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2007-11-15, 12:00 PM
Hello folks. :smallsmile: This is an adaptation I made for fun. It was long, and now my eyes are starting to cross. I am not sure wether I overlooked anything important or not, but I still feel like submitting it to your evaluation. I will appreciate both good number crunching and comments on the characterization I tryed to translate in classes, skills and feats.

I have not added age modificator (bonuses or maluses) since Tolkien's elves are immortal and do not age, and I chose to show the insight and wisdom acquired through the centuries with level progression. In fact, quite often you can come across a 3000 years old sylvan elf and find it most definitely lacks the wisdom you would expect. Feanor is a tricky conversion, and I will try to do it with the material posted by Lord tatarus HERE (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50763&highlight=Feanor), a thread which has inspired me a lot and to which I owe quite a bit of information. So far, I just used stuff you can find on the SRD Hypertext.

So, here it is, one of the most powerful elves ever to grace the face of Arda, true plot starter without whom Middle Earth would probably be a more peaceful but also a less beautiful and a lot more boring place. Skilled beyond belief in the arts of crafting and creating, bright to the point of sheer genius, ambitious and charismatic, competente on the battlefield as much as he was in music competitions, creator of the most powerful artifacts of the whole History of Middle Earth, this elf had the habit of threatening Morgoth himself, and chased the most powerful vala of all to his very fortress demanding his precious gems of treelight back. It took three Balrogs in a wrestle to take down feanor, and even then he did not just die, but simply turned into ashes. The valar owe him the recovery of the light of the trees, and it was thanks to this guy that the first kin slaying took place. Countless greifs he brought to the Noldors, and still he persuaded them all to venture the grinding ice to defy fate and gods.

More on Feanor HERE (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feanor)

Fëanor (Fire Spirit / Burning Soul)

Classes:Bard 2 / Wizard 5 / Paladin 2 / Paragon Noldor Elf 3rd/ Loremaster 6 / Eldritch Knight 2
Specialization: divination
Banned: conjuration
Caster level: 14 (5 +2 paragon +6 loremaster +1 eldritch knight)
HP: 120 (2d6+5d4+2d10+3d8+6d4+2d6+40)

AC: 23
BAB: +12/+7/+2
Full attack: +21/+16/+11 long sword
Damage: 1d8+8+1d6 (fire)

Saves:fortitude (CON) +17 / reflex (DEX) +17 / will (WIS) +20

Spells (Wizard): 4/6/7/5/5/4/4/2
Spells (Bard): 3/2 (5/2 known)

Weapons prof.: all simple and martial
Armor: all armors and shields (no tower shields)

Special Qualities and Abilities:
Paragon Elf senses: +4 search/spot, lowlight vision x 3, +2 Listen checks
+4 to saves Vs Enchantment, Lore, greater Lore (Loremaster levels stack with bard levels), Bardic Music, Bardic Song, Counter song, Fascinate, Inspire Courage +1, Lay on hands (7 hp), Smite evil 1/day, Aura of good, detect evil, divine grace, Bonus Language, More newfound arcana (+1 2nd level spell), Instant Mastery (Intimidate)

Appraise: 13 Bluff 8 Climb: 5 Concentration: 16
Craft: Alchemy 16
Craft: Armor smithing:11
Craft: Weapon smithing: 11
Craft: Jewelry 18
Decipher Script:10 Handle Animal:10 Heal: 12 Diplomacy: 17 Hide: 8 Intimidate:11 Jump:6 Listen: 6 Spot: 8 Search: 10 Move silently:5
Perform (sing):9 Perform (oratory): 12 Perform (play harp):9
Ride: 13 Sense Motive: 12 Spellcraft: 23 Swim:5 Use Magic Device:16
Knowledge (Nobility & Royalty of the 1st age): 8
Knowledge (Religion):7
Knowledge (arcana):21
Knowledge (nature):18

Combat Expertise, Combat Casting, Improved initiative, Leadership, Skill Emphasis (Knowledge-Arcana), Weapon focus (Longsword), Persuasive.

