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2007-11-17, 11:55 AM



* * * * *




* * * * *

3 Months Beforehand …

“Captain, we are reading anomalous signals in the beta-segment transport lane. Permission to deep-scan?”

“Permission granted, Ensign.”

“God Emperor protect us … Captain, we are reading numerous Orkoid life signs. Anomaly appears to be an Epsilon-class space hulk. At least 4 different ships and 3 asteroids. Minimum 100,000 Orkoid life forms. 10 Devastator-class cannon, 80 Ravager class broadside cannon, over 300 light guns. Tactica recommendation: engage with full lance battery, order all armed ships to begin assault. Pray to survive the battle, for we have barely the firepower to harm the beast.”

“Make it so! If we cannot kill it, we will die trying! Launch all interceptors, order all planetary defenses to open fire at any weak points, and mobilize all orbital defenders. We will sell our lives dearly, friends. Open fire!”

* * * * *

The sky above blazed into life, light filling the night sky as the battle in space lit the dark side of the planet. In a brief hour, over a hundred ships fell attempting to destroy the hulk, and many others were crippled. Breaking through the orbital defenses, the hulk fell onto the planet like the descending fist of an angry god. For weeks afterwards, the dust cloud thrown up from its landing blanketed the skies, the population living in a perpetual gloom. As the dust settled, the real problems began. A horde of Orks, the survivors of the crash, came howling out from the crash site, swiftly overwhelming the few PDF soldiers on the planet. Within another week, the entire world was Ork territory, and the frantic, panicked distress signals from the capital had only just been received.

* * * * *

“Sir, they’re coming!” Bellowed the young trooper, slipping a clip into his lasgun.

“I know, soldier. Keep them in your sights, and make every shot count. We may fall, but the brutes will regret their attack.” The captain, barely a year older, said, his voice quavering and lacking in conviction.

The huge cloud kicked up behind the rampaging Ork force obscured the horizon, and the greenskins were close enough to see details: their red-painted vehicles, the crude but deadly weapons, their massive, hulking leaders. All along the walls, men broke and ran, only to be shot dead by their officers.

“Open fire with all wall defenses.” Hissed a voice through the comm-links, and along the entire 10 kilometer curtain wall heavy bolters, lascannons and rocket launchers blasted into life, scything through the innumerable Ork horde.

Even as the ground was churned to mud by the green blood and clomping feet, the first of the Ork artillery shells hit the wall, blasting men and rubble hundreds of metres. The Orks who had reached the wall were trying to climb with their bare hands and were slipping back down, lasgun volleys blasting through their ranks until a series of devastating explosions ripped a hole in the wall and the greenskin horde poured through.

Hjalsanir Prime had fallen.

* * * * *

1 week beforehand …

“Men of the Kallindrian 114th, you already,”
“Know who we are, and where we are going.”
“Now it is time,”
“For you to learn what you are going,”
“There for. The planet,”
“Hjalsanir has,”
“You are to,”
“Take the landing craft,”
“And launch an assault,”
“On the North Polar City,”
“Hjalsanir Minor,”
“Which must be,”
“Taken for the,”
“Campaign to succeed.”

The twin Commissars hissed, each finishing the other’s sentences. They stood together, identical in every way, from their polished black boots to their shiny peaked caps. The brothers Clatain, tall, slender and deadly, darkly inspirational and with a gallows humour, they were already feared by the young Kallindrian regiment, and shown respect, even though they were offworlders. The Colonel who stood with them, a polar Kallindrian, dark-skinned and pale-haired, in rumpled snow fatigues and with a permanent three-day growth on his face, struck a stark contrast with the razor-edged Commissars, and he was loved by his men for it. Patrjik Skalli, Colonel of the Kallindrin 114th, Wolf hunter, adopted as the regimental mascot by the polars and non-polars alike (though with a hint of resentment from the non-polars).

“Alright lads, you know the drills. We drop in by landing craft, bag us some Ork heads, and take the spaceport so’s the others can get in to help us. Keep your eyes peeled, your guns charged and your knives ready and you should be alright. You’ll be loaded onto the craft once we hit orbit in about a week, so sharpen up your training and keep ready.” The Colonel said amicably, then dismissed the men with a wave.

* * * * *

Squad Gamma-Eta-14, Squad Delta-Epsilon-5 and Squad Pi-Kappa-9 were loaded onto the landing craft.

“Alright lads,” Bellowed Sergeant Kjaski, “We’re going in!”

Squad Pi-Kappa-9, under Sergeant Hrask’kar, strapped themselves in. Jakken the medic. Gorkraj the voxman. M’gn’s the rocket-man. Trooper Jurgis, Trooper Krakjah and the fiery Trooper Jilikian. Snipers Zavreth and Jarrek. Flamer R’nshai. Little did they know the role they were to play.

“LAUNCH!” Came the cry from the cockpit, and all the Guardsmen were slammed back in their seats as the lander blasted from the troop ship and into the planetary atmosphere.

All around there were explosions and the craft shook and shuddered as they blasted it from side to side, rattling the soldiers about like beads in a maraca. Suddenly the blasts stopped.

“We’re through the exterior defenses! All we have left to worry about are the,” Yelled the pilot, but was cut off by a massive blast which tore the front off the lander.

“We’re going down!” exclaimed Sergeant Kjaski, “Brace positions!”

As the lander smashed into the remains of a skyscraper, all the soldiers lost consciousness. When they awoke, Squad Pi-Kappa-9 found that all the other Guardsmen were dead, and they were alone and lost in a hostile city.

2007-11-17, 12:19 PM
Jurgis comes to with red spots before his eyes, the smell of smoke in his nostrils and the taste of blood in his mouth. All around him are the limp and twisted forms of his comrades in arms. With a wrench of pain he disentangles himself from his harness and retrieves his lasgun. Slowly, he begins to crawl through the wreckage, looking desperately for any sign of movement.

2007-11-17, 12:29 PM
Jakken pulls himself blearily out of the rubble, checking his Knife, Medkit, and Pistol, in that order. "Warps***, that hurt. Is everyone okay?" He goes around, seeing if there are any injuries.

2007-11-17, 12:59 PM
M’gn’s groans slowly, his body ablaze with pain. He slowly tries to rise up, thanking the emperor that he hadn't broken any limbs. His armor bent, he crawls towards his rocket launcher. He tears open the ammo box, loads the weapon deliberately, his visor only now clearing from dust, his eyes still dim. He lays back , his breathing raspy from the inhaled dust. He coughs up, bending over, vomiting over the corpse of his fellow guard. He searches around his pockets, grabs a smoke, and raises it to his mouth. He looks around for a fire, not finding a suitable one, he lowers it again. He then slowly leans on an iron bar, raising himself to a stand slowly. He stumbles to his gear, oblivious of anyone around him. He checks that he has everything. He then hoists the ammo box on his back. And falls over to his side, coughing from the dust again.

2007-11-17, 01:25 PM
Jurgis catches sight of some movement out of the corner of his eye. Turning his head, he makes out a standing figure, walking through the dust and the smoke. "Praise the emperor!" he calls, waving a hand in the air, "You live!"

Shades of Gray
2007-11-17, 01:31 PM
What the frag just happened, Zavrath says spitting out a mouthful of blood, unstrapping himself.Orks must of shot us down, tend to the wounded, I'll keep watch Zavrath then tries to find some light rubble or cover to hide himself in, looking for orks.



OOC: How much do the infared googles add for spot?

2007-11-17, 02:33 PM
Jakken checks M’gn’s to see if he is wounded.

2007-11-17, 02:50 PM
R'nshai wakes with a start, convulsing in his harness and vomiting onto the deck. Finished with that unpleasantness, he jerkily pries off his harness, light and sound swimming through his head, wiping his mouth on his sleeve he stumbles through the cabin. Sound comes whistling back and he has the presence of mind to check his gear, making sure it's all in place. Then he notices the bodies, the shattered corpses of his comrades. Eyes wide as if unbelieving he begins to move from body to body, using a dangling rosary to administer last rights.

2007-11-17, 05:37 PM
The smoke from the burning transport rises up and begins to merge with the dust that has become this planets new atmosphere. Tauride didn't black out during the crash, he had seen it all.
He just stared at the sky , his body still in shock and unable to move. Wide eyed he lay there for what seemed an age, until a fellow soldier walked past him intently fingering some beads and chanting to himself. While he is not a religious man Tauride could spot the hand of the emperor as well as those that avidly looked for it.

He rose slowly and began to filter the sounds and sights of his new surroundings. Once he had adjusted he stood up prodded the body next to him with his foot. Flipping them onto there back he realized it was the soldier he had encountered on the transport. She had seemed a nice person which meant she was in the wrong business. He picked up her rifle and placed it in his holster, His already drawn and walked over to the sniper that had seemed to take charge. Ready to take his orders.

2007-11-17, 05:42 PM
After making sure everyone's (relatively) uninjured, Jakken clips his medkit to his belt and begins loading his pistol. "Let's see...we're trapped in the middle of incredibly hostile territory, alone, and barely trained." He finishes loading and fingers the Knife at his belt. "Anyone have any bright ideas, preferably ones that let us live through this?"

2007-11-17, 05:49 PM
"Emperor's eyes, that HURT!" Came a groan from the wreckage, then the screech and squeal of tortured metal being bent back as Sergeant Hrask'kar forces his way out of his harness. "Who's still alive? Report in, troops."

Medic Jakken sees that, although M'gn's has suffered a few bruises and scratches, he's fine, as are the rest of the survivors. It's like the Emperor protected them all from harm. Either that, or they happened all to be sitting in the thickest section of the lander.

Zavrath sees little through the wreckage, the clouds of dust obscuring his sight and the smoke interfering with the goggles. He does notice, however, that the entire area is blanketed in thick snow, and the only area not covered is a rough circle around the wrecked craft, probably blown clear by the landing. He settles down comfortably into some rubble, his snow camo blending with the snow (as one would hope) and looks out over a 180° hemisphere approach to the site.

"Jurgis? Is that you? Damn, I thought I was the only survivor. I was thrown clear and landed over there somewhere. I think I lost my voxcaster." The apparition replies. You recognise the voice of Gorkraj. As he comes into view, you notice firstly that he is limping, and secondly that he is bleeding from a gash in his head which has cracked the bone.

2007-11-17, 05:58 PM
Jakken reports to the sergeant. When Gorkraj appears he holsters his pistol and grabs his medkit, hurrying to treat him. "Sit down, for the Emperors sake! Let me have a look at your injuries." He attempts to treat him.


2007-11-17, 06:12 PM
Jurgis forces his way out of the craft "Gorkraj? Praise the-" he is cut short as he sees the wound. "Stay right where you are, I'm going for the medic!" As he turns back to the craft he sees Jakken already clambering out, medkit in hand. Jurgis offers a hand to help pull him through the opening, then stands clear.

2007-11-17, 06:27 PM
" Sergeant! Krakjah reporting for duty. What do you need?" Said Tauride helping Hrask'kar from the wreckage, then standing to attention.

2007-11-17, 06:45 PM
Seeing Tauride pulling Hrask'kar from the wreckage, Jurgis snaps to attention, swinging his lasgun onto his shoulder and saluting the sergeant, "Sir! Trooper Jurgis reporting for duty, sir!"

2007-11-17, 07:02 PM
Finished giving the Emporer's rest to the lost, R'nshai moves back down the length of the craft. Ever pragmatic he checks the bodies for useful equipment and grabbing the first lasrifle he can find. As he reaches the hole in the lander and climbs out into the cold air he notices Hrask'kar and stands to. "Sir, Flame Trooper R'nshai Roakzen present and ready for duty Sir, what would you have me do?"
search [roll0] picking up grenades, supplies etc.

2007-11-17, 07:16 PM
Jakken's quick actions probably save Gorkraj's life, as he quickly and deftly squirts some polysynth into the crack and then bandages his head firmly, sealing the crack and staunching the wound at the same time.

"Good job, Medic Jakken. The rest of you, search the bodies of our comrades, then I want R'nshai to burn them so these foul Orks don't get their hands on the bodies. Ten minutes and then we go. Any longer and we risk getting caught defenseless. Krakjar, Jurgis, search the craft, the rest of you, guard positions while Jakken finishes up with Gorkraj." The sergeant orders calmly, as though he has not just been knocked unconscious as a 30-tonne metal wreck screamed flaming through the sky and into a building.

