Emerik tries to make himself more comfortable on the floor, ready to listen to the stories of the rest of the group. While doing this though, he tries to take the measure of the others while they are speaking.


2007-11-18, 03:59 PM

"A spy..."

His eyes glint in the light as he looks around the group. His smile stays, but seems suddenly more like an animal baring its teeth in menace.

"I only recently came to this town... and though I have the skills required... I am definitely not a spy. Any government with such intolerance of the arcane is too foolish for me to support."

His eyes steady on those of Mosqueton, he gestures and subvocalizes. 4 new magic lights spring into being, moving from Malachai's hand towards the ceiling, and hovering in front of the group.

While the others speak, Malachai will study them intently, checking for the minute signs of deceit.

Sense Motive 1d20+7guess its not letting me roll 'cause i added it in an edit.... so heres where i rolled instead http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3539223#post3539223

2007-11-18, 04:36 PM

Ralen nearly crawled all the way through the entrance to the chairs, trying not to complain. His eyes seem to play on many things surrounding him, both objects and people, but he listens the speakers carefully until they are finished.

He clears his throat and looks at the group.

"I am Ralen Ardech, and I believe you are sensible enough people to not act foolishly when I say that I am a mage. I specialize in divination, that's a branch for the revealing and gathering of information, if that helps you understand." he adds after throwing an odd look at the group.

"Keeping it simple, I spent most of my life as an apprentice, working for a mage obviously much powerful than me. But he left me weeks ago, saying that I no longer needed a master. So I started searching for work that might need my... kind of expertise. I did some odd jobs here and there, but nothing too serious. I was spending a few days off when Mouse found and hired me."

He throws a look at Mouse as his voice drops to a serious tone.

"As I lived rather secluded for the majority of my life, I must admit that I have little knowledge on the politics of the lands, much less to be a spy."

Ralen hesitates a moment as if deciding to say something or not. Apparently he decides to do the former. His tone becomes even more serious, on the edge of being grim.

"But, what is really revealed to me is, that the package Mouse has received contains a trap, probably deadly enough to present all of us a threat. If there is a person in this group which has good knowledge on such traps, he and only he should try to disarm and open it. If my knowledge is correct, this package has been sent by an opposing group, to wipe us out for reasons yet unknown to me."

With that said, Ralen leans back, but the look on his face doesn't change. He now listens to what others have to say.


Inigo Montoya
2007-11-18, 09:53 PM

Melchor begins to speak.

My name is Melchor Deschain, a ranger and a bounty hunter. I was born in the Elven lands, and I was raised by my father. I spent most of my career hunting decent people who owed money to the wrong people.

He smiles at this, without any warmth.

A few years ago I met the love of my life and we have been engaged to marry for a little over a year now. The only reason I'm here is to get contacts to help me jump start my legal bounty hunting up. I need around twelve thousand gold pieces to help support myself and my wife.

I do not agree with the attitude directed at magic, but what can you do? All kings wish to become immortal, and what better way then by making a law that forbids people from making a honest living?

I am not a complex man. If i were the spy, I'd have sent the message off on David, my hawk, that the girl could be a wizard and they should also pick Mousequeton for consorting with her. But I didn't.

Melchor finishes speaking and looks around the room, almost dareing some one to contradict him.

for sense motive

2007-11-18, 11:03 PM

Fishing under his chair for a bottle that was still corked, Mouse fished out the stopper with an experienced flick of a small knife. He hands off the bottle to Melchor for a swig.

My congratulations on your engagement, sir. Love is indeed the most beautiful thing in the world. And thanks to all of you, gentlemen, for your candour. From my time in the guard, I learned that the men who didn't trust their fellows made more mistakes, got hurt more...were worse guardsman. It just added too many things to think about.

He turns casually to Ayaki and smiles invitingly.

2007-11-19, 06:42 AM

There was something yucky about the way he always did that, she was hard pressed not to compare it to the state of his humble hole. There were rotten shoes, mouldy sheets, fungus carpets and renovated cobwebs. It was why she was standing staring back at him with eyelids ready to close so she could faint.



“May I please have some cheese?”

2007-11-19, 10:33 AM
Listen Check:

Mousequeton 1d20+6-> [5,6] = (11)
Ayaki 1d20+4-> [10,4] = (14)
Melchor 1d20+10-> [9,10] = (19)
Emerik 1d20+2-> [13,2] = (15)
Ralen 1d20+3-> [3,3] = (6)
Malachai 1d20-1-> [1,-1] = (0)

Melchor motions the others to silence. Heeding the ranger's advice, you all pause and listen. Melchor motions towards the door.

2007-11-19, 12:03 PM

Mousequeton is about to reply to the young lady's request for cheese, when Melchor's motion silences him. He rises silently, slipping a dagger from his boot as he does so, and watches the door intently.

2007-11-19, 12:50 PM
Emerik D'Averon

Emerik slowly unhitches his warhammer and shield, trying to position himself as well as he can, despite the impeding ceiling.

Inigo Montoya
2007-11-19, 01:19 PM

Melchor reaches for his bow and starts to notch an arrow. He looks at Mousequeton while he does this and motions towards the back of the room.

Is there a back door?

He asks this in a low voice, almost quiter then a whisper.

2007-11-19, 02:27 PM

Mouse nods slowly in response to Melchor's question, but holds up his hands less than a foot apart, shrugging.

2007-11-19, 04:12 PM

"I can make us all invisible, if you'd want to avoid this."

Ralen offers this with a very low voice, while possibilities roam wildly in his mind. He tries to move silently to the rear of the group, being not the melee fighter that others may be.

2007-11-19, 05:13 PM
Emerik D'Averon

Emerik loops his warhammer around his wrist and begins to pray as softly as be dares, touching the holy symbol on his breastplate.

"Kord, bless your servant and his comrades in arms with a portion of your limitless courage."

As he finishes a wave of confidence touches each of his comrades in the room, they suddenly feel better able to deal with whatever threat has come. That done he gives them all an eager grin, and takes up his warhammer again.

Emerik casts Bless, +1 to hit a +1 save vs fear effects for 3 minutes

2007-11-19, 07:45 PM

Malachai waves his arms and gestures. The lights he summoned dissapear, as does he. [cast invis, dismiss dancing lights.]

Initiative (in case needed) : [roll0]

2007-11-19, 10:11 PM
Right about then Ayaki’s stomach started growling. “Does that mean I’m the spy?”

2007-11-19, 10:27 PM
Emerik D'Averon

Emerik nearly bumps his head on the ceiling for perhaps the tenth time as Ayaki speaks, I've got no room to swing in here, if we're attacked then I can't do much, he looks back to the others, noticing that Malachai has disappeared, Let's see if this group knows their tactics.

Emerik waves a hand back at Ayaki, motioning her to be silent. He points emphatically at himself, and then to door. Pointing again he motions for Melchor to get a bead on the door, but to Mouse and the others he mimicks a hand speaking and mouths the words, "Talk loudly."

He then begins moving towards the door hoping that the others caught on and to catch their shadow unnawares.

Should the OOC thread by revived or should we start a new one just to cut down on the space that Initiative, attack and damage rolls take?

2007-11-20, 12:56 AM

Mouse nods to Emerik and clears his throat. The halfling quietly lights a candle lantern as he speaks. The lanterns he used to guide the five to this room wink out.

Ah, yes, Malachai. The privy is just down the hallway and to your right.

Now Ralen, I must take some exception to your implication that only the human voice is capable of being pleasing to the ear in all ranges. Folks are often convinced that, because of our size, we halflings are incapable of a decent baritone. This is slander of the highest order, I assure you. Allow me to demonstrate with this aria from The Rake of Rocquefort.

He begins an aria which starts in the tenor range but does indeed include some rumbling tones. The whole group feels their anxiety about the situation lessen slightly, and grow in confidence. [Inspiring courage to all.]

2007-11-20, 08:58 AM
Mousequeton Bluff check:
1d20+9-> [2,9] = (11) >> success

After several moments, it becomes obvious that Mouse's rouse has worked. Whatever/whoever is still waiting outside the door, unaware that you know of their presence.

(when we begin combat, I'll roll initiative for everyone to save time on waiting for people to roll it themselves. All other stuff will be done here, so our IC thread looks important and long)

2007-11-20, 09:35 AM

When Mouse starts to sing, Ralen raises his hands to make some gestures in the air, accompanied by a several incomprehensible words that hide under the baritone, becoming virtually impossible to hear.

With the spell in effect, he focuses his will to the direction of the door, trying to sense the familiar vibrations of human minds.

Detect Thoughts

Inigo Montoya
2007-11-20, 03:00 PM

Nodding at Emerik, Melchor notches an arrow and steps towards the back of the room. He points his bow at the center of the door, ready to fire as soon as whoever is behind the door steps through.

Ready action: Fire at the first enemy that comes through the door.

2007-11-20, 06:13 PM
Emerik D'Averon

Emerik takes up position next to the door and hefts his warhammer.

Ready action: Attack the first enemy to come into the room

2007-11-20, 09:00 PM

An invisible presence says just barely loud enough to hear....

“I willl open it. Get ready.“

to my knowledge the door was never locked. and if they arent expecting anything, thats a snazzy McFun suprise round. Malachai will open the door and move forward as a single action, casting Shock and Awe on those outside, before 5 foot stepping out of the doorway.

If they are suprised, spell takes affect, no saving throw, spell resistance works. Shock and Awe : 1 creature per level affected, no two of which can be more than 30 ft apart, 1 swift action, range 25+5 per 2 levls (35 feet), duration 1 round. Gives flat-footed creatures -10 to their next initiative check. Hehe. as flat-footed lasts until your first action... hehe.

As it is a swift spell, my other spell for this round will be charm person on anyone who looks like a rogue, or appears unnaffected by the shock&awe... in other words, someone immune to flat-footedness. DC for this is Will 16 +1 for spell focus enchantment, total Will save DC 17. If nobody fits the description, my action instead will be to move back into the room 30 ft. instead of the 5 foot step forward and out.

2007-11-20, 09:43 PM

Maintaining his brave baritone, Mouse slips his chair over onto its side and stands behind it, poised to throw.

2007-11-21, 04:18 AM

"Hold it." He hisses at the invisible voice that is Malachai.

"I'm trying to find out their number, plus if they have any mage with them." he continues with a very low voice. "Unless you don't feel that we need the reconnaissance."

"This will take less than half a minute." he adds, all the while concentrating on the spell.

2007-11-21, 07:21 PM

Malachai is about to swing into action when he hears his teammate speak. Instead of going through the door he stops by the door, readying an action to cast charm person on the first person who comes into the room. He is, of course, still invisible, so nobody sees anything happen.

2007-11-22, 02:30 AM

Ralen relaxes slightly as he lets his focus die, and turns to Mouse.

"There is only one person out there... and I think you know each other. He is thinking about not interrupting your singing, and that you sang him an opera once when he interrupted you. I don't think he is a threat." Ralen says these again with a whisper, this time out of respect for the man outside.

2007-11-22, 04:32 PM

The halfling relaxes a bit. He shrugs as he sings, indicating that the information is not enough for him to be sure. He gestures for the others to step back from the door, and he will prepare to crack it open to look.

2007-11-22, 05:57 PM
There is a soft knock at the door.
"Mouse?" A small voice asks. "I'm sorry if i'm interrupting... Can I come in? It's important!"

2007-11-22, 06:34 PM
Emerik D'Averon

Emerik relaxes a bit and takes a step back from the door. He keeps his warhammer in hand and raises an eyebrow at Mouse, waiting for the halfling to give a sign of any sort.

2007-11-22, 06:35 PM

Mouse wraps up the aria with a flourish, and then drops his voice to murmur back through the door.

Sorry, my ears are still ringing with my own brilliance. Who is it?

2007-11-22, 07:09 PM
"What? It's me Mouse. It's Kirk!" The voice behind the door sounds slightly indignant.

2007-11-23, 09:47 AM

Kirk, of course!

He gestures for the others to retreat back down his entrance passage and back into the room they'd gathered in. When the hallway was clear, he opened the door a bit, smiling out. If it is indeed Kirk, and only Kirk, Mouse murmurs.

I'm afraid that it would be rude for me to talk long. Can't keep a lady waiting, you know. What can I do for you, old friend.

Inigo Montoya
2007-11-23, 08:27 PM
OOC: Sorry guys, I had to vist family for thanksgiving, and I only just got back.


Melchor relaxes, but only slightly. He does lower his bow though.

Mousequeton, who might this person be? And why are they at your house at this hour?

Melchor looks pointedly at the door.

2007-11-23, 08:44 PM

Merely mouthing the word "friend", Mouse waves the others back, and prepares to open the door.

2007-11-23, 09:58 PM

Malachai re-appears in the corner of the room, sitting on a small barrel. Deep within his hood, you see a small smile.

2007-11-24, 01:07 AM
Kirk pushes the door open cautiously and pokes his head through the door. His eyes dart to Mouse. Something is wrong - his eyes are wide and scared, though he says nothing. His eyes motion towards the door.
A voice rumbles from outside,
"He's trying to warn them. Go Now!"
(To represent the warning by Kirk, every group member gains the initiative to move and perform actions first, though the door is mostly closed and the only visible target is Kirk)

(Pathetic attempt at a map)
|................ Malachai....|

2007-11-24, 01:32 AM
Emerik D'Averon

Emerik rushes towards the door as soon as he hears the voice outside, spinning his warhammer in his grip.

"Mouse, Kirk, get back from the door, now!"

I'm a bit confused that Emerik's so far from the door since he was just near it, but all right.

Emerik takes two move actions towards the door, (I'm assuming that each division is 5 feet) using his last five feet of movement to step aside to allow Melchor a clean shot at the door if he needs it. I think that there's still a minute or two left for my Bless spell as well so for a few rounds at least we'll have a +1 for fear saves and attacks.

[roll0] for the next few rounds.

2007-11-24, 01:00 PM

Moving to where he can see through the mostly-closed door, he casts holds a small stick of incense and gestures with it. A pattern of light begins to play beyond the door, though you are uncertain what...

Hypnotic Pattern, Pg 242 of players handbook. DC 16 Will. [roll0] HD affected, Max 10 HD.

2007-11-24, 05:49 PM

In case you need it: Initiative: [roll0]

Move action to draw rapier and Hide [roll1] next to the door (basically just taking a step north, on your map.). Readying to attack anyone that follows Kirk inside.

[roll2] Attack roll, if needed.
[roll3] Damage roll.

Remember, everyone, that you'll still have a couple rounds of the inspired courage from me singing previously. So, +1 to attack, damage, etc.

Mouse immediately grasps that Kirk has been forced into this. He quickly flicks his eyes further inside, to indicate that his old companion should retreat in and get the hell out of the way of whatever's behind him. Mouse flattens himself against the wall next to the doorway, drawing his rapier as he does so, and prepares for the worst.

2007-11-25, 10:53 AM

Ayaki casts Mage Armour
Trouble outside the doorframe, voices that sounded like guards like the men who took her home away. She snuck as far behind Ralen as she could whispering eerie whispers until the very air obeyed her. Something thick and tangible clouded around, like she hadn’t done anything at all but shrink behind a big soft blanket.

2007-11-25, 04:34 PM

With similar mystical whispers and gestures as Ayaki's, Ralen summons an odd shimmer in the air, which forms itself around him and tightens to take shape of a transparent coat of magical force.