Metamagic and item creation feats
Enlarge Spell, Heighten Spell, Widen Spell, Craft Wondrous Items, Craft Magic Armors and Weapons, Scribe Scroll

EXTRA LANGUAGES: Sindarin, Bethteur, Hildorin, Orcish, Black Speech,

+5 Enchanted elven adamantine chainmail of invulnerability (DR 2 + DR 5 (magic))
Armor bonus (5), MDB 3, ACP -4, ASF 15%, Base speed: 30’, Weight: 15lb

+5 Keen Longsword of Flaming Burst (threat range 17-20)

Silmaril (x3), Palantir (x7), Elessar (x1)

NBAll basic skill synergies already factored. I also traded the wizard's "familiar" for "Combat Expertise".

And......:smallcool: Up next....Fingolfin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fingolfin), "Fingolfin was said to be the strongest, most steadfast, and most valiant of Finwë's sons, and some have named him the greatest warrior of all the Children of Ilúvatar"

2007-11-15, 03:47 PM
Okay, looks pretty good, but, of course, I have a number of quibbles.

Despite the fact that I hate epic levels, if there was ever an individual who deserved them, it is Feanor. He probably reached level 20 before he even thought of crafting the Silmarils (which should definitely require a feat, at the very least "Craft Epic Items"). When even the Valar are impressed by your crafting, that's pretty high level stuff.

Secondly, Feanor's greatest creation wasn't a magic item, but an alphabet. The Feanorian runes became the basis for most of Middle Earth's writing systems (at least, those that were actually mentioned in the corpus); heck, the one ring was inscribed with Feanorian runes! This should almost certainly be represented in some way.

Last one, and the least. I rather doubt Feanor ever got a chance to learn Black Speech, as the only person who had time to tutor him was Morgoth himelf, and Feanor was more curious about Morgoth's knowledge of crafts. Orkish is debased Black Speech with a lot of Westron thrown in (or vice-versa). Westron doesn't exist until the second age, which suggests that the Orkish of that time period would have been relatively "pure" (whatever that means in relation to Black Speech!). I suggest that this is where following the rules for extra languages breaks down, as it seems incredibly unlikely that Feanor would have been exposed to enough languages to fill his count.

Anyway, generally a good write up. you've chosen one of the most fascinating of Tolkein's characters, and definitely one of my favorites. Thanks for posting it.

2007-11-15, 03:53 PM
Hm, are we talking Pre- or Post-Oath? Those two levels of Paladin would definitely reset to "Fallen" after the Kinslaying.

2007-11-15, 05:57 PM
Thanks for the feedback!
The idea was of a Feanor immediately before the Creation of the Silmarils. That is, he is "ready" to do them, and to persuade his followers to screw things forever with the valar. Point is, I am not familiar with Epic Rules (that is, above 20th). I thought that 20 levels could be enough. Still, it does not quite mirror how feanor could craft Silmarils and Palntirs.

The languages were a concern for me too. I probably should remove even the Beth teur (sylvan elvish) and the men of 1st age probably spoke sindarin too, and those that didn't were definitely not in Feanor's entourage. Feanor might have just used the Quenya (and its more refined original, "Valarin", which is something like the language of god or some other near kabbalah form of communication)

A "Feanor at the Battle Under the Stars" would definitely lose the Paladin good aligned benefits. I was thinking of using Fighter instead, since the Martial weapon proficiency unlocked the Eldritch Knight with the plus of all the divine special qualities. Since they mirrored basically his exposition to the light of the trees and his grandeur, I though they could stay even after the knslaying, with the exception of Smite Evil. Aura of Good would be "Aura of Valinor" and "Detect Evil" would be "detect minions of Melkor". Even the smiting ability could stay if rephrased as "Pursue Oath" and used to smite Melkor's servants, but I feel it is a bit of a stretch.

I'll definitely look into the "epic crafting" levels to see how to implement the awesome Creations of the greatest smith that ever lived. But hey, the SRD says :

Craft Wondrous Item, Knowledge (arcana) 26 ranks, Spellcraft 26 ranks.
That's a maxed out skill at level 23....well, I'm not in love with epic eaither, but we gotta do it we gotta do it...