R'nshai's search brings up some interesting but near-useless bits of gear: some lho sticks, a variety of small books, and a couple of Aquila pendants. He can, of course, scavenge the obvious gear, like lasgun clips, the four spare promethium tanks, and a few rockets. If a decently mechanically-minded person was given a few weeks they could use bits and pieces from the various weapons and lander bits lying around to construct a full tank, but you don't have a few weeks.

2007-11-17, 07:33 PM
When Jakken finishes, he says: "Alright, that should hold. However, don't push it. I've seen lesser wounds reopen after better treatment."

2007-11-17, 07:35 PM
Yes sir! Yells Tauride enthusiastically.

Walking into what little remains of the once proud carrier Tauride crudely glances around and shoves aside any of the more obvious blockages.

Search: [roll0]

2007-11-17, 07:36 PM
Private Jarrek finally extricates himself from his harness, slamming it back into the wall as he gets up. Stopping by a flaming corpse, he lights a Lho stick and puts it in his mouth.

That was one nasty ride. Felt like the pilots had a little too much amasec.

2007-11-17, 07:38 PM
Jannek seems in a better mood now that everyone is uninjured. "Hey Jarrek! Finally up, eh?"

2007-11-17, 07:46 PM
Jurgis clicks his heels together . "Sir, yes Sir!" he replies, then crawls back into the transport. he works his way towards the back of the craft, grimacing and trying to fight back the vomit rising in his throat as he fishes in the pockets and holsters of the broken soldiers, trying to find intact ammo. If he finds any intact backpacks, he slings the first few towards the opening.

Search: 10+1 = 11
Fort save vs Nausea: 14 +4 = 18

2007-11-17, 07:53 PM
R'nshai slumps against the side of the carrier and slides an iho stick out of his webbing pockets. Holding it to his flamer's pilot light, he puts it between his lips and puffs, musing. He walks over to the gathering of men and pulls a flask of Wolf's Breath out of a pouch, takes a healthy slug, and offers it around. "Anyone else?"

2007-11-17, 09:19 PM
Jarrek pulls his infared goggles, rubbing his eyes as he inserts them into his pack.

We don't need our magnoc goggles here, right? He asks before accepting the powerful spirit from R'nshai. He takes a large mouthful. Nothing like Wolf's Breath to start the day.

2007-11-17, 09:33 PM
"Yep, nothing like an alcoholic punch in the face to get the day started right." R'nshai's rueful smirk is practically jovial in comparison to the state of things around him. "Sir, if you want the bodies cremated before the bloody xenoes can get their vile hands on them, I can probably rig the drop's fuel lines to drain into the cabin. That way we only need a match, not a flamer, and as an added bonus the boat won't explode like a warping signal flare. Alright with you Sir?" he proffers the flask to the sergeant.

2007-11-18, 03:25 AM
M'gn's groans, visor and vision now clear. "Next time just send me down a week before-hand, I'd rather walk. Rocketman M'gn's reporting for duty." He stands up, he searches for an iho stick. Finding it, he pulls out a small lighter, he let's the smoke waft out with the wind.

2007-11-18, 05:37 AM
Krakjar manages to find some interesting stuff - eight frag grenades, two small flasks of alcohol, and a spare battery for a voxcaster. No voxcaster though.

Jurgis, fighting back his nausea, doesn't manage to perform quite as thorough a search as Krakjar. He manages to sling five intact backpacks back towards the entrance and can scavenge as many lasgun clips and ration packs as he wants. He also finds a pair of krak rockets.

"That's a good idea, R'nshai. See if it can be done once the other two are out. Sling us some of that Wolf's Breath first though. Nice to see you're alive, Jarrek." The sergeant orders, keeping a watchul eye on the surroundings as the dust and snow begins to settle.

2007-11-18, 06:10 AM
Pocketing some of the loot Krakjah walks out of the carrier towards the commanding officer.

"I found 6 frag grenades, a battery and a flask sir." He exclaimed while offering the items up to the sergeant.

"What now, sir." He said looking out from the crash zone, unsure as to how safe they really were.

2007-11-18, 06:51 AM
Jurgis makes his way back to the entrance, cradling the krak rockets in his arms. he sets them down outside and gives his report to the sergeant. "I've found five intact packs, and more las-cells and ration packs than I can carry. I'll keep hauling them out until you tell me to stop."

2007-11-18, 07:54 AM
Jannek begins helping with the scavenging of the ship.

2007-11-18, 10:21 AM
The ship is quickly cleared of all useful equipment and items, and an unconscious Jilikian is dragged from the wreckage.

"Alright men, take what you can use and carry as much as is reasonable. I need some help to rig up a stretcher for Jilikian, and then we need to move. The smoke's going to act like a beacon for every piece of xenos trash in the city, and I haven't a clue where the k'lsh'rk we've crashed. R'nshai! Rig the lander. M'gn's, rockets for you. Get ready to move out and keep your eyes skinned. I don't want even a j'skrit to get within a hundred yards, is that clear?" The sergeant bellows, obviously becoming more and more agitated as time goes by. You can hardly blame him. It's his first command and he's just lost the other two squads he was with, two of his men are injured, and his squad's alone and lost in a hostile city. Really, it's amazing he hasn't started cracking yet.

2007-11-18, 10:58 AM
By this time, Jakken has already made a make-shift stretcher and placed it under Jilikian.

2007-11-18, 03:52 PM
R'nshai has the lander rigged in about two minutes, an easy task since the craft exposed some of the fuel lines. "I'd stand back!" he hollers and flicks a match into the prometheum soaked cabin. Any nearby feel a wash of heat and hear the roar of the blaze. He moves up and takes position with the rest, his new lasgun and a few extra clips in tow.

Shades of Gray
2007-11-18, 05:21 PM
Can't see any Orks out here Sarge Zavrath walks towards the crashed lander and searches for las clips, hellfire clips, food, supplies, grenades, etc. He also looks for an auspex, map, or other navigation tool.

Summary of loot:

Las clips
General Supplies
Hellfire clips (if any)
Grenades (if any)
Auspex, map, or other navigation tools (if any)

2007-11-18, 05:44 PM
Tauride holds out his weapon and points it out in the opposite direction from Zavrath. The smoke and darkness flitter confusing his judgment but he keeps looking anyway.


Shades of Gray
2007-11-18, 06:35 PM
Zavrath takes a swig of the wolf's breath that is being passed around.

"Ugh! Who backwashed" he says spitting out a mouthful.

I should probably start keeping watch again.

Hide: 15
Spot: 22

2007-11-18, 06:54 PM
I'll keep watch too. We'd be in trouble if those greenskins were able to sneak up on us.

Hide 1d20+5 [roll0]
Spot 1d20+1 [roll1]

Shades of Gray
2007-11-18, 07:40 PM
"Ok, I'll take the south side, you look north. Don't worry about the orks sneaking up on us, they are 8 feet tall and have dark green skin, how hard can they be to spot?"

Zavrath loads his long-las with a regular las-clip. He then holds his pendant and whispers to himself "Fightign for you, fighting for you..."

2007-11-18, 08:03 PM
I know what you mean, Zavrath. I was sayin' that if they could sneak up on us, we'd be the laughingstock of the segmentum.

Jarrak too loads and positions his sniper rifle, watching for enemy forces to the north.

2007-11-18, 10:13 PM
A cough sounds, and Jilikian rolls face down. Dry heaving and coughing loud, harsh, barks, she hacks as her comarades watch her worriedly. After a full minute and a half, she spits a glob of nearly solid vomit onto the ground, watching it steam in the cold.
Damn orcs nearly got me... thank the Emporer...
She then rises to her knee.
Well, I'm alive. And I got my lasgun. What else does the Emporer need? I might make consiousness if I try hard.
She comes up smiling, as though her heart wasn't stopped for a few beats after that massive crash. She pulls her lasgun to her hip, the wind blowing lightly through her dirty, silver hair.
What'd I miss?

2007-11-18, 11:30 PM
"Oh nothing much other than the standard corpse stripping, casualty checks and field burials. We pulled all the gear we could find, ask the sergeant what you can have and what he wants you to do." R'nshai moves off between Jarrak and Zavrath and hunkers down into the snow, lasgun at the ready and set to full power, keeping his eyes out for orks.
[roll0] hide [roll1] spot

2007-11-19, 08:35 AM
"Even though we might be safe for now, we can't let our guard down. Is there any way out of here?" He raises his rocket launcher to his shoulder, checking to see that it is indeed loaded. He then looks around.

[roll0] Spot
[roll1] Listen

2007-11-19, 12:25 PM
As the roaring of the fire and the ringing in your ears subside, you have time to take in the surroundings. The city, that of it you can see, at any rate, is a mishmash of towering plascrete spires and ramshackle sheet metal dwellings clinging around their bases like a bad rash. The surfaces of the standing spires are soot-scorched and battle-damaged, and several of them have fallen, leaving stumps like broken teeth reaching into the sky. It is one of these you crashed into, and your ruined craft is lying not a hundred yards from its base, pluming thick promethium smoke clouds.

As the squad settles into guard positions, an eerie high pitched cackling fills the air, inhuman screeches and yelps echoing through the narrow and filthy streets. As soon as this registers, the first of the little greenskins comes into view.

"Grots! Keep steady, lads! Wait until they're in plain sight!" Bellows the sergeant, readying his lasgun as he kneels up against a nearby ruined wall.

The grots get closer and closer, brandishing their crude guns and blades, peppering the ruins with lead shot. It seems like there are numberless hordes, but since the only access to the crash site is via two narrow roads, this is an illusion. There can't be more than twenty of the little devils rushing inwards.

2007-11-19, 02:41 PM
Jurgis finishes securing his backpack and goes to take the free end of Jillikan's stretcher, just before she wakes up. Not long after setting the stretcher back down, he hears the sound of the incoming grot and unslings his lasgun. He ducks behind the nearest pile of rubble, and double checks that his lasgun holds a functional power cell. He lines up his iron sights on the densest clump of advancing grots as he waits for the order to fire.

To speed up the game I'm making my rolls in advance. If the sergeant orders us to open fire, Jurgis shoots a three round burst at the grots he has in his sights.

To hit 1: 6+5+(point blank shot) = 11 or 12 if within 30'
To hit 2: 17+3+(point blank shot) = 20 or 21 if within 30'
To hit 3: 5+1+(point blank shot) = 6 or 7 if within 30'

Since I don't know their AC, i'm going to roll damage for each shot
Dam 1: 8 (9 if within 30')
Dam 2: 9 (10 if within 30')
Dam 3: 7 (8 if within 30')

2007-11-19, 02:56 PM
M'gn's raises the rocket launcher. Having loaded a frag missile into it he fires it towards the center of the swarm. He then attempts to reload hastily.

[roll0] to hit
Damage (if I hit): [roll1]. Frag missile.
Damage reduced for 5 feet: [roll2]
Damage reduced for 10 feet: [roll3]

2007-11-19, 03:42 PM
Your rolls are not done right, Penguinizer. Here's what they should be:

(5d6) [16] - target
(4d6) [10] - 5 feet
(3d6) [7] - 10 feet
(2d6) [8] - 15 feet
(1d6) [2] - 20 feet

"OPEN FIRE!" The sergeant yells as the grots close in, and Jurgis's quick reflexes blast two grots to the ground, one with a hole through its skull, the other with a gaping wound in its chest. His third shot hums past another as his first targets drop.

M'gn's rocket roars down the street, annihilating eighteen grots with a single shrapnel-filled cloud. As the red mist settles, the horde presses on, although a lot more timorously. You see that four more grots are bleeding from shrapnel wounds.

2007-11-19, 03:55 PM
Jannek rips the safety off his gun and fires a wide shot at one of the bleeding Grots, drawing his knife as he misses.



2007-11-19, 05:01 PM
Tauride, resisting the urge to go out and take the things on himself, pumps the gun into full -auto and hammers down the trigger.

I just wanted to get the full auto rules downpat while it was only grots. So feel free to correct.

