View Full Version : Periodic Table of Elementals

2007-11-14, 08:12 PM
Hi, I need a large number of home-brewed elementals for a game that I am DMing and I need some help making them.

I have creted some guidelines for the creation of the elementals:

1: Some elementals has the following ability
Merge: This elemental can merge with another elemental of the same level and the right type to create one of 'classic' elementals of one level up (ex: a small-sized Oxygin elemental can merge with 2 small-sized Hydrogen elementals to create a medium-sized water elemental, and a greater Sodium or Phosphoris elemental can merge with a greater water elemental to create an elder fire elemental). Elder elementals that merge have a 25% chance to advance to elemental monoliths, otherwise they stay at the elder rank.

2: each elemental must represent a 'pure' form of the element (no sodium-chloride elementals, ect.)

(I will also add more guidelines as I think them up)