View Full Version : Discrete Dragons (and other dastardly deeds of deviation)

2007-11-19, 08:01 PM
So I'm rolling up a character for a high level campaign and it occurred to me, maybe there's a good way to keep a lid on the whole hellish dragon in the middle of your town, eating you peoples thing. Afterall, most civilized races don't appreciate the presence of an evil dragon in their midst, even if he is just chilling.

So I go through my (limited, unfortunately) selection of books looking for a remedy to the situation. Alas, none seems to be in sight.

Essentially, I'm wondering if there's an upgraded form of the Hat of Disguise out there. If there's not, what would be reasonable wording and price for one? It needn't be complicated, just something that gives an alternate shape or something to that affect.

Cause really, you eat one peasant family and suddenly the locals are breaking out the pitchforks and there are adventurers swarming the hillsides. Can't a chap just get a quick bite to eat these days?

2007-11-19, 08:04 PM
Most dragons have sorcerous spellcasting already, and frequently look like humans or other races. That's how you get half-dragons. :smalltongue:

2007-11-19, 10:14 PM

Might work.

2007-11-19, 10:19 PM
With Eberron-style morality in place, you can have metallic dragons as bad guys. Bronze, Silver, and Gold get the ability to assume human guises.

2007-11-19, 11:51 PM
I say all dragons should get alternate form. It's not like it's going to overpower them.

2007-11-20, 02:28 AM
<< Weeeeeell, it might be that I'm just a tad more... evil than the norm. xP I'm writing up a Pyroclastic Dragon, they don't get alternate form.

I figure its got to be a polymorph, disguise self and alter self just aren't effective enough.

It needs to be at will and without time restrictions, preferably a "personal only" kind of effect. I.E., wear the hat (necklace maybe) change into the designated shape.

I figure it would be expensive, because it has pretty good disguise potential. However I figure the only shape available is going to be average humanoid (no physical stat gains, no extraordinary special attacks) so it won't be exorbitantly so. Maybe somewhere in the 20-30k range, if not less. (Dimensional Shackles cost 28,000, another permanent 4th level spell. But dimensional anchor's a bit more useful than humanoid form so...)

Yes, I am bouncing ideas around at the same time as asking for input. ^^

2007-11-20, 02:38 AM
Give him a custom magic item. It only works on dragons, and can only transform the dragon into humanoid forms. If you want to be really evil, it could require a humanoid sacrifice to "store" a form, letting the dragon impersonate anyone he's killed (and ensuring that a few people have reason to destroy it).

2007-11-20, 02:50 AM
Wow, that's just plain sneaky... xD I came looking for a magic item for a PC and you've just given me the next plotline for my IRL playgroup.

CX <3

I'll have to run a custom item by the DM, but how much would it cost? I have no idea the range such things run.