To hit: [roll0]

Re-roll: [roll5] Mod to fit space


Shades of Gray
2007-11-19, 05:16 PM
If there is a slaver Zavrath will look for him and shoot with his sniper.

Spot (for Slaver)= 20
Attack roll (slaver)=26(36) Crit!
Crit conform (if needed)=20.
Damage (assuming assuming crit)= 60
Otherwise Damage= 15

If there is no slaver Zavrath will not waste precious sniper ammo on grotz, instead eh will be M'g'n's loader.

OOC: wow, rolls from heaven.

2007-11-19, 05:25 PM
As soon as he hears the order to fire R'nshai jumps up from the snow. With practiced ease he draws the thin flamer and belches a gout of flame into the grot advance.
stop me if i'm not doing this right [roll0] and damage if i hit [roll1]

2007-11-19, 05:45 PM
Verrukt, you're fine for the weapon stuff.
Viginti_tres, the full auto mode only fires 3 shots, not four. Sorry if you misunderstood. Otherwise everything's good.
Shades of grey, it will take you a move action to get to M'gn's, so you'll be there to help next turn. There's no slaver visible, and you see that these are wild and poorly armed, even by the descriptions you've had of grots.

Tauride's first shot finishes one of the wounded grots, the lasbolt hitting it in the shoulder and spinning it off its feet in a puff of dark smoke. His second flashes into an oncoming greenskin, boiling its internal organs as its metal armour acts as a superconductor for the heat.

The lance of burning promethium from the flamer lights up the street, and ignites four grots, which burn with an oily black smoke and horrible, cracking screams as they run around wildly, trying desperately to put themselves out.

2007-11-19, 06:12 PM
Jurgis grins as his targets fall. "Burn and flee, Greenskinned mongrels!" he shouts above the din of battle as he readies his lasgun for another salvo. (I know I'll have to wait until everyone's had their turn, but I might not be able to post for a while, so I'm putting my next round in now and it can "happen" at the appropriate time - also, what's the tactical situation like - how close are the nearest survivors.)

If any grots are attacking Jurgis, he screams at them, swinging his lasgun stock at one with his left hand, while he fumbles for his knife with his right.

Lasgun (improvised club): 17+2-4(improvised weapon)-4(off hand, working on the difference between main and off hand to get off-hand modifier when not attacking with main hand) = 11
Damage: (assuming d6): 1+1 = 2

If you rule that I can't go for the knife when swinging the lasgun, then I just swing the lasgun two-handed. Yes, I know I could drop the gun as a free action, draw the knife as a move action, and attack as a standard action - but Jurgis is a kid in his first combat. He's going to make sub-optimal moves.

If there are still grots incoming and he isn't in melee, Jurgis fires another salvo.

to hit 1: 12+5(+1?) =17 or 18 if in 30'
to hit 2: 6+3(+1?) = 9 or 10 if in 30'
to hit 3: 17+1(+1?) = 18 or 19 if in 30'

dam 1: 4 or 5 if in 30'
dam 2: 8 or 9 if in 30'
dam 3: 2 or 3 if in 30'

If the other guys clear out the grots before my turn comes around, I'll just have to respond in my post.

2007-11-19, 06:37 PM
Jannek moves forward, interposing himself between his comrades and any remaining Grots, taking a shot at them as he does so.



Shades of Gray
2007-11-19, 07:00 PM
"Need any help with that?"

Zavrath helps M'g'n load his missile launcher.

In the missile launcher description it says that if you have a person helping you, it counts as a move action. Can I make an attack with my laspistol?

If yes:

dmg: 6

2007-11-19, 08:43 PM
Jarrak spits out his lho stick and begins to open fire.

To Hit 1 (1d20+5)[roll0]
To Hit 2 (1d20+5-2)[roll1]
To Hit 2 (1d20+5-4)[roll2]
Damage 1 (2d6) [roll3]
Damage 2 (2d6) [roll4]
Damage 3 (2d6) [roll5]
Also, are the sniper rifle users considered settled and aimed, since we have been acting as sentries? I assumed yes, but just subtract 3 to my hit rolls if I am incorrect.

2007-11-19, 10:52 PM
R'nshai hardly reacts to the wash from his weapon. He champs down harder on his iho and slings the flamer to a new arc. Snows boils and hisses at the next blast and heat distorts the air. He roars over the blaze, an animal howl, the combat adrenaline is pumping hard, muscles in his neck and shoulders stand out stark and glistening.
hit [roll0] damage 2d4

2007-11-19, 10:54 PM
sorry, screwed damage up [roll0]

2007-11-20, 12:48 PM
Jilikian shakes off the last of the dizziness as she heft her lasgun to her shoulder. Seeing the mass of grotz, she laughs.
It's great how they all come at once like that. Makes this so much easier.
She fires her lasgun, full-auto, into the oncoming mass.
Better get some grenades ready for the bigger ones, though. They may stink the same, but they are more stubborn.
Will post rolls when I know how do fire full-auto :smallredface:

2007-11-20, 01:14 PM
Jakken fires another shot into the mass:



2007-11-20, 04:32 PM
Tauride readies his second weapon and stares out to asses the incoming horde, he then makes his next move.

He steadies his rifle and lets of another round of full-auto, none of these things are worth aiming for.

To Hit: [roll0]

Damage: [roll3]

P.S. I am hoping i didn't just say Tauride will ass the grotz but i really don't know how to spell asses. Hopefully Laz gets my meaning, otherwise it could get a little weird.

Shades of Gray
2007-11-21, 05:34 PM
"Damn Grotz!"

Zavrath pulls the pin off his frag Grenade.

"For The Emperor!"

Zavrath throws his frag into the center off the mass of grotz.

Attack Roll= 12

That's for the folks back home!

Since reloading is a move action. I'm still helping M'g'n load his missile launcher.

2007-11-21, 06:09 PM
Here's my full-auto attack. [roll0] , [roll1] , and [roll2] , with [roll3] [roll4] and [roll5] for damage, +1 to all rolls if they are within 30 feet.

2007-11-21, 06:21 PM
Jarrak fires once more into the horde of grot, swearing under his breath as he attempts to thin the horde.

First Shot [roll0]
Second Shot [roll1]
Third Shot [roll2]
First Damage [roll3]
Second Damage [roll4]
Third Damage [roll5]

2007-11-22, 12:49 AM
M'gn's shouts to Zavrath "No need to help me. The Emperor shall guide us all."

He then fires into the mass, sending a small plume of smoke as the frag missile explodes.

[roll0] Attack roll
Damage: As I did it wrong another post.
I think that's how the rolls work.

2007-11-22, 12:51 AM
Since I did the first damage rolls wrong. Re-doing them correctly.
5ft: [roll1]

2007-11-22, 09:37 AM
Okay, I'm not gonna list all the hits and so on, as the grots got butchered in a couple of rounds, so it's overkill to put it all in a post.

The well-ordered and rapid response from the alert Guardsmen means that the horrendous charge of the grots turned the streets into a charnel house. Chunks of green flesh are stuck to walls and the road runs green with blood and pulped grot. The massive explosions from the missiles and the grenade have given most of the squad members a greenskin-mush bath, and the splattered flesh and bone sticks to uniforms and skin alike, staining everything green. A swathe of fire blocks one of the roads for the moment, the promethium fuel from the flamer erecting a barrier and filling the air with the stench of scorching grot. Every last assailant has been killed, and with no losses.

Or so you thought. The sergeant is slumped at his position, his flack jacked shredded and bloodstained, a last lho-stick in his mouth slowly burning down to the filter, lit but unsmoked. He is an eerie sight, for his eyes are only half-closed, and it looks as though he is relaxing on the rubble, having a smoke, lasgun resting across his knees.

2007-11-22, 10:30 AM
Jakken's shoulders sag, his initial elation lost. "D***...it...all...to...H***!!!" He crys out the last word in helplessness.

2007-11-22, 03:22 PM
Jurgis jumps to his feet, pumping a fist in the air. "Ha! We showed them! Mangy greenskins! Taste righteous..." He stops, realising his comrades are not joining his celebrations and turns to look. "Emperor's tears! - Sarge?!"
I've not used the board's rolls before - let's give them a try...


Shades of Gray
2007-11-22, 04:14 PM
Zavrath tries to wipe off most of the Greenskin Blood off him. Looking at the corpse of his sergeant, Zavrath throws down his helmet and long-las on the ground. He then starts a bout of mumbled curses.


He then pauses and looks at his comrades.

"Now what do we do? Our leader is dead, we have no vox-caster, and we're stuck in the middle of nowhere with F****** Greenskins all around. We have no clue where to go. If we don't starve to death, we will die by the hands of those F****** Greenskins

Zavrath then holds his pendant. He whispers to himself "I tried to fight for you, and I failed.

Zavrath thens sits down, a frozen tear stuck to the side of his face.

2007-11-22, 04:33 PM
R'nshai turns from the blaze in time to see everyone else notice the Sergeant. "Oh Sacred Emporer..." He wades through the charnel to the body and kneels. "Ave Imperator, Ave Terra Sanctis, Ave Omnissiah, Ave Imperator" He intones as he pulls the sergeants eyes closed for the last time. Then he begins rifling through the sergeants pockets, unfased by the others stares.
search [roll0]

2007-11-22, 04:51 PM
Jakken crushes the frozen tears on his face. "Alright, let's look at the big picture here. We have a few grenades, a variety of special weapons troopers, and a medic. We're trapped in enemy territory without any means of contacting the outside. It seems to me that we should start moving. Our best bet is to try to follow our predecessors, and maybe find a vox-caster with which we can contact the outside. Any objections?"

Shades of Gray
2007-11-22, 05:10 PM
" You're right, It's what Sarge would have done anyway. We still need a temporary leader."

With that Zavrath stands up, tucks his pendant under his shirt, picks up his long-las, puts his helmet on, and wipes the rest of the blood off his body.

" Let's see if there is anything usable on these grotz, we also need to bury Sarge.

Zavrath looks at R'nshai.

"What are you doing? Don't loot him!"

2007-11-22, 05:40 PM
Tauride grunts and slowly stands up. He walks towards the body of the sergeant slowly.

"That will do R'nshai." He said calmly as he placed his hand on the soldiers back and pulled him off there newly deceased leader.

"This ground is too hard, we could be here for hours. Back home it was an ancient tradition to burn the body of a fallen warrior with his ship and the lander still burns strongly. At least then they wont get there filthy green hands on him. He said mournfully as he walked out towards the feral grots.

There clothes were tattered and there bodies scarred long before they ever came across us. Tauride thought maybe they were simply running from other forces, just scared. He almost felt sorry for the pathetic things, then he thought of the sergeant.

Prodding at the small corpses with his foot Tauride began to apathetically search through the field for anything of use.


2007-11-22, 06:59 PM
Jurgis stares numbly at the body of the sergeant, motionless except for the constant tightening of his fingers on the lasgun, turning his knuckles white. After watching the others discuss the burial of the sergeant he eventually breaks his silence. "Twenty-three." he croaks. "The two other squads, the pilots and now Sarge makes twenty-three...Twenty-three in less than an hour, and not even to soldiers. To a crash and rabble.....Twenty-three"

2007-11-22, 09:57 PM
R'nshai wheels on Tauride, "I mean no disrespect, and I heartily agree that we must bury him, but our chances of survival will increase greatly if he has any intel of use to us on his person!" he pauses, and calms down "I'll be just a second, and then we can properly lain to rest." he bends down to finish his search.

2007-11-22, 10:32 PM
"We face enough out here, so i'll not fight you. Do what you will if you must but i'll have no part of it." Bellowed Tauride from out in the field, walking back towards the squad.

"Zavrath i do agree with however. If we have learnt anything from this it's that we wont all agree, yet some sort of decision needs to be made. Any volunteers while we are just standing here?" He said to the group.

"For now though, do we burn or bury?"

2007-11-22, 10:35 PM
Jannek looks grim. "I don't mean disrespect to the late sergeant, but cremation is far more practical at this time. It would take to long to bury him with the ground frozen like this. R'nshai? I believe this is your area of specialization..."

