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Note: This homebrew uses the Naruto: D20 rules featured here (http://www.Narutod20.com), which is why it may seem to break the conventional rules of D20 Modern. For fluff, I pulled much of the thematic components from the Necroscope (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necroscope) series.

Hiromatsu clan (Occupation)

This clan of Konohagakure no Sato has had a long and sordid past, though the creation of it began with good intentions. The founder of the clan was in most respects an ordinary woman, though in one respect she was unparalleled: the hunting down and killing of monstrous beings. Contracted to find and kill an ancient evil, the woman found that her quarry was no ordinary being. Capable of immense strength, with a depravity unparalleled by anything she had ever encountered. Creating undead monstrosities out of the broken and gutted bodies of men and women alike. Taking the minds of some, leaving them empty husks with hardly any life at all. Seeing this, the clan’s founder decided that even she might not be able to defeat this creature in her lifetime, and founded this clan to continue the battle against her foe long after she was gone. The monster has long since been slain, his ashes scattered to the four winds, but the legacy of destroying evil in all it’s forms has been upheld by the leaders of the clan, and the Hiromatsu have continued their hunt for all evil remaining in this world.

Prerequisite: Age 8+

Skills: Select one skill from the following class list as permanent class skills. If the user already has the skill, he/she gets a +1 competence bonus on checks using that skill: Gamble, Genjutsu, Chakra Control, Sleight of Hand, Sense Motive, Concentration, Diplomacy, and Disguise

Feats: Select one of the following: Advanced Bloodline (Hiromatsu clan Bloodline Tokechi), Empower will, Keen Senses, Iron Will, One-handed Juuninshi, Focused, Chakra affinity, Harmony, Alertness, Lightning reflexes, Genin

Hiromatsu Clan bloodline (Tokechi): Created by the founder of the clan to assist her in killing the beast, this bloodline was actually compiled from ancient scrolls that she looted from the corpse of one of her previous bounties. The scrolls spoke of an extraordinary group of people, who could delve into other’s minds, find and locate people without even seeing them, erect mental shields as strong as any tempered steel, and even travel hundreds of miles in the blink of an eye. Intrigued by these stories, she set off to recreate the powers of the scrolls for her own purposes. Though not entirely successful in completely recreating the powers of that bygone era, she nevertheless came very close, even achieving a limited teleportation ability much like the one described in the scrolls.

Special Qualities: Ishindenshin, Tanchiki, Kokoro-Toku, Zenchou, Kagirinai-Renzoukutai

Saves: The character gains a +2 bonus to will saves against Genjutsu

Effective character level adjustment: +3

Ishindenshin (Su): This mentalist ability is the first level of the bloodline, and is manifested at third character level. Chakra surges through the mind of the user, and though it is still unrefined and relatively unfocused, it still enhances the latent powers in the user’s mind At the cost of three chakra (that may not be converted into hit points) every two rounds, the user gains the ability to read the surface thoughts of those around her in a 30-foot radius, though she can extend this range by 5 feet by spending an additional point of chakra (up to a maximum of 50 feet). Anybody in the area of effect of this ability must make and succeed a will save (Save DC is equal to 10 + the user’s Charisma modifier + ˝ the user’s level rounded up). If they fail, the user gains a +2 insight bonus to defense against that person, as the user knows what the enemy is going to do a split second after they even think about it.

Tanchiki (Su): This mentalist ability is the second level of the bloodline, and is manifested at seventh character level. Chakra once again flows through the users brain, though now that she has had more experience suffusing her mind with chakra, she can now refine and focus the energy of her mind on the mental signatures of others. At the cost of five chakra (that may not be converted into hit points) every two rounds, the user may cast her mind out in a 30-foot radius and detect sentient minds within that radius, pinpointing their locations to within a few yards and giving the user a +2 bonus to Spot checks. To find and pinpoint a specific target, the user must roll against her Wisdom. If the target is successfully found, the user may attempt to set a “tracer” in the enemy’s mind, allowing the user to home in on their location within a few feet and giving an additional +2 bonus to spot checks. The target may attempt to resist the user’s attempts at setting a tracer by making a will save (Save DC is equal to 8 + the user’s Charisma modifier + ˝ the user’s level rounded up). If the target succeeds in warding off the user, she loses all bonuses attributed to this ability for 4 rounds, has a 30% concealment penalty for 2 rounds, and must make a fortitude save to prevent being dazed for 2d4 rounds. In addition, the target has made a partial connection with the user’s mind, and gains a +2 bonus to Spot checks for one minute to find the user. Turning off the bloodline does not cancel the effects of the backfire.