2007-11-16, 08:38 AM
Fëanor (Fire Spirit / Burning Soul)
24th Level Elven Blacksmith, Lord of Noldors

STRENGTH: 17 (+3)
DEXTERITY: 21 (+5)
WISDOM: 15 (+2)
CHARISMA: 23 (+6)
(total: 108)

Classes:Bard 2/Wizard 5/Paladin 2/Paragon Noldo elf 3/Loremaster 7/Eldritch Knight 5
Specialization school:Divination
Banned school:Conjuration
Caster level:18 (5th level wizard +2 CLs paragon elf +7 CLs loremaster +4 CLs eldritch knight)

HP:220 (2d6+5d4+2d10+3d8+7d4+5d6+96)
AC:25 (+10 armor +5 dex)
DR: 5 vs Cold and Fire
Initiative:+9 (+5 dexterity, +4 improved initiative)
Full attack:+23/+18/+13 long sword
Damage:1d8+8+1d6 (fire); a successful critical delivers an extra 2d10 from fiery explosion
Saves: fortitude (CON) +22 / reflex (DEX) +23 / will (WIS) +24

Spells (Wizard): 4/7/7/5/5/5/5/3/3/2
Spells (Bard): 3/2 (5/2 known)

Weapons proficiency: all simple and martial weapons
Armor proficiency: all armors and shields (no tower shields)

Special Qualities and Abilities:
"Paragon Elf" senses: +4 search and spot, Lowlight vision x 3, +2 Listen checks, immune to aging, immune to all natural diseases, +4 to saves Vs Enchantment. +4 Fortitude Saves Vs Cold. Lore, Greater Lore (Loremaster levels stack with bard levels), Bardic Music, Bardic Song, Counter song, Fascinate, Inspire Courage +1, Bonus Language [Create Fëanorian Runes], Newfound Arcana (+1 1st level spell), More newfound arcana (+1 2nd level spell), Instant Mastery (Skill of choice: Intimidate).

Paladin Special Qualities:
Healing touch of Valinor (Lay on hands 7 hp),
Smite Enemies: affects those opposing the Oath (including Oath breakers) 1/day (as per smite evil)
Aura of Valinor (the light of the trees was still in its heyday, as Paladin’s Aura of Good)
Detect Oath Opponents (instead of detect evil)
Grace of Valinor (As Divine Grace)

Appraise: 12 Bluff: 9 Climb: 5 Concentration: 15 Decipher Script:8 Handle Animal:9 Heal: 10 Diplomacy: 17 Hide: 10 Intimidate:12 Jump:6 Listen: 6 Spot: 8 Search: 10 Move silently: 7 Perform (sing): 11 Perform (oratory): 13 Perform (play harp):11 Ride: 15 Sense Motive: 16 Spellcraft: 35 Survival: 4 Swim: 5 Use Magic Device:17

Craft Skills
Craft: Alchemy 20
Craft: Armor smithing:14
Craft: Weapon smithing: 14
Craft: Jewelry 22

Knowledge Skills
Knowledge (Nobility & Royalty of the 1st age): 8
Knowledge (Religion): 7
Knowledge (arcana): 21
Knowledge (nature): 18

Combat Expertise, Combat Casting, Improved initiative, Leadership, Skill Emphasis (Knowledge-Arcana), Weapon focus (Longsword), Persuasive.

Metamagic and item creation feats
Enlarge Spell, Heighten Spell, Widen Spell, Craft Wondrous Items, Craft Magic Armors and Weapons, Scribe Scroll, Improved Heighten Spell (EPIC), Craft Wondrous Magic Items (Epic)

EXTRA LANGUAGES: Sindarin, Hildorin, Feanorian Alphabet

Items: Armor: +5 Enchanted elven adamantine chainmail of invulnerability (DR 2 + DR 5 (magic)), defense 5, MDB 3, ACP -4, ASF 15%, Base speed: 30’, Weight: 15lb

Arcarunia: +5 Keen Adamantine Elven Longsword of Flaming Burst (threat range 17-20)

Major creations:Silmaril (x3), Palantir (x7), Elessar (x1), Fëanorian Alphabet.