2007-11-22, 10:45 PM
All right! All of you!
Jilikian stands up. Wiping some grot guts from her eyes, she faces the disheartened squad. A scowl crosses here face.
We're not here to hold a funeral, and we're not here to hide like a bunch of citizens waiting for the Guard to come rescue us. WE ARE THE GUARD! We are the Emporer's fist! More than that, we're Kilandrians! I don't know about you, but I've seen people die. To cold. To the wolves. To any of the hundred things our planet throws at us! Now, the Sarge was a good man. A good servant of the Emporer. So he deserves to be burned and not left to this filth. But we don't have time to wait around! We have a job to do, and as Kilandrians, we know how to do it! We're taking this city, even if we have to kill every greenskin in it!
She looks each of them in the eye.
The city must have some kind of communications. I say we head in, causing as much distress for those xenos as we can, until we find some way to contact command. Then we hook up with them. We need to take this city, or the planet may fall. At worst, we die. And I think we all recognised that when we came kicking and screaming into sub zero weather. At best, we take this back for the Emporer, one step, one las shot, and one dead green skin at a time.
Pulling back the slide on her las, she waits for any of them to challenge her statement, watching them from her short height with a look of strength and duty.
Intimidate roll [roll0]

2007-11-22, 10:55 PM
"Well she gets my vote." Tauride says with a smile.

Walking towards the sergeant he asks "What happened to the stretcher that was made for our new sergeant just after the landing?"

"Hell i know its not official..." Tauride said leaning over the deceased sergeant "..But i doubt anyone here is going to disagree with you right after that little speech. His arm jerked upwards

As he walked towards Jilikian he presented her with the sergeants stripes. "What do ya say?"

2007-11-22, 11:06 PM
She smiles, the warmth erasing the scowl as quick as it appeared.
Only if everyone agrees. Here's to hoping the Comissar doesn't brain me for assuming lead without his approval.
Thinking, she remembers something.
Damn, forgot. They wanted us to take the space port. Then we won't lose any more men to these hell dives.

2007-11-23, 07:54 AM
Jurgis bites his lip, and with an effort draws himself up to his full height. He gives a shaky salute and tries to hide the trembling in his voice as he says "I'm with you Sergeant. All the way.".

He then looks down to his lasgun as he double checks the ammunition and secures the gun on his shoulder strap. As he does so, he can be heard muttering faintly under his breath "Twenty-three"

2007-11-23, 08:34 AM
Jannek isn't paying attention to Jilikian's theatrics, instead keeping watch in case another wave of Grotz, or worse, comes.

2007-11-23, 09:03 AM
M'gn's holds his head, rocket launcher falling to the ground with a clang. He holds his head, wiping off any green blood. He curses silently to himself, he then falls to the ground in a sitting position, and starts loading a melta missile into the launcher.

2007-11-23, 02:25 PM
R'nshai stands from the body and turns to meet the eyes of his new brevet sergeant. "May the Emporer guide you footsteps Sir" he says in all sincerity, and snaps off a smart salute. "Orders, Sir?"

Shades of Gray
2007-11-23, 04:42 PM
Jill's Right. We need attack the Xenos head on. I think Jill, The Troopers, The Flamer, and The Medic should lead the attack

Zavrath pauses.

The snipers and our Rocket Launcher should provide cover fire.

Problem is, we don't know where in the emperor's name we are!

2007-11-23, 04:49 PM
"We need to get to the space port, that is the main priority. To get there however we have to find out where we are, to do that we need a map or a vox caster.

It looks like we are going to have to head into the city. hell if we take a few down before the spaceport wheres the harm.

That is of course only if you want to." Said Tauride looking towards Jilikian.

"So Zavrath, basically your plan is to put every bit of flesh we have between you and the enemy. Hah , you sound like a commisar" He said with a laugh, hitting the sniper on the shoulder.

2007-11-23, 07:44 PM
Jurgis looks up from his rifle If...if I may make a suggestion, everyone -" he stammers, "It doesn't matter where we go right now, so long as we put distance between ourselves and the crash. Once we've done that, I'd want to find an intact building we can climb to get a better view of the city. Trouble is, the orks would probably have taken over most of the standing buildings..." he tails off and goes back to fidgeting with his gun.

2007-11-23, 08:18 PM
I agree with Jurgis. Jarrek drawls out. The further away from this warp-damned spot, the more likely we'll live through this.

Shades of Gray
2007-11-24, 08:22 AM
I agree with Jurgis. We have maps, all we need is a reference point. If we can find out where we are, then we can find out where the spaceport is. We also need to get the h*** out of here. We should try to find an important building that would have some useful things.

OOC: Do we have compasses?

2007-11-24, 07:46 PM
"An important building, well you know what they say. Size matters. If we head to the biggest building on the skyline we should be able to spot the port or at least find something of use." Said Tauride.

He then walked out of the circle of disussion and went to man the perimeter.

2007-11-25, 03:07 AM
"I agree, we need to find somewhere to scout from." M'gn's lights another iho stick, tired from the days ordeals.

2007-11-25, 11:02 AM
Jil smiled. She may be thenew sarge, but they all were a help.
You all have good points. But bigger building, more orcs. I think something thin and tall, like a skyscraper, wuld be best. Maximum vision, cloer quarters that foavrus over numbers. Fewer places for some grot wth a deathwish to hide. Either way, let's get moving. I want the flamer and two lasguns in front. I'll take one of those positions, for the other I need a volunteer. Everyone else, file in. Sniper in the center so you don't get picked off in the back with no good close range weapon. Rocket too, to cover both ends of the convoy. Any other suggestions, make em quick. Let's move.

2007-11-25, 11:10 AM
Jannek takes center so that he can quickly get to any injured, his long knife out and ready in one hand, his Medkit in the other.

Shades of Gray
2007-11-25, 11:55 AM
Right lets do this

Zavrath brandishes his Knife and Pistol

I'll take somewhere near the middle.

Wait, what if they have radius effects? We'll be sitting ducks, all of us getting hit right away. Should we go in two groups? Or should we try a different plan?

2007-11-25, 02:37 PM
"I'll help with the lead." Smiles Tauride brandishing his two rifles.
He looks down at the two bayonets as if trying to decide which one would work better. Eventually grabbing the one on the left he looked up at Zavrath "Loose formation buddy, weren't you at the academy? He laughed.

2007-11-25, 04:26 PM
"Roger that," says Jurgis, hefting his lasgun, "I'll take left rear-guard"

2007-11-25, 05:07 PM
Gorkraj has been silent the whole discussion, moving slowly and purposefully and building himself a crutch. He pats Jilikian on the shoulder and nods. This is the most you'll usually get out of the stoic voxman. He takes up a position near the centre of the squad, laspistol in hand, and waits for orders.

The nearest skyscraper is about a kilometer away, to what seems to be the northeast.

The sergeant is carrying little of worth - a picture of him, three children and a woman, presumably his wife and kids, a small, almost-new journal with few entries, and a slightly more detailed map than the one you all carry. R'nshai, acting as chaplain, also picks up his dogtags, and adds them to the 23 others he's carrying (OOC: I'm presuming you're doing battlefield last rites, which are as follows: 1. Say prayer. 2. Remove dogtags. 3. Cremate/bury/abandon body).

The grots have little - a few creds which they probably picked up for the shine, and some automatic pistols and crude knives. There's plenty of ammo for the guns around, so they'd make a practical and memorable trophy.

2007-11-25, 07:25 PM
R'nshai stands from the body and turns to the rest of the squad. He hefts his flamer and smirks "Ready and willing Sir." he walks over to the grots and grabs an auto and a couple clips, stuffing the pistol into his waistband and the clips into a pocket. "Let's go."

2007-11-25, 09:51 PM
Jil winks at Zavrath after Tauride answers for her. She stops and, with a quick smack of her las, dislodges a grot's pointy tooth. She puts this in her pack, smiling at the others, and then leads onwards towards the skyscraper, staying alert.
Let's go, people. Honor and glory awaits, or atleast a hill of dead green skins!

2007-11-26, 03:06 AM
"Why not all three?" Tauride smiled and took up a place on the opposite side of R'nshai.

Maintaining a brisk pace at the front of the squad Tauride weaved in and out slightly as they had been taught at the academy. Never lead a predictable path, although the orks aren't known for there strategy.

Gazing constantly to all sides and dead ahead Tauride willed that he spot the creature before it spots him. The Emperor has forsaken this place.


2007-11-26, 07:30 AM
Jurgis tails behind the group, nervously swiveling left and right as he scans the doorways, alleys and windows behind them.


If Jurgis sees movement from behind, he shouts "Ambush!" and dives for cover at the side of the road, (Hopefully allowing the other players to react to the DMs post rather than waiting for me)

Ouch... that's a bad roll. I'd better mention now that Jurgis will also try to alert the squad if he hears something, and will yell loudly if hit.

2007-11-26, 08:28 AM
M'gn's follows the group, he has loaded the rocket launcher with a krak missile, and has his hand ready to draw his pistol.

[roll0] Spot
[roll1] Listen

M'gn's will fire at any attackers, before moving towards cover.

2007-11-26, 12:37 PM
R'nshai moves ahead, the cold wind seeming a balmy breeze to his kallindrian temperament. He moves low, flamer forward but held close to his body so as not to stick out. One hand is within easy distance of his las pistol. He keeps his body low and his eyes and ears sharp, ready to flame the first greenskin he sees.
[roll0] spot [roll1] listen [roll2] move silent.
what are the stats for the auto, though I'd rather not have to use it
edit: unless anyone objects, R'nshai carries the sergeant to the lander, puts the picture in his pocket, and rolls him into the fire

Shades of Gray
2007-11-26, 05:33 PM
When Jill is out of sight Zavrath blushes.

Spot: 15
Listen: 16
If I see any Greenskins will fire at them with my laspistol.

2007-12-02, 04:57 PM
It takes about half an hour to reach the nearby skyscraper, moving slowly and cautiously as you are. Once you get to within about a hundred yards of it, you can smell the foul stench of Ork wafting from the tower, and see some hunched, massive forms gathered around the base of the tower. Luckily, none of them see you, and you make it into the ruined shell of a building less than fifty yards from the doorway into the tower. There are at least four Orks clustered around the entrance, throwing rocks at the numerous grots and munching on partially rotted human remains.

2007-12-02, 05:08 PM
Jurgis breathes a sigh of relief as the troop nears its destination. He comes forward to rejoin the squad, and catches sight of the orks. "Looks like we're facing our first assault. " he says, hunkering down in a defensive position looking back down the street for patrols.

Shades of Gray
2007-12-02, 05:45 PM
Orks... Zavrath whispers.

Zavrath loads his long-las. he scans the group for any leader.

Whenever you're ready Jill.

2007-12-02, 08:31 PM
Jakken swears softly but violently. "At this point in time I would recommend the use of a grenade as an opening welcome."

2007-12-03, 12:25 AM
"Big..." R'nshai mutters, crouching behind a spur of battered ferrocrete wall, "to damn big." He stows the flamer's nozzle aperture an unslings his pilfered las gun. The stock clicks into place and he checks the charge, dialing the pack to full power. He shoots a look at Jil, "Your call it Sir."

2007-12-03, 02:11 AM
"Nothings is to big. Everything dies eventually, it's more an issue of whether or not they are bigger than us." Tauride whispered to the group, afraid of what lies ahead.

"Use me in your plan how you will"

2007-12-03, 06:39 AM
Jil slides up against a wall, peeking out to check the orcs and grotz. She breathes heavily as she thinks.
Alright... ok. I have a plan.
She bends down, motioning for everyone to follow her down to a squat so she could use the dirt on the broken floor to plan. She then motions Tauride to move to the position she held and to make sure the greenskins do not advance.
We'll fill you in in a second.
She the begins drawing a diagram in the dirt to show her plan.
Someone will throw a grenade, and everyone with las rifles will start opening fire, full-auto, on the greenskins. This should throw them into a chaos, especially if we target the big ones first. Once they regroup, most of us will take cover. A few will have to keep up the fire to keep the orcs interested and provoke them to charge. That will need volunteers, as I'll not put any of you in any danger without you knowing the risk. Once the greenskins get close to the building we're in, R'nshai will pop out of cover and flame them when they're not expecting it. They should charge right into it. A few seconds of fire, no hero stuff, and then we all come out to keep firing onthe survivors. Some of us may want to change to laspistols and knives just in case some make it to us. And I want the rocket launcher ready to lay down death if more orcs come out or if something bigger and nastier pokes its ugly head out. Any questions?
The inexperienced Seargent looksto her men, searching for any sign of confusion or dissaproval.