Mage Armor

2007-11-26, 08:50 AM


Melchor hefts his bow and notches an arrow, training his aim on the doorway.
(Ready Action: Attack first target to enter through the door)

Also, Jael, Kirk is blocking LoS outside, so you can't cast your spell as of yet.
Also Also - sorry to push everyone away from combat, but Mouse did usher everyone away from the door earlier, and I gave you all a free move before hand to help reposition you for combat and prepare.
Also Also Also - if you can't post atleast once a day without prior notice to me, I reserve the right to make DM actions on your behalf. Now in this case, Melchor is doing the obvious thing to me, but if I think the obvious thing is to run around screaming and wetting your pants instead of fighting bravely, that is what your character is going to do, so you've been warned. :D

2007-11-26, 01:37 PM
Enemy Round

Kirk pushes the door open and dives on to the ground, giving LoS to the first of several burly men coming through the doorway, and illiciting an attack of opportunity from the man behind him.
Thug #1: 1d20-> [16] = (16) Hit!
Damage: 1d6-> [4] = (4)
The thug slices at Kirk as he rolls out of the way, inflicting 4 points of damage.
Melchor, now with a clear Line of Sight, fires an arrow at Thug #1
Melchor: 1d20+8-> [17,8] = (25) Hit!
Damage: 1d8-> [5] = (5)
Melchor looses an arrow at the thug, striking him shoulder for 5 damage.
Undettered by the arrow jutting from his body, the thug moves forward into the room.
Mouse stabs at the thug with his rapier.
Mouse: 1d20+5-> [15,20] (25) Hit!
Damage: 1d4+2-> [3.2] (5) Damage roll.
The thug, now with a deep stab wound in the chest, stumbles forward, still intent on the sprawled form of Kirk.
Thug #1: 1d20+3-> [13,3] = (16)
Damage: 1d6-> [5] = (5)
The thug stabs at Kirk, who is sprawled on the floor, giving him a nasty wound.
Kirk is badly wounded.
A second, equally brutish man enters behind the first. After watching the hidden blade come from the side, he moves next to Mouse and attacks with his club.
(I believe Mouse is AC 19)
Thug #2: 1d20+6-> [4,6] = (10) Miss!
The club comes crashing down in a powerful blow, but Mouse manages to avoid the attack.
Following closely behind, a third man with a crossbow enters. Stepping clear of the door, he aims and fires at Melchor.
(I believe Mel is AC 18)
Thug #3: 1d20-> [19] = (19) Hit!
Damage: 1d8-> [8] = (8)
The crossbow bolt strikes Melchor, finding a gap in his Mithral (?) chain shirt and causing a bloody wound.
Melchor HP (24-8) = 16
A fourth human enters through the door, pushing his impressive, muscular frame towards Mouse and attacking with a pair of swords.
Thug #4: main hand - 1d20+4 (additional +2 flanking) -> [4,2,2] = (8) Miss!
Thug #4: off hand - 1d20-2 (additional +2 flanking) -> [13,-2,2] = (13) Miss!
Though attacking with a flurry of blows, the thug still fails to land a blow on the elusive bard.
The fifth man to push his way though the door is different from the others. Instead of the dark leather and studded leather he is dressed in a suit of armor, and pushes the other thugs aside with an obvious air of command.
Captain moves towards Malachai, but does not have enough movement to reach melee range.
A sixth man, dressed in black robes enters the door. He scans the room, but makes no further movements or actions.

MAP (End Round 1)
K - Kirk
Mo - Mouse
Ma - Malachai
Me - Melchor
C - Thug Captain
1-4 Thugs
5 Thug in robes
(PS, if anyone knows how to make a better map, I'd love to know)


Initiative Rolls for Round 2:

Mouse 1d20-> [19] = (19)
Malachai 1d20-> [15] = (15)
Melchor 1d20-> [15] = (15)
E 1d20-> [5] = (5)
A 1d20-> [6] = (6)
R 1d20-> [20] = (20)

Kirk 1d20-5 -> [7,-5] = (2)
Thug Captain 1d20-> [18] = (18)
Thug 1: 1d20-> [14] = (14)
2: 1d20-> [7] = (7)
3: 1d20-> [4] = (4)
4: 1d20-> [4] = (4)
Thug in robes 1d20-> [18] = (18)

Also, I don't have a list of memorized spells for any character besides Emerik. Now Mage Armor is pretty classic for most mages to have memorized so i'll let that pass, but if you don't send me a list before you post your actions in round 2, I'll assume you didn't bother to memorize anything.

2007-11-26, 03:22 PM
Quick point, don't forget that I have a +5 on initiative rolls. As for a map if you have a digital cammera and can lay your hands on some 1" squared graphing paper then that would work pretty well for a map.

2007-11-29, 12:09 AM
Emerik D'Averon

[OOC: Hoping that this thread still lives...:smalleek:]

Emerik will run over to help Mouse and Kirk, taking a charge action towards the most open threat (probably 3 or 4) hounding the two halflings, but if anyone engages him in melee then he'll fight them and yell for the others to help Mouse and Kirk.

Before either attack he yells the following, "Kord, strengthen my arm!"
Which activates his Strength Domain power to temporarily gain +3 Str. Both attacks are made with a power attack of 2.


[OOC: Wow... that was horrible]

2007-11-29, 02:04 AM

Since all thugs 1, 3, 4 and the captain moved through a space that Mouse threatened (the door entrance), odds are good that he'd have taken an attack of opportunity at some point. I'm happy to let you pick who he might have done that with:

[roll0] Attack with rapier
[roll1] Crit confirmation, as needed
[roll2] Damage

Mouse is currently AC 19, HP 28

Mouse looks up - way up - at the man facing him with the club. Muttering two indistinct words, he swirls his slender rapier up in a waving double loop before lunging forward to stab at his opponent's, er, midsection.

That the best you got, bucko?

Swift action to cast Bladeweave.

[roll3] Attack with rapier
[roll4] Crit confirmation, as needed
[roll5] Damage

If the attack hits, the thug needs to make a DC 15 will save or be stunned for 1 round.

If there's room, Mouse will take a 5' step back right into the corner. If that's where he is now, great.

2007-11-29, 02:28 AM
I was going to cast an area spell, but it wouldn't be very easy without a proper map. Actually, that's why I was waiting for.

-Some ideas: The table system that is implemented in the forum can be used(maybe)?

-You can use Excel or something similar.

-There are easy map-making programs around. Googling it may give something.

2007-11-29, 12:25 PM
OOC: Nope, thread's still going. I was going to wait until later today to do a DM action for Mouse, who had the highest Initiative and got first move. If you want to keep things moving in combat there's two different ways we can do it - If we move according to iniative, then I need each of you to post your move in order, and I'll post individual moves of enemies in between. Conversely you could all just post your actions and rolls whenever you want and I'll sort it all out according to initiatve afterwards.

Also T - I gave Mouse a single attack because you had a ready action to attack the first person to enter through the door. There was a bit of an inconsistancy with the map, because I let the next one through the door move to engage you and stopped subsequent AoO's. I'll roll an extra AoO on the first opponent. I'm a little unclear on this point: would you get an AoO on each subsequent opponent if you're engaged with an enemy already?

2007-11-29, 09:48 PM

Malachai makes a few complex gestures with a small crystal rod that seems to glow with a soft light.
casting Hypnotic pattern, centered on the space #3 occupies. it has a 10 foot radius, so it easily encompasses them all. it affects [roll0]HD, max 10. will save DC 17. creatures with fewer HD are affected first, any extra HD worth of affect are wasted (if all have 3 hd say, only affect 3 of them, 1hd wasted.)
A complex pattern of subtly interweaving colors shoots from the incense and floats towards thug #3, growing to fill a space 20 feet in diameter.

Malachai still has that small grin in place, though once again it seems more like a feral challenge. He twitches his rapier at the captain in a taunting manner.

2007-12-01, 06:13 AM

An almost painful expression appears on Ralen's face.

"I really hate to do this, but..."

Moving to left a couple steps to gain sight of the doorway, he mumbles a few cryptic words and opens his hand palm forward. Three bolts of white fire escape his hand to strike the mage in robes.

Moving left near Melchor, to have a clear shot at the door. Then, magic missile on the robed thug.

2007-12-01, 04:19 PM
Also T - I gave Mouse a single attack because you had a ready action to attack the first person to enter through the door. There was a bit of an inconsistancy with the map, because I let the next one through the door move to engage you and stopped subsequent AoO's. I'll roll an extra AoO on the first opponent. I'm a little unclear on this point: would you get an AoO on each subsequent opponent if you're engaged with an enemy already?

Others may correct me, but as I understand it, the readied action would have affected the first one through - which you executed completely. After he didn't engage me from that point, but kept going into the room, I'd normally have gotten an AoO against him. Without a special feat or something, I'm restricted to one attack of opportunity per round.

So far, so good. Can't wait to see what kind of trouble we're getting ourselves (and poor Kirk) into!

2007-12-02, 01:48 PM
Is it wiser if I wait for Melchor to go before I do or did you want us to post whenever?

Inigo Montoya
2007-12-03, 12:22 AM
OOC: All right, I'm back, and I'll post something tomorrow.

2007-12-03, 10:33 AM
OOC: Ok, I didn't really get any responses at all for what you wanted to do move wise, so I guess I'll post intermitently as the moves come in and slice it in with NPCs moves.

Also, I didn't give anyone an initiative bonus. My bad.
Revised Initiative:

Mouse 1d20+3-> [19,3] = (22)
Malachai 1d20+2-> [15,2] = (17)
Melchor 1d20+3-> [15,3] = (18)
E 1d20+5-> [5,5] = (10)
A 1d20+2-> [6,2] = (8)
R 1d20+1-> [20,1] = (21)

DM Action - retroactive Attack of Opportunity - Mouse VS Thug #2
Mouse: 1d20+5-> [11,5] (16) Hit!
Damage: 1d4+2-> [4.2] (6) Damage roll.
As the second thug barrels into the room, Mouse, from his hidden position beside the door, strikes out with his rapier, inflicting 6 damage!
Thug 2 is wounded!
Mouse swift-action casts Bladeweave, and stabs at Thug 2 with his rapier.
(1d20+9)[17] hit!
(1d4+2)[3] Damage
Mouse's puny rapier inflicts a mere 3 damage on Thug #2, who merely snarls at the pin-prick.
Thug 2 is wounded! (still)
Ralen moves close to Melchor and fires a magic missle. The magical energies strike the robed thug for 9 damage.
Robed Thug is badly wounded!
Thug Captain moves adjacent to Emerik and hacks at the warrior priest with his battleaxe.
(1d20+8)[15,8](23) hit!
(1d8+3)[6,3](9) damage roll.
The battleaxe manages to find a chink in Emerik's armor, inflicting 9 points of damage.
Emerik is wounded! (28 hp remaining)
The robed thug waves his hand and mutters a quick chant.
Robed thug gains protection from arrows.

All right - I don't want to take another DM action for Inigo, who's messaged me about special circumstances (albeit late, I might add)
So Melchor is up next, followed by Malachai, then Thug #1, then Emerik (feel free to revise your previous posting), then Ayaki, then finally Thugs 2, 3 and 4.

Inigo Montoya
2007-12-03, 03:38 PM

Melchor takes aim and fires.

Aiming for thug two.
To Hit:[roll0]
Crit (If needed):[roll1]
I then take a five foot step closer to Ayaki.

2007-12-03, 08:39 PM
... what about my hypnotic pattern?

2007-12-04, 12:37 PM
I appreciate you posting your moves ahead of time, because it speeds up the whole round when we're in combat. Although you can post your actions at any time, since everyone is moving in order of initiative, NPCs and other players may move before you. If you're doing something basic like fighting an adjacent enemy, when it's time for me to make the actual moves, I'll assume thats' what you want to do. If it involves casting AoE spells, I would tend to wait a bit to see if you choose to revise your actions by PM or another post before I officially post them.
So yes, I see you casting your beguiling gaze, it just hasn't happened yet. Feel free to revise your spell or it's location, as thing may have changed.

2007-12-04, 01:48 PM

Emerik grunts as the axe creases his armor and cuts into flesh. As blood spills out he laughs in the man's face.

"Hahaha! It is good to face a worthy opponent, by Kord!"

Emerik uses his Strength domain power, boosting his Str to 19. He then makes a single attack against the Captain.


2007-12-05, 02:56 PM

There isn't time to think or act and it's all she can do not to shrink back into the person near. Wide eyes take in the whole thing with a trace of fear hiding behind them as well as it can. Still, she's got a proverbial frying pan ready...

Ready an action to cast Ray of Enfeeblement. The next person who takes a swing will get that Ray shot at them.

2007-12-06, 04:46 PM
Melchor fires another arrow, this time at Thug #2.
To Hit:(1d20+9)[15] Hit!
The arrow does a mere 3 damage, as most of the force is stopped by the Thug's armor.

Malachai casts Hypnotic Pattern amongst the group of thugs. Thugs #1, 2, 3 and 4 are all within range. 7HD are affected.
Thug #1 pauses in mid-action, fascinated by something you can't see.
Thug #2 shrugs slightly and blinks, but seems unaffected. [Will save]
Thug #4 pauses and seems dazed.

Thug #1 - fascinated.
Emerik swings against the heavily armoured thug, however the man's massive shield blocks the incoming attack.
Attack - (1d20+10)[17] Miss!
Thug #2 swings his huge club at Mouse again.
1d20+8-> [11,8] = (19) Hit!
1d6+3-> [3,3] = (6)
The club come crashing down, striking Mouse for 6 damage!
Mouse > HP 28-6=22
Mouse is wounded!
Ayaki casts Ray of Enfeeblement at Thug #2
(Ayaki ranged touch attack) 1d20+5-> [12,5] = (17) Hit!
Spell strength - 1d6+2-> [5,2] = (7)
The ray strikes Thug #2, who slumps significantly. (Strength reduced by 7)
Thug #3 - Furthering his hatred of bows, Thug #3 aims and fires his crossbow at Malachai again.
1d20->[16] = (16) Miss!
Thug #4 - Fascinated.
Kirk pulls himself up from the ground. Despite his wounds and lack of weapons, he hurls himself at Thug #3.
Thug #3 tries to defend himself against Kirk using his unloaded crossbow as a club.
AoO 1d20+1-4-> [13,-3] = (10) Miss!
Kirk 1d20-> [17,0] = (17) Success!
Kirk 1d20-> [11,0] = (11) Miss! (Unarmed grapple attack)
Kirk dodges the clumsy attack, and grapples with Thug #3 for dominance.
(Kirk enters Thug #3's square, and the two are grappling)

End of Round 2.


Initiative for Round 3:

Mouse 1d20+3-> [6,3] = (9)
Malachai 1d20+2-> [13,2] = (15)
Melchor 1d20+3-> [10,3] = (13)
E 1d20+5-> [9,5] = (14)
A 1d20+2-> [3,2] = (5)
R 1d20+1-> [15,1] = (16)
Kirk 1d20 -> [1] = (1)

Thug Captain 1d20-> [13] = (13)
Thug 1: 1d20-> [14] = (14)
2: 1d20-> [3] = (3)
3: 1d20-> [11] = (11)
4: 1d20-> [6] = (6)
Thug in robes 1d20-> [14] = (14)

So Ralen is up first, followed by Malachai.

2007-12-06, 05:24 PM

Oof! You oaf! How DARE you come barging into a private home and...and put my clothes in disarray!

His small blade whirling melodiously, Mouse attempts to pinion the thug's privates as a way of dissuading him from further aggression.

Standard action to attack Thug #2.

[roll0] Attack
[roll1] Crit confirmation on 18-20
[roll2] Damage
On a successful hit, the thug makes a DC 21 will save or is dazed for one round.

If Thug #2 is either knocked out (unlikely) or dazed (slightly more likely) by his attack, Mouse will 5' step southeast, trying to discourage Thug #5 (robed thug, yes?) from casting spells.

