View Full Version : Roleplaying Advice for a long time DM playing a game for the first time in a couple years?

2021-09-16, 02:46 PM
I'm playing in a pathfinder campaign for the first time in a couple of years, playing a type of character I'm not accustomed to on top of that.
First of all, he's a rogue- and I'm so used to playing mages.

My character is a lawful neutral halfling rogue, with very close family ties with the kids he grew up with at his old orphanage. When the orphanage was burned down, his brothers and sisters escaped with him, but his matron died in the fire.

The fire was no accident, and a year later my character managed to track down the one responsible and carried out his first assassination.

Since then, my character has sworn to protect the weak from those who abuse their power. He uses his skills to assassinate people like the man responsible for burning down his home, to keep them from causing more harm. He follows a strict code, which among other things dictates that he should never intentionally bring harm to an innocent person.

The kinds of people that he goes after are often the same kinds of people that a paladin would likely agree should be destroyed. Tyrants, slavers, warlords... The kinds of people that are beyond the reach of the law. The main difference is that his tactics involve stealth, subterfuge, and occasionally poison. (This is why I started him out as lawful neutral, not lawful good. I'm not sure if the rest of his actions qualify him as lawful good, at least not yet.)

When not on a job, the character does what he can to help out the same types of people he's sworn to protect. He won't skulk in a corner; like any good halfling, he'll mingle and carouse with others.

He's also fairly young, and the events that lead to him becoming an assassin are still a few years fresh.

In the party, I intend to have him play a supportive role- as party rogue he'll still be disabling traps, dismantling robots (which considering the campaign setting, robots are a very common enemy). His decent charisma means he can play the role of a party face, though our healer/off-tank is a charisma caster.

In combat, he's does mostly melee- dual wielding short swords.

I have a lot of ideas for what this character is like, but roleplaying him is another story. That's what I'm asking for advice on.

2021-09-16, 03:21 PM
A lot depends on the style of the game.

If it's a fairly linear/directed/railroady game, then just go with it, honestly. Know what character quirks you have, but make sure that they don't derail the game. Focus on what he likes, preferred tactics, etc.

If it's less so, then the most important thing for roleplaying is a goal. But... in a linear game, too many goals can just muddy the waters and distract from the "main" plot.

What do you mean by advice on roleplaying? I'm not entirely sure what's not clear there.

2021-09-16, 03:29 PM
I'm playing an assassin, lawful neutral or not. While my character is motivated by a cause, not by greed or compulsion, i still don't want his role to be disruptive to the group. I'd much rather *include* the party, and I've no desire to inconvenience them. My hope is that the character is suited to the campaign. There's no shortage of potential targets in Numeria, since a criminal organization of has gained a lot of power in the country, and may even be the ones truly responsible for burning down his home. They even have the ruler of Numeria eating out of the palms of their hands.

I'm wanting to avoid being disruptive.

2021-09-16, 04:38 PM
So the key to that is making sure your goals align with the party's.

The second key is to give your character the assumption that the party is strong and getting stronger, and it's better to have them as allies than enemies.

"My character would <do thing against party goals>. But... that would anger the party. While doing that thing is likely more efficient or helps my goals short term, in the long term it probably makes more sense to have the party working with me." This especially works if everyone's goals are compatible.

Remember always that class IS NOT personality. Alignment is not a personality disorder. People are more flexible than they often think.

For personality, think of a few big drives of instincts, and play them up - but make sure they are not incompatible with the party. (Drive = thing you want to accomplish, Instinct = the way you normally think about solving problems.)

2021-09-16, 07:26 PM
I think at the very least our party probably have goals that align. My character's matron was an android- very likely the reason she was killed. Our brawler is also an android, so definitely no love spared between her and the League either. Infact, I don't think a single one of us could be considered the Technic League's biggest fans...