Shades of Gray
2007-12-03, 11:36 AM
I think that me and Jarrek gesturing to the other sniper,would be better off taking down their leader fast. after that we would join up with the missile launcher. But it's up to you Jill.

OOC: If there are any special weaponers, e.g. Rockkits, Burnas, and the like. I will also suggest taking them out quickly as well

2007-12-03, 01:48 PM
Jurgis looks up from his gunsights "Whatever we do," he says, "I'd want to do it fast. There's no telling when another bunch might arrive. Speaking of which, can we spare anyone to watch our backs? We've got three or four guns, and one or two pistols, depending on whether Grokraj is fit to fight and how he's armed. Then we have the two snipers, the rocket and the flamer."

2007-12-05, 11:47 AM
With no more objections, Jil nods.
Alright. Small change. Grenade the orcs first. Then me and atleast three other troopers begins blasting. Then, when they charge, because they're orcs and they Will charge, flame them. Then blast again. Rocket and one sniper hold back aways to fire if any big boys come out, and anyone not blasting or waiting is covering our tails. If there are no more questions, I think it's high time we got into that tower.

2007-12-05, 02:07 PM
"Roger that," replies Jurgis, flicking the burst power limiter on his lasgun to the off position and creeping towards the orks' position with his head down. (Looking for some kind of cover roughly 30' from the orks. If I can't get that close, then as close as I can get without breaking cover) "On your mark, Sergeant."

Move Silently

(Unfortunately, even taking my pack off won't bring me down to a light load)

When the shooting starts Jurgis raises his head above the parapet and unleashes a volley at the nearest ork.


(Add 1 to each attack roll if within 30')


(Add 1 to each damage roll if within 30')

2007-12-05, 02:10 PM
Darn. I messed up the rolls. Here we go again.

[roll =Move Silently]1d20


(Add 1 to each attack roll if within 30')


(Add 1 to each damage roll if within 30')

2007-12-05, 02:12 PM
And again....I've only got 3 to redo this time



2007-12-05, 02:18 PM
M'gn's nods to acknowledge the plan. He then draws his las-pistol. And places it within reach. He then takes several deep breaths, and aims his rocket launcher at the door to the building.

Ready an action to fire at the door when someone comes out.

2007-12-05, 02:29 PM
Thanks, I forgot to roll for initiative. here goes....


2007-12-05, 03:57 PM
Jakken holds his Knife and Medkit, staying with the body of the group:


Shades of Gray
2007-12-05, 05:04 PM
I'll stick with M'g'n.


If I miss when the fight starts, I will fire at the one that looks like it is the leader or has a special weapon (if any)


2007-12-06, 01:37 AM
I'll head up to near Jurgis and get ready to barrage with my las gun, quick drawing the flamer as soon as I get range.

hide [roll0] move silent [roll1] Lasgun shots [roll2] , [roll3] , [roll4] and damage [roll5] , [roll6] , [roll7]

2007-12-06, 02:15 AM
With a grunt Tauride readies his weapon.Although he is not fully versed in the plan he gets the gist of it; shoot , kill, survive.

Initiative: [roll0]

I will add more rolls soon.

2007-12-06, 01:18 PM
Jurgis and R'nshai start moving from the ruined building towards a wrecked, tumbled wall nearer the Orks. All seems to be going well, until R'nshai slips and sends a rock skittering across the ground. Sprinting into the cover of the wall, the two men dive for safety as the air around them fills with hot lead. Their bodies hit the wall hard, breath hushing from their lungs as they ready their weapons. Jurgis blasts off a burst of fire, boring a hole through the shoulder of one of the Orks, which just seems to enrage it.

"'Umies! C'mon ladz, WAAAARGH!" Bellows the biggest Ork, his massive autogun racketing in one meaty fist while a cruel cleaver swipes the air in his other as he charges towards the two troopers.

A hissing whine sounds as Zavrath's shot finds its mark, a bright red bar passing through the chest of the lead Ork. It barely slows as it is hit, so intent is it on reaching the two front men. Almost within hand-to-hand range, its friends close behind it, it thunders forwards, dropping its gun and ripping a deadly looking sword free from its belt. Angry grots swarm forwards too, their courage bolstered by the big Orks, driving the normally cowardly things onwards with a disturbing energy that was not present in the first greenskins you fought.

R'nshai's inexperience with a lasgun shows as his burst fans wide and smacks into buildings and sky, but no enemies. Dropping the gun, he grabs his flamer and readies to cook some greenskins.

Gorkraj is lying in position at the building, lasgun balanced neatly on the windowsill of the ground floor wall. A short triple-shot and two grots hit the dirt, bodies contorted.

2007-12-06, 02:03 PM
((OOC: What's happening here in terms of initiative order - was that the surprise round, or have some of the parties used their normal round?))

2007-12-06, 02:23 PM
OOC: That was "surprise round" - the Orks charging and the initial responses (Jurgis, R'nshai, Gorkraj and Zavroth) as no other people had posted specific actions - I'm waiting for a response from M'g'n's, Jakken's, Jill's and Tauride's players before my next post. I'm hoping they're gonna attack or something. Might help save R'nshai's and Jurgis's skins.

2007-12-06, 03:53 PM
Jakken swears violently and charges forward to assist his allies, brandishing his knife:

bolster the line, and ready action to attack the first Ork that tries to close with him.

Shades of Gray
2007-12-06, 04:08 PM
son of a, well Ork!

Zavrath Fires his long-las once more on the wounded ork.


After firing I will relocate before they notice what happened.

move silently (if needed) 12
Hide: 14

2007-12-06, 08:49 PM
Damn it!
Jill pops out from cover to fire into the lead mass of orcs, trying frantically to keep the wave from hitting her exposed men. She flicks her rifle onto full power, meaning to put them down with a predjudice.
Someone huck a grenade! We'll blast these beasts out of this world and into green goo!
Firing, at the commander if alive and if not at the orcs closest to the exposed men. Full power. Attack one [roll0] Damage [roll1] Attack two [roll2] Damage [roll3] Attack Three [roll4] Damage [roll5]

2007-12-06, 10:40 PM
Bursting forth Towards the oncoming wave of green Tauride levels his rifle and releases a round of full-auto.

To hit: [roll0]


Drawing his second weapon then running towards the two isolated men tauride ready's himself for combat with the aliens.

2007-12-07, 12:09 AM
M'gn's looks at the wave with surprise. He then calms down, peering towards the door of the ork building, waiting for anyone to come through.

Wait for enemy to come through said door, then shoot at said door.

2007-12-07, 12:50 AM
Jarrak steadies his sniper rifle, waiting for an opportune shot.

2007-12-07, 04:45 PM
Jurgis trains his lasgun on the lead ork, finger clamped on the trigger like a vice. "Grenades!" he screams, "Who's got the fragging grenades?"


2007-12-07, 04:48 PM

2007-12-07, 05:17 PM
"Warp this!" R'nshai shouts, whipping his flamer up and around to his hip, punctuating his yell with a blast of promethium.
[roll0] damage [roll1]

2007-12-08, 08:36 AM
The lead Ork is in midair when Jill's two shots spin it round and dump it, unbreathing, at Jurgis's feet. As the other three Orks come in, Jurgis's frenzied shots blast straight through the heart of one, and both lungs of another, killing both of them almost instantaneously.

The Ork left alive leaps the barrier, landing next to Jurgis, and smacks him, hard, with the crude hammer it is wielding, knocking him off his feet and landing him on his back (8 damage with DR taken into account). It turns to R'nshai, piggy red eyes gleaming maliciously, and looks right into the barrel of a flamer.

R'nshai's flamer blast engulfs the Ork and toasts half a dozen grots. The Ork bellows in pain and begins running around, trying in vain to put itself out as the unquenchable flames begin burning their inexorable way towards its internal organs.

Zavrath sighs and sends a bolt into the Ork, dropping it to its knees, still frantically trying to extinguish the blaze.

Tauride's one shot that hits slams a grot from its feet. Both he and Jakken arrive at the wall in time to see the wave of grots approaching in a slinking, cowardly manner. They don't seem so tough now that their bosses are dead, and look like you could send them packing with a gentle breeze.

2007-12-08, 09:07 AM
Jakken jumps the wall and charges the Grots, slicing his knife at them:



2007-12-08, 10:50 AM
Jurgis struggles to get back up on his hands and knees, cursing loudly and spitting out mouthfuls of blood. He crawls painfully back from the front line and sets up a firing position behind a chunk of masonry.

2007-12-08, 05:28 PM
Charging against the Grotz Tauride held his two rifles aloft before lowering them as he approached, slicing at the air.

To Hit:[roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

2007-12-09, 05:45 AM
R'nshai douses the grots with another belch from his flamer, not really paying attention to them, his eyes are on Jurgis. "Medic, we need a Medic!" he yells frantically.
[roll0] damage [roll1]

2007-12-09, 06:08 AM
The frenzied charges of Jakken and Tauride scare the grots a little, but only drop one of the little devils. R'nshai, on the other hand, blasts at least ten of them away into piles of flaming slag. This, understandably, sends the few remaining grots fleeing.

(If you want, you can try to pick off the survivors for the next few turns)

2007-12-09, 07:12 AM
Jakken dashes off from knifing grots to help Jurgis:


2007-12-09, 07:23 PM
Jil flcks her power back, sighing as adrenaline, so intense and racing just seconds before, befgins to fade as she keeps firing at the remaining greenskins almost casually, knowing they've won one more skirmish in a longer war.
Auto-firing at normal power. [roll0] Damage [roll1] Again [roll2] Damage[roll3] Again [roll4] Damage [roll5]

2007-12-10, 06:08 PM
Jurgis sits sits with his back against the masonry, sliding his body down to bring his head out of the line of fire. "Thanks Jakken, he says. "Safe to loosen armour? Hammer caught me right here." he indicates a point in the middle of his chest.

2007-12-11, 06:45 AM
Jakken sits next to him and nods. "Go ahead. I've dealt with anything that can cause you to start bleeding again."

2007-12-11, 01:29 PM
Jurgis nods and starts to unbuckle his flak vest, grimacing as it moves against his injured chest.

2007-12-11, 01:41 PM
"Oh God..." R'nshai slides in next to Jurgis and Jakken. He looks at Jurgis as he gingerly removes his armor and the to Jakken, concern in his eyes. "It's my fault, last time I try to be sneaky, He'll be okay?" His flamer hangs by it's hoses limply at his side.

2007-12-11, 03:27 PM
Jakken nods. "He'll be fine, assuming that tumor I found doesn't develop..." He jokes weakly.

2007-12-11, 03:50 PM
Jurgis forces a grin as he looks up "My first war wound."he says, "Something to be proud of. Pity it's blunt trauma. I wanted a scar to show my grandchildren."

2007-12-11, 07:18 PM
As soon as the last of the grotz have been either killed or scared off, Jil rushes over to Jurgis.
You're alright, aren't you? She bites her lip as the armor is peeled back to show nothing more than a large bruise.
Alright then. We need to get you back on your feet then. Our first priority is to sweep that sky scraper as well as we can. Can't have any nasty surprises killing us. Then we need to get our bearings, see where the objective is, and then head there.
Jil looks over her squad. Although only one is wounded, they are all feeling the strain of battle.
And somewhere in there we're probably going to have to sleep.

2007-12-11, 07:30 PM
"Oh, that'll leave a scar, Jurgis. See here and here? Those marks will never go away." Jakken turns to Jil. "We should sleep in the 'scraper itself. It provides chokeholds where we could hold off Orks and gives us a good vantage point of the surrounding city."

2007-12-11, 07:40 PM
Jill's measured shots drop three more grots, and those remaining run yet faster, something you hadn't thought possible.

Jurgis's wound is painful, but not too serious - several ribs are cracked, and he's going to have a lovely bruise, but otherwise he'll be fine. He may find breathing rather painful for the next few days, however. If he hadn't been wearing his armour, that hammer would have pulped him where he stood, so there's something to thank the Emperor for.