2007-12-06, 06:39 PM

"Bwahahaha! Truly Mouse, teaming up with you was a good idea!"

Emerik uses the shield block to bounce his hammer arm back and around for another powerful swing.

Emerik takes a standar action to attack the thug captain.


Inigo Montoya
2007-12-06, 07:16 PM
Melchor spits out some blood, and takes aim again.

Attacking thug 2

To Hit: [roll0]
Crit confirmation: [roll1]
Damage: [roll2]

2007-12-06, 07:36 PM

Malachai throws some powder in the air, chanting under his breath while he
makes a gesture in the Captain's direction.
I cast glitterdust (its a 10ft radius spread). If possible, i include both the captain and thug #3 in it, but as it will affect allies, if i have to choose between affecting captain, #3 and my teammate Kirk and only affecting the captain, i just hit the captain. i place it so it definitely wont hit any of my teammates. after that, i move so that I am in position to flank the captain for Emerik, but I do so without entering his threatened area until i have maneuvered around (ensuring no Attack of opp). Spell is Will negates vs DC 17, causes blindness for 5 rounds if he fails.
Malachai circles the captain, moving to flank him with Emerik, then moving forward into his swing range. The smile has become a sneer of distain.

2007-12-07, 04:05 AM

Seeing any other target is already in process of being taken out, Ralen keeps his focus on the number one threat (for him, anyway), and begins to cast another spell. This time, a sphere of red-hot flames appear instead, floating right into where the robed thug is.

Flaming Sphere on the robed thug. Reflex DC 16 negates or 2d6 fire damage. The sphere stays and can be moved for 5 rounds.

2007-12-07, 05:59 AM

All this head crashing wasn't really her thing. The idea of hitting someone and being bashed across the room for it didn't sound very nice, either. The idea of hitting someone and hearing them scream in pain as they bled all over the floor gazing wistfully at the opening where their guts were spilling out - someone smashing a club into her arm or cracking every bone in her chest - Ayaki rushed to away to be as far from all of it as possible.

My only action will be to run for this turn until I find a relatively safe place.

2007-12-08, 12:30 AM
Round 3

Ralen summons a Flaming Sphere and sends it rolling towards the robed thug. As it rolls, the sphere ignites the wooden floor in it's path, along with the corner of a very beautiful (and expensive) eastern carpet of Mouse's.
Robed Thug: 1d20+1->[6,1]=(7) Miss!
The sphere barrels into the robed thug, burning him for 9 damage!
Robed Thug is near death!
Malachai throws a handful of sparkling dust in the air, which covers the thug captain from head to toe.
Thug Captain's shield glows slightly. Despite now being covered in dust, there appears to be little other effect. (Will save against blindness)
Malachai moves adjacent to Thug Captain.
The robed thug glares at Ralen. He swirls his hands, and throws a ball of fire at Ralen!
Fireball 20 foot range. Hits Ralen and Melchor. 5d6 damage, reflex save for half.
Damage to Ralen: 5d6-> [5,5,1,4,1] = (16) reflex (vs DC 15) 1d20+2 -> [3,2] = (5) Fail
Damage to Melchor: 5d6-> [3,6,1,5,2] = (17) reflex (vs DC 15) 1d20+8 -> [16,8] = (24) Success
Ralen >> 14-16= -2 HP.
Ralen is near death!
The might of the enemy wizard's fireball leaves Ralen a singed and smoking heap on the ground. A cursory glance indicates he has not yet passed to the next world, however.
Melchor dives to the floor, taking only 8 fire damage.
Melchor >> 16-8= 8 HP.
Melchor is badly wounded!
Emerik swings his warhammer at the Thug Captain in a mighty blow.
Attack - (1d20+9)[27]
Damage - (1d8+4)[7]
The warhammer strikes true, inflicting 7 points of damage on the Captain.
Captain is wounded!
Thug #1 shakes himself awake (standard action to remove fascinated status) and moves north to surround Mouse.
"Crazy wizard's going to burn the place down!" The captain calls to the others. "It'll cover the bodies and evidence nicely..."
Not one to shy from a fight, the captain, taking the hit like a man, swings right back at Emerik.
Attack - 1d20+8->[18,8] = (26) Hit!
Damage - 1d8+3->[1,3] = (4)
Emerik manages to avoid most of the blow, but still takes 4 damage.
Emerik >> 28-4= 24 HP.
Emerik is wounded!

Ok, pretty brutal partial round there. It's great everyone posted so quick, but in turn, I need to throw a pause in incase anybody wants to change their actions.
Next up is Melchor, followed by Thug 3 (stuck grappling with Kirk), Mouse (also stuck), Thug 4, Ayaki, and finally Kirk.
Please post 'no change' or something of the likes if you want to do the same thing.

2007-12-08, 02:03 AM
I see little option at this point. No change.

Hey! No firebombs on my new carpet! Well, new-ish.

Mouse, seeing the devastation wrought on his home by the twin terrors of flame, will 5' step southwest, and take his attack against the robed thug, rather than thug #2 (keeping the previous rolls, I suppose).

2007-12-08, 03:47 AM

Ralen's eyes open wide as he sees the spell being cast, and time nearly stops for him. He knows he lacks the speed or skill to jump away, so he does nothing but grimacing at the nearing threat.

2007-12-08, 09:43 AM

"Oh my goodness fire!" Brilliant!
She rushed after the door ajar she could only describe as something oh, afar, slipping a dagger out from under her cloak and taking a shallow, wavey slice at the closest thug still standing. No point in hurting anyone any more than they already were, right?


2007-12-08, 06:49 PM
edit : i will reedit this one into a nonpost later, might just copy n paste it lower,

2007-12-13, 09:28 AM
Ok... Don't know if anyone else has had trouble connecting to the forums, but don't worry. Things seem to be ok now.

Melchor fires an arrow at Thug #2.
To Hit: (1d20+9)[28] Hit!
Damage: (1d8+1)[6]
Thug 2 takes the arrow in the back, inflicting 6 points of damage.
Thug #2 is near death!
Thug #3 grapples with Kirk, struggling for dominance. (Thug 3 vs Kirk grapple check = success)
Thug #3 Grapple attack: 1d3=[3],(3)
Thug #3 hamfists Kirk in the chops for 3 damage!
Kirk is near death!
Mouse moves west, between Thugs 2 and 4, illiciting AoO's from both.
Thug #2: 1d20+3=[7,3] (10) Miss!
Thug #4: 1d20+4=[3,4] (7) Miss! (offhand) 1d20-2=[12,-2] (10) Miss!
Dodging and weaving, Mouse moves adjacent to the robed thug and attacks.
Mouse: (1d20+9)[20] Attack
(1d4+2)[3] Damage
Mouse stabs the robed thug with his rapier for 3 damage. Despite his puny weapon and its pathetic damage, the additional pin-prick proves too much for the robed thug, who collapses to the ground. He probably died from other wounds.
Thug #4 follows after Mouse, attacking with his twin blades.
Thug #4: 1d20+2=[6, 2] (8) Miss! (offhand) 1d20-4=[4, -4] (0) Miss!
The dual-wielding thug fails to find his target.
In a surprising display of cowardice, Ayaki makes a break for the door. (Move action 30 feet towards exit)
Kirk grapples with Thug #3, trying to get the best of him. (Kirk vs Thug 3 grapple check = failure)

End of Round 3

Additional notes - b = burning wood/carpet square. 1d4 Fire damage to cross.
3/K - Thug #3 and Kirk occupy the same square, and are grappling
5 - Robed Thug #5 is prone on the ground, dead.
R - Ralen is prone on the ground, gravely wounded.
S - Ralen's burning sphere is occupying this space. Any divine / arcane caster can try and move it, if they can beat a DC check. Conversely, you could push it into motion, taking 2d6 fire damage (hey, it's hot)


Initiative Rolls for Round 4:

Mouse 1d20+3-> [8,3] = (11)
Malachai 1d20+2-> [4,2] = (6)
Melchor 1d20+3-> [6,3] = (9)
E 1d20+5-> [10,5] = (15)
A 1d20+2-> [6,2] = (8)
Kirk 1d20 -> [20] = (20)

Thug Captain 1d20-> [17] = (17)
Thug 1: 1d20-> [17] = (17)
2: 1d20-> [12] = (12)
3: 1d20-> [13] = (13)
4: 1d20-> [12] = (12)
Robed Thug: N/A

So Kirk is up first, followed by Captain, Thug #1, and Emerik.
Malachai, I don't know if you want me to keep your last action as your action for round 4, but you posted twice for round 3.

2007-12-13, 11:50 AM

Seeing the sphere next to him, Mouse takes some comfort in the fact that, while he stands, none of these miscreants would escape - or get behind him. He continues his furious weaving of the blades, hopefully into the Two-Fisted Terror that is Thug 4.

Attack Thug 4,

[roll0] Attack
[roll1] Crit confirmation on 18-20
[roll2] Damage
On a successful hit, target makes a will save DC 16 or is stunned for 1 round.

Note to all: the effect of the bardsong will expire this round.

Zjackrum - normally, 5' steps don't draw attacks of opportunity. If you'd like to houserule otherwise, just let me know. Similarly, if a motion I think is 5' is actually more, just let me know - odds are good I won't do it. Rockin' start to the campaign!

2007-12-13, 01:46 PM
Round #4

Kirk grapples with Thug #3, pinning him. (Grapple check: Kirk vs Thug #3 - success.)
The thug captain continues his attack on Emerik.
1d20+8->[9,8] = (17) Miss!
The captain fails to strike through Emerik's defense.
Thug #1 chases after Mouse, angry at his cowardice to strike a weak and unarmored opponent.
1d20+2->[1,2] = (3) Critical Miss!
1d20-> [19] = (19)
Thug #1 strikes at Mouse with his sword, but stumbles! (Character is flat-footed for rest of round)

Up next, in order of Initiative:
Thug #3
Thug #2
Thug #4

2007-12-13, 06:29 PM

Emerik curses as the fire cuts him off from Mouse and Kirk. He continues his battle with the thug captain with a hard grin on his face.

[roll0] I've been forgetting to add Mouse's inspire confidence to my rolls until now.
If I get a flanking bonus from Ayaki, then just add the +2 to my rolls, but I'm not sure how likely that is what with her fleeing and all.

2007-12-13, 11:14 PM

Malachai waves his rapier in a threatening manner, distracting the Captain.
Muttering while he feints, he gestures. A strange glimmer surrounds the captain for a moment.
bluff with improved feint as a move action. [roll0]
if bluff succeeds, +1 dc from suprise casting. otherwise, DC 17 will or he takes [roll1] nonlethal damage. Whee, we can knock him down and interrygate him! :)

2007-12-14, 02:45 AM
So, I have, what, 6 more rounds to live. Take your time. :smalltongue:

2007-12-14, 10:23 AM
Don't worry, as soon as Emerik wins his fight against the captain, and of course screams a battlecry, he'll take a look around and have a massive "Oh sh*t." moment. Besides, you're prone and the enemy mage is down, there's almost no chance that anyone's going to make it to your body... unless the fire does :smalleek:

2007-12-16, 11:57 PM
Emerik swings at the Captain, aided by Malachai
Attack - (1d20+10+2)[23] Hit!
Damage - (1d8+4)[6]
His swing finds a gap in the Captain's defense, and he hits him for 6 damage!
Captain is wounded!
Thug #3 struggles with Kirk, escaping the pin. (Grapple check: Thug #3 vs Kirk - success)
Piling in on Mouse, Thug #2 drags his magically-drained body in and attacks with his club.
1d20+3->[5,3] = (8) Miss!
The club comes down with little of the strength Thug #2 once exhibited, and Mouse dodges it easily.
Thug #4 swings at Mouse in another flurry of blows.
1d20+4,1d20-2->([8, 4] (12) Miss!, [3, -2] (1) Miss!)
Neither of his twin swords manage to find their target.
Mouse stabs at Thug #4 with his rapier.
(1d20+8)[27] Attack
(1d4+1)[3] Damage
Once again proving that the sword is marginally sharper than the pen, Mouse manages to inflict an impressive 3 damage on Thug #4.
Thug #4 laughs! (and is slightly wounded)
Will save - 1d20 vs DC 16
1d20->[15] = (15) Failed!
Thug #4 is stunned for 1 round.

DM Action - Melchor
Melchor lowers his bow and checks on Ralen. Finding him gravely injured, he attempts to administer first aid.
1d20+8 vs DC 15
1d20+8->[8,8] = (16) Success!
With a bit of CPR, which Ralen enjoys a bit too much, Melchor manages to stabilize his condition.

DM Action - Ayaki
Realizing that her new friends need her, Ayaki notches an arrow to the string of her shortbow, and fires at the thug captain.
1d20+5->[7,5] = (12) Miss!
Thug Captain raises his shield, blocking the arrow.
"Be careful!" Ayaki calls out. "There's something special about his shield! It's magical!"

Malachai action - bluff with improved feint as a move action.
(1d20+10)[15] - Spell resistance.
The Captain's shield glows slightly. Malachai's magic has no effect.


Initiative Rolls for Round 5:

Mouse 1d20+3-> [13,3] = (16)
Malachai 1d20+2-> [1,2] = (3)
Melchor 1d20+3-> [5,3] = (8)
E 1d20+5-> [20,5] = (25)
A 1d20+2-> [3,2] = (5)
Kirk 1d20 -> [11] = (11)

Thug Captain 1d20-> [1] = (1)
Thug 1: 1d20-> [16] = (16)
2: 1d20-> [5] = (5)
3: 1d20-> [2] = (2)
4: 1d20-> [13] = (13)
Robed Thug: N/A

Turn, in order of initiative:
Thug #1
Thug #4
Thug #2
Thug #3
Thug Captain

2007-12-17, 12:13 AM

As the oaf's club slips from his fingers, Mouse withdraws his rapier from that...special place, and jabs it a little higher, at the same man.

Teach you to stick your hand into mouse-holes, you lout!

[roll0] Attack with rapier
[roll1] Crit confirmation, if 18-20.
[roll2] Damage
Will save as before.

As I understand it, Thug #2 will have dropped his club, have a -2 to his AC, and lose any dex bonus to AC.

2007-12-17, 12:16 AM
Emerik D'Averon

"You may have protection from magic, but not from my hammer!"

Emerik takes a 5-foot step to the left and swings once again.

o.O please confirm on a 13 even though I know it's not possible...

2007-12-17, 02:28 PM
Just pointing out that I'm still here and checking, nothing special.

2007-12-18, 09:22 AM
Ok, I don't think it's fair to myself or to the other players in a play-by-post game to - in a manner of speaking - abandon your post, especially in combat, where the whole game hangs on you making decisions. Now I don't mind making the odd DM action, but I'm dissapointed by what I've seen in the quality of people's posts as well. If I can't get a commitment from all of you, I'm going to DM action certain characters to commit suicide, or your deaths will serve as RP for future plot devices, and I'll reopen recruitment in the OOC thread.

Now, because of Cespenar's sig, I can't end the thread and restart, but I can bring in new characters rather easily after this fight, so it's up to you.

2007-12-18, 11:22 PM
well, whatever you decide dm, i like the flavour of the game as it has gone so far, a little disconcerted by the changes of init, but still interested in seeing where this goes... so either new people, or fewer people, or npc'd pcs, whatever.

2007-12-19, 03:55 PM
Well, it's up to you. It would be good if we continue this game, one way or another.

Now, because of Cespenar's sig, I can't end the thread and restart, but I can bring in new characters rather easily after this fight, so it's up to you.