Kokoro-Toku (Su): This mentalist ability is the third level of the bloodline, and is manifested at twelfth character level. The brain of the user is once again suffused with chakra, and now that the mind can has had time to adjust to and handle the strain of the energy, it can turn itself inward and erect mental “shields” to keep out unwanted intruders. At the cost of eight chakra (that may not be converted to hit points) every minute, the user gains a +6 Will save bonus against spirit jutsu, mind-affecting jutsu, and Genjutsu in general.

Zenchou (Su): This mentalist ability is the fourth level of the bloodline, and is manifested at sixteenth level. Now in near-complete control of the chakra it is suffused in, the mind of the user has become a force to be reckoned with, and can turn toward offensive applications of it’s might. At the cost of ten chakra (that may not be converted to hit points) every round, the user may cast her mind out in a 15-foot radius, lock onto the mind of any one enemy in that radius with a “tracer” (set in the target’s mind using Tanchiki) and attempt to take temporary control of the enemy’s nervous system (Save DC to resist is equal to 10 + the user’s Charisma modifier + ˝ the user’s level rounded up). If the user succeeds, she proceeds to set off a massive sensory overload by stimulating every nerve in the opponents body, causing 1d4 points of Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution damage. Furthermore, due to the damage to their nervous system, any enemy affected by this ability has trouble doing anything other than simply walking and talking, and suffers a –2 penalty to any roll, stat, or save involving Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution for six rounds. If the target succeeded on his or her will save, the user is instead snapped back into her own body and is knocked out for 1d6 rounds, as the force of being expelled from another’s mind has left her body drained. This ability may only be used five times daily, and may not be used more than once on the same target.

Kagirinai-Renzoukutai (Su): This mentalist ability is the fifth and final level of the Tokechi bloodline, and is manifested at twentieth character level. Having only ever been achieved by the founding father of the clan, this level of the bloodline is the least documented. Mature and in complete control of the chakra, the mind of the user has become a near-divine thing, and can even warp reality itself. At the cost of twelve chakra (that may not be converted into hit points) every time a door is opened (not including exits), the user ma use chakra, telepathy, and sheer force of will to tear a “door” in the fabric of reality. The door itself is eight feet by eight feet, and opens into another dimension that is a perfect sixteen by sixteen by sixteen cube. The walls of the dimension are white and solid, and the inside of it is lighted by a soft, luminescent light that appears to come from everywhere. Once the user is inside the dimension, the tear reseals itself and remains sealed until the user chooses an exit point within a 5-mile radius of the original point of entry and tears open another door. Once he has left the dimension, the user must succeed or be knocked out for 1d4+1 rounds, as the strain of opening the tears is taxing even for the powerful mind of the user. Objects and people may also be thrown into the dimension, though if the maker is not inside with them they will suffer 1d4 damage every five rounds that they are left in the dimension (the user must pay an additional chakra cost of 3+3 for every creature inside the dimension, though she does not have to pay for objects). If there are other creatures in the dimension without her, the user must succeed a Concentration check every three rounds, a Will save every six rounds, and a Fortitude save every nine rounds to keep the creatures inside the dimension. If the user fails two of any check or save, she falls unconscious for 1d4 hours +1 from the immense strain on her mind. When she falls unconscious, the dimension tears open for one minute, during which time the occupants must leave or be trapped until the user wakes up and tears open another door.

Looking for some help with the crunch components, if anyone is willing.

2007-11-19, 06:01 PM
And here I thought I was one of the few who goes to the N:D20 site. I've read the Necroscope series, and I must say that you've done a pretty accurate interpretation of the powers of E-Branch. I was kind of iffy on the non-math equation Moebius Continuum, but it seems to work out fine the way you did it. Basing it around equations would probably have made that one technique around 1 1/2 pages.

Have you shone this to Frankto? He might consider putting it in the Mainfile.

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Have you shone this to Frankto? He might consider putting it in the Mainfile.

No, I haven't blinded Frankto with it, but I have asked him to take a look at it. :smallwink:

I'm also gonna see if I can translate some of my other stuff into regular D20 Modern to make it easier to read without prior knowledge of N:D20, but I just wanted to post this for some feedback.

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First impression on a thourough read-through... I fail my Reflex Save to avoid Wall of Rules Text and take 10d20 points of Bludgeoning damage. To my brain.

Seriously, though, the rules text seems waaay too long. Have you tried shortening it?