No-one (and nothing) has emerged from the tower, and the surrounding area seems eerily quiet. The ruins you are currently in are silent save for the occasional creak of settling stone, the sound of your breathing, and the clinking of cooling plascrete and molten grot.

Now that the more mobile scenery is out of the way, you can see that the tower is daubed with numerous Ork runes and images, in what seems to be a mixture of blood and mud (at least, you hope it's mud). To the left of the entrance is a pile of rotting, dismembered corpses, dressed in the drab greys you know are worn by the citizens of the city. It looks like the Orks killed everyone in the skyscraper, and then dragged the bottom few floors worth out to eat at leisure.

2007-12-12, 02:04 PM
"That's a stroke of luck,"replies Jurgis, "I thought I was going to have to pick a knife fight with one of these cleaver-wielders to get my cool scars." He waits until Jakken gives him the all clear, and then re-attaches his armour, grunting with pain as he tightens the straps.

"What's the plan now?"he asks, "We'd best get moving before more orks come, but first I want to see if these have any grenades. Permission to search?

(OOC: Have we had any briefings on ork equipment, such as how to prime a stikkbomb?)

2007-12-12, 06:10 PM
(OOC: Stikkbombs, being merely a basic variation of the fragmentation grenade, will be simple to use for any trained guardsman. The only grenades that I'd require a roll to work out or not let you use at all would be Eldar, Tau, Necron or Tyranid grenade analogues)

2007-12-12, 08:30 PM
Permission granted. Pick up anything we can use, but be quick about it. The faster we set up in that sky scraper, the faster we can get some rest.
Jil waits till all her men are prepared, her breaths more stable and deep as she realizes hat she could get used to war.

2007-12-12, 09:02 PM
Jakken clips his Medkit to his belt and searches the Ork and Grot bodies, his knife out in case some of them aren't dead yet:


2007-12-13, 12:41 AM
R'nshai leaves the others to their search and meanders over to the macabre mound of limbs. He looks into the unfeeling faces and glassed eyes, and turns back to the group, opens his mouth to speak, but reconsiders. He looks back again and then strides over to Jillikian. "Sir... eh, I'd like to lay those men and women to rest, but we don't have nearly enough time to bury them and the smell and smoke of a pyre would hardly be helpful. What would you have me do?"

2007-12-13, 02:40 AM
"If we ready the fire now, but only start it when we leave it may actually work to our favor tactically as well as morally. Anything that might prevent any more loss would be welcomed, and I'm sure these people will be glad to help us avenge them. " Said Tauride to R'nshai

"Sarge, I'm ready to lead the entry if you need me to. While the men need rest, any time spent stationary is dangerous, This filth here found out first hand, so let not stay to long. " He said glancing around at the remnants of the building. Carefully fingering the bayonet, testing its edge before grabbing his second. Ready for what was to come.

2007-12-13, 07:12 AM
There are a number of guns, mostly autoguns and autopistols, and a few lasguns and laspistols, some clips, some automatic ammunition, 4 frag grenades, one big hammer (which Jurgis is intimately familiar with) and a number of other hand weapons.

R'nshai sees that if he uses a tank of promethium, he can douse the bodies and then ignite the pyre with his pilot light, which would cremate the poor souls successfully. However, it would be unwise to do this before entering the skyscraper.

2007-12-13, 02:39 PM
R'nshai sets to prepping the pyre. Leaving the soaked pile as it lies for now, he walks back to take his place in the entry team.

2007-12-13, 04:24 PM
Jurgis takes the hammer and a couple of grenades. If he has time before the squad moves on, he knocks a tooth from the mouth of each of the two orks he has killed and puts them in his pocket.

Once done, he shoulders his pack and says "I'm ready to move, and I'd rather not spend too long looking at these poor souls."

2007-12-13, 11:44 PM
Yes. Lets get going. If your taking anything, get to it quick, cause in two minutes we head into the sky scraper. When we are all in you can burn the bodies, R'nshai, but be quick about it. If we're unlucky it will bring Xenos on us like flies. If we are lucky, that sky scraper will be empty of everything except good Kilandrian vodka and a vox station. I'd be happy with something in between.

2007-12-14, 06:47 AM
Jakken picks up an Autogun and a few clips before going back with the rest of the group.

I have a few out of character questions. First, what are the stats on an Autogun? Also, who's carrying the Grenades and how many do we have?

2007-12-14, 07:27 AM
"Emperor bless those poor souls. After we contact from the tower, what will we do. We might not even get help." M'gn's eases his grip on the rocket launcher. Hanging it on his back, along with the rockets. He then draws his laspistol, seeing as a rocket would be detrimental inside a building.

2007-12-14, 04:17 PM
"The least we can do is be useful to the Emperor, even if we do as little as relay intel to our comrades, we will be preforming a service in His name." R'nshai stares up at the building, hoping to find purpose at it's summit.
diplomacy [roll0] attempting to reassure everyone

2007-12-14, 06:18 PM
Okay, some quick stats:
Autogun. Damage 1D8, Crit x2, Weight 8lbs, Size Medium, Range 80ft
Autopistol. Damage 1D4, Crit x3, Weight 3lbs, Size Small, Range 20ft
Hammer. Damage 2D6 + Str, Crit x2, Weight 15lbs, Size Large

Jurgis has, I presume, the 4 grenades he found. There are 6 other grenades in the squad, which I reccommend you share between the Troopers, Inspirer and Medic, 'cos the Flamer and Rocketman should be too busy to use one.

As a small note: Grenades can be used to make very good tripwire traps. As part of basic Guardsman training, you are taught how to use grenades and detpacks to create booby traps. Just say if you want to make a trap, and tell me where you've put it, no rolls necessary (And you can do clever stuff, like hide one tripwire right next to the dummy wire, so they might see the first one but not the real one). And no, I wouldn't advise you to use this ability. At all. No DM recommendations in this game, nosiree.

In all seriousness, however, a trap may or may not be a good idea. Usually you'd want one on any entrance which may be compromising. I'm not going to start using traps against you guys until you start facing Chaos and such, but that doesn't mean you have to play fair.

(Assuming you want to enter the 'scraper)

As you approach the skyscraper, you get a true sense of how massive it really is. Looking up, you see that it stretches hundreds of metres into the air above your heads. It dwarfs even the largest Bisoxen, and its cold grey exterior, scarred and pitted though it may be, still radiates a sense of majesty. It took an enormous amount of effort to construct this building, and you can practically feel that emanating from it like a slow mist. However, now is not the time for poetic descriptions. And, of course, the vile stench of rotting bodies, Ork, dung, and must are overwhelming at the dim entrance to the building.

As you enter, you see that the corridor ahead is also covered with the grim and violent blood-runes which were scrawled on the exterior. There are four doorways in this corridor, two on each side of the hall, and the end of the passage goes up in a set of stairs, into the gloomy depths of the skyscraper.

Each doorway has been violently smashed in, and blood is spattered liberally across the entire area, with a thick, still sticky, trail on the floor, leading from the end of the hall to the entrance. This is presumably from the corpses that were dragged outside. There are three dead grots here - all of them look to have been smashed to death, probably from a burst of Ork violence. The stink of Ork grows even stronger as you enter the building, threatening to overwhelm your suffering noses.

The lighting is, surprisingly, still (barely) functional, allowing you to see, but only just, in the grim charnel house of the ground floor.

2007-12-14, 07:04 PM
I'm going to assume Jakken has two of the grenades, unless anyone has other ideas...

Jakken, pistol drawn, looks around intently, his keen ears alert for the smallest sign of danger. He kneels down on the floor, his fingers tracing the ground slowly.

Listen: [roll0]

Spot: [roll1]

Track: [roll2]

2007-12-14, 10:28 PM
Jurgis follows the rest of the squad into the tower. "Let's look for a plaque,"he says. "If we're lucky, this might be a government building or something that'll be on our maps." . After a few steps he drops the hammer. "This thing is really weighing me down. Survival kit has to take precedence over souveniers."

2007-12-14, 10:31 PM
After a few seconds of consideration, Jakken walks over and picks up the hammer. "Fine, if you don't want it, I'll take it," he says, hefting the hammer across his shoulder after sticking his Lasgun back in its holster. "I'd rather not get into a knife fight with one of these Orks."

Shades of Gray
2007-12-15, 08:06 AM
What th'ell are you doin' you daft? None of us can use tha' 'ammer, it's jus' weighin' us down!

I stay at the back of the group, watching if anyone is following us.


2007-12-15, 02:00 PM
whoopsie. Forgot to do my rolls.


2007-12-15, 02:52 PM
M'gn's looks around intently, he holds his laspistol in a ready position. Raised at about shoulder height.

Spot: [roll0]
Listen: [roll1]

2007-12-15, 07:14 PM
Jakken can see that the tracks in the blood, though all trodden over at least once, belong to more than four Orks (and more than grots, too).

A good look around and a careful listen turn up nothing for any of you. Not inside the building, at least. Outside, far, far outside, the sound of heavy cannonfire and the scream of surface-to-air, lander-destroying missiles begins to start up. You realise that this is probably the second wave coming in, although they are landing on the opposite side of the city to your designated drop zone.

A quick glance reveals the plaque - a massive, ornate brass thing, wrought into a twisted form, and now even more twisted from the Ork vandalism. It is scratched, smeared, and written on, although the writing is still legible. It reads:


You realise that this may well be marked on the sergeant's map, and that, from this, you should be able to find where you are. However, it is not to be. Although skyscrapers are marked on the map, and, indeed, the "Adeptus Administratum Habitation Skyscraper" label appears, there are no numbers. And the city is perfectly symmetrical. However, using your compasses, you work you are somewhere in the south east quadrant of the city, and that the spaceport is somewhere to the north west. To find it would take days unless you got a better vantage point - if you couldn't see the landing spires from where you were, you know you wouldn't be able to find it, and guess what? There were no landing spires to be seen. This could be because they were obscured, or it could be they are damaged or destroyed. Either way, it means one thing: You need to see the city from high up, then you can make your way to wherever you want with that map reference. Of course, the same thing counts a hundred times over for the vital facilities - although marked on the map, they are mostly low buildings (save the shield generators, but they are on the walls, and you really don't want to be on the walls at the moment).

You all also notice that there is a PDF armoury in your quadrant - if you make a short detour once you've found where you are, you can probably have somewhere safe to hole up for the night, and also somewhere to get some arms.

2007-12-16, 07:13 AM
((OOC: Am I correct in understanding that we're still on the ground floor, and that this is the tallest building we can easily reach?))

Jurgis cranes his neck to see the map "What other landmarks could we look for from the top?" he says, with some painful effort, "Temples? Comms-masts?". He steps back and looks around for stairs, switching out his almost depleted power cell for a fresh one as he does so.

2007-12-16, 08:15 AM
Jakken nods. "Good, we finally know where we are."

2007-12-17, 05:33 PM
OOC: This is indeed the ground floor, and this is indeed the nearest building within easy reach.

IC: From the map, you can see that, so long as you get up high enough, you should be able to triangulate your location from the spaceport, your compass, and any other skyscraper.

2007-12-17, 08:17 PM
"Right then, up we go?" R'nshai looks to Jil for confirmation. He holds his flamer low but ready to fire.

(ooc: dear god that's a nice avy laszarus)

2007-12-18, 12:36 AM
Up indeed. But stay frosty people- no pun intended. There are more green skins in this building, or I'm a grot myself.
Jil Moves towards the stairs. She readies her weapon, keeping it aimed in front of her.
I need one person to take the lead with me. Heavy weapons away people- we don't want his place comi down around us. Las it up.

2007-12-18, 06:42 AM
Jakken hefts the hammer and follows next to Jill.

2007-12-18, 03:09 PM
Jurgis nods his assent, and attaches his combat knife to the bayonet lug on his lasgun as he turns to cover the door by which the squad entered.

Shades of Gray
2007-12-18, 05:19 PM
Should I use my sniper or las'?