Hey, no fair! I'm adding one in the "dead"s right now! :smalltongue:

2007-12-19, 06:32 PM
Well I'm still ready to play, and if we need to get new characters the four of us have the primary and secondary arcane casters, a party face and a healer so we're pretty well set. I think the biggest problem here is just everyone taking a while to post.

2007-12-19, 07:05 PM
First of all, sorry to Cespenar. I left out the appropriate emoticon to indicate I didn't want The Da'mall to become another statistic for you :D

Round 5

Emerik swings at the Thug Captain with his warhammer.
Attack - (1d20+9)[29] Hit!
Damage - (1d8+4)[11]
Crit Confirm - (1d20+9)[13] Failed
The warhammer swings into the Captain, dealing 11 damage.
Thug Captain is badly wounded!
Mouse stabs at Thug #2 with his rapier.
(1d20+8)[10] Miss!
In a pathetic display against a fumbled oppponent, Mouse manages to miss with his rapier.
Thug #1 swings at Mouse with his sword.
1d20+5->[13,5] = (18) Miss!
Thug #1 fails to break through Mouse's armored defense.
Thug #4 - stunned.
Kirk, seeing the fire nearby, breaks free of the grapple and pulls back 5 feet. (Grapple check vs thug #3, success)
DM action - Melchor
Melchor feeds Ralen a potion of cure light wounds from his haversack.
1d8+5->[4,5] = (9)
Ralen is near death! (But consious, and able to make actions as of next round)
Ralen HP-> -2 + 9 = 7 HP!
DM action - Ayaki
Ayaki moves to heft her bow, but drops it abruptly. She grabs at her chest.
"My rectal cancer has spread to my heart!"
Ayaki collapses to the ground.
Thug #2 fumbles for his club. (Unable to attack, but now wielding the club for next round)
DM action - Malachai (sorry, you didn't post an action)
Malchai stabs at Captain with his rapier
1d20+3+2->[5,3,2] = (10) Miss!
The rapier fails to connect.
Thug #3 fire his crossbow at Kirk.
1d20+1->[8,1] = (9) Miss!
Despite the close range, the crossbow bolt manages to go wide.
Seeing the fire behind him, Thug Captain Bull rushes Emerik!
Interrupt! AoO against Captain: Emerik, Malachai (25% to hit Emerik)
Emerik: 1d20+9->[15,9] (24) Hit!
1d8+4->[2,4] = (6)
Emerik whacks Thug Captain for 6 damage!
Thug Captain is badly wounded!
Malachai - 1d4 1 hits Emerik, 2-4 hits Captain - 1d4->[3] = (3) Success!
1d20+3+2->[11,3,2](16) Miss!
Malachai stabs at Captain, but misses.
(Little confused as to this exact part here...)
Strength Check: Thug Captain VS Emerik
Captain - 16 VS Emerik (16+3)19. Fail!
Emerik sets himself firmly, and refuses to give ground to the Captain, shoving him back.

Never one to spring for new technology, Mouse unfortunately did not install asbestos in his house. The fire spreads! (See map below)


Initiative for Round 6:

Mouse 1d20+3-> [11,3] = (14)
Malachai 1d20+2-> [19,2] = (21)
Melchor 1d20+3-> [4,3] = (7)
E 1d20+5-> [10,5] = (15)
R 1d20+1-> [5,10 = (6) (Prone)
Kirk 1d20 -> [6] = (6)

Thug Captain 1d20-> [7] = (7)
Thug 1: 1d20-> [3] = (3)
2: 1d20-> [17] = (17)
3: 1d20-> [12] = (12)
4: 1d20-> [5] = (5)
Robed Thug: N/A

Turn, in order of initiative:

Thug #2
Thug #3
Thug #4
Thug #1

2007-12-19, 07:20 PM

Ayaki! I barely knew you! And understood less.

Mouse glances over at the growing fire, despairingly.

Great! What will I tell the landlord? Oh, right. I'm squatting.

Raising his rapier into a guard position, Mouse hopes to startle his opponents with both the nature and content of the soothing ballad that pours from his lips. He even winks at Thug #2.

You say you don't like it.
I know you're a liar
Cause when we fence.

Time to get the Song of Courage active again. Starting this round, everyone will get a +1 to attack and damage.

If he's able to do this without taking a standard action to do so (I'm never clear whether starting up a song is a standard action or not), he will use that action to go into total defense, raising his AC for the next round to 23.

2007-12-20, 01:05 AM

Making a 5 foot step away from the fire (diagonally left and down on the map), Malachai decides to do things the old-fashioned way. Stealthily taking out another pinch of ground mica, he makes every impression of attempting to stab the captain once more, then tosses the mica, chanting quickly. In a flash, an area centered on the fire fills with a bright golden cloud. Included inside the cloud is the Captain, but nobody else. casting glitterdust again, feint to try and get +1 dc : [roll0], DC = will 17 (or 18 if successful bluff). effect : blind for 5 rounds (no spell resist :P)

2007-12-20, 02:11 AM
Emerik D'Averon

As Ayaki screams out like a line-fed actor about her cancer, Emerik sadly shakes his head, but does not go to her aid.

"I have no idea what you are talking about lass, but alas I have been bidden by Kord to let you pass on, it is your time."

Squaring himself back against the captain he ducks below his shield and rhymes out a quick spell.

"Oh, for a hammer that's quick and light,
To take on the foes that I can't yet fight."

Rough though the rhyme may be, a bright blue hammer of force nonetheless appears alongside the thug menacing Kirk and sweeps towards him.

So, Emerik casts Spiritual Weapon defensively. The hammer will appear between Kirk and Thug #3 and attack him, unless Thug #2 moves into that space. If the space is taken up then it will appear one space up from Kirk and attack Thug #2.


2007-12-20, 07:32 PM

As Ralen awakes in a shock, memories rush back into his head, reminding him of the situation. Instinctually, he tries to regain control of his flaming sphere spell, and rams it at Thug #3, who is picking up on poor Kirk.

2007-12-22, 05:34 PM
Round 6

Malachai moves Southwest 5 feet and casts glitterdust - DC 18 at Thug Captain.
Captain will save - failed!
Captain - blinded.
Thug #2 attacks Mouse with his club.
1d20+1->[6,1] = (7) Miss!
Emerik casts spiritual weapon:
Defensive casting vs DC 17 - (1d20+12)[32] Success!
The disembodied hammer swings itself at Thug #2.
Hammer attack - (1d20+7)[21] Hit!
Hammer damage - (1d8+1)[2]
The magical hammer strikes Thug #2 for 2 damage.
Thug #2 is near death!
Mouse sings Song of Courage! (+1/+1)
OOC Not sure about standard action or not, so lets say no)
Mouse enters Total Defense - AC 23
Thug #3 fires his crossbow at Kirk.
A slender elf emerges from the shadows and stab his blade into Thug #3!
1d20+12->[6,12] = (18) Hit!
1d6+3->[6,3] = (9) + 5d6->[5,5,2,3,3] = (18)
The elf strikes Thug #3 for 27 damage!
Thug #3 collapses to the ground, dead.
"I suggest haste, before the whole abode is destroyed by the flames!" He calls.
DM Action - Melchor
Melchor moves 5 feet north, and fires another arrow at Captain.
1d20+8->[14,8] = (22) Miss!
The arrow bounces harmlessly off the Captain's shield.
Captain swings his battleaxe at Emerik (50% miss due to blindness)
1d2->[1] = (1) Miss!
The Captain's axe goes wide, almost as if he could not make out Emerik's form.
Ralen stands up, slightly shaky but seeming ok.
The flaming sphere rolls east and slams into Thug #2! (DM action, since Thug #3 was dead)
Thug #2 Reflex - failed!
2d6->[3,5] = (8)
The sphere barrles into Thug #2, dealing 8 fire damage!
Thug #2 is crushed beneath the sphere.
Kirk moves behind Thug #1 and strike from behind.
1d20+3->[13,3] = (16) Hit!
1d4+1d6->[2,6] = (8)
Kirk hits Thug #1 for 8 damage!
Thug #1 is nearly dead!
"Agreed!" He calls to the elf. "It's good to see you again!"
Thug #4 attacks Mouse in a fury of blows.
1d20+4,1d20-2->[18,4],(22) Miss! [2,-2] (0) Miss!
The twin blades again fail to penetrate Mouse's armored defense.
Thug #1 swings at Mouse.
1d20+3->[5,3] = (8) Miss!
Thug #1 also fails to strike his target.

The fire continues to spread! (See map.)
The fire consumes Ayaki's body, making looting or resurrecting impossible.
H - magic Hammer
S - flaming sphere (flattened and charred corpse of Thug #2 is underneath)


Initiative for Round 7:

Mouse 1d20+3-> [19,3] = (22)
Malachai 1d20+2-> [19,2] = (21)
Melchor 1d20+3-> [7,3] = (10)
E 1d20+5-> [9,5] = (14)
R 1d20+1-> [3,1] = (4)
Kirk 1d20 -> [17] = (17)
Elf 1d20+7 -> [14,7] = (21)

Thug Captain 1d20-> [8] = (8)
Thug 1: 1d20-> [5] = (5)
2: N/A
3: N/A
4: 1d20-> [1] = (1)
Robed Thug: N/A

Turn, in order of initiative:

Melchor (who looks like he might have cancer)
Thug Captain
Thug #1
Thug #4

2007-12-22, 07:15 PM

Ralen seems surprised when the elf suddenly emerges from apparently nowhere, but he quickly assesses the situation, and decides to believe the elf. He dismisses the sphere, and tries to make a run to the exit, ignoring the injuries, the pain and the smoke as survival instinct temporarily takes over.

"I think I'll never use a fire spell again."

Dismiss the spell, no action. Double move along the right of the burnt area, heading to the door, trying not to get near any remaining guards if there will be any left anyway.

2007-12-22, 08:12 PM

On behalf of carpets everywhere, thank you!

The compact swordsman glanced over at the elf, thought about making a smart remark, and decided to simply keep singing the songs that had kept him on the stage for several months. Oh, and he also stabbed the stupid two-sword-swinger, who looked like he was just about ready to topple.

Continuing to sing, attacking Thug 4
[roll0] Attack
[roll1] Damage

Edited to reduce stupidity.

2007-12-22, 09:14 PM

"You are blind... and the building is burning down around you. I will take your surrender and treat you well. It really is your only way out."

Malachai uses his voice in a soothing and concerned manner, showing in tone of voice that he deeply cares about saving the captain's life.
bluff [roll0] i really care about you mr.npc enemy... honest :) charm person base dc = 17 will, spell resist works, +1 dc from bluff.

edit : just wanted to toss in here, as there really isnt an ooc channel, that obviously even if the charm person doesn't work, he can still decide to take my offer. :)

2007-12-22, 09:24 PM
Emerik D'Averon

Emerik notices Malachai's movements and stays his swing, for now.

"Aye warrior, you have fought well but are in dire straights. Drop your weapon and shield, else I will not let you leave alive."

Emerik hefts his warhammer, ready to end the warrior if he refuses to surrender.

[roll0] Intimidation check to get him to drop his weapons before following us out, I don't want our prisoner to be armed and I want that shield!

Emerik readies a standard action attack to attack the warrior if he refuses to surrender.


2007-12-27, 01:33 PM
Weeee Christmas Haidus!

Round 7

Not stopping his song, Mouse attacks Thug #4
(1d20+9)[15] Attack - Hit!
(1d4+3)[5] Damage
Mouse's stabbing rapier deals an impressive 5 damage.
Thug #4 is badly wounded!
Malachai attempts to bluff Thug Captain in to surrendering.
The elf moves north 5 feet and attacks Thug #1.
1d20+12->[14,12] = (26) Hit!
1d6+3->[2,3] = (5) + 5d6->[4,1,1,3,5] = (14)
The elf strikes Thug #1 for 14 damage!
Thug #1 collapses to the ground.
Kirk attacks Thug #4.
1d20+3->[18,3] (21) Hit!
1d4->[1] (1) damage.
Kirk karate chops Thug #4 for 1 damage. Apparently his kung-fu is stronger than Kirk's.
Emerik attempts to intimidate Thug Captain in to surrendering.
Emerik's Hammer moves adjacent to Thug #1 and attacks.
1d20+7->[18,7] (25) Hit!
1d8+1->[3, 1] (4) Damage.
The hammer whacks Thug #4 for 4 damage.
Thug #4 is near death!
DM Action - Melchor
Melchor moves his full movement towards the door.
The thug captain rubs at his eyes with a gauntleted fist.
"All right! You win!" He throws his battleaxe and shield down at Emerik's feet. (Items now underneath Emerik on the map)
Ralen dismisses the flaming sphere and takes a double move action and runs towards the door, avoiding the fire.
The flaming sphere dissolves in a floury of flame and smoke. You see the charred remains of Thug #2 underneath. It doesn't look like much survived.
Thug #4 steps 5 feet to the south west and swings his twin swords at Mouse.
1d20+4,1d20-2-> [19,4]=(23) Hit! [15,-2]=(13) Miss!
1d8->[6]=(6) Damage.
Thug #4 slashes Mouse with his longsword for 6 damage.
Mouse > HP > 22-6=16 HP remaining.
Mouse is badly wounded!
The fire spreads! (See map below)

K - Kirk is standing on top of Thug #1
E - Emerik is standing on top of a battleaxe and a tower shield.
2 - The corpse of Thug #2 is accessable to loot, although the damage from being underneath the sphere is rather extensive.


Initiative for Round 8:

Mouse 1d20+3-> [7,3] = (10)
Malachai 1d20+2-> [12,2] = (14)
Melchor 1d20+3-> [17,3] = (20)
E 1d20+5-> [18,5] = (23)
R 1d20+1-> [11,1] = (12)
Kirk 1d20 -> [15] = (15)
Elf 1d20+7 -> [4,7] = (11)

Thug Captain 1d20-> [17] = (17) (Unarmed, awaiting orders on what to do next)
Thug 1: N/A
2: N/A
3: N/A
4: 1d20-> [4] = (4)
Robed Thug: N/A

Turn, in order of initiative:

Thug Captain
Thug #4

Edit for Malachai: The roof does not look too stable. It's wood and thatch, very dry considering recent weather. Once the fire reaches the outer walls, it will climb up and spread quickly along the roof. Mouse's house is single story, but collapsing debris from the roof will make escape difficult.
(Once the fire reaches the outer walls (which it has now), the roof will start to burn, at a much quicker rate than the floor, due to the dry thatch. Piles of burning wood and thatch will fall, whacking anyone unfortunate enough to be underneath, leaving difficult-terrain along with burning damage for people trying to pass.)

Edit: I'm opening up a new OOC forum to recruit new players. As the veteran players, I want your opinion on submissions of characters.
Link to OOC thread:
We'll be replacing Ayaki (god rest her tortured soul), and possibly Melchor if he doesn't get back to me in another day or two.

2007-12-27, 03:36 PM

Malachai grabs the captain's sword from the ground, then spends agonizing moments considering the shield that the captain wore... He looks up, at Ralen, eyes narrowed with consideration. Finally, coming to a decision, he sticks the captain's swordblade through the arm-straps on the shield, carrying it at arms length. Circling the west side of the fire, he runs as close to the door as he can without entering the flames (double move, probably about 3-4 spaces from the northmost wall).

how sturdy is the roof of this room? also, sense motive [roll0] to see if the captain is telling the truth, planning on betraying his deal. I'll gather his weapons also. this post will be edited once i know how sturdy the roof is (whatever info i can get by inspecting it). you can just edit a spoiler into your previous post if you want dm :)

edit : if you want me to make a jump check, i can't as this is an edit of the post (wont let me make new rolls)... but if you want to, go ahead, my modifier is +1. my action is to go diagonally left and up, circling the flames, then jump at the narrowest point to get to the doorway. of course, thats if picking up the shield didnt cause some strange reaction...