NotesAll basic skill synergies already factored. I also traded the wizard's "familiar" for "Combat Expertise". Since we are in the early days of Arda and Feanor is quite peculiar as a character to fit 100% into the D20 guidelines the “Bonus Language” derived from the Loremaster levels has been in changed into “Create new alphabet for existing language: Feanorian Runes”. The “Divine Grace” stayed, since the Valar, aside from exiling the noldor from Valinor, did not seem to decrease or scale down their power. This is quite well exemplified by queen Galadriel, who has followed the Noldor into exile (despite having her hands clean of her kin’s blood) and yet lost almost nothing of her greatness.

This draft seems to be nearer to the target. 24 levels and a godzillion of skills, probably I have forgotten to develop well enough some, to the expense of others. Still, it seems to be able to do what Feanor did, and it should be near his power level at the time of his defeat by Gothmog (who must have leveled up after such a high CR victory). I would have loved to keep it within the 20 levels cap, but three things pushed me to the 24th.

1) He needs to have 26 RANKS in spellcraft and knowledge (arcana) in order to unlock the epic create wondrous magic items (if the palantir, the elessar and oh my Eru the silmarils are not epic...). The feat is at level 24, so....

2) combat prowess: feanor is not as badass in melee combat as Fingolfin, but he could still take care of a Balrog alone, and was an inspiring leader and a proficient fighter, thus the need for some more combat oriented classes

3) He is FEANOR THE GREAT. That alone would make him epic. Even more powerful fighters (such as Fingolfin and possibly even the humans Tuor and Turin) did not reach his sheer level of closeness to a God. He was in so many respects close to a Vala that he looked like a Divine level Renessaince man, with many and diversified skills, a soul made of shining light and fire, a demigod if not literally at least judging by his actions.

I left the old post unedited because I wanted to have both drafts visible on the same page. As I said, it was an exercise (who really needs exact stats for a Feanor?), and it was fun. So, more feedback is quite welcome!!!



2007-11-17, 01:03 AM
I'd up his stats. The elves of Valanor where much better than humans and a good way to do that with out adding a lot of levels is just pushing those stats up.

You've got:
STRENGTH: 16 (+3)
DEXTERITY: 16 (+3)
WISDOM: 14 (+2)
CHARISMA: 22 (+6)

I'd go more like
STRENGTH: 26 (+8)
DEXTERITY: 24 (+7)
WISDOM: 20 (+5)
CHARISMA: 32 (+11)

To me that screams a bit more the best of any elf ever.
Keep in mind he didn't fight just a single balrog but a host of them including the captain of the balrogs (Gothmog) who is presumably significantly tougher than the normal ones.

You also net him a cool extra 192hps which he really needs in your current build. (due to the low HD classes). Also if your not giving him full HPs at each level you probably should.

2007-11-17, 05:48 AM
Surely a being of such great power and intelligence would have the sense to optimise himself a little more.

2007-11-17, 06:25 AM
Surely a being of such great power and intelligence would have the sense to optimise himself a little more.

Aye, as far as skill sets go you're right. All the ones he's using are pretty high anyway. Factor also that he's taking centuries to do what he does (so, that's always a take 20) and he's got state of the art equipment and the inspiration of the Valar. Thus , all his craftmaship checks are around 35 to start (that is, without spell boosts).

The abilities, on the other hand, ar pretty much how I had imagined him. Aside from the fact that I don't know, mechanics wise, how to give him a 170 total without breaking all rules, they seem more like they are superhuman (or superelvish). Probably the constitution should go up a bit, as well as the HP total, as the elves of Valinor were inherently tougher and more resilient than anyone else. Dexterity, too, could go up a little, boosting defense and some skills, as well as initiative. With magic, all physical stats will go au pair with those of a raging troll, and I don't see Feanor as being a lot tougher than that. Sure, it took three Balrogs (2+Gothmog) but I did see that as overkill, and as a lack of foresight of feanor himself, as in his fury he rode much ahead of his host and was thus caught alone.
It's also a matter of physical weight and height. A Balrog works fine with STR and CON at +10, since he's a 6 meters tall demon of destruction made of raw brute force. Giving Feanor the same stats as a Balrog seems unfair. With STR 26 and CON 30 he would not even need his sword.

I prefere to see him as a magician and crafter that can really shine brilliantly in battle rather than a character who's at the same time the best warrior, ranger, wizard and leader ever.

