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2007-11-17, 12:10 PM
First a link to said trap to save everyone's time: linky (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/traps.htm#cr1FusilladeofDarts)

Now questions:

Are chaarcters always flat-footed against such traps? By definition if they're springing it it's because they didn't see it so they're flat-footed? Sure they could have seen it and they're disabling it the old "run into it way" but apart from that are they flat-footed?

The traps fires 1d4 darts. Each dart has rolls for attack?

Thanks in advance.

Citizen Joe
2007-11-17, 12:28 PM
Actually, they might know about the dart trap but not have the means to disable or avoid it. If they know about it, then they are not flat footed. If they don't, then it's basically a surprise round for the darts. Some special abilities prevent you from being flatfooted in those situations also.

2007-11-17, 04:04 PM
If they know about it, and are deliberately triggering it, they get an initiative roll, at the very least... they are not automatically flat-footed. They're only automatically flat-footed if they're surprised (and then, I think the rogue might have a chance).

2007-11-17, 04:11 PM
I think in this situation, the Rogue and Barbarians' Uncanny Dodge kick in. As for whether that can be bypassed, probably based on the Rogue level(personally, I'd go by number of Sneak Attack dice, or levels in classes with Craft: Trap as a class skill or something along those lines, rather than plain Rogue levels)) of the guy who set the trap.