2007-12-27, 04:25 PM

As Ralen was heading for the door, he stops in his tracks, looking around puzzled. Then his eyes focus on Emerik and the shield before his feet.

"Emerik! Don't touch the shield, it's a trap! Let's get out of here quickly!" he yells, all the while keeping an eye on the captain and the spreading fire.

I'm waiting for the others to move to decide my action.

Edit: Double move again to the door, if the way is clear, or just wait till the threats are dealt with.

2007-12-28, 01:25 AM
Emerik D'Averon

Emerik nods his thanks to Malachai in disabling the warrior and gestures quickly to the equipment for the strange man to gather. He prods the warrior with the head of his warhammer.

"Go where I push you," he shouts over the din of the flames, "And don't try anything smart or else I may lead you into the flames themselves."

Delayed action to act when the captain does. Double move action to get as far along the wall as possible while pushing the captain along, if the captain tried something funny then Emerik'll just brain him.

2007-12-28, 04:47 PM

If someone higher in the initiative order takes out or removes the threat of Thug 4, Mouse will drag the body of Thug 5 out the door.

Otherwise, faced by the twin blades of the much bigger thug, Mouse dares not run for the door. Continuing his song to cheer himself as much as anyone else, he will attempt to further discourage the two-fisted tough.

[roll0] Attack
[roll1] Crit confirmation if attack roll is 18-20
[roll2] Damage

2007-12-30, 09:55 PM
Round 8

Emerik, prodding along the thug captain, take a double move action, avoiding the flames and heading around the west side of the fire.
DM Action - Melchor
Melchor fires an arrow at Thug #4.
1d20+8->[13,8](21) Hit!
1d8+1->[8,1](9) Damage.
The arrow gouges a bloody wound on Thug #4, inflicting 9 damage.
The Thug Captain follows where Emerik leads, periodically rubbing at his eyes.
Kirk punches Thug #4.
1d20+3->[2,1](3) Miss!
Kirk fails to strike his target.
Malachai, using the Captain's sword as a means of holding the shield, follows behind Emerik and the Captain.
Ralen makes a mad dash for the door.
The elf steps west and stabs Thug #4.
1d20+10->[4,10](14) Hit!
1d4+3+5d6->[4,3](7)+[5,1,4,2,6](18) 25
The elf's dagger slides into Thug #4, inflicting 25 damage.
Thug #4 falls to the ground.
Mouse grabs the corpse of the robed thug, and drags him to outside the burning building.

The fire spreads! (See map below)
As the fire reaches the barrel (previous (B) on map), the barrel explodes, sending flaming debris in all directions.
(Map includes Mouse, Ralen, and Robed Thug's corpse safely outside the street)


Initiative for Round 9:

Mouse 1d20+3-> [14,3] = (17)
Malachai 1d20+2-> [16,2] = (18)
Melchor 1d20+3-> [2,3] = (5)
E 1d20+5-> [15,5] = (23)
R 1d20+1-> [3,1] = (4)
Kirk 1d20 -> [11] = (11)
Elf 1d20+7 -> [10,7] = (18)

Thug Captain 1d20 -> [12] = (12)

Turn, in order of initiative:

Thug Captain

2007-12-31, 02:38 AM
Emerik D'Averon

Emerik shoves the thug forwards as the explosion goes off.

"Run you fool we've been cut off! Run 'till you hit the wall!"

Emerik takes a run action, moving at 4 times his normal speed and shoving the captain along with him towards the upper left corner. They skirt the fire on the left if they can. If we can't run the a double move action to the same spot. Agh fire! I needs some create water!

2007-12-31, 04:51 AM

Cursing under his breath, he moves as quickly as he can for the door, Helping Emerik hustle the captain along.

"Hurry or the fire will kill you!"

2007-12-31, 05:32 PM

Breathing heavily both from the sudden burst of adrenaline and the physical activity, Ralen takes a second to try and calm himself, as he remembers with a shock that along with the captain, Malachai and Emerik are still in the building. He quickly browses through his spells from his mind, but none comes to his mind as helpful in such a situation. After hesitating for a second, Ralen crouches and hastily searches the robed thug's body, to find a spell scroll or something that might help put out the flames.

2008-01-01, 07:50 AM

The song died on his lips. The halfling looks up at the doorway of the squat, now belching ugly smoke and the smell of burning rug.

Mouse thought of several pleasant evenings spent there, telling tales and sampling the wines that had fallen off of many, many carts. The tearing in his eyes was not just, as he would later claim, the result of the smoke.

Who in Hades are you people? he murmured under a rasping breath, and quickly patted down the robed man's pockets for any possible clues - as well as, it must be said, recompense for his losses. He glanced over at Ralen, encouraging the wizard to help him - the man struck Mouse as the kind who would know what was a useless trinket and what might actually have some power in it.

Assuming the leader gets out this round, Mouse will take an attack of opportunity if the man attempts to flee past him in the alley, but will otherwise simply keep his rapier at ready.

2008-01-03, 09:51 AM
Round 9

Emerik takes a double move action (unable to run, as running in a straight line would move him through the fire), skirting the flames and moving north.
Avoiding the fire, Malachai does the same.
Mouse and Ralen both search the robed thug's corpse.
Items found:
Rolled up parchment, with a broken seal of a gauntleted fist.
A coin purse.
A seemingly ordinary black robe.
A potion.
The elf searches the corpse of Thug #3, pocketing several small items.
The Thug Captain, following instructions to a tee, takes off running full speed north. He does not see the fire, and runs through four tiles of fire before reaching the northern wall.
4d4 -> [4,2,3,3] = (12)
Thug Captain takes 12 fire damage.
Thug Captain is near death!
"Life is certainly never boring." Kirk comments to the elf. He searches the corpse of Thug #4, divesting him of his long sword.
Melchor hits CTRL-Y, but then realizes the cursor is pointed on himself!
Melchor takes (8943) damage!
Melchor - death.

The fire spreads!


Initiative for Round 10:

Mouse 1d20+3-> [11,3] = (14)
Malachai 1d20+2-> [12,2] = (14)
Melchor N/A
E 1d20+5-> [7,5] = (12)
R 1d20+1-> [6,1] = (7)
Kirk 1d20 -> [9] = (9)
Elf 1d20+7 -> [13,7] = (20)

Thug Captain 1d20 -> [6] = (6)

Turn, in order of initiative:

Thug Captain

2008-01-04, 10:43 AM

Mouse quickly divides up the items found on the robed thug with Ralen, and steps away from the blazing doorway. Realizing that either a crowd or reinforcements could be waiting at the mouth of the alley, Mouse slinks up to the entrance to have a look-see.

[roll0] Hide
[roll1] Listen
[roll2] Spot

Suggest that Ralen take the potion and the coin purse for now, and Mouse will take the parchment - since he has the other message still.

2008-01-04, 02:09 PM
Emerik D'Averon

Emerik rushes forwards yet again and gives the captain a shove towards the door.

"Straight through the fire, when you come out the other side wait for use and we'll guide you through."

That done he looks at the fire, then turns around to Malachai with a grin.

"Well, nothing for it. Kord and I will heal us on the other side," he whips his cloak around to protect his face, "He's fond of stupid moves like this."

Emerik rushes into the fire towards the door with a short prayer to the Lord of Battles on his lips.

Move action to get to the Captain and another move action to rush towards the door. I hope that he doesn't die or anything, we've spent way too much time on him!

2008-01-04, 02:20 PM

Malachai moves all the way up to the closest he can come to the door, then grimacing in anticipation of pain, he runs through the flames and out the exit.

have a question : would obscuring mist douse the fire a bit? in the text for it, it is destroyed by fire damage... would it dim down the flames a bit? i mean... its a fine mist of water... can you edit in a response dm? plz and ty.

also, is there any reason why i've only been taking a single move action worth of movement each turn?

2008-01-04, 06:48 PM

A bit distraught by the fact that he couldn't find something which can help put out the fire, he accepts Mouse's offer without much thinking, putting the potion in his backpack and the purse in his pocket.

"Remind me to divide the gold."

Good idea, Jael. If the DM accepts it, I can cast it too, I have it memorized.

2008-01-05, 03:36 PM
Note: The idea to use obscurring mist in such a fashion was so creative I just had to allow it. I assume Malachai casts it, and then moves. The whole party will delay action before running to allow Ralen to cast it as well.
Also note: Melchor is dead. I expected more comical comments.

Round 10

The elf moves north west and loots the corpse of Thug #2.
Mouse sneaks west to the end of the alley. The main street is devoid of people, even the rarely-seen night watch. As an ex-guardsman, this strikes Mouse as odd, almost as though the soldiers wanted to make themselves scarce.
Malachai moves north east, avoiding the flames, and casts Obscurring Mist. The flames within 20" wither and die.
Kirk moves for the exit, waiting just outside.
Ralen moves south adjacent to the fire, and cats Obscurring Mist. The flames within 20" wither and die.
Emerik and the Thug Captain successfully escape the burning building.
Since Malachai has an unobstructed exit to the building, combat is resolved.

Combat status - Victory!
Experience gained - 2800
Mouse gained 700 Experience
Malachai gained 700 Experience
Ralen gained 700 experience
Emerik gained 700 experience
Unclaimed items (on ground next to Malachai) Long sword, Tower Shield.

Mouses' home burns and smoulders. The entire structure is covered in flames, and the ceiling has begun to collapse. You could try and reenter to search for valuables, but it might be dangerous. The alley is deserted of people. To the west is the main street, which Mouse has recently checked to be empty. To the east is a maze of side streets and alleys.
The Thug Captain, badly wounded, has pulled off his gauntlets and still wipes at his eyes to clear the last of the glitterdust.
Kirk glares at the Thug Captain.
"Your archer friend is still inside. Do we want to go in and rescue him and any other valuables?"
The elf shakes his head.
"We don't have time for that. People know how to make themselves scarce when there is trouble afoot, but a fire like this could spread to other buildings. We need to escape. I know a safe place."

2008-01-06, 10:39 AM

Trotting back, presumably not hearing the elf's offer, Mouse hisses.

Coast is clear, for now. K, you got a place we can hole up a while? Sounds like we got stories.

Jerking his head in the direction of the blind thug, Mouse points to Emerik and gestures with an overhead striking motion, trying to suggest that he knock the man out.

2008-01-06, 09:44 PM
Emerik D'Averon

Emerick laughs in appreciation to the powers that be as a soft mist deadens the fires ahead of him.

"The luck of Kord is with me today," a glance over to the side shows him the Ctrl-Y'd chunks of Melchor, "Tsk, just like my old friend Balduran."

Running out into the street with the thug pushed ahead of him Emerik spends a minute choking down fresh air before he starts to consider his options. It wasn't every day that a man could find such a fine fight, and from what everyone was discussing before it seemed like the group of them were marked. The battle-priest smirked up at the heavens.

No harm in sticking with them for a while longer, eh Kord?

Looking back down again he catches Mouse's hand movement, and with a grin he jabs at the thug's temple with his hammer.

Going for a non-lethal strike with the hammer.

[roll0] -4 penalty already added

Arg damn you forum roller! :smallfurious:

2008-01-07, 01:36 AM

Looking the thug in the eye, Malachai speaks, his face a study of regret.
"I'm sorry sir, while I'd love to trust you at your word... unfortunately I do not have that luxury. Nonetheless, I do guarantee your life."
Malachai mutters under his breath, and lazily points at the thug captain.
bluff [roll0](guarantee your life, trying to keep from going hostile when he wakes up from his nappy time...) ranged touch attack[roll1] whelming blast [roll2] nonlethal damage.

2008-01-07, 08:38 AM
He never saw it coming.
Emerik's warhammer comes crashing down, smacking the Thug Captain thoroughly on temple. He collapses on to the ground.
Kirk raises an eyebrow.
"I trust you had a good reason for doing that? Because unless we're about to slit his throat and leave him here, now somebody is going to have to drag him with us. I'm sure that won't look suspicious."
The elf looks grim.
"Indeed. Better to kill him now and leave him in the building." He thumbs the tip of his dagger.
Listen check success.
He mumbles under his breath. "They would do the same thing to us..."
The elf continues.
"Also, I believe his shield has been attuned to him, and him alone. We need him to carry it. It's too delicate to move any other way. If we do not, whatever traps are instilled within it will trigger."
Kirk sighs in exasperation.
"We don't have time for this! Mouse, what do you think we should do?"

2008-01-07, 12:03 PM

"What?!" Ralen looks pretty surprised and pissed off as he faces the elf and Kirk.

"Hurting someone in the heat of battle is one thing, but to cut someone's throat in cold blood? That's... outrageous!"

He turns to Mouse with his pale face taking the color of an unusual pink.

"That's out of question, I hope."

2008-01-07, 03:42 PM
Emerik D'Averon

Emerik nods his assent to Ralen's outburst.

"I can appreciate your help during the battle, but there are too many troubling questions to just kill this man, not to mention the fact that he surrendered to us."

He turns to Mouse with a hard look on his face.

"I can carry him wherever we're going next, and by tomorrow morning I can ask Kord for a spell that only allows truths to be spoken, or I can even kill him in single combat. I don't know why you called us all together but I walk right now if you opt to kill him in cold blood."

2008-01-08, 12:17 AM

"I'd prefer not to go back on my word..."

He smiles.

"Let's walk while we talk. Preferrably to somewhere... Less bright. Let's head to the warehouse area... as long as we stick to the alleys we should avoid notice. I'll scout ahead and try to find one once we get going."

trying to remember a good place to hide in the warehouse district (like a seldom-used or used during the day only sort of place...) knowledge : Local [roll0]

2008-01-09, 08:16 AM

Weighing his options, Mouse simply nods for a moment.

I wanted him knocked out because pretty soon, he'd be seeing again, and who knows what kind of trouble he'd be. But I still want answers - from Kirk, from you -

He nods at the mysterious elf.

- who get no say at all in what we're doing until you tell us who you are and why you happened to appear in the middle of my home tonight. And about...the matter we were discussing earlier. Emerik - thank you for agreeing to carry him. Malachi - you grabbed the shield - you deal with it. Throw it in the fire, or bring it - your call.

I ask again, Kirk - you got a hidey hole we can head over to? Least you can do for guiding this heap of trouble to our door.

2008-01-09, 09:19 PM
The elf sneers at Emerik.
"Misplaced morals and ethics, considering a time like this?" The elf glances at Kirk. "Tell me you are not going to side with them?"
"I owe Mouse my life, old friend." Kirk replies. "His friendship goes back further than you and myself. Please don't ask me to chose."
"We cannot take him with us." The elf motions at the now unconscious Thug Captain. "You know that."

There is a shout from the main street to the west,
"Fire! Rouse the guard! Fire in Old Town!"

"Sounds like you have already made your decision then." The elf turns and points a bony finger at Ralen.
"You. Yes You. Let's just hope you are worth all this." He motions at the burning building. He spits a thick glob of an unknown substance on the ground to his side.

Listen check: Success!

The elf mutters under his breath, "****ing wizards... At least now my debt has been repaid..."
The elf disappears to the east on silent feet.

2008-01-10, 01:32 AM

The tiny guardsman-turned-performer becomes sombre for a moment, looking at his old colleague.

If we're messing up a friendship, Kirk, I'm truly sorry. But...we've got to get out of here. Emerik - if you're going to take that guy with us, hoist him now. We've out of here!

Mouse sheathes his rapier, and feels reflexively for the still-sealed message in his inside pocket. He jogs towards the exit to the alley.

