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2007-11-19, 01:35 PM
Ok im running a d20 modern game and in one of the encounters im leaving a crane with a recking ball attached unlocked and keys inside hoping someone will decide to use it haha.

Im going to give it a 120ft radius, havent decided on damage. I also thought of making the controls a game in itself to figure out but I threw that idea out because I want to keep combat smooth easy and fun. (I want to keep the d20 modern experience as a whole this way to be honest. Its their first time playing d20 modern and most arent to keen on the whole thing)

So for simplicity im treating it as an exotic weapon with the basic -4 to hit. If the monster exceeds the radius I was thinking of the crane being able to take a round to "line it up" and then on the next round the ball will pull back and swing at the target I havent decided how far outside the range this attack would be able to go though.

Lord Tataraus
2007-11-19, 01:49 PM
Not really much to add here but:

Main Entry:
reck Listen to the pronunciation of reck
Middle English, to take heed, from Old English reccan; akin to Old High German ruohhen to take heed
before 12th century

intransitive verb1: worry, care2archaic : to be of account or interest : mattertransitive verb1archaic : to care for : regard2archaic : to matter to : concern

I think you mean wrecking ball, as opposed to a ball that cares...

2007-11-19, 01:59 PM
Not really much to add here but:

I think you mean wrecking ball, as opposed to a ball that cares...

I'll just thank you and move on (although I wont edit) rather then derail this thread and lose valuable input.