2007-12-19, 06:11 PM
Moving quickly and efficiently, always on the alert, the squad ascend the next 30 levels or so of the building without seeing so much as a single squig. Upon reaching the topmost-but-one floor, though, certain problems manifest themselves. Like the massive barricade blocking the way up. And the four Orks behind said barricade. With big guns and itchy trigger fingers. The first shots go wide, Orks not being renowned for their sharpshooting abilities, allowing Jakken and Jill to dive back, not taking any damage but suffering a shock, to say the least.

The layout of this floor is presumably identical to all the others beneath it - four apartments opening on to the corridor, with the staircase at the opposite end of the hallway, curving up and sideways.

It would be possible to risk a glance over the edge of the staircase you are currently hiding on, and get a better grasp on the layout. Or you could just lob grenades up.

2007-12-19, 06:25 PM
Jakken lifts his head and takes a quick glance around before ducking back down.

2007-12-19, 07:41 PM
R'nshai, being possessed of a fairly powerful throwing arm, reaches back down the stack, hand open. "Grenade please." if he receives one he promptly flings it under hand into the hallway, trying to arc it over the barricade and onto the feet of the unlucky orks behind

2007-12-19, 07:57 PM
Jurgis, following behind the squad as a rear guard, instinctively ducks his head as he hears the shots. Crouching low, he makes his way to where the rest of the squad are sheltering. If no-one else answers R'nashi's request, Jurgis unclips one of the orkish stikkbombs from his belt and passes it forwards, whispering "May the emperor guide your aim.".

He then shrinks back against the wall, checking his lasgun is set to full power, and looks to Jill for guidance.

OOC: Can I ask you to clarify your description a bit? I'm picturing a straight corridor, with two doors on either side, a staircase at one end leading down, and one at the other end leading up. Is that how the other floors have been? Also, is the barricade across the corridor, or actually on the stair?

2007-12-20, 04:49 AM
"I'll cover you."Whispers Tauride as he makes his way towards the front line.

Just before R'nshai goes to throw the grenade he lets of a few rounds into the wall as close to the orcs as he can get without having to sacrifice cover.

(OOC: Hopefully the distraction will help you get a better aim.)

2007-12-20, 07:18 AM
R'nshai takes the stikk bomb, twisting off the fuse cap as he speaks. "Ready? one, two, FIVE!" he lets out a grunt of effort and flings.
[roll0] and i don't remember the damage for a nade so i'll leave that to you Las

2007-12-20, 07:51 AM
OOC: Electric_Monkey, that description is exactly right. I'm trying to find a map program of some sort to draw the maps, but have had no luck so far. Nice throw from R'nshai, by the way, Verrukt.


The Orks laugh at Tauride's shots, fear being something they are not closely associated with. It would have made grots or humans duck, but the Orks are made of sterner stuff.

The grenade that R'nshai threw flies over the lip of the staircase, over the barricade, and right at the feet of one of the Orks. The resultant explosion blows two of the Orks to shreds, rips the arm off the third and embeds shrapnel in the fourth. It also blasts a hole in the barricade big enough to fit a medium-sized Ogryn through.

"WAARGH!" Bellows the beshrapnelled Ork, vaulting the barricade with an axe in hand.

The one-armed Ork follows suit, clutching a sword in its one remaining hand.

Shades of Gray
2007-12-20, 11:53 AM
Zavrath peeks his head out an fires a sniper blast. (not settled so -1 to hit)

tohit: 25(35) Crit!
Damage: 6
Dmage: (If Crit) 24

Yes I rolled these on invisiblecastle.

OOC: When I am on my vacation here is my firing priority:

1)Special wepaoners (flamer, rockets, etc.)
4)Regular grunts

2007-12-20, 01:18 PM
Jakken meets the Ork's charge, swinging his Hammer at the Ork with shrapnel sticking out of it:

Attack: [roll0]

And Damage: [roll1]

2007-12-20, 03:21 PM
Jurgis stands near the back of the group, bayonet ready. He turns to the tropper next to him and says. "If the orks drop any of our guys, I'll cover you while you pull them to safety."

2007-12-20, 05:18 PM
R'nshai whoops and pulls his las pistol, stepping into the hallway and popping off a round at the one armed ork.
[roll0] and damage [roll1] ooc: beshrapnelled, i have a new favorite word :smallbiggrin:

2007-12-20, 06:25 PM
OOC: Verily, I am a wordsmith of Shakespearean talents! :smallwink: I just made up beshrapnelled. Sorta like "bejewelled" only without the jewels and with more shrapnel. I'm totally gonna sig all the words I invent from this.

IC: Zavrath's shot strikes down the one-armed Ork, blasting its brains out the back of its skull.

Jakken's hammer blow knocks the Ork back half a pace, but R'nshai's pistol shot doesn't even phase it (OOC: You hit it, but DR absorbed the damage).

The Ork responds by hacking into Jakken, smacking him up against the wall in a spray of arterial red. (Jakken takes 6 damage).

2007-12-20, 06:39 PM
"GRAAAAAAAH!!!!" With a primal scream of fury, Jakken smashes his hammer at the Ork once more:



2007-12-20, 11:56 PM
Jil swears as the ork barrels into one of her men and blood sprays across the wall. Pointing her las at the beast, she opens fire from the hip.
I'm gonna need to talk to them after this. We can't have any more Space Marine crap!
Die, you green scum!
Rapid fire To hits- [roll0] [roll1] [roll2] Hurts- [roll3] [roll4] [roll5] All assuming within 30 ft.

2007-12-21, 05:49 AM
As Jakken's hammer swooshes through empty air while the Ork moves out of the way of his attack, Jill opens fire, the las rounds ripping through the Ork as it moves to backhand the squad medic. Stopped in mid-attack, it drops to its knees, then topples forwards, green blood pouring out onto the floor.

2007-12-21, 06:37 AM
Jakken falls to one knee and clutches his side, before pulling out his medkit and begins to stitch himself up:


2007-12-21, 04:58 PM
Jurgis strains to make out the action through the press of bodies in front of him "Throne!" he exclaims, "What's happening? Did they get the medic?"

2007-12-22, 02:27 AM
"Throne!" R'nshai leaps up the remaining stairs to Jakken, stepping over his fallen comrade and leveling his flamer at the barricade, pilot light hissing. He shouts back to the squad, never taking his eyes off the corridor ahead of him. "For the Emperor's sake, somebody help him!"

readying an action to bake the next green thing that so much as twitches in my field of vision. Spot if necessary [roll0]

2007-12-22, 02:33 AM
"Blast it! Here goes nothing." He drops his las-pistol, and draws his rocket-launcher. Preparing to fire it into the barricade.

Drop pistol, draw weapon, move into firing position.

2007-12-22, 08:40 AM
Jakken, essentially finished with his hasty surgery, painfully drags himself back to the rest of the squad.

2007-12-22, 08:04 PM
Alright guys, time for me to flex some muscles. This may get messy...
By the way, any form of explosive will likely wipe out the squad at the same time if you aren't careful. Krak should be alright, but frag will do just that.

As the group relaxes a little as the adrenaline high wears off, something bad happens. Very bad.

"Oi, youse lot, what's the racket?" Bellows a voice from above.

Before you can respond in any way, heavy footsteps clop down the stairs. As the foe comes in to view, you begin to feel fear take a hold on you. The first things to appear are a massive pair of metal boots, followed by a pair of treetrunk legs. Then the massive, heavily armoured torso and arms come into view. Or, more specifically, single arm. The other is a monstrous crude claw, sizzling with electricity and snapping impatiently. Then, finally, the head of the monster appears, clad in a massively horned helmet and huge red painted iron jaw. One eye has been replaced by a clumsy brass monocle, from which a laser targeter glares at you. In the beast's normal hand is a massive wrench, easily as long as a man. On its back is a peculiar machine, all coils and rods, wracked with lighting discharges.

"What's youse disturbin' me for? Big Mek Skullkrakka don't hafta put up wit' dese tings!" Howls the Ork, waving its lighting claw threateningly and stomping towards the squad.

Note, this is his surprise round. He's currently at the opposite end of the corridor to you, maybe 30ft away. One round to take him down before he hits you like the wrath of the gods. You ready for this?

2007-12-22, 08:11 PM
Jakken has only one thing to say, presumably summing up the thoughts of the squad in general:


2007-12-22, 08:57 PM
Jil's voice becomes cool as she gives the squad instructions.
Fire the rocket high and behind his head. That way it will hurt him and not us. Hopefully bring the ceiling down, since we're high enough up it shouldn't bring the building down. I want the flamer up front with me and burning. Maybe we can set him on fire, or atleast slow him. Sniper, back up and fire a hot shot through his brains. Everyone else, full power, full speed, and move back. That's an order. Emporer be with us full power and LET HIM HAVE IT!!
She says this as she steps foreword a few paces, flicking her las to full power, kneeling, and unloading down the hall way at the charging ork.
Emporer be with me as well let my possible sacrifice not be in vain...
Inspiring the squad for +1 to attack and damage. Full power, auto fire, EVERYONE. To hits [roll0] [roll1] [roll2] To hurt [roll3] [roll4] [roll5]

2007-12-23, 08:13 AM
Jurgis struggles to find a firing position for the six or eight soldiers in front of him. Eventually, he finds an opening in the masss of bodies, and carefully threads his lasgun through, shouting "Careful of the bayonet, lads!"

Here I'm making a lot of assumptions about what I can do and when I get to act- so please modify my actions to make sense.

If any of the squad follow R'nashi's advice to run before Jurgis' turn to act, Jurgis passes an unprimed stikkbomb to the front of the line and mutters "Let's leave him a little parting gift" before joining the stampede - and presumably falling into the most appropriate fire position on the floor below.

If Jurgis acts before anyone turns, then what he does depends on how easy it is for him to find a firing position.

If he can't find anywhere to shoot from, then he either tenses, ready to take the place of any fallen, or - if he acts after R'nashi, runs and sets up a firing position on the floor below.

If you rule that finding a place to shoot from is a move action, he takes his bayonet off as he looks, to avoid rising injury to his comrades in arms, then cracks off one shot at the ork.


(adjust for point blank shot if the range is appropriate)

If Jurgis finds a firing spot immediately, he acts as described in the plaintext - sticking his gun throuh and warning others of the bayonet, then shoots a three round burst.

[roll=Attack2] 1d20+3

Finally, if soldiers in front of him turn and run, while Jurgis has his gun in position, he lifts it to a vertical postion out of their way, and lets them pass before following himself.

2007-12-23, 08:14 AM
Rerolling attack2

2007-12-23, 12:22 PM
We may be able to move out of the back blast of a rocket tube- hug the walls. I doubt we can outrun a massive fireball racing down the corridor, no matter what the movies say.

2007-12-23, 04:33 PM
OK, Verrukt, awesome and moving though that is, you'd kill your entire squad in a horrible, horrible way. The rocket, if placed in the stairwell, will hit the Ork but not your squad. You could throw a grenade and promethium tank at the same time for some awesomeness if you wanted.

2007-12-23, 06:17 PM
Hey whatd'ya know, sometime last night my logic took leave of me and was replaced by the "cinematic awesomeness" part of my brain. Oh well, R'nshai's turn, non-suicidal remix!

R'nshai stares, awestruck by the size of the thing. It passes quickly however, and he calmly flamers the beast, wreathing it and the barricade in flicking tongues of promethium.

[roll0] damage [roll1]

2007-12-23, 07:45 PM
Walking to the front of the squad, barely resisting the urge to go much further, Tauride stares at the looming monstrosity. Positioning himself between it and the medic he looks over at the sergeant.

Following her lead he clumsily clicks his rifle into the relevant setting then releases a burst at the creature, hoping to hit something unstable. Things like this are only brought down by there own doing, we just have to speed things along.

To hit: [roll0]

Damage: [roll3]

2007-12-23, 07:51 PM
Jakkens coughs up some blood and drops his hammer, and then grabs his Laspistol and fires a badly-aimed shot at the Mek:



2007-12-24, 03:26 AM
"Hammer of the emperor strikes the heretic, the mutant, and the unclean."
He fires the krak missile, a trail of smoke behind it, heading for the stairs with the mek.

Half for the area around the mek.

2007-12-24, 08:04 AM
Jakken, who seems to be a bit better, spits out a gobbet of blood. "Hey, I thought I was the one with the hammer," he jokes weakly.