2008-01-10, 01:53 AM
Emerik D'Averon

"Just a moment Mouse..."

Emerik hitches his hammer and shield onto their hooks on his back and then kneels next to the fallen thug, touching the crossed mace symbol on his chestplate.

You've tossed me into an interesting pot here Kord. I beseech you to grant me the strength to carry this enemy far and fast, 'till we can take a breath.

In answer to his prayers Emerik feels his muscles bulge inside his armor. Giving a quick grin to his god, he grasps the thug under the arms and easily hoists him above his shoulders.

"Let's go quickly, this spell only lasts a couple of minutes."

Casting Bull's Strength from Emerik's 2nd level domain spell. Emerik's carrying about 103 pounds right now so with the thug that should only launch him into medium encumbrance and actually allow him to run.

Running time! Let's get somewhere safe and introduce some new characters already:smallsmile:.

2008-01-10, 05:22 AM

Ralen gets slightly startled by the elf's words, but does nothing except glaring at him silently as the elf vanishes to the east. Since there is no time to sit down and think, he joins his companions and runs to the exit.

Hmm, so it's like that.

2008-01-10, 08:06 AM
Sorry to interrupt with a bit of OOC, but nobody specified which exit, although perhaps Mouse did. There are two exits: one to the west, which leads to the main street, and one to the east, which leads to the back alleys.
(Mouse did say "the exit to the alley", but as you're in an alley right now, its a bit ambiguous.)

Also, to our two resident lurkers waiting to be introduced, I feel bad that the story hasn't progressed as quickly as I hoped. Something about ethics and morals or something unimportant...

2008-01-10, 09:34 AM
Ethics? Pah! Mouse swore off of them with his last hangover...

I had thought it was a dead-end alley, so didn't specify. Mouse is essentially following Kirk unless Mouse knows of a place nearby he can hide all of them.

2008-01-10, 06:24 PM
Giving a glance of appreciation at the armored cleric, who was now hoisting a 200 pound man in a suit of armor over his shoulder, Kirk motions for them to follow as he hurries out to the east exit. The fires of the burning building belched smoke into the cool air and made the perfect distraction for their escape. Malachai carried the tower shield precariously on the blade of the Captain's sword.
The alleys of Corsand were tight, with barely a cart's width from one side of the street to the other. Ramshackle wooden second stories and impromptu balconies seemed to loom out of the shadows from above, with none of the love and natural beauty of a forest canopy.
"I'm sorry about your house, Mouse." Kirk talks over his shoulder as they move. The pace had slowed to allow Emerik to carry the body. Though his magical strength had faded, they had moved far enough the building that there was no immediate threat. If any eyes noted the fact that the group carried an unconscious man with them, they kept their comments to themselves.
"Don't worry, people here know how to shut their eyes and ears." Kirk commented. "There's a safe place nearby."
You quickly loose all sense of direction in the streets as you follow Kirk's lead. He pauses before an inconspicuous storefront. The sign of a pedestal and mortar hang overhead.
Kirk produces a key from his pocket and unlocks the front door.
"Inside. Quickly!"
He steps inside, motioning you in.

The inside of the building is a typical alchemist's shop: A long desk in the middle for sorting and mixing ingredients, shelves upon shelves of texts and plants and jars and flasks. Stairs lead upstairs to the second floor in the back.
"Be careful with that." Kirk motions at Malachai and the shield. "If Ankouras thinks it's enchanted, then it's probably a nasty one. There's enough alchemist's fire in here to make Mouse's house look like flint and tinder."
Ignoring them all for the moment, Kirk moves to one of the shelves, taking a small flask from one. He quaffs it.
"We keep the place well stocked. Who needs medical attention?"

2008-01-10, 08:18 PM
Emerik d'Averon

Emerik gives a grunt as he spills the thug to the floor. He waves off Kirk's offer of healing and reaches into his pack for his healing kit.

"Don't worry about healing Kirk, I can see to our injuries if someone can tie up this guy. Do you have any potions that will keep him unconcious for the night? I'm thinking that the explanations I'm going to get for all this are going to take a while as is and I don't want to keep knocking him out."

I can cast one CMW, two CLW, and five CmW if needed, let's get a tally of everyone who's injured and how badly they are. If he has too he can bind up some injuries to heal normally.

2008-01-11, 01:17 AM

As they walk towards the house, Malachai weaves back and forth drunkenly, taunting the man on Emerik's back. "Hah! chal... chall... challenge me to a drunking contest! See wha happez!"

[roll0] bluff : Two drunks and their friends, for the benefit of passers-by

edit : dismal... and the roll i made before was a two... just dismal.

2008-01-11, 03:03 AM

Coughing off some smoke, Ralen examines himself to find several burns here and there, and finds out that he now wears rags instead of a robe. Grimacing, he carefully takes off his burnt robe and puts it beside him. Underneath, he is wearing a thin tunic and pants.

"I have several burns, but nothing too urgent." he declares. "Oh, and I need a new robe." he adds quietly, half to himself.

Having a chance to sit down and think, he ponders on what happened in the last few hours.

"So, his name is Ankouras, eh?"


7/14 hp. Nothing a CLW can't cure.

2008-01-11, 11:13 AM

Settling gratefully into the vacant shop, Mouse smiles reassuringly at Kirk.

Not to worry, old friend. Sometimes, it's good to be able to drop everything and build anew. Although...my old uniform was in the back. Hadn't put it on in more than a year, but I'll miss it.

He slips out of his pack, and pulls a slender coil of rope from inside.

Emerik, I'll get to work on tying him up. Looks like we all took a bit of a beating tonight. Kord should be proud, eh?

Oh, Kirk. Sorry. These are Emerik, Malachai and Ralen. Fine and trustworthy men, from what I've heard, although we've not been working together long. Gentlemen, Kirk.

2008-01-11, 11:15 AM
Forgot to include a roll in the previous post. Mouse will get to work tying up the thug: [roll0]

2008-01-12, 11:21 AM

While Mouse talks, Malachai carefully examines his cloak for singe marks. Ah, good. Still none. At the 'quite a beating' remark, he smirks slightly to himself. You notice that he is still quite untouched, aside from a little dust...

*Dusts himself off*

"Kirk... other than this thug, and the ones that perished in the fire, who else did you tell? Are we now officially enemies of the Crown?"
Turning to Mouse, he continues...

"Mouse... It's possible that he is under my influence... hopefully the spell I cast on him took properly. When he wakes, I will talk to him first."

2008-01-12, 04:03 PM

Ralen nods at Kirk and flashes a brief smile.

"Pleased to meet you. You have put a good fight against that thug there."

He pauses for a moment, looks around and examines the place.

"So, when will the wizard show himself?"

2008-01-13, 01:26 PM
Kirk laughs slightly at Malachai.
"Enemies of the crown? No... That's not it at all. Those men were not agents of the crown. I'm not sure why, but you four have been dragged into a war that doesn't concern you... This is the War of the Night, as I once heard- um... someone call it."
He pauses and takes a breath.
"Think of it as border skirmishes between rival kingdoms. The city of Corsand is the battlefield. There is no official declaration of war, and collateral damages need to be confined, but it is no less bloody a war. The lines have been drawn for a long time. I'm not sure why they would choose to act all of a sudden..."
Kirk takes another pause as Ralen speaks.
"Wizard? What are you talking about?'

Before he can push the line of questioning further, the front door to the alchemist's shop opens, and a simply dressed human and an elf in chainmail wielding a massive longbow step inside (welcome to our two newest players).
Before you have a chance to ready yourselves for combat, Kirk interrupts.
"Reynoldo? Venthryl?" What are you doing here? Where are the others?"

2008-01-13, 02:31 PM

Malachai twitches as the door suddenly opens, and is halfway to a defensive posture before Kirk welcomes the newcomers.

With a dark and exasperated look at Kirk, he speaks :
"Well. Suprises. Wonderful. Please, lock that door behind you, will you?"

[ooc : and welcome, new folks :)]

2008-01-13, 08:07 PM
Emerik d'Averon

Emerik cups his hands and walks around to each person in the room, inspecting each wound and then making the appropriate prayers to his god.

"Aye, Kord's always loves a good battle. When things are slow he even tells his faithful to have a battle royal in the temple courtyard. "

Groaning at another unseen event he finds a handy spot to sit down when the two new faces appear. He shares a tired look with Malachai.

"I hope that's the last surprise tonight."

[OOC: I ask again, does anyone need healing?]

Casting various curing spells.

[roll0] sacrificing Doom
[roll1] sacrificing Silence

2008-01-13, 09:24 PM
Reynoldo swiftly closes the door as his companion enters. He leans against the wood as though he is expecting something to crash into or through it. His face betrays no emotion, though his heavy breathing and the movement of his chest indicates he has been running. Only when it is obvious the expected crash will not occur does the human relax.

"Dead," is his only answer to Kirk's question. "And why are you here? Who are these people? By Kord's left boot, I cannot take another surprise this night."

Reynoldo appears relaxed, but a practiced eye sees that his muscle are tense beneath his loose clothing, and he leans slightly forward, with more weight on the balls of his feet, allowing him to quickly react.

OOC: Hello to all. To DM, decided to make him a devote of Kord, though I wouldn't say he was a worshiper. Figured it could make for some nice roleplay with the cleric.

OOC EDIT: I will be out of town for the next 2 to 3 days. Do not expect a post in that time frame.

2008-01-15, 12:11 AM

The elf slides through the doorway and eases himself up against the wall next to the door as Reynaldo closes it. He removes an arrow from a somewhat depleted quiver over his back and hold it to his bwostring, without drawing.

He merely nods to Kirk and lets Reynaldo do the talking as he too waits for an apparently not forthcoming assault from outside. Once satisfied nothing is coming, he replaces the arrow in his quiver and the rise of chest begins to normalize. A welt on his chin and a gash on his shin bely the kind of evening he has had.

"I do not think they followed us, but they certainly were waiting for us..."

His look is serious, bordering on accusatory as he stares at Kirk.

Venthyr is not tall for an elf, standing halfway between five and six feet. His frame is well muscled, but not overly so to detract from his elven grace. The most notable thing about him is the massive bow, obviously of elven make, that he carries.


A small metal buckler serves to protect the hand he holds the bow in.

His green eyes look out from behind desheveled sandy brown hair, apparently fallen from behind the leather cord high up on his forehead. A finely crafted shirt of chain hangs easily on his torso. Dark brown leather pants are tucked into thickly soled boots that are balanced on the balls of his feet, as if ready to move any moment.

At his hip is a curved blade in a sheathe, and opposite that a small pouch of green velvet, bulging from all sorts of things from the look of it.

As he surveys everyone in the small shop, and then asks Kirk,

"So...new recruits? You're going to need them if this keeps up."

Howdy all, pleasure to play with you

2008-01-15, 12:36 AM
Emerik d'Averon

Emerik grins a bit when Kord is mentioned by the tired looking man.

"Aye, myself too. We may wish that Kord would stop surprising us but he delights too much in surprising maneuvers and the strange luck of the falling blade to not mess around with us."

He nods from where he is sitting and eye's the wounds on the elf.

"My name is Emerik d'Averon, warrior priest of Kord, and if you want I can see to your wounds."

2008-01-15, 11:42 AM

This was all tumbling together too fast. Mouse turns from where he has finished tying up the armoured thug. He hopped up onto the shop's counter, both to be better able to make eye contact with the newcomers and to try to assess the new situation.

Wait. Recruits? I was having a perfectly decent life without getting mixed up in any night war. Gods, what have you brought to our door, Kirk?

Courtesy overtakes him, and the foppish halfling bows slightly to the new arrivals, removing his wide-brimmed hat with a flourish.

Apologies. My name is Mousequeton Silvari, but friends call me Mouse. I hope that that may include both of you gentlemen. Now...

He settles to a sitting position on the counter, and again slides his pack around. He pulls out a securely-corked wineskin.

Ah. Best news I've had all night. Still intact. I propose, gentlemen, a sharing of stories, and a sharing of wine. Who's in?

He yanks out the stopper and dribbles a small mouthful of wine into his mouth. He holds the skin out in obvious invitation.

Oh, and Emerik, I've a few cuts that could use your unique talents, if you have a moment.

Darkantra - I think he's at 16/28 hp.

2008-01-15, 11:47 AM
Emerik d'Averon

Emerik nods to Mouse and places both hands on the halfling's shoulders. Closing his eyes he whispers his prayer.

"Oh Kord, heal this little man's bruises and cuts. He fought bravely, not buckling even when surrounded by enemies. He is deserving of a warriors rest, to be healed to proove his ability on the field for another day."

Tossing out Divine Favor for a CLW

Well that's the last of everything except orisons.

2008-01-15, 11:48 AM
Damn you forum roller and your conventions!!!


2008-01-15, 01:33 PM

After thinking deeply for a few moments, Malachai turns to Kirk; "Perhaps you have another room? When he wakes, I'd prefer not to distract him with new faces." He indicates the unconscious thug, and smiles grimly. "After all, he'll have enough on his mind already."

2008-01-15, 02:34 PM

Ralen stands up at the mention of "recruits", obviously irritated. He opens his mouth to start a lengthy explanation, when Mouse interrupts with his apology, which warns Ralen to become self-aware and stop. He faces the newcomers with a relatively calmer attitude.

"Ralen Ardech, pleased to meet you."

He waits for Mouse to finish his words, and joins with a nod.

"I think too that a "sharing of stories" is in order, for there's much to be explained. And it would be even better if the good Mr. Kirk here starts."

2008-01-16, 08:29 AM
Kirk bristles; suddenly defensive.
"I was ambushed coming home tonight and thrust into all this, just as you are. Now I know the risks, and I'm surprised some urchins didn't find my corpse in the morning, but obviously those thugs needed me for something. You want a sharing of stories?" He asks Ralen angrily. "You'll have to excuse me if I don't share my secrets with people that withold their own. You mentioned a wizard. Come to think of it, Ankouras Groth mentioned owing a debt to a wizard as well, and he singled you out specifically. What are you hiding, Ralen?"

2008-01-16, 08:40 AM

Mouse beats his heel against the counter twice to get attention.

Gentlemen! This tone is getting us nowhere.

He takes a deep breath.

If a leap of faith is what's required, I'll start. We started this evening with a mysterious commission, in the form of a sealed note. A similar document was retrieved from one who I believe was a wizard, who accompanied the slightly hapless ruffians who brought Kirk to my door.

I am in possession of these documents, and have not yet perused them. Nor do I intend to do so, until I feel that everyone else is going to be civil, open, and at least as tipsy as me. If any of us want answers, I suggest that someone take this wine and pass it along.

Just as a reference for possible RP purposes, Diplomacy [roll0]

2008-01-16, 11:35 AM

Ignoring Kirk's implication, Ralen drops his voice to a soft tone.

"I don't understand why it offended you that much. I was merely referring to the fact that you know both us, them, and some other contacts as well, like this Ankouras you mentioned. Wouldn't it be better for us if the most knowledgeable person speaks first, as to explain things more clearly?"

Taking a moment to allow his words to sink in, Ralen reaches to Mouse to take the wineskin. He takes a small sip and passes it to the closest person.

"Oh, and on that subject, it's true that I may know a few things that you do not know, but I'm perfectly willing to let free that knowledge just after I get some basic explanations."

He pauses for a split second and adds quickly, this time facing Mouse.

"And one last thing, I wish to remind you of the fact that the first package you have received is supposed to be trapped, just like the shield of that thug captain."

2008-01-16, 10:33 PM

The monk quickly moves across the room and grasps the wineskin. He takes it to his lips, quickly draining half it's contents as he moves back toward the door. When he's done he passes the wine to Venthryl as he speaks, "I've had better. Names Reynoldo. You want more than that. Earn it. The way he has."