If I give Feanor 26 STR, what do I give to Fingolfin (admittedly, he was by far the best on the battlefield, as he dared Morgoth to duel with him, wounded him 7 times, and severed his foot!).

Some say, for example, that Galadriel surpassed feanor as far as wisom and insight went. Now, feanor IS wise. After all, he was born in day 1 of middle earth. Still, he's one of the most reckless elves that ever lived, and one that would rush into action confident of huis superior power, without paying too much attention to the consequences. If I gave Feanor WIS 20, then Galadriel and Finrod Felagund would need a 25 or a 30. Don't forget that upping the abilities will also increase his already high skills. Anyway, let's start by adding the new abil. and skills. (edited above)


Ok, upped the stats abit. I don't know, I'd say that elves of the first age, wether they made it to Valinor or not, are supposed to be still a 3d6 per stat, with the usual -2 to CON and +2 to DEX. That is a bit closer to the sylvan stereotype, and not so good for the sindar or the noldor and the vanyars. Still, after centuries spent perfecting his mind and body in Valinor, if you compare Feanor even to some "above standard" elf he's indistinguishable from a God. The Divine Grace boosts his saves making him start at 25 even if he rolls a 2, thus no spell or explosion will ever fully affect him (without considering speacial resistance to enchantments). 200 HP go a long way, and his AC can also be boosted by spells. Even if he's mainly a wizard with a sword, he can still mown down hosts of tough orcs and trolls. Most heroes, including straight fighters of renowned prowess such as Glorfindel and Echtelion of Gondolin, gave their lives to take down that of a single Balrog. I suppose that that power scale is a bit more accurete than the one (still in tolkien) where you see Tuor killing 3 balrogs in a row. Can't blame tolkien for being inconsistent in some small details, since he did not have an RPG in mind.

So, well, if I am trying to hold down Feanor as a fighter is because I wanted to stat Fingolfin and Echtelion too, and I wanted to highlight how much they were powerful on the battlefield without being able to create Silmarils, Palantirs and other wonders.

still, your (plural) feedback was pretty good. So, I'm still open to advices on feanor's build, how it could be more effective and optimized. keep in mind that he HAS to be level 24 since it's the only way to have 26 ranks in Spell Craft and Kn. Arcana + Craft Epic Wondrous Items. Probably trading one level of Loremaster for one of Eldritch Knight would be good (more BAB and a little bit more HP) but it's till a vary complicated build to do. :smallsmile:



2007-11-17, 06:41 AM
No, I was talking about your choice of feats and classes etc.

They just seem pretty lame for someone who is supposed to be so powerful.

Also, why not just add the paragon template to him?

2007-11-17, 06:49 AM
No, I was talking about your choice of feats and classes etc.

They just seem pretty lame for someone who is supposed to be so powerful.

Also, why not just add the paragon template to him?

Paragon template? seems good. I'll look into it (should be on the hypertext d20 right?). Is it different from the "paragon elf" of the knowledge arcana? and what feats / classes would you advise me to pick? (Loremaster requires 3 metemagic/item creation feats, and 10 ranks in 2 knowledge skills)

Just checked the paragon template. Uh....scary. +20 here, +15 caster level, +12 HP per HD + MAX hp per HD....my goodness....


2007-11-17, 03:53 PM
I wouldn't worry to much about a minimum level that you need for skill ranks.

It's easy enough to create feats or special abilities like

Student of Mahtan
You must have trained with Mahtan
Benifit: The skill ranks required to craft an item are reduced by 8.

Now rather than level 24 he could be level 16. Or keep him at 20/24 and stuff is just that much easier to craft.

I guess my point is that if there is any character to bend/break rules with it's elves like Feanor that as a DM you'll want to do it with.

Also another couple notes:
Feanor was not one of the orginal elves. He was born in Valinor and his parents where Finwe and Miriel.

There is also no reason to think that Feanor would not have been able to fair as well as Fingolfin, Glorfindel and Echtelion in the battles they fought.

The Valar even felt that the corrupting of Feanor by Morgoth was an act equal to the theft of the Silmarils. (again pointing to his being the top elf.)