View Full Version : Dimensional Batman

2007-11-19, 07:01 AM
There is a spell that enables the summoning of alternate-dimension critters. If said critters can take class levels, what stops a mage from going

"Oh no, I wish I could cast XXX spell! Oh well. I summon, OZZY, the bard/cleric/sorc/wizard/monk/druid from an alternate plane to cast it for me!"

Allowing the mage access to any spell. Ever.

Is this correct?

Keld Denar
2007-11-19, 07:17 AM
Well, most planar summons type spells can only call a type of creature. While this is great with things like outsiders that tend to all be similar (and at base power, pretty powerful), its not so good if you call a human, or an elf, and expect to get a high level wizard/cleric/druid/whatever. You call a creature typical for the type you call, and high level casters tend not to be typical.

With Gate, you can call a specific creature. Therefore, you can gate in your friend Bob the cleric 20 of Boccob, and he'd show up and probably do what you want. You couldn't gate in Shifty Pete the wizard 20, if you've never heard of him or met him.

Plus, if a wizard wants to cast any spell, lim wish/wish will get most of them. Otherwise high level wizards seldom get to high level with no friends, he probably knows someone he can teleport to to help him if needed. People like to be owed favors by high level wizards.