Reynoldo indicates his elven companion as he rests against the wall. All evidence of his past exhaustion now totally erased.

2008-01-17, 12:30 AM
Kirk relaxes.
"Look, I'm sorry. I don't normally deal with these back-alley tactics. Reynoldo and Venthryl are strong-arms of... the guild. I feel like I'm repeating myself, but the first rule about the guild is you don't talk about the guild."
He pauses and raises his hand.
"Mouse, you and I go way back. Now when we were in the guard, we fought against this kind of thing, but things have changed. Under Emperor Jakarta, Corsand is a different place. Corsand is ruled by the Kalo Empire, but in light of winter approaching, it's really just the city garrison. The guilds stepped up to fill in the gap. Corsand is the only major trading hub on the Kalo River, and hence, whoever controls Corsand controls the inflow and outflow of goods and trade in southern Kalo."
He sighs.
"It's ok, we can trust them." Kirk mutters to the newcomers.
"The war isn't over for the winter, Mouse. Not at all. No armies. No navies. Street fighting, shipments, and profits. Us against them. Morienn against the Kalo Empire."

2008-01-17, 08:10 AM

Ignoring the loutish Reynoldo, Mouse focuses in on Kirk.

And so now, my friend, you are a guerrilla warrior in this underground battle? And these -

He gestures towards Venthryl and Reynoldo.

- these are your associates. I begin to understand. Then may I infer that you were in some way captured by the, well, for lack of a better term, the "other side" tonight? And if so, what do you think they wanted with us?

2008-01-17, 08:42 AM
Kirk eyes Mouse.
"Now that, I cannot say for sure. I think I was grabbed to make a convincing means of getting the jump on you. But it doesn't make sense. They had a wizard there that could have accomplished the same thing with a polymorph spell. I don't think I have much value alive as anything other than a... um... business manager.
"Now I've told you more than I should have. If the populace became aware of the situation as it is, not merely as guilds waging war in the night for money, we would most likely have violent riots, followed by a general revolt. We can't risk that yet. Not until the Morienn Navy is ready to act.
"What I don't understand is why the Kalo agents would bother with you and your group. There are only two possible reasons: One, they know you Mouse, and know that you were loyal to Morienn-controlled Corsand, and could become a player in this game. Option number 2 involves your friend here..." He turns his attention on Ralen. "What wizard are you talking about? What possible reason could the Kalo have in eliminating you? Why did Ankouras show up at the exact moment we needed his help? Hmm?"

2008-01-17, 07:07 PM

Ralen looks weirdly at the monk for a moment, and turns his head back to Kirk.

"Thanks for clearing that up. As for the wizard, I presumed there would be an allied wizard, which I deduced from the words of Ankouras as he was leaving. I heard it too, you see, and interpreted it that way. Though it seems he is known only to him, and not you or us."

He takes a deep breath, his brows crossed from what seems to be deep thinking.

"If I were to presume further to answer your next two questions, it just might be that they are afraid from a spellcaster, which could tip the delicate balances of this "war".

And Ankouras was obviously informed by this wizard, and sent by him to help us. This wizard, if he exists, is obviously an ally, or at least has in his interest to keep us alive, which is as good as an ally for me."

2008-01-17, 10:11 PM

Dismissing the possibility of his own fame with a modest wave, Mouse turns his attention to Ralen. Wondering just how powerful a master of these forbidden arts he has on his hands. He had magic of his own, after a fashion, but these book-fiends...always gave him a bit of a itch right at the base of his skull. Still, Ralen had been open and honest with them - more so than some, anyway.

All right. It sounds like we're all getting yanked into something well over my head...

He glances around with a faint smile, almost daring the others to make short jokes.

...but I suppose that we're now officially in it together. So, here goes.

He slips two pieces of paper, both sealed with a symbol of a mailed fist, out of his pocket. One rolled-up paper has already had its seal broken, and it is this document that Mouse opens and (unless it explodes in his hands), reads aloud to the others.

2008-01-17, 10:25 PM

After waiting patiently for an answer to his question, Malachai finally loses patience. Looking around, he drags the thug tied to the chair through the door at the back of the shop.

2008-01-18, 12:25 AM
Mouse reads from the parchment with the broken seal.

The beginning words are covered with an ink stain. He skips forward to the readable portion:
...wizard's apprentice is going to be coming into the city tonight. Our agent thinks they'll gather at the Welcome Stranger. Don't know how reliable the source is... Don't go alone. I'm sending Graelin with you this time. For gods sakes, don't **** this one up like the last one. The fact that you can throw a few spells around doesn't put you much higher than a common thug if you can't get the job done, and I'm getting tired of spending profits resurrecting you.

- A

2008-01-18, 12:54 AM
Emerik d'Averon

Before Mouse can read the partchment Emerik holds a hand out.

"Okay, I have to be clear about this," Emerik pinches the bridge of his nose in exasperation and looks up at the guildsmen, "I'm not cut out for understanding politics at all, I have no clue if the city is better off in Morienn's or Kalo's control, I'm just a farm boy who happened to make his way here and take a place in the temple. For the record I didn't even fight in the war, I just healed any normal folk who were wounded in the crossfire."

"That said, I'm in this 'till the end now. I don't like the idea of being put on a hit list just for being at the wrong place and the wrong time, and if the group that backs Kalo has decided that they have to wipe me off the face of the world then I'll just have to make sure that they go first."

When Mouse finishes Emerik looks at the shield with a slightly covetous eye.

"So, Graelin eh? Seems like trapped shield boy has a name. How could you tell that the shield is trapped anyways Ralen, you never explained that part."

2008-01-18, 08:55 AM

Ralen throws a look at Emerik and follows his eyes to the shield.

"Well, let's call that a mage's secret and leave it at that."

He smiles politely.

2008-01-18, 10:09 AM

The elf lightly hops up onto a counter and lays his bow across his lap. He accepted the wineskin with a nod to his companion. He only followed some of what was being said, fairly new to this whole political stew himself, but these new people didnt need to know that just yet.

He sipped lightly from the skin, not bothering to pass it along while the note and the shield were examined.

2008-01-20, 07:26 PM

Malachai walks back into the room, and looks around slowly at everyone present. He begins to speak clearly, but quietly.

"So. My plan is, today we rest up, tomorrow the thug in the other room miraculously escapes and we get led to the metaphorical hornets' nest. If we can manage to make him survive again, and no other survivors, or I can snag another charm-drone, we keep killing our way up the food chain."

Malachai smiles coldly.

"Needless to say, keep your voices down if you wish to discuss it. The patsy is, after all, just in the next room."

2008-01-20, 11:17 PM

The monk takes another healthy swig before passing the wine skin back to Venthryl. "Well, I have nothing against killing those that deserve it, or some that don't deserve it. However, there is one important question." He walks over to Kirk as he pauses, "What's my cut? I nearly lost my life on this busted job and I don't intend to come even that close to losing it again, unless there is a suitable reason. Oh by the way, who is that guy?" He indicates the thug that was placed in the other room.

2008-01-20, 11:26 PM
Emerik d'Averon

"That, is one of the men that tried to kill our little group tonight," he says in response to Reynoldo's question. "We though that if we brought him back we could wring some truth out of him."

"Sounds like a plan but if I lost five men and then found out that the last went missing on a failed raid, I move my base just to be safe. It could still work," he turns to Kirk with a raised eyebrow, "That is unless you don't want his side to know about your using this place? Anyways do you have any ale, I could use a drink."

2008-01-21, 12:10 AM
Kirk pats Reynaldo on the shoulder.
"I know the risks, my friend, and I understand your opinion on our war. Not all the soldiers in our cause fight for the cause.. More of what you might call 'mercenaries' in the business. A neccessary evil though, considering our lack of man power. Fear not, the compensation will be sufficient. You know that -" He pauses, glancing at the others. "-Guild Master would not see you short-handed. He knows your value.
"I'm assuming the thug in the next room is Graelin, as mentioned in this letter. I don't know who this 'A' is who wrote the letter however. If any of you think yourselves up to it, we could try and glean the information from him... Emerik is right, it is doubtful he is much more than a hired hand for the wizard we killed, so what we can get from him may not be much. It should be safe to spend the night here, after it quiets down a bit, I'll try and get in touch with our contacts, look to what our new orders should be.
"I'm getting ahead of myself, of course, and I'm dragging you all into something you might not wish to, so I need to hear from everyone first."
He looks expectantly about.

2008-01-21, 12:52 AM

Looking around slowly at those gathered, he makes eye contact with you one by one as he talks.

"Regardless of their reasons, motivations, what have you... They attacked me. And we hold a tactical advantage... we can choose the time of entry, and Graelin will create a distraction. I'm in."

He pauses, and, slightly annoyed, continues.

"Now. Can anyone think of a reason why I might need to find out where he is going? I'd vastly prefer to be completely set up for an attack on them, then use him as a distraction. I have... several schemes in that direction."

2008-01-21, 02:43 AM

Ralen, examining his newly-acquired burns, stays silent and thoughtful for a while.

"Although I didn't know this job would lead to this much trouble, I'm not to leave now that I know more or less the situation. This might-"

He stops, confused, and looks around frantically to finally have his eyes locked on the shield. An expression of surprise passes his face. He quickly holds out a hand out to the others as a "stop" sign.

"Silence." he almost hisses. "I think a wizard is trying to scry on us via the shield."

2008-01-21, 10:50 AM

At almost the same time that Ralen senses something, the archer's attention is also drawn to the shield. It takes him a bit longer to identify the strange magics but he confirms Ralen's assessment with a vigorous nod of his head.

Sure that he has no magics capable of thwarting the scrying, he does the next best thing and covers himself with his cloak while attempting to hide himself and his tell-tale bow behind something as well.


2008-01-21, 12:52 PM

Covering his face with his cloak, he picks up a sack lying in the corner, walks over to the shield, and with careful manipulation with his rapier, pushes the shield into the sack.

Whispers :
"Anyone have a lead pot with a lid?"

2008-01-21, 01:19 PM

At news of the possible scrying, Mouse simply slips off the side of counter away from the shield, tucking himself back into a corner behind.

Hide [/roll]1d20+7[/roll]

2008-01-21, 03:04 PM

Ralen stays perfectly still for a couple seconds, bound in deep thoughts rather than fear or indecision. He then speaks with a clear tone that sounds rather as a yelling in the silent room.

"Wait! I don't think they can scry on us with such a foreign object. I think they are trying to find out the location of the shield! Quick, we got to pick it up in some manner and dispose of it, or the secrecy of this place may be compromised."

Hoping his theory to be right, he gestures hastily to Malachai, who was the last person that was in charge of the shield.

2008-01-21, 03:34 PM


Venthryl tries to remember everything he can about scrying, as Ralen's accounting of the mechanics of the spell do not seem to sit right with him.

2008-01-21, 04:27 PM

Malachai smiles evilly. "Where is the closest gang hangout?"
He is already on his way out the door, sack in hand. "Who wants to come on a little jaunt?"

2008-01-22, 08:20 AM
Kirk ducks out of sight at the mention of the shield being a possible scrying item. At Malachai's suggestion of moving the shield, Kirk's jaw drops.
"Are you suggesting we take the shield back to a guild hideout?" He whispers fiercely. "Tell me you're joking. We can't give that kind of information away, even on a gamble to ambush more of them."

A muffled voice echoes from the sack in which the shield is.
"Graelin? ... Graelin I don't have infravision prepared today. Light a torch and give me a status report."

2008-01-22, 08:49 AM

Sorry I don't have time to post IC atm. I'm supposed to start training for my new job today. But my son woke up with the flu yesterday and I think I have it this morning. NPC Reynoldo if needed. I'll post as soon as I can.

2008-01-22, 09:00 AM

Gesturing for everyone to be quiet, Malachai thinks for a moment, then gestures Mouse over, and whispers into his ear. "Your lines are : 'I thought I heard something,' and then 'but I thought he's on our side now.' " Pausing to get a nod of acceptance from Mouse (and cancel the following if he doesn't seem up to it..)

In a low, and brutish sounding voice Malachai says "Rask, rask! I don't care if you thought you heard a noise... don't go in there, that's Graelin's stuff!"

(ooc : and if Mouse plays along, I then say... )

"Anyone who will kill his own men like that won't hesitate to kill you!"

(ooc : again, break for Mouse's line)

"My momma always said, don't trust a doublecrosser. C'mon. Theres nothing in there."

2008-01-22, 10:32 AM

Two years of sharing a stage with a drunken leading man who constantly made up the events of the play as he went had, if nothing else, prepared Mouse admirably for this moment. As Malachai begins to speak, he pops up and achieves his best whipped-dog-lackey voice.

"Rask, rask! I don't care if you thought you heard a noise... don't go in there, that's Graelin's stuff!"

But...but I could a swore there was some kinda voice, an not Graelin's. He could be unner attack er somethin!

"Anyone who will kill his own men like that won't hesitate to kill you!"

Oh yeah! Like the last time he got drunk, started swearin' that some time he'd kill his no-good snoopy-nosed pig's arse of a boss.

"My momma always said, don't trust a doublecrosser. C'mon. Theres nothing in there."

Awright, Awright. Let's go. The others are already at the Stag's Head.

Using the best of his "back stage sound effects" training, Mouse uses the countertop as a sounding board to mimic footsteps receding and a door slam.

For "Stag's Head", insert the name of a crappy bar nowhere near their current location, or the Welcome Stranger.

And if it's helpful: Perform (acting) [roll0]

2008-01-22, 11:55 AM

Ralen frowns, his theory proven untrue, but is relieved a bit from the fact that it was a simple communication spell instead of a scrying spell of greater caliber. He watches Mouse and Malachai as they follow out Malachai's plan, and even manages to smile when Mouse emulates the footstep sounds.

2008-01-22, 12:32 PM
Perform (acting) (1d20+9)[10] - Fail!

The voice from the sack seems momentarily puzzled.
"What the... Graelin would never leave the shield behind..." The voice grows into a shout.
"I can still hear you! And your pathetic tom-foolery is not impressing anyone! I hope you killed Graelin, because that imbecile is as good as dead once I find him!"
The shield grows silent.

2008-01-22, 02:36 PM

Mind you, most of those improvised performances didn't get very good audience responses. Pah. Philistines.

Peering over the counter at the shield-in-bag, Mouse begins to wonder if this night could in fact get any worse. And then remembers what happened the LAST time he thought that. And the time before...

Mouthing broadly and emphatically to Malachai: Get that cursed thing out of here!

2008-01-22, 02:44 PM

The archer only had minor arcane abilities, but those were prickling now as some new form of magic was coalescing on the shield.

"Either destroy that thing, or get it as far from here as possible...RIGHT NOW! Another spell is coming in, and it's probably some other form of location spell, if not some trigger to cause the damned thing to explode or worse."

Not waiting to see what actions these new people will take, the elf grabs his bow and makes for the door, heading out into the night. He looks around and tries to find a spot where he can make his way up onto a roof to be out of sight.

2008-01-22, 07:09 PM

Swinging the sack in an circle with one hand, he dashes to the door as Venthryl opens it, and slings the sack across the street into the alleyway as hard as he can.

Dusting off his hands, he turns and walks back inside.

"Oh, and incidentally Kirk, when I spoke of nearest gang hangout... I meant street punks. Not allies."

He smiles evilly.

"Now, I hope Graelin heard his erstewhile employer threaten his life..."

2008-01-23, 09:52 AM

The halfling purses his lips.

If this wizard is able to zero in on the location of this shield, we've got maybe twenty, thirty minutes to get cleared out of here.

