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2007-11-16, 01:00 AM
We all know and love the Share Spells ability of the Druid and his/her/its animal companion, right?

So the question arises. Suppose I cast a buff on myself, which therefore affects my animal companion as long as he stays five feet from me. For the purposes of this exercise, let's say, Bear's Endurance: an ongoing effect.

If the animal companion moves more than five feet from the Druid, that animal companion loses the benefits of Bear's Endurance. This seems to imply that the Druid "radiates" or "emanates" the spell out to five feet for his animal companion -- with the stipulation that the animal companion cannot regain the benefits of the buff if he rejoins the Druid. However, the description of Shared Spells seems to imply that the Bear's Endurance affects the Druid and animal companion separately.

So, what happens, by RAI-consensus or RAW either one, if someone drops a targeted Dispel on the Druid in question, and successfully dispels his Bear's Endurance? Is the effect on the animal companion lost as well, or does it continue provided the companion remains within five feet of the Druid?

If the answer to the previous question is that the Druid and Animal companion are both affected, what happens if someone drops a targeted-dispel on the animal companion? Does the animal companion continue to gain the benefits of the Druid's buff in spite of the Dispel Magic, since the Druid is the ongoing source of the buff? Is the effect suppressed temporarily, and if so, for how long? Or do both druid and animal companion lose the effects of the spell together?

Thoughts please. And please forgive my disjointed thoughts. It's late and I am exhausted. :P

2007-11-16, 02:04 AM
According to my interpretation of the rules, dispelling the spell would affect both the caster and their companion/familiar. The rules simply state that the spell affects the companion, not that the companion gains a copy of the spell. In addition, the dispel would have to target the caster, and not the companion, as the companion doesn't acually have the spell on them, they are just affected by it.

Thats just my view on it, but I think my logic to be fairly sound.

2007-11-16, 02:28 AM
I would call it the same way.