Shades of Gray
2007-12-24, 03:25 PM
OOC: I have internet for 30 minutes on my vacation

This is for the boys back home!

Zavrath fires at it on full power


Hit: 18
Dmg: 9

2007-12-29, 07:47 PM
R'nshai's blast of purifying flame wreaths the Mek in immolating prometheum. You see the Mek wince, but he ignores the flames even as the smell of burning Ork flesh fills the area.

Jill's, Jakken's and Tauride's shots hit the Ork, but his armour absorbs the blasts, and he sneers menacingly as he continues on.

M'gn's missile impacts on the barrier, sending deadly shrapnel into the Mek, making him lurch forwards with a grimace. He spits blood, and keeps coming, even though you can see the oozing green that leaves a trail everywhere he treads.

Zavrath's shot slams into the monster, rocking one of its shoulders back and leaving a scorch wound, but the behemoth rolls forwards.

Impact. The beast bears down, roaring frenziedly, on R'nshai. With a single mighty jab, it has the brave Flamer-man's arm in its claw, and with a barely audible whine, the servos in the arm activate. With a truly inhuman scream of pain, the severed arm falls to the floor, blood pumping from the stump and the arm itself. Chuckling evilly, the creature backhands R'nshai with the wrench, his ragdoll-like body limply smacking into the wall, sliding to the floor to rest in a pool of blood.

The Ork then turns, facing the rest of the squad, and snips its bloodied claw menacingly.

OOC: I'm PMing Verrukt for the final fate of his character - you may be surprised.

2007-12-29, 08:09 PM
"R'nshai!" Jakken cries. "Die, greenskin!" Hefting his hammer, Jakken ducks past the Mek and swings his hammer in an arc at the Mek, cringing at the last moment from his injuries:



2007-12-29, 09:44 PM
R'nshai's head lolls to the side, resting on the wall, jaw clenched, eyes wide from shock. His stump continues to spurt, showing that his heart beats yet, although the stream is becoming feeble.

2007-12-30, 12:46 AM
Tauride gazed upon the tragic scene as it unfolded before him. Unable to react in time to help he simply stood there stunned.

Seeing Jakken running towards the creature he went to yell out or follow him and assist. Instead he simply stood there staring.

When he saw his brother in arms fail to take down the creature and ending up exposed Tauride decided to do something.

Looking down at his bayonet Tauride realized that such a small knife would do nothing against such a large beast. Bullets seemed just as ineffective from back here.

Running towards the monstrosity Tauride waited until he was as close as possible before releasing a round into the creatures head.

To hit: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

2007-12-30, 12:53 AM
Damn it Jakken I told you to stay back!
Jil takes a few steps back in an attempt to get out of the range of the menacing claw. Looking at her ammo display, she realizes she only has enough left in that clip for one more maxed out burst.
Again, men, and this time extra effort for Ren!!
Leadership bonus again.To hits [roll0] [roll1] [roll2] To Hurts [roll3] [roll4] [roll5]

2007-12-30, 05:40 AM
"Vile beast!", cries Jurgis, "Warp take you!" as he squeezes off another shot at the enormous ork, not daring full auto as his comrades in arms close.

[roll0] (unmodified +6, +1 for range, -4 for firing into melee, +1 for inspiration.)
[roll1] (+1 for range, +1 for inspiration)

2007-12-30, 08:03 AM
((At this point I merely wish to point out that you did not, in fact, ever tell Jakken to stay back.))

2007-12-30, 01:55 PM
The shots hammer home with greatly increased accuracy, the mutilation of a squadmate seemingly fuelling the fury of the other members. Gorkraj places a shot into the knee of the beast, and Tauride and Jill smash it off its feet with nigh-simultaneous blasts, one to each shoulder. The beast moves as though about to rise, and then, with a hideous sizzling, the burning prometheum finds its eye, and drills through it straight to its brain. It slumps down again, this time definitely dead. You think.

Jakken can see that, although on the brink, R'nshai may be rescuable.

2007-12-30, 02:00 PM
Jakken once more drops his hammer and immediately begins tending to R'nshai:


"Don't you dare die. If you die, I'll kill you."

2007-12-30, 03:49 PM
R'nshai coughs and looks up at Jakken. "Can I pass out now?"

2007-12-30, 03:56 PM
"Yeah. Just don't die."

2007-12-30, 05:32 PM
With a sigh Tauride slowly lowers his weapon before looking over at Jakken and R'nshai. He was talking at least, and we have a good enough medic he thought to himself. There's never an Adeptus Mechanicus when you need one though.

Unable to bear thinking about what would have happened had it have been him Tauride strode over to the corpse of the beast and with a roar loosed three rounds into its head, careful to avoid any mechanisms.

He then reloaded his rifle and swapped it over for a fresh one, free from sweat and blood, from his holster. Then began to check the body for anything of interest.

Search: [roll0]

After this he makes his way over to the staircase up and cautiously glances upwards to make sure there were wasn't any more threats up there. Anything to keep busy enough that the mind and eyes dont wander back to R'nshai's plight.

2007-12-30, 05:38 PM
Jakken, having done everything he can for R'nshai, stands and shakes the blood from his hands.

2007-12-30, 06:50 PM
Jurgis extricates his lasgun from its position, taking care to avoid injuring anyone with the bayonet, and holds the gun at his side. "Emperor's tears..." he breathes, "Is he going to make it?"

2007-12-30, 07:00 PM
Jakken shrugs. "Maybe. Maybe not. Won't be my fault if he dies, though. And there are worse ways to go. Much worse. Like how my best friend was murdered."

2007-12-30, 07:25 PM
Jurgis looks uncomfortable and avoids meeting Jakken's eyes. "Didn't mean to imply anything of the kind...or to bring up your friend..." he mumbles. He then turns to Jill. "Your orders, sarge?" he asks, trying to keep his eyes off R'nashi's crumpled form.

2007-12-30, 08:08 PM
R'nshai's lids flutter briefly then stick wide open, he looks up at Jakken. "Can I have some morphine?" he mumbles softly, then he starts visibly and looks at the stump where his right arm used to be. "Oh ****... ok, all of the morphine?" he looks at the ork, but can't muster enough strength to kick it out of spite, or to move at all for that matter. "And may I suggest shooting that bastard several more times in the head, and then cutting it's head off, and then setting it on fire, shoving a live grenade in it's mouth, and then throwing it off the top of the building? Just to make sure mind you." he smiles weakly before lapsing back into unconsciousness.

2007-12-30, 08:54 PM
Jakken gives R'nshai a shot of morphine before slicing the Ork's spinal cord at the neck. ("Just to be sure...")

2007-12-30, 08:56 PM
Jil's voice becomes cool as she gives the squad instructions.
Fire the rocket high and behind his head. That way it will hurt him and not us. Hopefully bring the ceiling down, since we're high enough up it shouldn't bring the building down. I want the flamer up front with me and burning. Maybe we can set him on fire, or atleast slow him. Sniper, back up and fire a hot shot through his brains. Everyone else, full power, full speed, and move back. That's an order. Emporer be with us full power and LET HIM HAVE IT!!
She says this as she steps foreword a few paces, flicking her las to full power, kneeling, and unloading down the hall way at the charging ork.
Emporer be with me as well let my possible sacrifice not be in vain...

That's when I told everyone to stay back.

Jil drops her lasgun and falls to her knees, her heart visibly pounding in her chest.
Praise the Emporer... we won...
Then, as her breathing slows, her eyes flare. She stands up, switches a new cartridge into her las, making sure to place the other into a pouch on her back so she would not grab it accidentaly. Then, she immediately storms over to Jakken.
Private, give me that Warp-Damned hammer! I specifically told everyone to stay back! There's no way in hell that ANY of us are even hurting that thing in a melee confrontation, and against the little bastards you'd just get overwhelmed by numbers and strength. We are Guardsmen! Not Ogryns!
She holds up her las, shaking it.
Against beasts like orcs, THIS is what we use! It keeps you out of their reach, which is where the greenskins are dangerous! And this goes for ALL of you! I want to keep as many of you alive as possible, but if your not going to follow my orders than WHY IN THE EMPORER'S NAME DID YOU NAME ME SEARGENT!?!
She turns away, tears burning her eyes. Quieter and softer, she speaks again.
I had to decide that I would probably die. I'm ok with that. But then I had to decide Ren would die too. Especially with what happened, how do you think that makes me feel? The only thing that could have been worse would have been if any more of you had died after our sacrifices. Being a seargent means deciding who will live and who will die... atleast I won't make you all do anything I won't. All I ask is that you follow my orders when it counts. You can argue if we have time, but in a pinch like that, just DO IT.
She turns back, her face red but dry.
Now give me the hammer.

2007-12-30, 09:01 PM
Heh heh...oops?

Jakken looks on impassively as Jill rages at him. He then simply points at the pistol hanging from his belt. Finally, he says, "I didn't make you sergeant. But I want to get out of here alive, and insubordination will counteract that goal. Still...you want my respect?" He heaves his hammer through a nearby window. "Earn it." He turns away and checks R'nshai's vital signs.

2008-01-02, 10:12 AM
Ooh, inter-party conflict. Nice :smallbiggrin:

Jakken's frenzied attentions saved R'nshai's life. The tourniquet stopped the bleeding, and the morphine put him under to stop any pain. For the moment. However, the wound will need to be cauterised. And stopping for the night seems a good idea right about now.

2008-01-02, 11:08 AM
Jakken asks if anyone has a light.

Shades of Gray
2008-01-02, 11:44 AM
Zavrath pulls out his locket. The chain has been snapped.
Zavrath Kicks the corpse of the Mek.
Damnit! Xeno Scum!

Jill's'right. We gotta' be careful. Order's Sarge?

fighting for you son, fighting for you...

2008-01-02, 11:51 AM
Jurgis digs in the pack he salvaged from the lander, dumping a spare set of fatigues on the floor and eventually extracting a survival kit. "Should be a thumb-sparker in there." he says, "We'll probably also need a stretcher to get him out of here. For poles, I guess most of the furniture in this place has found its way there," he jerks a thumb towards the broken barricade, "and for the fabric, we'd be lucky to find a linen cupboard the orks haven't ransacked. If we're unlucky..." he sweeps a hand towards the tangled fatigues he recently dumped on the floor.

"Of course,"he sighs, "That takes time which first has to be won. Don't let me distract us from the primary task at hand. "

Shades of Gray
2008-01-02, 11:53 AM
Zavrath rips a bit of cloth from the bottom of his camo cloak.

Won't make much of a difference anyway will it? This should be good enough for a bandage.

2008-01-02, 12:28 PM
We do as planned. Setup here for the night. Rest. Fnd the port tomorrow.
Jil plops into a corner. Then she sighs and stands again, her back popping audibly.
But we have to check this place out. And get set up or the night. Volunteers?

2008-01-02, 12:35 PM
Jakken digs through the pack and pulls out the thumb lighter. Giving R'nshai another shot of Morphine, he cauterizes the wound (Heal Check if necessary: [roll0]) "R'nshai should be fine. His condition is stabilized now, and all of his wounds have been attended to. I'll go with the scout group, they might need my help if we haven't finished the Orks or we find survivors."

2008-01-02, 12:37 PM
Jurgis glances around at the rest of the squad, mindful of his injuries. He can see all too clearly that all three of R'nashi, Jakken and Gokraj have suffered worse than he has. Of the fit troopers, he sees that the majority have rare and precious skills, as well as bulky equipment best employed from static positions. He is also mindful of his disposition in the last battle - sitting at the rear, practically the full squad between himself and the enemy.

Jurgis raises an unsteady hand. "I volunteer for search duty, Sarge."

Shades of Gray
2008-01-02, 12:38 PM
I'll keep watch. Can't sleep thinking of what else could possibly go wrong today. At seeing the smokes he says. Those things'can'kill ya. I should know.

2008-01-02, 12:57 PM
Jurgis shrugs. He hadn't noticed the pack of lho-sticks sitting beside the thumb-sparker, which he had assumed was just for lighting fires. "If our illustrious quartermasters see fit to put smokes in survival kits, I guess they figure the bullets'll get us first. Probably right, too."