He takes up the now-much-emptier wineskin from where the elf left it.

We've got to take Graelin with us, dead or alive. Left here, he can be found.

He exchanges glances with Kirk, remembering a particularly grisly investigation when a priest was called in to speak with a dead body.

And he's seen a great deal. Come on. I know a warehouse by the piers. They guard drinks with me from time to time. Sound all right?

2008-01-23, 12:43 PM

"Give me a few minutes with him before we leave."

He goes to speak with Graelin privately.

2008-01-24, 11:52 AM

Not caring much for or understanding arcane magics, Reynoldo mearly mimics the actions of those around him as he hides. Once the shield is thrown out the door, Reynoldo steps outside and signals for Venthrylto return to the house. When the elf is close enough he whispers, "We do not know these very well, but there is strength in numbers." Once Venthryl is back inside, the monk follows him, securing the door behind him.

2008-01-24, 01:41 PM
Emerik d'Averon

Emerik goes along with the others, and when Malachai brings Graelin out he'll help manhandle the thug wherever they need to go.

2008-01-25, 08:37 AM
Moments after closing the door, the wooden walls of the alchemist's shop shake as an explosion in the street rocks the flimsy structures in the vincinity. Kirk steals a glance out the window.
"There's a 30 foot crater in the middle of the street." He replies in a surprisingly calm voice. "We should go. I know a place. Any objections?"

2008-01-25, 12:51 PM

Re-entering the room just as Kirk speaks, Malachai is silent for a moment.

Quietly, he speaks.
"Graelin seems to think that the wizard is going to send a strike team here in short order.... so the choice appears to be.. leave quickly and avoid them, or ambush and eliminate them, possibly picking up a second prisoner."

2008-01-26, 10:58 AM

"I don't think that we can afford another fight right now, ambush or not. Let's just leave quickly."

Emphasizing his statement, he moves near Kirk as to follow his lead and throws expectant looks at his companions.

2008-01-26, 11:21 AM

The archer abandons his search for a rooftop at the words of the monk. He follows him, but is shaking his head the whole time.

At the sound of the explosion he heads for a window.

"I had hoped it would have been a simple location spell. Anyone capable of causing that kind of crater from....well apparently nowhere near here, is not someone who should be carelessly trifled with. So long as we keep the prisoner with us, the wizard will be able to locate us with little to no trouble. He is a liability, so unless he is imperative to our success, I say he gets knocked out and left somewhere."

2008-01-26, 01:22 PM

Reynoldo crouches into a defensive stance at the explosion, then moves so he can see out the window without being seen.

He calmly passes sentence on the prisoner as the discussion of what to do with him comes up. "He may have heard our voices and names, or possibly seen some of their faces. I say we kill him now and leave his body in an ally." If no one objects Reynoldo moves toward the thug, cracking his knuckles in anticipation.

2008-01-26, 01:32 PM

Mouse raises a small hand to Reynoldo. His voice is tight with tension.

Kill him if you must, but either we take him with him, or we be ready to spend the time you need to destroy his body completely. Too much magic floating around - he can be found and interrogated, even after he's dead.

2008-01-26, 02:56 PM

Malachai pauses for a moment..

"We can use him... The wizard just sent a bunch of thugs here. If we blindfold him, but allow him to escape from us as soon as we get to a new area, he will lead us to the wizard. With his thugs away attacking this location, we can quickly strike a magor blow."

"And if he thinks the door guard for the wizard is in our employ, I may be able to convince him to attack first, causing some chaos for us."

Malachai smiles. Not a nice smile, by any means.

2008-01-26, 05:42 PM

"I envy your enthusiasm, Malachai, but I think we may be getting over our heads a little if we do what you say. We didn't even have time to put together a plan."

He pauses and points at the elf.

"I have to agree with him. That Graelin fellow is too much of a liability to give us a prisoner advantage. Let's just leave him somewhere -even here- and quickly get on our way."

Again he motions with his hand to the door expectantly.

2008-01-26, 08:19 PM
Emerik d'Averon

Emerik stares at the sight of the now cratered building and throws his hand up in the air.

"By Kord this just keeps getting better and better. With that much magic being thrown around I agree that he may be too much of a liability Malachai. Do what you will," he says to the others as he waves at the unconcious Graelin, "Let's just get out of here before some more thugs arrive.

2008-01-28, 08:31 AM
"Look, we can sort it out later." Kirk says. He motions for everyone to follow him as he takes a glance outside. Surprisingly, there is very little commotion on the street, despite the recent explosion.
"Come quickly, it's not far."

Malachai emerges from the back room, leading a blindfolded and grumbling Graelin. Only a few streets away from the 'safe-house,' the group stops to decide on a course of action.
{Malachai expressed an interest to blindfold Graelin and take him with the group. Shortly after departing, and turning him around a few times to make him dizzy and get a good laugh, someone (feel free to argue who) gives him a good wallop on the head, unblindfolds him, and hides. Anyone who wants to stay hidden and tail Graelin with Malachai needs to let me know. If you'd rather follow Kirk, post or say nothing, and i'll DM you to follow Kirk.}
Unnecessary tip: If you can't make a hide or move silently check, or you're a cleric wearing very loud and squeaky armour, you might be more of a liability than an asset.

2008-01-28, 03:48 PM
Emerik d'Averon

Emerik nods to Malachai at his chosen action then goes to follow Kirk. There's no way that he could ever, ever trail anyone.

2008-01-28, 03:52 PM

Swearing quietly, and wanting nothing to do with this gambit with Graelin, Mouse takes off hot on Kirk's heels.

2008-01-28, 04:05 PM

Reynoldo pauses only briefly to glance at his elven partner before following Kirk.

2008-01-28, 05:50 PM

Already following Kirk, Ralen sighs with content over their progression, but occasionally looks around nonetheless, keeping an eye out for the men Malachai said the wizard sent.

2008-01-29, 01:39 AM

Muttering and gesturing quietly, Malachai heads after Graelin. As he walks, his form shifts and flows, leaving behind a nondescript labourer with slumped shoulders and a vague expression, strangely reminiscent of a cow.

disguise self (innocent NPC peasant) [roll0]

The peasant follows Graelin.

2008-01-30, 06:37 PM
DM Action - Venthryl

Preferring the company of known allies, Venthryl jogs quickly to catch up with Kirk and Reynaldo.

Kirk glances back over his shoulder, not surprised to see virtually every one following behind him.
"Keep up if you can. We need to move quickly."
You can judge a general north-eastern direction from your travel plan, but again, the myriad of twisting side-streets may be throwing off your sense of direction.
"Sorry to take such a back-route, but it's the best way to avoid pursuit."
He stops round a corner. As you move to catch up, you realize why he has stopped - the corpses of a half-dozen street thugs are strewn about the alley way. It's dark, with little light save from street lanterns from a main street ahead.
Instantly on your guard, you duck back behind the corner, but Kirk quietly moves forward to investigate.
"Definitely dead." He calls back to you. "We should keep moving."

2008-01-30, 11:52 PM

Somewhat glad that the hotheaded Malachai has taken his own path, the elf trots behind the group, easily keeping pace and making little more noise than their short friend's namesake.

As Kirk pulls to a halt at the scene in front of the group, Venthryl immediately begins scanning their surrounding areas. Drawing an arrow and pointing it up at a building, such that he is facing away from the movement that caught his eye, he whispers

"Movement, window, opposite to where I'm pointing my arrow."

He hopes that his ruse throws off their watchers and will keep them from being able to read his lips as he clues in the others.

2008-01-31, 08:54 AM

Reynoldo presses himself against the wall of the building Venthryl indicated he saw movement from. Trying to keep to the shadows, the monk tries to see what caught he elf's eye.


2008-01-31, 10:14 AM

Pretending to look along the line of the elf's arrow, Mouse ducks his head and examines, sidelong, the area he indicates. He slips around the corner after Kirk, but skirts the open areas.

As is judged appropriate:

Move Silently [roll0]
Listen [roll1]
Spot [roll2]

2008-01-31, 03:43 PM

Watching the elf's and his other companions' movement, Ralen roughly guesses the place of the people who supposedly watch them, but makes no movement.

"I can make us all invisible, if you think an ambush is afoot." he whispers.

2008-01-31, 04:59 PM
Emerik d'Averon

Emerik draws his warhammer and shield but doesn't charge the suspected building, unsure if this new threat was related to them or if it would just let them pass. He glances to his comrades, then putting himself between the window with the real threat and Ralen.

"Wait to see what Kirk does, I'm not sure if these thugs were his or not, but keep the spell ready."

2008-02-02, 01:17 PM
Kirk eyes your responses with a concerned glance only momentarily, before motioning for you to relax.
"It's Ok. They're Kalo agents." He gently places a hand on Venthryl's bow. "The ruse was good my friend, but you missed one." He points at the window on the other side of the street.
Suddenly each window on both sides of the streets have knocked arrows trained on you. Men in cowls and hoods appear from behind with swords and daggers, but none make a move towards you.
"It's Ok, it's Venthryl and Reynaldo." A voice calls from the upper windows.
"It's been a busy night." A man hidden beneath a hood and cowl comments rather casually. He pulls back the hood to reveal a dark haired human. His face has been marred four long, jagged claw marks that run from above his left eye down to the right side of his jaw; as though he recently lost a fight to a grizzly bear.
"There's twenty more we've dragged into the building there. The Kalo are active tonight. Something's stirred them up." He motions to a building near by. "Kirk? Well that's a positive. We'd heard you were nabbed after... 'regular' business hours. Are these the reinforcements I've heard about?"

2008-02-03, 04:14 PM

Stepping out from the wall to stand by Kirk, Mouse does his best to make his smile seem genuine.

Word travels fast around here. How would anyone know about us?

2008-02-04, 11:09 PM
"Hmph." The scarred man glares angrily at the lot of you. "What's the matter? Cat got your tongues? Some sort of cancer maybe?" He shrugs. "Look, it's not safe here. Follow me."
"It's Ok. We're with the Morienn side here." Kirk comments. He motions for you to follow him. As you pass by the corpses, you see all sorts of amazing +5 and +6 weapons and armor that would have been a great bonus to loot if you had just bothered to glance at them instead of standing around doing nothing.

The scarred man leads you towards the main street while the other rogues of the street blend back into the shadows to reset their ambush. Just around the corner, he pushes the door open to a well-lit, rowdy bar.
It's pretty packed - men of all ages and sizes fill the common room seats to capacity, and more than a few are left standing. The scarred man makes his way over to booths along the side wall. The current patrons - two men and a rather scantilly clad woman - take long glance at him and quickly decide their seats aren't worth it. Within a moment, the table is cleared and you all manage to squish inside the booth.

"All right. We're safe here." The scarred man says softly. "Now, the first round is on me. I want to hear everything."
Kirk spares you the trouble of explaining your story again.
Spot check - Success!
You spot the hint of recognition in the scarred man's face as he catches Ankouras Groth's name.
"Hmm... Troubling..." He says at last. "Not many wizards around lately... The Kalo Empire thinks ill of them. I'm puzzled Ralen... Obviously you would be the supposed wizard's apprentice that Graelin was speaking about? And you would be his escort?"
He stares intently at you, waiting for answers.

2008-02-04, 11:33 PM
Emerik d'Averon

Emerik follows the others into the bar and makes sure that he has a tankard in hand before Kirk relates their tale so far. He snorts at the scarred man's question and takes a long pull from his tankard before speaking.

"If anything I'm Mouse's escort, he's the one who put our little group together. What's so important about Ankouras and, no offense," he nods respectively to Ralen, "yourself anyways? Despite the fact that Ankouras just tried to kill us."

2008-02-05, 12:58 AM

Mouse decides to push forward with Emerik's rebuttal.

Before I say anything, I want to know how the hell you know anything about us at all. I didn't know anything about us until an hour ago, and as far as I can tell, Kirk's spoken to no one. Which means that either you've had me under surveillance, or you're getting information from one of Ankouras' own men.

He turns to include Kirk in his look.

Look, bud, I've trusted you this far, but you've got to be straight with me. How does Pretty here know about Ralen, and about the rest of us?

2008-02-05, 03:06 PM

Ralen listens carefully when Kirk starts to tell the recent happenings, as if reminiscing and reanalyzing the events that led them to this point. He raises an eyebrow when the scarred man directs him a question, and puts on a sarcastic smile.

"I'll just say that yes, I'm who you heard of, and let you answer the questions of my companions here, for I share their curiosity just as much."

2008-02-05, 06:58 PM

Reynoldo buries himself within his tankard, asking for frequent refills as the conversation goes on around him. Apparently there is something he would like to forget.

2008-02-06, 10:06 AM
Kirk looks aghast at Mouse. "Mouse, you don't understand-"
The scarred man interrupts him.
"The name's Jorgan. Colonel Jorgan Sky of the Morienn Third Infantry, pint-size." He nods at Mouse. "All right let's humour you and assume I trust you with information vital to the cause. Do you think anything happens in Corsand without us knowing about it? No. The same goes for those Kalo scum on the other side of town. Now, magic is a scarce commodity, so you'll understand if we take special interest in wizards."
Jorgan sighs.
"We're on the defensive here boys. Something's stirred them up tonight. Got reports all over the sector of 'street thug' activity." He pauses as he notices Venthryl and Reynoldo. "You two were down at the docks tonight, correct? Gods..." He trails off, noticing Reynoldo already deep in his cups. "Report?" He asks Venthyrl.

2008-02-07, 08:02 AM
Somewhat annoyed at Venthryl's silence, Jorgan raises an eyebrow to Reynoldo.
"Ok... Report?"

2008-02-07, 11:50 AM

Shrugging his shoulders, he offers but a few words by way of a report,

"Ambush, too many of them, not enough of us. We.."

He gestures to Reynaldo and himself,

"..managed to get away to the alchemist shop where we ran into Kirk and that bunch."

It's obvious by his tone that he is none to pleased with the developments of the evening, and that there is likely more he would say if there wasnt so much tension in the room between the two parties.

2008-02-07, 07:20 PM

It takes the slightly enebriated monk a few seconds to realize he is being addressed. When Venthryl finishes his report Reynoldo points to his companion, "What he shaid."

2008-02-08, 08:28 AM
Jorgan nods in understanding at Venthryl's simple explanation.
"We really needed that shipment. Almost as if..." He trails off as he realizes his current company.
"As for Ankouras Groth... Well that elf has a dagger in his back coming from either side, sooner or later. ****ing mercenaries make me sick." He pauses, staring at Mouse. "Wait... You're Mousequeton Silvari, correct? Formerly of the Corsand Guard? You're a Morienn loyalist, correct?" He doesn't wait for an answer, his mind racing. "We could use a group like yours... Yes... That would be perfect..."
Spot Check - Success!
Ralen (not the rest of you air-heads! natural ones abound...) notices Kirk shifts uneasily as Jorgan continues: "I would like to offer you employment in the Morienn resistance, if you're willing. We pay top dollar for loyal recruits, let alone seasoned adventurers such as yourself."

2008-02-08, 11:12 AM

Still wary of both sides in this underground war, Mouse nonetheless smiles at the colonel's flattering comments, and makes quick eye contact with Ralen, Malachai and Emerik. On the other hand, the Kalo clearly wants me dead or captured, and the enemy of my enemy.

When he speaks, his voice is low and cautious.

Colonel, I am indeed a loyalist, and would be very interested in helping out, if I can. My...associates are just that, associates, and I have no say in their decisions in this matter.

Years of freelance have trained him not to leave the question unsaid.

And, ah, not that I'm feeling greedy, but I just lost about everything I own tonight. What would "top dollar" entail?